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07/13/2000 10:54 PM

The Grimspear Colosseum opened this day with much fanfare. The Open Bout fighting period started today after all. This means anything can and WILL happen during the next few weeks or until Lord Grimspear himself decides on ending it. Anything from tournament style fighting to a free-for-all match can occur these next few days. A plethora of fighters have already signed up, ready to make their mark in the world. Who will be next? Sign up sheets are still available...

OOC: Ok, this is how it's going to work. You sign up for a fight. Be specific how you describe your character who is participating. You can then say who you want to fight (hopefully your opponent shows up.) Say if you will be using weapons or without. Without weapons, you fight until knockout even if the other player throws in the towel (The crowd wants a great show so no one wimps out!) With weapons, the fights will be split into blunt weapons and edged weapons. Blunt weapons vs. blunt weapons will end in knockout. Edged weapons vs. edged weapons or edged weapons vs. blunt weapons end when first blood is drawn. Clerics will be at hand to heal all wounds and keep alive any fighters who are mortally wounded. Unless there is a special circumstance, magic-users are NOT allowed to fight in the Colosseum (Too chaotic and destructive. The Colosseum does not need to be rebuilt yet again.) Magic weapons can be used, as long as they're checked in with the mages from the Mages' Guild at hand for the fights. Team fights are allowed as long as the members who sign up for it keep posting. The fights will be contained within large circles with several fights going on at once (similar to how bigtop circuses perform acts.) It's rare for one fight to take center stage all by itself unless it involves one of the Lords of Grimspear for example. No cheating is allowed as the fights will be watched closely by staff of the Colosseum consisting of handpicked mages and mercenaries from the Mages' Guild and the Grinning Blades, respectively (This is mainly to prevent any magical assistance or anything else that will allow a sizable disadvantage during the fight. Dirty fighting IS allowed, though.) However, for free-for-all bouts, the rules are more lenient. Also, a tournament can be set up if enough people are interested. For that, I'll throw in some opponents to round it out if necessary.

I will be assuming the supervisory role of the Master of Ceremonies, Qalvin Wonderstar, a human bard of some renown, and close friend and protege of Lord Grimspear. I will keep tabs on fights and provide opponents for those who do not want to fight amongst themselves. Oh yes, this is the place where you can challenge your friends and see who can type in the most creative replies that will spell defeat for your foes.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: When a fight does begin, make sure to keep your responses short and to the point (you're in the middle of a fight after all.) Say what action your character commits to and give a day or two for your opponent to respond. If they do not respond quickly enough, you can say you defeat them and that is that. Also, when you reply, be CREATIVE!!! Do not just say, I hit/kick/slash him/her and he falls and that's it... Imagine that you're being watched by thousands of people and they want to see action, blood and drama. Remember what you saw watching "Gladiator". Put on a good show and you'll earn the respect your character deserves. It doesn't always have to be an "I'm the Best" fest. If you lose, you can always set up a rematch. We don't need any bitching here.

This is a work in progress so bear with me on this one. Just keep the fights entertaining and we'll go from there.

(a note from phooka: for background info on the city of grimspear and its wonderful colliseum, check out the web site: grimspear (http://grimspear.com))

06/15/2000 7:20 AM

*Cal and Lor walk up to the counter*

"I believe I have a fight today." Cal says.

*the man behind the counter confirms this, but says his friend must watch from the audience. they comply and Lor takes a seat in the crowd and Cal walks down to the prep room. he flexes his muscles and awaits his challengee*

(OOC-Cal is going to fight Chuck the minotaur in unarmed combat)"Two minus one leaves none."

06/15/2000 8:52 AM

The priest walked up to the counter and smiled...patting the two claw wands at his waist.

"I would like to sign up to fight....opponents?...no challenged opponents that I know of...I am in for a free-for-all fight..."

He grins, showing his black gums

"I am assuming I will need these checked out..."

The priest removes the two claw wands...both are about three foot long adamantite rods with leather handles...the ends of the weapons end in three wicked blades that splay out like fingers...he places them, along with his Holy Symbol onto the counter to be approved before the fight...since magic wasn't allowed...he wouldn't be able to use it in the battle anyway.

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06/15/2000 10:41 AM

Someone who looks like a werewolf at a full moon comes up to the counter. "May Grrrlf, a new rrrace enterrr?" he asks in his gutteral and throaty lanuage. "No weapons," he says to the counter person.

06/15/2000 4:39 PM

A man, about six feet tall, and covered from head to toe in blood red armor, walks up to the counter. As he makes his way to the startled clerk, he pushes asside all the other applicants, in complete disregard for courtosey, or his own safety.

*I am Cuanamwen of Tempos. I wish to find a fight. When, or whith what I do not care, so long as it puts up a good effort before its defeat.*

He stares at the clerk with an intense glare that could seem to kill alone...

His fight will certanly be interesting...

(oh...a note about what heat I am packing.

- longsword +5
- longsword +3
- flail +2
- tower shield +4
- Full Plate +3
- Broadsword +1

Character himself is a level 10 Myrmadon / 15 Priest of Tempus

-KM (Cuanamwen here though)

06/15/2000 9:58 PM

Melvue Bellwinter was the man behind the sign-up counter. A gruff ex-adventurer formerly known as Mel the Mad, it was his task to look over each fighter who wished to participate in the Colosseum battles and sign them in. He could instantly tell if a fighter was capable enough. Two mages from the Mages' Guild stood behind him acting as magical support. A half-elven boy with eager, intelligent eyes stood ready to chalk up today's fights on the large board on the wall nearby.

Melvue recognized the black-armored man coming up to him as Calardas the Cutthroat. Ah, yes, this was the one who wanted to challenge the Mighty Warrior-Slayer in hand-to-hand combat. After confirming his signature and instucting Cal's female companion to watch with the crowd, Mel said, "Await Chuck in the Fighters' Pen. When he arrives, the fight will begin after a circle is cleared out for you." He pointed towards where Cal is supposed to go. "I bid you well." To the half-elven lad he said, "Chalk up Calardas the Cutthroat against Chuck the Mighty Warrior-Slayer, unarmed combat!"

Next came a priest armed with what looked like clawed wands. One of the mages behind the counter took a long hard look at them and muttered brief phrases in an archaic tongue. Melvue instructed the mage to also get the priest's name and god he worshipped so that he can properly be introduced in the battle.

Moving on to the next fighter, an unusual were-creature stepped up to Mel. It introduced itself as Grif. Mel said to Grif, "Yes, you may enter." Due to the natural claws of the creature, it wouldn't do to put him in just any unarmed battle. "I'll put you in for the upcoming free-for-all bout. Go to the Fighter's Pen and await the others." To the half-elven lad he said, "Grif for next free-for-all battle!

A red knight pushed his way up to the line. Though imposing, Melvue didn't look too impressed. Introducing himself as Cuanamwen of Tempus, the knight looked to be a likely candidate for a free-for-all fight. Signing him in, Mel yelled to the half-elf boy again, "Cuanamwen of Tempus for free-for-all battle!" To the knight, he said "Go to the Fighter's Pen and wait with the others."

Mel then looked up as a large golden-hued minotaur approached the counter. "Hey Mel, I got word from Qalvin about the challenge. Who's my next victim?" Mel told the minotaur, "Ah Chuck, you're to fight Calardas the Cutthroat. He seems hot and bothered to fight you." Chuck looked thoughtfully to himself, "Never heard of him. He better be tough if he wants to fight hand-to hand." Mel then said to Chuck, "Oh he seems a capable enough fighter. See for yourself. He awaits in the Fighter's Pen. Remember, don't start any fights in the Pen. Save it for the circles." With that, Chuck strode off to the appointed place. Mel then told the boy, "Chuck the Mighty Warrior-Slayer vs. Calardas the Cutthroat, unarmed combat!"

OOC: Whoever else posts in the next couple of entries can still sign in for the free-for-all battle unless they specify otherwise. I'll check in tomorrow and get the ball rolling. King Of Chaos, I'll wait for more of your character info and sign you up (need name and god your character worships) Any more specifics you can give me on those claw wands?.

06/16/2000 3:21 AM

Imoen stands in the row, patiently awaiting her turn.
She's startled as some red-armored brute works her aside.

'Look what yer doin', ye orc-kissing dummy!' she
yells at his back.

She walks up to the counter. The clerk looks surprised
at her unarmored form, her only weapon seeming the
short sword on her back. He keeps staring at her....

She clears her throat 'I'd like to enter the free-for-all

'Yeah sure, sure.' he says his eyes again dwindling lower

Imoen angrily slams her fist into the counter, drawing
more then a few confused looks as she almost punches through

'Can I enter or not,' she says through gritted teeth

'Yes. Check in your items there,' he says pointing.

'Thank you,' Imoen says politely.

She speaks a command word and the tatoo on her left hand
turn into a dagger.

'I'll have to check you up, too,' she says spinning it around
in her hand.


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'Are you looking at me?'

'I said: ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME !?!?!?!?'

Jordie, to a Beholder

06/16/2000 7:52 AM

*Cal waited in the Fighter's Pen for Chuck to arrive. when he did, Cal just looked at the minotaur and smiled an evil smile. he flexed his muscles, showing his excellent contour. he was also a very vein (hehe pun) man, you could see them running all over the place and they made him look like more a gelentalus glob without definite shape than a man*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/16/2000 9:04 AM

"Names Ruathan Shrinrizzen of Menzoberranzan..." He smiled at the slight shock from one of the mages...this was a renegade drow....

"I am a priest of the Dark Speaker...the infinite God of Necromancy....Zanatose..."

((OOC: These paricular Claw Wands are only +2 weapons and deal 1d6 to smaller opponents and 1d8 to large opponents...on a roll of 19 or higher they do an extra 1d4 points of damage (in addition to double damage from a roll of 20 or more) as they grip the skin on an opponent and rip it off a good piece...hence the reason they are called Claw Wands...Ruathan is also a fighter, so he can weild both Claw Wands at once....he also had black chain mail on that is obviously magical.))

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06/16/2000 12:13 PM

((I would love to sign my pit fiend up here, but that is a little unfair. I would like to sign up Tristan L'amore. He is a Malkavian Vampyre armed with only a daggar, a belt of chain, and a rapier. He is an expert at swordplay and dirty fighting, he has an unusual tendency to feed from the wounds he inflicts as he watches his opponants bleed to death. Slowly, very slowly.))

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/17/2000 3:28 AM

The mage attending to the drow priest whispered to Melvue.

"Zanatose?", exclaimed Melvue. "That's a new one. And those clawed wands check out?" When the mage nodded, Mel spoke to the half-elf boy. Firrelan was his name. "Fir! Chalk up Ruathan Shrinrizzen of...Zanatose for free-for-all battle!" Amazingly, the boy spelled the names on the board with quick precision. Ruathan, like the others, was directed to the Pen.

A comely, lithe lass approached the counter. She seemed a bit rough around the edges though, especially after the display the red knight made. Mel always liked a tough woman and they didn't come tougher than this one. Pounding the counter with a blow that would make a dwarf swoon, she introduced herself as Imoen. After her introduction, any doubts that she can hold her own in the free-for-all were dispelled. The mages checked in her weapons and after a few castings on the tattoo dagger, ok'd both the short sword and the dagger and she was sent on her way to the Pen. Mel yelled to Fir, "Imoen for free-for-all battle!"

Last up was an eccentric-looking fighter. Mel, for a moment, didn't believe this one was up to the task for gladiator fighting. One of the mages whispered to his ear, and Mel's eyes then lit up. If what the mage told him was true, then this fellow may be the deadliest of the fighters to enter the free-for-all. Signing in the name, Tristan L'amore, the man confirmed what Mel already suspected. A vampyre was a rare thing indeed. "Tristan L'amore for free-for-all battle!" The vampyre was already striding off to where the others had gone.

Mel closed the entries to the free-for-all bout. The fighters who entered were definitely a...varied bunch. This should rally up the crowds. Mel sat back and let out a sigh. He missed the old days. But his bones ached and his war axe had a permanent home now over his hearth. He'd give anything to mete out his own brand of fury on these fighters. But..for now he flipped to a new page and awaited more entries...

In the Fighter's Pen, an array of warriors awaited their fates, the sounds of battle heard faintly on the other side of closed doors. Stout mercenaries from the Grinning Blades walked up and down making sure there were none backing out or getting squeamish. Clerics of various deities, volunteering their services, dashed in and out, sometimes carrying bandaged bodies, words of healing fresh on their lips. Chuck was oblivious to all this, having seen it all before. The minotaur centered his attention on the human, Cowladas, was it? The human seemed a braggart, flexing his muscles to no one in particular. Just another bleeder trying to prove himself... The doors then opened and Chuck and Calardas' names were called.

Outside, it was a bright day, too good to waste battle on it and that's just what Qalvin Wonderstar told his massive audience, his voice magically enhanced for all to hear. To the more important guests of the Colosseum, magic mouths repeating his announcements were made available. Qalvin wore his unusual attire of bright scarlet material with billowy sleeves and high boots concealing an agile slender form, with the purpose of catching the audience's attentions. He was an active performer, pointing this way and that, as he drew gazes to the fights going on in each circle. There were five in all, with four at each corner and one larger one in the center. This was the arrangement made just for the Open Bouts allowing for many fights to go on at once. The center circle was being made ready for the free-for-all battle...

Chuck and Calardas were directed to one of the corner circles. On the way there, Chuck held up his fists, working up his fans. He would stop every once in awhile, stomping the ground and issuing a loud bellow, his victory signature. Musicians played their horns and drums, a stirring march for the upcoming opponents. Once the two fighters arrived at their circle, Qalvin exclaimed to the crowd, "In Circle 2, we have a grudge match, folks! The challenger, the man in black, Calardas the Cutthroat!! The challenged, the Mighty Warriorslayer himself, Chhhhuck!!! Nothing less than a knockout! Let the blood fly!!!" The roaring from the crowd nearly deafened Qalvin's voice. A gong sounded out and the fight began. Chuck, as he was the challenged, awaited Cal's first move...

The next gong sounded, as the free-for-all bout was about to begin. Five warriors walked to the center circle. As each one strided out of the Pen, Qalvin introduced them to the crowd. "First out, Grrrif!!! Those claws look sharp and ready to slice! ...Next up, Cuanamwen of Tempus! He's certainly eager for blood! ...Then we have fiery Imoen!!! If only looks could kill! ...From fabled Menzoberranzan, Ruathan Shrinrizzen of Zanatose! He's ready to prove his god will make him victorious! ...Last but never the least, we have Tristan L'amore!!! He's out to make a meal of his opponents! ...Five will enter the circle, only one will walk away! The rest...well, we'll leave it in the hands of the gods! Hahaaaa!! Are you ready! Ok then! Let the blood fly!!!"

06/17/2000 10:27 AM

(( OOC: Well done Tyrin!!!! Excellent introduction and
all that, really well done.))

Imoen gracefully walked into the arena, her slim
body moving silently as ever.

She took position in the most eastern part of the
arena, standing close to the wall.

Her gaze went around the competitors. Far to her left
was the vampire, she'd remember to stay away from
him. Next to him the drow, nasty weapons those claws
were and he looked like he knew how to use them.
The wolf creature stood opposite of her, she'd
fought werewolves before, but she didn't know what to
expect from this one. Finally her gaze settled upon
the red armored figure.

She scowled, remembering his harsh manners.

'Hey stupid!' she yelled at him 'I didn't know Tempus
lets sods like you worship him. Bah! I'll show you
how to treat a lady!'

She twists her blades, challenging him to come for
her, while she silently keeps her senses fixed on the other


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

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worse by far.'

06/17/2000 2:09 PM

"My God lets me think how I wish, cur! So, long as I know, that my principals, whatever they may be, are worth fighting for, I do the will of Tempos."

"I hope you have as much fight in you as it sounds like, woman!"

With that, and a growling laugh, he dons a red haume, unsheaths one of the shimmering longswords at his sides, and brings before him a golden, filigree engraved tower shield. Unafraid, he strides out of his corner, clatering his blade and shield together. In the language of the northeners, he booms a Temptuian song of war...


"Death, their servant , they forged ahead, heralds of the Foehammers might…"


06/17/2000 2:38 PM

'Ha! I'll make your God see his mistake...' she

She walks towards the knight. Slowly at first, but
suddenly picking up so much speed that she seems a
blur to those that watch her. She dodges to the right
, left, right again then spins around.
Imoen stops her momentum at the side of the knight.
Her short sword comes out, slipping behind the
reach of his shield.

((OOC: I'm not saying she made a hit, that's for
you to decide.))


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/17/2000 2:59 PM

Before the sword decends any further though, the leg of the knight comes up, and his steel soloret (thats the term for a mailed foot) plants itself square in her stomach. A spiked plated gauntlet soon follows the kick, sending the woman to the ground.

He does not press the advantage though. If there was anything he had learned from all his campagns, it was that a great soldier was only a target if his back was turned on his foes...


"The battle did rage, as the sky turned dark, and as the night gave way to day…"



06/17/2000 3:37 PM

((So when should Tristan show up?))"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/17/2000 4:36 PM

Ruathan spinned the strange weapons of his god expertly through the air around him, every once and a while he would let one of them strike the other, causing a flaring arc on the air as the spark touched the oxygen and then died...

Turning to the Vampyre the VileChant grinned confidently...and then bowed respectively before coming up in a deadly spin...faster than any normal mortal, the drow male came at the Vampyre the claw wands positioned to flay flesh from bone.....

(Hes doing what looks like a whirlwind attack...except he seems to almost be hovering off the ground...but thats not magical...just the built up momentum of the attack.))

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06/17/2000 4:37 PM

((ooc: Jordie...Fire and lightning is nice, especaly in conjunction. Yet, acid is soooo much cooler.))

06/17/2000 4:50 PM

~The Vampyre dipped and rolled to the side avoiding the whirlwind of steel and claw. Drawing his rapier and taking to the shadows, never having been one to fight fair. His rapier held close to his side as he spins through the shadows, fluid movement's unseen. Then lashing out at the other with a diving slash of his rapier. A hit and run. Not stopping to see if it hit, simply rolling to his knees in a defensive guard position, waiting and watching daggars and chain ready.~"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/18/2000 2:30 AM

Imoen shakes off the attack as she lies on the ground.
She feels blood soaking her shirt. She growls, drawing the
knight's attention.
Imoen starts a roll backwards, but doesn't finish it. Without
even using her hands she jumps back on her feet, right
in front of the knight.
She makes a leg-sweep. The knight dodges it by lifting
his leg, as she suspected and wanted him to do.

Immediately following the manuevre she jumps high
up into the air, higher then you think would be possible.
She makes a spin kick, her heel connecting with the knights
chin. The impact of the blow sends him flying through the
air. He lands about ten feet away from his previous spot
with a loud thud.

'Obviously you've never fought a martial artist with
giant's strenght before,' she chuckles as she lands on
the ground lightly.

((OOC:Acid is nice, though never will it be as cool as fire
and lightning. Ice is still better then acid anyday
[Imoen is the mistress of Ice]))


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/18/2000 2:02 PM

~Seeing your attention faced on the other. Getting to his feet and moving behind the Ice bitch. Snickering as he folds into the shadows. Melting into them. Unseen again. His rapier glinting in the dim light. A flash of steel and the mad cackle of the Malkavian as he moves to strike. But which one? Where is he going? In which direction? He keeps his original target and moves towards the Ice bitch again. Parrying with his rapier and then lungig like the Malkav's love to do.~"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/18/2000 2:51 PM

Feeling something's wrong at her back, Imoen spins
around, her blades ready to block. Before she can
completely stop its advance, the rapier nicks her
breast, causing more then a little bit of displeasure.

'You are so going to pay for that,' she promises the
vampire as she pushes him back.

With that, she starts to furiously work her blades.
Her short sword constantly banging against the rapier,
keeping it at bay and her dagger dipping in every
once in a while, trying to find an opening.
Even through her fury, she keeps an eye
out for the other opponents. She would not be surprised
a second time.


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/18/2000 9:54 PM

~Somewhat surprised as to the skill of this woman. Parrying with his rapier against two blades he had often done, but never aginst one of skill. Twisting and parrying, blocking and slashing.~

"I do hope your children aren't going to go hungry."

~A demented Malkavian grin upon his face. Reaching down for the metal chain that serves as his belt. Grinning like a mad dog as he drops suddenly to the floor. He catches your blade across the shoulder. Tasting the blood and grinning.~

"I always did taste good."

~Then whipping out with the chain belt. Trying to loop it around your foot, up between your legs. The iron buckle zooming from behind you.~"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/18/2000 10:00 PM

Cuanamwen was suprised by this womans might. Where he grew up, the women tended goats and happily cleaned the messes that the men made. They did not show any skill, or intrest in the manly ways of war...as far as he could tell.

Yet, here he was, faced with one, a woman possesing formidible martial might.

It was a pity, should she have been born a man, she might have had a chance fighting him.

Yet, before he advances on her, he notices a figure looming behind her. In a split second, the figure, strikes out at the misguided woman.

Deftly spinning to avoiding the blow, the woman recieves only a scratch for her incompitence, before readying herself against two attackers.

On a battlefield, he would have killed her. For trifiling his skills, and not putting her full might against his swords, she would have paid with her life. Yet, this was not war, this was a game, and a place of honor. He would sooner slit his wrists, then defy this ethic.

The vampire was apparently poorly aquanted with this philosophy however, and would soon learn the error of his ways.

"Woman, do not fear me. Our battle is interupted, and we shall take our time to destroy the interloper. Following that, we may pick up from where we started."

Moving in with suprising speed, for one so armored as him, Cuanamwen, runs for the new combatent, stops some ten feet before him, and crouches slightly, with his shield before him...


06/19/2000 1:29 AM

'You taste good?' she huffs 'I bet me blade tastes better.'

She keeps on advancing, pushing the vampire back.
Suddenly he drops to the floor. Thinking he'd
tripped, Imoen slashes him across the shoulder.
Hearing the knight behind her, she turns her
attention from the vampire for just a second.
A grave mistake, she learns, she feels something
looping around her leg. With a great tug, the vampire
pulls her to the ground. Before he can do anything else,
she twists and turns just enough to get a hit at his
leg with her sword. Though she may get hurt in the process,
she was sure she could get out of this one. Then the
knight appeared behind her. She thought he said something,
but didn't hear it clearly. But how could she fight two
foes in this position? She smirked, surely she was
going to try.


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/19/2000 2:35 AM

~Feeling the blade slice across my leg as you fall to your face. Knowing I haven't much time until the knight cometh upon me. Always having been prone to insaniity, he does something you will never see a vampyre do. He draws his daggar and sping on his back like a breakdance. The daggar aimed for your ribs as he brings the rapier around between him and the knight.~

"You know, for a heavily armored knight, I'll bet you taste like Woman."

~The Malkav grinned.~

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/19/2000 2:59 AM

She's surprised as she hears the knight is going
to fight the vampire instead of her. Perhaps she
had mistaken his honor.

Rolling over to get on her back, she feels a dagger
dig into her side. She winces as she pulls it out,
more blood spilling over her new clothes. From the
corner of her eye she sees the knight and vampire
engage. An idea pops up in her mind. She puts her
hand on the wound and concentrates. Within seconds
the blood freezes and the wound is closed, for now.
It wasn't a real solution, but it would have to do.
She glanced over her other wounds, the slashes from
the knight had already healed over and the nick at
her breast was fast closing. She stood up slowly. Her
newest wound stung viciously, like an arrow sticking
in her side. Still, it was better then her guts spilling
on the floor. Watching the fight between the knight
and the vampire, she'd jump in as soon as she got
the chance.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/19/2000 11:14 AM

(OOC-sorry, i was gone a few days, but here is the opening move between Cal and Chuck)

(IC)*Cal looks around at the crowd, who apparently entirely was rooting for Chuck. not a one of them was for the under dog. no problem, they will pay for their foolish ways. he turned his attention to Chuck and smirked*

"I bet you couldn't even hit me if I were a sleeping giant!"

*he yelled this taunt to anger the minotaur as he charged, fists hard as a rock. as he neared Chuck, he darted to the right to avoid the minotaur's overpowering blow. he got up and cocked his head to the side as he reguarded him*

"So slow. I've seen a four toed sloth faster than you!"
"Two minus one leaves none."

06/19/2000 1:05 PM

With the fury of a titan, Cuanamwen strikes high at the vampire, barrels through the fiends feeble parry and cuts a two inch deep incision across he whole of his body cavity.

The beast turns to him, with fire in his eyes, and lunges out with his rapier. The blow never lands though, deflecting off his thick plate, like stones hurled against a castle wall.

He respected the skills of the vampire, and knew that the blade he weilded must be signifigantly enchanted, yet, had to keep himself from laughing at it. That thing he fought was an overenchanted toy, not a true arm for a warrior.

It was only a matter of time before that vampire, and his sissy little sword screwed up. Once he did, Cuanamwen would kill him.

"You just brought a knife to a gunfight boy."


06/19/2000 2:37 PM

~Slipping out of the contest and moving back into the shadows. Knowing that his magicks and power to great. This would take cunning, skill, and courage. Melting into the shadows, unseen once more. Watching the enterance of the third element. Aiming his rapier for the bitch (Imoen) and slashing outwards. The sword swinging high to low from behind you. He hated those who fought fair. His motto, Hit and run, always from behind.~"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/19/2000 3:09 PM

'Oh, not again..' Imoen thinks as she dives forward,
narrowly dodging the blow.

Speaking towards the knight, she whispers loud enough
for him to hear, but no-one else:
'I'm gonna give our vampire friend a taste of his
own medicine'

Imoen does her own dissappearing trick then, merging
perfectly into the shadows. After only a few moments
she finds him, momentarily slipping out of the shadows
to get a hit in. She comes in from behind, her dagger
heading for his spinal column, her short sword arcing
for his head. Her motto was: hit, hit again and kill.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/20/2000 3:10 AM

OOC: Grif and Ruathen better make some actions soon or the others will find two sitting targets.

As Calardas avoided the minotaur's swing and continued his taunting, he fell victim to a sharp back kick to the ribs as Chuck quickly twisted himself around, more quickly than it seemed his large bulk would allow. Chuck put his considerable strength into the kick. If the human hadn't been armored, it would have shattered his rib cage. Chuck would have to suffice with cracked ribs and the air knocked out of the lungs.

Chuck twisted around to face his opponent again with sinuous grace. The human talked too much, while Chuck regarded the fight with deadly focus. The human made the mistake of seeing the minotaur as a slow, lumbering target like the rest of Chuck's kin and not for the powerful martial artist he is. With or without weapons, the minotaur was deadly. The armor the human wore actually made him slower than Chuck. Chuck awaited the human's next move...

06/20/2000 6:41 AM

*Cal got up and spat out some blood on the ground*

"Nice kick, but I've seen a whore with more strenth than you!"

*dive rolls straight for Chuck but at the very last moment shoves himself to the side with the push of his arm. he winds up standing next to the minotaur. he lunges forward to avoid any attack that Chuck might throw at him then instantly changes directions and steps back and thrusts an elbow into Chuck's lower back, right on his spine. he then lunges and rolls forward, well out of the minotaur's reach*

"Live and learn, eh dimwit?""Two minus one leaves none."

06/20/2000 8:46 AM

The rapier struck the thin chain mail beneath the priests's ceremonial robes and caught there...the chain had been woven so thin that not even the minute end of the rapier could find real purchase in the drow's flesh...however a small rivulet of blood poured from the small wound created by the vampire's attack....

"Yubluth darthiir!" Ruathen cursed the vampire for using magic....

Saying a few words, he threw the claw wands into the air and watched as the streaked toward the undead...their animated razor claws clacking loudly over the din of the battle...

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06/20/2000 8:52 AM

~The Malkav watched with a helpless grin as the claws flew towards him. Diving at the last second. Avoiding the sure kill. The claws instead severing three fingers of his left hand, and impaling him through the ribs. Screaming in undead agony. Grabbing his rapier and taking the claws with him into the shadows. Where he melts into them and joins them. Unsen. Only the faint cackle of the Malkav is heard.~

"That was unwise Drow. I will see your silver hair ripped from your living body one piece at a time! I will drain the blood from your body and replace it with your urine! You do not yet know pain Drow!"

~This was all bullshit of course. This Malkav was lucky if he was gonna be able to continue. Slipping his rapier into his sheath. Lying near the far wall. Sheilded by the night for now. Patching the wound.~"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/20/2000 9:07 AM

Grinning the Drow called his weapons back, which appeared in his hands like ghostly apparitions before once again solidifying into the adamantite razors they really were...

"Maybe now you will not use magic where it is not allowed...."

His God was the God of Necromancy and Undead....the vampire didn't realize it...but Ruathen knew every weakness it had...and fully expected to expound on them in order to win the fight...however since the vampire had lost its hand...it would be out of the fight as it was defeated by the rules laid out at the begginning...yes he had bled...but his black robes and chain mail had hid it.....

"Your kind will bow to my god...or we will destroy you..." that was the last thing that the drow priest said to the vampire...however he kept an eye out for the undead lord, incase he decided that this was no longer an arena battle...but a personal one.

Looking for his next target...the drow saw the cleric of Tempus...he would have to do...

Master of Things Twice Born
RealmsOfEvil.Com (http://www.realmsofevil.com/): The Site for Role-Playing Villainy
"Like a nest of spiders, we will wrap you in our web of influence and make your ideas ours..." - Lord Zanatose

06/20/2000 10:39 AM

'Damnit!' Imoen spouted as she missed her target.
She glared at the drow, her eyes shooting fire.
If he wouldn't have thrown those claws, she would
have scored a painful hit on the vampire, perhaps
even a deathstroke. Now she had lost all sight of him,
he was probably licking his wounds somewhere in the

The drow looked toward the Armor-clad warrior of
Tempus. She owed him a favor, she decided.

Running out from the shadows behind the drow, she
leaps over him, making a turning somersault and
lands in a crouch before him. Pointing her dagger
towards you, her short sword horizontally above the
ground, she speaks:

'Today ye'll fight me, not him.'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/20/2000 1:00 PM

((Good fight everybody))"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/20/2000 1:36 PM

The vampire now gone, Cuanamwen turned to the woman...

"You and I will not survive this if we continue to fight. The drow is eyeing me and it will not be long until the vampire has regained the stomach to fight."

"I will either kill you now, or allow you to fight me later. I simply do not have the time to keep it a clean fight."

"Yet, It is your choice."

He steps back, draws up his shield, and takes a battle stance. Within his field of vision is both the Drow, and the woman...

((ooc: When do our characters throw in the towel? Do we have to die? Loose a limb? in order to be defeated. It seems that by the first blood rules, a bunch of you are already out...glad I wear my tincan))

06/20/2000 3:32 PM

((OOC: No, no, no Kern. I was talking to the drow,
not to you. Imoen decided she owed you a favor,
so she'll fight the drow in your stead.))

'I completely agree with ye,' Imoen says without
turning to you 'While I fight the drow, ye can
either watch my back or take down the Wolfman sod.
I don't like his attitude towards this fight, just
standing there doing nothin'. He'll just wait until
one of us is left, then take that one down easily

She turns her attention to the drow again.

'Well, are we gonna stand here all day or are we
gonna fight?'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/20/2000 5:46 PM

"I should hope that we fight Imoen." he remarks, a momentary snear crossing his stern visage.

"I will take the wolfman, as I am not wounded as you are. The Drow appears to be in less then top condition, thus you shall not fear shame from fighting him."

Cuanamwen hesitates for a moment though...


06/20/2000 6:32 PM

~The Malkav having bandaged his hand, Draws his daggar, He keeps to the shadows still, and takes careful aim at the one who took his fingers. Aiming, watching as he engages the wolfman, knowing he has no idea what is about to his him. Aiming for the neck, where the helm meets the armor. The small space between, Ripping back, and then sending the blade soaring from his hand. Snickering as it flies at you. Tying his belt chain to his wounded arm around the wrist, and taking hold of his Rapier in the right, not done with this fight by a long fucking shot.~

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/20/2000 11:06 PM

((ooc: I am not at the wolfman yet, I had him pause before I did...Somone was going to backstab me I knew:) ))

Cuanamwen hesitates before continuing the

battle...and whirls around, only to see a dagger

streak out from the shadows, and tear a cenemeter

deep gash across his face.

The wound wept like a river, blood now staining

his armor, and running down his face. There are

no arteries or major blood vessles in the cheek,

and for this he was thankful. Yet, he would bear

this scar for life, as a reminder to trust his


Satisfied that he could continue to fight with

this wound, Cuanamwen turned to the thrower...

That cursed vampire will be killed for that.

Cuanamwen now stalks silently tword the vampire,

with a cold stare in his grey eyes...


06/21/2000 1:02 AM

"Oooh, it seems that our fighters in the free-for-all bout are getting reeeeal personal, folks! The fight is scheduled for knockout for all but one or when the fighters become too seriously injured! Are you clerics ready? We may have an emergency on our hands! Hahaaaa!!! We are not here to enforce murder, but we do like our fights dramatic and bloody!!", Qalvin proclaimed to the thousands watching the gruesome fight. "Who will win? Certainly not the were-creature if he doesn't get his act together! Ha! That vampyre is one dirty fighter! I like it! ...Ah, in circle one, it seems Sentava the lizard man has defeated Busko the pirate swashbuckler in armed combat. First blood to the winner!!! Congratulations from the Colosseum! Go with the gentlemen from our staff to claim your spoils of victory! Aw, there goes one happy reptile! Don't worry about Busko, people, we'll have his legs in tip top shape by the morrow! ...In circle two, Chuck and Calardas are still going at it! It would seem Calardas is a match for the Warriorslayer after all!"

It was Chuck's turn to be surprised. The human managed to get close enough to score a hit to his back. The pain was a nuisance, nothing more. But the human was learning. As the human rolled away, Chuck pulled a roll of his own towards his victim. The ground beneath the fighters was layered with packed dirt. When Chuck did his roll, he aimed his head so that his horns would catch on the ground and lift the dirt to the air. As Calardas got up from his roll, a shot of dirt sprayed into his face...

In the cheering section, the crowd numbered nearly the full seating capacity of 100,000. The Open Bouts always packed the seats. The man sitting next to Lorlin got up and vacated his seat, a peaceful, contented look on his face. In his place, a gentleman wearing a vibrant white cloak calmly strode in and sat as if he was the seat's original owner. His face was concealed by a jester's mask with a eerie smile attached to it. His hood concealed the rest of his head. For a while, he just sat, looking at the fights. Then to the hooded woman next to him he spoke in a bemused voice, "That man fighting the minotaur, he's pretty good. Normally, that golden cow-creature would just grab a person and break him into two or toss him against the nearest wall. But, there he goes giving the minotaur a tough time. Oh, Zak's my name. What's yours?"

06/21/2000 5:27 AM

~Watching as the one stlks me. The live stock hunting the Predator? He snickered silently. He watched as he drew closer and nodded towards the Drow. Then his eyes, the pale blue they were, cold and lifeless, watching with intent as you slowly walk towards your death.~

"Come little warrior man. I am already dead. Kill me again will you? I think not."

~Thrusting his Rapier into the guard position.~

"En guard sir! Or do I see a streak of yellow upon your belly?"

~He took a few practice cuts and set up into his fighting position. Before he was turned, he was the greated swordsman in all of France. A musketeer he was. The head of the Musketeers. Having killed his own king after he turned. Such was the way of things. The Malkav were not prone to be overly sentimental however. His mind would totally be on this fight.~

"If you dare sir!"

((Lets have fun with this guys.))"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/21/2000 8:02 AM

*Lor looked at the man sitting next to her and gave him a sly smile*

"My name is Lor. That man fighting the minotaur is my 'bodyguard' so to speak. Although there are times that I do have to help him."

*she watches as dust is thrown in Cal's face, and she just smiles as Cal's reflexes turn on. Cal instinctively turns sideways to decrease his exposed size to the minotaur. he then sweeps his arm around and caught the minotaur by the horn. he took a step back and threw the minotaur's surprised face to the ground. he then jumped back away to clear the dust from his eyes*

"And that minotaur should learn that Cal is the best dirty fighter in the world. He knows every trick and how to counter every trick, or even counter any counter." Lor says then softly lauhgs.

"What's the matter minotaur? Did you have a nice fall? Perhaps its time for your body to experience the winter of death?!?!" Cal taunted the minotaur some more to get him even angrier.

(OOC- Cal is pulling the get the oponent mad so he can't think straight trick, cause there is no way he would be able to defeat him in normal combat, so kinda go with that k Tyrin?)"Two minus one leaves none."

06/21/2000 10:25 AM

Cuanamwen now reached the vampire, and readied his sword.

"I am not the sort for your games vampire. I should think you would maintain your dignity, and die with honor."

The vampire's grin turns to a sour glare, his fun ruined.

For a moment, they both stood still, then exploded into motion....


06/21/2000 1:43 PM

"Die? I have been dead for many years, Now you will join the party."

~The two exploded into a burst of swordplay. The quickness of the rapiers squaring off. To outsiders, looking as if there was streaks of light flashing between the two of them.~

"You fight well sir. But not well enough to save your life I'm afraid."

~With that, The vamp slashed downward with the chain on his left arm, trying to clear tyhe path between them. Dropping low and spinning. Slashing the rapier from low left to high right. A power swing. losing his balance and rolling over his shoulder to one knee. Raising the rapier in a defensive position. Thinking that a good precaution as the other's blade falls onto it a split second later.~


~Kicking out with his leg in a sweeping move.~

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/22/2000 2:57 AM

Zak said to Lor, "Ah, but even the best dirty fighters gets his dues..."

Both watched as Chuck quickly sprang up on his knuckles, spitting dirt out of his mouth. As he rose he launched into a circle kick, executing the move at a frightening speed. The kick hit the same spot on Cal's ribs Chuck had hit earlier in the fight. Chuck then executed in the same breath an upward razor kick, clipping Cal hard on the chin. The two kicks were part of Chuck's vast array of custom combos he developed over his years of combat. The minotaur landed from his flip and placed himself in a counter stance. The human had surprised Chuck again with his skill in blindfighting. The minotaur will be more prepared, if the human gets up again...

Zak then said to Lor, "Your boy better get more serious. The minotaur has been in too many fights to be tricked into anger. To him, taunting is for the desperate. But, not for lack of trying, eh?"

OOC: Making Chuck angry is the last thing a fighter wants to do. You see an 8 ft. tall mountain of muscle with a wicked set of horns all of a sudden pull off insane jumps and kicks, you better hop to the task or pray to Tymora! Just for the needs-to-know, Chuck has been to other worlds to fight and back, so he's seen it all. But he always loves a challenge!

06/22/2000 6:57 AM

*Cal gets up, slowly, but he gets up. he leans over a bit and puts his hand to his mouth and coughs. he then wipes his mouth with the back side of his other hand. he got in a boxing stance and smiled slightly. Lor saw what he was doing and nearly burst out laughing but stopped herself*

"I think the tides may be turning in my friend's direction." Lor managed to say through a huge smile. Zak looked at her completely befuddled, the minotaur had just whooped Cal and Lor says that Cal is winning?

*Cal takes a few steps forward and then lunges at the minotaur, punching way too early, but before his stroke is finished he opens his hand and blood goes flying out of his fist and slatters all over Chuck's eyes, effectively blinding him for a while. Cal stayed back to avoid the hit Chuck was about to make as he lunged, but then he crouched and jumped straight at the huge minotaur. he hit the minotaur's knee with his padded shoulder with all of his weight and strength. there is a sickening 'crunch' as Chuck's knee buckles backwards and breaks. Cal lands and rolls to the side and manages to get up on one knee, holding his ribs where Chuck had hit him. apparently it was worse than he thought. . .*

(OOC-when someone is mad, even in the least, they don't see all methods of attack as Cal just pulled off)"Two minus one leaves none."

06/23/2000 12:29 AM

Qalvin the M.C. of the Colosseum said to the crowd, "In circle 2, both fighters are badly hurt! The endgame draws near! Who will prevail? Who will fall?..."

Zak and Lor fell silent awaiting the fighters' next moves while the rest of the crowd cheered on Chuck and Cal. The fight had been quick yet fierce. Both fighters were determined to win. It was anybody's game now...

Chuck barely missing a beat, balanced his weight on the uninjured leg. Not wanting to wait for the pain to afflict his broken one, he sprang into action, vaulting towards Cal with the good leg as the human recovered from his roll. The human was momentarily distracted by the pain in his ribs and assumed that a broken limb would slow down the minotaur. Oh yes, Chuck would regret his next actions after the fight when the pain comes but that's what the clerics were for. Chuck tumbled into Cal and both rolled out of the circle, the force of the minotaur's rush taking the both of them to the Colosseum's walls...

"Ooh! Chuck makes a daring maneuver taking the fight out of the circle! This is getting out of hand! Hahaaa!! How exciting!!!" Qalvin then pointed towards the combatants in the free-for-all bout. "In Circle 5, our free-for-all is still going on with the fighters giving no quarter!! All seem a bit bloodied up yet amazingly Grif is still untouched!! Imoen and the red knight have put aside their differences to team up on Tristan! Ruathan is still a wildcard! Who will go down first?"

06/27/2000 12:43 AM

Chuck pinned Cal against the wall, painfully ignoring the kicks to Chuck's injured leg. Suddenly, Cal convulsed as a long metal spike burst through his chest. Chuck backed up leaving Cal hanging from the spike. The spike trap did its job, as multiple spikes popped out upon pressure to the wall. Cal was a bloody mess. Cal attempted to squirm free from his predicament but was quickly backhanded into submission. He then slumped into unconsciousness...

A gong sounded signalling the end of the fight in Circle 2. Chuck stomped the ground with his good leg and shook his fists in victory. He let out a loud bellow as clerics scurried out to give medical attention to the fighters. The crowd roared, as Chuck was walked off the arena. Meanwhile, the other clerics worked to pry Cal off the spike and pray to their deities for Cal's quick recovery.

Qalvin exclaimed to the crowd, "The unarmed fight in Circle 2 is over!!! And...the challenger has been defeated!!! Chuck had his work cut out for this one! But using the spike trap, one of many hidden traps in the Colosseum, on Calardas, the mighty Warriorslayer brought the fight to a bloody finish!! Great dirty fighting, Chuck!! No rules against using the traps, folks! ...Do not worry! Our clerics will work round the clock to bring Cal back to fighting shape! ...Meanwhile, what is going on in the free-for-all match?..."

Zak got up from his seat, saying to himself, "What do you know, he won." To Lor, he said, "Ah, that is, don't feel too bad. Your boy almost won which is more than many fighters can say when going against the moo fighter down there. ...Well, I've had my fun. I've got to attend to my flock. Isis's work is never finished! Farewell!" With that said, the priest of Isis disappeared in motes of magic leaving Lor in contemplation. The gentleman who previously occupied the seat before Zak headed back from wherever he was and sat himself down. He looked as if he had just woken up. To Lor he said, "Uh, did I miss anything?..."

Melvue sat at his counter, drumming his fingers. Were anymore fighters coming in today? The sign-up sheet awaited...

OOC: Rules are rules. No replies after a couple of days, anything goes... But there is always room for a rematch!

06/27/2000 5:01 AM

((Tristan could have diced his opponant by now.))

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/27/2000 5:29 AM

((OOC: yeah, and Imoen could have made ebony-pie out
of that drow priest, so either someone post or we
starts killin'! lol))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/27/2000 7:09 AM

((LOL, you need to post in Dark Council and Sides Chosen anyway.))"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/27/2000 9:18 AM

*a large knight in shining armour comes up to the counter. he is a human knight by the way he is dressed, but there is some sort of magical aura about him that the wizards would notice if they tried to detect magic on him*

"Name's Gunthar. I'm here to sign up. Any opponent will do, just so long as they have over a 4-1 win record."

*he places his sword Swathstinger on the counter. Swathstinger is a magical bastard sword enchanted to deal +100% damage to evil creatures and +100% to chaotic creatures (for a total of +200% damage to chaotic evil creatures). he stands there waiting for a response*

(OOC-I know, I was gone for the weekend, but I really didn't expect Cal to win anyway)

"Two minus one leaves none."

06/27/2000 1:02 PM

As Chuck limps over to the clerics to get his injured knee repaired, he is hit in the head with a flying copper piece.

06/27/2000 7:32 PM

((Sorry...I have been caught up with business dealing with my website...the damned domain name still hasn't transfered yet))

Ruathen grinned...

"I don't care who fights me...a dead man is a dead man..."

The drow swung the claw wand upward, attempting to catch Imoen under the chin, perhaps removing her face in the process....

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06/27/2000 11:13 PM

((Been a week. I'm gonna knock his ass for a loop))

~Seeing that Cuanamwen is no longer paying attention, his sweep knocks the distracted one off his feet. Diving low and lying with his daggar face up, burying it in your shoulder under the armor. Pressing the small knob, and releasing the Sleeping potion.~

"Night Night asshole."

~Snickering. Then seeing the large one attack the female. In his best mocking heroic stance he slashes his rapier down upon the claws. Just barely missing Imoen's face.~

"The bitch is mine thank you."

~Proceeding to wink at the incredibly good looking man and smile.~

"Unless you care to fight for her."

~Thrusting his rapier into the guard position.~

"En guard sir."

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/28/2000 12:52 AM

Melvue looks the knight up and down and nods. The two mages then examine the knight's bastard sword and cast their spells. One of the mages looks at Gunthar and stares hard, "You, knight! What is the nature of the aura that surrounds you?" At those words, the other mage draws a wand, just in case...

In the Fighter's Pen, a healer is applying a soothing balm to Chuck's leg, freshly put back into place. The minotaur had almost bit through his lip when the healer forced the knee back into position right after the fight while the clerics casted their healing spells. Damn that human! Chuck would be more careful around that one. As the healer applied the balm, a copper piece flung out of nowhere hits his horns and lands into Chuck's palm. The minotaur smiled bitterly, "Thanks for the meager tip, whoever you are. Allow me to pay you back in kind..."

Meanwhile, back at the arena, the free-for-all had some interesting developments. Qalvin shouted, "Cuanamwen the red knight has been laid low!!! Tempus will have to take a loss on this one! It's down to four able bodies now!! And it seems Ruathen the drow and Tristan the vampyre are now squaring off over the fate of Imoen! ...And Grif has not done a thing! What is he waiting for? At this rate, he will win while the others take themselves out! Hahaaa!! I don't think the others would want that!!"

06/28/2000 8:03 AM

*Cal's body is finally ripped from the spike traps and taken to the Fighter's Pen. Lor quickly got up and looked to the man now sitting beside her*

"You missed your chance to get thrown into the arena, fart." was her response to the man's question.

*the healers were busy praying over Cal's limp body. Lor appeared and nearly threw one of the clerics out of the way and poured a vial of black liquid over Cal's body. she rubbed in the substance and backed off and reguarded the minotaur with casual grace*

"It appears you have won yet another match." she says.

*meanwhile back at the gate Gunthar laughs at the mage who pulled a wand on him*

"This aura is the magic of druids. I have been enchanted by an arch-druid named Saai. I can call upon his druidic skills at any time, but rarely do. You will not have to worry about me using magic in the colliseum; I much prefer to fight fair sword to sword combat."

*he reached out to take his magical sword and replace it in its sheath*

"Oh, and I can also use it to prevent magic from striking me, so you should put away your worthless toy now.""Two minus one leaves none."

06/28/2000 8:49 AM

'Whatever,' Imoen spouts as she backs away from the
combatants who are supposedly fighting for her fate.

Now that the red knight was down, she'd have to take care
of the wolf-man herself. She smiled as she saw the
vampyre and drow were standing directly in between
her and Griff. How convenient. Making a cart-wheel
for good measure, she leaps in between them, kicking
out to both sides. Running for the wolf as she landed
, not caring if she'd hit them or not. Griff stands
ready for her charge, making a sidewards swipe with its
claws. Imoen ducks under the blow, then sticks her
dagger into its arm-pit. Spinning around the large
beast, her short sword slashes across its back. Griff
turns around, its canine fangs ready. It finds Imoen
crouching low. She makes an uppercut, sending the wolf-man
straight into the air. Jumping after it, her blades
dig into its chest. Directly following the move, she
braces her legs against it and kicks out, tearing her
swords out and sending her flying off. The beast crashes
into the ground, unconcious if not dead. Imoen expertly
spins and twists before she lands on her feet.

'Aww,' she says in a childish voice 'Did the little doggy
get an owwy?'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/28/2000 9:39 AM

~Feeling the kick spin him around. Not ready for it. He falls to the ground and rolls to his feet.~

"Well, so much for gratitude. Fuck it. Lets kill her together."

~Leaping over to where the bitch was engaged with the Lycanthropic thing. He sees her entanglemens and begins jumping up and down. Snickering to himself like a mad man. Slashing out madly. Like this malkav was going into some sort of Dimentia~

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/28/2000 10:25 AM

The rapier slashes her shoulder, painfully screeching
across the bone. She spins a full circle, further tearing
the wound but also bringing the vampire in line with
her next kick. The rapier cuts a large gash over her
upper arm, making her drop her dagger. Imoen ignores
the pain and kicks him against the back of his knees,
followed by a roundhouse to the back of his head.

She slides back, her left arm hanging limply at her

'So, I should thank ye now for fighting for the right
to kill me, eh?'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/28/2000 2:12 PM

~Seeing the red prize as his rapier slices into your arm. then feeling his feet gone and off the ground followed by the roundhouse to the face. He spins completely in the air a few times before landing on his face, bruised and his left arm broken. He could no longer swing his chain. but who the fuck needed a chain with a 5 foot rapier in their hand? He got up slowly. Shaking off the pain and looking to your bleeding shoulder. snickering as he fades into shadow and shadow walks behind you. coming back into phase and diving, fangs first, to feet from your bleeding shoulder.~

((His main weakness, He can't resist blood.))"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/28/2000 3:01 PM

Too late to dodge she feels the vampire latch on her
shoulder starting to feed.

'I don't think ye'll be likin' me blood, sucker.'
((OOC: get it? Blood..sucker, bwahahaha. Okay, okay,
it wasn't THAT funny.)) she tells you 'Its a bit icy.'

Her eyes glow with an eerie blue light.
You feel the blood inside of you, it's icy-cold
as if it's starting to freeze.

((OOC: it is...))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/28/2000 5:27 PM

sorry I havent posted...if you killed my guy off its ok...have you?


06/28/2000 5:39 PM

~pointing to DemonArgentile~

He did it! He did it!


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/28/2000 11:54 PM

OOC: Yeah, Kern, might as well enter a new fighter. Cuanamwen is still lying unconscious in the arena.

Melvue said to Gunthar, "Now, now, save the hostility for the Colosseum battles. The mages are just doing their jobs. I'm assigning you to fight Sentava the lizardman. He's re-entering for another bout. It'll be armed combat, so first blood wins. Best of fortunes to you." Mel then directed Gunthar to the Fighter's Pen. To Firrelan he shouted, "Gunthar, knight of Saai, for armed combat against Sentava!"

Chuck looked up towards the voice who spoke to him. Confusing the hooded woman as the one who flung the copper piece, he flipped the bit in the air towards her. "Here's your copper back at ya." The healer at Chuck's feet got up after applying the healing salve. She was a pretty thing as far as humans go. She then went over to check up on Cal. Chuck wiggled his knee. Good as new! A bit sore in the joint but the magic will soon take effect. Chuck then said to Lor, "As I was saying, who are you anyways?"

06/29/2000 8:59 AM

*Gunthar walks in the fighter's pen in time to see Chuck throw the copper at the lady*

"Hey! What was that for!" he said as he walked up to the minotaur.

*Lor walked up too and lightly pushed the knight aside*

"I can handle this."

*she takes the copper in one hand and it starts glowing. Chuck doesnt realize what she is doing until she places it back in his hands*

"Keep the change."

*she turned around and went back to Cal's side as the red hot copper piece melted into the minotaur's hand*

"That is to remind you not to mess with a black mage. Especially me.""Two minus one leaves none."

06/29/2000 10:22 AM

OOC: Would you guys mind if he comes back... please dont make him suffer for my problems...


06/29/2000 12:31 PM

OOC: Heh, rules are rules, Kern. But if the others don't mind if you make a "miraculous recovery", well that's up to them."

06/29/2000 10:17 PM


I put the dude to sleep. Not killed him. I never kill of someone's character. By all means. Wake your ass up and put a spear in my ass. I don't care. LOL))"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

07/05/2000 5:47 AM

((Okay, this is nuts. Where the F*** is everyone?))"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

07/05/2000 12:47 PM

(It appears that the 'newness' of this place has worn out and everyone has just left)

*Gunthar looks out from the fighter's pen into the arena to see everything comming to a standstill*

"What is going on? And where is my opponent?!""Two minus one leaves none."

07/06/2000 3:09 AM

OOC: Luckily, I wasn't involved in a fight or my character would have been worm food...heh Needless to say, I've been busy. The Colosseum is still alive, for now.

Chuck flung away the hot copper piece and plunged his burning hand into a nearby bucket of water. Steam emitted from the bucket and he sighed in relief. The lady healer came back to attend to his hand which had a indentation of the coin imbedded in it (almost like the villain in Raiders of the Lost Ark). Chuck looked at Lor, who was tending to Cal. Wow, what a woman! The
healer pressed a finger on the burn, causing the minotaur to snap back to attention.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Fighter's Pen, Sentava sized up his next opponent as the knight was distracted by the minotaur. Sentava was big for a lizard man, standing nearly 7 1/2 ft. He used as his weapons a pair of magically sharpened hand axes that doubled as stabbing daggers with the blades sticking out of the handles. He wore chain mail over his body, specially modified for his lengthy tail, in addition to his natural body armor. The lizard man used to be a mercenary working for the watch in Waterdeep. Now he was a celebrated fighter in the Grimspear Colosseum. Fresh from his victory against Busko, the pirate swashbuckler, he looked forward to his next fight. The human wore plenty of armor and that big sword out-ranged his axes. Definitely a challenge but all that was required was first blood and there was no one quicker than Sentava...

Back in the arena, Qalvin shouted, "Griff is finally down!!! Now there are three! Imoen is hard-pressed by Tristan, as the vampire does what he does best! Wait, wait, wait! I don't think Tristan likes the taste of Imoen's blood! Did I say before she was fiery? Well, judging from the look on Tristan's face, I'd now say she is cold as ice! Hahaaaa! And what is Ruathan up to?"

A gong sounded and the doors of the Fighter's Pen opened up to the arena. The Grinning Blades mercenaries called out Gunthar and Sentava to Circle 3. The fight was about to begin. Qalvin took a sip of the water from the pitcher near him, clearing his throat. He then shouted in his magically enhanced voice, "Next up, we see the return of Sentava the lizard man as he goes against a new challenge in the form of Gunthar, Knight of Saai, warrior champion of the druids! It's armed combat in Circle 3, folks! First blood wins! However, that doesn't mean it's not going to be messy! Let the blood fly!!!"

The gong sounded. Sentava wasted no time. He rushed to the side of Gunthar's range of vision and swept his thick tail behind the armored human's knees, causing him to buckle...

07/06/2000 9:47 AM

*Gunthar used the forward momentum of his falling body to go into a roll. as he was comming out of the roll, he swung his blade blindly at Sentava to make sure thathe wasn't too close. his blade caught one of the axe blades and threw it from his hand. Gunthar pulled out of the roll and stood up facing the Lizard man. he noted the quickness of his opponent and made a note to himself to watch his flanks. he steadied his stance and readjusted his grip on his sword. without any warning he sprung towards the lizard man. he brought his sword up in an arc to catch Sentava's other weapon. when the blades locked, Gunthar shifted his grip and turned sideways and used his great momentum to knock the lizard man back. he held his sword secure and sure enough, Sentava's grip on his last weapon failed as he flew back ten feet. Gunthar threw the axe securely in the wall of the arena. so now there was one axe by his foot and another in the wall that would take some serious effort to remove. he watched as Sentava slowly got up and waited for him to make a move*"Two minus one leaves none."

07/06/2000 9:58 AM

~Tristan drives his daggar forward towards the bitch's back as he dislodges from her neck. Hating tricks with blood. He just wants to fight and eat. Falling backward and fading into the shadows. Done with this place for now.~

"Have a good day bitch."

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

07/06/2000 10:19 AM

((OOC: Argentile, what the hell are you doing? I wait days
for you to post a reply, then when you finally do, you immedeately
punch a dagger in my back? And the blood was no trick. As the mistress of
Ice, her blood is simply of sub-zero temperature....))

Imoen falls to her knees, weak from the loss of blood.
Screaming she pulls out the dagger, probably severing a few nerves.
No matter, her regenerative abilities are superior to those
of trolls. She smiles.

'There ye are, foolish little vampire.'

Using her own blood she pin-points his position. A wide
grin appears on her face as she sees the vampire is already slowing

'Ye shouldn't drink freezin' blood, ye know. It's bad for yer intestines.'

Using her sword, she puts one foot under her, then the other.
Still leaning on her sword she cocks her dagger-arm. The dagger
reappears there. She aims for the vampire's fore-head, then throws.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/06/2000 3:02 PM

((No, I was just so embarrased that I forgot it was my turn I posted the first thing I thought of.))
"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

07/06/2000 3:04 PM

~Catching the daggar square in the forehead. Slamming into the Vampyre's brain. Tristan cackles madly for a few seconds, then falls limpo upon the floor. The status of his unlife, not yet determined.~"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

07/06/2000 3:21 PM

((OOC: no sweat. You killed him? Well, I'll leave him alone
so you can decide to come back or something...))

She cheers to herself as she sees the vampire drop.
Now for the drow....As she tried to walk she tripped.
Indeed a nerve had been severed. It would take some time
before she could walk properly again, maybe hours!
Getting up to her knees again, she half-turned to the
drow, keeping an eye at the vampire.
Grasping through the ethereal plane, the dagger returned
to her grasp.

'If I go down,' she snarls 'At least it will be fighting!'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/07/2000 1:14 AM

Qalvin exclaimed to the crowd, "It looks like Tristan is down! That leaves Imoen and Ruathan to claim a victory! Who will win? ...In Circle 3, Gunthar has Sentava on the ropes! Can Sentava make a comeback??"

Sentava pondered his options. An axe was by the knight's foot as if to taunt him. The other was a lost cause. Sentava fell back to his primal instincts. He charged the knight with a burst of speed. The knight was ready for the charge and thrust his sword at the lizard man. At the last possible second, Sentava slid on his belly, his chain armor serving as a sled on the packed dirt. He quickly lowered his tail as the deadly sword slashed above. The slide took him between the knight's legs. Sentava quickly rose on his legs and attempted to lift the knight off-balance before the human could recover and attack. The armored human was heavier than expected and though the human fell, Sentava was caught underneath him. The lizard man attempted to use the close proximity to get his claws into the knight's helm and at his face. First blood will be his!

07/07/2000 8:33 AM

*Gunthar cursed his short-sightedness as he landed on the lizard man. he shoved his left elbow into Sentava's side and rolled off him just in time to avoid his sharp claws. he got up on one knee and held his bastard sword in his right hand and his left hand strayed on the ground beside his knee. he felt the handle of the axe. Gunthar grinned as Sentava stood up to his full height, towering over the kneeling knight. Sentava thought that he was hurt by the fall so he couldn't get up. Sentava lunged at him, being careful of Gunthar's sword slash. as he deftly dodged the sword he closed to claw his face. Gunthar rolled right at the last moment and brought up the axe in his other hand. the axe cut straight through Sentava's neck and his head fell off like a leaden weight. Gunthar stood up and looked at the headless form of his opponent*

"First blood. I win."

*Gunthar dropped the axe and walked towards the fighter's pen amidst the cheering of the audience*"Two minus one leaves none."

07/09/2000 1:18 AM

OOC: Aww, T-Knight, did you have to kill him? Dunno what you have against my characters as you treat them all pretty harshly but them's the breaks. A moment of silence for Sentava...

07/09/2000 2:34 PM

(OOC: when Gunthar fights, he fights. he holds back none against everyone. he is fearless and ferocious when it comes time to fight. and besides, the crowd loves the thrill of the kill ;)

(IC)*Gunthar walks back to the fighter's pen amidst the cheering and screaming of the audience. clerics run out and bring back Sentava's still body and head. they lay him down next to Cal and look at him almost helplessly. Gunthar looks at them and walks over*

"Allow me."

*Gunthar places Sentava's head close to where it should be and closes his eyes. he places his hands on Sentava's severed neck. his neck grows back and his eyes open. Sentava coughs some blood and sits up. Gunthar notices his work is done and goes and sits in a corner, reguarding all that are in the room*"Two minus one leaves none."

07/10/2000 11:39 PM

Sentava feels his neck. He feels a large scar where there once was a clean tear. He remembers the last moments of the fight. He felt a second of pain before there was blackness. Now he sits in the Fighter's Pen as if waking up from a long sleep. The blood loss was massive and he could barely keep his eyes open. Clerics were around him astonished as if some miracle had appeared before there eyes. Unable to stay awake, the lizard man slumps into unconsciousness while the clerics scurry to cast their healing spells on him. They look at the knight in wonder. They clearly brought in a headless body and now...this. Remembering the knight served a druid lord, the clerics muttered praise to Basa.

Qalvin, having just finished the round-up in Circle 3, proclaimed to the crowd of the going-ons in the free-for-all fight, "We're down to the wire, folks! Who will pull off the win? Imoen or Ruathan?"

OOC: Since Ruathan hasn't done any actions as of late, it truly is a free-for-all, now, Neo.

07/11/2000 5:05 AM

((OOC: Sad, but true. I was looking forward to what
KoC would cook up for Imoen. With her being cripled
and all.))

What was wrong with the drow priest? He clearly had
the advantage. His wounds were minor compared to Imoen's
so why didn't he finish it? Imoen crawled off the ground,
his delay had given her time to heal....a bit.

'What a fool are ye. Enterin' a fight ye refuse to
finish when ye get the chance.' she scoffed.

She stumbled into the shadows. Using the wall for
support she circled the arena until she was right behind
the still distracted drow. With a sigh she cocked
her dagger-arm. She could kill him now, a well-aimed
throw in the back of his head.... Without another thought
she relayed her throw. The dagger dug into the hollow
of the drow's knee, severing his ham-string. Ruathan
spun around falling to one knee. Imoen expected an attack.
She brought her short-sword down. When she heard the
ring of steel on steel, Imoen twisted her sword and pulled
it back, hooking the Drow's claw-wands behind the edge of
her blade. Though those weapons were useful and vicious,
Imoen had found their error. She pulled her sword back further,
her inhuman strenght forcing Ruathan to either let go of
his wands or go along with the pull. It wouldn't have mattered
what he did, for Imoen's other weapon was on its way.
The dagger had magically returned to her grasp and was
now heading straight for his eye. More to her surprise
then anything else, she missed. Her dagger slashed across
his temple instead. Those wounds must be worse then she'd
thought before. With a grunt she reversed her grip on
the dagger's hilt and slammed it into the side of his
head until he dropped limply on the ground.

She stood there too tired to cheer for her victory.
Leaning heavily on her short-sword, the claw-wands were
still hooked on it. She didn't care, all she wanted now
was heal her wounds and rest.....

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/11/2000 11:09 PM

Clerics ran into Circle 5 to carry off the 4 unconscious fighters and help Imoen into the Fighter's Pen for healing and treatment.

Qalvin relayed to the crowd, "The free-for-all is at an end!!! And the winner is ...Imoen!! Her skill with the blade and her unusual temperment has carried her to victory! A round of applause for the winner for she has put on quite a show! May she be granted a swift recovery!!"

Meanwhile, Melvue awaited behind the counter in the Colosseum lobby. He hoped he can keep the arena stocked with more fighters. Now, where were they?

OOC: Well, it seemed impossible but the free-for-all is now over. However, being the central fight in the Colosseum, once it's over, we need something to top it. So, send in more of your creative characters. The more unusual the better. It seems that victories were gained because the other fighter's didn't reply fast enough or lost interest. So if you do join in make sure to stay in the game or your character can become mincemeat. Also, if you would like to team up with other people's characters, I'll create opponents for you all to fight. Or you want that rematch? Just tell the man behind the counter what kind of fight you want and the Colosseum will deliver. Review the rules on page one for more details. Let the blood fly!

07/12/2000 9:37 AM

((OOC: Okay. I will bring in my most advanced character. The Demon Argentile. He is a Baazatu Pit Fiend. In my game he just became the Lord of the first plane i.e. Baator. Neo boy over there knows him. So I will post his introduction later. I need your specific rules on Magic and weapons however.))

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

07/12/2000 10:53 AM

*Cal began to stir. he then slowly sat up*

"Wh...what happened?" he asked.

"I used THE ointment." Lor replied.

"Not AGAIN!!" he said as he allowed himself to fall backwards.

"You will need it for the next match of yours."

*Lor got up and returned to her seat in the audience. Cal and Gunthar went back to the front desk to register for another bout*

"Whatever you got to throw at me, I can handle it." Gunthar calmly said.

"I will fight again also." Cal added.

(OOC: Cal and Gunthar are both ready for some sort of a match. I would ejoy a free for all battle for Gunthar, and Cal might feel up to a rematch with chuck. what say you?)

"Two minus one leaves none."

07/12/2000 1:44 PM

((OOC: Hey Argentile, maybe Jordie and Argentile can
enter the free-for-all bout and settle their last fight.
I mean, if Gunthar is going to enter the ffa he's
gonna have to get some serious adversaries and they
don't get much better then Argentile and [of course;)]

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/12/2000 6:16 PM

(OOC: hehehehe, Gunthar, Jordie, and Argentile. possibly others too. that match would wreak havoc on the entire planet if they were to use their full forces against each other.)"Two minus one leaves none."

07/12/2000 11:49 PM

OOC: Hmm, a pitched battle between Gunthar, Jordie, and Argentile, eh? Well, Argentile, normally magic-users are not allowed to fight in the Colosseum, much less a pit fiend who claims to rule all of Baator. However, in a free-for-all, the rules are more lenient and if special arrangements are made to protect the audience (after all, you want to keep the crowd alive to watch you fight) magic can be used. I allowed magic in the last free-for-all without having the mages' guild interfering because you guys were keeping with the spirit of the fight and didn't go crazy with the magic. A pit fiend wanting to fight in the Colosseum is a rare and dangerous affair but as long as you don't harbor desires to conquer Grimspear, the Lords will allow you to fight. Magic weapons can be used as long as they're checked in with the Mages' Guild usually accompanying Melvue Bellwinter, the man who checks in all fighters in the Colosseum. The weapons are checked in to see what magic they contain and to ensure a fair fight (a vorpal weapon would probably not be allowed). The Colosseum staff don't want any surprises and security is a must after the destruction and repair of the Colosseum twice over. Fights to the death are allowed in the Colosseum, however it's a controversial topic in the Realms and its usually a rare affair. The Colosseum even has chariot fights and such. However, as T-Knight showed, it's not uncommon for "mishaps" to occur and slayings are not an uncommon thing in the Colosseum. (The Lords of Grimspear usually turn a blind eye to the death and carnage in the Colosseum but pressure from other realms have caused some concern.) Therefore, most fights to the death are reserved for "underground fighting" in the secret Colosseum pits. I'm making this known to you right now so you can mule over what fights you want to get into. Read earlier parts of the thread to see more of the rules and how I check in fighters. So, on that note...

Argentile, how does your character enter the Colosseum? In your full pit fiend form so you can rouse security into a frenzy and scare poor Mel to death? I'll role-play this the way it's going to be. You're entering a Colosseum made primarily for Primes. Just to speed things up, I'll say you made a special arrangement with one of the Lords to allow you to fight in the Colosseum and he informed Colosseum staff of your arrival. Role-play this out however you want, but it's going to be on the Colosseum terms, so don't get too carried away. Explain your character and what weapons he carries. Obviously, you want a free-for-all battle, so I'll set you up for that. I'll try not to restrict you of your creativity, just don't go endangering the staff and you'll do fine.

Neo, introduce Jordie to Mel as you did before with Imoen (although you don't have to smash the counter again, thank you, heh). Not sure what character it is, but if it's another demon, same rules apply to you as they do to Argentile.

T-Knight, for now we'll concentrate on the free-for-all fight with Gunthar before we get into any rematch. The free-for-all will be the main event and no other fights will be scheduled at the time. People will come to see the fight just to catch a glimpse of a pit fiend and the stalwarts who are brave enough to tangle with it. You can enter Cal in if you want, if you can handle two characters at once.

IC: Melvue sat awaiting new fighters to sign in. Another free-for-all was scheduled today. This one was going to be special. He put his spectacles on and read the handwritten letter that was handed to him by Firrelan, his faithful scribe. The letter had the seal of the Lords on it. Hmmm.......Whaaat??? What was this about a pit fiend??? Coming here??? Are they mad? Hmmph! Mel called over the nearest mage of the Guild over to him. Best bring the whole lot of them here just to be safe...

07/13/2000 7:00 AM

((OOC: hehe, if Jordie were to smash the counter, there
wouldn't be much left of it:). But don't worry, Jordie
is a more calm character.))

From out of the shadows, Jordie walks up to the counter.
Wearing black leather armor, which consists of leather
trousers, shirt, heavy boots and gauntlets. A cloak trails
behind him, a piece of cloth concealing his face from
below the eyes. Two non-identical blades hang in their
heavily ornated scabbards on his belt. One shaped like a
bolt of lightning, the other like a flame, both are curved.
As he stands before the counter, he looks like a young
man, barely in his twenties. But his eyes reveal otherwise,
they are black with glowing red pupils and sometimes a
spark of lightning rolls over them.

'Good day,' he speaks in a soft but deep voice 'I would like
to enter a fight, any fight. As long as its ~ a sparkle of
lightning comes in his eyes~...challenging.'

((OOC: Jordie is a 25th level fighter, with the ability to fly.
The armor he wears is a studded leather+5 called
'Shadow'. It's sentient and it protects him from all kinds
of negative energy attacks like necromancy spells(harm, cause light
wounds and so on) and effects from undead(vampire's level drain,
Lich's touch..). It also allows him to hide in shadows, shadow walk,
transport via shadows, cast continual darkness and some other things
(all related to either shadow or negative energy). His blades are
both +5 scimitars, which do double damage vs. fiends and additional
fire or lightning damage respectively. He wears a cloak of protection
and a ring of protection, both +4. His boots are enchanted to give
free action as well as silent walking (as in 'Boots of Elvenkind').
He has some spell-like abilities which I will further detail if the
battle will be magical (he's master of fire and lightning to give you
an idea of his powers)....He also carries some wands and gadgets.))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/13/2000 1:59 PM

*Gunthar watches as Jordie walks up to the counter. he sizes him up and thinks that he would actually be a good fight for him. he also remembers hearing Mel say something about a pit fiend, that would make for an interesting fight too. he walks up to the counter*

"Welcome Jordie, I am Gunthar Goblinslayour, Knight of Saai. Pleased to meet you. I hear that a pit fiend will be here this day, how say you we enter in a free for all with him? A good fight between three powerful men."

*he looks at Mel to make sure this is fine by him*

"You will not have to worry about the crowd, I'm sure that something can be arranged to protect them and the colliseum from the fight."

*Cal looked on as Gunthar and Jordie planned to be entering a free for all against a pit fiend. he wondered how that fight would turn out. he backed off and went back to the fighter's pen, afraid of dying and having 'the potion' used on him again. he whispered something into Lor's ear and she smiled from ear to ear. they then proceeded to the stands to take a seat. Lor took the seat she had left and Cal picked up the man sitting besider her and took his spot*

(OOC: here are the stats for most of Gunthar's powers/weapons: he is a lv 28 fighter with the blessing of Saai, a lv 50 druid. he has the strenght of a storm giant and just as high constitution. his weapon is a bastard sword +2 with +100% dmg vs evil and +100% dmg vs chaotic creatures, for a combined total of +200% dmg against chaotic evil creatures. his armour is magical plate mail +4 with an added bonus of making him invulnerable to the elements of fire, wind, water, and wind (but not lightning, but he has a special trick to counter that). he has no shield. his helmet is a small, non-restrictive helm that prevents mind influencing spells from affecting him. his boots allow him to walk over water/lava (not much use here though). and his powers from saai include being able to controll the elements of fire, water, earth, and wind and he can heal 28 times a day, and ressurect 2 times a day. thats about it i think.)"Two minus one leaves none."

07/13/2000 2:24 PM

((OOC: I forgot to mention that the lightning scimitar
is a scimitar of speed, so I'll always have initiative, hehe
:). And he has at least one fire attack which will even
damage those immune to fire. It involves stars.....Oh,
Jordie is chaotic good so Gunthar's sword will do
double damage to him.))

'Good to meet you, Gunthar,' he greets 'A Pit Fiend,
you say? Yes, that could be interesting.'

*pulls an object from out of his cloak and flips it
between his fingers. You can only guess it's purpose,
but those adept in magic sense great power coming from

'I have my way with fiends,' he says, his voice bordering
on anger 'Especially Baatezu...'

((OOC: stats? Jordie has Titan's strength *points and laughs
at Gunthar;)* and high dexterity (20). Fast and strong.))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/13/2000 6:23 PM

*Gunthar thinks that Jordie may have something against fiends by the edge in his voice, but he seems like an enjoyable man*

(Hmm, lets see if i can remember all of his stats, str was 24, dex was 18, con was 24, int was only 14, but wis was 20, and cha was 17. pretty well-rounded (though extra on the str and con). Jordie may be faster and stronger, but Gunthar is quite a bit hardier :). and if we were truly going by ad&d rules, gunthar would hit no matter what (unless he critically missed), but then again so would Jordie, cause Gunthar's thaco is -21, which would be comprable to Jordie's (and that is before the bonus to hit from the weapon) and he is a goody-two shoes lawful good)"Two minus one leaves none."

07/13/2000 6:33 PM

((OOC: We'll just use parrying, and only score a hit
when you pull off some special move or sump....))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/13/2000 10:54 PM

OOC: Guess we'll see if the pit fiend makes his appearance before we party.

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