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09/14/2002 10:08 AM

OCC: I will admit that I am not the best person when it comes to thread starters but lets see if anyone likes the look of this one? I am trying...


“Listen jester, may I remind you that this, was not my idea!” the woman hissed angrily.
“It was your idea to runaway before the wedding my lady”, the court jester reminded.
“Perhaps, but it was not my intention to take the forest road, and to then become kidnapped”. The two captives stared mournfully out of the wooden cage in which the draconians held them captive. There were six draconians, all large and laughing, and congratulating themselves in their guttural accent of the common tongue, on how easily they had captured the two pigeons wandering on horseback and lost in the forest at night.
One captive was a noble woman, by her dress and manner, though she had as yet not revealed her name to them. A sore point since it was impossible to hold a woman for ransom when her name was still a mystery. Her companion was even more brightly dressed than the lady. He was a young man with curly blond hair and bells on the ends of his long pointed red silk shoes. The draconians had never seen his like before. He jingled every time he moved. It was the sound of his tinkling bells that had drawn them to the two travelers in the dark of the night.
“Well this is a fine mess we’ve landed in this time Fenwick!” the woman hissed angrily. “I don’t suppose you have a lock-pick in one of those several pouches tied to your belt?” she asked hopefully.
“Many apologies, lady”, the jester said glumly. “I’m fresh out of lock-picks!” He had not wanted the beautiful young countess to venture onto the dark roads alone, and so had accompanied her against her will, with the best of intentions. Fenwick was no warrior, he would admit that to anyone; but he had as bold a heart as any a knight in the land.
The two captives watched from their wooden cage as the draconians drank and laughed by the open fire. The two held their chins in their hands, both wearing identical stumped expressions on their faces. Whatever next, they wondered....
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09/14/2002 1:07 PM

OOC: Hmmm......this looks as though it may be interesting, but i just need to point out one thing....Orcs don't exist in dragonlance, you could change it to Ogres though. Come see my site : http://pub95.ezboard.com/bthegifted15252

A Debt of Bones knows no bounds, not even death

Enemies are the price of honour

09/14/2002 2:06 PM

OOC: Ooops! OK. No more orcs!


“Listen!” Fenwick suddenly said, his ears pricking to a faint sound. “I think I here something!” The rattle of dry leaves was all that could be heard against the raucous laughter of the winged draconians.
“Fenwick! You’re hearing voices again, aren’t you!” the lady by his side accused. Her ladyship could have quite a nasty tongue, as acidic as the breadth of any green dragon when she was in a foul temper, and she was in a beauty of a temper right now, Fenwick could tell. Ordinarily, the jester would have just ignored her; but Fenwick knew the lady better than that. He knew what lay behind the anger and the waspish tongue. She was afraid, and truth be told, so was he.
A rogue draconian was a threat at the best of times- but six of the winged devils? Even Fenwick, with his penchant for exaggeration, was not about to overestimate his meager abilities with a dagger to such a high degree. They needed help. Fenwick was not a religious man at heart but for this, for her sake, he was prepared to get down on his knees and pray to whatever Gods remained in Krynn!
Thankfully, the wooden cage was so small in size that the pair were already kneeling, their heads slightly bowed, so that his silent prayer went unnoticed by his watchful companion. Then there it was again, the faintest rattle of a breeze, sifting through dry leaves, drawing his mind from his fear and setting his heart to hope. So soft a sound that the jester began to doubt his hearing, and consider his ladyship’s suggestion that he might indeed be hearing voices again? It had only happened once before- the night her ladyship had become betrothed to that over conceited paladin, and he had drunk too much of that accursedly strong dwarf brew, that had gone singing straight to his head
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09/15/2002 7:05 AM

From he bushes he darted. The wooden pole came free from across his back, it split a face open. With a flick of a wrist, a neck was broken. A gesture sent one reeling backwards. Limbs snapped and broke free. A few, terrified by the sudden attack, ran from the cages. No doubt to return when they had recovered their resolve. He had to work fast, but the tiredness came quickly, he had used too much strength in the swift attack. Even after all these years of using his gift , it still tired him when using it as extensively as he had.

Rounding on the cages and frowning, the locks snapped and broke loose, opening the doors. "Come, they will be back. I only frightend them, once they get their courage back they'll return."Come see my site : http://pub95.ezboard.com/bthegifted15252

A Debt of Bones knows no bounds, not even death

Enemies are the price of honour

09/15/2002 12:40 PM

The court jester stared at the lone figure standing before them with dazed amazement. His eyes fixed on the pole that seemed to hover threateningly over their heads. He’d seen it move with lightening speed, and he was wise enough to be wary.
“Umm….?” his mind tried to make sense of the quick blur of action his eyes had only this minute witnessed. “How did you…?”, but he was never allowed to complete his sentence.
“I swear my horse has more intelligence! Run Fenwick!” a familiar voice roared in his ear. Never one to mince with her words; her ladyship planted to small palms on his multicolored back and pushed the jester out of the cage with all her might. Fenwick was startled to find himself pitching forward, dangerously off balance. Luckily, his well-honed, supple body reflexively curled head to toe, executing the perfect forward roll out of the cage. The countess quickly came crawling out in his trail.

Normally, the sight of the haughty countess crouching on all fours would have made Fenwick pause for amusement. Such sights were rare indeed, but he was quick enough to decide that now was not the best of moments for jest.
Jumping to his feet, Fenwick promptly reached down and pulled the countess to hers. He began to brush at the leaves clinging to her skirt but she quickly swatted away his helping hands with growing irritation.
“Never mind that now, Fenwick!” she gritted out. “Get the horses!”.
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09/15/2002 3:34 PM

Bright eyes blinked, watching the action. A dark figure, harldly larger than a racoon, indeed, it could very well be a racoon, crept slowly along the branch. They would not notice it now ... that was not its' intention. It backed into shadows and was lost."Faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens." -- Gimli, The Fellowship Of The Ring

"Those who support authority against rebellion must not themselves rebel." -- Silmarillion

09/15/2002 6:04 PM

ooc: cue the next actor...


The draconian turned at the voice, just in time for the dagger to catch it in the soft scales under the chin. The creature gurgled, fell, and then hardened into stone.

A man, dressed in a suit of close-fitting dark cloth and leather, jumped nimbly out of a hedge and landed next to the temporary statue. Another dagger gleamed quietly in his hand, and he swept his sword to the side as he knelt to survey the dead draconian.

"You're kind doesn't travel alone, though, do you? There must be a couple more beasts about, and with some purpose too."

The man pulled his dagger away as the corpse crumbled, then lept off, heading for the direction of the road."'If you sense danger, then at least tell us so that we can prepare!'

'Prepare, then.'"

Dragons of Winter Twilight

09/16/2002 2:06 AM

Fenwick darted like an arrow to the two horses, soothing them with calming words as he forced them back to the lady. The horses were skittish. The scent of draconians was heavy in the air and it took all of Fenwick's persuasion to drag them to her.

The jester noted the other fighter; a nimble man dressed in dark clothes, at complete odds to his own vibrant colouring, and nodded his gratitude. There would be time for introductions later. First they must escape. He helped his lady mount her horse, and was attempting to climb his own, when the draconian attacked. It charged from out of the bushes, battle-axe raised.

The lady screamed, but Fenwick was not quick enough, not this time. His catlike reflexes had saved him from many a scrape in the past, but this time he was too slow. The blow caught him on the back of his head, and he fell to the ground, unconscious.

Madelyn could not believe that Fenwick was lying on the ground!
“Fenwick” she cried out in terror, but there was no reply from the jester. The draconian seized her arm, and tried to pull her from her mount. The horse went wild, kicking out and neighing loudly, its nostrils filled with the fresh scent of blood.
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09/16/2002 4:34 AM

Hissing, spitting, whatever gutteral sounds you'd like to call it, a leopard launched itself from a near tree and landed aquarely on the Draconian's back, sinking it's teeth into the scaley neck ...

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09/16/2002 5:16 AM

For a moment, Madelyn just stared at the leopard that was attacking the fallen draconian, then quickly, her body snapped into action. She jumped down from the horse, her feet landing bare inches from Fenwick's bleeding head wound.

Using all her might, she dragged the inert body of her friend away from the fighting duo.
"Fenwick!" her voice tried to reach the jester, but there was still no reply. Fenwick was slipping into the darkness fast. Only a healer could bring him back.So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/16/2002 7:27 AM

As the Baaz draconians fell and skattered, another pair of dull black eyes watched the group. It's long, flexible body and tail holding it up in the tree that was it's hiding place. Acidic venom dripping from it's fangs, a bandolier of throwing stars and small knives ran across it's chest and the pair of usless, vestigal wings on it's back were covered by it's black cloak, as were it's copper scales.

Fools, those renegades think they can get away from the justice of the Dark Queen? At least these others will be some fun.

With that thought the Kapak set of through the trees at a fair pace, soon outpaceing one of the fleeing Baaz and nicking it's neck with a venom-coated blade. Another few feet and the Baaz was a fallen statue, rapidly crumbling to dust.

Across the clearing from the Kapak, another arck-cloaked figure stepped into view, more upright and less sinuous than the Kapak, it was covered in golden scales and had barbels on the ned of it's snout.

The Aurak grinned in a reptillian fashion at the Kapak,

"It seems we are free to toy with the humans. Until another of these renegades shows up in any case."

The Kapak nodded and the pair faded back into the darkness, heading towards the noblewoman and her impromptue bodyguards."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/16/2002 8:03 AM

"Damn you Fenwick! Please wake up!" Madelyn's voice was hoarse. She could feel the tears of impotent fury swell in her eyes and slide down her cheeks.
"Please!" she choked on the words as she continued to struggle, the body of the jester a dead weight that wrenched at her armpits, as she pulled him across the forest floor with all her might. She could feel the danger closing in all around her. So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/16/2002 3:03 PM

Stephan ran to the side of the Lady. "Here, let me.", he smiled softly, but kept his eyes on the trees. His eyes were glowing a shimmering purple, and a faint violet aura surrounded him, as he used his power to help left the man. After a short distance, he placed him down.

Something lurked in the trees. Stephan threw out a hand and a tree shattered, the long sharp splinters driving into whoever it had been. The body fell into the darkness.

"Whats your name, and his?", he gestured to the unconscious figure. Still aware of the danger, the soft violet surrounding him, extended ina small radius around the three. The smaller the field, the longer he could hold it.Come see my site : http://pub95.ezboard.com/bthegifted15252

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Enemies are the price of honour

09/16/2002 6:28 PM

The dark-clothed figure had slipped, unnoticed, into the surrounding trees as soon as the cat had struck the draconian, but as the mage began his spellcasting, he leaped down again from a nearby limb, landing next to the lady and her companions.

"Fine spellshow, mage... you don't mind if I stick close for the moment, do you? There's a good man."

Turning to the lady, the figure bowed, sweping his sword behind him in a coutly manner. A splash of silver moonlight through the trees showed him more clearly; He was slender and clean-shaven, with shoulder-length hair of midnight black. His eyes sparkled blue in the darkness, a deep blue that nearly matched the fashionable cloth that peaked out from under his black leather armor. "M'lady, it is my honor to serve you. I am Astius Bremen, Firstguard and personal friend of Lord..."

At that moment, the man raised his head and actually saw the woman's face for the first time.

"Lady Madelyn! What in Paladine's name are you doing out here!!""'If you sense danger, then at least tell us so that we can prepare!'

'Prepare, then.'"

Dragons of Winter Twilight

09/17/2002 1:37 AM

That 'trapped feeling' in her heart only seemed increase twice fold as Madelyn stared at the guardsman. Now here was a fine coil!

Her mind strived for some logical and plausible excuse- perhaps she could plead ignorance? Amnesia? Pretend to be someone else who simply happened to look like the countess; but she knew that it was no use. Her rescuers deserved better after risking their lives to aid her and Fenwick.

And even if the guardsman did not know her face accurately; who in the palace did not know of her ladyship's close friendship with the scarlet jester! In the end she realised that she would have to reveal the truth...

"I am the Lady Madelyn of Waldron", she said. She could tell by their faces that her reputation for getting into trouble preceeded her.
Light blue eyes darted from one figure to the next.
"I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for the aid you have all rendered my companion and I", she began, "but I fear that your gallantry will have a price- I suspect that there are creatures more deadly than rogue draconians walking this forest tonight".

Blue eyes drifted to the large cat that was making its way towards their circle.

"There is something else out there and I know not what it is".

Lady Madelyn was not a count's daughter for nothing. When it came to tricky questions, she knew how to deflect as well as any notable politician in Palanthus. So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/17/2002 4:24 AM

The leopard sauntered up to them leisurely, blood still dripping from it's mouth and paws. It lay down near them, within the violet light, and started cleaning itself. Once that was finished, it yawned, a great motion displaying (whether or not intentionally) it's large fangs. "Faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens." -- Gimli, The Fellowship Of The Ring

"Those who support authority against rebellion must not themselves rebel." -- Silmarillion

09/17/2002 4:34 AM

The violet aura disappeared, for now the danger was over. "There is no need to offer gratitude My Lady, you were in trouble, we helped." His gaze turned to Astius. "And i am no mage Sir. My power is far from arcane. But that is not your concern for now.", he hated having to state his abilities, it only brought unkind memories.

"Now, why had they taken you?"Come see my site : http://pub95.ezboard.com/bthegifted15252

A Debt of Bones knows no bounds, not even death

Enemies are the price of honour

09/17/2002 5:29 AM

Madelyn looked into the eyes of her companions. Each of them in turn had more than proven their abilities. She made a decision. She would trust them.

A flicker of pain crossed her lovely face, as she again wondered about the folly of her decsion. Fenwick now lay wounded and bleeding because of the choice she had made.

"My friend and I must reach Palanthus. It is vital that I speak with the head of the order of knights stationed there. You see...". she paused, and looked once more at the guardsman. How loyal was he to Palidorus? She hesitated. "I suspect that Lord Palidorus has formed an alliance with the Neraka".

There, she'd said it...and more fool her for just blurting it out like that. She wondered who was the greater fool- her, or the wounded jester lying on the ground.

Would they believe her? Her reputation was that of a flighty spoilt young heiress. Who would take her word over that of one of the most reknowned knights in Krynn? Only one person had believed her- Fenwick, and he now lay at death's door.

"I must get my friend to a cleric", she said, dismissing these thoughts of self-pity and pulling her mind into action. "Is there a town or village near by where we migth find one?", she asked. So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/17/2002 8:48 AM

Stephan stared at the Lady.....he knew next to nothing about the knights and didn't want to get involved with them to say the least....but he knew this Lady was in trouble. "Well.....to be honest my Lady.....i care little for the knights....they have never brought luck to me.....i would consider it a privelage to accompany you on this misson of sorts....."

"As for a cleric.....i think there is a town a few miles down the road....i was heading that way myself."Come see my site : http://pub95.ezboard.com/bthegifted15252

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09/17/2002 9:07 AM

OOC: For clarity's sake- my character is not a Knight of Palanthas.

The Firstguard rubbed his chin, considering. Here's a fine mess...

"Well, M'lady, you chose a most inopportune time to make your escape... I was rather looking forwards to the wedding and to seeing your father again; it has been far too many years since he and I spoke in person, more than you can count, in fact. We need to help your friend, however, and from here the town is closer than your castle. Let us get him to the cleric and then perhaps we can discuss the situation further."

So saying, Bremen drew a white handkerchief from his sleeve, quickly bound the Jester's head, and carefully picked up the man."'If you sense danger, then at least tell us so that we can prepare!'

'Prepare, then.'"

Dragons of Winter Twilight

09/17/2002 9:30 AM

Madelyn sighed with relief. Her smile was slow to arrive, but was able to transform the face of the frightened girl into that of the beautiful young countess.

Thank you didn't even begin to describe her gratitude, but she said it anyway.
"My friend is called Fenwick, and though he cannot say so at this moment, he joins me when I say thank-you, to you, Stephan, and to you, Master Breman".
She dreaded the 'discussions' that Breman had spoken off. If her father had not seen fit to listen to her, then why should these strangers? But somehow, she thought that perhaps, just perhaps, her cause might not be so foolhardy after all.

She watched as the guardsman picked up her friend. The most important thing at the moment was to heal Fenwick. She hoped that the town would not be too far away. She did not think she had the strength to continue this mission alone, not without Fenwick. The jester had been by her side all her life. Her only friend in a place that had seen little laughter till his unexpected arrival.

Light blue eyes drifted to the cat. She was usually afraid of wild animals but not of this one. Her smile was almost fond as she looked at it.
"That includes you too” she said. She had been surprised at the intelligence shown by the animal- it was uncanny. Sometimes when she looked into those amber eyes, she felt as if she were looking at something quite human! She shook her head to dismiss such fanciful thoughts. The night's mishap had obviously addled her brain.

“Lead on!” she said, rising to her feet. “I’m willing to admit that at this point I am hopelessly lost in this forest. I wouldn’t be able to tell you which way was North, let alone where the road is!” she admitted with a blushing grin. She had decided not to question her good fortune today.

Whoever these travellers were, they had decided to help her in her hour of need. The least she could do was accept their aid graciously.
So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/17/2002 5:22 PM

The leopard regarded her with a soft, short purr, and followed the group at a distance behind. After a while, however, he had disappeared into the shadows ... "Faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens." -- Gimli, The Fellowship Of The Ring

"Those who support authority against rebellion must not themselves rebel." -- Silmarillion

09/17/2002 7:15 PM

Astius moved slowly through the undergrowth, occasionally stopping and examing the trees for signs that would confirm the group's direction. He had hunted in these woods as a lad, and was familiar with the lay of the land for some distance, but the darkness was making things difficult. After several backtracks and turns, the Firstguard sighed with relief as a faint pale line before them indicated the packed dirt of the road. He turned to the lady.

"There is the road, M'lady, but we dare not to tread it directly, for we do not know how many creatures might still be lurking nearby. Let us keep to the trees and remain alert."

Carefully, the Firstguard reached up a hand and pulled away the jeter's cap, stuffing the jingling item into the muffled fold of his sleeve."'If you sense danger, then at least tell us so that we can prepare!'

'Prepare, then.'"

Dragons of Winter Twilight

09/18/2002 1:45 AM

"Here. let me take his shoes as well", Madelyn said with a shy smile, "they jingle too!", she reminded. Poor Fenwick, she thought. At court, the bells and the scarlet tunic and hose had been the only way he had been able to draw attention to himself.

He had been a very shy child but she had been there, and seen him grow up into the extroverted jester- but she had always believed that there could be more to Fenwick than just the fool's part.

Madelyn had never tracked through the forest at night before, and she found the new experience strangely thrilling. Only a pale slice of moonlight filtered down through the high tree branches. She had heard tales that elves could see in the dark as they did during the day.

She admitted that there was no such elven vision in her bloodline as she disentangled her long skirt from yet another clinging bush. She had nearly tripped over and fell flat on her face twice this night already but she was gritting her teeth and trying to mimic the stealthy moves of her companions, who seemed all to familiar with this form of covert travel.

She wondered how long it would take them to reach the town. She had been mulling over a problem in her head as they travelled, when really she should have been paying more attention to not tripping and falling over the twigs and branches on the forest floor.

When they reached the town and found the healer, how were they to get aid for Fenwick without letting Palidorus or her father hear of it. News of a scarlet jester being carried into a town with a golden haired woman by his side, would travel quickly to Waldron Castle; and then the idea struck! She clapped her hands together in triumph.

This earned her a warning look from the Firstguard. She turned red. Silence! The look was plain.

Madelyn tentatively inched her way forward.
"I have an idea", she said. She could tell by their faces that her companions were almost dreading what was coming next.

They have only known me a short while and already they seem to know me so well, thought Madelyn with a cheeky grin. So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/18/2002 8:37 AM

The Kapak tilted his head in the direction of the clap, a reptillian grin briefly flitting over his face. His Aurak companion returned the grin and set off beside him, spells and poisoned weapons at the ready, then they stopped not so far from the jester and his would-be saviours. The Aurak muttered under his breath,

"So, milady. We stumble across your path again."

He smiled again, then whispered something to the Kapak, who grinned ever wider. The pair sunk off again, lost to the shadows."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/18/2002 12:00 PM

"I think that we ought to disguise Fenwick before we take him to the town", she said. "He is rather distinctive, and news always does have a way of travelling quickly". Her companions waited expectedly. They watched as she scuttled back to her horse and removed something from the saddle bags. In the dim light, it was hard to see what the object she carried in her hands was.

"Well, for want of anything else, I think we ought to put him in this", she said, holding up her spare dress.

The looks on Stephan's and Breman's faces were almost identical. Madelyn glared at the two.

"Well, you don't have to be like that!", she huffed. "When Fenwick awakes he'll be under no illusions about who to hold responsible, I can assure you of that".

Madelyn blushed under their stares. The men were probably thinking that they daren't ever get knocked unconscious when she was in the vicinity- they could wake up wearing anything it seemed!So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/18/2002 12:57 PM

Astius's face was the pictue of incredulity, but he hadn't become Firstguard through simple service alone- he'd pulled off wilder schemes than this in his professional years. Still, something was amiss...

"M'lady, if you'll pardon my saying so, we can hardly bring a man to the healer wrapped in a dress... if nothing else we'd be considered lunatics to be keeping such company! It would bring too much attention down on us. I would sooner that we put some of my armor on him, unless you think that he might actually be able to impersonate a woman well enough to fool the fownsfolk...""'If you sense danger, then at least tell us so that we can prepare!'

'Prepare, then.'"

Dragons of Winter Twilight

09/18/2002 1:12 PM

Madelyn blushed furiously; her face was almost as red as that of Fenwick's scarlet tunic!

"Truth be told Breman, I think Fenwick would have a better idea of how to impersonate a woman more than he would a warrior!” She did not say it to be unkind to Fenwick- but the two had grown up together and she knew his strengths and weaknesses better than any.

Fenwick did tricks with a flaming sword from time to time, but he had never pointed one at an opponent with the intention of doing any physical harm. The matter had never cropped up in any of his job descriptions.

Madelyn looked at Breman, her light blue eyes filled with a devilish mischief.
"I think Fenwick is fool enough to pull off the part. He will rise to the challenge!” she said confidently. She crossed her fingers behind her back and prayed that when Fenwick awoke, he'd remember all the good that she had done for him in the past and would not be angry with her for too long. She realised that she was turning her dearest friend into a cross dresser- no mater how briefly, and for his own good!

But an inner instinct told her that Fenwick might not be as agreeable to the idea, had he been awake!
So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/18/2002 6:20 PM

"Awfully late for a stroll, isn't it gentle-lizards?"

The Kapak and Aurak turned to see a tall, young man standing behind them, a smirk across his tanned face. Long, lanky, dirty brown hair framed his weathered face, dark blue eyes hid in a deep brow. He wore simple clothes, a broadsword at his side."Faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens." -- Gimli, The Fellowship Of The Ring

"Those who support authority against rebellion must not themselves rebel." -- Silmarillion

09/19/2002 5:38 AM

Fenwick groaned. It was the sound of a man caught in the middle of a nightmare.

"See", said lady Madelyn hastily, "he agrees with me!". Her face was the picture of innocence.

So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/19/2002 7:18 AM

The Aurak looked at the man standing before him,

"Well, we are by nature a nocturnal species. You on the other hand are human....mostly."

The Kapak nodded his head,

"My name is Issig, and this here is my firnd Kamusz."

He straightened, unblinking reptillian eyes locking with the man nfront of him,

"And you would be....?""Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/19/2002 8:07 AM

Bremen, too, rather suspected that Fenwick would soomer not choose the dress, but it would be far easier to get the man into the lady's garment than it would be to strap on all of the Firstguard's armor Maybe we can say he was part of a traveling play...

"Alright, M'lady, we'll go with your scheme, but let's get clear of these dark-cursed woods first.""'If you sense danger, then at least tell us so that we can prepare!'

'Prepare, then.'"

Dragons of Winter Twilight

09/19/2002 8:29 AM

"Ralindahl." He said. "And I do hope you forgive me for my questions, these woods are not usually travesed lightly ... one does not take a nighttime stroll perchance in danger's embrace. I myself was tracking a company I heard some time ago ... My King's land border's this forest as well and we've had a problem with theives, mercenaries, and strange creatures attacking our peasants at night and slipping into the cover of shadow. I was hired to 'investigate', shall we say. And what of your business?"

His air was cordial, his stance casual, as if they had simply met on the street or in a tavern. He did not fear them yet, they had not proven to be enemies ... however they had yet to prove as friends."Faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens." -- Gimli, The Fellowship Of The Ring

"Those who support authority against rebellion must not themselves rebel." -- Silmarillion

09/19/2002 8:30 AM

"I couldn't agree more', said Madelyn, peering cautiously about her. She had never been overly fond of the dark, even as a child. It had always set her to imagining all kinds of horrors.

Clutching the dress to her breast, she nodded fervently. "The quicker we reach the town, the better for all concerned", she said.

She glanced at Fenwick and couldn't help the smile that lit her face.

"Well old friend, it looks like you'll be wearing a dress on my wedding day after all!". So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/19/2002 12:10 PM

Issig shrugged, an impressive moevement in a Draconian,

"We are hunting some others of our kind who have decided to part from the main of our people and are making quite the nuisances of themselves."

His companion nodded towards a cut on Ralindhal's arm,

"You've been nicked by a blade there friend - and a Draconian one as well by the scent of it. It seems you've seen our.....renegades.""Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/19/2002 9:42 PM

"Indeed, I was involved in a slight ... tussel." Ralindahl replied, flexing his arm. The cut was not deep, and though it had bled it had been cleaned and wrapped. A faint red line was all that showed through the bandage, but was enough for Issig to arrive at his conclusion. "Since we seem to be against the same band, perhaps I might join you ..." he suggested, "If not, than I shall be on my way.""Faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens." -- Gimli, The Fellowship Of The Ring

"Those who support authority against rebellion must not themselves rebel." -- Silmarillion

09/20/2002 1:48 AM

They were continuing their way through the forest when Lady Madelyn's stomach rendered an inelegant murmur. She had not eaten since breakfast.

She hoped that they would make it to the town soon.
She was just clamping a hand to her belly and looking around to see if any of her companions had noted it; when the hairs on the back of her neck began to rise.

So new to danger and already, she was so well attuned to it.So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/20/2002 7:13 AM

Astius was still going over the story that the little party might use in the town when asked to explain themselves, and he was oblivious to any potential threat until he noticed Madelyn suddenly slow down. Looking around, he saw he looking about carefully, and the same sense of wrongness that she felt suddenly descended upon the Firstguard. Slowly, he lowered Fenwick to the ground, his hand already clutching the hilt of his parrying dagger. He knew that there was no way they'd be able to outrun a persuer, so the only other option was to fight. He carefully scanned the brush for this new danger."'If you sense danger, then at least tell us so that we can prepare!'

'Prepare, then.'"

Dragons of Winter Twilight

09/20/2002 9:46 AM

Madelyn saw the look that crossed Astius's face before he lowered Fenwick to the ground. Her fingers instinctively tightened on the dress she was still holding, and then she looked down at it with disgust.

What was she going to do in case of an attack, wave a dress in their enemy's face? Gritting her teeth, she went back to her horse's saddle bag and put away the dress. She came back with a silver dagger held tightly in her hand.

If there were more draconians out there, they would not capture her as easily as they had the first time this night. So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/20/2002 2:28 PM

The Firstguard was torn... they could not stop, they could not run....

"Let's keep moving, even if it's slowly... we can't get stuck out here.""'If you sense danger, then at least tell us so that we can prepare!'

'Prepare, then.'"

Dragons of Winter Twilight

09/21/2002 2:21 AM

“Perhaps we ought to make haste to the town”, agreed lady Madelyn. “The forest at night was no place of safety”.

So long and thanks for all the fish...

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