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05/12/2000 2:11 PM

The once great city of Xas Trasoth now lay in ruins. Crushed like many things in the Cataclysm. For a long time this evil place was overseen by the black dragon Khisanth, but due to her death by the Companions hands it has layed undisturbed except for the little races which choose to inhabit it.

Upon stepping out of the deep marshes which surround the city you see what looks to be a temple, standing upright and scathed only by time. Pushing open the doors your see a statue of Mishikal, goddess of healing, holding a blue crystal staff. The staffs light seems to illuminate the small room and reveals two staircases, each on one side of the statue. After checking both you find one is blocked off and collapsed the other seems to stretch on unnder the city for some time. Suddenly you spy a small head, then an arm and then a chubby little creature runs from behind the statue. A Gully dwarf scurries away, telling you nothing but you see now that behind the statue lay another flight of stair.

After taking the almost sheer flight of stairs you are deposited in a realm which seem stagnent and rotting. Split levels surrounds you and water runs from the edges only to be lost in what seems an endless cavern. Finding it no easy task you make yourway to the "ground" floor, from there you see a large entry way, claw marks scar its marble opening and you know that must have been the dragons den. A strange noise is heard from it, creeping closer you see the hall is lit from the inside, and at a huge oaken desk set a dark robed figure.

As if you had made a noise or the figure knew you where there it's head rises and lookes directly in your direction, you cower behind an outcrop of fallen rock before you scurry away.

This figure you guess is the new leader of the city of the great Khisanth. This figure is also a black robed, no good can come of this you think as you hurry to leave the city. What are it's plan for the future? Either way you know they are not good.

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