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04/29/2002 5:34 PM

(OOC: Well i was looking at 'soul mage' a relativly old fourum. After i read part of it i though 'necromancy', Please dont ask me why but thates what I thought. So i was thinking about creating a necromany brotherhood. Well the begaining of this story begains in the slums of Santion.)

Xion looked at his three followers. "well i was expecting a bit more but this will do".
"Ummmm excuse me sir said a overly fat man but wheres the free beer"? Xion looked at him his anger rising. Xion moved his fingers in a weird triangle. The man screamed as he exploded (completly dead ( : ).
"Now does anybody else want free beer" Xion asked as his temper lowered? The two others looked at each other and shock their heads...

"Welcome to me labatory said Xion motioning to to his lovely furnisings. Well before I train you two in the depresing art of necromancy i want you to find more followers". Xion then took a large book then looked at the insides. Xion stared at the two silent humans. He mumbled a few words. The two followers screamed in paine and they both melted. Xion walked over to the puddle of acid that was once the two 'living humans'.

There was a faint yell kind of like a scream. Four scelatin hands poped out of the acid puddle. "How do you like your new lives my friends Xion asked ironicly"?
"Free us"said the skeletons mournfully, Please"!

"I will soon but first swear your loyalty to me for untill the abyss becomes a playground. "We swear the skeletons said terrafyed".

The skeletons crawled out of the puddle. "Alright first you two will go to my closet and cover your selfs up said Xion. Then you two will find me more and greater followers. Now go"!!

(OOC: alright this is were you all come in. You all get to be the followers. Ps, Xion is not that strong he can just eplode things completly sead pretty good.
For all who though i couldnt type for beans because of my earler forums. I think confadently I PROVED YOU WRONG!!!When one looses their will to live they
die not phisicly but in spirit
-Michael Brennan

04/30/2002 3:29 AM

"Hmmm" said NimbleTongue " I was just thinking that you must be part gully dwarf to." With a rude hand gesture and a wink the half gully dwarf/kender runs around a corner.Life like stew................

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