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09/02/2002 10:51 AM

OOC: This is a new one I am going to try to start. It will take place in Istar a few years before the Cataclysm. It will end when the Cataclym hits, and Istar is destroyed. What I am going to try to do here is make a story full of mystery, intrigue, adventure, and murder. It will take place on the streets of Istar, as well as in the Temple. Anyone is welcome to join...have fun. There may be some guest appearances, seeing as the timefrime in which this story takes place. But that will have to happen as the story progresses.

IC: It was humid in Istar this day. The sun was beating down from above. The weather had been getting hotter than normal lately. But that didn't stop the people from going out and about. The hawkers stood on the corners shouting out their wares. The citizens of Istar bustled in this direction, and in that. Today was going to be a busy day.

The city was full to bursting at the moment. The Kingpriest had declared this day a holiday. A holiday for the Gods, or so he said. For some reason there was a tension that hung over the city. The Temple was bustling of late. The clerics running everywhere, seeming to be in a bigger hurry than anyone had ever seen them in.

The streets were filled with a buzz. Most people were heading for the Arena where the Gladiators were soon to begin. Something about seeing fighting, and "blood" being shed excited this *goodly* city..

Darius stood on the steps of the Temple. He looked out over the crowds and sighed. There they were, the sheep being hearded around. What ever happened to the calm and cool demeanor of the people of Istar. Things had changed lately, something that Darius did not take comfort in. He was a Cleric of Paladine and had been so for a dozen years now. He had seen people come and go. He had seen false faiths smashed down by the Kingpriest. But all for what? Darius thought to himself.

"Things are changing...Am I the only one to realize this?" Darius thought to himself. With a sigh, he left the steps and returned to the chill halls of the Temple. Soon the Kingpriest would be giving a speech..... Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

09/02/2002 11:19 AM

OOC: Kool. I think I'll join, if that's alright :)

09/02/2002 11:22 AM

OOC: Kool. I think I'll join, if that's alright :)

OOC: Of course it is. Enjoy. Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

09/02/2002 11:34 AM

Somewhere in a dark alley.

"I gotta get to the Arena!" A boy cried excitedly.

"No, you won't." An evil-looking evil guy suddenly appeared behind him.

"Who are you?" The boy asked.

The evil-looking evil guy smiled evilly, pulling out a cursed blade to chop the boy into half.

SPLAT!Eliar spat in rage and clapped his hands twice, ten male dwarves in pink dresses pop out from the floorboards and dance a graceful ballet.

"In your dreams man,
Swim very well I can,
Zap you with my lightning,
Until you start crying."

-Eliar Swiftfire in the 'The Future Fellowship'

09/02/2002 11:41 AM

Istarian guards stood at the end of the alley and heard the boy's screams. They came down the dark, smelly alley and grabbed the evil looking guy before he could escape. They dragged him through the streets of Istar while people screamed profanities at him and hurled rotten apples at him. They finally brought him to a dark corner of Istar where a gibbet was set up.

"This is a better death than you deserve, scum!" one of the guards spat in the evil-looking evil guy's face. They strung him up and flipped the switch. The platform fell from beneath the man and he fell, breaking his neck.

It wasn't long before the crows were pecking out his eyeballs and the vultures were gorging on his intestines.

OOC: :D. The Kingpriest's justice is quick, my friend swifty. Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

09/02/2002 11:45 AM

OOC: Oh cool, I didn't even have to write his death. Anyway, your thread has been blessed by me. Tata!Eliar spat in rage and clapped his hands twice, ten male dwarves in pink dresses pop out from the floorboards and dance a graceful ballet.

"In your dreams man,
Swim very well I can,
Zap you with my lightning,
Until you start crying."

-Eliar Swiftfire in the 'The Future Fellowship'

09/02/2002 12:16 PM

Keiftalnas sighed. The soft sea breeze was refreshing, and the sight of the sea laid out before him was contenting.
The scent of the salty air, and the continous lapping of the water against the shore was music to his ears. He could hear the divine voice of Habakuk being voiced in his surroundings.

He turned away from the balcony, from where he had been admiring the sea, and walked back into the relative coolness of his study. Or mediation room, as he liked to call it.
His sea green robes, made of fine silk, brushed against a small statue of a fish made of coral with pearl eyes. He bent over to admire it for a second, and his medallion of faith fell throught the folds of his robes.

It consisted of a small polished stone disk, with the symbol of Habakuk, dangling from a hemp string around his neck. It was simple, but elegant and beautiful in it's own way. His hands caressed it lovingly, and he felt the presence of the Fisher King wash over him.

He was an active priest of Habakuk, giving his blessings to those who went sailing on Temple business and to those merchants that desired safe traveling on the sea.
He was a dedicated priest, and well liked by many. His faith was strong, never wavering. The sea was his love, as was his god.

There were very few like him these days, who were so faithful and dedicated. He knew. Some of higher rank than him in the Church were rumoured to have lost their clerical powers, but never did anyone speak of such things out loud for fear of being sent to the prison. He himself never felt a loss of his own clerical magic.

09/02/2002 12:30 PM

Istarian guards stood at the end of the alley and heard the boy's screams. They came down the dark, smelly alley and grabbed the evil looking guy before he could escape. They dragged him through the streets of Istar while people screamed profanities at him and hurled rotten apples at him. They finally brought him to a dark corner of Istar where a gibbet was set up.

"This is a better death than you deserve, scum!" one of the guards spat in the evil-looking evil guy's face. They strung him up and flipped the switch. The platform fell from beneath the man and he fell, breaking his neck.

It wasn't long before the crows were pecking out his eyeballs and the vultures were gorging on his intestines.

*A blue-cloaked figure watches sternly as the evil-looking guy is hung and his entrails feasted on by vultures.*

“Darn it all to the abyss I came too late!!”

*Angrily she trudged over to the evil-looking guys body shooing away the birds. Calmly she whip’s out a giant specimen jar and scoops up his remains. She seals the jar and scribbles on it.*

“E.Swiftfire…2nd specimen.”

Then in a POOF! She disappears
I dream of the night, I dream of the moon.
I woke from this sleep, but far much to soon.

09/02/2002 12:32 PM

A tall figure in a flowing, silver dress strolled easily through the streets of Istar. Dansalie was a dark elf, but she didn't like to broadcast the fact. To the people of Istar, one elf was the same as another, and her silver garb and elven appearence went a long way towards giving her free run of the city.

She had been cast out for practicing dark magic, but had left that path behind. She had come to Istar in hopes of studying under Fistandantilus, but gave up that dream rather quickly. She had declined to take her test, deciding that the status of a wizard was detrimental to her success in Istar. She supposed the Conclave would consider her a renegade, but her magic was weak enough to slip quietly beneath their line of sight. Nowadays, she made her money betting on the gladiators at the arena, and financing expeditions of bounty hunters. She did a great deal of "charity" work for a temple of Habbakuk, and temple that seemed to be having a great deal of trouble with theives lately. Dansalie padded her pockets with proceeds from the temple on a regular basis, and occasionally rounded up a few urchins to be punished for stealing from the sacred temple of Habbakuk. For some reason, no one ever seemed to suspect the soft spoken, fair headed elven woman of corruption. Little did anyone know her nightlife involved frequenting the grungiest taverns in Istar, ferreting out information that might prove useful to the assasins she hired. One of the simplest ways to keep anyone from uncovering her double dealings a slick business was to eliminate those who suspected.

Her trip to the arenas, however, was always a mix of business and pleasure. She had quite a bit of money depending on today's festivities, but not enought to have her worried. She had a twisted sense of humor most uncommon among elves, and enjoyed nothing more than seeing a few minotaurs being torn to shreds.

*Shut up, brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-Tip!* :D:D:D:D:D:D

09/02/2002 1:00 PM

Mohrg looked up from where he sat as his employer, Dansalie, walked down the street. He got up and fell in step beside her. Had any of the known assassins of the city been seen with Dansalie there would have been uproar, he presumed the other elf had contingencies for such situations, but it wasn't likely that they involved the survival of the assassin. that didn't bother Mohrg, he was good. One of the best. And that ment no-one knew who he was. As far as the general populace were concerned he was an old friend of Dansalie who owned a respectable-sized property near the elf's own house.

Prahaps suprisingly Mohrg didn't much enjoy the gladiatoral fights. It wasn't any kind of moral objection, he just found death much more enjoyable if it was on the end of a poisoned dagger and as silent as the flight of an owl. There had been one such death last night in this very city, a minor official, who had become suspicious about the number of urchins that Dansalie was finding, had been at the buisiness end of a small mix of hemlock and nightshade, administered by Mohrg himself. He glanced up at the dead man swinging from the gallows as he spoke to Dansalie,

"Trade was good last night, how about you?""Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/02/2002 2:02 PM

This day, was a holiday. Declaired by the Kingpriest as a Holiday of the Gods. He was to be in attendance when the Kingpriest gave his speech, so he had been in prayer for an hour that morning singing of praise to his beloved god. His elven voice was beautiful, rich and full. Like the sea, he liked to think.

His soft leather sandals were sitting beside the pedestal in the middle of the small, cozy room.
He quickly slipped them on, and departed for the great Temple. He walked through the lovingly tended gardens, beautifully arrayed with many exotic and beautiful flowers.
He passed many other priests, who all seemed to be bustling about with an important purpose. He shrugged and kept walking.

The main temple stood tall and proud before him. He gazed at it in awe for a moment, a true work of art. The many spires of silver rose from the large main building, almost oval0-ish in shape. He reverently stepped through the doors of silver inlaid with beaten platinum.

He walked inside, and saw all the priests bustling around, getting ready for the main ceremony. He decided to sit on a red velvet chair and watch, waiting till it was time to begin.

09/02/2002 2:22 PM

As Dansalie and Mohrg walked towards the arena. They failed to notice the dark shapes shadowing behind them. They knew Mohrg, but most importantly, they knew Dansalie. Not just who she was, but what she was. They stood in the shadows as the two entered the arena.

"They are good," One of the figures croaked.

"Yes, no one would suspect them working together." The other answered, his voice raspy.

"Our orders are to follow them, until we recieve new orders. We will act upon this." The first one said, quickly fading into the crowd of people that were all heading for the arena.


Darius entered the chamber where the Kingpriest would be giving his speech. It was already bustling with activity. Clerics of all the gods were running around, making last minute efforts to prepare.

Darius was a human. A devote follower of Paladine. He noticed the clerics of Habakkuk, as well as his own fellow clerics of Paladine. There were many in attendance today. Supposedly the Kingpriest was going to announce some new plans. It was a secret what these plans would be...but Darius felt they were going to be life changing.

He walked over on his slippered feet and took a seat next to a Cleric of Habakkuk. An elf. He exchanged pleasentries with the elf, and rested back into the smooth marble bench. He eyed the cleric sitting next to him again. There seemed to be lines of worry on the elf's face. That was something that wasn't common on Clerics. They led peaceful lives, one without worry and anxiety....But this elf looked exactly like Darius. Could it be that he felt the tension too? What was going on in Istar? Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

09/02/2002 2:58 PM

Dansalie smiled and replied pleasantly to Mohrg's comments. She trusted Morhg more than other assasins, because he shared her gift for avoiding detection. She walked through the wide doors of the arena and turned to Morhg. "Will you be joining me? I know you don't care much for the blood sport, but it is a holiday."

She smiled charmingly and walked over to greet one of the chief clerics of Habbakuk. "Good day, sir." She greeted him demurely. She perched on the edge of a nearby seat. "How have things been at the temple lately?"*Shut up, brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-Tip!* :D:D:D:D:D:D

09/02/2002 3:02 PM

He could feel Darius studying him, and it made him uncomforatble. He also recognized the look that he had. Keift tried to veer the subject to the sudden celebration the Kingpriest had declared.
"It's rather strange," he remarked silently. Darius was looking up at the ceiling, with his hands clutching his medallion of faith. 'Must be praying for something,' he thought to himself.

He had a feeling that whatever the Kingpriest was planning, that it wasn't going to be much to the advantage of the people. It would be to advance his own ends, his power.
But he would claim it was for the good of the people. 'Yah right,' he thought to himself bitterly. His bitter attitude surprised him, and he clutched his medallion tightly in his hands.
A wave of soothing energy passed through his body. He prayed Habbakuk forgive him, for such thoughts were considered evil, against the teachings of the Church and an affront to the ultimate Good.

Darius was looking distant, obviously thinking about something other than the celebration of the gods. He decided to leave him his peace, and focus on the bustling activity.
He noticed that the sky outside was beggining to darken, and the preperations were nearly complete. He was oblivious to the fact that his mind was being probed by dark wizard renegades, and that a troop of guards was being sent after him that very moment....

((OOC: That last part about the mind probing by hired dark wizard renegades is based on the Edict of Thought Control.
A long dead Kingpriest decreed that evil thoughts would be punished, and the clerics, devoid of their power, had hired renegade wizards to probe the minds of the unwary, and ferret out those who would pose a threat to their goal of ultimate goodness.))

09/02/2002 3:19 PM

Dansalie finished chatting and returned to find a seat. She sat in one of the foremost boxes, with several open seats left. From here she had a clear view of not only the fighting, but alos most of the prominent citizens of Istar. She did her best to look innocent and serene, not very challenging given her elven ancestry. She had the distinct feeling she was being watched, but that feeling was not unusual. Istar was full of spies, both for the Kingpriest himself and for his enemies. As long as she could successfully play the two sides against one another, she would survive. Still, she glanced around for any suspicious activity.*Shut up, brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-Tip!* :D:D:D:D:D:D

09/02/2002 3:35 PM

Darius' mind was off on other ideas. He was not looking forward to the Kingpriest's speach...How could he say that? he thought to himself. That was when it happened. The Kingpriest entered and everyone in the chamber fell silent. He entered, all the light of the room seemed to shine on him. He was beautiful, Darius thought to himself. Yet, behind all that beauty, he could feel a since of sadness. He could feel....fear.

After the Kingpriest had given his speech and withdrew. Darius only sat there with a dumbfounded look on his face. How could the Kingpriest be planning this? What about the balance? A world without evil? Now Darius new what the tension was. He dropped his head in his hands and sighed.


One of the shadowy figures waded through the crowds inside the arena. He could see Dansalie and her assassin sitting near each other, but not too close. They couldn't look suspicious.

"Go talk to her...tell her that she is summoned," The other figure said.

"But we are just to watch her, report anything out of the ordinary." The other rasped.

"He told us to summon her today, the day of the celebration." the other argued.

"Fine, I will speak with her."

The figure was clad in black and waded through the crowd. He came from behind Dansalie, and quietly sat to her left. He didn't look directly at her. His presence was known. He sat there quietly waiting to be noticed and addressed.

Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

09/02/2002 5:20 PM

Dansalie had sat up rigidly when the Kingpriest walked in. His presence always left her with a profound sense of fear and anguish. Somehow, he always managed to make feel exposed, vulnerable. Her very life depended upon secrecy, and her greatest fear was being discovered for what she really was. She was shaking by the time the Kingpriest finished speaking, but quickly managed to control herself. Of course the government would enforce more laws. But she was above that, she could meet any challenge they sent her way. She might lose a few lesser lackeys to the new legislation, but the strong and clever, like herself and Morgh, would survive.

She recognized an unfamiliar presence next to her, and she turned and smiled sweetly. The black garb made her a little disconcerted, it meant that this person realized she wasn't the upright, goodly supporter of the Church she pretended to be. And if anyone else noticed that she was speaking with a black cloaked figure, suspicions could arise. She had better get this discussion over with quickly.

"Good day, and greetings in the name of Paladine." She issued a pious greeting matched by a meaningful look.
*Shut up, brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-Tip!* :D:D:D:D:D:D

09/02/2002 5:37 PM

"Paladine?" the man rasped. "Ha, doesn't that name burn your tongue?" He smiled as he watched the Dark Elf's facial features. He knew that she wasn't scared. But he was in control of the situation.

"I suppose you want to know what I am doing here, yes?" he asked. "Of course you do. As you see. I am not afraid of prying eyes. I can easily hide in the shadows just like your little assassin friend." The black clothed person slid closer to Dansalie. "I know someone who wants to meet you. Someone who could use your powers. Does this interest you?"

Oh, she is good. The figure thought. She didn't reveal any emotions. But she was interested. She could have called any one of the many guards in the arena. There was nothing stopping her from claiming that she was violated. But Sallish was smooth, just like his master taught him.

"What do you think of the Kingpriest, my dear?" Sallish eyed Dansalie. "I suppose you like him about as much as I do. There are those within the temple who love him even less. My master you see...He has a proposition....one that will....let see...rid us of the light? Does this interest you? Oh, I don't need an answer now. If you want more information....You will know where to find us."

The man smiled, showing crooked and yellow teeth. "I do hope to see you again." And with that, Sallish stood up and left, quickly melding in with the crowd. It wasn't until later that Dansalie found a small bit of paper in the pocket of her clothes. On this paper was the name of a inn in the slums of the city... the words were written in blood. Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

09/02/2002 5:54 PM

Dansalie wasn't frightened, not much anyway. After the man had spoken for several moments, she was far more intrigued than scared. She sat in the stands, half watching the festivities, mulling his words over in her head. She often tried to keep her thoughts from straying to far into the realm of secrecy, at least when out in public like this, but this time she let her precautions slide. She would find this man again, and whoever commanded him. She was curious as to what he wanted of her, but that was not her foremost concern. First, she had to find out how he knew of her, and how he knew what she thought. Her secrets were carefully guarded, and if they were leaking, she needed to find the source.

She walked home in the cool evening air, having left the arena early. Her bets would be taken care of by several lackeys, they didn't interest her unduly. After all, gambling wasn't one of her more cherished secrets. She had nearly arrived at her own villa when a shred of paper floated towards the ground. She picked it up and read it. The Ogre's Ear. She murmured to herself. Own of the more grungy inns in Istar, but not one of her frequent haunts. She ducked inside to slip a black cloak on over her silver gown, and concealed a dagger inside her boot. She toyed with the idea of bringing her mace along, but decided on an extra dagger instead. Being caught with a large weapon would only generate gossip, and that was the last thing she wanted.

She arrived at the inn about an hour later, her face concealed by her cloak. Her hair was tied back with a kerchief that skillfully covered her elven ears, and she slipped unobtrusively inside the door. She was comfortable in these surroundings, thugs asked fewer questions that clerics or officials. She shrugged off her cloak and took a seat near the center of the room, leaning over to chat idly with a human mercenary. She didn't worry about any gossip getting back to the clerics or nobles, they didn't mix with the baser elements of Istarian society. Leading a double life was ever so much easier then one would expect it to be.

She pretended to relax and chat, all the while keeping an eye and and ear open for anything unusual.*Shut up, brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-Tip!* :D:D:D:D:D:D

09/03/2002 6:36 AM

OOC: I will sooo be joining, just gove me time to think of a char. You must be psychic Dalamar, i've been wanting to make a thread like this but didn't hav the time, glad someone did.
Nae! Be-vall dannar lais na-húl, ínath arnediad bin revail gelaidh! Ínath 'wannanner be yllath gelig e-viruvor velui ned bair erchail athan Annûn, di-rynd luin Elbereth ias elenath thiliar na-'lír lam dîn aer a brand.

09/03/2002 7:12 AM

OOC:I assume that you are gonna be wanting more wizards yeah? Is this also gonna be a rein-actment of the Lost Battles? If so, is the Tower in Istar still open? For now i'll post as if it is, if it's not then i will change it. :)

IC: Tammose paced back and forth across the room, he could not study. The golden hem of his red robes was dusted with travel. He had not changed since his arrival from Wayerth. He gripped the staff tightly in his hand, a long slender wooden staff, atop which a simple ruby was held, bound by leather and magic. A meeting of the Conclave was to take place and they were to meet in this Tower, as the main topic was to be on Istar.

A soft knock came at the door.

Nae! Be-vall dannar lais na-húl, ínath arnediad bin revail gelaidh! Ínath 'wannanner be yllath gelig e-viruvor velui ned bair erchail athan Annûn, di-rynd luin Elbereth ias elenath thiliar na-'lír lam dîn aer a brand.

09/03/2002 7:38 AM

OOC: What I hope to do with this one...Is make it a "what if" sort of thing. This does not exactly have to follow the true past of Krynn. If you feel something different should happen....write it down. Keep in mind nothing absolutely drastic. But I don't want to keep this strictly to the absolute core of Istar's past. Feel free to branch out and explore different possibilities....If that is ok with everyone? Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

09/03/2002 9:01 AM

Mohrg had discreetly dissapeared once the black-dressed man had begun conversing with Dansalie. He had contemplated following the man and disposing of him, but decided to tail Dansalie, and this time he was certain no-one was on his trail. The stranger would appear again no doubt, mohrg could deal with him then. He sat quietly in a dark corner of the Ogre's Ear, making sure that Dansalie couldn't locate him. And niether could any of the strangers......associates."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/03/2002 10:19 AM

OOC: Sounds good to me Dal.
Nae! Be-vall dannar lais na-húl, ínath arnediad bin revail gelaidh! Ínath 'wannanner be yllath gelig e-viruvor velui ned bair erchail athan Annûn, di-rynd luin Elbereth ias elenath thiliar na-'lír lam dîn aer a brand.

09/03/2002 1:47 PM

The knock was repeated and he opened the door. "Yes...what is it?", the apprentice stood shaking visibly. He sighed. "My Master begs your forgiveness Archmage but he is detained and will not be able to entertain your presence this evenig and so asks that you meet him at the same time on tomorrows eve?"

"Very....i shall.....it shall give me time to study....tell him i agree....", the apprentice scurried off, and he sank into a chair, sighing heavily. Oh well....at least it will give me time to browse the streets
Nae! Be-vall dannar lais na-húl, ínath arnediad bin revail gelaidh! Ínath 'wannanner be yllath gelig e-viruvor velui ned bair erchail athan Annûn, di-rynd luin Elbereth ias elenath thiliar na-'lír lam dîn aer a brand.

09/03/2002 3:15 PM

Two silver-armoured and red caped men walked into the hall, and towards Keift when the ceremony was finished and the priests started disepresing. Keift, was unaware and listening to one of his brother priests speaks of madness on the part of the Kingpriest.
A large part of his mind agreed, deinging that it would unbalance the world the way it was made by the Gods. That's when the two armed imperial guards flanked him, and demanded he follow them in peace.

His eyes widened in fear and surprise, but he quickly followed in silence. He could see many priests staring at him as he passed, including his brother priest who was silently cursing the Kingpriest.
He knew it was all part of his Edict of Thought Control, that tried to eradicate the evil thought from the minds of men by removing those who they deemed a threat. 'Keift was not such a man,' Greas thought to himself. "Unjustice will be served," he said under his breath before turning away and leaving.


Keift didn'tsay a word, or struggle as he was led to a squat, gray stoned building in the shadows of the Great Temple.
It was one he had never remembered seeing, but then there was always shadows in that corner. Even darker at night. He was led through a rectanuglar doorway, where they were met by a white robed man.

He was old, and had the look of a man without mercy. His eyes were slanted like a snake', and his features were sharp and unhandsome. He gestured with a gnarled, bony finger to a small room, lit by candled all around. It smelled slightly of death, but masked by exotic perfmes and scented oils.

His guards were standing outside the door, and he was left with the white robed man in the small room with a stone table and two uncomforatble looking, wooden high backed chairs.
"Please, have a seat," he said. His voice sounded like nails scratching a blackboard. It sent chills down his spine. He took the seat offered, and sat silently, waiting.
The man paced the room before him, and his eyes followed as he finally sat down across from him.

"Now, it has come to my understanding that you have been violating the holy rules set by the Kingpriest himself. Thinking unholy thoughts that are punished by that law. The consequences can be," his lips curled into a sneer "fatal to your health."
Keift was visibly surprised by the words that were being spoken to him. What was he talking about? he thought desperately. "But, unfortanutely, we have deemed you a threat and justice shall be served swiftly."
As he was talking, a large man with a gleaming steel axe entered the room. He wore all black, with a mask covering his face.

Keift was led out of the room, and to a slightly bigger and darker room down the hall. On the floor before him was a stone chopping block, and thats when he started protesting. "Wha- how can this happen- when-." He was gagged, and his hands were tied behind him. He was slammed unmercifully onto the blood stained block. His head was held down, and injustice was dealt.

((OOC: My chara's have a tendency to die early in the thread... but I have a new one coming!))

09/03/2002 6:05 PM

The figure in black entered the room slowly. The inn was full, so it was pretty easy to move around without being noticed. The figure noticed Dansalie sitting at a table and making idle chit-chat with others. The black robed figure silently slipped through the crowds and sat silently across the table from Dansalie.

"Good evening to you, my lady." The figure smiled from the depths of his hood. "Do you know who I am? Probably not. I am no one of importance." The figure smiled and pulled back his hood. He had a thin face, pinched. He was not a handsome man by any means.

"But the important thing," he continued, "is that I know who you are! I know what you are. A Dark elf." he dropped his voice, looking around quickly. "Oh don't worry. I won't give away your secret. But you must do something for me. As you can see. I am a mage. A Black Robe. There are some of my kind who feel the Kingpriest is more of a nuisance than the 'god' he feels he is."

"Are you interested? Of course you are." The figure smiled. "This is what I am going to do for you. You, or your assassin. Nevermind which, will try to....extricate... the Kingpriest from his control...He is a dangerous man...Many do not realize this. But my comrades and I see this...I will send a mage to help you....if you would like...His name is Tammose. He doesn't know about this yet...but I am sure with a little persuading...he will see the cause...You never know with those Red Robes. If not....A dagger in the heart works just as well."

"I will give you time to think...I am sure your assassin would like some...magical means to enter the temple...if that is what you plan. But the choice is yours....I will see you again, though you will not see me. One of my ...Men...will get your answer. Good day to you" The black robe stood up and left the inn quickly, leaving Dansalie with her thoughts... Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

09/04/2002 10:30 AM

Dansalie was getting just a little bit tired of all these cryptic messages, followed by abrupt exits. She was used to being in charge of what happened to her, and this business left her feeling strangely out of control. She remained sitting for a moment, mulling over his words. She decided to spend the evening at this particular inn, so as not to look suspicious.

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09/04/2002 11:41 AM

Mohrg got up as the Black Robe left, and headed for Dansalie's table, he sat opposite her, his slanted elven eyes even narrower than usual.

"So, what have we got pulled into now?"

Alright, so Mohrg hadn't been spoken to personaly, but if it threatened Dansalie it threatened him. Besides, he was her left-hand man. She didn't have a right-hand man as far as he knew, but he didn't intend to become it, they had a notoriously short life expectancy.

OOC;I think it's the Kingpriest he's talking about."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/04/2002 1:20 PM

Rhodriks' young features were lined in concentration. The arcane manual before him was old, and dusty, with green leather binding and faded gold lettering.
He wore his father's spectacles, which were magically enhanced as such they can help read in dim areas of poor lighting, and decipher some of the arcane words within. His vibrant leaf green eyes passed over the title, and his hands lovingly stroked the soft leather binding.

It was the spellbook of a long forgotten mage, who lived in the Age of Dreams. His blood red robes of velvet, and rune inscripted hem marked him as a mage dedicated to the Veiled Maiden. Lunitari, goddes of neutral magic.
Following in the footsteps of his father, he was already a full-fledged mage, having recently passed his Test of High Sorcery. His fourteen years were deemed too young to take the Test, which was known to have fatal consequences for those who weren't dedicated and skilled in the Art.

But his father pleaded with the Conclave, asking them to test his son. They finally agreed, respecting the judgement of one of their most prominent mages. He passed his Test with flying colours, which surprised many who thought he was too young and would fail. His skill was hereditary some said, both his mother and father being mages of great skill themselves.

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09/04/2002 1:49 PM

It was now two month's later, and he currently resided in the Tower of High Sorcery in Istar. His knowledge of the arcane had grown, flourishing. He was able to cast spells far above his level. He loved casting illusions, one of the main domains of magic excelled by the Red Robes.
This day, he sat in the library reading over musty old tomes and spellbooks from the Age of Dreams. It was a subject that greatly interested him, and he had in his possesion one such artifact from that age. It was the Ring of Illusions, granting the user greater power in the casting of more complex illusions.

It was an item he treasured not only for it's power, but of it's sentimental value. For it had been passed down through his family, from father to son since long ago in the Age of Might.
It was a gift from his father when he passed his Test. The ring fit perfectly, and he knew that when the time came that it became too small, it would grow and fit perfectly again.

One of the enchantments laid upon it by it's creator, said to be Lunitari herself. It was an ornately braided platinum ring, with beaten pieces of what is said to be the red moon on it. It sparkled when he looked at it. Such is what makes it so powerful.

A hand came from behind and rested on his shoulder. "I'm guessing you'd be hungry by now, eh?" The voice coming from behind him, was soft but strong, belonging to a man in his mid forties. He turned and smiled. "Yes, father. I'll come with you to the market."
His father looked happier when he heard those words coming out of his mouth. He had been trying to get his son out of the Tower, get him out into the open air for a time.
But Rhodric had always said he had been too busy researching on spell components or mysterious runes. But today, he decided to please his father, and go with him the the Market Bazaar in central Istar.

09/04/2002 1:59 PM

It was a beautiful day, he could see. The sun was shining, and there were children out playing everywhere. The sun shined on his handsome face, with the chiseled features and powerful demeanor of his father. He had his mother's vibrant leaf green eyes and slightly uprturned nose. But his light brown hair was a mystery to them, his mother having red-blond and his father, ebony black hair.

That day, the main streets leading to the central hub that was the Market were crammed with people from all over. He could see many Karthayan traders, dwarven smiths selling finely crafted metalworks, elven bards with their beautiful voices to please their crowd, and peddlers selling rabbits feet and such for good luck charms.
He watched as a street magician wearing colourful robes was pulling rabbits of of hats, and coins out of childrens' ears. It was a holiday, so said by the Kingpriest. To honor the Gods, and the many temples were crowded with people wanting to worship them.

He followed his father through the milling people, and found a small bakery shop where they bought a loaf of fresh bread. After, they passed a fruit stall, and bought some apples.
Finally, a cheese vendor came into view, and they bought a round of cheese. They made their way to a small garden area, where people would go for some peace and quiet. They sat on a marble bench beside a bed of beautifully scented, and exotic flowers.

They ate their meal, and talked alot about magic and current politics. He listened to his father's stories of distant Solamnia in the west, that he had heard many times when he was much younger. But he decided to humour his father, and pretended to listen with interest. Then came the time when he would return to the tower, and continue his studies. He said goodbye to his father, who said he would stop by the mageware shop before returning to the tower.

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09/04/2002 5:07 PM

OOC: Yes Kit, The Kingpriest. I am sorry if I haven't made it clear. I have been very busy with work and haven't been able to get in here much. I have been doing the best I can with my quick posts. I will add more later. Sorry again. Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

09/04/2002 5:47 PM

OOC: That's ok DD. :) I'm not going to be able to post as much either (and consequently don't always read as carefully as I should...) and I hope I don't fall behind.

IC: Dansalie casually leaned closer to Morgh and spoke softly. Not a whisper, for that might attract attention, but a quiet tone that wouldn't carry throughout the inn.

"That man knows more than anyone should about me, and he seems to be part of a long string of 'higher-ups.' An odd business, but at the same time an intriguing one..." She paused for a moment to make sure no one had been listning to their conversation. No one was, as she had expected. It was frankly amazing how one could hold secret conversations in crowded inns without anyone batting an eye.

"I'll be heading home for the night. I still have a few things to think about. I'm going to the temple tommorow morning, I have much to "atone" for." She said with a sly smile. "If I hear anything more, I'll get in touch with you." *Shut up, brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-Tip!* :D:D:D:D:D:D

09/05/2002 9:07 AM

Mohrg nodded,

"I'll be at home for the next day or so in any case, the shipping is going to be sorted soon, now that was a difficult deal to crack."

One of Morhg's "open air" vocations was as a dealer in merchentile shipping and other trades. And he'd done pretty well at it as well.

"I can get a good view of the temple if you want me to keep an eye on you, but you'll be alone once you get inside. In any case, you know where to find me."

He nodded to her again as he got up and left, heading back to his residence."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/05/2002 3:41 PM

Much later, on his way back to the Tower of High Sorcery, Rhodric spotted his father speaking to some Imperial Guardsmen. It looked as if they were having a diseagreement about something, and he started walking towards them. But suddenly, his robes were yanked from behind him.
He turned, to see a smiling kender looking up at him. "Hullo, I'm Graft Strayfingers. Nice to meet you," he said this as he extended his hand. "Excuse me, Master kender, but I have important business to attend to. I bid you a good night."

With that, he turned and started walking away when again his robes were tugged from behind. "Are you a mage? I so love magic! Could you do a magic trick for me? Maybe turn me into a mouse, or make me float in the air!" Graft squeeled in excitement. "Hey? Where are you going?"
He had already turned away and started walking slightly faster, giving the kender a hard time catching up. He looked up the street, and saw that the Guards and his father weren't there anymore.

Puzzled, he looked left and right, then back from where he came from. All he saw were the usual night goers, and the kender who was distracted by a grumpy old dwarf selling gold toys. He decided to forget it, and return to the Tower and get some sleep.

09/07/2002 9:08 AM

Dansalie woke up late the next morning. She washed up and carefully selected an outfit. She wore flowing light blue skirts and a tailored white shirt. She put on a sturdy pair of shoes and a deeper blue shawl. The entire ensemble was comfortable enough to move quickly in, but still seemed appropriately well dressed.

She concealed several daggers on her person, but no more than she usually carried. She didn't have any definite plans yet, but she wanted to be prepared just in case. She walked outside into the brisk morning air, and made a beeline for the Temple of Habbakuk. It was a beautiful building right on the sea, surrounded by exotic gardens and pools of water. She walked slowly through the gardens, stopping to study a budding flower or a baby bird. Her elven nature hadn't completely disappeared, after all.

She walked in and greeted several of the clerics, then sat down in the temple to meditate and pray. She put all her effort into forming the words of common prayers, always a little cautious of who might be reading her thoughts. Once she had finished she walked outside, passing another gorup of visitors on the way.*Shut up, brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-Tip!* :D:D:D:D:D:D

09/07/2002 9:24 AM

Mohrg watched silently from the roof of his residence, Dansalie had just left the temple of Habbakuk. The assassin wasn't sure what Dansalie was going to do now, ideed - he doubted that she did. He looked down at the ring of Mind Shielding that adorned one finger, it wasn't as if it was going to be missing but.....well, if he lost that ring he was as good as dead. He tracked Dansalie with his cold eyes as she walked down the street.

I'm with you all the way.."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/07/2002 2:05 PM

The next morning, while Rhodric was silently meditating in his bed chamber, he heard a soft knock on the door. He whispered something uninteligible, and the door shimmered for a moment then opened.
There stood a mage of the white robes, an archmage that was a good friends with his father. He looked anxious about something, and he detected sadness in his eyes. "Good morning, Archmagus. What can I do for you today?" he asked politely.

He had great respect for Hedebert, who had saved his father's life once. Hedebert and his father had been on an expedition together, in the wilds of the Khur desertlands.
They had volunteered to look for the elusive dragonweed, an herb that only grew in the arid and hot regions of Khur. It was a long and taxing journey, but they had succeeded in finding a small specimen, and were on the return trip to the Tower of Wayreth.
But halfway through the desert, they were attacked by a roaming band of desert barbarians. His father had been grievously injured, and Hedebert saved them both by transporting them back to a safe area. His father had been eternally grateful, and they had been friends since.

Now Hedebert stood before him, with worry and a sad frown on his face. "Rhodric, dear boy, I have grievous news. I'm afraid, that your-" he hesitated for a second, then he just let it all out.
"Your father has disappeared, and we fear the worst. We have mages scrying and diving his location, but there is dark sorcery at work here. Somehow, renagade mages have tapped into a great source of power, and are using it to shield the location of your father. Im so sorry my boy, but we are trying our best. We have alerted the City Guards, but you now how much they detest us, though they make a show of indifference."

Rhodric stood there, shocked. Utterly and completely. He remembered the other day when he saw his father confront a trio of Imperial Temple Guards, before he was approached by the kender.
When he returned to the Tower, he found that his father had left no trace of ever returning, but Rhodric never suspected he would have been in trouble. He slept the night through, and he was slightly disturbed that his father hadn't returned.

"Hedebert, I.... I.." He was at a loss for words. The phrase he was concentrating on to keep the peace in his mind was lost, and his thoughts were all alarmed and disordered. Hedebert came into his bed chamber, and helped him stand. "There is something you can do thought," he heard Hdebert say. "Is there anything you remember that you heard or saw your father do? It could help. We need to find a lead, something that will help in the search. Do you, Rhodric, remember anything?......."

The words were lost to him. All he could hear was the insistant pounding in his head, like his heart had taken residence in his skull.
Silence. He looked all around him, and all he saw were blurry images of reality. He closed his eyes, and looked inside himself. He saw a broken images of his father, fleeing his grasp.
He tried desperately to cling to his fathers hands, as they were pulled away from him by an unseen force. He turned, and saw a man in billowing black robes, sneering down on him, with his evil red eyes and hooked nose. Then, all he saw was darkness.
Folding in upon itself, as if it was trying to chase away the beings that stood on it's plane of etheral shadows................. ........ .................. . ....................... .................. ...... ............. ........... .............

09/07/2002 2:15 PM

He awoke in a candle lit room, on a bed that was not his own. He groaned, and looked around.
He saw his red robes and pouches resting on a chair to his left, while a pitcher of water and a pewter cup were laid on a table to his right. He sat up, and instantly his head started pounding.
He laid back down, and was relieved when the pounding lessended, then stopped altogether. His hands strayed to the ring on his right hand, index finger.

He was relieved that it was still there, if not the other lesser magic rings or charms in his possesion.
He guessed that the person who tried to pry it off, was unsuccesful becasue of the other enchantment which hled the ring.
It could only be taken off, or given to someone willingly by the current user. When he died even, it would stay on his finger, never to be used again.

Then he started asking questions. Where am I? Why am I here? He remembered vaguely speaking to Hedebert, listening to him and recalling the news that he brought, then falling into darkness, as he was overtook by the growing shadows in his head. He remembered the news of his father, and grief overtook him. If his father dead, he would never forgive himself. That night when he was confronted by the guards, he had a chance to see what was amiss. But the fool kender had distracted him, and now he would never know.

There was a door at the end of the small chamber, slightly ajar. He could hear voices, and the soft rustling of robes. He smelled sulfur, like the sticks of such burned in the temples.

OOC: Ok, here is where I stop for the day. I would encourage if someone wanted cross paths with my chara's plight. I'll be back in about.... two days, maybe more. I'm going somewhere..... north. Cya ;)

09/07/2002 2:21 PM

OOC: What I hope to do with this one...Is make it a "what if" sort of thing. This does not exactly have to follow the true past of Krynn. If you feel something different should happen....write it down. Keep in mind nothing absolutely drastic. But I don't want to keep this strictly to the absolute core of Istar's past. Feel free to branch out and explore different possibilities....If that is ok with everyone?

OOC: My last two posts will be related to a "twist" im adding to the thread, of a currently unknown evil which will reveal itself in the form of a mysterious character. It is loosely related to the core of Istar's history. It will be like an unknown evil lurking in the city of ultimate Good. Kind of ironic.

09/10/2002 5:57 PM

Darius sat with his back rigid, watching the Kingpriest in his daily leading of prayer. There was little that Darius missed. He watched the Kingpriest with every passing seconds. Often forgetting words to the prayers that he had spoken since he was much younger. His white robes nestled around his body in a wave of cloth. The room was full today. There was clerics from many septs of the gods. The Kingpriest looked tired. His brilliant glow seemed to be a little dim. Darius noticed something that he never noticed before, Fear? Tiredness? That was simply inconcievable. The Kingpriest couldn't be afraid. He had the power of the gods behind him.

A shadow moved next to the Kingpriest. Darkness and Light. It only seemed right. A black robed mage. Why did the Kingpriest allow this black robe to keep council with him. Maybe this..Fistandantilus..was behind the changes. That name still didn't come easy to Darius' tongue. The Black Robe constantly lent his voice to the Kingpriest. Maybe he was behind the Kingpriest's new judgement. To ask such a favor from the gods...didn't he see his folly? Maybe...he should be stopped....NO! How could he even think about that. The Kingpriest was everything good...but still...maybe something should be done...

Darius watched a robed figure slip out of the room. He knew from other of the members of his order that his woman's name was Dansalie. There was little that anyone knew about this woman. But she always seemed to know everything. Maybe she could help. Maybe she would know what to do. With one last look at the Kingpriest, Darius stood up and slipped out the door..... Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

09/16/2002 4:49 PM

OOC: I like this storyline and I don't want it to die.... hopefully people will come back to finish it!

IC: Dansalie walked down the marble stairs in front of the temple, acutely aware that she was being followed. Once she was a safe distance away from the temple she turned around. A white robed figure (that's you Darius!) wasn't far behind.

"Greetings in the name of E'li!" She called out cheerfully. "I beg your pardon, but I don't believe we've met before. I hope I didn't offend you by walking out during services. I would have stayed, but I have much work to do.... I do a great deal of work at the Temple of Habbakuk, although I am not a cleric myself. I attend the Temple of Paladine for the morning services when time permits." She smiled charmingly, hoping she had come off as innocent enough. This whole business lately had made her uneasy, she figured she had become far too accustomed to being in complete control.*Shut up, brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-Tip!* :D:D:D:D:D:D

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