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So long and thanks for all the fish...

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(OOC: so i'm guessing this is prior to the first cataclysm? that would epxlain the reward in gold pieces, since after the first cataclysm, steel became the highest value. :D is it ok if i join this then?)

He looked at the poster and sneered. "I could do alot with 125,000 gold pieces..." he said to himself. He glanced back, where he could see a small group of locals looking at the poster and pointing.
There was an excited murmur rising from their midsts, as they were speculating on what they would do with the money. But, too bad for them, he was going to get her first.

Harjek was a bounty hunter, and a damn good one at that. His reputation was great, and there was no bluff. He had skills, and some would say he had magic at his aid. But, that was just a rumor. His skills were all natural, honed from years of experience.

Even though he was but a mere 23 years of age, he was respected. There was a mysterious-ness about him, that none could discern. His short hair, was like a field of trimmed black grass on his perfectly shaped head.
His dashingly handsome features always attracted the ladies, but he never indulged in such nuances.
He had piercing deep brown eyes, that were hard with experience. His well toned physique, and his bronzed skin hinted at his younger years as a farmer's son, but he had finished with that life long ago.

Today, he wore his deerskin vest over a bare chest, and black trousers that were slightly loose fitting. It was a hot day, in Solanthus. His dagger was strapped to his hi[, and a bow of elven make rested tightly against his back. Concealed in his boot was another dagger, and his right index finger was adorned with a plain braided silver ring.
There was a tattoo of a snake encircling his left bicep, and a silver loop dangling from his right ear. Hidden beneath the deerskin vest was a claw scar, on his breast. It was from a lion, a giant feline that he encountered in the jungles in the east. He had traveled much of Ansalon, and he had a mental map in his head that made him a human reference.

(OOC: I'll finish this post later. Right now, I have to go to bed :))

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*grins* welcome!........but I warn you now, you shall never catch her....So long and thanks for all the fish...

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The sound of her name being shouted across the breadth of the inn drew the woman’s eyes to the doorway. A sly grin crossed red lips.

Her companions of the last three days had finally tracked her to the Green Dragon Inn. She was not surprised. She had left a trail wide enough for a blind gully dwarf to follow, and with good reason.

Pug-face and his two henchmen were thieves but they acted without honor. Her mentor had always said that thieves like that only gave the others a bad name. She could not have agreed more. They stole indiscriminately. Blaze only took from those who could afford the loss. That was not to say that she gave to the poor what she took from the rich- she was no saint.

Blaze threw back her cloak and rose her feet. She was a tall woman, with short black spiky hair, tinged with cobalt blue at the tips- a memento from a narrow escape concerning an irate young mage. Her eyes were topaz and glinted with an inner light of satisfaction. Easy pickings she thought. Blaze was as thin as a reed and as nimble as the whistling wind that blew through the reeds. Training. Her mentor had always stressed the importance of regular training. A thief could not afford to loose her suppleness, especially one with as high a profile as Mikada Blaze.

She was clad in midnight blue, from the tips of her heels to the soft velvet gloves that encased her dexterous fingers. Her ears were slightly sharpened at the edges; but it was impossible to say exactly what breed of Krynn Blaze was. A mongrel’s line is hard to keep precise track of after so many years of mixed blood.

“Give back the ruby” pug-face roared. “It belongs to all of us!”. Blaze skipped lightly to the table’s surface and regarded her ex-comrades.

“I think not!”, she said softly, dangerously. “I did all the work….and I mean to keep what I’ve earned”. She was ready for them when they charged her, lightly skipping from one table to the next. Her laughter taunting them as they crashed to the floor, the table splintering under the weight of three ogres.

Blaze drew her sword.
“Three against one- seems hardly fair does it?”, she remarked. She flipped the sword to her other hand and placed her right behind her back. “There”, she said with a slow grin and a mock-bow, “short of wearing a blindfold, it’s as fair as I can make it!”.

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09/21/2002 3:13 AM

OCC: decided to introduce my character a bit earlier...So long and thanks for all the fish...

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