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06/11/2002 4:07 PM

Lets see how big a story we could make if each person put a paragraph to a dragonlance story on here. Make it original with no old characters, and well see what twists we can make. Anyone brave enough to start it off?
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06/11/2002 4:36 PM

SOUNDS COOL! Im gonna do it, but ummm... I dont wanna start :)

06/11/2002 4:46 PM

The day started off fairly cool, as it always did in the fall. The sun would soon warm Solace however, and the citizens of the fair town would venture out, winding around the sacred vallenwoods on some type of buisness. Today was a special day however. The Fall festival was to start today, and everyone looked forward to the games, good humor, and special display of arms. Everyone that is, except one young human boy. Nicknamed Twig for his small stature, and decidedly scrawny body, he was not looking forward to being around others larger than he (even his younger SISTER boasted more girth and muscle), watching men wield weapons he was sure he could never even hope to be able to pick up!

Ya'lls turn...make it good!

06/11/2002 4:56 PM

You guys should probably move this to the roleplaying forum before it gets locked. In the past whenever anyone has tried something similar a moderator has stopped it. :)

06/11/2002 5:02 PM

You guys should probably move this to the roleplaying forum before it gets locked. In the past whenever anyone has tried something similar a moderator has stopped it. :)

Its not roleplaying though, its a story. And It's dragonlance.
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There have been some controversy over whether or not to rename The Two Towers. Tell me your opinion at http://www.cjkaufman.netfirms.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi

06/11/2002 5:32 PM

A story counts as role-playing here, trust me we've tried doing pretty much the exact same thing a couple times in the past and each time it got locked/moved and we had our ears scorched of from a blistering lecture from the mods...;):DThe early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.>:)

Now 100% less Masculin!;)

06/11/2002 5:32 PM

Twig swung his scrawy legs out of his thin bed. He sat up and stretched his back, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Sounds of merryment could already be heard down below. Children were laughing while parents yelled for them to be careful. Occasionally a scream would filter up through the thick foliage that called the Vallenwood trees their home. But even cuts and scrapes couldn't stop today's fun.
"Keely must already be down at the fair," Twig muttered, looking at his sister's empty bed. Quickly pulling on a clean shirt, and fitting himself into a pair of cotton pants, Twig made his way out the door.... "Nothing seems to satisfy.
I don't want it.
I just need it.
To breath, to feel, to know I'm alive."

06/11/2002 8:24 PM

*moving to DL Roleplaying*"Who wants or needs any gods at all? I certainly don't. No divine force controls my life, and that's the way I like it. I choose my own destiny. I am slave to no man. Why should I be a slave to a god and let some priest or cleric tell me how to live?" ---- Kitiara uth Matar

06/12/2002 1:28 AM

Oh the scorching!That which is Joe's is given unto Joe. That which is not of Joe's shalt be given unto Joe. All that is, all that will be, shall be given unto Joe. For his is the hand that guides the world, and his is the heart that rules it.

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06/12/2002 3:46 PM

He immediately found himself in a huge crowd of people. Seeing the burly, broad shouldered Solamnic Knights, he felt envious. He had always dreamed of being a Knight, but being so scrawny, and not being from Solamnia, he knew it wasnt a possiblility.

As he made his way through the crowd of humans, elves, kender, and the occasional dwarf, he could see everyone was having a grand time. The annual Fall Festival was always one of the biggest festivals all year, with the exception of Yule and Spring Dawning festival.

Just then, a Kender caught his eye. He was stuffing Twig's wallet down the front of his shirt...

06/12/2002 6:35 PM

Twig's eyes were blinded red by anger. He chased after the giggling kender, but the hafling always managed to elude his grasp. The brown topknot waved in front of his nose, swishing back and forth, enticing him on. The kender disappeared into the crowd.

Twig slipped easily through the throng of people, but he stopped abruptly as he saw what they were gathered around. The kender was standing before a man dressed in shimmering black robes. The mans beard was sparkling white, cascading down to his waist. Twig stared not at the man, but at the ball the man was flitting through his fingers. It was as blue as the ocean, but sparkled with an inner glow.

The kender scampered up, giggling as he reached for the ball. Twig gasped. The kender had vanished, seeming to melt into the blue ball. The man turned and looked directly at Twig, and then winked. Twig felt something heavy in his hand. It was the ball. He looked up, but the man was nowhere to be seen, vanishing as quickly as the kender... * * *
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There have been some controversy over whether or not to rename The Two Towers. Tell me your opinion at http://www.cjkaufman.netfirms.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi

06/13/2002 3:51 PM

It was just then Twig noticed the crowd moving back from him fearfully.
"Surely he is chosen of the evil ones!" gasped a lady, a stranger to the town, as she pulled her small child closer to her.

"We should burn him!" Bellowed a broad shouldered blacksmith from the neighboring town. "who knows what evil he will bring among us now?"

"BURN HIM!" roared the crowd, as a few willing volunteers ran to Twig. Panicking, he thrust out his hands, one of which was still clasping the wizard's ball tightly. He closed his eyes, expecting to feel rough hands grab him at any moment. After nothing happened for several minutes, he cautiously opened an eye, and looked around. The noise of the fair was still all around him, but the people had all faded into shaplesses masses of mist. Only two in the crowd stood out sharply. One was the kender, the other the black robed one.

"Ah you see Lockpicker? I told you the boy would figure it out"
The kender walked up to Twig and extended his hand. "Lockpicker Burrfoot, distant, distant nephew of the famous Trapspringer...and who are you?"And so into the shadow and not your shadow but the eager grayness expecting light, I ride the storm away.

06/13/2002 4:39 PM

Twig didn't answer. He was too confused to comprehend what was going on.

"What the...? Where did everyone go!" Twig sounded confused.

The dark robed man walked up to Twig, slowly, and put his hand on his shoulder.

"I... am Lepolis. You have been summoned, Twig. Lockpicker's job was to lure you here. My job is to take you to Her."

Twig stood, staring, wide eyed at Lepolis. "Who is 'Her'?" he said, even more confused than before.

"Ahhhhh! I expected you would ask that. Come with me. I will explain on our way." Lepolis stated, in his roughled, old sounding voice.

Twig pushed away from Lepolis, and started to back away slowly. Lepolis didn't move.

After severel moments, Lepolis spoke.
"Well, I can't FORCE you to fulfill your destiny..."

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06/13/2002 4:48 PM

"Destiny?" cried Twig incredulously. "Look Mister, you've got the wrong guy. Look at me! Do I look like someone who should go off on an adventure in search of 'destiny'?"

"Looks can be decieving my son." counciled Lepolis, but Twig paid him no attention.

"...and besides, Destiny is just a way to lure me off. I'm not rich mister, so its no use robbing me, and you don't LOOK like the kind of guy that goes in for boys, so why don;t you just undo whatever it is you did, and let me go home?"

"HOME? Back to people that want to burn you?" asked Lepolis.

"Only becuase of your magic!" raged Twig.

"Ah, but thats the interesting thing" laughed Lepolis, "It wasn't MY magic!"

And so into the shadow and not your shadow but the eager grayness expecting light, I ride the storm away.

06/14/2002 2:09 PM

"Y...you mean..." Twig paused.
"Ah, yes, my boy. It was your magic!" stated Lepolis in a humorous way.
"M...my...my magic? But how...?"
By now the Kender had wandered off. Lepolis and Twig were alone.
Twigs mind was racing. This has to be a dream! This can't be happening! I don't want to leave! All these questions and more came to him at that moment.
"Magic is a complex thing, boy. Not just anyone can become skilled in the art. The truly gifted are born with it. It runs in their veins. You, my friend, are one of the gifted."
"I can't believe this," astonished, "you can't be serious."
"Oh but I am. I know this must be truly shocking for you, but if we are going, we must leave soon. We wouldnt want to be late, and upset her, now would we?."

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06/14/2002 2:25 PM

"Wait a minute." Twig said, trying desperately to grasp what the old man was saying. "HOW could it be my magic? I didnt do anything!"

"Oh you didn;t?" Asked Lepolis. "Didnt you close your eyes and think very hard about escaping?"

"I wished they couldn;t see me so i could sneak away, but i don't see...." Twig stopped, his mouth agape.

"There now, now that we have settled that, do you mind if we continue on? We musn't be late, and we have quite a journey to make." Lepolis began looking for his map. "Lets see, now where did I put it...second pocket to the right, first pocket down...take the square root of pi and divide by 6.....LOCKPICKER!!! LOCKPICKER BURRFOOT! Bring that map back here at once!" Thundered Lepolis.

"Map? Oh I do recall seeing you drop a map. Its a good thing I picked it up for you. You really must learn to be more careful with your things Lepolis!" said the kender quite seriously as he handed over the parchment. Then he turned to Twig.

"Are you going to magick us somewhere? I remember how once, Lepolis almost magicked us somewhere, only then..." Lepolis loudly cleared his throat.

"Uh...then he just..uh, didn't" finished up Lock.

"I don't know how!" cried Twig. "And I cant just leave here, I've got a family!"

"I guess we'll have to do this the hard way." said Lepolis sadly to Lock. "I didn't want it to come to this, but we can't risk being late, and we're obviously getting nowhere." The robed man stooped slightly to whisper in the kender's ear. Lock nodded, then reached into a pouch and removed a blue ball. Twig looked down, surprised to find the ball he had held in his hand was gone. He was almost certain it was the same one. Leoplis had moved off to stand slightly behind Twig, as Lock suddenly began chanting in a mysterious fashion, all the while waving the ball around wildly.

"Ooglety-poodle, moravian cookie, abra-cadabra-la-fa-so-la-te-do..."

As Twig tried to figure out just what the halfling was doing, he felt a sharp pain, and everything suddenly went dark.And so into the shadow and not your shadow but the eager grayness expecting light, I ride the storm away.

06/14/2002 2:44 PM

OOC: Flandrake, may i ask that u delete ur reply, because it got all muddled with yours. Post after saphires please.

06/17/2002 2:45 PM

Twig woke up in a dizzy state. "Uhhh.... what happened?"
"Ahh, your awake."
"Wha, who are you?"
"Why it's me Lepolis, I'm sorry Lock had to do that but we were in a big hurry. Come now sit up you should eat something."
Twig sat up and looked around he was in a field with scattered trees, bushes and other plants. He was next to a campfire and he could see Lunitarai high in the sky.
"Where are we?"
"We are in a field far from Solace."
"At least tell me where we're going."
"No, but you will find out soon enough. Here." Lepolis handed Twig a bowl of soup. Twig started to slurp it down slowly.

"Is that a mage Kurni?"
"Yes sir, it is and there is a small boy and a kender as well."
The hobgoblin scratched his arm and said, " We attack when they sleep, ready the others."
"Yes sir", Kurni says and then goes down the hill to their campsit.

Tanlansulner, a wood elven ranger, looked down at the hobgoblin, from a tree he was sitting in.
"I better keep an eye on them."
"What did you say Taner?" said Skye, a hawk that was enhanced by a wizard.
"Oh nothing, go back to sleep." Taner lay back down on a branch and looked at the stars.

"Now after your done go back to sleep and we can start to travel again in the morning."

"Do, or do not, there is no try" -Yoda "Empire Strikes Back"

06/17/2002 3:38 PM

OOC: Ok, now its time to get the evil lurking in the background..here we go.

The small, goblin ran quickly down the dark, slightly slippery tunnel. Turning his pig-like eyes to the minotaur guarding the door at the end of the pathway, Gooru nodded his head, and rather importantly displayed his token of passage...a dead bird with a stick in its mouth. The minotaur nodded, and quickly stepped aside, allowing Gorru to step through the door into complete inky blackness. The red minotaur never once let his expression of disgust slide from his face.

"Ssshut the door." Came a deep menacing voice from somewhere in the darkness. Hurrying to obey, Gooru managed to shut his toes in the door.

"Thatsss better. The light hurtsss my eyesss, and we wouldn't want anything to hurt me, now would we?"

Gooru stuttered nervously "N-no Mighty-ness, no!"

"It isss how I thought then. Did you find the onesss I ssseek?"

"Y-yes master." Gooru's voice was a shrill whine.

"Exssscccellent. Bring them to me. You have quessstionsss?"

"Why do you want them Mighty One?"

"I mussst have him..."And so into the shadow and not your shadow but the eager grayness expecting light, I ride the storm away.

06/17/2002 4:03 PM

OOC again: all instances of "Him" (as in the mysteriously unamed...) have been changed to "Her" because me and Saphire have been planning this out. Her is going to be the Forestmaster, and when they meet, she will give him his quest.

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06/20/2002 6:08 AM

It was late. Very late. Twig couldn't sleep. Both Lepolis and Lock were asleep in their tent, and he knew he needed the rest, but he just couldn't sleep. He was thinking about Solace. His home, his friends, family, wondering if he would ever see them again. If he knew which way Solace was, he would sneak out, and run home, but he didn't. He had been unconsious during their whole trip here, wherever here was.

Twig jumped up out of his bed. He could hear heavy footsteps in the distance outside his tent. He had to go tell Lepolis someone was coming. Trying to be as stealthy as possible, he stepped out of his tent, and made his way towards Lepolis's tent when he saw them. A goblin raiding party was on the move, heading straight for them. Forgeting about being stealthy, he ran as fast as he could to the other tent. When he was inside, he immediately started shaking Lepolis and Lock trying to wake them up.

"Whats going on?" Lepolis mumbled sleepily. "Go back to sleep, we are leaving at dawn, and you will need the rest."

"Lepolis! You have to get up! A group of about 20 goblins is headed straight for us!

"What? Where?"

Twig pointed to his left. "They are coming from that direction. They are close too, about a half mile away."

"We will have to fight. They are too close to run. Here" Lepolis handed him a dagger. "Use this. If we get through this, I will have to start your magic lessons."


06/20/2002 1:02 PM

"Well of course" Lepolis said absently. "Its a battle, and battles are always filled with uncertainities." He turned around and kicked Lock in the ribs firmly. "Wake up you lazy second-rate theif of a kender!" Lock didn't move. Bending down, Lepolis loudly spoke in his ear. "There are goblins on the way....get up!!!!" Lock's eyes fluttered slightly, and he began to snore in an exaggerated fashion. Twig was fairly certain the halfling was only pretending to sleep, but the joke seemed to be in bad taste considering the approaching danger. He leaned down and whispered lightly.

"Leave him Lepolis! Maybe the goblins will just steal his things and leave us alone."

Lock's eyes sprang open, and he quickly rolled out of his blankets. "NEVER!" He shrieked. "I'll never allow those bat eating, pig-eyed, over-fed second cousins to a gully dwarf TOUCH my things...." He began rummaging in his pack. "Ahhh here it is, the Kender Spoon of Turning. It was passed down from my Uncle Tas! I'll go take care of those goblins, so you two can just head back to bed."

Twig was suitably impressed, until he noted Lepolis's expression of disgust. Taking a closer look, he noticed that the spoon was only a regular eating spoon, probably acquired at any wayward inn.

"Yes Lock, that is a good idea, and normally I'd agree....but......er...these are regular goblins.....not magical ones...so perhaps your dagger or hoopak would be a better choice." Lepolis said diplomatically.

"True...." Lock looked at the spoon with regret. "Perhaps after we kill them, I should get out the Spoon of Turning, just incase they try to come back and fight again...."

"I hate to interrupt." Twig said, "But they are getting closer....shouldnt we do something?"

Lepolis exited the tent, with Lockpicker and Twig trailing behind him. They took up positions in front of the fire, which would force the goblins to look directly into the light, severely effecting their vision on the moon-less night.
As the goblins came into view, Lepolis snorted in disgust.

"I thought you said twenty." he muttered to Twig. "This is more like ten."

"Well I was nervous..." Twig began, but just then the goblins charged. Lock's hoopak whirled challenging as he sprang to meet the first goblins. Nearby, Leoplis was casting a spell. A small goblin ran towards Twig, its eyes blazing red as the firelight reflected off them. Thrusting his arm out in front of him, Twig felt the dagger connect with flesh. Looking up he saw the hilt of the small knife sticking out of the throat of his enemy. Instinct had obviously taken over. Wrenching back his arm, Twig ignored the body crumpled at his feet as he stared at the blood on his blade. Suddenly, he felt arms enfold him from behind...And so into the shadow and not your shadow but the eager grayness expecting light, I ride the storm away.

06/20/2002 2:42 PM

Twig looked back, and saw a large, extremely ugly goblin, trying to carry him off.

"Lepolis, Lock, help me!" Twig called, but his voice was drowned out by the sound of Lock's hoopack wailing, and the battle cries of the goblins. He was shaking a trying to wiggle free, but the goblin's firm grip didn't give. Just as he was about to give up, and go willinginly, he heard a whoosh behind him, and blood spurted on the back of his head. He fell to the ground, the goblin falling on top of him, dead. An arrow straight through the side of its head.

Twig hurled the heavy goblin off him with all his strength. Lepolis and Lock were doing well. Lock was getting them angry, hurling insults, and large rocks with his hoopak at the goblins. Lepolis was hurling fireballs, and magical arrows. At first, Twig had thought the arrow that killed the goblin whom took hold of him, but then he realized that there were other arrows, coming from the opposite direction from which Lepolis was fending off goblins. Over on the hill, he could faintly see the outline of an elf, firing arrow after arrow, with a bird by his side. Twig got up and began to run towards Lepolis and Lock. They had almost finished off the goblins, but looking back, twig saw more coming from behind them. This had to be, most definately, the worst day of Twig's life...

06/20/2002 2:57 PM

This had to be, most definately, the worst day of Twig's life...

but then again, that went without saying. Blood ran into his eyes, and he realized that when he had fallen, he'd gashed open his forhead on a rock. Twig walked slowly over to a tree, and put his back up against it. His legs seemed to give, and he slowly fell to the ground. The world seemed obscured in a light haze, and he watched the rest of the battle detachedly. The bird had entered the fray, and was busy flying about the heads of the goblin, forcing them to defend their eyes as the elf continued to shot arrows. Lepolis had killed several goblins, and they lay around him, some scorched, while others showed evidence that the senior mage and been using his dagger as well as magic. Lock's hoopak had also done its deadly work and goblins lay in their own blood. Then Twig noticed a goblin running towards him, bloodlust evident on his face, his features twisted into an expression even more cruel then usual. His eyes suddenly widened in pain and shock, and he fell in front of Twig, an arrow protruding from his back. Lepolis came running to check on Twig, as Lockpicker scampered off in an attempt to make friends with the mysterious bowman.
And so into the shadow and not your shadow but the eager grayness expecting light, I ride the storm away.

06/20/2002 3:05 PM

Once they reached the elf they saw he was wearing studded leather and had a longsword and dagger at his sides. An arrow flew straight at the elf but the eagle caught it and tossed it in the elf's quiver.
"Thank you for the help," said as Lock outstreched his hand in a greeting.
"No problem,the names Taner."
Lepolis said, "No time for introductions," as he turned and mumbled words of magic to handle some of the oncoming goblins.....

"Do, or do not, there is no try" -Yoda "Empire Strikes Back"

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06/25/2002 10:30 AM

Suddenly the goblins vanished. Twig turned to look at Lepolis in amazement.
"Just how powerful are you?" he asked. "That was amazing, you just made them..."
"I didn't do that." Lepolis asserted. "They were nothing but illusions, but for what purpose?"
"Hey where did that elf go?" Lockpicker chimed in.
Spinning around quickly, Twig saw that there was no sign of where the elf had disappeared to. If there had not been arrows protruding from the backs of several goblins, he wouldnt even have believed the bowman had been there.
"What happened to him?" Twig asked, not really expecting an answer.
"Why not ask his little friend there." Lepolis said dryly, pointing to a small tree several yards away. The elf's hawk sat perched there, preening his feathers. As Twig approached, the hawk looked up and fixed a bright eye on the young man. Screaming out a call, the hawk fluttered to a large rock not far away, and looked back, obviously expecting to be followed. Lepolis looked around and sighed.
"Lets pack up our camp." He said. "Its beginning to get light anyway, and we've obviously found our guide." The other two looked at him in some confusion, but not wanting to argue, they turned to go back to the camp.And so into the shadow and not your shadow but the eager grayness expecting light, I ride the storm away.

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