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06/30/2000 5:10 PM

~The Demon Argentile appears in the great hall of
the Dark. Sitting in his throne. He is the one.
The lord of the first plane of hell. A true honor
for this Baazetu Pit fiend. His red eyes burning
like the fires of hell itself. Breathing deeply.
Waiting for the rest of the council to arrive.~"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/14/2000 11:46 AM

OOC: Are the council members reserved, or can any one join the party?

06/14/2000 12:10 PM

OOC: Its is open to A/all my friend."Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/14/2000 12:16 PM

OOC: Actually trying to get a council together for a storyline. The more the merrier.
"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/15/2000 11:38 AM

Irezendahn entered next. The Demon of anger, as he was called for being in an eternal anger, was dressed in a long purple robe, which stopped where his knees should have been, except he had bent, hairy legs. He might have been mistaken for a minotaur if it wasn't for his face.
It was bloated and red. Horns twisted from his ears and down his neck.

The demon took a seat, which was hard and a dark black. He looked at the door awaiting impatiently for the othr council members.

06/15/2000 11:44 AM

~Noting the entrance of the next Dark one. Nodding in the darkest of greetings to this one. A decadent smile crosses his lips as he speaks.~

"Dark Greetings. I am Argentile."

~His wings tucked neatly behind his back as The Slayer of kings, His sword of hellfire, Stands by its blade next to him. Burning red eyes search the room. The Pit Fiend waits for the arrival of the others.~

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/17/2000 12:34 PM

OOC: Lets just start

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/18/2000 2:05 PM

~Sniffing the air and smelling the scent of his nephew close by.~


"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/18/2000 2:11 PM

~a spiral of flames billow up into the air... encircling..twisting. Red and yellow hues dance to lick at the cieling. And from within.... sits the crouched figure of a man. Slowly... he raises his head. Glancing about the room. And as he stands....stretching up to his full height, the column sweeps back down to bury itself at his feet.~

~crimson red pupils set in black, onyx eyes glance about. Searching.. sweeping the room. A black cloak ripples about his body... shadows seeming to lavish themselves greedily upon it. From the narrow slit in front, the pommel of his curved blade can be seen~

"Indeed uncle.."

06/18/2000 2:15 PM

~The Slayer of kings sits gloriously next to the Pit Fiend.~

"Welcome my nephew, we have much to discuss. It seems that our old Nemesis Rammstein is here. This cannot be allowed. He must be destroyed. I will not allow him to become the same kind of problem here that he was in Lochshin!"

~The Demon's toe talon taps violently.~

"I want him captured or destroyed. I care not which. But do it quickly. I have promised his soul to Asmodeus."

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/18/2000 2:17 PM

~a small smirk at your words... his eyes burrowing into yours~

"Oh come now Argentile... is he really too much for you to handle? And away from his clan as well?"

06/18/2000 2:20 PM

"Do not presume to question me nephew. I don't take well to it. As Bazzetu we follow order. Do not allow yourself to be viewed as Ta'narri."

((Ooooh. Horrible Baazetu insult. Sorry, but had to.))

~He raises the Slayer of Kings to his lap. A reminder of how he slew the last of his clan that was insubordinate~

"Do this thing I tell you Rillion, Bring him to ME!"

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/18/2000 2:26 PM

"Oh... but don't YOU forget uncle. My only alliance with you lies in that you are my family. Family sticks together... even if you refuse to leave hell's laws and join the rest of us."

~his eyes glance down to your sword... and once more down to his as well. Finding your eyes again, he disregards them both~

"Now... on the other hand, if you'd care to go hunting together.. I woul be more than happy to join you."

06/18/2000 2:32 PM

~Argentile's crimson, blood stained lips curl into a smile.~

"Even I never could intimidate you Rillion. That is why you were my chosen one. The one that I tapped to lead Baator in my stead if I was gone. Aye, we will hunt together, and I will drag his worthless soul down into damnation to Lucifer himself! Pending Asmodeus's approval of course."

~Argentile Raised his sword.~

"Let it be settled."

~Lowering The Slayer of Kings. The sword of Hellfire.~

"Now we form the Dark council, our own alliance, the gathering and unitation o the dark. We will pick up and succeed where the Guild left off."

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/18/2000 2:35 PM

A large bash echoes troughout the room. Another one
follows it, this time accompanied by the opening
of the gates.

You hear the clanking of iron boots and a dark figure
steps into view. His black dragon scale armor hangs
proudly around his huge frame. He wears no helmet
and his features are those of a human. Though closer
inspectation reveals that he is no human. His
slitted, dark eyes are fully black and his cruel
grin reveals wicked fangs. In his left hand he holds
a large shield emblazoned with a skull accompanied
by fire, the holy symbol of the Lord of Murder: Bhaal.
In his right hand he holds something you cannot discern.
The hilt of his large sword, his unholy avenger, sticks
out above his shoulder.

'Sorry I'm late,' he says as he arrogantly strides
towards the centre of the room, his voice sounding like
fingernails stratching on a blackboard 'I was interrupted.'

He then takes a large bite out of the object in his right
hand, revealing it to be the lower leg of some beast.
He takes a few more bites out of it, before he casualyy
throws it over his shoulder.

'Now, where were we?'


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/18/2000 2:39 PM

"The Guild..." ~a dark smile~

"Really... with the two of us fighting back to back, are there really any that could stand a fleeting chance against? Unless of course you mean underlings to do your bidding.... "

"But.. enough. When do you care to start the hunt?"
((or rather... is he online at the moment?))

06/18/2000 2:41 PM

((No he is not. But Argentile and him are already in a battle at the moment. The thread is Sides Chosen))

"No, We wait. For more underlings to do my bidding."

~There was a dark curl of a smile in there from crimson lips~

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/18/2000 2:47 PM

~a slow nod to both you and the one that enters...~

"Good enough Uncle. I doubt he'll be able to stand up to the two of us... not for long at least."

~and with a turn to the late comer..~

"We were just wrapping up."

06/18/2000 2:48 PM

~The Pitfiend looks to you with Disdain~

"And who are you that needs so much armor in battle? Be you a coward Warrior? If you enter my Council and ye be a coward, ye most certainly willl die!"

~His red eyes burn through you. Like the fires of hell.~

"I am Argentile. Lord of the First plane. And this is my nephew Rillion Lasher."

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/18/2000 2:49 PM

((Actually Neo, we can continue this one like we are in the Rammy battle. Just post whenever you can type of corkboard thing.))"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/18/2000 2:56 PM

((Peace A/all. I have an RTI. Real time interruption.))"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/18/2000 2:57 PM

((~bowing out as well~ so long.))

06/18/2000 3:11 PM

The dark figure bows slightly, always keeping
eye-contact and always keeping that hideous smile.
Not seeming concerned at all by the intense stare
which is coming his way.

'I am Beranor,' he introduces himself 'First and
most loyal Murderer under the service of my Lord
Bhaal and (his smile almost takes in his ears now) the
commander of his forces during his.......absence.'

'I wear this armor,' he continues 'Because I rightfully
..took.. it from its former wearer, the great black Wyrm

He turns towards the door.

'The loud sound you heard outside was him, now
serving as my undead steed.'

He chuckles maniacly.

'I came here,' he chuckles again 'Because your Lord
and now, my Lord Asmodeus asked me to do so...'


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/18/2000 9:48 PM

~Argentile stared at this one. Not knowing what to make of him.~

"Sit my friend, and drink. For tonight we make the pact of darkness that will bring hell to earth for good."

~Setting The Slayer of Kings upon the rounded table they all sat upon.~"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/18/2000 10:21 PM

A voice from the shadows booms out confidently breaking the conversation of the fiends, and rising above their voices...

"A pact of darkness! One to assure the fate of hell on earth! Such talk is either screed, or the stuff of legends...I would hate to think that an assembely of this sort would spout the former!"

The collection of assorted evil, whirls to the corner to the room, where there stands a new arrival....

About six feet in height, and dressed in robes as red as blood, it is hard to think that you could have missed his presence for long...

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Kern. Bishop from Thay, and holy man."

He laughs in a deep baritone, and then moves before the assembeled individuals...

"I had heared whisperings of a meeting. A council of darkness. Apparently my sources are motivated better then I believed."

He draws a seat, and takes a place at the table.

"I am most interested in this topic, would you mind the presence of a man such as myself, at a proceding of this nature?"


06/19/2000 2:42 AM

"Only if we can eat you afterwards."

~The Pit Fiend chuckled slightly. This was no holy man. He would bet his mother on it. Then again he would sell his mother for a corn dog and some fries.~

"Have a seat"

~He nodded as he took the seat and listened.~

"Now, gentlemen, I have a topic to broach to you. And a gift of blood."

~He gestured to the virgin human who was chained to the wall~

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/19/2000 3:14 AM

Beranor followed the Fiend's motion. As he saw the
fresh meat, he couldn't help but lick his lips.
She would taste so much better then that greasy
beast he had just taken down. He had to hold himself
from rushing over to her and feasting on the spot.

A wicked grin appeared on his face as he turned to

'A virgin?' he asks 'I can't eat a virgin, its
bad for my bladder. But how does one change a

He turned his gaze to the virgin again, waiting
for the Pit Fiend's response...


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/19/2000 5:54 AM

Entering into the Guild, at first no more then a whispers hint of a form in the shadows ... such are
the ways of a thief..
Standing still listening to the silent blast of chaos all around me. Drawing in a deep breath .. the slow
smile creeps slowly over my lips as the scent of Darkness slowly welcomes me.

..."...Ahhhhh yes .... I would have to say I am home ..."... The words softly mused to myself.

The 5'2" figure slips from the shadows, yet ever cautious as one is while walking through the
darkness. Traveling past the glowing ember of torch light, shades of blood red and gold catch the
long lengths of dark hair and reflect on sun-kissed skin. Hidden under the short black cloak and deep
brown riding leathers is but a hint of the woman that lays hidden beneath. Pausing in my travels only
long enough to grab a goblet of sweet red wine to sip, then continuing my search to see whom else is

06/19/2000 7:45 AM

~Smiling to the one that would rape the virgin in the main hall~

"Do as ye will my friend. Just make sure she feels it."

~Dark Chuckles. Then turning his attentions to the young theif that enters.~

"Dark Greetings my friend. Pull up a seat and if you take anything I will have your nipples as chew toys for my children."

~He ginned and gestured to a seat.~

((Back to work now. C-Ya))"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/19/2000 9:02 AM

Beranor walks over to the virgin, his appearance
changing. His visage softens up, his eyes blue and
his smile cheerful. His armor changes into vibrant
golden scale mail. You would swear that he was a
Paladin of the most honorable sort.

As he touches the virgin, life flows into her. Her
eyes light up as she looks into the eyes of her 'saviour'.

'I have come for you, my dear..' he tells her, his
voice soft and warm like a summer breeze.

She smiles 'Who are you?'

He chuckles 'I am called Beranor, but you may call
me.....Death!' He turns to his natural form then and
you can see the most horrible look imaginable cross the
maiden's face.

With a snap of his fingers, a globe of darkness envelopes
them. From within the globe you hear the screams of
horror from the virgin accompanied by the even more
horrible laughter of the Anti-paladin.

After a few minutes the globe of darkness fades. Beranor walks
back to his seat, blood dripping off his face. The maiden, no
longer a virgin, still hangs there, looking even more
pathetic then ever. Her clothes are torn, her whole body
is, and her neck, in particular, is covered with blood.

'She couldn't take much,' Beranor snorts 'She's still
alive. At least, she was last time I checked.'

His laughter fills the room again, you wonder what
made this man so "cheerful".

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/19/2000 9:38 AM

~Smiling in the most decadent way as he watches the transaction of life forces.~

"Interesting. I prefer the old fashioned way myself. With a twist of course."

~The dark red eyes seem to flash for a second and then return to normal.~

"now, if no one else is going to feast, Lets get down to the buisness at hand. Asmodeus has layed out his army, and they are ready to storm the gates. But Earth must come first. My task is to assemble a council and see that we make it possible. I see many skills here before me. A theif, a walker of shadows, quick and deadly, A demon of anger, Excellent for the front lines, a warrior from hell, and myself, Lord of the first. Now is the time my friends. We must prepare for their coming. a little death, some mayhem, destruction. Ordered, no chaos. Lucifer and Asmodeus hate what they cannot control."

~His tone was serious and his words were true. He looks at each of them as he speaks.~

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/19/2000 9:52 AM

Coming into the room to see some already gathered.
An odd smile gracing my lips as I watch the one with the girl ... turning away with a chuckle..

Listening to the gracious greetings of DemonArgentile, still have chuckling as I hear the odd scream
and cry..

.."..You are most kind ... I think I shall..."..

Watching you for a moment, fire and mischief dancing in my eyes as I reach to take a grape

.."...as for that second offer .... my how you tease! it's almost, ahhhh, tempting ...."...

Popping the blood red grape past my lips and into my mouth ... chommmppping hard upon the
helpless fruit and grinding it into a pulp before swallowing it down..

..."...Now, as far as battle goes ~chuckles~ I am but a humble thief .."..
Chuckling again, trying to remember if the word humble has ever be used to
describe myself before ... "how may I be of service.."..

With that said, I give a slight bow of the head with a note of respect...

06/19/2000 11:23 AM

Humble? His vampiric senses did not agree with that,
she possesed ample strength for as far as je was

'You promise much carnage, Argentile,' Barenor
compliments 'It would be an honor to ride my steed
~his eyes glimmer at the thought of his Draco-Lich~
into battle beside you.'

He makes a slight bow, turning towards the thief
as he comes up.

'Perhaps you would join me, Miss...'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/19/2000 1:34 PM

Kern rases an eyebrow, a look of disgust across his face.

It was not the treatment of the girl that bothered him, so much as it was the amature way that the anti-paladan handled it.

What he did, with the omission of his unnessicary use of magic, could have been done by a drunken watchmen to the daughter of a pesant, and remain fundimentaly the same sort of crime.

It showed no creativity, no artistic flavor, it was purely an act of twisted lust.

He did not care to stop it though.

He dismessed it in a moment as a juvinal act perpotrated by a disturbed low-born.

He just continued to sit in his chair, drinking in the plans of the fiends...


06/19/2000 2:00 PM

((OOC: *chuckles* Kern, what do you suggest he should
have done? Paint a van Gogh on her @$$!? LOL. Hmmmm,
*writes down a thought involving whip cream, van Gogh
and @$$(female, that is)* that's not a bad idea, when
I think about it. Thanks Kern! LOL))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/19/2000 2:04 PM

((ooc: unable to hold back a chuckle))

06/19/2000 2:20 PM

((OOC: *let's out a sigh of relief* At least someone
thinks I'm funny. When I suggested my idea to my
(female) friend, she slapped me in the face and
called me a sexist bastard. Can you believe that!?))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/19/2000 2:32 PM

((ROTFLMFAO))"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/19/2000 2:57 PM

((ooc: shakes his head...))


06/19/2000 3:20 PM

Listening to the light banter between Barenor and Argentile, thoughts idly wandering through the
different scenarios that might play out ... the blood and the carnage, and in that, my place as a thief,
and what profits might befall my path.

Glancing up for a moment, my eyes settling upon Kern_Murdauk. Chuckling softly to myself and
noting the arched brow and the look of disgust in he direction of Barenor, only able to guess it was
about the treatment of the girl. Chuckling softly and popping another grape past my lips and not
thinking much more of it, the treatment of such girls better left in the hands of the men that walk these
halls ... if you could call the fiends such...

Shaken from my thoughts as I hear the words of Barenor..

.."...Join you? ...."... leaning forward in my chair, the words spilling past my lips in hushed tones
.."..I am a thief, not stupid ...why would I go anywhere with a stranger ... not to mention one that
treats a girl as such as you just did ..."...

Settling back and smiling up to the stranger, another in this gathering of the dark

..."...Perhaps another time ...thank you for the offer ..."...

Giving you slight, short, yet respectful nod as I turn to the other about the room. Taking a sip of the
red wine before speaking to Kern_Murdauk ...

.."..and of you? the both of you actually ... it might be nice to just whom I share the table with?.."..
((kind of looking for character info ... I am new here and know nothing of anyone's history ..thanks

06/19/2000 3:37 PM

Barenor chuckles at your reply. Then he notices the
gaze the holy man is giving him. He returns it.

'Have you looked in the mirror recently? Yes, that
would explain your disgusted visage.....'

He snarls at him.

'I hope for you, that the one you worship is, or
at least works for Asmodeus. Lest I cut you down
the first wrong move you make.'

All of the skull symbols on his body light up together
with his eyes, then he turns away, not wasting another
moment of his time on one as pitiful as him.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/20/2000 12:51 AM

((OOC: padith, The Demon Argentile is the leader of the first plane of hell, son of Mephistopheles, and ruler of Baator. He is a Baazetu Pit fiend, a Devil if you will. He works for Asmodeus and does his biddings. He has assembled this council {Theoretically} on Asmodeus's request. To prepare the earth for his coming, and in turn, that of Lucifer himself.))"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/29/2000 10:24 AM


We decided to F--- this huh?


06/29/2000 10:12 PM

Actually, I would like to see this ressurected.

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/30/2000 2:40 AM


It's your turn to post, man. Barenor just insulted
you and paddith asked you a question, so I say you
have to respond now....))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/30/2000 2:19 PM

~The Demon was not happy with the progress of the meeting. He had taken them into his shelter and offered them sanctuary. His eyes grrew red and displeased.~

"Let us try to stay on track. I want to know about each one of you. Your powers, your strengths, weaknesses, skills, cat's name and what your dog eats for breakfast. I wants to know it all."

~He satback upon his throne and he watched as the others began to speak one by one.~"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/30/2000 5:10 PM

~Turning to Argentile, a smile reappeared on his face.~

'As you might have guessed, I am a vampire as well
as a warrior of Bhaal. My strengths and weaknesses
are those. My skills lie in murder, killing, slaughter
and the occassional rape...'

~he grinned an evil and often disgusting grin~

I ride my black dracolich into battle, causing chaos..
to the enemy, that is...wherever I go.

~he sat back, pulling his arms behind his neck, proud
of his exploits~

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


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