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09/03/2002 3:03 PM

"Because I love you, dammit!" he snarled, once again moving to intercept her on the way to the door.

The petite elf shouldered her way past him anyway, knowing he wouldn't do so much as grip her shoulder for fear of bruising her fair flesh. "And? Don't you get it? Love is so cliché! I want something more, I want something special! I deserve something special. And you, you, haven't given me anything I don't see on the streets. Humans love, Gabole. If they can do it, anyone can!" Her tone turned icy. "I need more and you, obviously, aren't giving it to me."

And with that, she was gone from his life. Again.


It was cold. Winter had set in over the land and people had set out for their homes to stave off the chill. A light snow brushed the world of Krynn, setting life's tones to shades of white. Fires roared and older spirits call for the coming of Spring and renewal while the young took advantage of the rising drifts to wage snowball warfare.

She was near Solace...at least, she thought she was. It was hard to tell. She had tried reading a map she had aquired but it was all wrong. It had to be. Blasted human who sold it to her was probably laughing right now.

Laugh, laugh at the poor elf, she thought, shivering. She had left Qualinesti not two months ago, not counting on the coming of this harsh season. She had begun with the wealth of a Noble, but the humans and dwarves took her for all she had, while Kender pilfered anything they could get their grimy hands on from her pockets. Now she had nothing and she was cold and hungry...

"Blasted humans! Damn K-k-kender! T-t-to the Abyss with t-t-them all!" she snapped through chattering teeth. If they had just left her alone...

A loud rumble caused her to start and the elf looked about in panic. Rolling clouds, fat and gray, were gathering on the horizon. She watched them in awe and dismay until she realized that they were coming her way with amazing speed.

"Dear! Dear! You better get inside!"

Only human, her thoughts informed her, reading the accent of the voice. She ignored the woman, staring instead at the monstrosity coming her way.

"It will pass me over," she said, even as she knew it would not. The air in the distance shimmered with vague gray strips. Rain, she realized.

Freezing rain. She ran, the downpour finally shaking her out of her reverie. Ice stung her lungs and hail pounded again her cheeks. She cried out, but her voice was lost in the fury of the coming storm.

The tree! Blessed E'li! she thought. There it was, shining like the Gods, shimmering shelter...she giggled. It was getting hard to think, as if the storm clouds existed as surely in her mind as they did the sky. She made for the tree and almost made it...

"No!" she shrieked. A bolt of lightning split the sky and she knew she was falling a second before she struck the ground. Thunder crashed, entering her now-adled mind and she knew no more.


The ice storm passed over Solace, fading out as fast as it had faded in. Snow turned to ice and the town's occupants returned to the outside world sliding instead of walking. The road outside the town had been frozen-over and it looked like trade would be stopped for a while.

Two children had been lost in the storm and search parties were sent to find them. It was this that brought attention to the young elf, lying in the frozen mud, barely breathing... Computer games don't affect kids…if Pacman had affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in darkened rooms munching on magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.

09/04/2002 4:27 AM

Koryn Satirock crouched over the Elven Maid's body, brushing the snow off her fiar features and quickly trying to determine her state of being.

"She's breathing." He told the others. "Anjer, Gal, take her back to the inn and see that she's tended to, find someone to take her in." The two men in question nodded and carefully lifted the elf and bore her away. Koryn watched only a moment before turning back to the others. "Keep looking." He said gruffly. They continued to scour the snow ...

... Koryn was young. A father of three, husband to an even younger barmaid than himself, and one of hte best trackers in the area. But he was also stubborn. He had taken his search arty far into the woods far into the night, searching every broken twig and suspicious lump, but their return brought them to the inn dispirited and heart broken. When they entered the Inn, the last of the search parties to do so, Koryn simply made eye contact with his wife, then bowed his head and retreated to the back.

Sarni Satirock could hardly breath for a moment, trying to stifle a scream ... their youngest, stolen by the storm ... There were consoling pats and words from all around, but she didn't hear any of them. She hardly felt her older two children tugging on her skirt, 'Mommy, Mommy!'

She had been tending to the elven maid all that day ... had taken her to a room at the inn, dressed her in something warm, bundled her up, fixed soup and tea with soothing aromas. The maid's breathing became easier as the day wore on, while Sarni had become more and more tense, and now, she was lost.

Koryn found himself by the Elven Maid's room .... he wasn't sure how he had gotten there, or why, but perhaps it was because his wife had done such an excellent job of shoo-ing away the curious that it was the most peaceful room in the town for one to think. He sat on the chair by the bed, back bend, hands clasped, head hung. His black hair hung in mangy lengths by his careworn face as he waited for what appeared to be the only survivor of the storm to wake ........"Faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens." -- Gimli, The Fellowship Of The Ring

"Those who support authority against rebellion must not themselves rebel." -- Silmarillion

09/04/2002 8:33 AM

OOC: gonna join...I mean this is Kalia's "home" town ;)

BIC: Glimmer banked sharply over the darken wood, seeing the tall trees of her home. She dropped lightly into the center of town and shanged her form. Kalia stared all around her...the ice storm had caused much destruction in its wake...her golden eyes swept the area intently...

a couple of children noticed kalia and ran up to her...shouts of joy rang in kalia's ears as she hugged the children gently. "how much damage did the storm do children?" she asked. one child started to cry "my little brother died in the storm...." Kalia's eyes misted over as she hugged the child tight...while the other tugged insistantly on her sleeve.

"Kalia! Kalia! we found an elf lying in the mud! they took her to the inn of the last home...maybe you ought to go see tika and the rest...."

Kalia nodded, gave the child one more consoling squeeze, and turned to the inn. She walked through the door, and noticed Tika immediately... Kalia smiled and hugged her, her surrogate mother...and smiled, studing her face, and noting that she had aged.....

"Tika, I hear you have an elf here...that she was found stranded in the storm....I'd like to see what I could do...." she said, her hand straying to the mark upon her sternum...A legend of Old, A story forgotten
The memories of True Love stolen from time
A destiny lost, a bond that's been broken
memories of a time that slipped away
just open you mind, the way lies before you
a doorway to the heart you seek to find

09/04/2002 10:08 AM

Ilarân trudged through the snow, his cloak billowing out behined him. His jet-black hair flared out in the wind as his hood was blown back, a moments pause to remedy that and he was off again.

The elf's thoughts flitted back to the house of the elven family, on of the snobbish noble clans, now what was that snivelling whelp's name? Ah yes - Gabole. In any event, Ilarân had been hired to trake down a missing elven girl, also of a noble family, had vanished. It was the general opinion of those in the families that she had upped and left after and argument with Gabole, so they had hired Ilarân to trake her down. In his time he had traked everything from human bandits to draconians to the escaped creations of the local Black Robe. And now he was tracking an upper-class hussy who had hot-footed it because she'd had a tiff with her spouse. But he was being payed well.

Ilarân stopped a few hours later, he hadn't been expecting to use his sword on this venture, but he wasn't so sure now - the elf's trail had ended, intersecting with a muddled mass of humanoid footpriints. Bandits viewing the elf as an easy target? Ilarân couldn't rule out the possiability, but they were headed in the general direction of Solace, so that was a good sign. On the other hand they had said something about the girl loathing humans..... Ilarân picked up his pace as he headed for the town."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/04/2002 12:44 PM

Kaeley rode her mare into the town as the snow began to fall. She had been riding for hours, not knowing where she might find a house the stay in. Her ice blue eyes dnacing along the landscape, looking for a house. She noticed a small, object moving in the direction of the town and had her horse gallop to it.. " Hail, stranger. I am Kaeley Joulden, great greand daughter of King Sirius of Gidne. Please, tell me where the nearest town might bne and please, accompiay me there."I am the one the call the Princess. To you, I am your worst nightmare

09/04/2002 1:08 PM

Ilarân looked up as the horse pulled up next to him, great - another blasted noble, and human too! He snorted slightly,

"I'm headed for what I think is Solace now, you can follow me if you like but we need to get one thing clear, I don't take kindly to people ordering me around, and I don't care if your blood is as blue as Kitiara's armour, you'll get treated no different by me. If you want to follow then come."

With that the elf walked off through the thick snow, the tracks winding their way, in a roundabout fashion, to Solace.

Huh, nobles! Stuck up whoresons the lot of 'em."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/04/2002 2:20 PM

((OOC: Thanks for joining peoples. Hey Maugetaur, (sorry if I spelled that wrong) nice character! :D))

It was the smell that fooled her. The aroma conjured dreams of verdant forests blooming in vivid pinks and purples...she could feel a warmth that could only be the sunlight hugging her body...the air hinted at a river nearby, and the preparation of a feast...

I'm hungry, Adea realized, touching the first vestiges of a forgotten conscious world. It must be morning and the servants have prepared a wonderful breakfast.

She moaned softly in her half-sleep and rolled to the left. The movement brought a sharp pain through her side and Adea was startled. She resolved to get a massage from Gabole as soon as she was finished eating.

Pinpricks of light needled along her eyelids. Adea didn't want to get up just yet, but the invading brightness and the persisting aches suggested otherwise. She rolled forward stiffly and opened her eyes with much difficulty before slamming them shut once again.

Let's try that again, she thought. She peeked through a cracked eyelid and watched her dream dissolve into reality. Her beautiful, white elvish home became the harsh trappings of an Inn, her feast became soup and her toting Gabole...a large human with dark, mangy hair, staring at the floor.

Adea felt the panic rise in her chest and tried to leap out of the foreign bed, suddenly feeling dirty and vulnerable. The warm sheets turned to ice, reaching for her legs in a hopeless tangle. Adea shrieked, falling to the floor and banging her head. The man was up now, coming for her, to take her...and the last thing the young elf remembered was screaming for all she was worth...Computer games don't affect kids…if Pacman had affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in darkened rooms munching on magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.

09/04/2002 6:55 PM

"Calm down, child, calm ... " Koryn said soothingly. He was kneeling by Adea's side, his arms oustretched but not yet touching her. "I am sorry to startle you, I'm sure you must be confused, but please; let me explain ... " He looked at her with sorrowed eyes, still wet from some other tears ... It was morning now and Koryn had only slept three hours while his friend Anjer sat next to the elven maid. It had been agreed that she would experience a considerable amount of shock and drama when she awoke, and decided that someone be there to explain.

It just happened to be Koryn.

He waited for Adea to calm, so that she could hear all that he had to say, and to make sure she understood ..."Faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens." -- Gimli, The Fellowship Of The Ring

"Those who support authority against rebellion must not themselves rebel." -- Silmarillion

09/05/2002 4:49 AM

Rynion (Rie-nee-in) dug in the snow frantically.
"He's here. He must be here. He's alive, he's not dead..."
Tears fell into the snow and froze as the half-elf dug in the snow near the fallen tree.
He dug and dug until his fingers wouldn't move. He cried out in agony, but not in physical pain.


"Rynion, make the little glowing creatures again!" Caelus jumped up and down smiling with childish playfulness.
Rynion smiled and told Caelus to hold out his hands, who did so unhesitantly.
Small, sparking green lights danced around in Caelus's palm, who laughed in delight.
"Now blow," said Rynion.
Caelus took a deep breath and blew, watching as his breath carried the sparkles to the stars above them.
"Let's go back into the inn now."
"Can we come out again tomorrow night?"
Rynion smiled and said, "of course."
Caelus grasped his half-brother's hand and pulled him toward the inn until he spotted something.
"Rynion, it looks like an elf-lady."
Rynion glanced the way of the trembling elven maid and quickly began toward her, Caelus leading him.
The lightning strike caught both of them in complete surprise. Caelus was thrown from Rynion by the impact and fell somewhere near the tree....


Rynion woke up, cold with sweat and found himself in a room he distinctly remembered as his room in the inn. A beautiful woman with red curls entered and said, "Oh, you're awake. I have some soup waiting downstairs. You nearly froze yourself to death out there." She smiled and left, leaving a bottle of wine he had requested earlier.
Climbing out of his bed, he quickly pulled on breeches, fastened a leather belt and pulled a tunic over his head. He considered bringing his shlaegar along with him, but decided against it. Slipping boots over his feet, he picked up his purse and left the room, striding worriedly.
Quickly making his way to the common room, he looked for the barkeep ("was Caramon his name?") and found the big man gossiping with some usuals. Taking a seat near them, he listened quietly.
"-Tanis is still not consenting letting his son Gilthas come visit."
"Speaking of children, they found one of the bodies."
Rynion made his way toward them and forcefully turned around the man who had spoken.
"Who was it?! Who was it, you goddamn bastard!"
Caramon stood up and said, "See here, young fella..."
The man held up a hand to halt caramon midsentence.
"This is the chap that came here not long ago with the boy that was found."
Rynion let go of the man and staggered back, as if smitten by a warhammer.
"No...you're lying...You're lying!"
"I'm sorry, laddie."
Rynion shook his head and ran towards the door and opened it, the chill winds cutting at his skin. He was ready to fling himself off of the tall vallenwood until a hand grabbed him and threw him back into the inn.
Caramon closed the door and looked at Rynion with...pity? Loathing? No...understanding.
"I was once like you, too. But trust me, my brother had a far worse fate than yours will ever have. Be grateful he could die innocent."
"He..was...all that was left to me..." Tears coursed down Rynion's cheeks for the second time that night.
"As was mine. But, my brother, he's at peace now. So is yours."
Rynion didn't seem to hear those words and staggered back up to his room. Tika began to follow him, but Caramon held her back.
"He has to think. Let's hope he's stronger than I was."

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09/05/2002 11:06 AM

Kalia heard the whole exchange, and stared at Rynion as he passed her...and her lips set in a grim line as she followed him.

"Forgive me....I..." she faltered...for once not knowing what to say...

She leaned against the door, her silver hair falling into her eyes...eyes that where filled with tears... "if only I had gotten here sooner....." she sighed..as her hand rested against her sternum..feeling the mark of her Father there....

"I seem to be never here when I am really needed....forgive me...." A legend of Old, A story forgotten
The memories of True Love stolen from time
A destiny lost, a bond that's been broken
memories of a time that slipped away
just open you mind, the way lies before you
a doorway to the heart you seek to find

09/05/2002 12:38 PM

" I shalln't order you around, my friend. And i am not an human. I aman magi, and i noble one at that." she said, her blonde hair falling into her eyes. She pushed it away and looked at Ilaran. " Fine, I shall come with you. And there is a reward for you at the end of the trip if, and i said if, we get the on time."I am the one the call the Princess. To you, I am your worst nightmare

09/05/2002 12:59 PM

OOC;Just a point Cass, he didn't say she was huamn, he thought it - but thanx for telling anyway. And cheers Starlite, he does have more potential than some of my more extravegant charecters...

IC;Ilarân looked over his shoulder as he walked through the packed snow,

"We'll get there lady, you just sit tight and let me get there."

Well, the tracks are going to Solace for sure. And there are more direct routes than they are taking. And she's a noble, if this 'reward' happens to be coin, then I may as well miss loosing the trail, if it doesn't reach Solace I can always pick it up later.

He set off in a straight line, headed for Solace at a new, faster, pace.


Ilarân gestured to the town of Solace, houses and trees alike covered in a cloak of snow,

"This is Solace, and that building over there is the Inn of the Last Home, that's where I'm headed now."

If she's here they'll have brought her to the inn. Ah well, I can hope that Tanis is there - might make things a little...easyer to bear.

Oddly for an elf, Ilarân liked half-elves. Well, so did most elves he know. The nobility on the other hand detested them, said they were full of the taint of their weak human blood. Granted humans were pretty primitive, and to tell the truth rather limited, creatures, but half-elves tended to bring out the best qualities of the human species. Ilarân turned to the noble following him,

"Well, you able to find what you need from here?""Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/05/2002 2:51 PM

Adea lay stiffly on the floor, staring at the human before her. His arm was outstretched but he wasn't touching her. His eyes were filled with tears and he looked about as upset as she felt.

Maybe he lost one of his whores, she thought coldly, starting to get mad. She floundered in the blankets, her brilliant eyes daring the man to touch her. He did not, and she became even angrier as she realized that even without the blankets in her way, she would never make it out the door. Fine. Fine, I'll stay till I feel better. And then I'll send home for the money this human probably expects. This is an Inn after all, albeit a dirty one, she added with disgust as she crawled back into the bed.

"How dare you? How dare you scare me like that?" Adea demanded in crude common. Her voice was heavily accented and it took her a while to remember how to say 'dare'. But, after all, she had to get this right. "Where is Ga--?" Oh, yes, I left him. "Why am I in this," she glanced around with renewed disgust. "room?"Computer games don't affect kids…if Pacman had affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in darkened rooms munching on magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.

09/05/2002 2:53 PM

Kaeley looked at Ilaran. " Yes, and oh yes, about that reward." she turned to her pack and pulled out a silver edged sword. " Here, From the House of Roulden." I am the one the call the Princess. To you, I am your worst nightmare

09/05/2002 9:25 PM

Koryn stared in disbelief for a moment. He had never known any full-blooded elves besides Laurana, who was nicer than most humans he knew, but this girl ... It's got to be the cold, and shock ... He told himself.

He allowed her to battle with her sheets, he wasn't going to risk making her think he was interested, he had a wife and still two children ... A shock of pain passed through him at this remembrance, the hurt all too new. He shook his head, and sat back down by her bed.

"My name is Koryn." He said, "I have a wife, Sarni, and th-two children; a daughter, Calisti, and a son, Malachi." He took a shuddering breath. "I had a third child, a boy named Norimon, but ... he was lost in the storm, the same storm in which we found you." He looked at her. "You were half-frozen and near dead when we found you. If you don't mind my asking, what were you doing so far from home without any protection?""Faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens." -- Gimli, The Fellowship Of The Ring

"Those who support authority against rebellion must not themselves rebel." -- Silmarillion

09/06/2002 7:21 AM

Ilarân looked the blade up and down, a sword of the house of Roulden prahaps, but it had been forged for them by an elf. It felt well balenced in Ilarân's hand - he had trained with blades of this type before and had liked thier feel.

"I thank you, it is much appreciated."

With that Ilarân headed up to the Inn of the Last Home, opening the door and looking in on a room of humans. None of them looked too happy. Ilarân assumed they had lost people in the storm.

Now, where can that hussy of a runaway be?"Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/06/2002 8:12 AM

Rynion stared at Kalia absently.
"Would you...require my services?"
The words came out of his mouth naturally. It was what he always asked his clients when they needed protection, magic or physical. He wasn't a renegade wizard, for he had never totally devoted himself to magic, but at the same time he wasn't a paladin either. He was like a mix of both, studying magic when he was younger, but becoming a mercenary when his mother was assassinated for their wealth. And then he had raised Caelus...the most innocent thing in the world.
Shaking his head, he murmured, "Forgive me, I cannot seem to think. I...shall...retire to my room now..."
Staggering up the stairs, he entered his room and shut the door, where no sound could be heard. Not weeping, not even prayer. Just...silence.
"Caelus... Goodbye..."
Something shattered, startling people walking by the room.
Rynion had thrown something out of the window. It was a hand-size carving of a beautiful woman with wings, whom Caelus had called, "Isil."
Nothing remained of Caelus in Rynion's mind, but it was always there in his soul and heart, emptiness.

09/06/2002 8:31 AM

Kalia turned and headed for the back of the kitchen...Tika and caramon watched her silently, knowing better than to try to soothe her. Kalia offered both of them a half-hearted smile, and went out the back...

but instead of going down, she went up, using her magic to make her true form as light as a feather...the dragon curled around the top of the mighty vallenwood, her wings sheltering it, as her heart was torn. a peircing cry tore from her throat, a cry of pain, and sorrow, and self blame....if only she had gotten here sooner...she could've helped....

the crystal dragon, lay her head down on the roof of the Inn, her huge feathered wings covered the branches of the vallen wood, and there she lay, watching, guarding.A legend of Old, A story forgotten
The memories of True Love stolen from time
A destiny lost, a bond that's been broken
memories of a time that slipped away
just open you mind, the way lies before you
a doorway to the heart you seek to find

09/06/2002 8:45 AM

Ilarân was standing just outside the inn door, looking in at the sorrowful-looking humans. Then, without any kind of warning some kind of a statue sailed down from an upper-floor window. If it hadn't been for the wings Ilarân would have been fine. As it was one of the spread wings of the statue smashed into the side of the elf's head, leaving a heft gash and a lot of blood. He staggered backwards and looked up at a huge dragon face peering down at him from the roof of the Inn. He froze. This wasn't any kind of dragon he'd ever seen or heared of before. He shrugged, it obviously wasn't who he was looking for. He just had to hope to high heaven the creature hadn't eaten the girl, that would take some explainng when he got back. He walked back into the inn and headed up the stairs towards the rooms. Everyone here was human - and the girl hated them. Ilarân stood in the corridor waiting for her to leave whatever room she was in."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/21/2002 6:43 AM

Night fell upon Solace as fires went out and lullaby's were heard to soothe sick children. However, in the Inn of Last Home, all was not safe. A dark form slowly entered the sleeping elf-maid's room, covered by a black cloak. A soft ring of metal could be heard as Rynion unsheathed his shlaegar while moving past a man sleeping with his head on the bed. The moonlight reflected off the blade with deadly light as the half-elf put the point of the heavy fencing sword near the elf-maid's neck.
"You...killed him..." he whispered softly. No tears came out of the dead eyes. He had no more to cry.
"Tut, tut. And I thought the brother that Caelus spoke so highly of would be stronger than this."
Rynion whirled around, hiding his face with the cape of his cloak. No one was there.
"Who...what are you..."
"I'm here."
A soft breeze blew into the room. The elf-maid shuddered and clutched her blanket about her more tightly as Rynion slowly turned around, letting the cloak's cape fall from his face.
A small, familiar figure stood in the air, bathed in moonlight.
"Isilme..?" murmured Rynion, his shlaegar falling to the floor with a loud clatter.
Immediatly Rynion could hear someone rushing to the door with no purpose of a silent entry whatsoever.
"Who's there?!"
Rynion glanced back at the door then to Isilme, but found she had gone.
Hurriedly picking up his weapon and sheathing it, he sailed out of the window, muttering, "Featherfall."
Feathers blew up all around him like snow and cushioned his landing. Quickly running atop the snow, he made his way out of Solace like a bandit running away from a robbery at the dark of night.

"It's about time."
Rynion stopped, out of breath, in a clearing. Isilme sat atop an aspen branch, inspecting her feathery wings.
"You...made me do that on purpose, didn't you?!"
She glanced at him with a bored look and said, "You really should stop blaming other people about something that couldn't be helped." she paused and sighed, "However... I did make you do that. I couldn't just sit there and let you kill her."
"So you help her from meeting death in return for mine? You didn't help me from being mobbed at all!"
"I did. Just in case you didn't know, we're near Qualinost. I stopped about thirty arrows that would have been lodged in your heart right now."
"That is comforting to hear."
"I thought it would be. Now I suggest we start going back to Solace."
"Because you don't seem to be the only one that wants to kill that elf maid. Someone's been following her ever since she arrived to Solace."
"How do you know this?" demanded Rynion.
"Because I can see far more than you can while I was travelling with you and Caelus."
"Don't speak that name to me again."
"Very well. It just proves that you're a kobold that's too afraid to fight his past."
Rynion ignored her and turned north.

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