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09/13/2002 12:19 PM

Rion stalked along the treeline of Darken Wood, his reversible gray/green cloak waving lightly in the gentle breeze, he'd left Haven behind two days ago to return to the forests he loved so much. City-dwellers and there habits tended to annoy the quiet ranger and the hunter-bandits that had been trapping in the surrounding forest especially did. Rion had taught them there lesson though, used traps of his own to give the hunters a new point of view by placing them in the same spot they'd been putting creatures of the forests, now he was returning to the peace of solitude the forests offered him.
Darken Wood was as it always was, the skillful ranger had wandered the spirited forest a few times, even once swaring he saw a unicorn dance past the trees, it was a ghostly vision. He was aware of the Centaurs within the forest, had spotted them from time to time, though never made contact, it was just as well, Rion didn't much care to converse with others. He continued along the edge of the forest northward, thinking in his own of the dragons that had taken his parents lives while he was still a boy, then of the elf who'd taken him in and taught him the skills of hunting, tracking, the ways of the ranger. Rion took these skills, this knowledge to heart and decided he would do everything in his ability to keep this realm of Abanasinia safe. He took great pleasure, the most in fact, in the tracking and hunting of Draconian bands.
A few paces ahead of him, Rion noticed a rustle in the trees, quickly and easily he drew his spear from across his back and edged closer to the treeline. Silently he aproached the rustling brush.

09/13/2002 2:12 PM

OOC: wow.....i can do a lot with this..........GOOD JOB..hmmmmmmm let me think

IC: Calron was on his way to pick berries for tonights dinner. He was a druid and was accomanied, as usual, by his ferret Kito. Calron knew basic druid spells, but was an exceptionl fighter as well. He had lots of time to practice fighting skills with his oak staff, being alone in the forest and all. He was left in Darken Wood as a child and was raised by he Forest Master and her centaurs. In the time there he learned the ways of the druid by the forest master herself. He had been with them until he was 20 when he decided he could live on his own in the forest.

Calron got to the bushes he went to every evening and began picking. After only a couple of berries Calron heard a startling voice.

"Show yourself!"he heard from the opposite side of the bush.

Calron crawled from out of the bushes, his red, baggy, buttoned shirt appeared bright in the forest.

" Hello traveller!" Calron spoke to the approacher kindly.
"I mean no harm. I am Calron, druid and inhabitant of this forest. Who might you be?"If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

09/13/2002 8:30 PM

Rion twirled his spear around in his hand and replaced it across his back, "My name is Rion, I'm a ranger and I do what I can to protect these lands."
The Druid looked on rather pleased it seemed, "Ah yes. Protectors of nature we both are then." Calron said
"Indeed? Hmm.. It is nice to meet you then Calron." Rion said.
Rion pulled his cloak tighter about him as the winds picked up blowing loose leaves across the ground in a fury.
Rion then added absently, almost to himself, "Many people are in danger, have greater problems than I." He fell silent a while and watched rustling leaves dance across the ground, "I'll do what I can to aid those people... no matter the cost." Rion looked off then began to go on his way, "I wish you well in your own ventures my good Druid. Shall you hear of terror within our realm, be sure to seek me out, I shall be quite willing to aid those who cannot protect themselves." Rion continued his stride northward.

09/14/2002 8:13 PM

"Wait a second Rion." called Calron. " Take me with you! You could use someone like me you know. I am extremely helpful and know the forest like the back of my hand. By the way, did u meet Kito?"

Calron was very excied to have a new friend. Not many people go far enough in Darken Wood to meet up with Calron. Calron was very lonely. He would be happy to accompany Rion.

"So what troubles Ansalon Rion?" asked Calron. "And where are WE going?"If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

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09/14/2002 9:17 PM

Rion eyed Calron curiously, "Umm Ansalon?" Rion gave a chuckle, "That would be an awful lot of area to cover. I tend to the surrounding areas, we don't get Solmanic Knight down this far south often, and as stuck up as they are, I don't think they would come to help the likes of folks like us..." Under his breath Rion added, "...they haven't before." Rion sighed, "As for what dangers, well there are several, anywhere you travel your likely to find folks under threat of some beast or band of villians."
Rion kept a brisk pace, he was pleased to see Calron keeping up. Rion smiled faintly and thought to himself, ~Perhaps this won't be a bad thing, he is a druid after all, and he is keeping up, so long as this guy holds his own.~
They traveled a few miles north, then Rion raised his hand silently motioning to slow and stop, Calron understood and did so, Rion took a quick sniff of the air, then knelt down examining the ground, Calron came to kneel beside him, he saw what Rion did too and they glanced around, "Draconian tracks..." Calron said.
"Mm-hmm, but they're being careful, more careful than there known to be." Rion pointed at the tracks, "They've tried to hide their trail.." Rion shifted quickly and vanished into the trees without a sound, Calron followed just as deftly. The pair crept through the brush of the forest, a falling leaf in autumn would've been jealous at the lack of noise they made, keeping along within sight of the draconian tracks, a hint was in the air, the foul stench anyone who'd been around a draconian knew. Rion caught sight of a campfire a hundred paces northwest, outside of Darken Wood's eerie boundaries.

09/15/2002 2:05 PM

OOC: Room for one more?

BIC: Triana Westwind, plainswoman and unnamed chieftain of her tribe was mounted on a white mare. Her horse, Pawan, kicked at the ground restlessly, sensing a scent in the air that unsettled his stomach and was instantly recognizable. Triana felt her body tense, her hand slowly drifting towards the quiver of arrows hidden beneath her long cloak, another drifting lower in the saddle to deftly unhook her bow. Eyes as green as the glade drifted intently over the tall trees, searching for any sign of movement.

She sighted the campfire then, a flickering flame in the far edge of her vision and knew that she had ventured too close.
So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/15/2002 10:59 PM

OOC: Theres room for many more if they wish to join. I may be new to this forum, but that doesn't mean I'm new to RPing, take a chance folks. This current RP, I'm simply working towards a lighter adventure, more or less an introdution of myself as well as my character and style. I'm not out to create an epic adventure just yet, think of this along the lines of oh... "The Hobbit" hehe, cept within Krynn of course. ^_~

Rion kept his eyes on the campfire, the figures, those few he could see, were bundled up within ebony cloaks making it more difficult to determine who they were exactly. One thing was certain though, the scent of Draconians was near. Rion and Calron dashed through the brush silently, barely a leaf wavered at their passing. Rion felt a tap on his shoulder and turned, Calron pointed to a woman notching an arrow to her bow and sitting upon a white horse, the ranger nodded and they crept towards the woman, staying with in the safety--as safe as Darken Wood could be--of the forest's edge. Calron made a call as though a bird chirping, The plainswoman glanced towards the sound, pulling her attention from the campfire a moment, her eyes were intent a moment, then caught the short, quick movement, a hand sign. Rion scowled a moment when he saw the woman's bow & arrow pointed at the brush he and Calron hid within. Rion held perfectly still, any sudden movement could make the woman jump and that would do no favor for him to have an arrow in his chest. Calron too held still, but continued his bird whistle in hopes the woman would calm her nerves and get out of sight.

09/16/2002 2:26 AM

It was just a slight pressure of her knees but the well-trained Pawan reacted immediately, slowly back stepping away from the flickering flame. Green eyes swept back to the bush. The bird whistles continued. It was not a species she recognised.

The plainswoman's ears pricked at the sound and then a slow knowing smile briefly crossed the plainswoman's face. She nodded once and then returned her eyes tot he camp ahead. She was deeper in the trees now, hidden from sight, her bow and arrow ready for battle.

Triana Westwind waited and watched.
So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/17/2002 8:08 AM

Rion crept out of the brush, glanced towards the woman and nodded. he wasn't certain who the people (or creatures) around the campfire were, but he was ready to find out. If they were honest folks, they needed to be warned of draconians nearby, if they were draconians, well, he'd deal with them then. Rion, hunched halfways over, sprinted to a lone tree between where he had been and the campers, dashing from one tree to the next, his cloak pulled close around him, Rion made within thirty feet of the campsite. Glancing around the tree, he could faintly hear voices, however the language couldn't be made quite clear and the figures were still shrouded in their cloaks. With deft, quiet movements, Rion drew two daggers, one in each hand, and stepped out from behind the tree, stalking up to the campsite, his hearing and sight focused before him.

OOC: Ok anyone, this is about the last chance to see what these campers are, more adventures or draconians? Jump in if you wish.

09/17/2002 9:10 AM

Triana watched as the hunched figure melted into the trees, weapons drawn. She held her horse back.

"Easy Pawan", she soothed the animal. "Let us see how he fares alone. We can always join in later, that is, if he requires our help".

The horse settled. Green eyes trailed the ranger. She could judge that the ranger knew these woods well. His skill went without question, it was almost elven in nature. Quite a feat for a human.

Her eyes darted back to the bushes. Something told her that she was not the only one watching the ranger's progress. So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/18/2002 11:55 PM

Bummet sat with 2 other mercenaries by the fire. He hated these 2 despised them, He didint even know why he hung around them he felt like getting up right then and there and whipping out his sword and killing them both.

Bummet's father was a Solamnic night a nobleman that would never be caught in the presence of these 2 who raped an plundered and got booty just for the hell of it. The thought of watching them do anymore made Bummet sick to his stomach.

Just when Bummet was getting up to kill them both right then and there and start a new clean life and hope his father would forgive him for his ways he heard a noise in the brush. WHO DA MAN???!!!!

09/19/2002 5:32 AM

Triana Westwind turned around just in time to deflect the blow from the attacking draconian.

"By the gods!", she breathed out, as she neatly deflected the second blow. She had been concentrating on the camp and the ranger so much that the attacking fiend had caught her by surprise.

Pawan let out a loud neigh and then danced back, his feet swift as he skittered back, away from another blow of the draconians swinging sword.

Triana released her arrow into the belly of the draconian and watched the beast turn to stone with cold satisfaction.

"So much for slipping in quietly!", she mused. "DEFEND YOURSELVES!", she cried out to the others, quickly drawing her sword. Her boots kicked at Pawan's flanks, and horse and rider crashed through the trees.

She could see the flitting shadows trailing her on both sides, the heavy acrid scent of draconians seemed to pervade the air. Her smile was feral. It had been awhile since her last battle and she was well rested since then.

So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/19/2002 8:47 PM

Bummet turned around and looked at the brush while scratching his itchy ass. He peered through the bushes and saw a baby goat there caught in the branches. He chopped off its head with a look of discust on his face and turned around to kill the 2 imbecils he was with.

Bummet turned around to face 3 draconians he couldnt tell which kind they were the smallest he thought, he could never tell them apart anyway so it didn't really matter all that much. he swung his sword out of pure reflex at its head instead of going clean through like intended it got stuck half way through and became incased in stone.

cursing every god that came to mind he grabbed a nearby branch and started on the second draconian. He yelled and looked around for his companions that he hated so much, but by glancing around and looking at the blood on the ground he knew they were already dead. Cursing again he started to beat the shit out of the draconian green blood was splattering everywhere. He was doing a battle roar and got some stuck in his throat and he went down on the ground caughing just as he killed the second draconian.

The last Draconian seeing his prey on the ground started running for an easy kill and slipped in its companions blood and fell on its ass to the ground. Bummet finally done caughing his guts out got up and looked around he noticed 2 things right off 1 his sword was in a pile of dust 3 feet from him and 2 the other draconian was on the ground trying to recover.
It took Bummet 4 and a half seconds to grab the sword and chop the draconians head clean off and this time it made it all the way through.

Bummet cleaned off his sword and raided his companions stuff while being thankful that the draconians killed his companions for him and didn't leave him with guilty concience. When he was ready to go he ran through the brush where he killed the baby goat hoping he can kill some more draconians while the blood lust was still pumping through his body. The last thing heard while he was running was him asking forgiveness to the gods he had cursed back at the abandoned camp.
WHO DA MAN???!!!!

09/20/2002 5:20 PM

OOC: Sentinal your doing great, but please try to stop controlling Calron so much. Its okay now, i can just see what you might start saying in the future. Just a heads up. Oh.. but in this post i need to control Bummit, just a little, it will make things move faster. Nothing damaging his character

IC: " Okay Rion, heres the plan. You........go save the girl. That man at the camp fire KILLED a helpless baby goat! His fights with me and Kito!"

Calron began running down the hill through the brushes, towards the camp-site. His staff was in his hands firmly. He was just about ready to thwack the man in the back of his head. Instead the man turned arounded and grabbed the stick from out of his hands. Calron was in trouble. The man socked Calron in the nose and sent him flying into the bushes. Kito, the loyal ferret, leaped onto the man and sunk his small teeth into his neck. The man tossed Kito away with ease.
" Goats! Ferrets! Is that all you can handle?!" Calron raged as he got up from the ground, his nose bright red. He said a few words and vines shot out from the ground and wrapped around his wrists, binding them together. The man couldnt move. Calron retreived his staff and knocked the man on the ground. He pushed slightly onto the mans neck with the staff.
" You've got a lot of explaining to do!" Calron said.
"Why have you killed your friends?!" Calron did not kill him, for he sensed goodness in the man.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

09/21/2002 12:00 AM

"Freinds?!" Bummet half laughed half screamed in rage. He was annoyed at this man and at the vines climbing over him. "If you knew those pathetic exuseses for humans you would of run them through too!" Bummet said in discust. His throat was begining to swell up because of the pressure and the man must of senced that cause he stopped pressing so hard. "I was about to kill them and change my life and start walking in the footsteps of my father the Great Thomas K. Luther. When out of the blue 3 draconians killed them. They were the small kind I took them out."

When the man with the staff said nothing Bummet got more than annoyed he was getting pissed first draconians and now some stranger with a staff and vines?!! "I dont give a shit if you dont believe me call me a liar if you must!" Bummet shouted. "But i swear on the sacred grave of my father that out all of the shit loads of bad stuff i have done since his death i have never once in my life lied."

With that the man let him up. Not sure what this meant, if it was a good thing or a bad thing, Bummet asked, "who in the abyss are you anyway?"and what are you doing in a dump like this? WHO DA MAN???!!!!

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09/21/2002 2:54 AM

Triana Westwind, still mounted on Pawan, was deflecting blows from the draconians with her sword, her other hand holding aloft a small shield. Her grin was feral as she knocked the blows away and landed a few of her own.

Beneath her, Pawan danced- his shod hooves flying out and kicking the draconians, breaking a leg, landing another to the floor.

Triana laughed. She had not had this much fun in ages. Then she saw the ranger running towards her and frowned.

"Withdraw!", she yelled out. "I am rescuing you!".
So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/21/2002 6:15 PM

" In my heart, I believe you. Please, forgive me." Calron appologized.

" I am Calron, and this innocent ferret which you hurled across Darken Wood is Kito." " I am in this "DUMP" cause it is my home! Recently i have been travelling with that ranger up there!" Calron pointed to the man close to the woman on the horse. " They need our help. Will you assist me in destroying those draconians? Something you obviously do very well" Calron said as he studied the piles of sand surrounding him, of which dead draconians once lay.

The druid, the fighter, and the ferret made their way towards the draconians.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

09/22/2002 7:27 AM

OOC: I think I may join...hehe...darken wood..you seem to have forgotten the one major creature who lives within it...one who would not appreciate fighting within her home...


The trees are weeping....this forest is crying...Please...if you can hear me..if you can hear me at all...help me save this forest...I have ben traveling all night, just to see....Only You.

Yui stepped out of the treeline...the light of Solinari gracing her with his silver light. the Unicorn was a Scion of the Forestmaster of Darken wood...Where her ancestress was of snow and pearl...Yui was of Silver Moonlight and Crystal.

The unicorn stood 17 hands tall, silver mane and tail streeming in loose waves in the wind. Her Bright Blue/Violet eyes sparkled with a hidden intelligence...and a single crystal horn spirialed up from her forhead. She pranced forward her head held high.For all those still in grievance for those events one year ago...
You are forever in my prayers....and always within my heart....
Love goes on....Blessed be.

09/22/2002 10:01 AM

The sight of the mythical beast stepping ou of the treeline momentarily startled the plainswoman. The Forest master, thought Triana. She had always thought the creature nothing more than a child's fable. To see it now, stunned her.

Her lack of concentration earned her a powerful knock on the head. Gritting her teeth against the ringing in her head, Triana spun round on Pawan and ran her sword through the draconian. But her dizziness grew worse and she was unable to withdraw her sword in time. As the draconian fell to the ground, it turned to stone, her sword embedded deeply inside.

Triana cursed and fended off the next attack with her shield. She lifted her foot and drew out a dagger from her boot. This was a fight that she could not win alone, she quickly realised.

The plainswoman did not accept help easily but in this instance, she thought, an exception should be made. She looked at the ranger and gave a stupid grin, before falling off her horse.

Her ears continued to ring with the clash of steel...

So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/22/2002 4:43 PM

Yui reared and her neigh rang through the clearing like the shattering of crystal... The Draconians grabbed their heads and screeched in pain...as Yui, eyes blazing blue with anger at such Blasphemy in her Grand-Dam's forest...

She trampled one draconian, her silver hoves cutting deep in spite of the hard scales...she whirled and slashed at another with her horn, though one managed a painful strike against her right shoulder....she neighed in pain and staggered back, her crystal horn shimmering with a silver light.For all those still in grievance for those events one year ago...
You are forever in my prayers....and always within my heart....
Love goes on....Blessed be.

09/23/2002 9:34 AM

After apologizing for calling his home a dump, Bummet joined Calron. Walking together looking for some draconians they heard the noise of the Unicorn. It scared the shit our of Bummet he wipped out his sword sucking in his breath and cursing all at once.

He didnt bother to look at his new partner so he didint see what reaction he gave to the sound.

Bummet looked at him and said this is your acursed home what in the good name of the god Paladine was that?

Right after that sentence he stripped over a root and fell on his ass. WHO DA MAN???!!!!

09/23/2002 7:42 PM

Calron helped Bummet up, having trouble hiding his laughter.

" That my friend, is a unicorn. I might even know her or him when i see her since i was raised by the Forest Master and her friends. But dont worry unicorns are good. Their minds are not easily corrupted. I think she may be in trouble with my ranger companion and that female horse rider. Come on Bummet, Kito, lets go say howdy!"

"Oh yeah and next time you comment on my land like that i'll bring a whole tree down on you! This root spontaniosly rising in front of you was just a warning."

The trio began running towards the direction of the noise........If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

09/26/2002 5:52 PM

The 3 saw the Unicorn after walking a little ways. Bummet had to admit it was something special. He expecting a horse with a horn in its head, which it was, but it was also much more than that. There was something magical about it he couldn't put his finger on it.

Looking at the Unicorn made Bummet feel bad for all the things that he had recently done that were not so good. He turned around to Kito and apologized for throwing him across the forest. He would of ran back and apologized to the goat too but it was dead!

Bummet asked Calron what the Unicorns name was. He also wondered if they could go meet the wonderful creature. WHO DA MAN???!!!!

09/26/2002 6:33 PM

Yui pranced backward, her head held high as she watched the last of the draconians fall to it's death. She shook her head and the moonlight danced across her mane and neck. She caught one of them voicing a question of her name...

Her name...contact with humans or even elves was frowned upon...but Yui wasn't one for complete conformity. To the those who stared at her with open awe she seemed to be made of silver moonlight and crystal...almost too etherial beautiful to be real.

"I am Yui (You-EE) StarDance, Guardian of Star River...Scion of the Forestmaster...." She said softly, her violet eyes soft and dark as the night sky above her crystal horn.

"Forgive me if I have intruded...but I do not like those Creatures Near my river" she snorted and pawed lightly at the loose earth under her hooves.For all those still in grievance for those events one year ago...
You are forever in my prayers....and always within my heart....
Love goes on....Blessed be.

09/27/2002 6:03 AM

ooc: sorry guys, can't interact with the other characters much at the moment- just got hit on the head- it's all in the throw of a dice....just to let you know that I am reading this and keeping up.So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/27/2002 2:19 PM

" Yui!!! Is it really you!" Calron felt like a kid again." Dont you remember me? I was the adopted child of the Forest Master. You taught me many things about foraging! I live on my own now! Oh Yui it has been so long!"

Kito curled around Yui in trust and love.

" Oh you must remember Kito, i got him when he was just a baby, by the Forest Master of course. You didnt meet Bummet, he was with THEM." Calron said pointing at the piles of sand down at Bummets old camp. "But dont worry Yui he claims to have CHANGED!!!" Calron gave a smile to Bummet who answered with a clenched fist.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

09/27/2002 9:34 PM

Yui arched her neck over Calron's shoulder and wickered softly. "Of Couse I remember you...Unicorns never forget." she pranced back a pace and tossed her head and met Bummets' eyes with a piercing gaze. She nodded her head once and turned back to Calron.

"What brings you back to Darken Wood Grove Calron??" she askedFor all those still in grievance for those events one year ago...
You are forever in my prayers....and always within my heart....
Love goes on....Blessed be.

09/28/2002 2:32 PM

" Well Yui, you see that ranger next to that lady on the horse? I was following him. He told me he was clearing out the forest of evil creatures, like the ones beneath your hooves. I decided to help him out and i guess i just ended up here!" Calron explained with a wide grin.

" I do not know who that lady is though. Bummet here should be able to tell us lots about the EVIL that plagues this forest. He was basically one of them. So Bummet, who sent you friend, and what is your major malfunction?!"If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

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09/28/2002 2:53 PM

Bummet snorted "Malfunction my ass! I have been nice and kind to you all since i met you!" he said with annoyance. "How the abyss am i suposed to know about the evil that plauges this forrest?" He scoffed "I was just with my so called companions when a bunch of Draconians jumped us. They killed the two is was with, then i wasted them." He said the last part with a grin.

"Why do you say i was basically one of them? If i was one of them they wouldn't of tried to kill me for no reason. The only reason im here is because the other two and I were just passing on through on our way to Solace. We didn't know what the hell we were going to do after that we were just a bunch of aim less drifters." He said scratching his ass. "I was just about to leave the revolting scum I was with when a bunch of draconians jumped us. Right after i got finished with them I met him." He gestured toward Calron. "And he showed my his pet rat and his tricks with his vines and asked me to join him. I wasnt going anywhere anyway so i said sure why not."

"There you happy? You probably think im lying don't you? well who cares? I know Im telling the truth thats all that matters. I have never once in my life told a lie I swear it on the grave of my dead father." After saying all this he plopped on his ass and said "So what are we going to do now?"WHO DA MAN???!!!!

09/28/2002 3:16 PM

" So you and your friends were not evil? I believe you are good now. But i still dont know what you had against that poor little lamb! As for what now....hmmmmmm. I suppose we can ask Rion. I would like to meet this mysterious woman. Come on Bummet, truce!"If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

09/28/2002 7:08 PM

"The lamb startled me thats all, it got what it deserved. I never said me and my accociates were evil but were weren't exactly good either. We were thieves! Wretched, worthless, spinless thieves! I hated what I was, I only stole little stuff and let them do the killing and take the big booty. I couldn't stand them. "

Bummet got up "Anyway, if it's a truce you want its a truce you got!" They shook hands and all four of them went to Rion to see what to do. WHO DA MAN???!!!!

09/30/2002 1:54 PM

OOC: Hey Jorza, Sentinal! Come join us!!! Where is sentinel anyway? he hasnt posted for about 2 weeks!If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

09/30/2002 3:27 PM

OOC: Can I join in? I know that its super late but I wanna be a draconians so it will work. ThanksThrowing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

10/01/2002 1:16 AM

The plainswoman stirred and then rose from the ground. her eyes blurred and then she gasped, springing to her feet. It had not been an idel fancy of her brain- there was a unicorn standing before her- as were two other men who she had not seen before.

Brushing the dry leaves from her skirts, Ariana made a small polite bow.
"Allow me to present myself", she said in archaic tones. "I am Ariana Westwind- daughter to chief Silverwolf of the Wolf tribe. And this...:, she said patting her horse affectionately, "is Pawan".

"I am travelling through these woods in search of a religous artefact that was stolen from my tribe more then seven moons ago. I have been trailing the thieves". So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/01/2002 2:35 PM

Yui moved one hoof forward, and leaned forward in a bow of her own, lowering her head so that her horn nearly touched the ground. Greetings Lady Ariana....welcome to Star River..." Yui stood back up and tossed her head.

"what artifact do you speak of?" She asked softly.For all those still in grievance for those events one year ago...
You are forever in my prayers....and always within my heart....
Love goes on....Blessed be.

10/01/2002 5:36 PM

" Wait! Do not move to much. You are bleeding. You have been wounded by one of those evil draconians. Let me heal you."
Calron extended his hand to the womans wound. He whispered a few words and the wound stopped bleeding.
" There we are now." he patted her on the head. " Now tell us about this artifact.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/02/2002 10:10 AM

" Wait! Do not move to much. You are bleeding. You have been wounded by one of those evil draconians. Let me heal you."
Calron extended his hand to the womans wound. He whispered a few words and the wound stopped bleeding.
" There we are now." he patted her on the head. " Now tell us about this artifact.

Ariana blinked. She no longer felt the pain in her head.

"I thank you for your kindness", she said in formal tones. "I will repay your good deed".

Ariana gazed once more upon the magical beast before her that years of life had taught here did not truly exist, and yet there it was, speaking to her. Her mind told her that she was not dreaming...

"I seek the sacred scrolls of Mishkal which were stolen from our temple several moons ago. Without the scrolls, our people will not be able to look forward to harvest. Our crops will wither and die. I do not know who has taken them, but only a magic user would be capable of putting them to use. I can think of no other who might have such power- can you?".

Though her face was stern, here eyes revealed her deep sorrow and pain.So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/02/2002 10:58 AM

Bummet Shuveled his feet in impatience. He thought this was getting old. The Unicorn looked at him all of sudden. "NO! I dont have to piss I just want to get in some action already!" He stated

Bummet walked off to go sit by himself. He just wanted to get out of here and do something he was tired of sitting around. WHO DA MAN???!!!!

10/02/2002 5:56 PM

" Mishakal hmmmm? Never heard of her." Calron scratched his chin in wonder. "I just dont get out much. However, i am willing to help you on this quest. I need to get out of this forest. I yearn to see the world! Yes, i will go with you, if you dont mind." Calron smiled at the tribeswoman.

Calron looked over at Bummet, who was getting tired of waiting for a fight. " Hey Bummet! Fight this!" Calron shouted to his friend. He whispered some words, then a kender sized beetle emerged from the ground next to him.
If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/03/2002 9:57 PM

"Hell yah!" Bummet shouted with excitment. He jumped off the rock he was sitting on and pulled out his sword. Steadying himself on his feet he study his enemy. The bug was really ugly it had what looked like some kind of saliva dripping from to fang type appendages that came out of it mouth. It was all yellow with green speckles and had 6 legs.

Bummet made the first move and dived in and sliced at a leg he got the right middle one and cut it clean off. Grean blood spewed out of the open wound. The beatle turned its head and shot green junk it missed and hit a rock behind Bummet. The saliva started to hiss and pop. "Shit!" shouted Bummet. "That stuff is acid!" he ran in and stabbed it in the shell with his sword. The beatle made a sudden jerk that pulled the sword out of his hand. He looked around for something to use as a weapon and spotted a good sized rock. he grabbed it and started bashing the hell out of the beatle's head with it. Green junk was everywhere. It smelled like garlic. he got some on his hand and it started burning into his skin. Bummet was getting pissed because it looked like he was going to lose to a damn beatle! So he jumped onto its shell and ripped out his sword. And turned around and sliced off the things head. Then he kept stabbing it over and over until it stopped moving.

Grinning Bummet walked over to the others and glanced at Calron and said "Thanks that was fun!" then he looked at Ariana and said "I want to come too! Sounds like there could be some action involved!" Bummet looked at his hand that was dissolving away. He could almost see the bone and said "Oh yah does anyone have some ointment or something for my hand?" then he passed out. WHO DA MAN???!!!!

10/04/2002 7:45 AM

Arian turned to Calron.

"I think you had best heal this one too", she said indicating to Bummet. She rose to her feet and mounted her horse.

Pawan pawed the ground, restless to be off again. Ariana turned to the unicorn.

"The decision to join us is yours to make my lady", she said. "I for one would certainly welcome the blessing of the forest master on our trek".So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/04/2002 1:48 PM

Yui regarded Arian for a long, steady moment...then dipped her head once. "excuse me..." she paced over to the edge of her river, and knelt by it's bank...her horn immersed in it crystalline waters...

She knelt there for a few moments....the light in her horn growing bright...her Violet eyes closed...

Finally she stood, and trotted back to the small group. "I will join you...Mishakal is our patron next to Chislev...The Forestmaster says it is time for me to leave Darken Wood, and learn first hand of our world..."

OOC: in unicorn standards, Yui is young...about 800 years or so.~Everyone has a photographic memory.....it's just that some people forget the film.

~Make something Idiot proof, and someone will invent a better Idiot

10/04/2002 6:41 PM

Calron went over to Bummet. " Your hand." Calron demanded. Bummet placed his hand into Calrons. "I cannot heal it, but i can cover it." Calron spoke a few words. Suddenly, Bummet's wounded hand was covered with tree bark, sealing the wound. " Now this " accursed forest" is part of you!" Calron said to Bummet with a smile.

Calron then walked over to Yui and Airiana.

" Airiana, I will help you find this artifact. Im coming with you, whether you like it or not!" Calron patted Airiana on the head. Then he walked over to Pawan and rubbed his neck. " This one, i will get along with!"If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/05/2002 11:34 AM

"Thanks I have worse though." Bummet said with a smile. Bummet walked over to the group and said "well what are we waiting for?! Lets go find these sacred artifacts already!"WHO DA MAN???!!!!

10/07/2002 5:34 AM

"Very well Bummet, we shall do as you command", Ariana said with a smile. She mounted Pawan and then gave the reins a gentle nudge.

"Pawan is a better trail finder than many Wolves of my tribe. He has the culprits scent. He will lead us to them".

The horse became restless under the praise. He did not take praise as easily as some. Ariana smiled and patted her horse affectionately.

"I speak only the truth old friend", she assured him. She turned to her companions.

"Shall we set off friends?".So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/07/2002 1:37 PM

Yui nodded, and pranced over to a tree, the lowest two branches held a necklace of shining silver there...a crystal vial pendant hung from it...within it, waters from Star River.

"I am ready...let us go." she said, waiting for Calron and Bummet to follow Ariana. "I will take the rearguard...you know the way Ariana...you and Pawan. I will keep better watch at our backs."~Everyone has a photographic memory.....it's just that some people forget the film.

~Make something Idiot proof, and someone will invent a better Idiot

10/07/2002 9:11 PM

"About time!" mumbled Bummet while scratching his ass. He walked behind Ariana talking up second in line. "Well lets get this party started!" and he turned around to wait for Calron. WHO DA MAN???!!!!

10/10/2002 10:43 PM

Calron trotted up and smiled. He took place behind Bummet.

So they all traveled together joking and having a good aold time when Ariana said "Look here!" they all gathered around to look at some tracks in the dirt.

WHO DA MAN???!!!!

10/12/2002 4:12 AM

The footprints were distinctive. Pawan sniffed the air above and thudded the ground with his mighty hooves. Ariana turned to the others.

There was a dangerous glint in her eyes.

"It is them", she confirmed. "The fiends who dared to violate the temple of my people. the tracks are fresh. They can not be too far ahead now. we shall easily catch them before moonrise tonight".

In her heart, Ariana knew that these were just henclings they were tracking. Dumb creatures who working for a higher power- A magic user who could use the scrolls!

She knew she wanted the mage's head; but for now, the henchlings would do to appease her thirst for revenge. So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/12/2002 3:03 PM

" Im......so.......tired." Calron was very drowsy. " I have an idea!" Calron spoke a few words then out of the trees came a medium sized brown bear.

" Ahhhh, thank god!" Calron got on the bears back and fell asleep.

The four kept walking as the moon began to rise. Calron was awake and turned around on his bear to talk with Yui. He had many questions about the Forest Master. After the short conversation, Calron decided to lie down and look at the stars. He was shocked to see a large black bird flying towards something very large. Then Calron realized something, it was heading for a black fortress.

" Look at that! I suppose our prey has gone into there! Where are we anyway? Certainly not in Darken Wood!"

If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/12/2002 5:50 PM

Bummet couldn't help but laught and say " After threatening me about your home you don't even know when your not in it anymore?"

Bummet was getting the feeling that a big battle was going to happen real soon. He was getting antzy he wanted a fight! He was as excited as his first make out session. (Well maybe not that excited.) Bummet tried to keep calm and not just charge ahead and fight whatever showed up first. WHO DA MAN???!!!!

10/12/2002 10:02 PM

Yui walked along behind the group...her head held high, violet eyes taking in everything...

"no We are not within Darken wood anymore... we passed through the true barrier of my home about an hour ago...we'll be nearing the gates of Haven soon...." she said softly as she pondered just what she'd do if they had to enter the city....

She Could give herself human form...but it wasn't something she did often...and she really wondered if she could hold herself in such a form for an indefinite length of time. She walked on...her mind deep in thought...so distracted that she nearly walked into Calron and Bummet when they stopped suddenlyOne cannot assume that something that looks like an animal isn't an intelligint person~~Nor that something that looks human is more than a Beast.

10/14/2002 1:35 AM

The black turrents of the fortress rose above the tree line some distance ahead. Anoka paused and gazed her fill of the place.

"The tracks lead into the black fort", she said. The group ventured a little nearer tp the place. They were soon within view of the gateway.

It was guarded by soldiers- but they were not human!

Ariana turned to her companions, her hand already itching towards her sword.

"Bummet- I think your prayers have been answered". There was a feral glint in her eyes.

"Shall we knock on the door and see who answers?".So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/14/2002 3:05 PM

" Let me handle this one." Calron ran out into the opening. The two guards looked at him strangly. They were goblins, that was easy to see. One grabbed a horn and gave a loud blow. The huge wooden gates fell down, and more than twenty sword armed goblin soldiers ran out. Behind them was a large slimy beast that looked like a bull, its black horns sticking forward.

Calron's jaw dropped. He could have taken the two guards, but this, this was way too much. He decided to try his best. He called his bear, Bono, over to him. The goblins stood back in fear. Then Calron chanted some words and created a large flash. When the light dimmed, a large boa-constrictor, nicknamed The Edge, slithered on the floor. The snake wrapped itself around five goblins at once. Calron was busy fighting a small goblin with his staff. Kito ran over and jumped on the goblins back. It bit the goblin and got its attention, buying enough time for Calron to thwack it on the face with his staff, killing him. Bono, the bear, swiped down the two guards killing them instantly. More goblins poured out the gates.

" Bono, Edge, Kito! RETREAT!" Calron ran back to the others, panting for breath.

" Well guys, they're all yours!"If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/14/2002 4:59 PM

Yui stared at the mess Calron created. She shook her head and knelt by him... "You're not getting out of this!" she neighed as her horn pulsed with a bright light...a silver hackmore (a bit-less bridle) appeared over her head...and a pale blue bareback pad appeared on her back. She nipped at his heels waiting for him to clamor on.One cannot assume that something that looks like an animal isn't an intelligint person~~Nor that something that looks human is more than a Beast.

10/15/2002 9:25 AM

While everyone was after the goblins Bummet went straight for the goods. He charged the bull like beast.

Since his hand was half eaten away he was going to have to wrestle. He Loved to wrestle. He ran full force right into the beast slime splattered everywhere when he ran into it. The thing fell on to its side just like cows on the field when you go cow tipping. But as quick as lighting it was all fours again and started charging Bummet. Bummet stood his ground and stared right into the beast's eyes. When it ran into him he grabbed it by the neck and swung it over his shoulder. Then he turned around and kicked it in the jaw seven or eight times. The bottom hinge of the Jaw flew about seven or eight feet away. Blood was spewing everywhere. Bummet thought the beast was dead so he got up and started to find a goblin. The thing jumped up and clamped the top part of its jaw on to his shouler. Bummet tried to pry it off. bt it hurt too bad. than he grabbed the beast's goods. He tried to ripp them off but they wouldn't come off. He did manage to get the thing off his shoulder though.

Now He was pissed, tired, and covered with blood. Bummet wanted to end this damn fight. He grab the beast by its horns and flipped it on its side. than grabbed the top part of its jaw and pulled upwards as hard as he could. The things head ripped off and Bummet stumbled backwards.

"About time!" Bummet said to him self. he got up to join the others with the goblins when he noticed something moving in side the torn neck of the beast. "What the hell is it now?!" He shouted. Three tiny creatures burst out of the neck about the size of Skunks. They were green and had scales. Bummet ran up to one and stepped on it head causing green blood to squirt all around his foot. Then one of the others ran up behind him and exploded! It burnt Bummets leg and caught the grass on fire. The other one started to run towards Bummet but he kicked it liked a foot ball and it exploded in the air causing a shower of green slime to go everywhere.

"That was the wierdest thing I have ever seen." He said while part running part limping to where the others and the goblins were. WHO DA MAN???!!!!

10/15/2002 2:17 PM

Calron mounted Yui.

" CHARGE!" The unicorn sped forward. Calrons animals ran along side of Yui. Five goblins got in the way of the speeding unicorn and were trampled to death.

They got back to the gates, where Bummet was being assaulted by a dozen goblins.

" Edge, Bono! Guard the gates! Dont let anymore goblins out here!" Calron commanded as he dismounted. The boa and the bear blocked the gates, killing any goblins who came by.

" Bummet! I'm coming!" Calron ran toward his comrad in need.

" WALL OF VINES!" Calron yelled. Bummet was then suddenly surrounded by a thick wall of vines. The goblins scratched their heads in confusion.

" Kito attack." commanded Calron. The ferret charged at a goblin and bit its neck, causing black blood to spray everywhere. Calron knocked down a couple with his staff.

If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/16/2002 1:33 AM

Bloody hell! thought Ariana- the minute her back was turned a small war had errupted infront of the fortress.

"So much for the subtle approach!", she laughed before mounting Pawan and fleeing into the melee, sword raised. She could tell that ehr friends were more than capable of handling this fight witht he goblins but she damned if tere was going to be a fight- and she, Ariana Westwind, missed out on the action!

She swung her sword in a wide arc and loped of the head of one attacking goblin. She stayed a little away from the fighting unicorn and forest man and watched thier backs. Everytime she saw a goblin try to take them from the rear, she was there to fend of the assailant.

In her mind, it was just bad manners to try and stick a knife when your opponent's back was turned.

"Bummet", she called out- "Are you alright?". She could see that her companion was just recovering his wind before joining in the attack once more. So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/16/2002 10:27 PM

"Damn strait I am!" Bummet shouted while tramping through the vines that suddenly grew up around him. He ran up to the nearest goblin and rammed his good hand in its eye socket and yanked upward. The skull of the thing ripped off. He smiled.

Bummet turned around just as another gobling was going to hit him over the head with a spiked club. He did a round house kick and hit him in the neck snapping it. The head went limp on to one shoulder and the Goblin fell on its face. Bummet wipped out his dagger and charged foward looking for more goblins to kill his next victim was on the ground with its throat slit. WHO DA MAN???!!!!

[Edited by SothsWorstNightmare on Wednesday, October 16, 2002 10:30 PM]

10/17/2002 6:34 PM

" Oh screw it!" Calron getting fed up with his blunt staff took a goblins sword and tied it around the end of the staff.

" Haha!" Calron swung it with joy. He cut a goblin clean in half.

The four kept fighting until about fifty goblins lay dead around them. The fortress was probably empty by now. Calron had a cut actoss his chest from a club. Edge was fine, as was Kito, who stayed by Calron the whole time. Calron was curious about Bono. He walked over to the gates and say the bear lying there, blood pouring down its leg. It had a bad slash on its upper leg.

"Dont worry buddy. Im coming." Calron was a yard away when out of the darkness an arrow struck the bear right on the head. More arrows flew around Calron who went to his knees and wept for his lost friend. He did not fear death for the moment. Arrows got even closer to the druid. Luckily, Airiana ran up to Calron and shoved him behind the wall where the others sat, protected.

After Calron regathered himself, he began to speak with the others about what to do. After about an hour Calron ripped off some cloth from his cloak. He then put it on the end of his staff. Then he slowly brought it out from behind the wall. After it was about a centimeter from the wall an arrow wizzed by and shot the cloth clean off. Calron sighed.

" Any ideas?"
If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/17/2002 10:14 PM

Bummet was sitting behind the wall with the others he ran over there as soon as the wipped out the arows. He had a bloody nose he cover one nostril and blew as hard as he could blood flew out of the nostril on the ground.

Bummet turned to Calron "Pretty ain't it?" he grinned. " I don't know what the hell to do I'm just here for the damn ride." He turned to Airiana "What about you?"WHO DA MAN???!!!!

10/18/2002 1:41 AM

"Ok folks", said Ariana assuringly- "we have options". She peeked around the wall and barely missed an arrow shot to the head.

"It looks like we are seriously outnumbered by goblin archers and the only way into the castle is to surender- though it goes against the way of every Westwind before me!". She said the words with meaning. If she of the proud bloodline was willing to admit defeat momentarily, then so might the others.

"I have not been in these dungeons before but I am confident, that even without our weapons, we will be able to escape from the cell and find new ones. Who of you is up for a dungeon adventure?".

She sighed. "Alternatively we can walk away- but our prize lies within these walls my friends!".So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/18/2002 2:20 PM

Yui looked at Ariana...and nodded...her horn shimmered with an intense light... and when the light faded, Yui was in a human form. Long silver-white hair, pale-rose tinged skin...large violet eyes, and a small star-shaped mark on her forhead.

Dressed from head to toe in a pale white-blue color of moonlight...dress tunic, breeches and soft-soled boots.

"I'm with you friend...." She said softly, hoping her spell held...she didn't dare be caught in her true form....they would surely kill her.One cannot assume that something that looks like an animal isn't an intelligint person~~Nor that something that looks human is more than a Beast.

10/18/2002 8:35 PM

Without taking his off of Yui's new form Bummet nodded and said he would go.

Bummet thought that Yui in human form was one of the most beautiful creatures he had ever seen walk the face of Krynn. WHO DA MAN???!!!!

10/18/2002 9:03 PM

Calron had a vengeful look on his face.

" They will all feel my power! I shall avenge Bono! Dont worry friend, i got your back." Calron still had tears in his eyes. The image of the arrow hitting his old friends head was well more than he could handle. Calron was a dangerous man in this mood.

Calron was brought back to reality by a woman tapping his shoulder.

" Whose the pretty lady?" Calron felt like he was in a dream. But he was still at the wall. " Oh hey Yui. You changed! Oh, uh sure i'll come along. Bono would have wanted me to." Calrons eyes got watery and he began to sob. Edge was ready to fight, but Calron told him he would have to stay out of sight in the woods. When Calron gave a call, he could come to him. Kito hid in Calons shirt.

" So, how do we know if they are gonna kill us or not if we surrender? How are we gonna even let them know we surrender?"If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/20/2002 5:58 AM

"If they wanted to kill us, they would have done so already- those archers are experts. At this short range, they would have to be blind to miss us or under orders not to do so. They will probably want to question us first. We did after all attack their fort. They cannot know yet that we have come after the scrolls", said the plainswoman. "It is a gamble we will have to take Calron", she said.

She rose to her feet and withdrew her sword. Ariana tied a white silk to its end and then she raised the sword aloft and waited.

The arrows stopped. From the turrents above, they could hear orders being barked. A runner was being sent below. They all awaited the outcome. "Once inside, pretend you know nothing. The least said the better. They cannot know why we are here. Make something up. Say we were after gold". They could pretend to be a band of mercenaries and nothing more. They migth even be able to offer to join the soldiers- anything to allay suspicion to their true goal.

"We may also be able to discover who is behind this treachery in the first place if we are clever enough", she told her friends.

Ariana's eyes fell to Yui. She was indeed very beautiful but Ariana was worried. How long would the spell hold. The soldiers might allow a bunch of mixed races to last the night in their dungeons before execution, but a unicorn? A symbol of pure good? They would kill her on sight.

"How long can you hold the spell?", she asked in a concerned voice. The was a loud crack as the gates began to open.
"Long enough", said Yui. Ariana nodded in approval.

"Throw down your weapons!", the captain of the guards demanded, before pointing to the motley band. "Arrest them all!". He ordered.

Ariana rose to her feet and let the ancient sword of her forefathers drop to the ground. She would reclaim it before the night was through. That was a promise.

The companions were led into the fort, bound in chains and bereft of all weapons save their skill. Ariana knew that this would be difficult, but she had observed her new found friends very carefully- she knew they would be up to whatever challenges lay within the walls of the black fort.So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/20/2002 8:27 PM

"My father would of never surrenderd like this." Bummet mumbled. Then his face lit up and he cracked a smile "He would of never of done what I did with that bar maid 2 weeks ago either! Oh what the hell!" he Threw his weapons on the ground. "I will never go as low as lying though I will die first!"

Bummet followed the others with excitment in his eyes. WHO DA MAN???!!!!

10/21/2002 1:33 PM

" Oh well Bummet. If you just keep quiet and say nothing it wont be lying!" Calron gave some words of wisdom to his friend.

All four were seperated once inside. Bummet and Calron were brought down one passage, Airiana and Yui went down another.

" Oh no Bummet! They are very beautiful woman! Who knows what these horny goblin soldiers might do to them!" Calron was very worried for the ladies.

Calron and Bummet were brought to a small square room. In front of them was a table. On the table were various weapons. The goblin guard began to speak.

" Well, usually we wouldnt do this, but uh, our army is a bit small these days. We need all the soldiers we can get. You will fight for our army, if not, you will die!" the guard looked at them with firey eyes. " Arm yourselves if you wish, we have a few weapons." The weapons the goblin pointed to were all basic. Spiked clubs, small curved swords, etc.. Calron did not choose anything, he kept his staff. Kito was fidgeting in Calrons pants. The goblins guard looked at him in wonder.

" Oh, it does that sometimes." Calron gave a convincing smile. He began punching Kito. The guard gave him a wink and blew him a kiss. Calron looked at Bummet in fear. The guard spoke once more.

" You must hurry! We are in the middle of battle as we speak. We are being invaded by the Forest Masters centaurs of Darken Wood!" The guards brought them down a corridor.

It was about 12 o'clock. Calron and Bummet were pushed outside. The guards brought them to a line of about fifty goblins. Next to Bummet was one of those bull-like beasts he had fought. In front of them was another line of more goblins. Mixed with the goblins were two ogres with large clubs. Calron has never seen an army before and was amazed. Calron looked up on a hill and saw an army of about 50 centaurs marching down the hill. Calron spotted a few unicorns as well.

" Oh Bummet! How are we gonna get outta this one?"

If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/22/2002 2:05 AM

Meanwhile, as Calron and Bummet were left to fend off minotaurs, unicorns and gay goblins- Yui and Ariana were led up a stone stairway to a tower room. At the top was a round throne room and a dark figure sat upon a stone chair at its very centre.

The figure was cloaked in black from head to foot and little could be seen of his face. There was a chill in the air that had little to do with the weather outside.

Ariana stopped walking and stared at the figure. In one thin white hand he clutched a rolled up piece of faded old parchment. The edges had been frayed and burned at the edges. The writing had faded many moons ago- but the scrolls still held much power. Ariana wondered if this mage knew that.

"Welcome to the Black Fort Triana Westwind", the mage said. Triana panicked. How had the mage known her name? She took one step infront of Yui. Please don't be able to recognise what she really is, Ariana prayed.

The mage looked up. Where his eyes were supposed to be, there lay two dark pools of red fire. His smile was scary.

"And what have we here?".

"My sister" Ariana said very quickly. The mage studied Yui and then let is pass. Thank Mishikal! Thought Ariana. Yui must have been concentrating hard on her spell to avoid detection like that. Ariana knew that she would be weak from holding it for so long. She hoped that the interrogation would not last long- for Yui's sake. So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/23/2002 9:05 PM

"Damn!" Bummet shouted "Damn, Damn, and tripple damn! Its times like this I wish i could use my sword!" Bummet said looking at his wounded hand. "Not like I have my sword anyway, but I could of taken one from one of these ugly pathetic creatures." Bummet belched. "Well Im not going to lie to you Caldron. I cant lie anyway but thats not the point. Im shit out of ideas!" Bummet looked up and Caldron. "If were going to die we might as well die with our dukes up!" Bummet put his fist up and slapped on his war face. WHO DA MAN???!!!!

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10/27/2002 8:50 PM

" Yes, yes Bummet. Of course we will have to fight. The question is, who do we fight for?" Calron said with fear. The centaurs began to march towards the fort.

" Oh screw it!" Calron ran out to the middle of the battle field.

" Hey! Hey! Its me! Calron!" Calron yelled at the centaurs and unicorns.

" Stop him!" shouted a goblin general and ten goblins ran out to get Calron.

Right when the goblins were 5 feet away from Calron, arrows wizzed past Calrons neck and struck all ten goblins in their heads. One centaur threw Calron onto its back. They were in full charge now. Spears were raised, arrows ready, and threw all the commotion Calron shouted one thing.

" DONT SHOOT THE HUMAN!"If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/27/2002 9:52 PM

Aarows were wizzing everwhere! "Yah and I am the Human!" Bummet shouted. He picked up an aarow with his uninjured hand and stabbed the closest goblin. Than ran over to Calron to see what the hell was going on. WHO DA MAN???!!!!

10/29/2002 1:50 AM

Meanwhile, back in the tower- the plainswoman and the unicorn were trying to fend off the prying questions of the dark lord.

OOC: Yui- why don't you take over for a bit?So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/31/2002 5:33 PM

Calron chanted loud sayings while on the centaur. Whenever he finished a sentence, something would happen. First it was his famous wall of vines capturing about twenty goblins. Second chant let out three rapid wolves in one vine walled circle. Third chant caused bolts of lightning to strike a swarm of goblin soldiers, toasting them to a crisp. The centaur Calron was riding on gave Calron a high five. The centaurs finished off the rest of the front line in seconds. Calron saw Bummet surrounded by goblins and ordered his centaur over to him. The centaur ran into the circle of goblins, scattering them, Calron grabbed Bummet and through him on the centaurs back. The centaur rode off and fought with his buddies.

Calron and Bummet flew around on the centaurs back, the centaur happened to be one of the generals, and was an excellent fighter. He fought with a doublesided axe and a large oval shield. He continuously charged over goblins. Calron looked over the battlefield and was amazed and the gore and tactics of the centaur army. A unicorn ran up to the bull-like beast and shoved its horn right in its side. Two other centaurs threw their spears at the beast, finishing it. However, two other smaller beast came out of the beasts mouth, Bummet was an expert on these beasts now. The two small beasts ran up to the unicorn and started snapping at its legs. The general, who was carrying the two companions, ran over to the unicorn and killed both beast with a swipe of its axe.

The battle was almost over, it seemed like it was going on forever. Right when the centaur army thought they had won, goblin archers rose from the walls and shot down at the ranks. Catapults shot humongous flaming balls at the centaurs. Once and a while, when they ran out of rocks, they shot out goblins. Strange mechanisms, such as swinging boulders at the gates, killed a few centaurs. The centaur archer were exquisite and shot up at the firing goblins. After another hour or two, the goblin army was destroyed. But Calron and Bummet had seen the inside, other beasts await! The centaur general lowered them and began to speak.

" Let me introduce myself. I am Fargon, general of the centaur army. The Forest Master has given me unicorns, for she believes in my cause. We would love to destroy this fortress for good, however we must regroup and get more warriors. We thank both of you for your help. Here is a gift."
Fargon handed Calron a horn about seven inches long.
" It is the Horn of the Forest Master. Blow into it, and as long as your in Ansalon, centaurs or unicorns will come to your aid.

" Thankyou! But we must leave. We have to get back in the fortress to help our lady friends. I think we can handle it, ill blow the horn if i need you. Thank you again. Best wishes to the Forest Master, tell her Calron says hi and that he's doing great. Also, tell her that im on a very exciting quest." Calron was very hasty, his friends could be in great danger.

The centaur nodded with a smile. " I will tell her about the heroes who saved our army." and with that Fargon and the centaur army galloped off into the forest. Calron turned to his companion.

" Come on Bummet! Lets go get Airiana and Yui out of there!"If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

11/14/2002 2:25 AM

Playing mind games with a Dark Lord was not on Ariana's list of special skills and she knew that it would only be a mater of time before the mage saw through her ploys and discovered that she was trying desperately to hide something from him.

Her father, the great Silver Wolf of the Wolf Tribe, had once given her a piece of advice- when in a hole, stop digging.

She faced the mage with burning eyes of hatred and smiled.
"Give me back the scrolls of my people", she said.

At this the dark mage laughed at the audacity of the Plainswoman.

"Why should I?", he taunted. "You are outnumbered and unarmed Lady".

Good point thought Ariana- who guessed that her bravado would only take her so far.

Damn, thought Ariana, if only Yui could cast another spell. She only needed a minor distraction and then she could make a run for the scrolls.

"You will never be able to use them", said Ariana. "Only a follower of Mishikal can unleash their power". And she very much doubted if the black mage sitting befor eher on the dark throne was a beloved disciple of the goddess.So long and thanks for all the fish...

11/14/2002 7:24 AM

Yui frowned...she had to do something...anything... She closed her eyes...calling to the Sylph that was lingering around the room.

Sylph, spirit of the wind...let thy currents strengthen and run wild...wreck michivious play within this room...that we may be free...

Yui opened her eyes, and the sylph, only visible to her eyes began to fly around the room throwing open windows, doors, and sending books and papers flying in the air, some barely missing their interrigator. While Jorza looked surprised, the mage's face was filled with shock...realizing his magic couldnt' calm this sudden disruption...wild magic and the magic's of the orders...don't mix...they cannot be used to affect each other.

Yui stood stoicly still within the wirlwind that seemed to surround her, sending her dress and hair wipping wildly about her...her Violet eyes calm and serene, as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

Do you ever question your life?
Do you ever wonder why?
Do you ever see in your dreams,
all the castles in the sky?

11/15/2002 12:41 PM

Ariana didn't have a clue what was going on but she was not going to question good fortune when it struck so precipitously. She glanced at Yui and nearly grinned when she saw the young woman standing ever so calmly in the middle of the sudden whirlwind.

Well done, she thought. Ariana could see that the black mage was fully occupied with whatever enchantment was being weilded in the room. Ariana Westwind was a warrior and knew little of magic; but she knew an opportunity when she saw one!

She was quick to inch her way towards the darl lord. She knocked aside the guard that stood to the mage's right hand side and then leaped forwards.

She landed heavily with a loud bang against the weaponary that had been piled at the corner of the room and quickly recovered her sword. She felt more secure with the blade in her hand. The wild winds raged all around her, whipping debris and dust into the air, obscuring everyting from view.

Ariana slid across the stone floor and then grabbed Yui's by the arm.

"Let's get out of here fast!", she said. She ran for the open door. The two guards on either side were shielding their eyes from the wind.

The plainswoman had a firm hold of the unicorn-lady in her left hand. Her right held the sword.

Great! Though Ariana : mission accomplished. The sacred scrolls were now safely tucked away inside her vest. Now all she had to was get her companions out of this mad fortress with their heads still attached to their bodies. Ariana had no idea what fate had befallen the other two members of the party. She hoped they were fairing better than she and Yui were. She knew it would only be a moment before the black mage ordered the guards to pursue them. So long and thanks for all the fish...

11/15/2002 3:49 PM

OOC: I think Bummet is done here, i dont know why Soth hasnt posted so im gonna kill him, for now.

Calron ran through the torchlit hallways crying. Blood dripped from his red hands. Kito ran by his side. Calron turned a corner and was knocked over when he ran into something.

" Airiana!" the druid was so happy to see his friend again. He got up from the ground. " Yui!" he yelled as he saw the beautiful woman behind Airiana.

" Bummet! He's d...d...d...dead! We were fleeing from this tiger-like beast in the fortress. It knocked me down and was about to eat me. Then Bummet tackled it and they both fell down a dark pit." Calron cried as tears flew out of his eyes.

" We gotta get out of here! We cant let his sacrifice go to waste. I MUST LIVE!" with that Calron ran down the hallway hoping it lead to the gates.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

11/15/2002 4:02 PM

Yui stumbled and fell, but was pulled mercilessly to her feet by Airiana. She brought one hand to her lips as she ran. "Sylph spirit of the wind...let thy currents guide us to the way out.....Sylph, Gentle spririt of the wind, Guide out safely out...." A shimmering silver whisp darted past Yui and the rest....

The wisp shot past Calron. "Calron! Follow that Sylph...she'll lead out out!" She cried, her reserves running low....Do you ever question your life?
Do you ever wonder why?
Do you ever see in your dreams,
all the castles in the sky?

11/19/2002 3:22 AM

They were definately running hell for leather this time. Ariana could feel the air burning in her chest. She was exhausted and didn't have a clue where she was going.

Then suddenly they collided with Calron and all three were very nearly knocked of her feet. She had never been so glad to see Calron in her life! He was safe; but where was Bummet? She knew instinctively- even before the druid said the words that their companion was lost.

Anger fueled her, giving her new enegry. She felt Yui slip by her side and she dragged the young unicorn to her feet. She was not going to loose another of her friends to this dark mage!

She heard Yui cry out something to Calron, and follwed in his wake. She could hear the mages guards running after them. They were close. Yui continued to slip and slide by her side and Ariana knew that the unicorn had to be weak from so much spellcasting.

They were in desperate trouble this time! The giards were gaining on them and she kenw that the mage would be casting a spell at this very moment. And then she remembered the scrolls of Mishikal. Ariana was not a spell caster and knew little of magic; but by her side was one of the most formidable followers of Mishikal.

"Yui", she shouted, as they continued to run- "Can you use the scrolls? Do you know the sacred words?". Ariana hoped she might because the plainswoman certainly didn't!

And then walls of the castle began to shake.

"Here we go!", shouted Ariana. "Hang onto something!", she shouted ahead to Calron. "I have a feeling this spell is going to be bad!".

The earthquake split across the floor of the castle, opening a yawning casm before them. The companions barely managed to jump to one side in time. The dark mage was really angry this time!She feared no danger, for she knew no sin.
Doomed to death, though fated not to die.
Panting and pensive now she ranged alone,
And wandered in the kingdoms once her own.

11/19/2002 11:29 AM

"I could!" Yui cried hodling onto Ariana for support. "But I can't here! His darkness is a presence I can only barely stand...." She sumbled as another tremor rocked the earth below their feet. The chasm before them was all that stood between them and freedom...

using the last of her strength...she summoned golems...spirits of the earth....and another yawning chasm separated the group from the guards....the tremors backlashed, and the guards where knocked off their feet. Several of them pointed at Yui as her magic gave out...and she returned to her true form.

"I can carry two! If I get a decent start...I should be able to jump that chasm!" She cried, as she stood on the very furthest edge from the chasm she was prepared to jump. "Goddess of the earth....Chislev...guide my hooves....Forestmaster....Help me do as I plan!" She called, as another tremor backlashed, knocking the guards once again to the ground.

"HURRY!" She cried.Do you ever question your life?
Do you ever wonder why?
Do you ever see in your dreams,
all the castles in the sky?

11/19/2002 2:04 PM

Calron did not hesitate. He jumped onto the unicorns back, Kito climbed into his pack in fear.

" Come on Ariana!" shouted Calron over the sound of crumbling rock. Calron decided to cast a spell at the guards behind him as Ariana mounted,

" Vines of confusion!" Calron shouted as he shot a vine out of the palm of his hand. It wrapped around a guards neck. The guards eyes became bright yellow, which meant that he was completely confused. He began to swing his sword aimlessly, hitting his fellow guards. This helped, evening out the odds a bit more. However, the dark mage shot a small flame right at the guard who then fell down the dark pit where the floor once was.

" Uh oh! Hurry!" Calron shouted to Ariana.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

11/20/2002 3:18 AM

Pandemonium was breaking out all around them! Archers were firing arrows that missed her ears by bare inches. Ariana jumped onto Yui's back and clung on for dear life! The young unicorn was fearless. She was going to attempt to jump the breadth of the deep chasm and she was bearing the weight of two. Ariana could feel that sick fluttery feeling rising inside her belly but she controlled her fear. Yui had seen her out of many a scrape before now and she would trust her friend once more.

All the same she could not help but close her eyes as the unicorn took some measured steps back and then with a strength born of sheer will, hurtled her body towards the far reach of the the other side of the yawning chasm, and freedom.

Ariana could feel her heart rise into her throat as they were ariborne! The scream was torn from her throat and deafening to poor Calron's ears! What a time to discover that you were afraid of heights!

The plainswoman could not believe her luckwhen they landed safe and whole on the other side. She was grinning from ear to ear and hugging her friends with abandon.

"We made it!", she cheered. She shook her head in amazement. "How the hell did we do that!". Then she noted that Yui was beyond exhaustion. If anyone had earned a rest from this trial, it was the brave young unicorn. Ariana turned to the other side of the chasm where a dark mage lurked. She could almost feel his presence. Tangible and hostile. Definately hostile and thirsty for revenge.

The game was not over yet. She understood that. The warrior woman pointed towards the gates.

"Head out!", she shouted, and they ran towards the daylight. There were two sentries standing guard and her sword arm easily dealt with them. Calron weaved a spell and gates were torn open by large vines. She watched Yui and Calron head out into the open forest. Atleast now they would be on home ground and have the advantage over the pressing evil.

Ariana paused and gave a loud whistle. Out of the dark forest a lone white figure came hurtling towards her. The war horse snorted hot air on her face and Ariana grinned. He had not liked being left behind. She patted Pawan with affection before throwing a leg over his flank and mounting the stallion.

"I missed you too", she said. She pulled on the reins and raised ehr sword. "Now the battle begins!". They had to outwit the guards and the black mage and make it back to the safety of the Homewoods alive.

They were outnumbered. They had already lost one comrade. Yui was tired and she was the only one who knew how to use the scrolls of Mishikal. But she had her sword and she knew that the druid would still have a few more tricks up his sleeve- somehow, they would find a way to win this!She feared no danger, for she knew no sin.
Doomed to death, though fated not to die.
Panting and pensive now she ranged alone,
And wandered in the kingdoms once her own.

11/20/2002 3:11 PM

OOC: Calron is not some puppet you can play around with! Can we turn down the controlling of other characters a bit?

IC: Calron called to Edge, his snake. It came slithering out of the woods. Calron mounted on its neck.

" Haha! Here is my steed!" he said to Yui and Ariana.

Suddenly he saw a dark figure walk out of the fortress, behind him were a dozen guards. It was the dark mage and his men.

" Who the hell do you think you are?!" Calron shouted at the dark mage.

The mage pulled back his hood, revealing an old, bearded man with long black hair in a pony-tail going down his back. He was fairly tall and began to speak in a raspy voice.

" I am Sarabi, Mage of the Flame!" the mage yelled. At that moment a circle of fire surrounded Calron and Edge.

" Oh damn!" Calron cursed his sticky situation.

" From the heavens, come and fly, a bit of rain pour from the sky!" Calron chanted. A heavy rain poured down on all of them. The fire surrounding the druid and the snake diminished.

" Lets get outta here!" cried Calron to the others. Calron jolted back as Edge sped through the forest, pushing aside bushes in his way.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

11/21/2002 4:29 PM

Yui stumbled as she ran...her strength nearly to it's limit....she lept over a fallen log, and promptly fell....her strength gone. She hoped that the others could make their escape. She turned her head to see several gaurds heading her way....all yelling, and brandishing their weapons.Do you ever question your life?
Do you ever wonder why?
Do you ever see in your dreams,
all the castles in the sky?

11/22/2002 2:30 AM

ooc: Sorry folks! Turning down control-freak like tendancies effective as of immediately.

IC: Ariana mounted on the fierce Pawan turned to see the blazing eyes of Sarabi. So her nemesis had a name after all.

She had never heard of the mage of the Flame; but she guessed that he was now minor novice. A dark mage that powerful could be nothing less than a master of the trade, or worse yet- an archmage. She felt a cold trickle of sweat run down her spine. Her hand on her sword tightened.

A bony hand stretched out towards her.
"Return the scrolls", a husky voice rasped.

The plainswoman's eyes darkened. Her grin was sheer bravado. Inside she was quaking like a leaf.
"Never! You'll have to kill me first". The mage simply smiled. Ariana gulped.

Now why the hell did she have to go and say a stupid thing like that for, thought the plainswoman.

The guards ran forward, swords drawn. Ariana urged Pawan forward and together warhorse and champion of the Wolf Tribe did do battle with the attacking foe.

She hoped her minor skirmish would give Yui time to recollect herself. If only I can find some way of getting the scrolls to Yui thought Ariana, and then the first of them attacked, and all thought was stopped as the sound of clashing metal filled the forest air.She feared no danger, for she knew no sin.
Doomed to death, though fated not to die.
Panting and pensive now she ranged alone,
And wandered in the kingdoms once her own.

11/23/2002 1:15 PM

Calron halted as he heard the sounds of clashing steel. He tugged on Edges neck, signaling him to turn back around. Calron and Edge came out of the forest and back to the fortress gates.

" Ariana! What are you doing! The guards are few, but strong. You cannot beat them alone." Calron shouted to his friend.

" Edge! Take these guys!" Calron commanded. At that moment the large snake thrust forward, causing Calron to fly back, landing right in a puddle of mud. The snake headbutt a guard, making him soar through the air and smash into a tree.

Sarabi cast another spell. This one made a flaming sword appear in his hands. He charged towards Ariana.

OOC: Sarabi can be controlled by anyone. GO FOR IT JORZA!If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

11/24/2002 2:11 AM

Sword raised, Ariana awaited the charging mage with an almost welcome smile on her face that did not quite reach her eyes. Magic she may not understand- but this- a duel by the sword, she knew as well as any other fighter.

The white stallion responded to the slight pressure she exerted on its flanks and remained still. Both warrior and war horse awaited the oncoming attack with growing anticipation.

The body of a guard sailed by over her head and she grinned, realising that Calron had turned back; but her green gaze never left Sarabi. She heard him call to her, but it was too late to turn back now.

Ariana met the over hand blow of the flaming sword with a side sweep of the ancient sword of her forefathers. She felt the impact run through her arms. The sword was flaming red hot but the shiver that ran through her muscles was pure ice. Nearly locking them. She had to fight hard to deflect the next blow. Again she felt the ice-like figers seize her muscles, cramping them. Soon they would be paralyzed all together.

She looked into the glowing eyes of Sarabi. What new kind of treachery was this? A sword that could paralyze! She called on all her strength to deflect the next blow and then urging Pawan to rise up on his hind legs, dealt a vertical down slash onto Sarabi.

The unexpected blow caught the dark mage on his left shoulder. The tension in her muscles eased slightly. Ariana sighed with relief as the battle continued.

"So you bleed after all", Sarabi, she whispered coldly. "For a while there I thought you more a ghost than a man". She feared no danger, for she knew no sin.
Doomed to death, though fated not to die.
Panting and pensive now she ranged alone,
And wandered in the kingdoms once her own.

11/24/2002 10:58 PM

OOC: Shit! I haven't been here for a while! Women problems have kept me sorry.....anyway at least you didn't kill him off totally lets revive him........


Bummet woke up from the large fall. "Damn!" he said to himself "Where in the name of all that is holy am I?" He stood up and almost fell down, he wasn't sure be he thought he might of broken one of his ass bones. The creature that made him fall down in this wretched place must of died because blood and fur was everywhere.

Bummet was pissed. He was lost in some hole underneath a shithole these goblins called a fortress. He felt around and grabbed onto a sword that one of the goblins must of dropped with his uninjured hand he slammed it into the rock and sparks flew everywhere. He ripped off what was left off his shirt and ripped out the leg bone of the tiger like beast that was down there with him. With his new torch he could now see were the hell he was. Bummet saw that there was a tunnel that led out somewhere. "Alot of good this is going to do me. My ass is broken damnit!" Bummet started to crawl along the ground for around an hour than he noticed that it started going up in a slant and the air felt cooler.

The tunnel finally opened up into a big cavern with a lake in it. "Shit! this is ice cold too! What the hell did I do to deserve this? I have a broken ass, my friends are probably dead and now I have to freaking swim across ice water?!" Bummet yelled to the gods. Bummet swam across the ice cold murky underground lake and actually found easier to swim with a broken ass than to walk. When he got across the lake he noticed that there was the entrance back out of the underground shit hole that he didn't see from across the lake because it was dark outside. He dragged himself out of the cave and laid into some bushes exhausted. He didn't care if he died in his sleep he was too damn tired. He fell into a tortured sleep.WHO DA MAN???!!!!

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11/25/2002 12:14 PM

Yui struggled to stand, her strength so depleted, she felt like a day old colt. She stood there, head low, breath coming in gasps....she turned her head....and she noticed Bummet laying in the grass.

"Bummet!" she cried, shocked. She walked over slowly...finally laying down beside him. She nuzzled him insistantly. "Bummet! Wake up! Please...." she cried, when he did not respond, she shifted one last time...her human form cradled Bummet's head in her lap. She held the crystal vial of the water from Star River.

She held his head in the crook of her elbow. "Come on Bummet..." She whispered, her violet eyes filled with tears. She pulled the crystal stopper, and raised the vial to the wounded man's lips. Coaxing him to drink, praying to Mishakal that he wouldn't choke.

"This is water from my river....it will heal you...please,...wake up" She cried softly.We dare to ask for more
That was long before
the nights began to burn

Who would thought we'd learn
You cant make promises
based upon tomorrow
Happiness Security are words we only borrow

is this the answer to our prayers
is this what the gods have sent
Understand This isn’t what we meant

11/25/2002 8:43 PM

Bummet sputtered on the water in his mouth. He choked and gagged than finally woke up out of his dream. He woke to the most beautiful creature his eyes had beheld him in what seen like years. Than he recognized the form to be Yui. "That's why!" he exclaimed. He put his arms around her, "You don't have any idea how glad I am to see you!" He whispered in her ear. "Thank you so much."

Bummet stood up on his now healed ass. He looked down and his hand was partly healed too. He could make a fist now. "Wheres Calron and the others? How long have I been gone?" Then he smiled and winked at her. WHO DA MAN???!!!!

11/27/2002 10:29 AM

ooc: Welcome back B! Hope the women trouble panned out.


Blow by blow Ariana fought Sarabi with all her skill. It was a hard duel and one she kenw that she could not win alone. The mage was cheating by using magic, her mind reasoned, but she did not think he would listen if she were to point this out to him.

her arms ached from the constant assault of the icy touch and even Pawan skiterred slightly under her, his strength ebbing. You drain both me and my horse Sarabi! Her eyes glowed with a new surge of energy and anger. She rallied and swung hard with her sword. No one touches my horse! The blood and adrenaline was pumping through her like a fever as she fought the mage. The duel seemed endless.

"I will fight you to your grave Sarabi!", she promised. But she knew that task was impossible without the aid of magic, and for that she needed Yui and Calron. She feared no danger, for she knew no sin.
Doomed to death, though fated not to die.
Panting and pensive now she ranged alone,
And wandered in the kingdoms once her own.

11/27/2002 1:31 PM

Calron noticed a man beside Yui. He ran closer and noticed the figure.

" Bummet! How did you.....? Thats impossible!" Calron was jumping up and down and clapping with joy when he realized that all this time, Ariana and Pawan were in danger.

Calron began walking towards Sarabi. He was thinking about possible spells he could use.

" Wall of vines?....no....Rabid butterflies?.....na......Vines of stren...OOF!" in the middle of Calrons thinking, one of the guards tackled him down. He was put in an hold that nearly broke his arm.

" Edge, Kino! Help Ariana!" Calron commanded in pain. The giant red snake turned its head to Sarabi and Ariana. He slithered forward. Kino, the ferret, jumped out of Calrons pack and scurried towards Sarabi. It jumped on the mages back and sunk its teeth into Sarabi's neck. Sarabi, annoyed, tried grabbing the ferret. Kino was quick and climbed down the mages collar and into his robes. Sarabi kept punching at his robes with his free arm, only hitting himself in the process. Hopefully this would buy enough time for Ariana to deliver a blow.

Calron struggled with the guard.
" Bummet! Get this guy off me!" Calron yelled to Bummet who was still by the bush.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

11/27/2002 1:40 PM

Yui had returned to her true form, and though she was shaking with exhaustion....she lept to stand before Ariana. Her head lowered, her crystaline horn pointed straight to Sarabi...Daring him. For even in her weakened state, she was more than a match for the dark wizard.We dare to ask for more
That was long before
the nights began to burn

Who would thought we'd learn
You cant make promises
based upon tomorrow
Happiness Security are words we only borrow

is this the answer to our prayers
is this what the gods have sent
Understand This isn’t what we meant

11/27/2002 1:55 PM

OOC: Jorza, i looked back at the first posts and realized your characters name was Triana. Terribly sorry, i got confused. Shall we go back to calling her Triana?If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

11/27/2002 4:10 PM

"What better way to welcome me back than a little rumble!" Bummet shouted. Then he ran up and ripped the gaurd off of Calron. He through him on the ground and kicked him repeatedly in the face 20 times than spit on him.

After that was all done he looked up at Calron and smiled. "Good to see you too!" he said then he ran over to help the others. WHO DA MAN???!!!!

11/28/2002 3:36 AM

ooc: I noticed too but its all good...I kind of like the name Ariana now. We'll stick with it!


Ariana started laughing when Calron's animal friends came to her aid. One moment she was having a deathly duel with the Sarabi of the Flame, the next he was punching himself!

She swung her sword down hard upon the mage. Her sword struck the vein throbbing at the base of his neck. It was a mortal death blow. Ariana watched as the mage sank to the ground, his life's blood ebbing away. Ariana felt a surge of fierce joy! Was he truly dead?

But just when she thought so, Sarabi vanished before their eyes.
"Damn him to the abyss!", Ariana cried out in frustration. "Why can't he just die?". Ariana lowered her sword. Her breath came out in heavy pants. She felt Pawan shiver under her. She patted his sweaty neck and kissed his forelock.

"You did well Pawan", she said. She turned to Yui and Calron, ready to voice her gratitude when she saw the third figure walking towards their group. Her cry was one of pure heartfelt joy.

"Bummet! Trust you to turn up just in the nick of time!". Her grin was warm. It was good. They had started out as four. It was only fitting that four returned safely from the journey.

Ariana looked about her. The rest of the guards were scattering.
"Lets get out of here", she said. "Sarabi is not dead yet and he will come after us, that much I can predict with certainty. He does not strike me as one who gives up easily". The plainswoman grinned then. "But then niether are we!". She feared no danger, for she knew no sin.
Doomed to death, though fated not to die.
Panting and pensive now she ranged alone,
And wandered in the kingdoms once her own.

11/29/2002 6:07 AM

" Well, we have time to decide where to go." Calron said to the others as they huddled around.

" We can go to a town to find out more about this Sarabi or any other evil present. I would love to go to one of these so called "towns" for i have never been to one!" Calron said in excitement.

" So what are your ideas?" Calron said facing the others. He was smiling when something popped into his head.

" Wheres Kito?!" Calron shouted in fear.

" Ariana! When you killed Sarabi, Kino disappeared with him!" Calron stamped around in anger. Edge came over and put its head on its master shoulder affectionately.

" I suppose i'll just make a new pet." Calron said wiping the tears away.

" I suppose something small....hmmm....I KNOW!"

Beast of Madagascar, swinging from the trees, eyes shine so brightly in the moonlight, now come to my aid and learn how to fight!" Calron chanted in excitement. Suddenly something dropped down from the sky.

OOC: does anybody know what it is?If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

11/29/2002 8:13 AM

OOC: hmm....madagascar, trees, bright eyes...A lemur? maybe? *shrug*We dare to ask for more
That was long before
the nights began to burn

Who would thought we'd learn
You cant make promises
based upon tomorrow
Happiness Security are words we only borrow

is this the answer to our prayers
is this what the gods have sent
Understand This isn’t what we meant

11/30/2002 5:30 PM

OOC: Nice try Kalia. I was actually going for a rhino. Close though!

im just kidding........your right. If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

12/01/2002 2:26 AM

ooc: *laughs* Ok lemur boy what now?

ic: Ariana turned to the others. "I like the idea of going to a town and learning more about Sarabi", she said. "Knowledge about who and what he is may help us to defeat him".She feared no danger, for she knew no sin.
Doomed to death, though fated not to die.
Panting and pensive now she ranged alone,
And wandered in the kingdoms once her own.

12/03/2002 10:18 PM

"I liked that idea too lets go see if anyone know anyone about this guy." Bummet suddenly said.

He got up and started to help other people up off thier feet. Bummet wanted to go to town as fast as possible. He thought that maybe somebody might have something for this rash on his ass that wouldn't seem to go away. WHO DA MAN???!!!

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