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06/05/2002 8:47 PM

Good day to all! I am Morgan Majere, son of the famed white robe known as Palin. I was born with the power of magic in my blood and the strength and skills of a knight, thus I am a Mage Knight. I combine the strength of steel with the power of magic to defeat my enemies. Those who wish to follow in my footsteps, join me on my quest to teach magic users the skills of a Mage Knight. Thank you.##-------->Morgan Majere

06/11/2002 11:55 AM

Faenthalas, called the Nightblade by his clients, strolls into the village square where the arrogant white-robed man on stage was giving his speech. He listens intently to Morgans speech, then spits disgustedly upon the cracked cobblestones. A mage Knight? That was the stup[idest idea he'd ever heard. No wonder the village elders wanted this idiot dead.

Sighing, Faen loaded his heavy crossbow with a single steel bolt, then smeared the tip with the poison he'd bought from a travelling Orkin Man. Taking aim at the "mage-Knight's" chest, the dark elf fired and watched with grim amusement as Morgan uttered one last garbled scream and fell to the muddy streets, dead. The elf went over to the body and kicked him once. Sastified that the man was dead, he collected the moneyy from teh surrounding townsfolk and set off for the nearest bar.

The End.

>:) "If at first you don't succeed...... destroy all evidence that you tried."
- Dorothy (Dot) Kirby

06/12/2002 1:52 PM

Hmmm, ok, that was odd. Nightblade, I think you should be Gayblade, ya fuckin queer. Your clients, eh, perhaps your refering to your mom on the street corner.I didn't expect this topic to go anywhere anyways, so in a way I thank you. Farewell all.##-------->Morgan Majere

06/12/2002 3:22 PM

OOC:I'm just sticking my nose in here...but....firstly....Dogar....you should really know better than to write such a post and secondly....Palin....while i can understand your rebuke....using such vocabulary isn't appropriate or welcomed. No doubt Autum or one of the mods will lock this. Til the heart's blood boils or the bones be ash,
til the tallow be dust and death's teeth gnash
this one be mine.....

06/14/2002 12:55 PM

.Dogar....you should really know better than to write such a post

Oh, stop with the "you should know better" speech, Dark_ Master... Yes, I do know better, and Yes, you Know that I know better.... but the guy's thread was sitting there for almost a week and was untouched by anyone, so I gave him a somewhat abrupt and humourous ending. If it bothers anyone that much I'll go back and have the assassin miss the shot or something, and let the post go back to the way it was......

Personally, I think it's better this way.............
"If at first you don't succeed...... destroy all evidence that you tried."
- Dorothy (Dot) Kirby

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