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07/09/2000 12:42 AM

Ardul leaned over his chair. He was proud to be the new owner of the inn, while the old one whent adventuring. He filled several mugs of ale for new customers and chatted with the old ones.
The door is always open and he looks longingly for customers.

05/12/2000 5:08 PM

In walks a figure. She is no more then 5' 2" tall. Her long hair is pulled back reveling pointed elven ears. As she looks around the inn she realizes that she has very little money on her. To the owners chagrin she walks over to a table in the shadows and waits for more customers to show up so she can start her own work.

05/13/2000 2:49 AM

A little while later, a diminuative person walks in and removes his cloak and hangs it on a peg. You see him pull a strange crosbow from his back. It is a strangely designed light crossbow that seems to be two, stacked on top of each other. ther are strang contraptions mounted on it... on the side there is a ornate piece of wood resembling a wand. On the top the is a thin metal tube, capped on each end with crystal lenses. If that wasn't interesting enough, the are all kinds of gears that resemble the symbol of Gond at the ends of the bow. The little gnome looks at the crossbow wth a disgusted look on his face and mumbles something about the thick skulls of orcs. It is then you notice the crossbow seems to be damaged. He sits at a table and removes a impreesive tool kit, and begins to tinker with the crossbow.

05/13/2000 4:49 AM

A man of extremely small stature enters the Inn. He looks similar to a gnome or dwarf..but is decked out in a wizards wardrobe. Wands are strapped everywhere, a holder on each arm and leg holds 5 of the small magical rods. His full white beard is filled with magical rings tied in place by small braids...all that is viewable of his face is a long nose half buried in the stark white that is his hair. His clothes consist of a single, expensive blue robe and sandles...if you look close enough the eyes on the robe seem to blink and star directly at you...

"Hey...whats a man gotta do to be getting a drink round ere?!...Bartender...gimme a mug of yer darkest ale...Berduskan brand if ye please..."

05/13/2000 5:27 AM

Ardul observed the new entries. He hadn't bothered to go to any for none had called.
The man who called looked rich in Ardul's eyes, he ignored everyone else as he entered his cellar through the back door. The cellar was dark and humid, he walked carefully down the stone steps and walked across the stacks of barrels. In the back of his cellar he found some of the Berduskan ale. It was in a small bottle, he didn't have much of it left in stock.
~Oh well~ he thought. ~At least i'll get some money off this one!~.

Ardul approached the man's table, handing him a mug of the Berduskan ale. Under the mug was the bill of fifteen silvers.
Ardul only smiled and went back behind the counter to his seat.

05/14/2000 2:50 AM

Pulling a ring from his finger,a rather tall,silver haired elf appears next to the shy girl in the corner.
"HI !! I'm Elystran Kael"imeadiatelly moveing his attention to the bar.
"Rupert Pupkin!!!By the Gods how are you?"Elystran springs to his feet and moves to the bar to greet his friend.He is clad in elven chain

and a leather breast plate with five red scratch
marks across the breast plate to signify rank.He also has the tattoo of a bear ,common to the woods
around the elven court,on the right side of his neck.
He pulls a stool next to the short guy with the long nose and the cool crossbows.
"Rupert,the last time I saw you was...that time
in the Ciele court.That was a good fight!"
"Bar keep !! A bottle of honey wine for me, and
something for my friend here..."

05/14/2000 3:20 AM

It is evening when a tall man clad in armor of nightly black strides into the homely-looking inn. He is roguishly handsome and clean-shaven. However, there is a dark and tired look in his eyes as he approaches the innkeeper. He hauls a pack filled to the brim with all the necessities of travel in one hand and a sharp spear in the other. A quick glance around the room reveals to him of its current occupants. When he reaches the bar, he puts his spear on the floor, holding it in place with his left foot. His demeanor changes and humor glints in his eyes. He greets the innkeeper and asks for a room, praying that it isn't too expensive here.

05/14/2000 3:22 AM

Ardul returned to the cellar.
~Why the hell can't anyone ask for the the stock i have upstairs?~.
Ardul didn't know what to get for Rupert so he took the honey wine and filled up two small goblets.

Returning he looked harder at the Elf. Ardul could then remember the times he had in Hillsfar.
"Damn plume guards" he muttered under his breath.
Ardul put the bill under one of the goblets, eight silvers was not much to Ardul, he wished that he had more. He then looked at the elven lady in the shadows and walked over to her.
"Interested in a drink or food m'am?".

05/14/2000 3:27 AM

OOC: sorry, i was writing my post when you posted so i'll do both threads at the same time

After talking to the lady Ardul returned to talk to the tall man.
"A room is five silvers per night not counting food and drinks" not waiting for the man to speak, Ardul, reaches under the counter and comes up with a large book. Opening it where the bookmark was placed he scrolled down the page until he found a free space.
"Room twelve is free" turning the book he asked the man to sign next to the room name and howmany nights he wished to stay.

05/14/2000 3:40 AM

..."Room 12 is fine. Just one night.", said the tall armored man as he signed the registry with the name, Ashen Valor. He then reached into his pack and pulled out a small pouch marked with a silver "S". He plunked down on the counter five silvers and proceeded on asking the innkeeper if he provided any musical entertainment here...

05/14/2000 3:56 AM

"hmmmm, Music? Not in a while, but i know one customer, he doesn't like to be bothered, but he may not mind sining".
Ardul walked over to a man sitting by himself. He was human, blond of hair and wore rich clothes. The man had a hood covering most of his face and he whispered something in Ardul's ear. Ardul didn't like magic, but it would be the only way for Danilo Thann toget out and away from friends and admirers.
Ardul bowed low while walking away and returned to the man.
"I shall take your sack up for you to your room, while the bard prepares himself".
Ardul produced a key from his pocket and made his way upstairs.
Danilo, still hiding his face, stood up and began to sing a tale. It was long and was of his adventure with Arilyn Moonblade although he spoke in third person so no one would recognize him.
The song went on for five more minutes when someone called out
"It's lord Thann!" Danilo grabed his bag and sat down, there was a scurry of wind passing by the customer's faces and Ardul was flung to wall while walking down. This was not the first time Danilo had dissappeared and ran like crazy to hiss room. Danilo was skilled with the art of illusions. That one of him sitting down soon faded away leaving the guests in awe.

05/14/2000 4:14 AM

Dumbfounded by the sudden arrival and disappearance of Danilo Thann himself, Ashen told the innkeeper, "That is hardly the way to entertain the public. If you would allow me, I have come from grueling travel and wish to relax by playing all of you here music to stir the soul. I may not look it but I am an accomplished musician and am part of a traveling band. Perhaps you have heard of us? The Mongrel's Men? I am awaiting the rest of the group. I guarantee a great time will be had if you allow us playing time here at your establishment."

05/14/2000 8:55 AM

Ardul thought over.
"Fine, you get the money that you make from patrons here. I have not heard of The Mongrel's Men, but don't you dare make a fool of my Inn! It has a high reputation and i don't want to ruin it".
Ardul than had an idea. "Wait a sec" he said as he entered his cellar. He remembered that he had three empty boxes from shipping his cargo. After three trips of carrying one box he went to a place cleared of tables which was the center of the Inn. placing the boards with two at the back and one at the front he returned to his customer.
"That there will be your platform, we discuss other business, like howmany of your friends are coming?"
Ardul had a gleam in his eye. Maybe he'd get more customers this night...he sure hoped so.

05/14/2000 4:37 PM

Rupert finally seems to be finished with the task at hand and looks up with a smile, "Elystran me lad, well met..."ooh"... "I see your where'in your badge of station... ye old fancy lad. "Mayhap's your on "official business".... ah... perhaps you need ol' Rupert's exportise me lad... chance metting my arse... or i am a shaved dwarf". What was it you elven lads called me now... oh yes... double O ga-nome.

"Damned orc skull's ", Rupert says as he holds up his crossbow... which fires a bolt sraight through the glass of wine Elystran was handing and up into the ceiling with a sharp thud.

"Heh, heh... "Hair trigger"....

05/14/2000 8:32 PM

Elystran wipes his chin after a long tug on his
"you're a shaved dwarf my friend...I'm taking leave."
Turning toward the crossbolt firmly stuck in the
ceiling."...and I can see your aim hasn't gotten any better."

05/14/2000 11:42 PM

"I seen ya keep'in an eye on that elven lass me friend... why don't ya whoo her with that elvan charm your always braggin a'boot". "But watch yer back... she's light of step if ya get my point".

Rupert slaps his comrade on the back and makes his way over to the other gnome to see if he has any gossip about the gnomish isle homeland of Latan.

"Well met brethren... My name is Rupert Pupkin, servent of Gond... may i join ya?

05/15/2000 11:06 AM

...an odd figure suddenly appeared next to Ashen but stood as if it had been beside him all along. It was short and had a slight hunch in it's back, and it was perfectly hidden beneath the mass of rags it wore as a cloak.

A peculiar looking stringed instrument clutched by a scaly green six fingered hand emerged from the pile of rags. The extra figure appeared as it was sewn on. The musical device was at least two heads taller than the odd figure, and it's design looked easternly in origin.

The odd figure waited patiently beside Ashen.

05/15/2000 3:48 PM

As she watches the room she notices the silver haired elf. Watching his movements she slips her hand into a pouch at her waist. "Ah, a good target" she thinks to herself. Casually she stands and wonders around the tavern. Moving closer to the silver haired elf all the while.

When she gets next to him she deftly slips her hands into two of his pouches and then back out again. As she moves on, the items that she has just taken slip unseen into the pouch at her side.

Moving towards the door she thinks to herself, "damn, I'm good. now to find my next victam."

05/15/2000 11:05 PM

With one foot barely out the door when ,from behind,a hand,full of her hair,pulls her back.
Next a beautiful and deadly mandol-katar appears
infront of her face from behind..."I am Elystran Kael of the Black Bear Bladesinger clan.You can have what you took but don't cross me again.I
have no qualms about drawing a womans blood"
With a shove Elystran sends the beautiful burgler on her way...looking around the bladesinger makes his way back to the bar and his honeywine.

05/15/2000 11:45 PM

Glancing at the ousting of the elven woman with bitter amusement, Ashen turned back to the innkeeper and introduced the raggedy creature next to him as fellow Mongrel's Men band member and good friend, Q.

"We'll make do with just the two of us for this gig, my goodsir. Allow us a moment to get ready." Ashen picked up his spear and went to his readied room. He put the spear aside and searched in his pack. He took out of a pouch a lute that didn't look like it could fit in such a small conveyance. He then went back to where Q was waiting on the makeshift platform. Ashen skillfully tuned his lute and once he and Q were in position, he began.

Ashen started with a sharp and quick number which Q picked up on. His voice was surprisedly rich with a wide range and soon caught the audience's attention. With Q acting as backup to his singing, Ashen soon forgot the weariness of his travels and lost himself in his music. The inn soon filled with the soulful music and lasted well into the night...

05/15/2000 11:53 PM

...but what caught the audience's attention even more than Ashen's singing was the hand Q used to strum and pick at his sitar. It was black and metallic. It's fingers were daggers and stilettos. It's joints were enchanted clockwork. It wasn't even a hand at all... but it played like no other hand the audience had ever witnessed play.

05/16/2000 12:56 AM

"Holy crap... by Gond's big tool!!!!" Rupert exclaimes as Q catches his eye... both of 'em. He walks over to Q as close as he possibly can. He tips the current band member's five Tharsult Statues each. He then sits down and pulls out some odd looking intruments, parchment and a pen, and begins to make schematics...

"May the Hand of Myrkul smite your enemies", Lich Nexus... High Proxy of Death, 3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of Bone.

05/16/2000 9:29 AM

Ardul was shocked. The music was truelly great and good for business. He filled a few mugs as patrons asked quietly for drinks.
Big ideas started working up in Ardul's small head.
Big ideas summarised by money.

05/16/2000 12:17 PM

Standing there looking slightly shocked she turns and reenters the tavern. Going up to the silver haired elf she stares at him. "Just because your bigger doesn't mean I am scared of you." she retorted. Suddenly she gets a mischevious grin on her face. Putting her hand back in her pouch she gets every thing she has just taken and throws it back at him. As she does she says, "for future reference my name is Mirzhe. If you ever need anything aquired I'm the one who can get it for you."

05/16/2000 11:34 PM

Once the inn patrons were comfortable with the music, Ashen began the slow melodic rendition of his favorite song, "The Ballad of the Black Swan", a tragic telling of the death of a swanmay and the horrible curse her god bestowed upon her killer. It was his kind of story, full of theme and consequences, the kind of story that would move an audience. Ashen signalled Q that this would be the long version today to give the patrons a good show. It was the kind of song where it would move those who listened to its lyrics (or were mostly drunk) to tears and then Ashen would finish the gig with a upbeat tempo, usually a comedic tale, as a grand finale.

As Ashen got swept into the Ballad, his lute and Q's sitar in direct accord with his voice, he nearly lost track of time, a costly mistake if he wasn't careful...

...yet the song played on...

"There once was a warrior to fear..."
"He had a will to slay"
"That day died a swanmay..."

05/16/2000 11:42 PM

Standing there,lower jaw slightly agape,Elystran
was unsure how to react to his scolding.Shock,amusement,embarassment and maybe more flashed through his mind, but all too quickly
for him to do or say anything more than...
"I'll remember that."The words left his mouth
flattly,then he turned back towards his gracious host and asked for another drink.
"A pint of your darkest stout an keep 'em coming for a couple rounds."
Elystran placed 10 gold on the bar."It's gonna be
one of THOSE nights."he thought as he found a comfortable spot on the bar.

05/17/2000 10:03 AM

Ardul had easily found the drink and brought it to Elystran.
"Thank you sir" he said quickly, the pay was alot, but that did not bother Adrul.

05/17/2000 11:12 AM

Grinning at the fact that she just shocked someone, she walks up to the bar keep. "A glass of your finest elven wine please" she said as she droped enough gold on the counter. Glancing around the room she checks out everyone who is in the tavern.

05/17/2000 11:42 AM

Ardul always had the finest of wines in stock with him under the counter.
The name was in elvish, but he knew that he had one in common too.
He filled a wine glass and handed it to the lady.
"Here you go mam".
He quickly took the gold and regrettinlgy dropped her change in silvers next to her drink.

05/17/2000 11:55 AM

"Thank you" she replyed. She takes the drink and walks over to the table she was occupying a few mineuts ago. As she sits in the shadows she suddenly becomes lost in thought and everything and everyone around her seems to disappear.

05/17/2000 5:37 PM

A tall human walks into the inn, attracted my the music and seeing an elven female jousted. His dark green eyes plays about the tavern. His movements betray a grevious wound as he slumps next to the fire to warm him self. A small cat jumps upon the table and curls around the man's backpack as he lay it across the table.

The man takes off his bastard sword and opens a spell book and begins to study it.

He glances up at the barkeep amd takes in his measure. "Aye," the human speaks in a way that carries his voice to the 'keeps ears, "I'll be having a phasant and a pint of tea, if you will. My name is Tenere de Cardiff. Greetings."
With a smile, Tenere pulls out a small tower. A very power magical item, but looks damaged. He begins to study it.
"I will NEVER submit to Evil, Unless she's cute!!!"

05/18/2000 9:09 AM

Laughs at the tall human at his last statement.

05/18/2000 11:14 AM

Ardul returned to his cellar *is this getting old or what?* and looking in the food larder, looking for the phasant. Of course the bird was there, but covered in feathers. A few minutes later the bird was headless and plucked. He had to return upstairs in a back room to a kitchen. The cook was asleep, but with a hit with a laddle and a few course words he was cooking like crazy.
The tea he boiled in the kitchen and soon brought it out in a pot with a cup and suger. As usual he found a way to slip the bill under the drink.

05/18/2000 1:56 PM

Rupert finishes a rough schematic of the extrodanary constuct and starts to walk over to his friend Elystran, when a group of scantly clad amazons come swagering in... one of them bumps Rupert and says, "watch it... spud".

Rupert storms up to her and pokeing her between the breasts with each syllable says, "Who you calling a spud... bee-yitch"!

Elystran looks at the size different between the amazon warrior and rubert and slaps his forehead.

The amazon head-butts Rupert in his big gnomish nose and picks him up to her bossom, Elystran swears he can hear Rupert giggle.. She carries him over to a table and powerslams him... crushing the table and driving them both to the floor...

The other amazons scatter as the raging bar fight begins...


"May the Hand of Myrkul smite your enemies"

Lich Nexus... High Proxy of Death, 3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of Bone.

05/18/2000 2:10 PM

Comes out of her reverie as the amazons start picking on the gnome. Watches the fight start and scoots further into the shadows to watch. Is yet uncertian if she wants to get involved in this.

Looking to see if there is anything to gain by joining she glances over to the silver haired elf once again.

05/18/2000 5:48 PM

Tenre, weary of battling, brings a shpere out and taps it. A near-transperant beams issues forth. Being a Transmuter, he is barred from using Abjuration magic. But, that dosen't stop him from finding loop holes.
Smiling, he watches at the air around the table solidifies into a dome covering him and the table.

"Let them fight," he says to the cat. "Ah, the joy of youth." The cat merly yawns and puts it head back on its paws and watches.
"I will NEVER submit to Evil, Unless she's cute!!!"

05/19/2000 12:16 AM

Feeling pretty good at this moment,pounds the remainder of his stout, glances at 00-ga-nome
laying in the middle of a busted up table.
"Nice bump rupert!Watch this!"looking over his shoulder Elystran gives Mirzhe a smug nod and moves toward the amazon that broke the table with his friend.While she stands gloatting Elystran grabbs a serving tray from the bar.With a tap on her shoulder the amazon turns in time to get
'donkey-konged' by the serving tray followed by a stiff boot to the mid-section.Elystran grabs the butch bitch by her long red hair and sends her head,crashing face first into the bar.

05/19/2000 2:31 AM

Ashen barely finished the last verses of the Ballad when he hears the all too familiar sounds of a bar brawl. The fight was taking place at one end of the inn. Hey, he didn't noticed that woman before. Ooooh! Said woman took a blow to the face and a kick to the innards from the elf. So much for wooing her with his charms. The warrior woman reeled from the double-blows, amazingly still on her feet. The elf was a mean sucker, however, and grabbed for the hair and with a strength that belied his stature, smashed the woman's good looks all over the bar. Ouch. He hoped the innkeeper was a tolerant man.

Ashen looked to Q. "As much as I want to get involved in this, we're performers first. The show must continue!" Ashen and Q moved the makeshift platform a little more away from where the brawl was taking place. He then began a fast number meant to spur on the fight, timing the music to the brawl.

It was still a couple of hours until dawn. Weariness and worry were etching on Ashen's features but he didn't want to miss this for the world...

05/19/2000 6:06 AM

While the fight is going on she starts her own work. Moving around the room and its occupants, staying away from Elystran while doing so. As she finishes her rounds, she walks over to the owner "I'd like a room for a week."

05/19/2000 10:29 AM

Ardul hurriedly takes out his book and quill and directs where Mirzhe should sign.
"Excuse me" he said with a fake smile.
Reaching under his counter he drew out a loaded cross-bow.
Taking aim he thuds an arrow near the gnome while skimming Elystran's face.
"Ged your arses over here now!" another arrow was notched and aimed for the first who'd disobey him.

05/19/2000 11:02 AM

Tenere looks on as the brawl heats up. He sees the bolt wiz by and smirks.
"Well, now this should get interesting." Tenere sends his voice across the room. "Hey gnome,"he began, "when you're done could you come over and help me with some research?"
Tenere smiles at the thief that picked everyones pockets. ~Not today, methinks.~ Tenere smiled as she asked for a room for the week. Tenere casts a quick spell and she finds herself sitting by him.
"So," he smile. "Come here often?" Tenere makes shure all his valuables are in his extraplanner pocket safe away from her. "Oh, I just forgot. You're safe while inside here. Couldn't let a pretty treasure like you harmed now can we. My Lady, my name is Tenere de Cardiff. My friends call me Costorf. Greetings."
"I will NEVER submit to Evil, Unless she's cute!!!"

05/19/2000 10:55 PM

forgettig the fight for the moment ,elystran is a little concerneed about an angry bar tender and his crossbow...
"Don't you think your timing is just a little of
to start scolding us now!?I know my budy has an attitude problem,some Napoleon complex or something,but these amazons are gonna trash your bar!!Don't worry I won't use any magic."

05/21/2000 2:36 AM

"QUIET!!!" Ardu'ls voice raged through the Inn.
He now had a sword by his side and two loaded crossbows looking for targets.
His shout momentarily struck everyone in the bar.
"It's closing time in FIVE minutes. I want this mess cleaned up by everyone and if i find you lollygaging, you'll find an arrow up your arse faster than you can curse!".

05/21/2000 11:28 AM

Tenere raised an eyebrow, looking at the barkeep.
"Good sir," Tenere began, "I have just began to eat of your good fair. I give you ten gold if I could sit by your fire and do my work in peace. As for you, my Lady." Tenere looked to the female thief. "You may exit when you are ready."
"I will NEVER submit to Evil, Unless she's cute!!!"

05/21/2000 5:56 PM

ooc: sorry everyone, have been gone for a few days. bic....

Staring at the bar room she gets up and heads back over to the owner. "How much for the weeks rent?" she asked. Looking back at Tenere she says, "by the Way, I am Mirzhe." She then turns her attention back to the bar keep. "Show me where to sign and tell me how much then I might consider helping to clean up in here."

05/21/2000 8:38 PM

As she waits for the bar keep to anwser her she glances back over at elystran and grins. Giving him a wink she looks back to the business at hand.

05/21/2000 9:02 PM

She finally gets bored of standing there. As she turns around and starts walking back over to her old table she suddenly turns and throws a dagger at the bar keep. The dagger misses him by inches. She then calmly walks back over to the shadows where she can sit and plot for the next days work. As she passes Elystran she slips one of his daggers out of its sheath and tosses it into the nearby wall.

Unbeknown to the others occupying the tavern her eyes suddenly get a glint to them, both evil and mischevious at the same time.

05/21/2000 11:27 PM

Unaware of the dagger that Mirzhe skillfully lifted from him,Elystran takes advantage of the
distracted bar keep and slips on his ring of invisibility and removes the nocked bolts from
thier respective crossbows.Briefly slipping the bolts into his high,soft leather boots ,Elystran
moves toward Rupert and removes the ring.
The bar keep is slightly confused when his focus
returns to the misbehaved patrons and discovers
Elystran not at the bar,where he was,but at it's
other end helping his short friend to his feet.
"I removed the bolts from his crossbows,"Elystran whispers to Rupert."they're in my boots."

05/22/2000 10:28 AM

Sastisfied that the elf and gnome are now out of danger from the crossbow she wonders off to find some new type of distraction.

05/22/2000 4:03 PM

Rupert gets up and dusts himself off... giggles a little... and looks at the amazons with contempt.
He snaps his fingers and a bracelet around his wrist glows... suddley their are 8 Rupers walking around the inn... And one of them punches an amazon in the gut...


"May the Hand of Myrkul smite your enemies"

Lich Nexus... High Proxy of Death, 3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of Bone.

05/22/2000 11:02 PM

After the innkeeper's proclamation, Ashen saw no more reason to keep playing especially since the patrons were hardly listening anymore. He gathered up his and Q's earnings, distributed them between himself and Q, and then got off the platform. Hmm, not much tonight, at least by his standards, but then he didn't do this gig for the money. Ashen noticed the sneaky elf woman thieving again but once more chose to say or do nothing. As long as she didn't steal from him or Q, he wasn't going to interfere in another's chosen profession. He then walked over to the innkeeper, as the gnome confused the warrior women with his illusions. Ashen smiled inwardly to himself. There was a time when the warrior would revel in such acts of violence and strife. But that was then, and this is now, as the saying goes. He saw the innkeeper peer in confusion at his missing crossbow bolts and told him he was finished with the singing act and was going to retire in his room. He'll clean up the platforms tomorrow if they're still there. Not sticking around for a reply, Ashen stalked over to his room. He was sooo tired...

He turned to Q on his way there. "It's almost time. I'm going to try to grab as much sleep as I can before daylight. If you want to stick around, I'm at room 12."

05/22/2000 11:23 PM

Tenere looked up from his books. The noise was getting deafning. Gathering up his stuff, he looked at the inn keeper and magically sent him several gems for payment. As an after thought he cast reverse gravity on the amazons and others except for Q and the musical gnome. With a smile he teleported to realms unknown.

"I will NEVER submit to Evil, Unless she's cute!!!"

05/23/2000 1:24 AM

Looking around in disbelief Elystran decides that
it's too stuffy here and seeks a group of scientologoists to adventure with.

05/23/2000 1:41 AM

Rupert gather's his belongs and pays the barkeep 10 Gond bells... "excuse the damage" ....

He then runs to catch up to Elystran... and mutters "humans... never could figure them out"..


"May the Hand of Myrkul smite your enemies"

Lich Nexus... High Proxy of Death, 3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of Bone.

05/23/2000 10:36 AM

Walks up to Elystran. "I go where you go, you never know, a thief might come in handy" she said.

05/25/2000 10:39 PM

At the crack of dawn, muffled screaming came from Room 12. The cries lasted for nearly an hour. Not quite loud enough to disturb other patrons, if one walked close by the door the sounds can be heard.

05/26/2000 10:14 AM

Q emerged from room 12 with a black swan tagging along close behind him. The peculiar pair headed downstairs towards the tavern, beckoned by the drifting scent of dawnfry.

05/26/2000 10:16 AM

OOC: new day

Ardul looked around his Inn, a few had helped clean, but others had ignored him. The cook was ready making breakfest while Ardul rubbed at his eyes, trying to wake up from the majority of the work he did the night before.
He expected his patrons to arrive in an hour, but the tenants were lucky and had the inn to themselves, it was almost eight o'clock and the inn would open in forty-five minutes.

05/26/2000 5:50 PM

Q seated himself at an empty table. The black swan hopped on top, looking about.

A loud voice shouted, "HEY, can we get some SERVICE here!"

05/27/2000 6:31 PM

"Be quiet ashen!" whispered Q to the black swan, "I don't want to get thrown out of yet another inn, 'tis bad for our reputation. The Mongrel's Men are already banned in one town, let's not make it a list of towns."

05/28/2000 4:07 AM

Ardul slowly walked over.
"And what would ye like for breakfest?".

05/28/2000 4:28 AM

The black swan looks over to Q, "Oh like that was MY fault. If they had left me well enough alone, I wouldn't have bitten that servant boy's lip. He's lucky I didn't come back and shove my spear up...Oh! Hey there, Mr. Innkeeper!"

The black swan is perched on the table top, looking intelligently at the innkeeper. "Let's see, I'll have spiced potatoes and corned beef. A large pitcher of water as well. What say you, Q? And I'd better not see bird food on my plate again. I wouldn't want to be responsible for the consequences.", the swan says menancingly in a nasal voice.

05/29/2000 11:44 AM

Ardul was not sure how to respond to the bird.
"Sorry...sir...we serve only eggs, bacon, tea, cofee, toast with jam, some fresh vegetables and fruits and a small almond cake".

05/30/2000 8:58 PM

The black swan muttered to itself over the limited options. "Ok, ok, I'll go with the veggies and fruits, the toast and jam, and the cake. Bacon too! I'll down that with some tea!" Whispers to Q, "I'll pay you back tonight when I can get to my silvers." To the innkeeper he then said, "And whatever my friend here will be having, of course."

05/31/2000 10:06 AM

"Toast and jam, and a cup of tea please," said Q to Ardul, careful not to reveal his face from beneath his hood.

05/31/2000 10:57 AM

Ardul nodded ands left for the kitchen.
About fifteen minutes later he returned with a large tray. He kept the indavidual orders on each side and the jam and bacon in the middle. He set the plate before them to reveal mint tea, orange, sstrwaberrie and plum jam, followed by pink, crisp bacon.
"Enjoy your breakfest sirs" he says whle turning back.

06/01/2000 2:06 AM

Ashen, the black swan, dipped into the breakfast with relish. Unable to use utensils, he just pecked at everything, lapping at the tea, enjoying its minty flavor. The food was excellent, thought the swan. It had taken him awhile to get himself adjusted to human food when he was a swan without making himself retch in the past and he was doing fine now. No grass and bugs for this bird! As he sauntered over the table to get at the bacon, he mouthed off a loud "Thanks for the good food! This'll keep you in business fer sure!" to the innkeeper. Then he took a hunk of the largest piece of bacon.

06/11/2000 10:17 AM

Then, a beatiful girl with brown hair & eyes walks in.She has a broadsword at her belt, and a bow with a quiver strapped to her back. She sits down and smiles. "Could I have something to drink please?" she asks.

06/11/2000 10:58 AM

Ardul walked over.
"Why yes m'am. In the morning we offer some tea and cofee, alcoholic beveriges are sold at noon".

07/06/2000 12:15 AM

OOC: Will attempt to revive this thread... If you want to see the earlier parts of this story, click on where it says "older messages".

Ashen the swan and his robotic-armed friend Q finished their delicious breakfast. The black swan said, "Well, as much as I'd hate to leave, it's time we moved on, Q, buddy!" Q paid for the meal with Ashen's promise that'll he would pay Q back when he turned human again. On the way out, the black swan wobbled its way past the pretty brown-haired lady who had just sat herself down. "Hey there, beautiful.", a nasally voice said by way of compliment. Before the woman could respond, Ashen was hurried out the door of the inn by Q before the swan could get into any more mischief. A faint quacking could be heard in the distance, "Hey, hey, hey! I wasn't going to do anything funny! She just looked a little lonely, that's all! I'm a swan for crying out loud!... grumble, grumble"

Later on, around noon, another stranger came into the inn. He appeared to be a moon elf complete with long violet hair and eyes of purple flecked with gold. He was dressed in simple robes and traveler's garb. In his hands, he held a quarterstaff and he had a huge backpack over his shoulders. Displayed on his person was the symbol of Sehanine Moonbow, for those who know their elven deities. He strode over to the innkeeper. "Fair day, sir. I'd like to enjoy your tavern and room for a night."

07/06/2000 12:08 PM

Ardul wasn't one to judge people or elves.
"Yes sir"
Ardul took out his big book and opened on the bookmarked page.
"Please sign here" he told the elf while placing his finger on a specific spot on the page.

07/07/2000 1:25 AM

The elf penned the name "Kiseth" in the registry. He handed the needed 5 silvers for the room to Ardul. "Which one is my room? I'd like to find a place to take this load off my back.", Kiseth said with a smile.

07/07/2000 11:48 AM

Ardul handed him the room key for room sixteen.
"It's on the second floor near your left".

07/09/2000 12:42 AM

"Thank you.", said Kiseth as he headed for the aforementioned room. He stashed all his belongings in a corner and took out of his pack a pipe and a packet of "herbs" that he stuffs into a pocket. He then heads back out into the tavern and sits in a corner facing the door. He motions for service and as he waits he packs his pipe, lights up, and takes a long drag on it. "Ahhh, worth the wait..."

07/31/2000 11:58 AM

Ardul walks up to the man.
"What would ye like for breakfest sir?".

07/31/2000 7:18 PM

Kiseth thought a bit. He wasn't terribly hungry. "I'll have some toast with a bit of bacon, goodsir. And as for beverage, some hot tea will do wonders."

As Ardul went on his way, the elf spied the beautiful woman sitting by herself in the far tables. Hmm, perhaps, he was hungry after all...

08/01/2000 12:23 PM

Ardul came back later with a plate, on it were two toasted bread and beside it were five crisp strips of bacon.
"Here ye go sir" he said as he lai the plate in front of Kiseth.

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