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07/18/2002 9:38 PM

In the city of Palanthas dwells two families. To House Capole', a family dedicated to the order of the Knighthood since the age of might, was born a girl of such surpassing loveliness yet with strong will and deep abiding compassion. Her name was Yuliet. To House Montarr, family known to be of mages since the time of Huma, a young lad of great knowledge and heart was raised in the true Montarr fashion. His name Romion. These two families are known to fued, for as one abhors the practice of magic while the other thrives by it.

Late in one costume ball held by the Lord of Palanthas, the two met, their blood and kinship unknown to each other and they fell and love...

Can Marc and his friends help them before their warring families tear them apart?

(We get to chose which family we will 'aid' and this story. Marc would be playing match maker and two of my other main PC's would be playing for one side and another, each trying to get the other's throat. Anyone can join in, either being for the Montarr's (mages) or Capole' (knights), or being neutral (match makers or others) This is basically my take on the Romeo and Juliet :) Have fun!)

(btw: This is Palanthas. Act Stylish! Think That modern remake of Romeo and Juliet some years ago.) I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

07/18/2002 10:03 PM

OOC: Kool Ill join!! Im placing one of my newest char's to the test, Seerya. She'll join the Capole's side! :DI dream of the night, I dream of the moon.
I woke from this sleep, but far much to soon.

07/19/2002 2:12 AM

OOC: Me join aswell....i'll be hooting for the Montarr. Til the heart's blood boils or the bones be ash,
til the tallow be dust and death's teeth gnash
this one be mine.....

07/19/2002 11:01 AM

OOC: I will be neutral because I like being neutral.

Jumper struted down the middle of the city. A kender would never be allowed in the city but since most of the guards were busy trying to get the other guards out of the cell Jumper had accidentally placed them in, he would be free to walk around and explore. The Jumper came apone a huge house it was one of the most beatiful buildings of them all and a little ways away lay a house juat as grand and beatiful as the one he first saw.

Jumper skipped along to see if the people would mind him exploring there house.

He knocked on the Capole' house and a old grochy man opened it.

"Hullo there I'm Jumper Bango you have a great house on the outside mind if I look through it to see more of it?"

"Ah Kender leave this place at once!" With that the man slammed the door.

'How rude thought Jumper as he slipped the mans ruby broch into one of his pouches.

OOC: I have something that might make this fuuny. If the two lovers die at the end Jumper comes in and tells everyone the morel. Oh that will be good. "Do, or do not, there is no try' -Yoda "Empire Strikes Back"

07/19/2002 11:15 AM

Mirror sasheyed herself around the dance floor. This ball was the best that the house of Capole had ever put on! The light from the giant mirror-ball that hung from the ceiling reflected seductively around her curves that were further excentuated by the figure hugging silver straples dress she wore, which exposed her kagonesti tattoo's brilliantly. It contrasted lovingly with her spectacular stardust mask which hid most of her features away from others, apart from her almond shaped reflective eyes. Her long white hair was piled up on top of her head in huge glorious curles, and she drew many an admiring glance from many a Capole gent.

However, not one knew that she was, in fact, a Montarr.

Had any of them known this, she would have been impaled on a sword faster than you could say "My honour is my life"! She had stolen into the coustume ball with her cousin, Romion and some of their friends, in the hopes that they may sabotage it in some way, and have quite a good time doing it. Mirror had never really been one for indulging in the petty squabbles between the two families, but then she reminded herself that, if the situation had been reversed, the Capoles would not have hesitated to jump in uninvited to a Montarr bash.

She walked over to where the drinks were laid on, and found that even before she could move close enough to pour herself another glass of punch, a young Capole dressed with a mask that reminded her of a gold dragons mane, his long moustaches drooping languidly around his lips outstrched his hand, offering her a fresh glass. She accepted, and was contemplating what further action she should take with this "dragon man", when she noticed in the distance that her young cousin, Romion, was dancing rather closley to a young girl. When Romion dipped the girl in order to gaze lovingly (or seductively, she never did work that out) into her eyes, she noticed that, in spite of the mask, the girl was none other than the daughter of Lord and Lady Capole, Yuliet.

She handed her drink to the "dragon man" and stormed across the dance floor, her tall silver heels clicking loudly, showing her ire. She grabbed Romion by the shoulder and spun him around to face her. She looked into his masked face, made up to look like a phoneix plume, her reflective eyes trying to convey to him the stupidty, let alone danger of his actions.

"Do you not understand Romion, that the girl you are dancing with there is Yuliet, the daughter of Lord and lady Capole. You, as son of Lord and Lady Montarr, are taking one big risk by just talking to her!" she hissed at him, trying not to cause too much of a scene. She sighed heavily as he began to tell her that he was in love with Yuliet.

"How can you be, you've only just met her!!!!" his cousin whispered loudly, still trying not to cause a scene, yet already people were starting to look their way.

However, the attention was diverted from them for a moment when a loud shout went up among the guests,

"This place is full of Montarr's!!!!"

OOC: Not too sure if I did the right thing here Mert, let me know if I screwed it up, ya?! :) :) :) :) :) :DRay: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
Venkman: Ah c'mon guys, there's always room for Jello!!!!!!
:P :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :P

07/19/2002 1:53 PM

A naked body fell into a barrel within the cellar of the grand manse where the great ball was being conducted. The body was pushed in by a figure who, when he stood up from the shadows was a completely identical double of the body, dressed in the finery that the young noble had been wearing a not so long ago. The figure picked up the fine dueling blade that had once belonged to the corpse and thrust it elegantly into his' belt. Then He left and headed for the ballroom, from where he could hear shouting,

"This place is full of Montarr's!!!!""Ah, they have a cave troll....."

07/19/2002 2:38 PM

A naked body fell into a barrel within the cellar of the grand manse where the great ball was being conducted. The body was pushed in by a figure who, when he stood up from the shadows was a completely identical double of the body, dressed in the finery that the young noble had been wearing a not so long ago. The figure picked up the fine dueling blade that had once belonged to the corpse and thrust it elegantly into his' belt. Then He left and headed for the ballroom, from where he could hear shouting,

A young woman passed by him. She caught a glance of the man. " Hello, I am Rose Montarr. And you are?" she smiled. The man took notice of the girl. She had blnde hari pulled into a bun atop of her head. She also had very beautiful eyes that caught his attention. She was beautiful. " Your name sir?"

The Princess

07/19/2002 4:33 PM

The dining hall table at the house of Capole was lavishly set, and finely decorated. Wild salads with exotic vegetables from across the sea filled the table. Puddings, deserts, mousse, sweet meats, pasties, stews and soups littered the table. Roast turkey, roast chicken, roast pheasant, roast peacock…… “Roast peacock??” Seerya immediately stopped in her tracks; her hand hovered over the dead and fully feathered bird. “Oh how ghastly! Who would want to eat such a beautiful creature?” Her hand drew back to its side, to imagine that people would actually kill such a lovely animal. “What’s the world coming to these days? To think tha-…oh!” She stopped complaining to herself when she realized that her costume mask was laced with peacock feathers nestled amongst an assortment of finely placed azure and gold dragon scales. “I am such a hypocrite!” she sighed shoving her golden dish behind a table centerpiece. “I think I’ll stick to the appetizers.” She reached over to another dish and picked a single shrimp. For Seerya banquets such as the one she was attending, was right up there with Paladin, wealth and happiness. As a knight of the crown, she had little time to eat. Most of her days were spent fighting battles, protecting, defending and upholding. There never anytime for her to enjoy a full meal. However, today after seeing that peacock her entire appetite vanished faster than a kender could pick a lock. Still, that wasn’t enough to stop her from enjoying the party, or the wine. Grabbing a near by silver goblet she filled it with some wine then headed off to mingle. Seerya had dressed quite exquisitely for the occasion. A satin sapphire blue gown clung snuggly around her finely shaped waist, it wasn’t too flashy but had a lovely trim of golden thread along the bottom rim, with small flat emerald stones along the neckline. She wore her gentle raven black hair up in a plated bun with tendrils falling her and their at the sides, while she wore her bangs in two parted long curls across her forehead. Her bright turquoise eyes met perfectly with the blue barbed spiral that was painted around her right eyelid.

Seerya leisurely walked past the small groups of chatting nobles and knights, taking tiny sips of her wine, savoring its flavor as the giant mirror-ball over head illumination the hall in a soft array of white lights.
The mood was quite casual until she heard a yell.

"This place is full of Montarr's!!!!"

“What??!!” Seerya abruptly spit out her drink. “There are Montarr's….in the house of Capole??”

Angrily she crushed the silver goblet in her hands, the red liquid spilled onto the white marble floor in a spew of puddles. Ignoring the mess she hastily reached for the long platinum tipped dagger sheathed at the side of her leg concealed beneath her dress. It was times like this when she wished she had her sword. “I’ll make those mages wish that they had never set foot in this castle.!!” Swiftly she headed in the direction of the cry, ready to make an example of the first Montarr that she saw.
I dream of the night, I dream of the moon.
I woke from this sleep, but far much to soon.

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07/19/2002 8:44 PM

Jumper thought that the man who yelled at him was rather rude. He should have told him he was throwing a party, a costum party. He figured the man was just stressed with all the party preporations. So Jumper took it upon himself to enjoy the food and dance of the party. He just happened to have a mask in one of his pouches.
"I wonder how that got there." Jumper shrugged his shoulder and put it on. He also put on his best outfit he had. Which was black boots with blue breches and a white longsleeved shirt with a blue vest. Jumper finished it off with a mask with several feathers and jews on it. He hid his pouches and hoopak so that people would not think that his pouches were theirs.

Jumper walked through the party, people thought it was a joke played by one of the younger kids, dressing like a kender. Then Jumper heard a shout:

"This place is full of Montarr's!!!!"

Jumper looked around to see many people mad and draw weapons.
Jumper then went up the stairs to see the crowd better. "Do, or do not, there is no try' -Yoda "Empire Strikes Back"

07/19/2002 9:25 PM

"Oh great, there goes my chance for the night!"

Hearing that there were Montarrs in the ball definitely screwed up Marc's plans. With his 'deadbeat' friend, Mertonius, galivating around somewhere (maybe looking for Mirror), Marc thought he saw Mirror again, kinda..., Anyway...

"Just great, really great..."

(OOC:Well, the story would kinda follow the play so hold on to your hats. Any changes to the story is acceptable. It is still a tragedy though.) I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

07/19/2002 10:42 PM

Mirror held her breath for a split second, her hand still on Romino's shoulder. She thought they had got away with things until another shout went up.

"Look, those two! They are not Capoles!!!, Quick, get them!!!!!"

She looked around, hoping beyond hope that maybe they were reffering to two other people, when she noticed that they were indeed running towards them, their swords drawn.

"Quick Romino, ready some spells!" she yelled, then looked to her side to see that him and Yuliet were saying a rather heartfelt goodbye. A bit too heartfelt for Mirror, especially considering their age! But hey, that was love for ya!

Of course, seeing the beloved Yuliet Capole in the arms of a Montarr enraged the croud even more. Cries of "He's bewitched her, get him!" resounded around the large banquet hall. Several salutes were given to Mirror, and she knew that they weren't being friendly.

She sighed, and realised that she would have to deal with this herself. She grabbed Romino away from Yuliet, appologising to the young lady for accidently hitting her in the nose when she tried to prise the two apart. She kept hold of the young Montarr with one hand, and removed her mask with the other, revealing her finely bones Kagonesti features.

She looked around the room and noticed Marc in a corner. She made eye contact with him and winked, before chanting a spell that made her and Romino dissapear in what looked to be a puff of smoke, leaving the Capoles to look around dumbfounded and tugging their moustaches.

When her and Romino re-appeared, they were near another large building, that was the Montarr residence. She sighed loudly and spun her young cousin around to face her.

"I'll ask you again, what did you think you were doing?"

Romino sighed, "I'm in love cousin Mirror!"

Mirror almost tore her hair out in exasperation, "How can you be in love with her, she is a Capole! Don't you understand? The two of you would never be allowed to be together!"

"I don't care that she is a Capole? What does it matter what her name is?! All that should matter is that I love her with my entire being! I have never felt this way about anyone before. She is my world, and I can't live if I dcan't be with her!" he said, his eyes wide and wet.

Mirror looked at her cousin, and her tone of voice went from hard and almost motherly, to soft, caring and conspirital. She hugged her young cousin and said to him, "Well, if you truly feel that way, I will see what I can do. Your right, if two people love each other, a name should make no difference. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, no?" She smiled and released him from her embrace, "Come, let us retire for the night, and things may be a lot different in the morning!" she said optimistically, leading Romino into their large family dwelling place.

* * * * * * * * * *

Later that night, Mirror lay in her bed, unable to sleep. She moved to the side of the bed and sat on the edge, wondering what she could do. She stood up and went to stand on her balcony, and looked up at the two moons that bathed everything in a silver-red glow. The night was warm, so she did not bother with a robe, but stood there in her night slip, leaning on the edge of the balcony, thinking.

She wanted to help her young cousin, but she didn't know what to do. She pondered a while longer and then a thought came to her. She had seen Marc at the party, which was still going on no doubt, for the night was indeed, still young. Maybe Marc could help.

She closed her eyes, and formed a picture of her friend in her mind. When that picture was so real she felt like she would almost be able to reach out and touch it, she sent a thought message to him, telling him to meet hre in her chambers, because she needed to converse with him.Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
Venkman: Ah c'mon guys, there's always room for Jello!!!!!!
:P :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :P

07/20/2002 3:10 AM

The man turned around and regarded the woman, then he heared what she said her name was and sneered,

"What is a Montarr doing here wench? I'll be knd to you, i'll let you leave on your own rather than call the guards."

With that he sped into the main ballroom, which was filled with angry Capoles with drawn blades. The man followed suite....what was his name again? Ah yes, Jolan Capole."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

07/20/2002 5:03 PM

Jumper stared in awe as the two Montarr's disapered.
'Hmm I wonder if they could teach me how to do that?' Jumper thought then he felt a hand grab his shoulder. Jumper turned and saw Telbep, the most honored and fearned Solmanic knight.

"What are you doing here!?"

"Why I was looking for you."

"Oh is that so."

"Yes I need help from the great Telbep."

"You kender! I can't believe you would even think about crashing a party held by the Capole's."

"Well I was just about to leave, when I...."

"I thought you said you were looking for me?"

"I was and I found you so I am ready to leave."

"I don't think so!" Telbep took Jumper by the shoulder and went out the back door and all the way to the jail. Throughout the way Jumper hand broken free three times and gotten caught. One time he even fell in the mud ruining his nice clothes. When they reached the jail he was tossed in a cell but luckly the jail keeper seemed to have dropped his keys.

Within seconds Jumper was back on the streets. He went back got his pouches and and changed outfits. He then thought he would explore the other big house he saw. Jumper was running around the house to marvel at it. Then he saw a women out on her balcony.

"Hello there, I'm Jumper Bango. Can I come in and look at your house it is so big and grand. You can show me around the house I just want to look at it. Pleeeeeaaaaaaaase." "Do, or do not, there is no try' -Yoda "Empire Strikes Back"

07/21/2002 11:36 AM

"Those Montarr’s think that they can just waltz in here without an invitation?" Seeryra thought jadedly, storming past the banquet table. "Those blasted magic users most likely set up a sabotage of some sort!" Stopping she spun around, scanning the profiles of the crowd for the intruder; though it was impossible to tell, since everyone’s face was concealed. Angrily she ripped of her own mask and attempted to squeeze past a drove of onlookers. In the midst of her vain effort she saw a familiar face hidden beneath a black tasseled mask, it was her friend Sir Gerrenlad NightIre , drawing his sword and attempting to advance past the tightly packed mob. "Gerren!!" Seerya waved, motioning him to her. "Gerren! Over here! Have they captured the Montarr’s? Do we know how many there are in the castle?"
Moving towards her he removed his mask. His face was strongly set, yet yielding. His eyes, a hazel brown balanced the color of his deep brownish blond hair, which he kept trimmed short, in a normal manner. Unlike the other senior knights, his mustache had yet to grow at all. And so it grew trim and clean cut across his face blending into the slight goatee and long side burns that grew along his cheeks. To the Masque he wore a light set of polished silver armor, along with his favorite sword.

"As far as I know we haven’t captured anyone Lady Seerya." Gerrenlad replied grimly. " It’s hard to distinguish one face from the other with all these masks. As for knowing the numbers of our invited guests, I, for one am clueless."
"Damn it !" Seerya squeezed the handle of her dagger in ire, turning her hand red. Gerranlad gently grabbed her wrists, hoping to ease her mood.
"Calm yourself, well catch the unwanted party soon enough. And you’ll be able to give them a taste of your steel blade if you don’t snap it in half before then."
Seerya breathed in sharply, attempting to fake tranquility.
"Ok, I’m calm, now quick; lets find those cursed mages before they escape!"
Gerrenlad sighed heavily "Your too anxious for your own good. How do you propose we find the intruders?"
"Your to calm for your own good!’ she snapped back "And pinpointing them should be simple. One, don’t lecture me on my temperament; and two! Lift me upon your shoulders so I can get a better view, its too tensely stuffed in here for me to see above anything!"
The tall knight drew back in feigned shock. "Seerya you must be jok-"
"Oh forget it!" she cut him off "Lets just look for anyone who resembles a mage!"
"Fair enough." Gerrenlad resolved, picking up his sword in one hand and shoving aside the crowd with his other. "By the way.." he smiled slyly "You look exquisite tonight." Seerya jabbed Gerranlad beneath his armor with the butt end of her dagger’s handle. "Less talk, more seek and destroy!"
"Right…" he sighed.
I dream of the night, I dream of the moon.
I woke from this sleep, but far much to soon.

07/21/2002 11:39 AM

As they both began their pursuit, another shout echoed off the hall walls.

"Look, those two! They are not Capoles!!!, Quick, get them!!!!!"

Seerya and Gerrenlad turned abruptly in the direction of the voice. The knight who had spotted the two Montarr’s pointed them out in the middle of the banquet floor.
"Bulls eye!" Seerya smiled heinousley. Her enemies now came into clear view and were but a few long strides away. One of them was a female wearing a silver dress, her face was unmasked, revealing the features of a Kagonosit. Seerya recognized her immediately. Mirror. Standing defiantly amongst the angry Capole’s. The other Montarr, whose face she could not distinguish, was intimately holding Yuliet, Lord Caopoles daughter, in his arms.
Gerrenlad starred blankly at the unknown mage who held Yuliet in his embrace. "Kill??" he grunted questioningly. Seerya violently pushed her way towards Mirror and her masked alley "More like torture!" She shouted back "Come one Gerren, move your butt and impale one of them already!!"
The knight quickly followed behind her. "You don’t have to tell me twice!".

Seerya kept her eyes locked on Yuliet, she would have to be careful in her attack, lest she harm her niece. One more step and she would have them. But then in a flash of smoke, Mirror disappeared, along with the other Montarr. Just before they vanished Gerrenlad caught her winking at a masked figure leaning against the wall.

Seerya came to a halt, nearly tipping over herself. She stood bewildered over the empty space were the two mages had been just a second ago. Gerrenlad reached the edge of the crowd and stopped, he could see Seerya standing by herself staring at the puff of smoke that lingered in the air. Her limbs were thrust firmly at her side; both of her hands were curled in tight fists. The muscles in her arms, hidden when relaxed, now revealed themselves in her anger. Her face was cold and unemotional, except for her burning eyes, which were partly shrouded by longs strands of her disjoined hair. Grimly she released the blade that she held in her right hand, letting it fall to the floor with a clatter. All the Capole’s stared vacantly at her as she spoke.
I dream of the night, I dream of the moon.
I woke from this sleep, but far much to soon.

07/21/2002 11:44 AM

"Where are the guards?" she began softly…. Silence…."Where are the accursed guards??!!!" she screamed; the guests shrank back as five of the castle guards cautiously stepped forward nervously pulling at their long mustaches. Seerya pointed to one of the knights.
"You there, what is your name?"
"Sir Telbep knight of the crown Ma’am."

"The captain of the guard, where is he?"
"He’s ummm…drunk ma’am, by the punch bowl…"

"I see……and what of the rest of your troupe??"
"They are out back, in the garden……entertaining….some damsels."

"Is that so?" Seerya folded her arms and turned to the other knights. "You four! Yes you!……. Don’t you dare question my authority!! I want each of you to spread out and round up the rest of the guards. Have half posted as lookout by castle exits and have the other half on patrol inside the castle. I want the live capture of any Montarr that would be stupid enough to linger around. Be sure to blind fold, gag and bind them; doing so will prevent them from casting any spells. Am I understood?……good. Now Get Moving!" Immediately the four knights departed, leaving only sir Telbep.
"And as for you." She turned to him "I nee-"
"Seerya?" Gerrenlad cut in.
"Huh? Gerren….What is it? Th-"
Once again he cut in. "Seerya there are three important things that currently in need your attention."
"Yes?" She sighed.

"One, there’s a kender roaming the halls. Two, Lady Yulliet, is upstairs weeping on her bed, and three." He moved closer to her, whispering the last sentence. "There is a Montarr, leaning against the wall not too far from were we are standing right now."

Seerya frowned, chewing the bottom of her lip in thought. The day had already gone badly, now it was about to get worse. "We’ll have to deal with these matters in an orderly fashion." She decided finally. Gerren smiled, brushing his hand past her hair to tuck away an unruly strand. "What, no hack first then try to ask a question or two later?"
Smirking she grabbed his hand and held it. "When it concerns my little niece, no. When it involves a kender and a mage, absolutely!" Gripping Gerrenlad’s hand she turned back to address sir Telbep. "First I need you to find that kender and throw him in the dungeon. Then I want you to go up to Yuliet’s chambers and guard her door, make sure that she doesn’t leave. I’ll be up shortly to see her myself. That will be all."
"Yes ma’am" Telbehb turned and bowed, then headed off in search of the nuisance.
"As for the mage?" Gerrenlad raised his eyebrow, while Seerya bent down to pick up her dagger. His hand remained in hers "You and I shall subdue him."

"Just the two of us? Won’t he have the upper-hand?" He asked.
"Not if we move fast. Remember that they need a little concentration before they can cast any spells." Releasing each other’s hands the two knights immediately advanced towards the remaining Montarr.
"Pardon me stranger" Gerrenlad held his sword up to the Mage’s neck "But I do not believe that you were invited."
"Oh and don’t bother to even breath." Seerya added pointing her dagger at the intruders gut. "One false move or word that has anything to do with magic and I’ll add some unfashionable holes to your nice ensemble."
I dream of the night, I dream of the moon.
I woke from this sleep, but far much to soon.

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07/21/2002 12:07 PM

Jolan Capole, or the man with his face anyway, came up through a door. The first thing he noticed was Lady Seerya and Sir Gerrenlad threatening a Montarr, the second was the ring that the Montarr was about to rub behined his back. The ring had a definate hint of magic around it. With out a second thaough, Jolan's fine fencing blade whipped out, severing the hand of the mage. As the hand hit the floor, the ring glowed for a moment and then the hand, and the ring, dissapeared. The Montarr began to sweat profusely. Jolan turned to Lady Seerya and bowed,

"Want me to deal with this one m'lady?""Ah, they have a cave troll....."

07/21/2002 12:39 PM

OOC: Umm I dont think that ive been around long enough to know but, I dont think that anyone can really harm the
DM. Threaten yes...but slice'n dice, just like that? :( (?)I dream of the night, I dream of the moon.
I woke from this sleep, but far much to soon.

07/21/2002 12:53 PM

OOC: i'm going to join in, but i was wondering, are you needing a head of the Montarr household.....just a thought? Til the heart's blood boils or the bones be ash,
til the tallow be dust and death's teeth gnash
this one be mine.....

07/21/2002 12:55 PM

OOC;You were threatening Marc? Ah. I didn't realise, since you said that it was a Montarr and Marc is a neutral. I REALLY hope that wasn't Marc, otherwise I am going to have yet another a crispy-fried charecter :("Ah, they have a cave troll....."

07/21/2002 2:26 PM

OOC: No i meant like the family type, perhaps the father person of the 'juliet' of this thread, or is it the 'Romeo' that the Montarr....you know what i mean....but i wasn't threatening Marc.....lol... Til the heart's blood boils or the bones be ash,
til the tallow be dust and death's teeth gnash
this one be mine.....

07/21/2002 3:08 PM

Mirror looked down at the kender and half smiled/half grimaced. She liked kenders, but not tonight. She needed to get rid of him buut how..........yes, that's it!!!

"I'm terribly sorry Master kender, but the Montarr house is all shut up for the night, but I do have something else that you might be able to help me with.......On my travels I picked up this ring, I think it's a magic ring of teleportation! The only problem is, I don't know where the person goes to once they put it on! Would you be brave enough to try it out for me?!" she asked, using her best puppy dog eyes.

Of course, she knew the kender would accept, and also knew that when the kender put it on, he would appear right in Seerya(sp) Capole's lap!!! That'd teach the old push broom!!!!Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
Venkman: Ah c'mon guys, there's always room for Jello!!!!!!
:P :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :P

07/21/2002 3:30 PM

OOC: Oh this is going to be good.......LOL...........

IC: "Why of course I'll try it out for you! I've always wanted to teleport but I would like to know where I would be going but that will make it even more fun not knowing were i will end up!" Mirror tossed Jumper the ring. Jumper bowed and put the ring on his middle finger on his left hand, then he began to rub the jewl in the middle and "POOF!" he was gone.

Jumper landed straight in Lady Seerya Capole's lap. But she was standing up so the unknown force knocked her down. Jumper was not reading to hit a body but the other knights that were guarding the mage ran over to help Seerya and put Jumper in a jail cell.

"Why I'm very sorry I guess I should be going now." Jumper turned and he felt two blades at his neck.
"Ummm I really should be going. I need to tell this mage where this ring takes the person wearing it." Then Jumper rubbed the ring again and knocked Seerya down again.
"Oops I guess it will keep taking me here um I didn't mean to hit you but I really should be going." Jumper leapt off Seerya slipping her broch in a pouch and running among the crowd. "Do, or do not, there is no try' -Yoda "Empire Strikes Back"

07/21/2002 6:03 PM

OOC: The character Marc is neutral??
*Scrolls back to first post* Uh-oh.....oops sorry I thought he was a Montarr...my mistake! ..... :D :( :D
T'was a mis-type.
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07/21/2002 11:34 PM

OOC: Okie.... Let's get back to the story.

"Take your hands of me, you fiends!" Marc shrugs of the hands of the guards that were upon him.

"How dare you touch the personage of the current Lord of Palanthas! I'll have your heads. I want everyone out! Right Now!!!"

With that, the personal bodyguard of the Lord stormed in, guns, oops I mean, swords ready. (ack, too much watching that flick o_o).
.....Elsewhere.....after the Lord's Pronouncement. when there was no one around.

"Oh Romion, my sweet Romion... Thou art in my heart, my head swims with visions of you."

"Oh Yuliet, my beloved Yuliet... Shed not a tear tonight... I shall be back tomorrow anon, amongst the green swards of the temple of Paladine. Therein we may plight our troth..."

(The two proceeds to hug each other and do other lubby dovey stuff best not described in this forum...anyway. That's for the Party chapter) I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

07/22/2002 3:36 AM

OOC: So are you needing someone to be Romion's father......you know...head of the house type figure. Til the heart's blood boils or the bones be ash,
til the tallow be dust and death's teeth gnash
this one be mine.....

07/22/2002 9:16 AM

Jumper went out through a window. Luckly it was on the first floor. He landed on the ground and ran to the balcony so he could tell where the ring took him.

'I don't think that the mage will be using the ring so I'll ask if I can keep it.' While Jumper was thinking he wandered off track and then he saw about ten guards pointing and shouting at him.

"Uh oh." Jumper turned and started to run away through the city.

OOC: Don't forget to have the fight between 'Romeo' and 'Tibelt'.
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07/22/2002 10:55 AM

Mirror giggled as she thought about where the kender ended up and the look that must have been on the damned Solamnic when he dropped out of the sky and into her lap!! Whilst continuing to giggle, she turned around, leaving the gardens to be serenaded by the moons, and sat on her bed, thinking.

It would not be long before news of Romino and Yuliet's love surfaced. There would be uproar! Cries of "He's bewitched her" and "She's just trying to lure him to his death at the hand of her sword" already rung clear in Mirror's pointed ears.

She, herself, had nothing against the two young lovers. She thought it was a wonderful and most romantic idea, something that had the potential to heal the rift between the two families........but she knew that unless this was kept quiet for as long as possible, that would never happen.

Where was Marc?! She had sent him that telepathic message ages ago, and he had not yet arrived! She needed to speak to him about this. She knew he would know the best course of action to take, a course that would be fair on both Romino and Yuliet.

She sent him another message, straight into his head, telling him that she needed to speak to him.

This done, she relaxed back onto her bed and waited. But something else was troubling her. She didn't trust Seerya. She knew this knight of old, and knew that she would rather kill Romino that even entertain the idea of him and her niece, Yuliet being in love.....................

That was the last thought on her mind before she dozed off slightly. She woke up with a jolt when she thought she heard Marc, but it was noting. She hoped that, if she nodded off again, hed have the sence to (yawn) wake her.............................Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
Venkman: Ah c'mon guys, there's always room for Jello!!!!!!
:P :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :P

07/22/2002 7:03 PM

Marc, aka The Lord of Palathas, was having a hard time trying to keep the peace of the city. The Montarr and Capole feud has been wracking up tolls in both manpower and cash. It would've been outright war between the two houses if he hadn't been issuing threats to both sides. Threats and cash that is. He felt dizzy for a moment, not quite sure of himself.

He found himself walking amongst the green hedges of his maze like garden. The scent of the night air amongst the roses and lilies encompassing the whole scene. It was there when he saw Mirror, lying peacefully on a bench. Creeping slowly, he knelt beside her, near her head, his hand gently brushing, running through her hair. With one quick motion, he took her in his arms, laying her head on his lap as he settled himself on the grass, his eyes gazing upward to the sky.

I guess I better sleep....

Marc' eyes flutter and closed, as the hands of sleep passed before his eyes.
OOC: I need someone to act out the Tibelt vs Romeo scene. Keep in mind that a fight between a Mage and a Knight of Solamnia is very taboo (as is dueling, and in this case, between Romeo and Tibelt. We do know who got his a$$ kicked in that duel ;) ) I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

07/22/2002 7:29 PM

modern remake of Romeo and Juliet some years ago.)

(OOC: You mean West Side Story?)The sword, it thirsts to drink of man.
The sword, at last must win.
Today is gone, and yesterday,
Must echo in the wind.

07/22/2002 7:38 PM

OOC: How about we use Gerrenlad? I'll put him were he needs to be for the duel.

Oh and umm....when he gets killed that doesn't mean that i have to offical wipe him from the forums as a dead character does it?I dream of the night, I dream of the moon.
I woke from this sleep, but far much to soon.

07/22/2002 8:17 PM

OOC: Unless you can find a way for him to come back from the dead... no :)
Anyway, there are lots of characters in Romeo and Juliet. We also need someone to play Chrysania (the part of the priest who was a friend of both Romeo and Juliet) :D I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

07/22/2002 9:08 PM

OOC: :O aaaah! no i dont want him to die eternally :( ! And im too lazy to hirer a necromancer for ressurection purposes. Take him off the list for death row, I'll make another char to take the beating. :(I dream of the night, I dream of the moon.
I woke from this sleep, but far much to soon.

07/23/2002 1:17 AM

OOC: Tis okie Leandra, you can let him die. Mert, I mean, Marc has plans for him in another thread... heh heh heh :D :D I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

07/23/2002 8:48 AM

Mirror murmerd and smiled as the warm body encompassed her.

She had had dreams like this before, many times. She would be lying, alone and afraid in the midst of a blackness so deep and thick that it encompassed the very air that she breathed as it left her body. She would be afriad. Then she would feel a hand touch her face, a body move close to her and fold her in it's embrace. The fear would be gone, and in it's place would only be a sense of saftey, of belonging.

She did as she had many times before. She clung on to the figure, her head burying itself into the chest of the person (male by his smell), her arms would envlop him, just as his were enveloping her..............


A sneeze awoke her, and she sat bolt upright. The first rays of sunlight were just starting to appear of the horizon, marking the coming of dawn. She felt dampness under her hands and then realised that she was actually lying on some grass, which she found rather strange considering that she had, last she remembered, been in her bed, waiting for Marc to arrive.............

A soft murmer to her side let her know that she was not alone. she looked to her right and saw that Marc had got her message, and was at that moment sleeping soundly at the side of her. His hair was tousled, and a thin film of stubble had found it's way onto his chin. His head leant towards where the kagonesti had been laying, and when it found no resistance, he opened his eyes dreamily and smiled. She smiled back at him,

"I was hoping you would have woken me! And how did i end up in the garden?!" she asked gesturing to the grounds around her. "I'm glad you are here anyway, for I need to speak to you about something. WIll you join me for breakfast where we can discuss it?" she asked, smiling sweetly and reaching down to stroke one slightly stubly cheek, her reflective eyes dancing in the light of the new dawn.

OOC: Hey Mert, can I have a description of Marc again please, thanks Jiggly!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
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07/23/2002 9:10 AM

OOC: How about Jumper being the priest. LOL j/k okay I guess I could play the dude:Chrysania.

IC: Jumper jumped into the church and went to sleep on one of the benches. He woke up by a shake of the shoulder.

"Um excuse me but...."

"Oh hi I'm Jumper Bango, I was just taking a little break on this bench here. I have sat on many benches you know and this one is very confertable." Jumper yawns and streches.

"Okay thank you for the um complement."

"Bye." Jumper got up and turned away he then saw Yuliet and Romion. Jumper walked all the way tp the door and turned around again. He saw them talking to Chysania and heard the words: Marraige and Secret. Jumper wondered what the whole thing was about then he remembered that he saw the women on the balcony at the party with Romion.

Jumper then went to go tell the women he had met last night, he had totally forgot about the ring.

OOC: How about I tell Marc instead of Mirror because he says he'll tell mirror since Marc is the match maker. "Do, or do not, there is no try' -Yoda "Empire Strikes Back"

07/23/2002 10:42 AM

Jolan stepped out onto the street, he was followed by Tibelt and a few other Capoles. All of them wore the light mail and razor sharp swords that charecterised House Capole, in addition most were carrying various other, more personalised, weapons.

At about the same time, a group of Montarrs left the huge House. In the lead strode one called Mercuti, an accomplished mage, a close friend of Romion and one of the most active in the simmering feud between the Montarrs and the Capoles. He wore his Black robes, and carried an obviously enchanted stave. The air around him crackled periodicaly, a reminder to those with him of why he was the leaer, and a reminder to others of why House Montarr was the premier power in the city.

(OOC;Remember Leandra, your Tibelt has to kill Mercuti before Romion can dust him. And I might bring Mercuti's ghost back to have those ever-so entertaining "You fancy WHO?" discussions with Romion)"Ah, they have a cave troll....."

07/23/2002 8:49 PM

OOC: Maugetar, that's a good idea. Heh :) Couldn't thought anything better myself. As I said, good work.

Oh yeah, Marc is roughly 5'10, Dark hair, (think Morten Harket of A-ha), as Lord of Palanthas , he wears robes of exquisite silk in this thread. He is a good friend of Romion and Yuliet. And no one knew that he was the one who really brought those two together ;). Friendly dude. I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

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07/24/2002 11:20 AM

Mirror and Marc had convened to a small dining area in the gardens. Marc sat on a finely carved wooden chair at a even finer wooden table ith s umptous breakfast on it as he waited for Mirror to come back down to him from getting herself dressed.

She appeard in the chair opposite him, not really wanting to take the stairs as she always felt more at home whilst traveling the corridors of magic. she ast there in a silver dress, a white shash tied around her waist to show the two orders of magic to which she belonged, the silver and the white. Her sash held her spell components. Her long white hair was worn down, braided at the temples as always. She smiled at Marc as she picked up a cup of Tarbean tea and took a sip.

"I brought you here because I wanted to talk to you about my young cousin Romino and the daughter to Lord and Lady Cpole, Yuliet. After meetinig at the party last night, it seems they have.......ahem.......fallen in love......" she said, replacing the cup of tea onto it's saucer and nibbling on some fruit. "This, on the one hand, would not bother me, but you know about the feud between my family and the Capole's, this will only make things worse! And, as much as I would like to see the two of them together, if this blows up out of proportion, I'll be forced to step in and try and stop their liason for the sake of my family, and I will slay any Capole that get's in my way!

"But I don't want that to happen Marc, and I wondered, seen as your Lord of Palanthas and all, if you could do something.......I don't know....to stop this feud or something! I don't want anyone else getting hurt, especially Romino........"

She stopped talking and looked at him, her reflective eyes wide and soft, pleading. She then heard the sound of people leaving the house, and shouting mixed in with the sound of robes shuffling. She stood up, and her keen elven ears picked out the words

"Capole...........fight............Mercuti........." she gasped and turned back to Marc.

"However, I fear it has already begun."

OOC: Sorry bout moving your character a little but Mert, just trying to keep up with the story a bit! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
Venkman: Ah c'mon guys, there's always room for Jello!!!!!!
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07/24/2002 12:51 PM

OOC: Ok Ive decided to put Gerrenlad in the duel! *Leandra pulls out "Ye olde Book of Forum Necromancers" I've set it up so that he'll fit right into the fight!"

It’s been a bad day for you hasn’t it? Gerrenlad remarked placing his hands on Seerya’s shoulders as they walked out of the banquet hall.
She frowned at the question. "If having a Montarr crash a banquet, getting hit repeatedly on the head by a falling kender and getting yelled at by the lord of Palanthas for accidentally threatening his life, well then YES! Honestly what kind of question is that?!"
Gerrenlad stopped walking, forcing Seerya to stop as well. "You shouldn’t let circumstances like this rip you apart. I’m just being concerned" he sighed, pulling her closer into a hug. "‘Tis all."
Seerya stood still for a moment in the tall knight’s arms; eyes closed she lay her head upon his chest listening to his heart beat. All of her troubles and worries felt as if they would melt away. Dissolving in the early morning air. Maybe Gerren was right; maybe she was throwing herself into these fits of rage for nothing. Working herself up into pure anger every time she saw or heard a Montarr! Come to think of it, her obsession with the Montarr’s was interfering with her life. Slowly she opened her eyes, breathing in deeply the sent of Gerrenlad’s rare spiced cologne, the one she gave to him as a gift when they both traveled across the blood sea of Istare in search adventure. He wore it well, almost as if it became part of him. And now whenever she smelled those spices it would remind her of him.

Calm, cool and serene. The world of Palanthas seemed to slip away, leaving just them, the ground beneath their feet and the star faded sky.
"Seerya?" Gerrenlad nuzzled her ear, motioning her face towards his. "Yes?" she smiled softly meeting his eyes.
" I don’t care for the Montarr’s Seerya…. Only you…only us. Our friendship, our happiness." He whispered lovingly, locking his eyes with hers. "You know that I would follow you to the ends of the earth, beyond the abyss…and back." Slowly his head lowered, lips reaching for hers. Closer…closer……Seerya sighed, placing her arms around his neck. This was the first time she and Gerren had ever been together like this. Secretly she prayed that it wouldn’t be the last. Her eyes fluttered from his face, noticing a white glow illuminating his features as he brought her closer to his lips. She gazed past his eyes for a second at the beautiful white moon Solinari. Touching the sky with its silver light, shining proudly in all its elegance. But far at its rounded edges a red hazed bled into its pure surface and a black shadow curled around its face. Nuitari and lunitari, the red and black moon. Trying to block out Solitaries illuminance, trying to claim its place in the sky. Those two moons didn’t belong there, just like the mages who drank their power from them, the Montarr’s. Anger swept through Seerya’s body, the bright crimson light from Lunitari fuelled her temper and Nuitatir’s the dark spectrum dimmed her mood. Madly she struggled free from Gerrenlad’s embrace, pushing him to the ground. In one sudden sweep reality came crashing back. The buildings, the noise, the chatter of distant voice from the streets. Shocked Gerrenlad lay in a collapsed heap, staring back at Seerya in dismay. "Wha-whats wrong?"
"Nothing-" she gasped "I..I just-Its not the right to be doing any of this. I have to go home and..and do things." Reaching over with alarming strength she pulled Gerrenlad to his feet. "I’m sorry Gerren." She sniffed, brushing off bits of grass and leaves from his backside. "Too much has happened today. After embarrassing myself in front of the lord of palanthas and getting struck repeatedly by that stupid little kender…. Well my head just really hurts and I’m not in the mood for anything." she rubbed her temples.
I dream of the night, I dream of the moon.
I woke from this sleep, but far much to soon.

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07/24/2002 12:53 PM

"Especially that kender!…You know, I think that was the same kender that I had locked up."
"Yeah sure I guess he was it." Gerrenlad mumbled, folded his arms as a frown overtook his face. His chance for telling Seerya how he really felt about her was ruined!
"The damn little thing probably picked the locks." She muttered. "One of these day I’m going to construct a special dungeon made just for kender’s. Instead of locks and bolts all the cell doors would be specially magnetized. Those little thieving critters wouldn’t be able to get out unless they flattened themselves into thin sheets of paper and slide out through the bars."
"Speaking of thieving. I think that your little kender friend took your brooch!"
"Yeah I know…" Seerya sighed looking down at her neckline were the gemmed breast pin had once been.
"Ah well! There’s no use crying over a priceless, one of a kind, stolen collectors item. I can always have that kender hunted down and killed."
Gerrenlad smiled; at least Seerya was back in one of her good moods. By the way, do you think we should have had him followed? From what I heard him squabbling about back in the palace I would say that someone sent him to give you trouble."
"Oh there’s no need for that. That little ring he was wearing was dipped in magic. A mage probably enchanted it so that its wearer would end up sitting in my face."
"Or in this case fall!" Gerrenlad laughed
"Go ahead, laugh at my expense!" she pouted
"Oh I’m sorry." He snickered, wiping away an imaginary tear. "But you gotta admit that it did look kinda funny when he fell on you for the third time in a row!"
"I wouldn’t know." She smirked. "I didn’t have a front row seat like you did."
"Heh-heh, well that’s because you were lucky enough to get right in the middle of the action-HEY! OWWW-OK, OK I DIDN’T MEAN IT! STOP-OUCH! PUNCHING ME!!"
Seerya jabbed him in the shoulder one more time for good measure "As I was saying…the mop head who sent the little creature is a Montarr. Wherever that kender is headed, it leads to the Montarr’s household, and I already know where the Montarr’s reside so it would be a waste of time to have him followed."
"Ok, but what about that ring? If he rubs it again its gonna start raining kender’s."
Smiling wickedly Seerya held up her left hand "Oh you mean this ring?" she asked innocently. On her pinky finger lay the small jewel topped ring. Gerrenlad held her hand and examined it in awe. "How did you get it from that kender?"
"Well, when he was busy taking my broach I borrowed his ring. I’m sure he won’t miss it…. Oh don’t look at me like that! I used to play with kender’s as a child. You wouldn’t believe the things I learned from them."
Gerrenlad smiled "Whatever you say."
I dream of the night, I dream of the moon.
I woke from this sleep, but far much to soon.

07/24/2002 12:59 PM

"Oh dear! Look at the time." Seerya stared at the orange morning sky "Come one we have to go back to the keep, I have a schedule to attend to!" Gerrenlad grabbed her wrists again "So everything ok then? Your not feeling stressed out or angry about the Montarr’s, Yuliet or the kend-" "By paladins foot! I forgot about Yuliet!!" she cut in abruptly. "I have to go check on her-dear gods how could I have forgotten! I’m going to go back, Ill catch up with you later." Tightening his grip the tall knight pulled Seerya back before she could walk off. " Oh no you don’t! Letting you go back is like letting a lit torch walk into a house full of hay! You head home and I’ll check on Yuliet for you."
"Gerren you cant order me around I-" "Shhhh!"
"Don’t you shh me, I’m a-" "Shhhh!"
"Gerren thi-" "Shhh!!"
"Sto-" "Shhhhhhhhh!"
"You-" "Shhh!"
"I-" "Shhh!"
"Bu-" "Shhh!"

"Ok fine you win!" she growled. "Just make sure that she alright, then come strait home to lord Capole’s keep immediately!"
"No problem!" He winked. "Save me a mug of ale and some stew?"
"You can do that yourself" removing the small ring from her finger she shoved it into Gerrenlad’s hand.
"I’ll be in the kitchen sitting under the kitchen knives." She grinned.
"I thought we hated magic."
Seerya hugged Gerrenlad "We don’t hate Magic, we hate the Montarr’s. I’ll see you later ok?"
"Right…. see you back at the keep later Seerya." He held her for a moment, then headed off to the palace. Unknow to him that his fate would stop him from ever seeing Seerya again.

OOC: Ooo this is gonna be good! Gerrens on his way, go ahead and set up the fight!

I dream of the night, I dream of the moon.
I woke from this sleep, but far much to soon.

07/25/2002 1:07 PM

Jolan met up with Gerrenlad as he was walking towards the manse where Yuliet was sleeping,

"Ah Gerrenlad, I was just looking for you......"

Jolan looked at the ring,

"You do realise that has the Montarr coat of arms on it?"

"What? Dammit....it's a long story. I'm serious, look I'll tell it to you later."

Jolan grinned,

"Anyway, Seerya told you to check on Yuliet."

"How the...."

"Really, Greenlad, I am a doppleganger."

"True...true, so how is the whole doppleganging thing going then?"

"Well, last night at the party, one of the Montarr's lot tried to dopplegang one Jolan Capole."

Greenlad laughed,

"You are joking right?"

"Not at all, he's in a barrel at in the basement of that party. And don't worry, he'll have reverted to his *cough* natural form. Anyway, I'll take you to see Yuliet, I've been assigned to bodyguard duty."

"Well, that is a weight off my mind."

Jolan glowered silently.

Meanwhile, Mercuti and his...posse...strode down a street not far away, lightning crackling off Mercuti as he spoke in whispers to an Imp sitting on his shoulder,

"What do you mean he was with Yuliet?...................Yes, ok, that was a little more graphic than was required..........Of course i'm going to talk to him......Yes I know he is a bumbling idiot who can barely summon a Marquis Pit Fiend, but he is still my cousin.........Oh shut up you stupid creature. I'll send you to Del'katrunnek again. Good, I knew you'd see sense."

OOC;Note that Mercuti regards Romion's magical ability as embarrisingly poor because he can barely summon a Marquis Pit Fiend. That is one heck of a hard spell, just to give you an Idea of what kind of power you need to scale Greenlad up to. And of course, it essentialy forces Romion to either learn VERY fast, or to kill Greenlad with some low-down-dirty trick. And just who is playing Romion anyway? "Ah, they have a cave troll....."

07/25/2002 4:30 PM

Jumper had forgotten where he was going. He was walking through the vast marketplace of Palanthas. He saw stands that sold everything from jewls to deer. He walked over to a dwarven crafter's stand and began admiring his work.

"Wow did you do these all by yourself there very well done nice detail...."


"What? Where? Why I hate theives, it's not right to take peoples things."

"Over here!" The dwarf yelled to some guards that were coming to check out the comotion. He pointed at Jumper and waved his hand in the air.

"Oh not again." Jumper sighed. Jumper then turned and took off down the streets and away from the guards. On closer inspection of the dwarf's stand you would find that nothing is missing. Once he got away from the marketplace (after being called a theif over ten times) he went down another road that led to the Capole's house. Jumper walked oppisite the direction the house was and soon spotted Gerrenlad.

Jumper was going to go tell him that he was sorry about dropping into the party but he thought it better to wait until he was in a better mood. SO Jumper followed him..... "Do, or do not, there is no try' -Yoda "Empire Strikes Back"

07/25/2002 10:48 PM

OOC: Well Magetaur, Romion and Yuliet may be played by anybody as long as it goes with the story. Heh :D

Heh, sorry for not being able to post. Stoopid finals :D.

I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

07/27/2002 4:57 PM

The young woman followed. " Please, dont be angry. I wish to end this war betwwen the families." she smiled and kissed his cheek.

The Princess

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