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08/06/2002 12:06 PM

OOC: Okay the plot is a bunch of characters need to find out who killed Lord Friner my character will be a Dwarf named Dercan Crashrock. His friend Lucas was thought to have killed him (which of course he didn't) and Dercan must find out who really killed Lord Friner. In the end the Butler will be the one who killed Lord Friner. The story takes place in a huge city called Lanerber. Time period is after the Cataclysum. In fact this doen't even need to tak place on Ansalon but I'm open to sugestions.

IC: "But I didn't do it!" were the last words Dercan heard Lucas say. He was probably the only person in Lanerber who thought that. He had to help Lucas, though he was a human Dercan had grown found of him.

It happened four nights ago on a stormy night: Lord Friner was sitting down to eat diiner and asked to be left alone. Then in th morning when his friend Will came to vist him the servants found that Friner had been killed. They found Lucas's dagger in his back. It took some time to find that the dagger belonged to Lucas. Dercan had promised Lucas he would not let him down and so he went through paper work of Friner and explored his dark side. But he wasn't sure if he could save Lucas in time.

Dercan had just started his own investigation. So far he only found that Friner had spent quite a lot of time gambeling. Dercan was not even aloud in Friner's house but he still didn't give up hope.

Dercan steped into a huge room that was filled with card games and dice games. Hopefully Dercan could find a lead. "Do, or do not, there is no try' -Yoda "Empire Strikes Back"

08/06/2002 1:41 PM

A young girl came up to Dercan. " Hello, sir. I am Lord Friner's grand daughter, Maria. Please, I can help you with the investigation. I know i can. " Maria begged. She was about 17, tawny hair, green eyes, and freckles. She looked at Dercan. " I know, your friend, Lucas, he wasn't the one who did it. He wouldn't hurt grandpapa." she looked and handed Dercan something.I am Sailor Moon, champion of Justice. In the Name of the moon, i punish you!!- Sailor Moon to all bad guys

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08/06/2002 2:37 PM

OOC: Is it just after the cataclysm or some years after? Til the heart's blood boils or the bones be ash,
til the tallow be dust and death's teeth gnash
this one be mine.....

08/06/2002 6:49 PM

"It was ME! I WAS THE ONE WHO MURDERED HIM! I KILLED LORD FRINER! mwahahahahahahahahahahha! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Said a mysterious cloak figure in the room. He threw back his cowl, revealing that he was actually an...IRDA!

He was about to say more before a few men in white appeared and dragged him away.

"Damn... how many of those damned Irdas have escaped from the asylum?" One man in white said.

"No idea, man. Gotta continue searching." The other man in white replied.

The night came alive suddenly... with the screaming and cursing and wailing and shouting of the Mad Irda before they disappeared into the darkness.

OOC: Leandra... where art thou? *weeps*"I am the LEGENDARY, MANLY MAGE, Eliar Swiftfire! EMBODIMENT OF COOLNESS, LOVER OF EASY WOMEN! And... I'm out of cash." -Eliar Swiftfire in 'The Future Fellowship'

09/16/2002 7:25 PM

Fwahahhaa..Cain smiled, staring at the pile of people that just had no reason to be there, and no reason to be talking. Nobody..

Right...where was my train of thought again..oh yeah!

"I don't know who killed that guy, but ah..sorry.." Cain jumped about, rummagind through the frudge, grabbing some food and dashing iout the door.

"Thought it was a party?" He whimpered, flying out the door with a WHAM!

"See ya..suckers..oh, Friner's gal?" He stopped again, running to the girl and dipping her as if dancing.

"Hey chickorilla!!"Life is far to short to waste.....life every day like it was your last....
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It's far too precious.....

09/18/2002 10:46 AM

A dark, mysterious man stands by a nearby wall. He steps out of the shadows and reveals to be about 5'10" tall, with blue-green eyes, and long white hair. He is an elf from Silanesti, journying from village to city and city to temple in search of some adventure and magic. He looks around and notices, absolutely nothing.
*sigh* Aleximi speaks aloud to himself "I thought I would find some adventure here, like my father's friend Raistlin did... but I only find rumors of death. Nothing! How can I follow my dreams to become a hero when there's nothing to do... even Kender are bored and we all know how BAD that is... If only someone needed me.... I'd even do this for free this time." He laughs to himself at the thought of a free quest, considering all his adventuring is rewarding enough on it's own. "Aww... who am I kidding? Money is nothing and I'd PAY for an adventure right about now, but nothing seems to be adventurous to me after slaying that Black Dragon awhile back... Praise Paladine, that swamp cave stunk worse than the Abyss!"

Aleximi walks around a corner and looks for some sign of distress. Hoping to find something to do... not knowing if something will find him.

OOC: For all you seniors who happen to read this post, I have returned... my friend. It's great to see all of you again! -Master Mage Aleximi aka Aleximi MajereYou know what, Tenchi? The carnival will always come and go. If you wait awhile... it'll always come back to you.

09/18/2002 11:01 AM

For all you seniors who happen to read this post, I have returned... my friend. It's great to see all of you again! -Master Mage Aleximi aka Aleximi Majere

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