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08/06/2002 7:09 AM

Legions of shadow fiends poured out of the portal as the gateway to the Nine Hells opened. Already, thousands of Guardians have fallen, fighting the countless demons that rushed out in a frenzy of destruction.

"None of your followers can stop me Kheryll. You and your allies shal fall!"

Asmodeus strode into the battlefield, his flame brand incinerating the unnumbered paladins and mages that tried to stop his march.

"You shall not conquer this world, fiend! Return to the pits you came from!"

The last lord of the Battlemages of raised to his full height, energy enough to destroy worlds erupted from his fingertips, lashing out against the rising tide of darkness.

"You show some spirit immortal one. But your hope is at its end. You and your kind are doomed..."


Mertonius shook his head, shaking the cobwebs that still clung to his vision.

It was all just a dream... a past memory...

Yes, a memory from the past that continues to haunt him till his days are nothing more than a listless shuffling of empty and broken moments.

His gaze slowly turned to the shape that lay beside him sleeping... I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

08/06/2002 7:12 AM


Marc stared around the round table, eyeing the figures beside him. His gaze went to the cards he has in hand.

"Three Kings and Two Aces. I have a full house. Beat that!"

He grinned as he raked in his winnings from the others.

A hand suddenly stopped him.

"What, you have something better than my Full House?" I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

08/07/2002 12:38 AM

(OOC: I love the thread intro's you do, Mert!)The sword, it thirsts to drink of man.
The sword, at last must win.
Today is gone, and yesterday,
Must echo in the wind.

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