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05/17/2002 7:12 AM

I want to get someting different going here but i need 4 other players for my companion group and several more for the evil chars we will meet along the way.

My plan is to force 5 chars together who dont get along well but for some reason have to quest together. Any ideas are welcome as to why they are forced together and what their quest is. Were going to stick with DL characters, no half cat freaks in this one.

I will be playing Orvik a half ogre who is a chaotic evil warrior. he uses an axe and a broadsword. All races of krynn welcome. I would really like a gnome or kender to join this series to lioghten the mood every now and then. maybe someone could play a mercenary my band pays or something leave your thoughts ill post back.If you happen to be a tavern owner, protect yourself with this law "If air can get in so can a kender"

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05/17/2002 8:18 PM

OOC: Considering we're sticking to DL characters, wouldn't it make sense that there are no half-orcs. According to my knowledge of Krynn, which is limited so I may be wrong, there are no orcs on Ansalon. And, why the hell not, I'll jump in.

She'd been riding for almost one week straight. Her latest target was on the move, fleeing with all speed across the continent. She'd traced the wizard from Solanthus to Tarsis, through Qualinesti and Abanisinia, across the New Sea, and back again into Solamnia. Riding through the goblin-heavy Garnet Mountains, Lica was forced to slow her progress to safely pass the range.

As the seventh day of this latest portion of her trek came to a close, Lica searched for a place to make camp. On a ledge above her, Lica can see the glow of a blazing fire. Apparently whoever camped there was not afraid of the beasts running amok through the mountains.

Lica followed the trail around the mountainside a little further before dismounting. She tethered her horse to a small tree in a small crevice of the mountainside. She pulled down her mask and put on her gloves. In seconds, Lica's lithe form disappeared from view and Lica started slowly towards the camp in full cover of shadows.

Fortunately for the skilled bounty hunter, whoever made the camp wasn't paying much attention. All she saw was his back, and while he was big, he didn't look to quick.

Slowly, with a patience born of of over ten years working in Palanthas's Thieves Guild, Lica drew a dart from the pack on her side. Opening another pack, she drew out a vial of bluish grey liquid. She dipped the dart once into the vial and then corked it, careful not to spill any on herself. And so she prepared for whatever it is she was about to face.

"Ho there traveler." She threw her voice to make it seem as if she were approaching from the other end of the trail, all the while sneaking closer to whoever sat by the fire. "What brings you to such harsh regions?"

Lica stopped, only ten yards behind the stranger, still under cover of shadow, waiting to here his reply before deciding whether to attack or parley.

OOC: For a little background - Lica Moonspring is a highly skilled bounty hunter/rogue/assassin. She makes her money where she can and always follows through on contracts. Her specialty is mage-hunting, as she is adept at breaking down the defenses of wizards. Her current target is a renegade mage. She was sent by the Wizard's Conclave to hunt down and neutralize the target.

I thought the hunt for the mage could work out well, as Lica's pockets are lined with steel and mercenaries are always helpful on the job if they're effective.

05/20/2002 5:06 AM

OOC: sorry ive been reading FR lately. I meant a half ogre.

Without looking back Orvik camly replies "No need to throw your voice around my lady. You have no need of that dart either, for I mean you no harm though you are welcome to join me at the fireside. As for what brings me here? That is a long tale so come, sit, and I will tell ye"

" My name is Orvik and I am on a small quest of insignificant value to anyone but myself or some sort of rogue adventurer. Im headed east to the Tower of Wayreth. I have been asked to go for magical testing. You seem surprised?"

"Its not that often a half ogre gets tested for magic is it? I mean why?" replied Lica

"My human mother was an extremely powerful mage, a rengade mage... she was killed by ab bounty hunter hired by the council. My father..."said Orvik with a grim smile "Well you can tell I geuss. The only reason they are testing me is to teach me the basics so my magic doesnt get out of control. I wont be taking The Test."

"Well, it seems that my story is quite diffrent from your..." Began Lica

OOC: Someones char could have been hiding in the caves behind me and could hop out right about no to ask me who my new friend is.... ;) hint hint... I just thought i would throw a bit of complication in here with the magic bit. I also thought it would be fun to see what Lica will say to the bit about my mother. Maybe she had something to do with it? Interesting...If you happen to be a tavern owner, protect yourself with this law "If air can get in so can a kender"

05/20/2002 11:59 AM

OOC: come on guys! 19 views and only 2 chars? hop-in! i really dont want this to die off but if noone is interested then ill close it but i think this could be fun and have some real potentiel!If you happen to be a tavern owner, protect yourself with this law "If air can get in so can a kender"

05/20/2002 12:59 PM

At that point out from an over haning clif strod a a dazzilng half elf her golden hair cropped at the shoulder. Her bow was up and an arow nocked ready to fire. " tell me why you are here and what you are up to I have things to do and would just as soon have you out of my way"

05/20/2002 2:53 PM

I'll join i will be the mercenary

05/20/2002 3:02 PM

Orvik stood and turned to face the beautiful half-elf. When he saw her arrow pointed straight at his chest he slowly moved his arms away from his sides and out towards her. " Hoi fair lady, mayhaps you could lower the bow and have a calm parley before you become violent?"

As he had been talking Lica had slipped a short crossbow out and was preparing a dart when an arrow thuded soundly into the ground an inch from here foot."I dont like your toy lady"

Orvik decided to intervine before a full scale catfight, weapons included, broke out."we are merely traveling thru your lands and have decided to camp here for the night. If that is alright with you of course?"

OOC: i geuss the title is a little wrong being forced compainons and noone forcing anyone together, lol. I like the bold entrance half-elven. i geuss there are some interested people out there. As long as we keep typing ill keep it open. ur in stuff, i think the mercenary spot is filled by "lica" but im not gonna tell you who and what to play so just start posting.If you happen to be a tavern owner, protect yourself with this law "If air can get in so can a kender"

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05/20/2002 3:55 PM

OOC: Well don't we just have a wonderful congregation of newbies. Just sumpin I'd like to point out Angel, try not to use other chars in your posts. Anyway...

Lica glanced around at the assorted group around her. A half-ogre, half-elf, and (OOC: What are you, Stuff?). Not quite what she'd expected when she'd started up the trail. Still, a warm fire in these parts is more important than the company you keep.

Lica tried to cover up her surprise at Orvik's proclamation of his mother's death. Come to think of it, he almost looked like one of her contracts, so long ago. Almost fifteen years. "Could this be her son?" she thought. This could make for an interesting series of events.

And the half-elf, a brave one at that, looked every bit as capable as Orvik in battle. Lica didn't like her chances against them if the truth ever did come out. But she was just doing her job, and the job has consequences.

"If you'll spare me a moment, I'd like to return to my horse and lead her up the trail. But know this - I don't like companions, and I'll be on my way as soon as the opportunity arrises."

OOC: I'm thinking maybe something could cause Orvik to abandon his quest for Wayreth. Maybe, say, Orvik taking up a quest to avenge his mother's death, should the truth come out later. Give it some time to develop though.

05/21/2002 2:25 PM

" fair lady hahaha i am every bit as copable as you but i'll put down my bowI could youse somthing to eat and want to get back to my campfire so lets sart with who you are and where your going oh and if it matters any to you the names Akenea Half -Elven now lets get down to bissness" akenea saind lowering her bow and takeing long graceful strides to where the half orge and the mecinary stood.

05/22/2002 11:14 AM

OOC:Do you mind if i join in? Til the heart's blood boils or the bones be ash,
til the tallow be dust and death's teeth gnash
this one be mine.....

05/23/2002 5:20 AM

OOC: do you mind if I join in? I know I don't know any of you but I thought I could be a companion of the half elf woman. I think I'll be a kagnoesti elf. I could be hiding in the shadows......backing her up...if thats all right"Oh I bit you, I'm terribly sorry. Your hand must have gotten in the way of my teeth."

~Tasselhoff Burrfoot ~

05/23/2002 12:46 PM

(Normally i like to play a loner but a compainon might be interesting so go right ahead icedragon)

05/23/2002 1:13 PM

OOC:I was thinking of playing one of the 'bad guys'.....someone with telekinesis.....if you want to tell me Angel....e-mail me if you want....to tell me how to fit him in. Hope thats ok. Til the heart's blood boils or the bones be ash,
til the tallow be dust and death's teeth gnash
this one be mine.....

05/23/2002 2:57 PM

OOC: I'll be gone for the weekend. Camping trip. I'll be back monday.

05/23/2002 4:07 PM

OOC: sorry i was gone guys but i had some trouble @ school and my parents dont like it when i say certain things to a teacher... anyway, an idea just hit me like a freight train! actually i fell off my chair but Dark you can be the mage that Lica is hunting. You want telekenisis, you can get a whole spectrum of magic. if you want it. Since Wanderer will be gone we'll say she ate some bad soup and carry her on a litter wereever we go. And not to be picky but i would appreciate it if you watched your spelling. i dont mind but i find it easier to read "your a pig,too good for me!" then "ur a pig,2 good fer me!" thanx.

BIC: "Well then elf, your welcome at my fireside" Orvik boomed. "Seems these trails are crowded tonight, ive traveled them 15 years and met nary a soul, and tonight i meet three of ya! Odd... seems like someone else is out there..."If you happen to be a tavern owner, protect yourself with this law "If air can get in so can a kender"

05/23/2002 4:11 PM

Oh ya and i was wondering if any of you minded if I used your characters names in a book im trying to get published... It'll probably never even get completly written but i thought i'd ask anyway.If you happen to be a tavern owner, protect yourself with this law "If air can get in so can a kender"

05/27/2002 4:07 PM

Ok lets open it up with the story again or will this slowly leave the top page?If you happen to be a tavern owner, protect yourself with this law "If air can get in so can a kender"

05/29/2002 12:36 PM

OOC: Sorry my computer crashed and i just got back online
Oh and shure you can use my name

BIC: "There is someone out there but you need not be worried you will be safe as long as you don't do any thing suspisous" Akenea said cooly to the half org.

05/29/2002 3:50 PM

OOC: I'm back (obviously). And no, Angel, I don't mind if you use the character, but I'd prefer if you changed the name as I am also currently attempting to write a series of books based on my family of characters.

BIC: Lica awoke from the night, calm and at peace. She was surprised to see everyone still around. Moving quietly, the rogue made her way up the mountain. Looking down on the mountain range, she was surprised to catch sight of a distant campfire, possibly that of her target. Looking down at her own camp she noticed everyone beginning to wake. She carefully made her way down and addressed her companions.

"I'm afraid I must be off as soon as possible. I have a previous engagement and I musn't be late. However, you are welcome to join me for as long as you like."

05/30/2002 8:23 PM

OOC: I'm sorry if this seems a bit picky, but Lica never actually left and returned with her horse... it seems like a good point to jump on board, if I may...


As the rouge spoke to her companions, a strange voice floated out of the forest nearby, deep and resonnent, yet seeming to float eerily on the early morning air.

"You won't be going very far without your poor beast... and you don't deserve to have it back after not tending to it."

A human stepped out of the forest. A tall staff of golden wood was grasped in his hand and brown cloak and hood were wrapped around his moderate frame. Behind him came Lica's horse, subdued and following him closely despite its lack of bridle or reigns. His green eyes gleamed brightly in the new sunlight.

"In the name of Branchala, woman, you do not deserve the service of this animal after leaving it in the wilderness for so long. Domesticating something and then leaving it in the wild is like breaking a man's legs and then telling him to fight. I would that you could hear its tale of waiting and hunger as I have, but since your ears would be deaf to its lament, I must be its voice. As Keeper, I demand to know why it should be returned to you at all!"

OOC: Yes, it's a druid! If this is out of place or unwelcome, I shall delete or edit it at your say-so."They're unpredictable and violent, but they're really nice guys!"

-Quatre Winner

06/01/2002 6:00 AM

OOC:All right! were finally getting somewhere!

IC: Orvik stood up eyeing the newcomer "all I wanted was a nice hot meal and fire. My hospitality can only go so far and i cant take much more of these people pouring out of the woodwork! If anyone else is out their then come out now! Im going to eat then sleep, ive decided to follow Lica so im moving first thing in the morning. And you sir, had better decide to give Ms Moonspring her beast. Good night!"

Orvik lay down by the fire contemplating the events as he drifted off to sleep.If you happen to be a tavern owner, protect yourself with this law "If air can get in so can a kender"

06/06/2002 12:59 PM

OOC:maybe i spoke too soon. Anyone still there?If you happen to be a tavern owner, protect yourself with this law "If air can get in so can a kender"

06/06/2002 8:01 PM

OOC: I'm waiting for a response..."They're unpredictable and violent, but they're really nice guys!"

-Quatre Winner

06/08/2002 10:56 AM

"I will be back i have some "hunting" to do" akenea said with a faint trace of a laught in her voice.

06/17/2002 9:39 PM

"Where did he go?" Zekineon said as he grapped the goblins neck a raised him off the ground.
"hhe wewent wewest."
"Hmmm, I should be able to pick up his trail" , the death-knight then crushed the goblins neck and started west. "I will find you Orvik , I will find you."

Zekineon picked up the trail fast and traveled quickly.
"I should be there by morning then Orvik I shall crush you."

OCC: I am hunting you because your mother killed me before and now I want revenge on her son because she was killed. Oh I almost forgot I'm a human with dragon blood in me.

PS: Can I be two characters?

"Do, or do not, there is no try" -Yoda "Empire Strikes Back"

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