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09/13/2002 2:13 PM

The hour of sunset approached the lone kingdom of Silvernesti. A cold wind was blowing outside the stone Towers of Eli. Winter retained its icy hold on the land. The children gathered around a fire in the large hall of the Speakers. They waited with hushed breadths and open mouths. The Grandfather was about to begin his tale.
It was one they had heard often before because it is the old man’s favorite story. The older ones can recite it by heart but they keep silent. The weather is cold and any sign of dissatisfaction will only send them even quicker to their beds by their mothers.
The story is that of Sila of the Silk. It is a story known to every boy and girl throughout the kingdom.
And it went thus…

There was once a young queen of Silvernesti known as Sila, and she was as fair as she was wise, with eyes as green as the forest and hair as soft as silk. Sila was of an ancient Elven bloodline, which could be traced back to the great Lauranthalasa, a line as old as that of the Elven King.
Sila had been raised in the mountains in the Far North of Ergoth and she had powers that she had struggled to understand. Yet Sila had known nothing of palace life before her marriage, knew nothing of cities and politics and politicians. She had never fully understood the intrigues that were such commonplace affairs at court, until it was too late. A twist of fate had left her at the complete mercy of her enemies. The enemy had set a trap for her, and she had been caught.
When a Queen is accused of treason, the sentence can only be death; but the King had looked upon his young bride and had shown mercy. The Queen was banished. She was ordered to never again to tread the soil of Silvernesti.

The King ordered his most trusted friend Thylar, the cleric, to go with her.
“Go with her my friend. Keep her safe”.
But the faithful Thylar could not keep to his word, for the Queen later died at childbirth, and the young boy was raised as his own. And thus, the riddle remains still standing. For even though the land endures under the strict guidance of the High Speaker, somewhere in the lands of Ansalon there is a king in waiting and Silvernesti is nothing without its King. But there were powers at large that were striving to ensure that Silvernesti remained under the power of the High Speaker.

From the Manuscript of Thylar Dun blade:

We have left Solanthus and have journeyed to the Northern coast of the New Sea. Young Mari, (I call him Mari now because he insists on the abbreviated form, like all young people, Marithulus is ever conscious of his full Elven name. I humor him).
Young Mari is in high spirits and is looking forward to his first sea journey. I can tell that he is looking forward to traveling to Northern Ergoth and visiting the birthplace of his mother. I remind him that it will not be a grand place and that Sila was born in a small fishing village off the coast of Ergoth but the boy is still very excited. But life at the fishing village was never meant for Sila, and I can say with all honesty, that it is definitely not meant for the young rogue Mari. He could never be a fisherman, although at the moment, he has grand plans of following this very trade.
I call him a boy but he is almost fully-grown. He has boundless faith in himself and a deep desire to serve humanity that reminds me very much of his mother. He loves to travel; he always has, and enjoys adventure. But there is a restlessness in him that can never truly be eased by travel and adventure. I think that deep down Mari knows that his life path will lead him to an unexpected place, and much change in his life. He must prepare for this, and I, as his guardian, will help him in any way I can.

The moon glistened over the water like a large bright diamond in a cloudless sky. The moonbeams danced on the serene water, lifting the spirits of the young elf, who had spent the better part of the day retching over the side, much to the amusement of his old mentor. Mari’s spirits began to lift with the cool wind that came to refresh his soul with its salty breadth. His stomach had finally ceased to heave with each passing roll of the waves, and he was finally able to enjoy his first experience aboard ship a little more. The Nereid was a slick Ergothian vessel with two tall masts and a prow shaped into the form of an amused mermaid. The carving had quite overwhelmed Thylar, when the old cleric had first sighted it; but then Thylar was an elf of the old school, and was easily shocked by human traits, even now, after having lived among them for more than seventeen years.

The captain had greeted them on arrival and had assured Thylar and himself that the Nereid was capable of out sailing any number of the pirate ships that sailed these waters, but the statement had seemed to be ignored as far as his mentor was concerned. Mari remembered the incident now and frowned. Thylar had simply smiled in that knowing way of his. It could be quite irritating at times. He had looked the captain in the eye and asked him with a straight face,
“And has the Nereid ever outraced a dragon?”.

Both the captain and Mari had laughed and assumed that Thylar was simply jesting; but the thing was, one could never be absolutely certain with the cleric.

09/13/2002 3:53 PM

OOC: hmmm... this is just a guess, but have you ever been on NeoPets? becasue for some reason, the name 'Nereid' strikes me as familiar. the name of 'Nereid the Water Faerie' if i'm correct? which would make a good name for a ship, because it is the "water" faerie. if you have no idea what im talking about, then it's just a big coincidence :D

09/14/2002 4:24 AM

OOC: well... good guess, but I have never been on NeoPets? What is that?

I got the name 'Nereid' from fairytales about Greek Mythology, i.e. any of the sea nymphs, the 50 daughters of Nereus. Plus it fits in with my handle - Jorza the mermaid, (who also happens to love reading Douglas Adams).

Cheers for the heads up! I suppose I ought to add a bit more to clarify the aim of this adventure. I think I got a bit carried away!

In a nutshell, Mari with the aid of childhood mentor Thylar, has to reclaim his throne from a very unwilling High Speaker; but he has to prove himself worthy first.

In order to do that, our valiant young hero is challenged to venture into the Towers of Eli, now a long deserted and ancient ruin and he must reclaim the elven sword- Wyrmslayer.

(As you probably know already), this mighty blade was the weapon of the ancient elven hero, Kith-Kanan, and was given to Tanis by the skeleton of Kith-Kanan in the Sla-Mori. Tanis lost Wyrmslayer in the chaos of the dragon attack on the city of Tarsis. Laurana carried the sword with her to the elven lands of Ergoth, where she was forced to leave it behind. The sword was returned to Tanis on the occasion of his wedding to Laurana, presented to him by the elven lord, Porthios; but it's been a very long time since all that happened, and the sword is now believed to rest in the long deserted Towers of Eli, and it is guarded well....so it will not be an easy task!

Mari and his companions, who he meets along the way, will have to venture into the towers and battle whatever evil lurks there before he can claim his throne. But this is all in the distant future, and Mari is sure to have many adventures before he even reaches the kingdom of Silvernesti.

So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/14/2002 6:44 AM

Thylar and Mari had been on board the Nereid for three nights, all of them peaceful and undisturbed. The fourth was different. At first, it was little more than the sound of a whistling breeze, a gentle cooling of the air, a slight tension forming in the sky above. In the far distance, black clouds seemed to be gathering and hovering above the grey sky, arising into formless shapes that teased the mind, and set fire to his imagination.
As Mari stood on deck, Thylar by his side, his elven sight searched the sky intently.
“Looks like a storm’s brewing” the captain said. “Best get below friends, till it blows over”. Mari was about to comply but Thylar laid a steadying hand on his arm.
“Look again Mari” his mentor instructed. Mari complied. His green eyes fixed on the dark clouds that seemed to pulse and grow with a life of their own.
“Do you see her?” Thylar asked. “I can almost hear her wings beating against the wind. Her heartbeat is as loud as a thunder, in my ears”.
“I see nothing,” Mari said, but fear gripped him. He did not know what was approaching them, but from Thylar’s reaction, he knew that it was no ordinary storm.

OCC: Anyone game?So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/15/2002 1:50 PM

Mari watched as the dragon rode the sky, drawing nearer to their ship with each beat of his heart. It brought with it a rush of wind as strong as any gale. He could feel a scream rise inside his throat, yet boldly held it at bay, swallowed it down, forced it down with the bile that rose to his throat.
“Good God!” the captain cried out.
“What does it want?” Mari found himself asking.
Only Thylar retained any semblance of colour in his face, the two men by his side had gone as white as ghosts.
“She’s hunting”, said the cleric with a grim face.
So long and thanks for all the fish...

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