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09/08/2002 6:10 AM

OOC: This thread will be centered on the post second-cataclysmic land of the Dimernesti sea elves. Brynseldimir, or Brine, is a sea dragon Overlord of the Dimernesti elves and the main nemesis in the thread. Magic must be primordial sorcery, or mysticism in accordance with the fifth age rules. Keep in mind that all charactes must be sea elves, for during the reing of the Overlord, there were NO visitors from the surface. Hmmm..... that's about it, enjoy :)

For more info on Dimernesti: http://www.dragonlance.com/taladas/nexus/races.html#dimernesti

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09/08/2002 6:46 AM

OOC; Are Dargonesti charecters allowed, since they are aquatic elves - or are we only allowed Dimernesti?"Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/08/2002 7:07 AM

OOC: well, dargonesti usualy live far north of the dimernesti realm, and it would be unusual to have one ventrue so far south to live with their dimernesti cousins, so.... id have to say no. because there is also the fact that Brine is ever viglant in keeping the other races from entering his realm, the reason why he sinks ships and eats otters when he finds them, since dimernesti have the natural ability to transfrom into them.....

09/08/2002 8:11 AM

Aryfene sighed. He stood in front of what looked to be a large mirror, almost oval in shape with a corral frame. He saw swirling images of fish, then the imposing shadow of a large sea beast. "The dragon," he said. Then, the image glowed for a second, and disappeared.

Again, all he saw was his reflection. He was a tragicly handsome sea elf, with light blue skin and shoulder length silver hair with an assortment of shells decorating his head. His deep blue eyes were full of sorrow, and wisdom. Some elder thought that was unusual for one so young, youthful.

He was scantily dressed, with but a shimmering ornate loincloth made of a silver mist-like substance with shells and pearls decorating it, the rest of his body naked.
His well muscled body was due to his training as a warrior, but he had a talent for magic. He was a largely solitary person, especialy these days when elves could not travel openly without risking an encounter with the dragon. So he spent his time diving and scrying on the dragon, and pooling his knowledge and power with the other sorcerers to find a way to exterminate the dragon Overlord.


A large shape swam through the water. At first, it resembled a whale, but then it grew as it came into better focus. It was an ancient dragon, but powerful nonetheless.
It's scales were dimmed, from age. Brynseldimir, or Brine as he was called by the sea elves, was a coward. He had fled from the great dragon that had recently taken residence on the main continent.

They were much bigger and powerful than he, so he dared not stand up to them. He had conquered the realm of the Dimernesti, more out of word than any real conquering.
He detested them, and there cities. He constantly harassed them, and feasted on them till his appetite sated him. They feared him, and none dared stand up to him. He slowly bled them, and forbade any to leave or enter the realm of the sea elves, of the great sea dragon.

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09/08/2002 1:52 PM

OOC;GRR! I had a big long intro written out but it timeoed out on my post.

Kaeilis glared at the mental image of the swimming monstrosity, then he dismissed the mind-picture and grabbed his trident, the weapon was nothing short of bizzare - the prongs were flat and waved in a similar way to the blade of a flamberge, the whole weapon was made out of a blue-tinted crystal. Kaeilis stood up and exited his home, heading for the dwelling of the Sorcerer Aryfene, as he passed the few elves who were out and about, he smiled a greeting at them. He had an unreal charm and empathy that had earned him friends where he would most likley have become an outcast due to his powers. For Kaeilis was that rarest of things, a psioncist, and a powerful one too. He made his way through the netrance to Aryfene's dwelling, just in time to see the mirror fade back to it's normal reflective surface,

"So, your still been watching him.""Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/08/2002 2:53 PM

Aryfene turned to see Kaeilis standing in the doorway too his small chamber. A school of multicolor fish swam by, just as he noticed larger predator trailing after them.
This made him think of the dragon, and momentarily forget his guest. "Forgive, Kaeilis. My mind is elsewhere," he gestured inside. "And yes, i admit to watching him again. He has been very active of late, and I fear he is up to something."

The farming village of Selathost, not far from the capital city of Dimernost, had been recently terrorized by the dragon. He was brooding on the outskirts of the ruins of Faerkel, which Aryfene divined as is his most recent lair.

"My friend, we need to do something. I have pleaded our case to the Speaker, and before her senate. But Nuquala is holding back, she does not want to sacrifice her people in what she believes could be a waste of good soldiers," he said with growing sadness.
"And recent news from Santhos tells us they are becoming increasingly isolationist, and have talked of stopping the trade route. It is looking bad. We need an answer." He looked to Kaeilis to see what he thought of this.

09/09/2002 1:19 AM

Kaeilis' faintly luminous eyes darkened,

"Huh, Nuquala holds back on everything. She said that clearing out that small group of Sahaugin to the south last year was a waste of good soldiers. It took, what? Five of us to wander over there and drive them off."

He slouched down dejectedly in a chair,

"You are right though, he's definatly up to something. For all we know, he could be about to finish Selathost off and head for Santhos or Dimernost. And that will be a waste of soldiers, Santhos will refuse to help us, hoping against hope that Brine gets bored of sea elves, and Nuquala wil refuse to help Santhos for the same reasons."

He glanced across the room and Aryfene jumped back from the smimmering image that sprang up, it was of Faerkel, the ruins that had become the sea dragon's current lair.

"This is the key to it. Once he's in there we can keep him in there and go down to meet him in force, he's got no room to manuver and he can't escape. I've spoken to Nuquala about it...but I get the feeling that Brine's Dragonfear is working over long distances."

He swore heavily and dismissed the image,

"We need to strike and we need to do it soon.""Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/17/2002 10:37 AM

OOC: Can I be Nuquala? I can erase if I offend...

Some distance away, within the palace walls, Nuquala continued her pacing. To and fro she flickered, her mind returning to the same problem over and over again.

"What to do about Brine?".

"I'm sorry?", the lady in waiting raised her head. Nuquala shook her head and smiled.

"I was only thinking aloud Dala. Go back to sleep".

"It is late", Dala said. Nuquala simply smiled. Sleep alluded her tonight. Her mind kept playing back over her conversation with Kaeilis, but she was sure that she had made the right decision.

The lives of her poeple were precious and not to be taken lightly. It was time Kaeilis realised that fact. And then there were the dreams, horrible dreams that haunted her mind and chilled her blood.
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09/17/2002 11:59 AM

Dark eyes peered out from within a small cave within the coral reef. Gliadrachan ('lightsome' in Gaelic) was young, as sea-dragons went, though she had seen more than two hundred winters in her lifetime. At only twenty-eight feet in length, she was more likely to be prey than companion to Bryndelsimer, so she spent the majority of her time hidden in her network of catacombs. Patterned black-on-white (or white-on-black) after the zebra moray, it was more likely she was meant to confuse than disguise herself. Gradually she poked her head out of her lair, casting a quick glance around, and finally slipping outside. She looked like a giant sea snake when she swam, for she kept her legs tucked firmly to her sides. Black eyes scanned the surrounding area nervously as she foraged for what food Brine left.
Gliadrachan. The soft female voice sounded gently in the young dragon's mind. A familiar voice, of one she had come to think of as a sister. Gliadrachan! This time the call was more insistant, as the origin swam up to meet her. A Dimernesti elf, skin the blue-gray of slate, golden eyes an odd contrast to dark green-and-black hair.
Aobheil! Gliadrachan's jaws dropped in a dragon smile. Aobheil, her only ally. The Dimernesti risked much meeting her- with her own people as well as Brine. Her voice turned grave. You should not be here. Your kin might see you. I try to keep my presence a secret as it is. Aobheil smiled, chancing speech rather than their 'link', as she called it.
"Come on. Who is going to know?" She spread her hands out to her sides and grinned.

09/17/2002 1:47 PM

OOC: Its ok Jorza! P.S. I have taken over Draekus's posts, and will play his characters from now on. He has left the RPG Consortium, DragonLance forums to persue his studies, and schoolwork.

Aryfene sat on a coral chair, as sleep took over him. He dreamt of dragons, and destruction. He couldn't help but feel these were visions of the future, and he tried desperately to stop them.
But his power seemed insugnificent against the dragon. He felt helpless. Then, he awoke, and he felt a tingling sensation against his breast. The saphire amulet was glowing faintly, and he knew danger was coming.

It was an ancient magical artifact, made to sense the coming of dragons or danger. He got up quickly, and started gathering certain artifacts he could use to battle the coming danger.
He sent a mental call to some other sorceres he knew, including Kaeilis, about the danger. He was certain they would warn others in return.

09/18/2002 1:56 AM

Nuquala sat on the small stool. Dala was brushing a comb through her long luxuriant hair. It flowed around her like a halo of pure silvery light.

"You look tired my Queen", Dala said. She was very worried about Nuquala. The Queen had not slept for many nights now and the strain was showing on her tired face. Nuquala shook her head.

"It is of no matter Dala:, she said. "These are dangerous times and sleep is a luxury I can not afford". Dala frowned. She had served in the palace all her life and she knew Nuquala better than anyone else. She bit her lower lip to stop the evil thought but it entered her mind anyway.

Nuquala was changing before her eyes. It was subtle but she could not help fearing that the voice which spoke to her, was not entirely that of the Queen's. Dala knew nothing of socery or of dragons; but she knew her Queen.

Nuquala was changing... So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/18/2002 8:16 AM

Kaeilis had recived the mental warning - Aryfene's magic and Kaeilis' own psionics transmitting more than just words. He knew about the dragon-warning pendant. He looked back out over the boulders.

That fool Nuaquala - I told her it would come to this!

If the city surivived the impending assault by the dragon he would have to see what he could do about her - she was endangering the city and it's people. Already the citizens had cottoned on, although she did not know it her slang names were many and varied. And none of them nice any more. He smiled as he felt the thoughts of a group of elves who swam past, talking about the queen - Brine's Whore they called her. Kaeilis was begining to wonder if they weren't right.

Then he caught something. A mind. A snarl curled his lip. Dragonmind."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/18/2002 8:43 AM

OOC: Phew!.....heated waters over that a way! ....let me think on this one for abit.....tempted to plead the 5th!

Never been called a dragon's whore before (new record!) - but I did ask for it I suppose....hmmmm....tempted to turn Kaeilis into a sea-snail...

....BTW- good stuff!So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/18/2002 10:54 AM

Aobheil looked up sharply. She could hear raised voices nearby- voices of Dimernesti! Quickly she turned to the striped sea-dragoness. "Hide!" she hissed. "They will kill you, and me as well, if they find you here!" Gliadrachan sighed, dipping her head.
I go, she agreed. We will see each other again? Soon? Aobheil smiled faintly.
At moonrise, she agreed, whirling and swimming towards the voices as her companion vanished back into the reef. Hopefully they had seen nothing, heard nothing- and as she rounded the corner, a strong arm closed on her own.
"Aobheil!" It was her brother- Seaghda (shee-a), he was called. His dark green skin was darker still in anger, his eyes, as golden as her own, burning with fury. "So that was who you were sneaking out to see, when you thought no one noticed you missing. A dragon. My own sister! A dragon!" He shook her hard enough to make her teeth rattle in her head. "We will see what Nuquala has to say about this!"

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09/18/2002 12:05 PM

"No we won't."

Kaeilis' words were backed up by a telepathic impulse so strong that Seaghda was forced to release his sister. The psionicist elf who glared at the two out of pupiless eyes that shifted colour to match his mood. At the moment they were glowing furnace-red, like two coals set into his ivory face. He waved his trident slightly,

"What are the pair of you doing out here? Explan yourselves?"

Kaeilis doubted that the two would agrue with his authoritory as an Elder, admitadly he was a fairly young Elder. Just to be on the safe side he reinforced his question with his psionic abilities."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/18/2002 12:15 PM

Her cheek throbbed violently from where the hand had struck. Dala raised red-rimmed eyes, only to shy away as a pair fiercer than any she had known, stripped her soul.

"I only thought to help", she said in a weak voice.

"When I require your aid, I shall call for it", Nuquala said in a cold voice. Dala rubbed her cheek and rose to her feet, her hand clutching the broken plate.

"I only thought to bring you food", she mumbled, "you have not eaten for days". Nuquala glared at her handmaiden, and then she drifted away, here eyes searching far out to sea, to an unknown place.

Her skin was so much paler than before, her eyes so much darker. Her headaches had grown in ferocity. Her hands clenched and unclenched by her sides. Her moods had grown more frequent and taciturn.

Dala feared the changes. Feared what her queen was becoming. Her every instinct told her to go and get help but she knew that she could not. Already there was dissension among the people, talk, and rumours. If any knew of Nuquala's possession the queen would surely loose her head and now was not the time for a revolution.

Revolutions meant chaos and Brine would dearly love to see that occur. It would make his victory over the elves that much sweeter- to have them slay their Queen with their own hands. How the Evil One would laugh if that were to occur.

Dala knew that she was the only one who stood between Nuquala and destruction. Her smile was sad and pitiful- for what could she, a single handmaiden do against the might of the Evil One.
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09/18/2002 3:56 PM

"What are the pair of you doing out here? Explan yourselves?"

Seaghda was only too happy to comply. "My dear sister Aobheil seems to have been hiding something." He turned to her- even though the two were only seperate in age by a few years, he often acted superior to her. "Shall I tell him, or will you?" Aobheil tossed her head defiantly.
"I shall," she replied. "Or rather, I shall show him. Gliadrachan? It seems our game is up. Kindly grace lord Kaelis with your presence."

09/19/2002 5:24 AM

Dala paced the lonely corridors of the palace, her mind dweling on the same problem- what to do about the queen?

She was walking in one of the large outer galleries when her eyes happened to stray to the mirrored wall before her.

She seemed to present such a forlorn figure. Her build small and slight, her hair as dark and blue as the ocean, her eyes as black as onyx, and filled with sadness. And then the mirror seemed to blur before her eyes and she felt...she was almost sure that she could see the hazy outline of another elf, gazing back at her. The elf wore what appeared to be a madalion around his neck, she wasn't sure- but then the image blurred and vanished.

A dream, she thought. I am dreaming. Dala had slept little and eaten even less. The symptoms that were so blatant in Nuquala, she was starting to recognise them in herself.

I am going mad, she thought; but then she stopped to rationalize. Brine would not bother with her, she was insignificant. The thought gave her some comfort as she continued her lonely wanderin of the palace.

Nuquala, she thought- how can I help you and yet, not betray you?So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/19/2002 6:51 AM

Kaeilis raised an eyebrow at being refered to as 'lord' - but it showed that he had some authoritory, and that would be useful when the time came, as it inevitably would, to deal with Nuquala. Then his other eyebrow shot up as Gliadrachan swam out to join Aobheil,

"Ha! A Sea Dragon - and a bit of a runt to by the looks of things, no offence ment of course."

He glanced at Seaghda and smiled sorrowfully,

"This means so much to you? This Gliadrachan can do little or nothing to us, Brine would surely squash her like a bug were he to find her. We have bigger problems than an immature sea dragon that has not hurt anyone that we are aware of - a certain other sea dragon by the name of Brine and his pet politician for a start."

He looked up at the two elves and the sea dragon,

"Ah yes, I apologies I was rambling. Right, sorry to be blunt Gliadrachan, but this is really the only way this can work. You have three choices - you can fight us and die, you and Aobheil here can leave. Permanently. Or you can help us fight Brine."

His eyes turned as cold as ice and strange lights played across his trident and free hand,

"Your choice.""Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/19/2002 8:51 AM

OOC: 'pet politician’...


Dala could not say for how long she had been walking through the palace - the better part of the day, she thought, as she glanced about her. Most of the workers had retired for the day.

She was walking past the doors to the throne room, her mind far away, when she noted the armed guard standing sentry.

She raised dark inquiring eyes tot he guard.

"What are you doing?” she asked in a worried tone. She could tell from the captain's face that something was seriously amiss.

"The Queen has sealed the doors to throne room from inside!” the captain said, betraying his fear. Dala shook her head.

“You lie! You have imprisoned the Queen in her own throne room!” Dala cried out in a panic-stricken voice. “You’ve rebelled against the queen!”

The captain was shocked by her accusing words.
“No Dala- see for yourself!” The elf maid looked and when she tested the door, she verified that it was sealed from inside.

“My Queen”, she cried out, “what have you done!”

Dala quickly remembered the other secret passage into the throne room from the Queen’s chamber. It had not been used since the time of Nuquala’s grandfather, but hopefully it would still be intact. Dala rushed to the chamber, not stopping to even explain what she was about to the startled captain.

She found the secret door after much searching and climbed through the narrow passage and crept into the throne room.

The great hall was in complete darkness. Nuquala had destroyed all the torches and lamps save one. It glowed by her side, shedding dark shadows over her ravaged and haunted face.

“My queen”, Dala said hesitantly, as she tentatively approached the dark figure sitting on the throne.

But it was too late for the queen. Dala realised that all of her darkest fears had come true. Nuquala was no more. The figure sitting on the throne was a complete stranger to her. A creature as evil as Brine him-self.

Dala turned to flee but a force stopped her. Brine had granted his favourite powers.

“So it is you Dala”, Nuquala spoke with a voice that was not her own. “I was wondering when you would turn against me little one”.

Dala shook her head.

“I would never betray you”, she protested.

“You’re thoughts betray you Dala”, said the queen.

“This isn’t you. It is the Evil One! It is him that speaks with your tongue”, Dala shouted; but Nuquala only laughed.

“You think so?” the queen teased. “Tell me little one, who else have you been running around talking to?”

Dala shook her head.

“No one my Queen”.

Nuquala’s smile was pure evil.

“Then let us keep it that way”, she said. Before Dala could blink, Nuquala was already raising her hand and casting her spell.
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09/21/2002 2:28 AM

The dolphin swam without direction through the waters. It could not recall being a dolphin for very long. Its lonely song was one of high-pitched snaps and gurgles. Its mind seeking only food and play.

The dolphin sighted the elf-children playing and went to join them readily. The children squealed with delight when it approached. Clapping their hands to gather and holding onto its fine as they rode the dolphin, a snaking spiral to the surface and down again to the watery depths.

“Dala” it was a woman’s voice and the dolphin turned to watch as an elf-woman came and collected the little girl from the dolphin’s back. “Time for bed”, the woman said softly. The elf woman looked at the dolphin and then patted its nose before leaving with the little girl cradled in her arms.

Dala….the name rang a cord in the dolphin’s distant memory, but it could not remember why…
So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/21/2002 5:10 AM

The dragon-warning pendant was throbbing in urgency, flashing a deep red color now. It was time to face the dragon, or die trying. He was full of resolve and courage, but when he stepped outside, he faltered. The dragon that swam towards them was certainly not Brine.
It was much smaller and sleeker, with darker coloured scales. He turned to the left, and saw Kaeilis talking to two other elves, though they didn't look familiar to him. He registered the look of surprise that crossed his face, and the young Elder took action.

But he didn't have the chance to see what he was up to, so he swam up to face the dragon. He had some arcane trinkets that he could use against it, or to power his spells if needed.
Firstly, he cast an inviible net, of sticky substance that would trap the dragon for mere seconds, enough time to act upon another solution. Then, he started gesturing and humming an ancient elven tune, which helped him concentrate more on the spell at hand.

A powerful jet of boiling water streamed towards the trapped dragon, and hit it full in the chest. It roared in pain of agony, and he quickly swam back a bit to miss the full force of its heated breath. But he didn;t miss all of it, and blisters starting popping up as the heat drove him back. He would have time to heal later.

More attacks were being launched, as the militia were shooting it with a ballistae that was loaded with sharpened spires of coral. Some other sorcerers were throwing spells it way, but it fought back fiercly. Alreayd it had escaped the net prison, and had killed many innocent people. They had to find a way to destroy it, or at least drive it off...

09/21/2002 11:52 AM

After a few moments of staring at the two younger elves, Kaeilis felt some kind of mental turmoil behined him. Then the ripples reached him - affirming what he already knew. He span around, crystal tridant throbbing with prurple energy. A moment to take in the scene and his mind was made up.

The milita and the dragon were forced apart as a streak of purple light shot between them and exploded. It was shortly followed by a faintly glowing green barrier - for all thier efforts neither side could dispell it, for it was not magic.

Kaeilis swam strongly out between the dragon and the militia,

"What in the name of the seven hells do you think you are doing? Does this look like Brine to you?"

His eyes glowed fiercely as he stared down both dragon and elves. Let just one of them make a move and he would boil the very water in thier gills!

OOC:Yup - he really is that angry."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/24/2002 9:56 AM

Gliadrachan blinked in surprise, her gills puffing out to show her shock. I was afraid this would happen, she muttered. To the elves- Has all the world gone mad? I have done nothing to you! What cause have you to attack me? Her tone was imperious, as one demanding a reply. Brine is as much my enemy as he is yours. Aobheil glanced nervoisly at her fellow Dimernesti, then put in her own opinion.
"I apologise for my forwardness,but what the dragon says is true. It is so, that she is a sea dragon, but surely we have a bigger problem on our hands. The dragon Brine, for one. And I sense something is amiss in our land. Am I the only one that has noticed the constant absence of our Queen Nuquala?" She sighed, shaking her head.
"The dragon you attacked is Gliadrachan. She and I are old allies, I admit, but surely, if she really was as much a threat as you have assumed, she would have made herself obvious before now." The sea dragon nodded once.
I am young, and none too strong when one considers Brine. But I will do what I can. This is my home as well. Is it so surprising that i would aid sea elves? Creatures of good can turn to the side of dark in an eyeblink. Why not a so-called creature of evil turn to the side of light?

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