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09/01/2002 8:55 AM

OOC;This is a thread that DarkMaster and I are running, all are welcome to join in but I do ask that your charecters are not too powerful, and that includes dragons, elementals, gods and halfbreeds of all the above. And yes, the town is just made up off the top of my head. Anyway; on with the show....

The town of Dargjevac is situated in far northern Ansalon, it is seperated from the rest of the continent by the huge mountain ranges, the only entrance being through a pass to the south that is closed by the winter weather. To the west lies a sheltered bay that provides a harbour for the boats of the local fishermen, beneath the still waters lies the corpse of a White Dragon, though her attack on the town is recorded the source of her demise is not, but from the looks of the corpse whatever it was was very powerful. To the North lie more mountains and a complex of ancient catacombs, the inhabitents of which are less that restive, to the East a vast pine forest streaches far into the distance down the mountain range.

In the summer the town becomes a magnet for adventurers and mercenaries who seek work between the wars that rage sporadicaly across the rest of Ansalon, for the area is plauged by the inhabitents of the forests and the catacombs.

There are several important figures within the township. One is a reclusive
red-robe who lives in his tower and generaly keeps aloof of the adventurers, except of course if they have money enough to pay for his powers and advice. The town is run by a mayor who is advised by the local blacksmith and innkeeper, both of whom make a hefty profit from the adventurers in the summer, the mayor himself is also rich, though the source of the wealth is unknown.

It is summer in Ansalon, a few years prior to the War of the Lance. Ansalon is for the most part, at peace. Groups of adventurers, men and women of the sword and a few mages come north through the pass into Dargjevac, attracted by tails of loot to be had in the mountain catacombs and the forest ruins, as wel as the bounties offered by the mayor and his advisors for those who would deal with the increase of monsters in the lands immediatly surrounding the town. Almost without exeption these adventurers head for the Fallen Pine, the only inn in the town for rest, food and information...."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

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09/01/2002 9:12 AM

OOC: okay...I'll join...but I have a problem in choosing a character....I haven't used Kynia and Kyel for a while...(half elf/irdra uses psychosomatic power...isn't overly powerful...tends to tire easily...Kyel is her Silver/white stallion who has power of his own, but usually uses it to assist Kynia)

hmmm...though Jury (also uses psycosomatic power) is more of the treasure-hunter type....then there's Ember...just you average fighter, she ueses no magic, just simple earth based spells...and is actually half feline (hehe...Catwoman LOL)

I don't know you guys chooseKeep your strength
And keep your pride
Keep your wits close by your side
Time will tell, and freedom come-
Before the fight is done.

09/01/2002 9:24 AM

OOC;Personally I say go for Ember, besides your charecter doesn't have to be there to treasure-hunt they could be there to help the locals deal with the increase in monster activity. just post an IC arrival in the inn and one of mine or DarkMaster's charecters will turn up."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/01/2002 11:52 AM

OOC: Up to yourself Kalia, but i think ember might be a good idea aswell. One other thing, this is set just before the war of the lance, a time of relative peace, and not just after the chaos war. Maugetar is gonna make the correction anyway.

Nae! Be-vall dannar lais na-húl, ínath arnediad bin revail gelaidh! Ínath 'wannanner be yllath gelig e-viruvor velui ned bair erchail athan Annûn, di-rynd luin Elbereth ias elenath thiliar na-'lír lam dîn aer a brand.

09/01/2002 1:05 PM

Emmerallakhat. A beauty of corruption. His slender but large body curled in a ball as he slept soundly amoungst the ancient grounds, surrounded by the dense and lush woodland. Treasures acted as his bedding. Gold, silver, precious stones. But his most prized possessions were his artifacts of the arcane. As it is well known.....that a Green Dragon covets magic above anything else. But he was no ordinary common green. He had a history, all ready laid down by his Sire whom to the mortals was known as Cyan Bloodbane, and so to mortals, he was Emmer Bloodbane, the very mention of the name was often enough to turn the heads of other dragons who would seek his wealth and lore.

His tail twitched as it un-curled around his snout. He un done the rest of his sinuous body and stretched, yawning with a mouth of white teeth that would skewer a ox. Claws gouged out great lumps of earth as he tore them along the entrance of his lair. The sweet sent of morning air filled his nostrils, the great pines, birds and the smells of prey. He was hungry.

An imp flew across his path. It laughed manically. Emmer groaned. "Hmmm.....what is it you want?", it grinned again, "Fat inkeep wants to speak with you.....when bring him?", he mused over this. He wondered what the innkeeper had to tell him. "Tell that blubbering blob that he may come at dusk, i have things to attend to...now go."

The creature skampered of and Emmer emerged into the sunshine. the light glinted off emerald scales, as the muscles moved in time, fluid and strong. The vines surrounding the cave, caressed his scales, "Morning my beauties.....sleep well.....", he chuckled then continued on. More of the vines covered the area around the temple, hiding amoungst trees and crevasses. He leapt into the air in search for breakfast.
Nae! Be-vall dannar lais na-húl, ínath arnediad bin revail gelaidh! Ínath 'wannanner be yllath gelig e-viruvor velui ned bair erchail athan Annûn, di-rynd luin Elbereth ias elenath thiliar na-'lír lam dîn aer a brand.

09/01/2002 2:19 PM

Ember decided to stay at this particular campsite for the remainder of the day. She tied back her thick mane of pale golden hair away from her face. Her wiskers twitched in the morning breeze and she caught a musky scent on the wind.

Her ears twitched anxiously, and her tail twitched as she directed her gaze skyward as a Green dragon flew overhead. She dropped to a crouch, her claws Flexed instinctively as the dragonfear washed over her. her tail twined around her leg, and her ears flattened back, her lips curled up in a hiss of an all too useless-defense...revealing pair of milky-white fangs.

Her packhorse Reared, and bolted, tumbling his blanket to the ground...Ember tried to make a lunge for the lead rope, but landed in the dirt instead. She cursed as she watched the horse dissapear through the trees. Ember Spat in rage and kicked dirt on the fire, watching the flames spark and sputter though the dirt.

she proceeded to go through her belongings...figuring that was the last she'll see of that particular horse...She had better lighten her load.Keep your strength
And keep your pride
Keep your wits close by your side
Time will tell, and freedom come-
Before the fight is done.

09/01/2002 4:31 PM

Vincent Sarrus walked into the town of Dargjevac with little more than the clothes on his back. The crowds were thick this day. Many people were walking down the main street. Others broke off and headed in different directions. Vincent only had one place in mind, The Fallen Pine.

He was a thin, yet well-muscled man of his mid-twenties. He was clothed almost all in black. Black leather pants and a white cotton shirt, covered (even in the heat) by a long leather trenchcoat. His black hair was tied back with a leather thong. His high cheekbones were covered with a day's growth of stubble. But Vincent had never cared if he looked inviting. He was a rogue, a sellsword. Once he had even been hired as an assassin.

He kept one hand wrapped around the hilt of the sword at his waist. Even the hilt of this sword was wrapped in black leather. Many men larger than him looked in his direction, but they didn't bother Vincent. He had the look that he knew how to use his weapons. He also had a long-bladed dagger in his belt, as well as another in his boot.

He waded through the crowds of people, finally finding a sign that depicted a pine tree laying on its side.

"This is the place..." he rasped quietly.

He opened the door, and was greeted by the sounds of men just like him. There were people and races of all kinds. He stepped inside and let the door close behind him....

Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

09/01/2002 6:52 PM

Iydarus sighed with pleasure. His well muscled, bronzed body lied in a small forest glade. The beautiful sunshine fell through the thick treetops, and light dances along the forest floor.
The smell of pine wood filled his nostrils as he breathed deep. His acute sense of smell appreciated the scents of the forest, which he called home.

The village of Dargjevac was less than half a days march to the west of there. He had a liking for the local populace, who were inviting and friendly.
But there were dark rumours of a dragon, some would say black, and even more would stake their lives it was a mighty green, that was stalking in the mountains.

Some strange things had been happening in the forest lately, he addmited to himself. But right now, all he worried about was getting himself some breakfast.
There were some wild fruit trees, in the west nearer the village. He would also snare himself a rabbit, too.

He sat up, and the light played on his head, where soft shoulder hair brown hair was illuminated, tied with a thong at the base of his neck, and was complimented by his forest green eyes flecked with gold.


Head lived in Southern Ergoth for much of his earlier years, but was forced to leave when a green dragon had moved in and claimed that territory.
His parents and sister were killed when they opposed him, and he survived and fled Southern Ergoth.

He swam to the main continent of Ansalon, to the north-eastern province of Coastlund, which was directly east of the forest from which he had lived ans shared so many memories.
It wasn't terribly far, and he was aided by his own natural magic, which allowed him to breath under water and made him more resistant.

From there, he explored much of the main contient of Ansalon. He passed silently through the Qualinesti and Silvanesti where his brethren were used as slaves, and traveled Abanasinia.
Then he went north, and discovered the small village of Dargjevac, and the pine forest directly east. It was beautiful, and peaceful. He decided to live here, in the forest.

He quickly made friends with many villagers, and they appreciated his skill at the hunt. He had a good eye, and a swift shot. His bow and arrow were the intruments of a master.
The few other scant possesions he owned were a small ivory comb that belonged to his sister, which he kept in memory and honour of his family, and a bone handled dagger of fine steel.

He also carried a small pouch of herbs, some for healing poultices, and some for food flavouring.
Other than that, a waterskin and the clother he had on his back. Which consisted moccassins and leather pants, both of soft tanned leather.

He also had a tattoo on his eye. It was an artfully rendered oak leaf, in orange and yellow, and the leaf itself was done around his left eye, and the stem fell on to his cheek and slightly curled.
It was in honour of his favourite season: autumn. When the leaves on the trees changed to many different colours, putting on a dazzlig display.

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09/02/2002 2:37 AM

The man trembled, only fear of worse to come kept him from crying out like a baby. A huge eye watched him from the shadows on the other side of the permenently twilight cavern, the eye was locked with the man's as the owner read through his mind like the pages of a book. Then the voice. The words not spoken but hammering themselves into his mind, alien twisting thoughts piercing through all his own,

I have what I need...but for one thing

The man screamed now, and backed away as his own shadow stepped away from him and rose up to strike him. As it's cold touch drained him of his life the Shadow grew fuller and stronger. Eventualy the man fell to the floor as shrivlled unrecognisable husk.


As Ember finished sifting through her pack, she felt an odd twinge, then she heard someone whisper something she didn't catch. However when she looked there was no-one around. Although she did remember something about a town called.....Dargjevac it was called. She also remembered that it was to the east of her now and that she wanted to go there for some reason. Something about the mayor's residence.


In the Fallen Pine, Vincent Sarrus sat holding his beer. Then he noticed a large man who, despite his long grey hair, looked about twenty something approaching him. The man carried no visiable wepaons, but had the familiar gait of a fighting man. He seated himself next to Vincent and spoke in a slightly growling, but none the less civil voice,

"You are a sell sword am I correct? I've heard tell of a man called Sarrus who dresses like you. You be interested in earning a fair bit of money? If so go to the mayor's residence at noon today. There's a heft wage for the job my friend."

With that he left, but the innkeeper had sidled up to Vincent to re-fill his beer,

"So, yer looking to make some money wi' that pigsticker o'yours eh? Well I've a better way than takeing a job with a wage. There's these catacombs y'see north o' the town filled with the dead they are y'know, and not all o'em at rest either. But on the other hand, there's a lot of loot ter be had in them catacombs if ye cen find it."

A man from a back room beconed to the innkeep and he left in a hurry into the back of the inn, leaving Vincent to ponder his choices.


Behined Iydarus a group of bizzare looking creatures approached stealthily, thier lower bodies those of snakes, but from the waist up they were reptillian humanoids. Each one clutched a twisted sword, axe, mace or spear. The Yuan-ti approached silently, what happened next was no fault of thiers, but Iydarus was startled out of his skin by a twisted, alien voice that surged into his mind like a battering ram,

Behined you!

As Iydarus turn to see them, the Yuan-ti reared up to thier full, rather impressive, hieght and raised thier weapons, obviously they were preparing to attack the traveller. Iydarus had no chance of taking them all on at once, but the town was to far to escape to. The the vioce cut in again,

The mountains. Run to the mauntains.


From the mountains a tall figure looked out over the plain, his unnaturally good eyesight corrobrated what his Master had told him. The Yuan-ti had moved, hopefuly the man would heed the voice of the Master, though he didn't know it as such. Either way the watcher and his troops were moving out to meet the Yuan-ti. Although they went to war, none carried weapons, the Grey Brothers had no need of such tools.

Deep within the mountain a voice like tombstones crashing in the darkness roared out, a voice like that of death himself,

"And so it begins anew!"

And a second, unspoken sentence reached the mind of the Green flying over the forests to the east.

On with the games."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/02/2002 5:40 AM

The monstrosities that were arrayed before him were unnatural, an affront to the gods.
He whispered a prayer to Chislev, the goddess of Nature. He couldn't hope to beat them on his own, so he had no choice but to run.
Fortunately, he had lived in this forest for many years, so he knew it like the back of his hand. It was asy for him to run through the forest, avoiding trees and roots with the agility and grace of a cat.

They couldn't hope to catch up with him, and he decided to avoid them further by hiding in the treetops.
They were thick with foliage, and would hide him nicely. From there, he would study the creatures, and ambush them.
There was a hemp net safely tucked into an abandoned squirel hole. He quietly slipped it out, and prepared it to throw.

09/02/2002 7:17 AM

After a moment or two, the Yuan-ti could be seen from Iydarus' postion, but they never made it into the range of his net. As far as Iydarus could see through the foliage before him they were fighting humans, but he couldn't see the flash of weapon-metal. Iydarus could hear something now, faintly against the background of the fight below him. A faint humming sound, wait - no, it was growing stronger. Iydarus shook his head, trying to get rid of the infernal noise but it intensified constantly until, eventualy, he fell unconcious and slipped from the tree.

How long it was before he woke he didn't know, but he was in a comfortable bed looking up at a wooden ceiling. To his right he could see a window that looked out over what he recognised as Dargjevac. Then a deep voice came from the other side of the room,

"Ah! He is awake."

The source of the voice was a large man who, despite his long grey hair, looked about twenty-something."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

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09/02/2002 9:54 AM

Vincent finished his beer in one gulp. Then screeched his chair back, and after adjusting his long leather jacket, he left the inn. As he walked down the streets he pondered his choices. "To the mayor's residence, or the catacombs?" he thought to himself. It sounded like either way he was going to get some money.

He bumped into many people as he made his way towards the mayor's house. It was a large establishment that could be seen from many streets away. Vincent stopped in the middle of the boulavard and looked quietly at the residence. It was imposing, that was for sure. But somehow, Vincent felt that direction held much more danger. He wanted to be alive to spend his money.

So with his hand on the hilt of his sword, Vincent swung to the left and headed north. He was out of the town within the hour and on his way to the catacombs. He had purchased a map, but as to how valid it was, he couldn't tell. Oh well, if the innkeep was to be trusted, there was plenty of gold in Vincent's future. Just waiting to be recovered... Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

09/02/2002 10:45 AM

Emmer licked his lips as he finsihed his breakfast, then he heard the vibration of a voice, swimming around in his head. On with the games

He laughed softly, but even at that, it was a chuckle that would turn most men to jelly.. He rose into the air, casting a spell of invisibility, then returned to his lair. He would need to prepare, his 'luitenants' so to speak had to imformed of the current events, and he still had to wait for the innkeep.

His minions. Feline in appearance, but stood as though men. Great Masters of illusion, their spells would often frighten a mortal to death. He never bored at seeing them flee his Rakshasa's illusions. A few amges scuttered about the place, obviously of the black robes, no more than three, though he never conversed them often, they came when needed, in return he would grant them their share of magic and treasure, he even found he could learn a few things off these mages, one was particulary good at creating spells, devious and ones befitting his own nature.

The vines responded to his return, a dead carcass lay beside the entrance, a deer, it had obviously wandered too near. The tight marks of being strangled were still fresh. He would eat it later.

"Well done my beauties....excellent.", he almost purred, and they in turn caressed his body and head to show their affection. They were his creations, and he, what could possibly be described as being caring, thought highly of them. More so for their deadly menace,and because they were his own creations.

He heard a soft hiss behind him. "Ah....Borlach....just in time.....i have news for you.", a slithering serpentine tail waded back forth over the ground. Up to the creatures waste this tail reached, but from there, it was man. Or what could only be described as such. Beady yellow and black eyes stared at him. Dragon fear would not work on these beings, these Abomonations, evil, malicious and killers to the core. No wonder Emmer favoured them. A forked tounge darted in and out between to pritruded fangs, bith of which dripped a foul smelling venom.

"The games have begun, ready the remainder of your group and be prepared to move when i give the orders. Clear?", it nodded and slithered away, climbing the trees and disappearing into the shadowed canopy. He would place the Rakshasa later on, they were to be reserved for fun later, letting the mortals gain confidence, then he would let loose hell.

Turning to others, he gave out orders, telling the mages to prepare several interesting spells for the pawns. He whispered a chilling word, and appeared severl hundred feet below the ruins, in the abandoned and long forgetton temples beneath the earth. Here he kept him, his 'big gun' so to speak. But he would be the last obstacle, if they got through him, Emmer would would finish them off, but he did enjoy the games, it often gave him an appetite.
Nae! Be-vall dannar lais na-húl, ínath arnediad bin revail gelaidh! Ínath 'wannanner be yllath gelig e-viruvor velui ned bair erchail athan Annûn, di-rynd luin Elbereth ias elenath thiliar na-'lír lam dîn aer a brand.

09/02/2002 11:05 AM

Ember ran through the woods....as gracefully and noislessly as any great cat... Her pale golden hair streamed out behind her....she carried nothing but the bow and quiver on her back, a pair of Sai, and a small pouch at her waist (hehe...of magical design...everything that she has is in that pouch...love bags of holding :D)

She ran for the town, drivin by a force she didn't understand....then as she crossed the clearing and again into the trees...she balked, as she saw creatures as she had never seen....creatures half human half snake! Her breath escaped her in a preditory hiss, her emerald eyes narrowed, as two of them turned to face her.Keep your strength
And keep your pride
Keep your wits close by your side
Time will tell, and freedom come-
Before the fight is done.

09/02/2002 11:57 AM

The Yuan-ti facing Ember regarded her unblinkingly for a moment, then looked over their shoulders something there seemed to stratle them fore the took of at a great speed, one of them slashing at Ember and trying to drag her along with him whilst the other shot past her as if all the hounds of hell were on it's tail. And at Ember's first glance of whet the snake-men were retreating from it look as if that were the case, huge wolf-like creatures that stood on their hind legs, reaching well above the height of a man. After a moment it became apparent that the wolf-men were trying to stop the Yuan-ti reaching the town.

Then Ember felt a prodding at the back of her mind, something told her that these wolf-men were to be trusted, but...they were monsterous ....yes, the voice chided, but they are not trying to kill you. Ember's subconcious could not argue with the logic and gave in. Of course they were to be trusted, why look, there were true men among them. Where had they come fro....that doesn't matter they would doubtless take her to the town, that was where she wanted to go wasn't it?

Deep under the mountains a low rumble of satisfaction was heared, yes that one was secure.

At the enterance to one of the catacombs two ment looked at each other at the echos of the sound,

"He rises."

"Aye, and what a rising it shall be. But when."

"The moon is at it's full in a few days, then we are at our peak. And the night is full of shadows under the full moon."

The two laughed, but it sounded more like the yapping of dogs, or of wolves."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/02/2002 2:14 PM

His eyes widened in surprise, and he sat bolt upright. He instantly grabbed the dagger at his waist and held it in front of him.
Then he relaxed when he saw a friendly face hovering in front of him. His heart was racing, in the exctiment of the moment. "Wha-," he half finished the first word in his sentence when he was interupted.

"You were attacked by a group of evil Yuan-ti, and I saved you from them. You were laying unconsious on the ground, with a great bruise. You must have fallen out of the tree."
The large man smiled. "My thanks," he said, blushing. He tried to remember what had happened, with little success.

"What were those monstrocities?" he asked. "They are called 'Yuan-ti'," he replied "And they are creatures of unspeakble evil. I'm guessing they were sent by the dragon, for some reason." Iydarus was confused. "What dragon is this?"

He didn't know of any dragon. But the man was quick to change the subject. "You must be terribly hungry. I'll see to it that something is brought up to you. In the meantime, try and get some rest." With the, he left with a smile, leaving Iydarus to his own befuddled thoughts.

((OOC: i made a few changes, so now it should work into your little plan...))

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09/02/2002 2:29 PM

OOC;Just a point, its not the innkeeper, it's the other guy who was in the inn. I'll post properly 2morrow, or DarkMaster will cook up something. Oh, and the room is at the Mayor's Residence."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/02/2002 2:47 PM

OOC: oh, i probably would have guessed that by myself.... ^-^" hehe

09/02/2002 2:58 PM

Vincent wiped a thin sheen of sweat from his brow. The trail leading to the Catacombs was rough and rocky. Vincent had his sword out and ready, there was no telling what was on these roads. It all seemed too quiet. Vincent couldn't hear any birds singing, he couldn't see any hawks gliding through the sky looking for a meal. Something about this wasn't right.

Vincent held his sword a little tighter, his nerves beginning to draw on him. He pushed that away though .There was no use worrying over shadows. They wouldn't hurt them. Yet, it didn't hurt to be prepared. Vincent pulled out his long dagger and held it in his left hand.

He finally spotted the entrance to the catacombs ahead. It seemed just to be a dark, damp cave. Nothing to be afraid of. Vincent stood at the entrance to the cave, breathing in the dank smells of the cave...it smelled of death. Reaching in his pack, Vincent pulled out a torch. He used his flint to light a spark, and soon a fiery glow was rebounding off of the rough walls around him.

With one more look at the sky, Vincent entered the dark interior of the catacombs. Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

09/02/2002 4:43 PM

Ember sat down heavily in a chair at the inn. Those wolf-men creatures had dissapeared once she had finally reached the villiage...she frowned, her features hidden by her cloak. She kept her head down and only a few locks of her pale gold hair could be seen.

She sighed in irritation when a young man sauntered up to her, a gleam in his eyes. "well well...what have we here? What is a pretty thing like you doing in a town like this? Don't you know it's dangerous out there honey?" He grinned, leaning against the table, trying to get a better look at her.

Ember ducked her head to the side, and snapped. "Pretty dangerous In here if you ask me" She said, her hands clenching under the table, the sharp bite of her claws in her palms kept her anger in check.

The young man straightened, obviously taken aback by her words. "oh...come now...what could I even think of doing to harm such a beauty?" He grined.

Exasperated, Ember turned to him, her hood slipped from her face, and her hand shot out, taking a good firm grip on the man's wrist. "I didn't mean the danger came from you...I ment from me." she hissed. The man gaped at her...a lioness given human form....

Ember's mane of pale gold hair fell past her waist, and was braided here and there with little wooden beads. her emerald irises constricted around a slitted pupil. Her face, though extreemly beautiful, was more feline than human....Her jaw extended slightly, and mouth was formed more like a cat's than human...

Ember stood, and shoved the man away from her...and he saw the cloak fall away from her shoulders. She wore a white silk tunic...her arms and legs where bare...and covered in a fine tawny fur. her feet and calves wher clad in thick leather boots. Two golden circlets surrounded her upper arms, both had the forms of leaping lionesses on them. Ember's tail twitched in irritation and her wiskeres flared out..hoping that this man would choose to leave her be....she really didn't want a fight here.....Keep your strength
And keep your pride
Keep your wits close by your side
Time will tell, and freedom come-
Before the fight is done.

09/03/2002 10:41 AM

As it turned out, Ember wasn't ever going to fight the man in front of her. A burly-looking man appeared behined her and glared at the tavern-goer,

"I hear the millitia are very particular about people who don't leave women alone when they ask for it. You know full well that you should be heading for Lilly's place for that kind of thing, there aint no whores in Dargjevac 'cept in her parlour. Now are you gonna leave, or do I have to show you the door personaly?"

After the man left muttering darkly, the large man behined Ember offered his hand to the adventurer,

"My name would be Thrag, I can tell your new to the town. Most people here won't mean you harm, but I'll pass word onto the millitia to keep an eye out, a pretty lady like yourself looks like easy pickings to a common thug. But enough of that, I am a close friend of the mayor here in Dargjevac and I happen to know he's having a little problem with some snake-men near the woods."

He smiled as Ember's eyes flared for a moment,

"Ah, Baran was right! You have bumped into them. Well, I can see your a seasoned fighter, the mayor is looking for such as you to help him with this little...problem. So, you interested? The pay is good, believe me, the mayors pockets run deep. And not just in terms of coin.""Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/03/2002 11:07 AM

After a while a woman entered, she layed a tray of food and a pitcher of beer on the table beside Iydarus' bed. A second glance told Iydarus that this was no serving wench, a long, thin blade hung at her side and her clothing was loose and servicable, obviously the woman was a trained fighter.

"My name is Melissa, Tharg is out at the moment, he had to...meet someone. You are, obviously, a fighting man. I am the mayor's daughter and it is his house you are in now, my farther is trouble by a plauge of snake-men from the forest, I do not know if you have seen them on your travels? Anyway, we have the millitia, but what we need is men like yourself to aid our cause, you can act where the millita cannot openly move, and you can scout without being missed by the townsfolk. The millita cannot spare the men to fight these creatures unless we know for sure of thier location. We need your help, and we can pay well for it.""Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/03/2002 1:28 PM

The two mages watched the man with growing earnest. His entrance into the catacombs was not expected. They looked at each other, then emerged from the trees, rather nervous and checking over their shoulders.

"Greetings freind......what brings you soo far this way....these are dangerous area's, not for the un-trained i can assure you....yet....i see you could possibly handle that blade well enough.", he paused, looked to his black robed brethren and continued, "We have a little proposition for you friend....one of our order, a superior you might say, is set up in a camp, in the abandoned temples some distance from here, he wishes to speak with you.....great are the rewards to those willing to helo us....and for those that aren;t....", he shrugged his shoulders and continued.

"So...what's it to be....we offer no harm to you....it shall not take long....", he gestured for the man to accompany them...."I hope you don't mind a bit of magic friend, the distance is considerable and taxing for the likes of us..."
Nae! Be-vall dannar lais na-húl, ínath arnediad bin revail gelaidh! Ínath 'wannanner be yllath gelig e-viruvor velui ned bair erchail athan Annûn, di-rynd luin Elbereth ias elenath thiliar na-'lír lam dîn aer a brand.

09/03/2002 2:04 PM

Ember stared at the man for a long moment, then nodded. "sure...it's not like I have anything better to do." she said softly and her eyes lowerd to her hands, and noticed faint dark patches on her fur, as though she where gaining spots, her gaze drifted down and noticed them on her legs too....

a faint growl escaped her throat as she stared at them....what more surprises did her lunatic dark cleric for a father have in store for her...his death had proved not to affect the changes to her body or her mind....but she had come to accept being this way...but now more changes...would it never end.

She closed her eyes, and her tail flicked irritably. "well where do I go? I could use the money..." she sighed.A legend of Old, A story forgotten
The memories of True Love stolen from time
A destiny lost, a bond that's been broken
memories of a time that slipped away
just open you mind, the way lies before you
a doorway to the heart you seek to find

09/03/2002 2:18 PM

Tharg grinned at Ember, though he didn't fail to notice her colour-shifting fur he didn't show any reaction. He stood up, and gestured to the door,

"We'll need to be heading over to the mayor's residence for the details and to pick up the others.......sorry, I didn't catch your name?""Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/03/2002 2:25 PM

Ember swept past him, her voice calm and collected. "You didn't catch it, cause I didn't say it...but if you must, my name is Ember....that is all...just Ember" she said softly as she walked ahead, pulling her cloak back on, and pulling it up over her head once again.A legend of Old, A story forgotten
The memories of True Love stolen from time
A destiny lost, a bond that's been broken
memories of a time that slipped away
just open you mind, the way lies before you
a doorway to the heart you seek to find

09/03/2002 3:27 PM

Iydarus lookedthoughtful for a second, as he chewed on a large slice of cheese. He finally grinned. "I agree. You have my bow, to your cause. I'm sure my help would be well apreciated."
He smiled at the woman. "But payment is not necessary. I have little need for this 'money'. But there is one thing you could probably do for me..." He studyied her face intently.

"What is it that I am facing? I've heard romours of a dragon in the mountains, with an army of these lizard men you speak of. I believe I was attacked by a small band of these, and the rest after that is still dim. I want an explanation."
He sat up comfortably in his bed, and waited for her reply.

09/04/2002 9:21 AM

Melissa nodded to him,

"There is a dragon around, a Green in the woods. There are a lot of temples out there and any one of them could be hiding the dragon or the yuan-ti, who may well be working for him."

She glanced out of the window,

"Ah, Tharg is here, meet him in the dinner hall in ten minutes or so."

Without waiting for an answer she left, closing the door behined her.


Tharg stepped through the large door to the mayor's residence after Ember, nodding to the doorman as he passed him. He opened a door to the left,

"You can go in there to freshen up, well be holding a meeting in the dinner hall in about ten minutes, it's through that door, and down the corridor a little, you'll see a green double door. See you then."

The grey-haired man headed off, just as he turned a corner out of Ember's sight, he was joined by a woman who wore a sword at her side, but they were gone before ember could get a better look at her."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/04/2002 4:21 PM

He shrugged. "Ok, whatver you say." In the meantime, I think I'll probably finish off this snack, he thought to himself. He grinned and started stuffing his face. ^-^

09/07/2002 11:24 AM

A strange looking man in cotton trousers and a splotchy short-sleeved shirt enters. He has a backpack and carries only a staff. He is a young man with blonde hair, about 18 years old, and he speaks with a strange accent:

"Whoa, dude. Huh huh, like this place is SOOOO quaint. Huh huh, look at that dwarf over there, he's pretty cool. Huh huh huh."

He sits down at the bar and orders drink. The bartender looks at the man as if he was from another world. "Sorry, pal, we don't have... strawberry cordials. How about some whiskey?" "Whoa, dude, that stuff tastes like SOOOO rancid. Do you hov any hazelnut liqueur?" The strange man and the bartender have a Pythonesque argument about the alcohol supply.

Two big macho bearded guys in chainmail approach the young man. "You dress strangely for a traveller. Where you from, boy?", asks one. "Like, I'm this surfer paladin, dude. Between my righteous quests I venture forth on silver crests." "A paladin, huh? Y'know what I think of PALADINS, huh? I think you're all a bunch of preachy lily-livered snotpickers who should mind yer own business!" "Whoa! Someone's, like, gotta take a time out, dude!" the paladin says. "A surfer, huh? Now what in the abyss is that?" asks the other man. "Like, I ride the waves, dude." "Ha ha ha ha! Y'hear that, Stockhelm? HE RIDES THE WAVES! HA HA HA HA HA!" Both men erupt into laughter.

"Say, sport, what's that ring on yer li'l finger for, huh? Is that from your MAIDEN FAIR? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" laughs the second man. "No, wise guy, my "life partner" gave me that," the paladin says. "Is she pretty?", the first man asks. "Whoa, dude, I'm not like that, uh uh!" "Youse likes the UGLY girls?" asks the first man. "No, dude, I'm like "playing for the other team!"" "Y'mean you're in our country an' y'joust against us? We should kick yer ass, traitor!" says the second man. "No, no, its not like that. My life partner is another dude, dude!"

The men look at the paladin, Frankie Babylon, with anger. "He's a F**! KILL HIM!" The men leap at Frankie, who politely throws them into walls and across tables, etc. The battered men flee out the door.

Frankie lifts up his glass of port and sips at it. "Noone EVER calls me a f**, dude!"

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09/07/2002 2:24 PM

OOC: I relinquish my character to anyone who is willing to play him. If not, than you can just delete him from the thread. I'll be gone for afew days. Cya ;)

09/10/2002 5:43 PM

The torch flared as Vincent moved down the dark, dank tunnels. Their was little fresh air down here. All the man could smell was death and decay. It wasn't a sickening smell. Vincent had seen and smelled death before. This one was a death from long past. It was almost comforting, like coming home to an old friend.

"Where could this treasure be?" Vincent said to himself. He walked deeper into the tunnels. He stopped for a minute. He thought he heard footsteps behind him. He stood there quietly, not even breathing. Nothing. All he could hear was a distant dripping that came from father down the tunnel.

A chill swept up the tunnel. One that made even Vincent shiver. It wasn't fright he told himself, But it wasn't a cold chill either. More like one that comes from seeing a shadow that isn't really there. With a shrug, Vincent moved farther down the tunnel. He made sure that he had his sword ready in his hand. The torch flared brightly, chasing away the shadows. Or did it? Vincent looked around. Suddenly it seemed darker outside the light of the torch.

"I'm just scaring myself," Vincent mumbled. With a shrug, he moved deeper and deeper into the catacombs. Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

09/10/2002 6:59 PM

A medium sized male centaur bursted into the door to the main hall where the meeting was about to begin. A silver shield strapped to his back and a spear along with it. His hooves were worn and showed many years of travel.

"Greetings Mirato. How did the perimeter check go?"Tharg was happy to see his friend back alive.

"Everything is well, for the moment." Mirato replied with content, also happy to be back. For the perimeter check took long and dangerous at these times."We seemed to scare the Yuan-Ti off for a while."

" You bring me very good news Mirato, it pleases me to know we can go on with the meeting without further troubles."Tharg took his seat at the long table.

Mirato walked over to the table and bent his knees slowly until he was in a lying position. He had always sat at meetings like this.
If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

09/11/2002 9:10 AM

Tharg nodded to Mirato,

"Very good - we are just waiting for our two latest helpers to arrive."

He looked over the rest of the fighters gathered there.

Goons the lot of them, only the Centaur and the other two are going to come out of this.

The huge man touched a small gem in his pocket,

Master, master? Can you hear me?

Of course my friend, carry on.....

We have three solid fighters, the rest are ogre-fodder.

And what do you want me to do about it?

I recomend we accelerate the.....other program.

Agreed, carry on as you were - I'm starting things up here.

Aye master.

He looked back over at Mirato,

"They'll be here in a moment...""Ah, they have a cave troll....."

09/11/2002 9:42 AM

Emmer rested while he waited the reports to come him. A figure stood at the entrance of the cave. "Enter Innkeep......i have been waiting for you....", the bulky and somewhat tubby Inn Keeper hurried his step, stumbling and stuttering as the Dragon Fear took effect. Emmer lessend it. "Well....what news do you have for me?"

The Inn Keeper began to relay the more important gossip of the town, and the factual information. The Dragon mussed over much of it......instructing the Keeper, he dismissed him. Emmer knew the power that gossip held over people, he ordered the Keeper to spread more of it....owning the most prosperious Inn, he had touch with nearly everyone in town at some point, those that didn't would hear it throught the chain of things.

He rested his head, plans forever forming.

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A Debt of Bones knows no bounds, not even death

Enemies are the price of honour

06/04/2003 11:40 AM

*This thread has officially been hijacked by Thread Enders Inc.*

Ballsar was sitting next to a warm fire when quite a few people walked past him on their way to a cave up the mountainside. The manly dwarf was quite disturbed by the interruption. He was playing a highly exciting game of Scrabble(tm) by himself when a thrown branch from one of the meanies that had crashed into his board, sending all of the tiles hight into the air.

"Underwear stains!" Ballsar swore, standing up quickly and looking around.

He saw the people walk by and into the cavern. Ballsar quickly searched the campsite for the game tiles, he found almost all of them. But, after a quick inspection, he realized that he was still missing an "f" and a "u". He finished packing his things and doused the fire.

"People think they can just interrupt a dwarf's game of Scrabble(tm). Well, they are sorely mistaken!"

The dwarf walked up the path and into the cavern where everyone else had disappeard. "Ok, here I come you bastards. Be prepared for an ass-whooping!"

Ballsar entered the cave, looking quite sexy by the way.

06/05/2003 9:32 AM

Eliar Swiftfire appeared beside Ballsar with a manly POOF!

"Yeah! I'm here to fight too! Taking a break from my Future Fellowship 2 scenes since the focus're on the Silvanesti and Ergoth storyline right now. Just bring it, man! With my all-powerful summoning spells, I shall summon these FIVE WARRIORS OF DARKNESS!!! ENSYNK!!!!" He made a gesture.

Five girly men appeared with a poof, singing and dancing.

"Bye Bye Bye!""Ha! I never contradict myself, actually."

-Dark Elf Damien

"Quoting me mockingly in your signature. Real mature. Grow up."

-Dark Elf Damien

06/05/2003 9:57 AM

Upon closer inspection, Eliar noticed that one of the five girly men was not a girly man at all, he was a gnome.

"Do-do-do-do-dah! I want your love," sang the gnome that the spiky haired mage recognized as Detontrophe, "or nothing at all. Do-do-do-do-dah!"

The gnome finished his melody and stared at the audience expecting to find some silky female panties thrown his way. Instead he had the letter, "h" thrown at him by the dwarf. "It's not what it looks like!" Detontrophe pleaded with his questionable friend, "well, maybe it is. But you don't know how it feels to be all alone without my elf maiden. She never came back you know. I need a desperate way to meet woman. So when one of the dark warriors went and did a solo career, I jumped on board. Don't you see?"Looking into the eyes of the large [minotaur] the gully dwarf grabbed together all his strength and courage and slapped that Jerky packing goof. "One!" Smacked him again. "Two!" And again. "More than two!" and then a pinch on the nose. "To grow an inch!" - Quest For A Mage-Ware Shop

06/05/2003 10:55 AM

"Hmph. Okay." Eliar frowned at Det. "Too bad your voice ain't as high as that guy you replaced though. That guy sings like someone whose balls were being grabbed hold of. Doesn't matter, let us begin our um... why are we here in the first place? Oh, right. Ballsar here wanted to kick some ass.""Ha! I never contradict myself, actually."

-Dark Elf Damien

"Quoting me mockingly in your signature. Real mature. Grow up."

-Dark Elf Damien

06/06/2003 6:38 PM

I thought you guys only did this to threads that werent gonna go anywhere. This one sounded awesome. You guys really screwed it up. I was actually looking forward to being a part of it.


If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

06/06/2003 7:40 PM

Dude, Chill... if you would look, you would have noticed that the last Story-related post was September, 11, 2002 nine months old....

06/06/2003 9:17 PM

I thought you guys only did this to threads that werent gonna go anywhere.

As Kalia had said (thank you, my dear). This thread had not been going anywhere since... last Sept. Oh my."Ha! I never contradict myself, actually."

-Dark Elf Damien

"Quoting me mockingly in your signature. Real mature. Grow up."

-Dark Elf Damien

06/07/2003 8:58 AM

OOC: Yeah, what dear Kalia and Swifty said.

IC: Ballsar looked at Eliar and Detontrophe. "Well, it is about time you showed up. We have to get going. Somebody interrupted my Scrabble(tm) game. I have to do some killing. Let's go!"

Ballsar smacked Eliar on the backside and then grabbed Detontrophe by the nipples and moved on down the tunnel. Someone was going to pay. Oh yes, someone was going to die.

06/07/2003 8:08 PM

"Yes! The idea of someone dying makes me feel... HIGH!!" Eliar cackled insanely. His large wooden mallet materializing in his hand. "As a great Scrabble player myself, the idea of being interrupted totally SUX0R!! Go, my Warriors of Darkness!!!"

"Bye Bye Bye!" "Ha! I never contradict myself, actually."

-Dark Elf Damien

"Quoting me mockingly in your signature. Real mature. Grow up."

-Dark Elf Damien

06/09/2003 10:05 AM

From somewhere outside:


The sparkly one known as Straea popped inside, and looked around.

"Alright, who's doing all that gawdawful racket? They interrupted my much needed beauty sleep!"Oh, I'm sorry, is this yours? You must have dropped it. You know, it's a good thing I found it for you. Here you go.

06/09/2003 10:24 AM

When Ballsar heard the voice from behind, he quickly let go of Eliar's hand. Not that he was embarrassed to be caught skipping hand in hand with a spiky-haired mage. But, it was simply because he was done skipping, it was time for leap frog.

The sexy dwarf turned around and walked back up the tunnel a little ways with Swiftfire and found a rather stunning character who was sparkling like Michael Jackson's underwear.

"Well, hello there Darling." Ballsar smiled and walked forward.

He didn't get very far, for the mage was standing on a rather important piece of Ballsar's anatomy. The well-endowed dwarf looked over his shoulder and cleared his throat.

"Do you mind?" Ballsar grumbled.

Eliar just laughed and lifted his foot. "My apologies," said the mage with a smile.

Rockhard shook his head and walked towards the sparkly one who had just woken up. "Wait a second! What am I doing?? I am after the bumhole's that ruined my game! C'mon!"

He grabbed Straea and Eilar and pulled them down the hall. It wasn't long until they came upon a group of men huddled in a small alcove down the hallway. "There's a couple of them. Mage, do you have any spells that don't involve blowing up the world....It sure is dark down here. Well, it would be if SOMEONE would quit sparkling..."

Ballsar looked at Straea and was about to say something about her blinging. But, she was already asleep again. "Aww, look at the little darlin'." The dwarf proceeded to run his sexy fingers through Straea's hair.

It wasn't until Eliar cleared his throat that he realized that he had already taken off most of his clothes. "Oops...My Bad...yo."

06/09/2003 11:31 AM

"My virgin eyes..." was the only thing Eliar could say. "Now, if I wanna cast a spell right now, the first one I'll cast is something that will ensure that you'll never take off your clothes again, dwarf. And for those men over there, hah! My DARK WARRIORS will easily make heads explode with their songs and dance routine, right? Even if one of them's gone to have a crappy solo career!" He turned to his four original dark warriours.

"Bye bye bye!" They chorused in unison.

"... or, here's an even better one! Watch this! BLITZNAY SPEARS!!!!!" He raised his hand.

A hail of... blonde haired young women flew plummeted towards the group of men...

"Ha! I never contradict myself, actually."

-Dark Elf Damien

"Quoting me mockingly in your signature. Real mature. Grow up."

-Dark Elf Damien

06/10/2003 7:06 PM

POO....cough cough nrgg putt putt and with that Keijne the super duper dancing male(also knowen has Betty) pooped out "awww why is Eliar's POOF so goo and mine sucks" betty said I WANNA WATCH BLOOD!

06/10/2003 7:06 PM

POO....cough cough nrgg putt putt and with that Keijne the super duper dancing male(also knowen has Betty) pooped out "awww why is Eliar's POOF so goo and mine sucks" betty said I WANNA WATCH BLOOD!

06/11/2003 1:56 PM

Straea woke up yet again, this time to the horrifying sight of the thing known as Spears. She groaned and then shook her head.
"Great, as if the little boy who lip sing weren't enough, now we have this!"
She looked at Eliar.

"One of your playthings I take it?" she asked, scowling. Then she looked down at herself. "Hey, what's wrong with my clothes!?"Oh, I'm sorry, is this yours? You must have dropped it. You know, it's a good thing I found it for you. Here you go.

06/11/2003 2:59 PM

Ballsar smiled sheepishly. "Uh, well...that is something of another matter all together. You see...your clothes started on fire and I had to take them off and roll of them in order to put out the flames....And...uhh...we need to get going..." the dwarf stood up and walked past Eliar and his gayly singers.

"Hmmm...that song is horrid. Yet, it seems that those people below are immune to the lyrics. Something more drastic must be done. We are going to need some rocks, a rubberband, and Straea's bra....Yes, that should do it..."

Ballsar awaited for Eliar to gather the supplies and continued to look down the tunnel. Revenge was near. "Hurry up will you! I need that bra!" he whispered loudly and made sure that his eyes were on Straea the whole time, hoping to catch a peek.

But, as his thoughts were on Straea, the men down the tunnel moved farther into the darkness. Appearently they heard something deeper in the catacombs. But, the trio didn't realize this. "Wasn't Det here earlier?" Ballsar mumbled, looking around for the gnome. "Hmmm, guess not."

06/13/2003 8:21 AM

"Then give me your clothing! I don't see why I should stand here naked for you!"

Appart from the naked thing, Straea didn't see why her bra should be all that important. She looked at Ballsar, and then sighed. He wasn't all that bad looking.
"Fine, if you need my bra, then here," she said, taking off said article. She handed it too him. It was red and lacy and itched like crazy anyway. "Just don't ask for my matching undies."Oh, I'm sorry, is this yours? You must have dropped it. You know, it's a good thing I found it for you. Here you go.

06/13/2003 9:50 AM

"Matching undies eh?" Ballsar admired Straea's figure. He continued to stare until he was slapped on the back of the head by Swiftfire. "Oops, alright, down to buisness." He ran down the tunnel with Eliar and the naked Straea right behind him.

After many twists and turns, they finally entered the catacombs. But, the sight before them was like nothing they expected. The men they had been following where in the middle of the large chamber, but surrounding the Scrabble defilers were dozens of zombies. All looking as if they wanted to suck on something.......blood and flesh that is.

"Hey! Those are mine!" Ballsar screamed as one of the men went under a few zombies. His screams filled the chamber. The sounds of flesh ripping was enough to sicken anyone. The dwarf couldn't help but retch. "Straea, dear. I might need those undies anyway. I need something to wipe my face."

Ballsar tied up the bra between two stalagmites. It stretched nicely. The red lacy material was perfect for his plan. The dwarf then retrieved some fist size rocks from the ground and fit them into the cups of the bra. "Ah, perfect fit!" Ballsar then pulled back the bra and fired.

The rocks went sailing through the air and smacked into some of the men and zombies. The small projectiles broke bones and exploded heads of the zombies. Ballsar continued to fire the rocks, over and over. Sending waves of death into the catacombs.

"You know! You two can help as well. Straea, go kill some of those bastards! Just mind the feminine parts. Don't want any scars on that body of yours!

Eliar, do something. Just don't blow us up. I would like to live through this. Maybe when we are done we can play Shoots and Ladders."

Ballsar went back to firing the rocks.

06/13/2003 10:11 AM

"Now... that's challenging." Eliar said in manly glee. "Perhaps I'll.. erm... flood the entire world with piss? Okay, maybe that's too much..."

He pointed at the zombies and the men, a large, magnificent wave of yellowish piss appeared out of nowhere and washed them away.

"Ha! I never contradict myself, actually."

-Dark Elf Damien

"Quoting me mockingly in your signature. Real mature. Grow up."

-Dark Elf Damien

06/16/2003 9:40 AM

When the yellow liquid washed away, Ballsar looked down on the carnage. Not only were all the zombies dead, but so where the men that the dwarf had been chasing.

"Hmm...well, that was easier than I thought it would be." Ballsar mumbled while running his fingers through his beard. "Well, lets get going, I guess."

Ballsar put his arm around Straea's shoulder. "Come on, dear. I know a place where we can get warm." he smiled.

The dwarf then turned back towards Eliar. "Ok, buddy. Blow something up. I know you have been yearning to do it. So, blow this SOB up." Ballsar was delighted with the scary grin that spread across the mage's face.

With a smile of his own, Ballsar left the catacombs with Straea in tow.

06/16/2003 10:55 AM

Straea sauntered along out of the catacombs with the sexy dwarf, and looked behind her shoulder at the manly mage.

"Do you suppose there's any chance of him blowing up those horrible apparitions that he conjured earlier?" she asked. Then she looked down at herself. "Also, some clothing would be nice to wear."Oh, I'm sorry, is this yours? You must have dropped it. You know, it's a good thing I found it for you. Here you go.

06/17/2003 1:02 PM

When nothing happened, Ballsar looked back down the cavern.

"Hey, I said blow it up damnit! Sheesh, you would think he could get it right!" Ballsar confided in Straea.

06/18/2003 6:48 AM

"Hmm..." Eliar frowned. "What was I going to do already?"

"Ah! YES!!! With my manly manliness... I shall engulf this world with THIS!"

He gestured quickly.

Dark clouds appeared all around Krynn.

And then, it started to rain... crap.

Soon, the entire world was covered with crap, many died when they crap fell on them, others were murdered by the horrifying smell, and the rest had to live with the knowledge that, even if they decided to take a bath, they will still smell like crap.

And the world rejoices...?


"Ha! I never contradict myself, actually."

-Dark Elf Damien

"Quoting me mockingly in your signature. Real mature. Grow up."

-Dark Elf Damien

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