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09/18/2002 5:08 PM

(OOC: Setting in the New Swamp, Onysablet's realm. 5th Age of course.)

Harjek sat on a fallen tree, weary of travelling. His legs were half immersed in brackiss water, and he was hot and deadly tired. His bronzed skin was slckc with moisture, accentuatuing his well toned physique.
He had short cropped jet black hair, and deep brown eyes that were flecked with green. He wore nothing but a deerskin vest, and a pair of trousers that looked worn and well used. He had a dagger strapped to his side, as well as in his boot, and a bow on his back.

He had a silver loop on his right ear, and the tattoo of a snake encircling his left bicep. He was in the swamp on business, to find a mystical artifact that was said to be hidden in a ruined city smack in the middle of the swamp.
He was a treasure hunter, and especially loved to find magical artifacts.

((OOC: I''l continue this post later, right now I have to go to bed :)))

09/18/2002 11:38 PM

Tayech was disoriented from the fall that the had just taken. He had a slight goose egg on his head and his ass hurt emmensly. He couldnt remember much what happened except that he was walking over by palanthus when a dragon scooped him up and started flying with him.

the dragon must of cast a sleep spell on him because the next then he knew he was awake and over a dark and murky swamp. He didnt know where the hell he was but he was pretty low and he didnt like being in a dragons claw. Tayech could reach his dagger that he kept strapped to his chest at all times. He got it and since he was being carried by his pack he just cut the straps and braced himself for the long fall ahead of him.

Now that Tayech escaped from the beast he got up and shook his head back in forth trying to get himself oriented again. Than he realized what he had just done and was scared. He didnt know if the dragon was going to come back or not to find it victim, surley it noticed him gone. He grabbed his sword cursing him self a fool for not noticing what color the damn dragon was. WHO DA MAN???!!!!

09/19/2002 1:08 PM

A fine braided silver ring adorned his finger, with a sparkling emerald. It glowed faintly, and he knew that he was getting close. The ring was made to help detect magic, and it was invaluable when in search of magical artifatcs. If you sold them at the right place, he knew he would fetch a very high price. The price for magical artifacts was blowing through the roof, and anyone lucky enough to come across one would sell it and make a veritable fortune.
This he knew, because he was worth a fortune himself. The best treasure and magical artifacts hunter this side of Ansalom. Well, thats what he liked to say. He knew his reputaution was large, and his skills were great. Many sought him when they needed something fetched.

On his person he carried that fortune, the ring being one part, as well as one of his daggers. Dragon's Fang, a very powerful enchatned dagger. He had brought it to a sage one day, and found it's true worth.
'It was an artifact made during the Age of Dreams,' he said. 'Its magic is very potent, with the power to pierce the hide of a dragon, it is said. I'd hang on to that if I were you.' Age of Dreams, he mused. That was quite a long time ago. During the time of the "gods". What gods? There existed no gods in his time. He was born 7 years after the Chaos War, when the gods abandoned Krynn.
He looked down at the blade clutched in his hand. It was a beautiful to look at. The perfect craftsmanship of the wavy steel blade, that glowed a faint green. The pommel, made of jade, and carved with elven runes that also glowed a faint green. It complimented the ring, he mused.

He sighed, and stood up. His new boots were covered in muck, and slimey water from the swamp. He detested it here, and wished he could find the damned medallion quickly.
The Medallion of Mishakal, was a powerful artifact that was infused with the power to heal any maladie, including age. But that power was granted only to those of pure heart, and good intentions.
He sneered. This medallion that he was hired to find, was for an evil mystic for the Dark Knighthood, and he doubted it would work for him. He was always sure to gather as much information as he could about the artifact he was hired to find.

That particular artifact wouldn't work for one of evil heart, he knew. But, he wasn't one to question with his clients.

09/19/2002 3:07 PM

Tayech just picked a random direction and started walking hoping to find water soon. He had stood there for about 15 minutes to make sure if the dragon was going to come back or not and it seemed that it wasnt so he just took off in search of water.

It had been the aniversary of his fathers death the day he got snatched up in Polanthus and now he didn't know where he was or what day it was. He wasnt prepared for what happened all Tayech had with him was a the dagger that he held in his hand right then and a scimitar that his grandfather gave him when he was a child. He knew the Sword was enchanted because it would glow gold sometimes but he didnt have the foggiest idea what it did.

Tayech was walking, wondering where the hell he was and when some water was going to come his way when he saw a figure of a man in the distance he strapped his dagger back on his chest and pulled out his scimitar just in case. The he started running over to see if he could find out where he was. WHO DA MAN???!!!!

09/20/2002 7:32 PM

Harjek was just finsished packing his meager belongings and rations into his pack, when he noticed the figure running towards him. He took out his dagger, just in case, and dropped his pack. He took on a defensive stance, in case the other wasn't hostile.

09/20/2002 11:45 PM

Tayech, Seeing the figure move to what looked like a defensive stance put away his sword. He yelled at him when he came about 15 feet from him. "Stranger or friend?" he shouted. "If Friend where in the abyss are we?" He watched the figure walk up to him wating to see what its next move would be. WHO DA MAN???!!!!

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