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07/16/2000 10:42 PM

*Five years pass since the death of Maginathas. Pyranthas regains his position as the High Templar of the order and begins working his powers even harder to hone to their peaks and his skills to the point of exhaustion. He comes home every night sore and weak. In the caring arms of Autumn Half-elven, she takes care of him. After the first year of this, the Speaker demanded the elf to stop what he is doing before he hurts himself and is worthless in battle. Pyranthas finally does so and decides to teach Autumn his swordsmanship. He works with her and gets her to a Master swordsman a few years down the road and give her a ring of her accomplishment. During this second year, he trains her also about the history of Kyrnn and about the gods. The longer he is with her the more he falls inlove with her. On the thrid year they get married and he spends more time with her than at the Tower of the Sun. The Speaker's daughter Triscesse disappeared three years ago and never returned. It is unknown if she died or what, but the Speaker has had man looking for her sence. During the fourth year the Speaker finally decided to say she was dead and had a funeral in her honor even though her body could not be found. Pyranthas gives up his postion of High Templar and then concentrates on being with his loved one. He gets her to a Master swordswoman. It is now the fifth year and it is the day of their second anniversery of being married. It is a few years before the companions return to the Inn of the Last Home, and it is in Qualinesti, this story begins.*

06/21/2000 9:03 AM

'That is so sweet. I didnt' know that. No wonder you two are insepreable.'

06/21/2000 9:27 AM

(ooc this series of post with Pyranthas and Autumn Half-elven is the only one where our characters are married. Every other posts besides Redemption, Return to Qualinesti, and Revenge for Maginathas, Autumn is a different character. She was the one you knew at the old forum with the Khellendros posts... my old posts when I was Khellendros.)

06/21/2000 10:02 AM

*Autumn the halfelf and her gleaming white stallion (a gift from Pyranthas) ride into the Qualinost marketplace, leaping over small boothes and tables and elves, never disturbing any of the goods nor a hair on anyone's head*

"Yeehaw!" she laughs and rides on thru, huge smile on her face and her long black hair trailing out behind her.

*she is heading for a quaint little restaurant and elvish winery*

Slows the horse down to a chanter as she approaches the establishment, "Easy boy, easy," rubs down Starlight's neck as they come to a halt and she dismounts.

*hands Starlight off to the stable hand and tosses him a coin. she wears a soft blue leather tunic and leggings, and her sword hangs at her side*

*enters the restaurant. it is crowded this evening and people are talking nervously it seems. she orders up a glass of wine and takes a seat at a table, looking around the room. reaches into a pouch and removes a small box and places it on the table and waits,humming quietly to herself*

06/21/2000 10:14 AM

*Pyranthas walks in the restaurant with a white shirt of silk and black leggings. He wears an emerald green vest and black leather boots. He caries a small box in his hand as he walks over and sits down next to Autumn. He leans over and kisses her lips*

Hello dear. Sorry I'm late I had to finish making your gift. Open it! Open it! I was up all last night making it for you.

06/21/2000 10:22 AM

~Smoke can be seen coming from the darkest corner of the restaurant and out of the smoke forms a cloaked figure. Her robes are of the darkest black and her eyes of the coldest saphire. She continues to stand in the corner looking at Autumn curiously.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/21/2000 10:25 AM

*A young elvish woman dressed in a black form-fitting dress walks into the bar. She sees the interaction between the two people and thinks back to when she was married and the love she felt. She goes to a table in the back of the bar.*

'A water with a twist of lime.'

06/21/2000 10:45 AM

Smiles brightly at Pyranthas, "Thank you Quisalas...I was wondering what you were doing last nite, although I think I probably knew," giggles, "Oh! Starlight and I had the grandest ride today!" pushes another box over to Py's side of the table, "You go to! Open..open!"

*begins opening the box from Py, and glances at the young elvish woman who is taking seat in the back. feels eyes on her and notices the robed woman staring at her. offers a nervous little smile in the woman's direction and wonders what business is transpiring here tonite*

06/21/2000 11:32 AM

*Noticing the woman looking at her she quickly diverts her eyes. She looks around at the inn and noticing the other person there she gives her a quick glance and then looks away.*

OOC_If you were once Khell why don't you use it anymore?

06/21/2000 5:46 PM

A small group enters the resteraunt. Leading the way is a golden haired elf women with 2 enchanted katanas at her sides. She is clad in armor. Following her is a silver haired human mage with black, silver, and blue robes carrying a staff with a silver claw holding a black orb. Following the mage is a tiger with wings. Finally a human knight enters. He is about 7'3", carries a broadsword about 5 feet long and is clad in silver armor. The group sits in the corner and watches as events unfold.

06/21/2000 6:27 PM

*watches this interesting group enter the restaurant, fascinated*

Opens her gift from Pyranthas and her eyes widen, "Py, oh thank you! You have truly outdone yourself this time," gleams at him and slides the ring with many small gems setted into the band onto her finger, "Thank you Quisalas!"

"Here!" removes the lid from the box containing the gift from her to him and places it back on the table under his nose.

*in the box is what appears to be a blade handle made from smooth jade that would fit perfectly in Pyranthas's hand. Autumn reaches over and pushes a switch*

"OOH!" chuckles, "That always startles me!" when she flicked the switch on the 'blade handle', about 20 tools popped out, circling the jade device. Among these tools are a 4 inch blade, a magnifying glass, a fork, a 2 inch serrated blade, a flint, a comb, and so on and so on*

Giggles, "It was crafted by the gnomes. Look, there are even lock picking tools...must have had a kender for an adviser. OH! Press the switch and they return inside, and you can pick them out one at a time with your finger!" points to the inscription carved in elven and smiles at him, "You like?!"

*sits back admiring her ring and looks around the restaurant again. sees the robed woman and gets an idea. waves over a barmaid and whispers in her ear. a few moments later the robed one in the corner is served a goblet of the winery's wine, as is everyone else in the room*

"Let's celebrate!" raises her goblet in a toast.

06/21/2000 6:41 PM

~Walks over to Autumn and takes a seat at her table. There is a chill around her that shivers those close. She looks at Autumn with her saphire eyes that send more chills down her spine. In a clear, cold voice she thanks Autumn for the wine then she stands up again and goes to sit at a table in the darkest corner.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/21/2000 8:39 PM

*Pyranthas smiles and places the device in his jacket. He then kisses Autumn.*

Thank you love. It shall come in very handy someday. Thank you. I am so so glad you like the ring. I spent all night trying to find the right jewels to place into it.

*he kisses her again.*

Shall we eat now? This is our night.

(ooc Absolutely NO HUMANS! Humans were not allowed in Qualinesti during the years before the War of the Lance. This is Krynn after all. No blue and back robed mages with tigers with wings. I wont stand for it in my adventure. I am a very strick DM. You play by my rules or you dont play at all.

Now Nadja, the reason I changed to Pyranthas is because I did not want to use that character anymore. I have more fun using my character Pyranthas because he is a part of me and I created him and not some author in a book.)

06/22/2000 2:03 AM

(ooc *hurries before computer dies again* oh, i'm sleepy)

"You are welcome, m'lady," she says as the robed woman goes back to her seat.

Gazes at Pyranthas and fingers her ring, "Yes, let's eat. I am glad you are pleased with your gift," smiles and touches his foot with her foot beneath the table.

"I'll have the fish, please," she tells the waiter.

"Py, what are your plans for the coming week? Are you cooking up any type of adventure? hmmmm?" she teases and chuckles.

*thunder is heard as rain begins to fall outside*

06/22/2000 5:35 AM

*The young woman gets up and walks outside. To much romance for her right now. She begins to wonder what she will do with her life. She silently wishes the couple many fine years together.*

06/22/2000 2:28 PM

Oh... I dont know yet. I was maybe thinking about buying a boat sometime and thought that we could sail around the world... ohhhhh...

*he clutches his head painfully. He closes his eyees and he sees a vision of evil dragons flying over Krynn attacking what look to be the Tower of the Sun. He then hears the words of the Dark Elf. They Queen could use you... Suddenly it clicks in his head and everything links together. War... the Queen is going to have war of the land and she wanted Pyranthas as her pawn of distruction. His eyes snap open and he looks up at Autumn. He is sweating.*

We have to go to Neraka There is a war coming up. I want to find out what is going on there. Something is brewing there. Neraka is know as a seed of evil.

*he eats little and afterwards he stands up.*

Come my love. We got to head to Neraka and see if we can stop this on coming war.

06/22/2000 6:35 PM

*Looks as the couple leave. She stops them.*

'If you need any help just use this to get in touch with me.'

*At that she hands them a medalion and disappears.*

06/22/2000 7:27 PM

*Pyranthas looks at Autumn and then at the medallion.*

Ok that was a little werid.

06/22/2000 7:53 PM

Is troubled at Pyranthas's revelation, "Oh Pyranthas....yes...we must go," looks at him concerned then glances around the room wondering if others overheard, paying particular attention to the dark robed woman, thinks 'would anyone assist...'

Stands to leave and watches the elven woman come and go and grins, "Well, that medalion may come in handy Pyranthas...tuck it away," wonders how the lady could be of service.

Gives him a peck, "Happy anniversary Quisalas," waves at Starlite, "I'm going to race you home to gather my belongings and, well, you know, my weapons," smiles, "If we miss each other, let's meet back here where we can gather some water and food stuffs."

*leaps on Starlite and gallops home to gather her things*

06/22/2000 8:03 PM

*he takes off at at a run leaping over people and over consession stands. He runs inside a building and then opens a secret door in it and manages to get to his house before Autumn. He runs down in his secret room, stripping as he runs down stairs. He then opens his storage areas and then grabs his templar cloths and places them on and then grabs his vorpal sword and all fifty of his daggers and hides them in his jacket. He grabs a few other things and places them in his jacket and then runs up stairs and locks the door to the room and then head outside and leaps on the back of a high spirited stallion this is black with a silver mane. He pets the stallion and then walks it has it jumps the fence and he heads for the bar and waits for Autumn.*

06/23/2000 6:19 AM

Arrives home and chuckles, "Beat him home again!"

*goes in and changes into her soft brown leather leggings and white silk blouse. slips some elven chainmail over the blouse and puts on her special boots that make her run real fast. staps her sword back on, grabs her gloves, her bow and quiver, and her throwing hachet*

"Ready Starlite?" straps her crossbow and bedroll onto and a traveling pack onto the horse and heads back to the bar.

Outside the bar she sees Pyranthas in his templar gear, waiting casually, "How? Oh, nevermind!" smiles at him and shakes her head knowingly.

06/23/2000 7:29 AM

OOC)Can our group join you later if the mage changes the robe colors and the tiger gets rid of its wings?

06/23/2000 8:01 AM

(ooc Yeah please do and we'll be out of Qualinesti soon. You could join up on the road if yah want We'll be heading to Solace.)

Shall we be on our way love?

*He starts his horse off at a trot towards the woods.*

06/23/2000 8:47 AM

*rides beside him*

*they travel far this day*

06/23/2000 8:50 AM

*steps out in front of the horses hoping hry stop.*

'May I join you this day?'

06/23/2000 11:07 AM

I... guess it wouldn't hurt if you came along.

*He looks over at Autumn.*

Just so you know, we are headed to Neraka. There is much evil in that region of Ansalon. Do you have a horse?

06/23/2000 11:37 AM

*Whistles and a gleaming black horse appears.*

'Will this one do?'

06/23/2000 11:57 AM

*nods at Pyranthas*

Starlite prances around as she regards the one who will be joining them, "Welcome. I am Autumn Bronzeblade, and this is my husband Pyranthas. That is a beautiful animal, I must say," she says approvingly.

*taps Starlite's broad sides and urges him forward*

06/23/2000 8:22 PM

Very nice horse I must say. Now let us be on our way. We have a long journey up ahead.

*Gallops off towards the wood.*

06/23/2000 11:28 PM

*Follows behind at a fast pace....it looks as if her horse is floating*

06/24/2000 1:56 AM

(occ pyra, y didnt u save me, you gnomish flea? Oh and pop into my bar ne time)

06/24/2000 3:08 AM

Sends a thought to Pyranthas......Our new companion must be a magic user, Py.

*watches Nadja and wants to know her story*

"We've been traveling long. I am going to fetch dinner."

*whispers in Starlite's ear and leaps off the horse. Starlite follows Py's mount and Autumn heads into the woods*

An hour later, catches up with Py and Nadja, "Nothing. Go ahead, I'll catch up."

06/24/2000 5:33 AM

"Hello." Autumn whirled around at the sound of a voice. She is face to face with a silver haired man in red robes. Behind him are an elf woman, a tiger and a very tall very strong looking knight. "Hello, do you mind if we join your group for a while" The mage asked.

06/24/2000 8:37 AM

*Looks at Py with a worried expresion*

'I am a magic user. I have healing powers and fighting powers. Don't worry I never betray my leader.'

*Sets her horse down and gets off. The ground seems to grow flowers and trees in her path.*

06/24/2000 9:09 AM

Well what I am is a little more complicated than just being a warrior.

*He stops his horse and scans the area.*

Solace is near.

06/24/2000 6:16 PM

Comes back from the woods empty handed except for the silver-haired man and his companions, "You will have to speak to Pyranthas," rides over to Py and motions to the newcomers.

06/24/2000 7:29 PM

As the group stands there waiting the mage's robes begin to change. They turn a bright white. Then a little later black. Seeing the looks he is getting, he explains. "I serve all the gods. My outfit changes at random. They usually don't change this much." Walking over to Pyranthas the mage bows as his robes turn red again. "We wish to join your quest."

06/24/2000 8:26 PM

Interesting... Well, I am glad to see someone else who also worships the gods of old besides myself. Yes you may join with my party. We will stop in Solace first. I want to possibly get some special shoes I have for my horse mounted on him.

06/25/2000 4:56 AM

"Quisalas...it has been a few years since I've been 'home'," smiles at him, "It believe I'll take a look around. It will be good to say hello to my old neighbors."

06/25/2000 3:27 PM

*looks around her looking for a place to set up her tent. She finds a place and sets up her tent. She beckens Autumn and the one she calls Py to join her. As they walk into the tent they find that it is no ordinary tent. Inside it is as large as a house.*

'I would be honored if you would stay in here with me. You seem to enjoy being together so I shall leave this place to you two. I hate having to pack it around. It is light but such a nusence. You may have it I am tired of it. There is a regular tent I sleep in. So please feel free to have this. Consider it a present.'

*She leaves them alone in the tent/house and sets up her little tent and settles down for a long sleep.*

06/25/2000 4:34 PM

A young kender peaks around one of the trees lining the clearing where the oddly asembled travelers set up camp. "Hmm I wonder where they're going?" Sucks lightly on the end of his honey colored tropknot. His chestnut eyes dart excitedly around the camp as his tiny form steps closewr standing now behind the tent/house. He inches closer as his eyes catch sight of a color sifting mage. "Ohh, how wonderful..." He comes into the clearing, bright yellow top glinting off the setting sun is covered only by a dark leather vest, drawn almost as strongly by the sight of the tiger. Green breeches hug his legs closly as he moves towards the tiger and mage. A hoopak is slung on his back and his tiny shoulders a waist are over loaded with pouches of every size.

OCC: bengal or white tiger?

06/25/2000 7:04 PM

ooc)Bengal. His mate is white.-ooc

The mage notices the advancing kender and whispers to his friends, "Watch your pouches."

06/25/2000 8:17 PM

*The that blond haired elf turns around from looking the tent over and looks over towards the kender and smiles to him.*

Why hello little one? What brings you here? Looking for adventure I suppose. Well, we are going to be going to be traveling to Neraka. Would you like to come along? Every party needs a kender.

*he grins*

06/25/2000 10:41 PM

*Looks at the kender and back to Pyranthas.*

'I hope you find everything satisfactory if you need anything just use the medallion.'

*With that she floats off and readys herself to keep watch over the camp*

06/25/2000 11:04 PM

A figure wrapped in darkness watches the group, its eyes flickering with light. And with dramatic flair he enters the camp.

"But are you willing to accept a Renegade into your company?"

The figure's hood falls off, revealing the shapely contours of a being very much likened to an elf. But the figure was no elf. His eyes were more almond like in shape. His sea grey eyes and silvery long hair marks his features with an alien beauty. He nods at Pyranthas.

"Quithain, Pyranthas..." His elven has a Silvanesti lilt.

He holds his left hand close to his chest.

"Aveir Mertonius..."
He bows down with an elegant grace, while clutching a burnt oaken staff, clutching an orb with the figure of a carved aspen.

06/25/2000 11:11 PM

*looks at Mertonius seeing him yet really not,she remembers him yet not really, her hands go to her belly ahhh now she remembers. she hides her face not quite believing.*

'I don't forget nor will Jana.'

06/26/2000 11:27 AM

*dismounts and leads Starlite to a small stream and oat grass*

Smiles at Tarohl and his companions, then approaches the kender, "Greetings Triplestar. I agree with Py here...your services will come in handy. Perhaps you can teach Pyranthas how to use the lock picking tools he received as part of a gift," giggles and gives Pyranthas a teasing look.

Admires the tent, "Thank you Nadja. I think I will set a fire and sleep besides that, though. I need to regain my campaigner bones."

*builds a fire and thinks of Solace as she studies the new member, Mertonious, trying to figure him out*

06/26/2000 12:38 PM

*Pyranthas looks around the area, scouting the area with his eyes, ears, and his mind. He sees, hears, nor sences nothing. He then walks into the woods alittle and then comes back an hour later with a dozen rabbits and a small sack of berries.
He tosses a few rabbits over to the tiger and then places the others on the ground and then walks over by Autumn with the berries and sits down.*


06/26/2000 9:34 PM

Mertonius's eyes glazed feverishly for a moment before he managed to banish the pain by force of will alone. He then unclasps an amulet shaped like that of an orchid's blossom from his cloak.

"I have forgotten about that amulet of undetectable darkness..."

He then collapses to the ground, coughing up bloody sputum and sending his wiry frame shaking.

(OOC: I have to apologize for my cousin's previous actions. He was using my account and was posing as me for a long time. He now has a seperate account and is known as Mikhal Silverhair. I would like to deny any actions done by me from the past previous weeks. Those are not mine but that of my cousin Mike -from Marcus)

06/27/2000 4:42 AM

"Thank you Py," takes some berries.

*sees Mertonius collapse...*

06/27/2000 5:34 AM

Tarohl's robes shift to white as he rushes to Mertonis's side. "Here drink this." He holds a small cup full of some sort of elixer over the Mertonis's mouth.

ooc)Is it all right if the Tiger can talk and shift into an upright humanoid form?

06/27/2000 7:30 AM

(ooc were tiger?)

*he stands and knees buy Mertonis's side. He places a hand on his forehead and channels some of his energy into his body, trying to heal him. He stands up and then goes and sits back down with his wife.*

06/27/2000 10:56 AM

Looks at Pyranthas, "Once we reach Solace, I am going to pay a visit to some old neighbors, Py, while you re-shoe your horse. Is that ok? I won't be long," looks around at the others, "And some here may want to pick up traveling supplies and such."

*leans against him as she braids her hair and watches the fire. listens to the sounds of the woods, hears a twig snap and the soft sigh of wet leaves being pressed into the ground. sits straigher and listens harder*

it's probably only an animal

06/27/2000 11:07 AM

*Pyranthas also hears it and instantly his mind scans the area.*


*he stands up and draws his sword and idsappears into the woods. Minutes later the screams of hobgoblins can be heard as they are getting killed off one by one. Pyranthas emerges from the woods ten minutes later.*

Hobgoblin scouting party. Nothing I couldn't take care of. Alright, lets head off. I don't want to have to deal with those stupid creatures now. We have more pressing matters up ahead of us to deal with.

*Pyranthas jumps onto his horse.*

There's more hobgoblins out there. They will be here to avenge the brethern, So I suggest we get going.

06/27/2000 12:35 PM

*He moves his horse over beside Autumn's.*

Tell the others I am going to scout up ahead. I shall meet with you up ahead on the path.

*he then takes off on his horse up the path.*

06/27/2000 4:56 PM

"Be careful," turns to the others as they travel down the path at a slower pace because not all have a mount, "Keep your eyes peeled, folks."

Thinks, "There is something brewing in the north, where we are headed. Have any of you heard rumors?"

06/27/2000 5:17 PM

*Pyranthas scans the road and looks around with his mind, ears, and eyes, looking for anything that could be a threat to the group.*


*he stops his horse suddenly. Something didn't feel right. He turns his horse around and charges back towards the group.*

06/27/2000 8:30 PM

*She turns to the north and from her perch she sees a group of hobgoblins coming this way. With them they have a human pulling a cart.*

'Sir, Autumn there are hobgoblins coming this way. They seem to have a prisoner. Should we get ready to attack? They are moving quickly'

*Jumps from her perch and prepares to fight.*

Love concurs all

06/27/2000 8:36 PM

*Pyranthas hurries back to the other just in time to warn them as the hobgoblins come screaming through the woods at them, and Pyranthas stands on the back of his horse and then leaps up into the air and does a summersault and lands on his feet and two hobgoblins lay at his feet before he even hits the ground.*

06/27/2000 8:37 PM

Mertonius steadied himself with his staff and stared at the approaching cart. He then hobbled his way towards a clump of trees and waited for the party's reaction to this developement.

"I don't care if they used every man, woman, or child as their draft animal. I don't give a damn at all..." This he muttered under his breath as he made his way to the trees and waited.

06/27/2000 8:38 PM

Tarohl's group prepares for battle. The knight pulls out his massive 5 ft. sword, while the elf woman pulls out her katanas. The tiger prepares to pounce and Tarohl summones his staff.

06/27/2000 8:39 PM

ooc)not really. He is an intelligent cat with a shift ability.

06/27/2000 8:50 PM

(ooc I guess I can give you that)

*Pyranthas spins arouns slashing at the hobgoblins slicing them before they even get a chance to get near him.*

06/27/2000 9:05 PM

*Looks at the hobgoblins coming at her in a rage of fury she starts chanting and fireballs come out of her hands the group falls and dies.*
Love concurs all

06/27/2000 9:30 PM

" I would have left that pathetic human to his fate..."

Mertonius sat on a stump watching the fight. Unbeknown to the others another batch of hobgoblins have outflanked the party. He was there waiting for them...

"Ithas Kzak Thura Muaz"

Only the creaking sounds of huge animated tree limbs came from the forest as it suddenly attacked and snuffed the life out of those passing beneath its eaves.

"Ahhh. The sound of Mother Nature squeezing the life out of those bugs. How invigorating..."

06/27/2000 9:37 PM

Another group of hobgoblins attack. The knight slices 3 in half with one swing and continues to attack the enemy. The Katana wielding elf begins to slice her way through the hobgoblins. The tiger begins to change. He morphs into an a humanoid shape. He looks like a human with a tiger head with claw and a tail. His entire body is covered in fur. He now wears a loose fitting tunic and wields a battle axe. He begins to attack. Tarohl begins casting spells. Hobgoblins are destroyed left and right by the group.

ooc)I forgot to mention the rest of my groups name's. The knight is Garret Banestone. The elf is Ashira. The tiger is Skyt. Lets say I tould thier names when I introduced myself, Ok.

06/27/2000 10:53 PM

Py, I'm sorry...I should have been more watchful

*slow to react but quick to recover, she sends this message to Pyranthas as she unsheathes her sword and leaps from her mount, sommersaulting thru the air as she was taught, weilding her sword at the final hobgoblins, taking them down*

*her long black braid bouncing against her back, she runs to Starlite and hugs the horse's neck and looks around to see if the others in the group are alright*

"This doesn't feel right at all Pyranthas" she mutters, "Something is coming. I can feel it," looks to the trees then to the sky, "It is evil," examines the group, "We will be in danger if we procede, but I am not afraid. I'm not," she shutters.

*wipes blood from her blade and asks for the blessing of E'li upon this group*

06/27/2000 10:55 PM

Tarohls eyes go out of focus. "I see a great evil in the future."

06/28/2000 10:06 AM

I sence it too. Something very evil is going to go on and it's brewing in Neraka. We must hurry.

*shieths his sword.*

06/28/2000 10:57 AM

Before you a man seemingly drops out off the sky.
He stands up, his black leather armor and cloak smoking
heavily. Checking if his curved swords are still hanging
on his belt, he suddenly notices everyone around him.

'Err,' he begins 'Can anyone please tell me where
I am?'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/28/2000 11:09 AM

You are on the world of Krynn traveler. You are ion the continent of Ansalon.

06/28/2000 11:21 AM

He looks at you surprised.

'Krynn?' he gasps, then under his breath 'Stupid

Looking down at his armor he scowls.

'Well,' he speaks up again 'Looks like I'm gonna be here for
a while, then. Might I travel with you?'

His eyes flash red with fire and lightning ripples
over his skin.

'I will not be a detriment to your party,' he promises.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/28/2000 11:27 AM

*Pyranthas looks at this new person curiously and smiles.*

You certainly may. The more the merrier and a varity of skills is always welcomed.

06/28/2000 11:28 AM

*gives Py the once over and sees that he is uninjured*


*leaps on her horse and waits for Pyranthas and the others*

06/28/2000 11:32 AM

Well, we had best head on our way and get to Solace. I do not want to run into more hobgoblins. The smell bad. Well let's go and where did that kender run off to?

06/28/2000 11:36 AM

*he looks at the realms walker*

What is your name planewalker? I am Pyranthas. That is my wife Autumn.

*he points to Autumn.*

06/28/2000 11:39 AM

'Well met,' the dark cloaked man speaks 'I am
Jordie, the Master of Fire and Lightning.'

He chuckles.

'Those are just titles. I am Master of none, nor
would I wish to be.'

Looking around the group, he smiles.

'And who are all of you?'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/28/2000 7:16 PM

Tarohl steps forward. Pointing to Ashira, "This beautiful elf with the katanas is Ashira." Gesturing towards Garret, "That giant of a man is the knight, Garret Banestone." Gesturing towards the Morphed tiger, "That is the tiger morph, Skyt. And I am Tarohl, mage of the gods. With my magic we too can travel planes as well as time."

06/28/2000 7:26 PM


*Kitiara roars from somewhere nearby*


*Kit strides into veiw*

Are you gonna buy that staff or not?!

(OCC Do you know of anywhere that I can buy cheap Dwarven spirits?)

06/28/2000 9:08 PM

I with drew my bid. I do not want that evil thing. I thought it was from another wizard.

*turns to everyone.*

Come on let us all be on our way.

*he starts off on his horse.*

(ooc No i do not Kitiara.)

06/28/2000 10:49 PM

Mertonius steadies himself from his post and looks at the newly arrived adventurers. He grins for a moment then a scowl formed on his face.

"I am Mertonius, that is enough for you traveller..."

He then pulls out an exquisitely carved statuette of a horse and lays it on the ground. Rubbing the head of the figurine he intoned some arcane words.

The statue started shifting, growing bigger and bigger till it was the size of a war horse. It opened its obsidian eyes and its ears started darting around.

"AH... My obsidian mount, Dark Thunder..."

With a fluid motion, Mertonius took to the air and landed on the saddle of his mount.

"Where to, oh fearless leader..." Sarcasm dripping from his voice. He grins and gives a Autumn a jestly wink and smiled again at the others.

"And who said I had no sense of humor..."

06/29/2000 4:53 AM

Bowing to the diverse group of adventurers, he chuckles.
'I would not say that I can travel the planes by will,
my armor is a little...malfunctional.'

'Hey,' you hear a muffled voice speak 'I resent that!
It was a small mistake, nothing more.'

Ignoring it, Jordie looks up at the arrogant rider.

'Mertonius, eh?' he scoffs 'More like Jerktonius...'
he giggles to his armor.

Seeing Dark Thunder, Jordie smiles. Whistling
on his fingers, you hear the clacking of hooves
accompanied by the clapping of wings. A cloud of
purple mist appears, slowly forming into a more solid
state. As it stops in front of him, it becomes fully
visible. A beautiful winged unicorn is standing there,
great muscles adorning its 7' tall figure. Jordie
gently floats on its bare back.

'Anyone need a ride? There is easily place for three
here,' he states as he brushes throught the stag's mane.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/29/2000 5:13 AM

*She and her mount float high above the group acting as a flight lookout.*

'If I see anything I will scream.'

Love concurs all

06/29/2000 9:28 AM

Trots besides Pyranthas and studies each and every member of the group and smiles, "A unicorn...how beautiful and how rare. Where do you come across one?"

06/29/2000 9:32 AM

Darken Wood.

*he looks at her and smiles.*

06/29/2000 11:52 AM

Well, actually he came across me.

*he patts the unicorn's flank*

And uh, he's a pegasus, too...

*as if the Unicorn pegasus understands their every
word it spreads out its wings*


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/29/2000 9:47 PM

Continues on to Solace with the group and grins, "Beautiful unicorn-pegasus," giggles and rides happily on.

"WHO GOES THERE?" a booming voice.

Seeker guards, Py. They are down from Haven probably.

*motions for the group to hault and to look normal*

*a man in formal attire and riding a horse and flanked by 4 human guards armed with swords only enter the road*

06/29/2000 9:52 PM

What do you want with us. We mean no harm. I am simply coming here to have new shoes place on my steed, and then then stop to get a bite to eat, and then we shall be on our way. You will let us pass.

*he waves his hand in front of a Seeker guard.*

I will let you pass.

Thank you very much kind sir have a good day.

*rides his steed into Solace.*

Everyone, we need to meet at the Inn of the Last Home.
*head off towards the black smith.*

06/29/2000 10:07 PM

*I set my horse down and look around. I walk to where we are supposed to meet and order a drink. I wait for the rest of the group to join me. As I am sitting there I see a group of odd looking creatures come in. I send a telepathic message through my medallion to PY. (there are strange creatures here be on your guard.)*

Love concurs all

06/29/2000 10:11 PM

*He gets the message and then pays the black smith.

I must warn Autumn. Thank you sir, you have done a wonderfull job. Thank you again.

*he then rushes out and jumps into the air and does a summersualt and lands on his horse. Autumn, meet at the bar quickly.*

06/30/2000 3:29 AM

*walks into the town, drawing curious glances towards
his steed*

You never seen a Unicorn-pegasus before?

*he laughs. Walking up to the inn, with a
few arcane words the stag disappears into mist*

Good boy, take some rest now.

*In the Inn he sits down beside the others, he too
spots the strange creatures*

What are those?

*He turns towards the female wizard*

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/30/2000 7:01 AM

*is sitting outside of her old residence, chatting with her old neighbors, amazing them with the adventures and changes in her life these last 5 years*

*hears Pyranthas*

"I must be going. It was nice to see you all again," leaves for the Inn and sees that Starlite is given fresh oats and water, making arrangements for Pyranthas's steed as well.

*enters the Inn and joins the others, eyeing the strange creatures carefully*

be careful when you enter Py. i have never seen such beings before

06/30/2000 9:50 AM

*Pyranthas enters the bar and looks around. He notices the creatures and then goes to sit with his group.*

06/30/2000 7:23 PM

Lastly, Tarohl and his group enters. The giant man, the color changing robed mage and the tiger draw many looks. They to see the creatures as they sit with the group.

ooc)I won't be here for a couple days. Can you guys please keep my charecters in?

06/30/2000 7:38 PM

(ooc -- we'll drag ya'll along, no worries)

*the creatures are sitting at a table in a far corner, wearing bulky robes and cloth covering there faces and extremities, speaking low in gutteral voices*

"Autumn! So good to see you!" a barmaid brings over several platters of spiced potatoes and mugs of Otik's ale, smiles hello to Pyranthas and whispers to Autumn, "I don't know, but these swattled ones in the corner have been frequenting the Inn and the surrounding area, questioning the townsfolk. People are very nervous," manages another smile for all of the companions and begins dishing out the food.

*one of the 'creatures', a hunched yet large figure, comes over and swats the barmaid on the fanny and demands more ale, then returns to it's table*

06/30/2000 9:34 PM

Mertonius took a table apart from those he rode with. Taking a seat, he eyes the party with such scrutiny that could rival the best gemcutter of Palanthas.

"I pity those who would try to stop us..."

He pulls out the strange looking orb that was mounted on his staff, pressing it against his forehead, letting his mind wander the shifting planes...

Visions of great wonder filled his mind and rejuvenated his weary body and mind.

Slowly, reluctantly, he reattaches the ORB OF FATE on to his staff, staring into its vividly shifting light. He then turns to Autumn, who was standing some distance away from him. He focuses for a moment and sends to her...

"Beware... I've breached the barriers of time and space... We are in dire peril! Summon for Pyranthas at once."

07/01/2000 5:44 AM

*sees the treatment of the barmaid and growls, his
eyes shine with angry red fire. Walks over to the
hunched beast. He taps it on the shoulder. The beast
turns around with a snarl. Bad move, as Jordie's fist
connects with its face. You hear the sound of cracking
bone and the beast is sent over the table. Its companions
look at Jordie, jaws dropped. Jordie gives them a look
that says: the first one that makes a move, dies. He
turns away, walking back to his seat, but not before
checking up with the barmaid.*

Are you okay?

*She nods. He looks her over, checking her up for any
bruises, then nods as well. He takes his seat, everyone
is staring at him, though he gives them no heed.*

It needed to be done.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/01/2000 7:06 AM

*slowly casts a confused glance at Mertonius*

Pyranthas. Hurry

*Nods at Jordie, then keeps her eyes on the creatures in the corner, waiting for them to try something*

07/01/2000 9:00 AM

I am here

*he says as he walks over to the table.*

Can anyone make out what they are? Are they seekers of some false god?

07/01/2000 8:42 PM

*Pyranthas places his hand on his hilt and then his scans the minds of one of the creatures. It appears intelligent... very intelligent. There is something else he sences about this creature... something about it's mind. It's mind seemed as if it was not from this plane, but from another.*

I get an eerie feeling from them.

07/01/2000 9:07 PM

Yes, me too. I don't like this.

*hurries to finish eating and goes outside. one of the creatures gets up and follows her*

07/01/2000 9:08 PM

Yes, me too. I don't like this.

*hurries to finish eating and goes outside. one of the creatures gets up and follows her*

07/01/2000 9:13 PM

*Pyranthas walks out after the creature and then watches him follow his wife.*

What do you think you are doing following my wife?

*The creature turns around.*

Is... that your wife... Oh... I'm sorry. I didn't know. You came in at different times.

*the creature then pulls a dagger out and runs at Pyranthas. Pyranthas spins around and in the process pulls out his sword and severs the creature in half. Pyranthas walks over to he and lets out a gasp as he removes the robes. It is reptilian and then he watches it turn to stone.*

07/02/2000 12:07 AM

*I have run out of the inn by then.*

"EWWWWW goblin or some shit. I hate them now what?"

*Spins around in time to slice the head off of one that had tried to sneak up on her.*
Love concurs all

07/02/2000 12:20 AM

*draws her sword and stands by Pyranthas, looking down at the stoney figures on the ground. pokes one with a boot and it crumbles*

"That was no goblin," she shakes her head, "did you see it's face?" looks up to the Inn where with loathing.

07/02/2000 2:56 AM

Look! It turned to dust. Hmmm... no wonder their minds were different. They are no normal humanoid. I tried to take control of one, but I found I couldn't.

*Looks back at the tavern.*

I hope the rest of the group get down here quick.

07/02/2000 11:52 AM

*Jordie quickly ran after the others, he felt as if
something was following him. He spun around to find two
of the creatures standing there*

'You killed our leader,' the largest of the two

'Yeah, and...?' Jordie retorted 'Are you gonna stand
there or are you gonna do something about it?'

*in answer the beast slashed its poison-dripping sword
at Jordie. Dodging the blow, Jordie pulled out one of
his blades, chopping the arm off in the same fluid movement.
The beast stumbled forward, its back a perfect target for
Jordie's second blade. It dissolved into a puddle of poison.*

'How did he do that?' Jordie gasped.

*the second beast attacked, its sluggish blow was deflected
aside by both Jordie's blades. Jordie then reversed his grasp
on the hilts and slammed the blades deep into the beast's legs.
Using his blades as leverage, Jordie jumped up, kicking out with both
feet, smashing its head in. He was surprised as the dead body turned
into stone, still holding his blades.*

'What the hell are these beasts?'

*pulling the body off the ground, then slamming it back into
the ground repeatedly, he finally got the stone to crumble,
letting his blades go. With a truly confused look on his face
he walked up to the others.*

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/02/2000 2:38 PM

I know what you mean Jordie. I'm still trying to figure out what they are too. That one turned into some type of liquid.

*he takes a stick and places it in the pool and watches it melt. He drops it quickly.*


07/02/2000 11:53 PM

Mertonius only smiled as he watched the party.

"It seems that my time has not yet come..."

He struggled to get up and steady himself.

That's when he felt the presence probing.

He gritted his teeth and focused...

A surge of energy shot through him, sending him down to his knees...

"No... I haven't finished yet... Not now... Ugh..."

The pain passed and the probing presence disappeared, leaving him disoriented.

"Good... I managed to defend my mind..."

He was not actually sure that was right when a dagger flashed and planted itself between his shoulder blades.


Mertonius collapsed unto the tavern floor.

07/03/2000 8:50 AM

The barmaid shouts out the door to those outside, "One of your companions has been stabbed," the barmaid then beats the attacker to a bloody pulp with a frying pan and administers to Mertonius.

Autumn hurries up the stairs and slashes out with her sword, bisecting one more of the creatures along the way.

07/03/2000 11:56 AM

*Pyranthas runs past Autumn and into the bar and then grabs the mage and flings him over his shoulder and then runs outside.*

Come on! Let's get out of here!

*he then runs to his horse and then pulls the dagger from Mert back. He draps Mert over his horse and then lays his hands on him and heals his wound.*

I can not heal anymore today. I can only lay hands once a day, so everyone be careful.

*he then jumps on his horse and his horse takes off at a quick pace.*


07/03/2000 12:48 PM

*his unicorn-pegasus appears out of the mist before him.
He jumps on its back and they lift off. Quickly catching up
to Pyranthas, Jordie spots another one of the beasts.
This time its silver and flying!*

'Keep steady,' Jordie tells his steed.

*closes his eyes for a second, when he opens them
they glow with lighting. He points his hand at the beast,
the energy collects itself there before he fires a
bolt of lighting as thick as the neck of a great dragon.
One of this size could only be evaded by a most skilled flyer
and so the beast takes it straight up its ugly face.
The beast drops, still crackling with energy. Jordie
notices the face of the beast..., it's his face!*

'What? Five seconds ago it was still a scaly reptile
thingy..!' he gasps. 'It still is..' his ever-sarcastic
armor Shadow remarked.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/03/2000 9:17 PM

*Kitiara's Male cousin breaks down door with detached head*

"honey...im home!"

"sorry i dont like doorbells"

*Kitiara's MALE cousin (decapitated) strides in with head under armpit and dangerous gleam in the eyes*
kitiara's cousin screams "wheres the templar"

"Pyranthas you will DIE.......but dont worry i will take goooooooood care of your draconian wife"

Kitiara's cousin

07/03/2000 9:21 PM

Well as soon as you set foot in the Qualinesti forest you were killed because you are a trespasser in the elvish kindom and you are an undead being. Sorry you never made it to Pyranthas's house. End of story.

07/03/2000 9:28 PM

*looks around*

"well i dont see any DM's objecting"

"hmm nice place you got her.....for a kender hideout"

07/03/2000 9:32 PM

(ooc I am the DM here so there)

07/03/2000 9:41 PM

"sorry Pyranthas as much as id like to saty in this ill gotten hell hole...i hav e an appointment with your wife!....the othter one not autum"
*Spits on Pyranthasis shoe's and walks out*

07/03/2000 9:44 PM

(OOC: Please fill me up on the time line. Is this story set before the War of the Lance? Or is it set after the War but before the Chaos War? Or is it after the Chaos War? If it is before the War of the Lance you need not worry of Mertonius dying. He still had his greater power then. If it was set after the War of the Lance, Mertonius has just finished creating his ORB OF FATE and would be easily killed. If it was after the Chaos War, then Mertonius would be near his peak since he was about to embark on his quest to destroy the Crown of the Queen of Darkness who fled Krynn. Sorry for the details but I'm quite detailed when I'm using Mertonius for serious types of stories like this. -Marcus)

07/03/2000 9:46 PM

(ooc all that has just happened never happened this was not in character and so he never made it to Pyranthas's house Thank you. Pyranthas)

07/03/2000 9:49 PM

Marcus it is before the war or the lance it states it in the opening post

07/04/2000 12:29 AM

*I jump on my flying horse and fly off waiting for them to catch up.*

Love concurs all

07/04/2000 1:37 AM

*Kits cousin apologises for any inconvenience HE may have caused*

07/04/2000 8:35 AM

*sheathes her sword and leaps on Starlite and takes after the others*

07/04/2000 5:16 PM

ooc)I'm back

ic)Tarohl's group catches up with the others. The humans and elf ride horses while the tiger runs along side. Eventially they stop. Tarohl goes over and begins to heal Mertonis. He looks up, "Those we're draconians."

07/04/2000 7:47 PM

Draconians? I have never see or heard of them.

07/05/2000 10:33 AM

*keeps on the side of the group, listening to the conversation*

'Look where you brought us this time...' he whispers.
'An unknown world full of unknown beings.'

*rides up to pyranthas' side*

'Draconians, huh?' he speaks 'Now that we know what they
are, what are we going to do about them?'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/05/2000 12:59 PM

*stops his hose and thinks*

I'm not sure yet. I have a funny feeling about them. I beleive we will find all of our answers when we get to Neraka. It will be a journey I'd say. We will have to cross New Sea and then cross into Solamnia and head over the Garnet Mountains, stop in Lemish, cross over through parts Estwilde and then into the Khalkist Mountains and then to Neraka, unless we head south again and then head past Pax Tharkas, Head towards the Plains of Dust and into Tarsis. The from there we head towards Silvanesti and head north through Ogre country and toward Zhakar and then towards Sanction and then to Neraka. What does everyone thing? The first route of the second route?

07/05/2000 7:51 PM

Draconians are made of good dragons eggs that are warped by Takisses's(sp) Dark mages.

07/05/2000 10:23 PM

I know how you love sailing, Quisalas

"The first route sounds reasonable," she announces.

Starlite trots on over to Tarohl, "Tell us. How do you know what you say? About these Draconians."

07/06/2000 5:56 AM


Mertonius slids down the mount and on to the ground.

"Those creatures you fought are beings created by Dark Magic combined with Dark Clerical Powers..."

Eyeing the suspicious looks from the group he sighs then takes a more relaxed sitting position on the ground.

"80 years after the God's dropped the fiery mountain on Istar and left Krynn devastated, I joined up on an expedition to save a village ravaged by the plague. I met a certain honorable knight name Karlac. On our way to Silvanesti ,we made our way through the mountains to cut our journey short...."

He let out a breath, then continued.

"Nearing what we thought was the small town of Sanction a pack of Ogres attacked our party. We escaped and even before we could catch our breaths a whole regiment of those things found out about our destination..."

Mertonius shook his head.

"Karlac (ooc: AKA the Hooded One), alas, was killed, acting as our rear guard... He fought those creatures. We all fought, but those draconians..."

Mertonius then covers his face with the hood of his cloak, lost in deep thought.

"Don't ask me what happened when we reached Sanction... The pain is still great... I lost some one there... A friend..."


07/06/2000 9:22 AM

(ooc very nice Marcus.)
Ok, one for the first route. What about all of you? Thank you for the information Mertonius and Tarohl. It will come in handy.

07/06/2000 5:53 PM

Mertonius stared into the group and his eye
glinted again, this time with knowledge.

"I must warn you though, those creatures we fought
are nothing to those we will find in Neraka.
You do not know the horrors we will face... the...
the defilement they did to their...their...

His eyes went distant for a moment, remembering
the tortured screams of captives being abused and
vile experiments conducted to draconian
impregnated women to finally create the most vile
of all draconian races... Half draconian Humans...

He shakes his head again and finally offers a

"There is an easier way to get to Neraka... And
all we have to do is get some dark colored robes."

A grim smile crosses Mertonius face.

"We will try subterfuge and get recruited into the
force they are assembling. It is fairly easy to
find recruiting places and we would get there in
the most expedient manner."

07/06/2000 6:02 PM

Dark-colored robes? I can arrange that.

*slowly his cloak forms into a robe, covering the
whole of his body in a shadowy black. From the inside
of his hood his glowing eyes can be seen. He waves his
hand at each of the companions and around them a similar
robe appears. It looks like cloth, but it feels different.
Your best guess is that it's made of the shadows themselves.*

Now, show us the way Mertonius...

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/06/2000 6:43 PM

*looks down upon herself and grimmaces*

Says kindly but firmly, "Remove these robes from me, I have a bracelet that will allow me to move unseen if need be. If I need a disguise, I will then ask for your services, kind sir," smiles at him and nods her head.

(ooc--background so you understand. autumn half-elf is a very kind and generous person, but she came from very little and has that poor pride thing goin' on)

07/06/2000 6:47 PM

I too also perfer not to have any black robes on me. I have can shape shift if necesary. I would prefer no to have any robe on me. It allows me to get to my weapon easier.

07/06/2000 7:27 PM

The robe on Tarohl turns white. "Dang, even magic can't cover my loyalty to all gods." He consentrates on dark thoughts and his robes turn black. "If I think evil than my robes are black. I hope my robes don't change at the wrong time."

07/07/2000 4:52 AM

Sure, less stress on my powers.

*the robes disappear from Pyranthas and Autumn,
the robes on the other seem stronger and darker
somehow. He patts his steed's flank*

Don't like to do this, old boy, but this will make
our disguise more impressive....

*the pegasus-unicorn started to change into an exact
opposite of itself. Black where it was formerly white,
fangs instead of teeth, claws instead of hooves and
batwings in place of angelic feathery wings. Jordie
pulled his hood lower, he couldn't stand to look at one
of his most faithful companions like this. He takes a
deep breath.*

Now, are we ready to go?

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/07/2000 6:22 PM

"Yes let's be off."

07/07/2000 7:17 PM

Smiles at the group, "Alrighty then. Py? Which way?"

*begins trotting down the trail*

07/07/2000 7:42 PM

Leans over and whispers to Ashira, "How strange this is, returning to a time right before it all happened." Whispering back she replied, "I know what you mean. Hopefully we can fix it this time."

07/07/2000 8:53 PM

*shrugs his shoulders*

Well, since nobody answered my question, then we shall head North through Solamnia and then east to Neraka.

07/08/2000 1:10 AM

Dark thoughts swam in Mertonius' mind, thoughts of vengeance, "This time my Queen, I will have my revenge. Only one of us would walk away from this encounter alive..."

But the truth to the matter, it would not be him...

07/08/2000 10:25 AM

'Sorry for not answering your question, Pyranthas.
My answer would have been little more then a guess,
for I do not know these lands.'

*Takes the rear end of the group, looking for dangers
from behind them*

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/08/2000 12:34 PM

*watches Tarohl and Ashira closely, having overheard their conversation*

Fix what? Where did they come from? she worries.

07/08/2000 6:57 PM

The robes Tarohl wears turn white again as he summons a sphere. "It will scout ahead and report back any thing out of the ordinary." Turning to Garret he whispered, "Make sure I don't do it this time." Nodding the knight whispered back, "Will do."

07/08/2000 8:36 PM

*Becoming suspious of Tarhol and his group, he begins to probe the mind of the knight.*

07/09/2000 8:31 AM

*trots over to Garret and gives him a kind but firm look that says 'you better start talking'*

"Evil has come to this land, that is plain to see. If you know something that can assist us on our journey, protect us, speak up Knight."

07/10/2000 6:09 PM

*Pyranthas sighs and then heads off on his horse. He heads down the road.*

If you are or ae not coming you better follow me now because I am planning to get to Neraka.

07/10/2000 7:24 PM

Before the knight can reply, Tarohl speaks up. "I suppose you all should know. My group and I did not run into you by accident. As I have said before, we travel time and space. In an other time line, we cause the destruction of the entire planet. Well actually, I do... So we came back in time to fix it and my comrads have the way to stop me." Ashira and Garret each holds up a platinum slim dagger. Continuing, "With one thrust by one of these daggers, I die instantly. So if worse comes to worse, I am killed so all might live until what comes later. What comes later I have no control over."

07/10/2000 11:14 PM

*Starlite and Autumn move in a circle around Tarohl and his comrads*

Autumn smiles sadly, "I have heard odder tales. And if what you say be true, your knowledge of the future can assist us...if used properly," considers this, "Tell us...can you assist us in our quest to discover what is transpiring in Neraka because evil is surely at work here and the people are complacent with their 'seeker' gods. We truly 'seek' the truth. Are you in or are you out? Please, I beg of you, how can you assist?" pauses a moment then without waiting for a reply, trots on up to Pyranthas.

Looks Pyranthas deeply in the eyes and then, "HeeeYAH!" slaps her steed with the reigns and gallops ahead and beyond, tears streaming down her face as she remembers her dream from the night before and what it may portend.

07/11/2000 2:08 PM

*Pyranthas sences Autumn coming up behind him and sences something is wrong.*

What is wrong my love? I sence something is troubling you.

07/11/2000 3:57 PM

*slows her horse and lets Pyranthas catch up*

"I am sorry to worry you, Quisalas. I will be ok, bad dream is all," smiles at him and sighs and looks down the road, "We haven't much time to wait, do we? Let's keep on."

07/11/2000 5:26 PM

Yes love. We must hurry.

*He kicks his heel into the sides of his horse and it takes off quickly*

07/11/2000 7:19 PM

"Yes we will help. And about what is happening...The Dark Queen has returned. So has Paladine. The dragons on both sides shall soon come back to fight and the Dragon Ords and Dragon Lances shall soon be recovered."

07/11/2000 7:49 PM

(OOC: Forgive Me for not being able to post for sometime. I had to undergo a difficult and important test of my magecrast, something that magic is incapable of solving. MY PRELIMS!)

Mertonius nudges Tarohl and whispers, "I fear that thou art spoiling the essence of the times my friend. It is better to let the future be unknown since hope is based on the lack of knowledge in the future..."

(OOC: In other words, don't spoil the fun by telling what the egg holds before it hatched, my friend...)

07/11/2000 8:02 PM

"You're right. I'm sorry but for the fact that by saying to much the time lines could change, I can say no more."

07/13/2000 6:36 PM

I could careless about the future at this time. If I want to know how the future will turn out I shall look to my visions when I have them. Now we have to hurry. Something is happening in Neraka and I want to get to the bottom of it. Look theres a dock there and theres a ship. I'll take care of the boat ride to Solamnia.

*Rides up to the docks and manages to get everyone a ride over to Solamnia.*

07/13/2000 8:30 PM

"You should care about the elf. What we do now in Neraka could bring eternal darkness to Krynn."

07/14/2000 8:13 AM

"Stop this bickering. We must at as one on the venture if we are to have any chance of a positive outcome."

*makes certain all of the horses are well fed and watered, and passes around rations to the group*

07/14/2000 11:36 AM

*Jordie ignores the bickering of some of the others.
He's standing by himself at the front tip of the ship.
With closed eyes he enjoys the peace of this place.
The wind blowing in his face, drops of water tickling
his cheeks. He would almost forget his past here...
almost. One of the crew walks up to him.*

'Good day,' Jordie says before he even sees the man.

*the man hesitates for a while, then shakes his head
and walks next to him*

'Aye, good day to ye,' the crewman responds 'There be
a mighty storm brewing.'

*the man points at the horizon, where strom-clouds are

'Yes,' Jordie agrees 'But it will not bother us, not

'Whaddayamean?' the crewman snorts 'It's coming straigth
for us.'

*in response Jordie's eyes glow with electricity. The man
takes a step back. The storm-clouds part slowly, then vanish
altogether, showing a bright sunny sky*

'That's a mighty trick ye pulled there,' the man
gasps 'By the way, me name's Chuck. Chuck Wildmane.'

'I'm Jordie,' he responds ' Just Jordie.'

'So...Jordie,' Chuck smiles 'Can ye do any other tricks?
Like er...make some ale and maybe some beef?'

'Of course, Chuck,' Jordie looks at the bald man
'Wildmane? Can't say that fits you!'

*Jordie grins and soon both are interchanging tales of
their adventures*

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/14/2000 8:59 PM

*Pyranthas quickly learning as much as he could about sailing, was soon learning how to navigate the ship. There he sat most of the trip, day and night, watching how to navigate the ship. Towards the middle of the trip Pyranthas was actually navigating the ship himself when the ships navigator when he slept. Soon Pyranthas was a good of a navigator as the one on the ship.*

07/14/2000 9:21 PM

Mertonius brooded in his cabin, ignoring the others even while they were in the common room. Dark thoughts seemed to seeth in his mind, a palpable darkness that clouds one's mind began to emanate from him whenever someone came too near to him. "It feels as if a heavy blanket was stifling me," reported one sailor who accidently stumbled into the Dark Renegade's room.

It greatly surprised the others when, while everyone were discussing there plans during dinner when he finally spoke.

"We have to be prepared for what we will face. I cannot guarantee that I would be with you for a length of time while we are in Neraka." His raspy voice indicating some long time disuse.

"For one thing, do not underestimate our foes, and especially," looking up at Pyranthas, Tarohl, and Jordie, "do not overestimate your strengths. A warrior is at his weakest when he overestimates himself and does not make suitable preparations for anything that might come up that would be beyond his abilities."

"I know this, I have failed numerous times in many different areas whenever I fought my one greatest opponent when I become to confident of my abilities without being cautious and overestimating my abilities..."

Mertonius stares down into his bowl of gruel thinking of times long past and the uncountable wounds he suffered, the pain that wracked his soul.

"Never overestimate yourselves, never be overconfident. You might end up facing a foe with power just beyond your abilities..."

07/15/2000 12:46 AM

*studies all of the companions closely on their voyage. Jordie, she determines, is the friendly and brave type, Tarohl and his clan are secretive and driven, and Mertonius is powerful but remains a stern mystery*

*she sees wisdom in the mysterious Mertonius's words, and although this sets her mind to worry, she remains confident*

*then there is the leader of their group...Pyranthas*

Finds Py at the helm and brings him a fresh mug of tea and gives him a peck on the cheek, "You have found your new calling, Quisalas, in this ship and in the sea," smiles and finds comfort in his presence.

07/15/2000 9:31 AM

There is something about sailing I find relaxing. I feel as if I am at home here. Where almost in Solamnia I can see it. LAND HO!!!!

*The ships navigator runs up and checks with Pyranthas and sees the land in the distance.*

You are a natural sailor Lord Pyranthas.

Thank you. Now take the wheel I must be with my wife for a bit.

07/16/2000 1:14 PM

*smiles softly and takes Pyranthas's arm and leads him to the railing and looks out, the wind whipping her long black hair around her head. she brushes a strand from her face and tucks it behind her ear. she says nothing. just simply stands there with him soaking in what she feels will be the last moment of peace for a very long time*

07/16/2000 1:26 PM

Tarohl and Ashira stand at the front of the ship holding on to each other. Finnally Ashira speaks. "Tarohl, I don't know what I'll do if you die in the coming weeks." Turing towards his lover Tarohl responds, "It is not me you should worry about but the world. I have fought this battle many times before."

07/16/2000 6:55 PM

*his long honey blonde hair whips in the wind with her's and he looks at her and then kisses her. He feels so much at piece with her and at sea.*

I feel this will be our last momment until we get back from Neraka that we shall truely feel peace.

07/16/2000 10:42 PM

"Peace would never come to this world as long as all the races of Krynn are at each other's necks."

The sound of a whiping cloak in the wind alerts everyone of Mertonius' presence. He stood some distance away from the companions, marking the scene with obvious distaste on his masked face. His hand clutched at his burnt staff like a raven's gnarled claw and his deep burning eyes stared down deep into each soul, as if piercing it and keeping all the secrets each hold. Nevertheless there was a gleam of great pain and regret in those same eyes, eyes that could kill in a glance, or eyes that can comfort those who are in need. A pain so profound that it seems nothing can every assuage it, nor can it ever be banished till some great event comes, something that would forever mark him a changed man.

07/31/2000 6:39 AM

*flicks a glance at Mertonius and agrees with his words*

Then, "Harbor," nods to shore.

07/31/2000 7:59 PM

Tarohl and his companions prepare for unloading.

08/01/2000 3:25 PM

*Pyranthas gets off and waits for everyone else*

08/01/2000 8:03 PM

Getting off Skyt asked "Where to now?"

08/01/2000 8:41 PM

We go thought the Garnet Moutains.

*looks towards the east and sees the mountains*

Bronzeblade Keep


08/01/2000 8:41 PM

Something was not quite right and Mertonius quickly picked it up. He quickly passed by Pyranthas and whispered so sibilantly that no one other than the elf heard it.

"So silent, assassins nearby. There at the alley. Don't look at them directly..."

The Dark Renegade glided silently to a barrel nearby. He deftly pulled a ten inch dagger and plunged it into the wooden side. Withdrewing it he drew blood...

08/01/2000 9:05 PM

Commenting Tarohl replied, "Not bad. But I've seen you do better."

08/01/2000 9:25 PM

Mertonius shoved Tarohl back as he brought up his Ultimate Globe of Invulnerability. The barrel exploded with the force of a high level fireball.

"I've encountered these beasts before. They are Bozaks!!!"

A dozen of the strange reptilian like creatures appeared out of nowhere and surrounded the small group. An evil light glinted from their blood red eyes as they circled the heroes.

"Becareful, don't let them get near you. Those things can use magic." (OOC: Up to the 5th level I believe. Beware the Cone of Cold)

08/02/2000 3:18 AM

*Pyranthas thinks to himself. Maybe it's time to use a few of my powers well anyway time to chrage up. Pyranthas gets into a stance and he begins to glow. He focuses his eneergies on the Bozacks and then reaslease and energy blast at the creature, striking two of them blowing a hole through the sides of both of them.*

Bronzeblade Keep


08/03/2000 7:02 PM

Tarohl summons a sphere of energy and huls it at the Bozacks.

08/03/2000 9:18 PM

The sudden death of the three draconians touched of a chain reaction. Gathering as much power he has, Mertonius enlarged the sphere of invulnerability to protect his companions. Explosions ripped through the dock side as each of the Bozak draconians caught each other in a blazing conflageration. The few scattered onlookers ran for their lives as the entire place was reduced to cinders.

As the smoke subsided, the party noticed that nothing was left around them, the shimmering field of energy Mertonius created protected them from the devastating onslaught.

"Next time my friends... Disintigrate them..."

Mertonius collapsed from his exertion.

08/04/2000 5:17 AM

*Autumn is terrified. she hesitates. she does not react, she does not even touch her sword. she watches the draconians and Py and Mertonius and Tarohl and the other companions as if from far away*

Snaps out of her daze and sees Mertonius collapse then runs over to him, "Thank you mysterious one," she whispers shakily. Checks his pulse, nods, then stands and looks to Pyranthas.

I am sorry Py...I was so afraid, I am not a warrior, perhaps I should have stayed home...I fear too much for your safety I cannot think straight

*shakes her head, ashamed*

08/04/2000 2:23 PM

"Perhaps I can help," says a man as he seems to materialize out of the shadows. " I am the Thorn, and I believe I have a spell that can help your mage-friend."

The Thorn starts chanting in a tongue unrecognizable to the group. "kremKlesh SHeamnopeth Tszartsorak noBlar!"

As the Thorn chants his brown robe and silver cloak become outlined in light. The light shifts from red to white to black in a repeating pattern. The onlookers can only wonder how they can see black light. When the Thorn has finished chanting he places his hands on Mertonius. The light courses over his body and then into his mouth.

Suddenly Mertonius gasps loudly and his eyes flutter open.

08/04/2000 8:22 PM

Tarohl spoke up."Interesting."

08/05/2000 7:32 AM

*Nods as he looks on.*

'Next time let me do the fighting,' he speaks.

*Looks into their confused and maybe a bit outrageous

'Their blasts,' he quickly explains 'They can't hurt me.
At least...not as much as they would hurt you.'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

Paperweight of discord and bodyguard of The Man for Chaos Inc.

08/05/2000 2:18 PM

Gathers the group around, "These, creatures, we have seen different breeds...I don't like this one bit," addresses them all, "To our horses, we must ride."



V.P. of the Pandemoneous Rootbeer Popsicklus and Consort to the Man for Chaos Inc.

08/05/2000 2:29 PM

"As I can not be everywhere at once, I can not accompany you from here but I will keep in touch," says the Thorn. I will need to mark one of you incase an emergency arises.

The Thorn walks up to Tarohl. "This won't hurt," states the Thorn. He presses both of his thumbs on Tarohl right bicep and starts to hum. When he finishes, he withdrawals his hands and there is a tattoo of a silver eye on Tarohl arm. "I will be here when you need me," says the Thorn and he fades away.

08/05/2000 3:26 PM

*Watches The Thorne and he then turns to everyone.*

Come on everyone. I want to get to Neraka as soon as I can.

Bronzeblade Keep


08/05/2000 5:58 PM

Tarohl looks at the eye, "A nice adition to my other tatoos."

ooc)What is up with The Man for Chaos Inc. thing?
Also how do you make stuff colored and bold?

Master of Mage Tower

08/06/2000 3:38 PM

Smiles wearily at Pyranthas and rides over to him, leading his horse along, "To your mounts, my friends...I have, um, acquired a few more for those who have been without."

Only cost a few gold. Lead the way, Quisalas.

(OOC -- Tarohl, visit the General Forum at Bronzeblade Keep and I will have little html post for you there. Chaos Inc. is a not a gang, it's a club, blah blah blah *gives Neo the club handshake even tho neither of them know what it is...but, therein lies the nature of chaos :P)____________


V.P. of the Pandemoneous Rootbeer Popsicklus and Consort to the Man for Chaos Inc.

08/07/2000 6:02 PM

ooc)I still don't under stand the club thing. do you all know each other in real life?

08/08/2000 10:22 PM

(OOC: I may be powerful, but for the sake of the story I always limit my abilities. I don't like acting up like some fireball machine capable of casting spells without regeants and doing stuff beyond my sphere of magic. I'm a mage not a friggin cleric.)

Mertonius struggled up, the healing spell having little visible effect on him. He grinned, then pulled out a gem set skull from a secret pocket. After chanting for a moment a light welled forth from between his fingers as he finished casting his "Eternal Damnation Spell". The remnants of the slain creatures (and other casualties from the explosion) started to sizzle then become gelatinous in consistency. Absorbing the aura of death from the dead he regained his strength. The onlookers started running for their lives as they saw the Necromantic powers of the Dark Renegade...

(OOC: Now that is what you call necromancy)

08/09/2000 6:02 AM

(ooc very nice Mert.)

*Py takes his horse and jumps on it after watching the dark renegade with his spell.*

Is everyone ready?

Bronzeblade Keep

08/09/2000 6:14 PM

"Very nice Mert. But do be careful, I was slightly drained by that spell."

08/09/2000 6:28 PM

Stays away from Mertonius, "You are on our side? No? I hope so..."

08/10/2000 7:36 AM

*Pyranthas sits on his horse and then looks around. Suddenly he begins her hear a voice he had not heard in a long time in his head. Join my army Bronzeblade! Join it!*


*He heards it again Join the side of darkness! Darkness shall rule surpreme


*the voice begins laughing at him. Join me Templar! Soon you shall see the power you shall envelop once you join me. Pyranthas clutches his head and falls off his horse.*

Leave me alone! I shall never join you and your dark armies Takhisis!

*Pyranthas then falls into a deep trance. He finds his spirit standing in the Abyss before the Queen of Darkness.*

You shall join me Bronzeblade.


*Py draws his sword.*

Leave me be.

*Pyranthas begins to channel his energy into his sword. He pulls it back and then swings the blade and a raw blast of energy swings from the blade into the Dark Queen. She screams in angry. The elf then runs and from her.*

I must get back home...

Bronzeblade Keep

08/10/2000 7:11 PM

Then in his mind Py hears the voice of Tarohl, "Fight it Py, she can't control you. Darkness shalll not reighn if we can help it."

All of a sudden Tarohl appears in the Abyss.
Seeing him the Dark Queen hisses and yells, "Tarohl!! You come again to try and defeat me?"
Gatherng energy Tarohl replies, "Yes Dark One. I have come to keep you where you are!" Tarohl unleashes a flury af attacks at the Dark Queen. The energy dos a good amount of damage. Howling in pain Takhisis screams, "Curse you Tarohl!!! You will never defeat me!!" Turning to Py Tarohl yells, "Run!! She most now face the Master of the Time/Space Continuum!!"

08/10/2000 7:26 PM

*Pyranthas stops and looks back. He then gets into a defensive stance and starts gathering energy. He concentrains hard on goig back home. He starts to glow. Just before he disappears, he launches an energy blast at the dark queen striking her hard. He then disappears. Py eyes snap open.*

Tarohl come back!

Bronzeblade Keep

08/10/2000 7:45 PM

Back in the Abyss Tarohl battles it out with the Dark Queen. It is a battle of two powerhouses. One an imortal Goddess of evil. The other an eternally young rouge mage who controls time and space. Finnally Takisis speaks. "Why do you attack me when you serve me and draw from my power?" Tarohl responds, "If Paladine crossed the line, I would fight him to."

Then travelling through the Abyss, Py's voice, "Tarohl come back!"

Turning to the Dark Queen, Tarohl says, "Goodbye for now Takisis." He then dissapears and reapears in front of the group.

08/10/2000 9:03 PM

A smile played along the masked feature of Mertonius, a smile tinged with a hint of pity.

"You are lucky Tarohl, for you have faced only a mere shadow of the Queen. If you ever fought Her in her true form and in Her own plane, not even death would free YOU from Her devices..."

A glint of steel flashed in the eyes of the Renegade. A glint of deep hatred and fury.

"Enough of these games! Know this, if the Queen of Darkness ever cross our path again, I WILL BE THE ONE to face Her!!!"

A feeling of hatred so palpable washed over the group, a hatred born out of deep anguish and sorrow that burdened the soul of the man before them.

A vision passed before their eyes... A vision of a sunlit glade... A beautiful elven cleric praying... A shadow so immense that it clouded the mind... The shadow taking the soul of the cleric... The sultry laughter of a woman bearing a dark crown... Laughter that mocked a man in dark clerical robes... Of fire trying to consume the man in dark... Of countless battles fought from the first dragon wars to the shifting Planes of the Abyss...

The private war between Mertonius and the Dark Queen, Takhisis... The private war between grandson and grandmother...

08/11/2000 6:33 AM

*it happened so quickly. first the cry, then the fall. Autumn runs to Pyranthas and kneels at his side, calming him*



V.P. of the Pandemonious Rootbeer Popsicklus and Consort to the Man for Chaos Inc.

08/11/2000 6:17 PM

"Mert, you may have the next battle if you like. But remember this, I am more powerful than Raistlin was before he entered the portal. He challenged her, and if the laws of time and space are crossed, so shall I."

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