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06/27/2000 5:49 PM

~the smell of another foul soul more then present in the dense air..for now only one sword is draw from the safe home of RammStein's back..thy other ready for attack if this threat give more meaning to death then he would like~

~my voice screams aloud as the myst grows heavy around Me..calling forth the essense Ay sense around Me~

"what brings a Argentile about..Ay know it is Ye Argentile..Ye reek of hell Ye come from"

~keeping eyes dashing about the surrounding scene..ready at every direction~Dallon Brus ~ RAMMSTEIN
L o r d O f S o u l s | S i C
Realm of Lochshin (http://www.csulb.edu/~rodgersd/java2.htm)

"All our souls are written in out eyes"

06/13/2000 2:11 PM

~The Pit Fiend's Hot Red eyes shine through the
edge of the thicket like a fire burning in the
night air~

"Rammstein. You have foiled my plans long enough.
You and the Squire have been a thorn in my side
since the conception of my plans. Today I will see
it removed."

~Slowly drawing from the trees. The Baazetu's wings
still tucked behind his back. His sword, "The Slayer
of Kings" rests at his side. The sword of hellfire.

"Its as Archaon once said, Tonight, you die."

~Drawing his sword and walking a perimeter.
Chuckling softly. Already tasting the crimson
flow of blood upon his lips that you will
give him~"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/13/2000 2:19 PM

~Argentile's voice almost defing to Me..Me lips move casting a illusion spell that shall blinds any that tries to find me in this thick myst..it seems I begin to surround Ye as Ay have planned fer yer coming this time~

"Archaon has retired..or that is putting it lightly"

~my voice rings around ye as you have no sense of which casted image Ay could be..Me movement metholical as Ay work Me illusions around ye...yer presense against Me will only show Ye how strong Ay really am~

Dallon Brus ~ RAMMSTEIN
L o r d O f S o u l s | S i C
Realm of Lochshin (http://www.csulb.edu/~rodgersd/java2.htm)

"All our souls are written in out eyes"

06/13/2000 2:28 PM

~The Demon chuckles at your spell. Almost pitying
the pain and suffering that you are about to feel.~

"This is the spell you bring to me Rammstein? This
pitiful gathering of Magic?"

Chanting sternly and casting Mirror Image 8.
Watching as 8 images of him appear in Random

"Surrender now Rammstein and I will let your soul
go straight to Hell. I will not torture you first."

Moving in Random directions. Sniffing the air.
Smelling your blood. Looking around and noting the
direction it comes from.

"Come on Rammsetin. Don't be a fool."

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/13/2000 2:36 PM

~laughing Meself..as Me spell begins to shift as one by one Me illusions grow to only 4..Ay move closer at the direction yer hate fer Me is most iluminate~

"tis not what Ye have in store as well..now are we ready to fight? or are we ready to run?"

~a flash of blue~white light streaks from the ground upward at yer pure form..Ay watch as Me free hand is pointing to yer pure form casting the streak of light at ye~

Dallon Brus ~ RAMMSTEIN
L o r d O f S o u l s | S i C
Realm of Lochshin (http://www.csulb.edu/~rodgersd/java2.htm)

"All our souls are written in out eyes"

06/13/2000 2:43 PM

~Looking to the flash of light that approaches the
image. The images and myself shaking our heads as
it vanishes~

"You always took me for a fool Rammstein."

Slipping his images away. Banishing his own spell.

"I am ready to fight. Are you?""Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/13/2000 2:54 PM

"and so did you Demon"

~my voice rages with anger as this foe has always taken to his hiding places rather fight face to face..the myst surrounds us closer as the dawn of light is nearly half a moon away~

~twisting Me steel with Me wrist as it dances...Me grip tightens as Ay look over Me shoulder hearing a creeping sound..leaving Me back open letting Him know Ay shall draw him in this way~

"Dekla awaits your hellfire!"

~Me lips part softly as my voice can bairly heard by Meself~

Dallon Brus ~ RAMMSTEIN
L o r d O f S o u l s | S i C
Realm of Lochshin (http://www.csulb.edu/~rodgersd/java2.htm)

"All our souls are written in out eyes"

06/13/2000 3:37 PM

(( OOC: Is this private or can anyone join in??))


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'Are you looking at me?'

'I said: ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME !?!?!?!?'

Jordie, to a Beholder

06/13/2000 3:58 PM

((anyone can join...we shall see where it goes...though...RammStein and DemonArgentile hate each other...so as the title of this thread...chose a side...Laughing...it was going to be finished today...but we both had to do something RT...but then we said let's make it open...I mean...it could turn into a big battle within the mysts))

Dallon Brus ~ RAMMSTEIN
L o r d O f S o u l s | S i C
Realm of Lochshin (http://www.csulb.edu/~rodgersd/java2.htm)

"All our souls are written in out eyes"

06/13/2000 5:53 PM

"Leaving your back open is unwise!"

~Spreading wings and taking into the air. His
wingspan just over 8'. Talons gripping The
Slayer of Kings. The sword of Solid Hellfire.
Spinning as I pass over you. Landing in front
of you.~

"You shall not escape that easy Rammstein!"

~Thrusting out his sword. Ignoring the new one
for now as he poses no threat. Watching his
sword fly out towards you. Knowing you will
block it but having a surprise for you when
you do.~

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/14/2000 2:29 AM

Jordie looked on from the shadows, his eyes full
of hatred of the baatezu. His thoughts far away
in events past.

'What are you waiting for....winter?' he heard a voice say
in his head, 'twas the sarcastic voice of his sentient
armor, shadow.

Shaken out of the memories, Jordie pulled his dual
blades out of their scabbards. A falchion, flaming
with holy fire and a scimitar, crackling with
lightning. Both were hungry for the Fiends' blood.

He floated of the ground and started for the fiend
, flying at incredible speeds. His blades leading the way.

'Hey, Ugly!' he yelled at the Pit fiend to the great
enjoyment of his armor 'I've got a present for ya....'


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'Are you looking at me?'

'I said: ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME !?!?!?!?'

Jordie, to a Beholder

06/14/2000 3:01 AM

~Spinning as the other one attacks. Thrusting a
hand out and letting a small clump of hellfire
loose from his hand.~

"Stay the fuck out of this little man!"

~Looking back towards Rammstein. Slipping his
daggar into his hand and tossing it towards
his head~

"And have your little friend stay the fuck
out of this or he will end up in a long wooden
box before I break a fucking sweat!"

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/14/2000 5:16 AM

'Pathetic!' Jordie laughs as he shrugs off the hellfire 'You fire
hellfire at the Master of Fire?! You Pit Fiends
are getting dumber with the minute.'

He lands on the ground, pointing his scimitar
towards the fiend..... He starts chanting and
the scimitar starts glowing brighter and brighter
with electric energy.

'A long wooden box?' Shadow, Jordie's black
leather armor, adds 'What a fag...when we're
done with you, there won't be enough of you left
to fill a bottle!'

Jordie finishes his incantation with a loud shout,
which pains your ears.
'Lightning Strike!' he shouts, his voice
thunders and balls of lightning start firing
at the Pit Fiend....

((OOC: lightning does full damage against Baatezu, hehe
and I must tell you, this spell does a lot of lightning
damage....LOL, too bad he can only use it once a day ))


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'Are you looking at me?'

'I said: ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME !?!?!?!?'

Jordie, to a Beholder

06/14/2000 7:10 AM

~Rolling my eyes as I look to Rammstein, who has
hears all to often those same words spoken to me
by his own friends. Taking one lightning bolt in
the arm before his spell of Prismatic Sphere
completes its form. Looking back to your now as
the lightning bolts stike and sizzle against the

"Do not make me change my tone little man. Go now,
While I still respect you."

~Turning his attentions to Rammstein. Touching The
Slayer of Kings to his arm and healing his wound.~

"I should just gate that piece of shit to Baator
and see how long he survives."

~He could see the smile on Rammstein's face. Rammstein
knew Baator all too well. Our paths had crossed
many times, and would many more. The evening
air cold and brisk, the sun setting fast and the
Demon gaining power rapidly as the sun fades.~

((I know Rammstein made this an open Forum, But
it was originally scheduled to be just us. If you
would like to form an alliance with Rammstein, etc.
I think that it would be cool. I would just appreciate
it if Rammy and I could carry this out together.
You can interact etc. But you don't even know my
char, to just attack the Dark Lord of the first plane
of hell is, well, to say, Presumptuous at best.))"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/14/2000 8:32 AM

((Well, for one, my character is a professional
fiend-slayer and has killed a lot of Baatezu, including
a Lord[a minor lord, but still]. So I say underestemating him is, well, a
lot more presumptuous. My character
has a habit of attacking Baatezu on sight, not caring
if they are lords or whatever. Because of his great hate for them
. But we'll see what happens, maybe you can gate me to Baator
after a few posts. I would have to fight my way
back and even if I succeed, the fight between you
two guys will probably be over. Just tell me what you


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'Are you looking at me?'

'I said: ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME !?!?!?!?'

Jordie, to a Beholder

06/14/2000 8:46 AM

((I am not questioning your chars strength. Just his
sense. ~s~ Its all good. I love gaming with new
people. You are a bit agressive, and Argentile went
the distance with BLACKCLOAK, whom you have absolutely
no idea who that is. Rammstein does but that makes no
difference. Glad to game with you, Look forward to
developing good storylines.

Matt))"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/14/2000 3:04 PM

((I don't have time to post to add to the story yet...I'm at work...but let's play guys...creativity can work around things))

Dallon Brus ~ RAMMSTEIN
L o r d O f S o u l s | S i C
Realm of Lochshin (http://www.csulb.edu/~rodgersd/java2.htm)

"All our souls are written in out eyes"

06/15/2000 4:06 AM

((Well, it's your turn, I believe so I'll just wait
for you. Let's get busy!))

Jordie falls back for a second, thinking...

'I don't know this guy,' he says, scouring his memories
'You know him, Shadow?'

'Nope,' his armor retorts 'Just another dead Pit Fiend
for me.'

Jordie thinks hard about the few things he heard about
hell the last few weeks. Most of the time he wouldn't
even care about what happened in Hell. All he knew was
that there had been a power-struggle after he killed
that duke.

'Wait a second, wasn't there a new leader in the first
layer?' he asked.

'Oh yeah,' shadow remembered it 'Big Pit Fiend, big sword.'

They looked over at the Pit Fiend, who was still busy
fighting the other guy.

'Big Pit Fiend,' Jordie said

'Check,' shadow said

'Big sword.'


'Big attitude.'


'Shadow, power up, we'll need it,' he stated and with
a few arcane words a cloak appeared on Jordie's back
, followed by his bracers, rings and all his other
devil-slaying equipment.

Jordie started to glow fiercely, half of him was white
with blazing holy fire, the other half blue with crackling
lightning. Jordie pulled out a few dazzling routines with
his blades and threw himself back into the fight.


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'Are you looking at me?'

'I said: ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME !?!?!?!?'

Jordie, to a Beholder

06/15/2000 5:23 AM

((Excellent post))

~Watching the one boost his armor. Chuckling.
Holding The Slayer of Kings in his right talon.
Then jamming it down into the earth violently
with a viscious roar.~

"Lucifer, WARLORD, Asmodeus! I call forth my Armor!
Give me my strength!"

~The night had fallen and the moon was first
quarter. His skin began to harden, spikes and
metal sheets of armor began to rise from the
very skin of this demon. The spines on his
fists and shoulders the sharpest and most deadly.
The armor nor protecting his torso and arms.
Picking up The Slayer of kings and taking into
the air after banishing his prismatic Sphere.
Hi wingspan magnifiscent among the baazetu.
This quite common among Pit Fiends. A single spike
at the front of his wings. Taking into the air
and circling the area. Deciding which he should
lay on his alter as a sacrifice for Asmodeus

"Now you will taste what is coming to you Slayer
of Baazetu. You kill my brothers, My sisters,
Then you will taste the wrath of HELL!!!"

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/16/2000 11:25 AM

Jordie growled as he heard the name of his tormentor,
Lucifer. Images of his endless torment at the devil's hands flooded
his mind.

'Pick me! Pick me!' shadow chuckled at the Pit Fiend's

Jordie's rage started to build higher and higher.

'Jordie?' shadow privately asked. No answer.....

'Hello? Anyone home?' he asked again.

A primal roar left Jordie's lips.

'Oh oh....' shadow gasped 'He's lost it.'

Jordie literaly blasted
off the ground then, leaving a large crater where he
had been. He went straight for the Pit Fiend, closing
the distance in the blink of an eye. His holy fire ready
to sear the flesh off the evil devil before him as well
as the one inside himself......


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'Are you looking at me?'

'I said: ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME !?!?!?!?'

Jordie, to a Beholder

06/16/2000 12:09 PM

~The son of Mephistopholes watched helplessly as the enraged madman flew at him. Dipping and diving trying to shake him in the air. Then remembering an ancient manuver. Dipping quick down towards Rammstein. Flying past him. Clouding his vision with a blast of smokey fire from the Slayer of kings. Dipping quick around rammstein and flying back the other way. Leaving The madman to fly straight for Rammstein.~

"Lucifer led the first rebellion and failed little man. When the forces unite to lead the second, there shall be no failing. This 'divine one' shall be torn from his throne and cast by me personnaly, into the firey pits of Baator!"

~A dark chuckle eminated from him as he took to camoflauge in the thicket. watching. Waiting to see if the idiot will strike the one whom's side he claims to fight for.~

((Wait to let Rammstein respond to this. It may be worth it.))

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/16/2000 2:18 PM

((hehe, smart maneuvre you pulled there. Indeed, this could
get interesting......))


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'Are you looking at me?'

'I said: ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME !?!?!?!?'

Jordie, to a Beholder

06/16/2000 2:45 PM

((~Chuckle~ The Baazetu are geniuses. They are some of the most intelligent creatures on or off the planet. They match up with most Liches and even the cerephym. The highest chior of angel. As for Argentile, Well, He really just wants to kill Rammstein, but you are starting to piss him off. LOL. Rock on Man.))

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/16/2000 3:53 PM

(( Son of Mephistopheles, you say? Interesting, on
my world, my character is having a big conflict with
ol' Meph. Not by himself, of course: he's got his
powerful friends by his side [worth mentioning is his
wife Imoen, you may have seen her in other threads here]
and an army of Tanar'ri at his back.[he hates tanar'ri,
but hey, we're talking about slaying Meph here]
Maybe you got some hints? Well actually, I'm not
just storming his castle, you know. Meph actually
wants me to come [don't know why yet, but I guess my DM
will spill it sooner or later. Maybe I have something he
wants...], though he doesn't know I'm bringing an army
of demons with me...LOL. I'd like to see the surprise on
his face, hehe.))


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/16/2000 3:58 PM

((another question: Who exactly is Rammstein? We know
that you are the lord of the first layer of hell and
we know I'm a fiendslayer with some BIG problems. But
who they hell is Rammstein? What does he do for a


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/16/2000 5:54 PM

((Rammy is the lord of the Scoire clan. Other than that, and hating the shit out of Argentile, No one really knows much about him. As far as your DM saying that Meph wants you to come in, It is NEVER a good thing when Meph wants you to come into his house. The man refuses to even acknowledge MY existance. LOL. My guess is that either you will be burnt to a firey crisp, or he is gonna twist the plot 400000 degrees on you. Speaking from a DM's perspective that is.))"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/16/2000 5:57 PM

((As for the Ta'narri, Argentile hates them. He would fight alongside Rammstein before he would a Ta'narri. BLACKCLOAK was the Archmagi at one time when Argentile fought him. Blackcloak broke the staff of the Archmagi before Argentile could cast Mordkanian's disjunction. This caused a backlash. We were lucky either of us survived the blast.))"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/17/2000 3:03 AM

((seeing that I'm the master of fire, I don't think he'll
burn me to a crisp, hehe. But I do think he's going to try his
best to completely annihalite my character. My dm
always sends the craziest beings at me. He sent me
one-on-one against an Iron golem with only my fire
sword and, as we all know, fire heals an Iron Golem!
I was doing about one damage to him per round, while
he was beating me to a bloody pulp! This was all before
I got my special powers, I was practically a normal
human then, only having above normal strength and the
ability to fly. Now I have my special powers, I could
defeat an Iron Golem without to much problems, so
now he gets me in a plot to fight a Freakin' Lord of the
Nine Hells and probably get myself killed...*sighs*))


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/17/2000 10:49 AM

((You know, Meph doesn't take too well to holy water.))

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/22/2000 1:32 PM

((sorry guys..I've been sick with Bronchitis...and I'm so far out of things...that I think best to just vannish from this fight for now...I'm not thinking straight in any case

Neo to answer your question who RammStein is...as it seems my friend Argentile just only gave you a small note..*l*

RammStein is an Immortal being...having fought his tides with the dark and now seeks to revenge his dark ways by fighting against them...He is a Warrior to most but also a hint of Mage or cleric...in the world I'm creating he is a Unue Warrior...which is a warrior that has training in all forms of the nine elements...RammStein has completed all 13 chambers...and grows in strength everyday...in any case he is one bad mother WHAT you say!...watch your mouth now!...*smirk*...and he ruins dark warriors/demons/mages/etc plans all the time...*s*...just ask Argentile what I have done to ruin some of his plans

take it easy you two...and fight on


Dallon Brus ~ RAMMSTEIN
L o r d O f S o u l s | S i C
Realm of Lochshin (http://www.csulb.edu/~rodgersd/java2.htm)

"All our souls are written in out eyes"

06/22/2000 2:01 PM

((But to be such a horrible enemy, There must be friendship. Recover well Rammy and ICQ me whenever you can.))

~Looking to the one who withdraws.~

"Alright you little piss ant. You made my main catch withdraw. Now I'm pissed.""Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/22/2000 4:14 PM

Jordie crashes into the ground, exploding into a
multitude of colors. His rage played out, he stands
up, looking you straight into the eyes.

He seems different somehow. When he removes his hood
fully and you stare into his features, you feel as
if you recognize him from somewhere. You think it's from
one of the ancient Baatorian scripts, some age old
warning of the coming of a powerful warrior, either friend
or foe.

'You're pissed?' he barks at you 'You ruined my life.
captured me, tortured me, CHANGED me. Worst of all you
made me kill innocents. For that, YOU WILL DIE!'

'Allright, you're back!' shadow cheers.

Jordie starts walking at you, slowly and confidently.
His cloak dramaticaly moving in the wind, his swords
hanging comfortably at his sides.

'Now,' he calmly speaks 'You will know pain.'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/23/2000 2:49 AM

~Silently watching you. Drawing the Slayer of Kings and letting you approach. His hardened armor in full effect. Resistance to non Baatorian Magicks and Spikes from his shoulder to his fist.~

"You seem familiar little man. Did I slay your father and make you watch while I raped Mommy?"

~He took a battle stance and waited for your attack, much better at countering attacks than making them.~

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/24/2000 5:58 AM

Smirking as he sees your battle-stance, he speaks
to shadow.

'No weaknesses,' he telepathicaly says 'At least....'

'Not in the front.' shadow finishes for him.


Jordie takes a battle-stance of himself, his swords
horizontally at his front and his back. From above
he would look like a 'Z'.

He pushes off the ground towards you, spinning as he
goes. His swords now appear as one unbroken circle, like
an asteroid-belt around a planet.

'Now!' Jordie yells as he reaches you.

With a dark glow enclosing around him, he disappears
into the shadows before you. He reappears out of your
own shadow, at your back. Still spinning, his blades less
then a foot away from you and fast approaching.....

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/24/2000 8:59 PM

~Seeing you vanish into the shadow. Growling. Knowing what is coming next. Spinning, Making it in time to block the second blade. Catching the first blade in his shoulder armor. Doing a spin of his own, protecting his shoulder. Dropping low. Then kicking out with his lower talon. Letting his wings spread out and form around him, hardening. Forming a protective shield around his form. Drawing his leg back in and sealing it shut. Knowing he can still cast from inside the shield. Thinking that Prismatic Sphere will be his frst spell.~

"Not gonna be good enough. Magick time."

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/25/2000 3:25 PM

Jordie takes the blow in his stomach, shadow protecting
him from most of its force. With a backwards somersault
he lands on his feet.

'Aren't you glad you started wearing armor when you
found me, eh?' shadow chuckled.

Around the fiend a prismatic sphere appeared.

'Aww, I don't think I have a cone of cold handy,'
Jordie smirked 'But I do have this.'

Out of his cloak he pulled a rod, he waved it at
the fiend and its prismatic sphere disappeared.

'Now, shall we continue?' he laughed 'Or do you want
me to wave it again?'

Jordie took up a battle-stance...

((OOC: the rod can cast Mordekainen's disjunction,
among other things..lol))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/26/2000 8:42 AM

((OOC: Would not the rod disappear if you cast Mordkanian's disjunction?))

~Snickering slightly.~


Drawing the Slayer of kigs and spinning. Using his wings to turn rapidly in a circle. The sword spins like a circular saw blade. Then he dips and shoots into the sky. Catching an air current and diving back for you. The Pit Fiend howling from the depths of hell and beyond. Slicing the slayer of kings and watching as the balls of hellfire rain down on your from above. Then, Slipping back onto the ground.~

"A little death, a little destruction, Lucifer's return, its gonna be a good week."

~Jamming his fist into the ground. The ground begins to shake. A gate appears. Demons never fight fair, and seldom alone. Fo here before you lies the gate to baator. Slipping out of it, four of his personal bodyguards. One Lich, One Undead Warrior, A Demon and a warlock.~


~He says as he stands~

"You may either enter the portal, or we will most certainly take you there by force. I have had enough of toying with you. You will either serve me, or I will destroy you."

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/26/2000 9:29 AM

((OOC: nope, mordenkainen's disjunction disrupts
everything that is magical, except the things being
touched or worn by the caster. If it didn't, who would
be crazy enough to cast it?))

He justs stands there as the hellfire hits him, doing
no more damage as a sling-bullet would do to a wall
of force.

'How many times do I have to tell you, fiend?' he snickers
as he barely dodges the blade 'Fire doesn't work...'

Jordie watches as he sees the portal open and the lackeys

'Four of them? Wow.' he gasps 'This isn't fair, maybe
you should get some more reinforcements to even up the

Jordie was not scared by the undead knight,
his armor would protect him from most of its powers.
And he had fought and killed many Fiends, so the demon
wasn't that much of a problem. The Lich and the Warlock
were the wildcards, he didn't know much about their

'I'd rather die then get captured by the baatezu again,'
he spat at Argentile.

He crossed both his swords over his head. After
muttering a few arcane verses two portals appeared
above him.

'Now,' he roared 'Feel the fury of the elemental planes
of fire and lightning!'

With that the portals start to reveal themselves further,
in one of them roaring flames could be seen, the other shows
the dark clouds of lightning. They started shooting a barrage
of lightning bolts and fireballs at his enemies.

Shadow joined in at the fun, shooting beams of pure negative
energy into the crowd.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/26/2000 10:58 AM

Undead Warrior - The massive bulk of man was too slow to avoid the lighting and fire. They struck him and he seemed tpo fal in agony, but his high tolerance for pain allowed him to keep crawling towards the caster, his helm sheilding his face and eyes, badly burnt, but dead is dead. He keeps crawling.

The other Demon - The fire not affecting him, having been born in the firey pits of hell, lept out quickly at the caster. the lightning trailing him. Dodging most, being small and quick, but catching one in the back as he leaps at you with claws and horns.

The lich - The dead Sorcerer looks to the lightning and waves his hand. Streaks of dasies and rose petals few from the skies instead of lightning. He simply begins chanting ancient words of power. The earth around you begins to rumble.

The Warlock - Doing nothing more than casting protective spels around various allies. But mainly Argentile himself. Keeping up a Prismatic around them and staying more than thirty feet ((Range of MK's Disjnk)) away from the caster.

TDA - Giving various commands with his mind. Keeping hell informed of their progress."Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/27/2000 11:31 AM

Looking up to see a demon spiral towards him, he
takes a horn in his shoulder before he smashes the
hilts of his swords into the little fiend's temples.
The fiend crashes behind him. He so wanted to kill
the little bastard, but greater enemies were closer by.
He had to work fast now, before the portals would close.
Making his way towards the knight, running hard, he felt
the ground beneath him crumble. He went into a tumble, feet

'This isn't that bad,' he thought to himself.

'Hey rustbucket!' he yelled as his feet connected
with the knight's helmet.

They went in a roll. Jordie, being the smaller one,
continuously punching and kicking out, meanwhile avoiding
the knight's lumbering limbs. The roll stopped with the
knight lying with its face to the ground and Jordie kneeling
on its back. With an ear to ear grin Jordie pushed his blades
into its back.

'How's that for a can-opener?' he chuckled.

Meanwhile the portals were slowly starting to close and
shadow was watching his back.

'Jordie,' he said 'I think that lich is up to something.'

Jordie jumped off the knight, bracing himself for whatever
was to come.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/27/2000 1:19 PM

The Knight from hell - Lying still on the ground with a sword in his back.

The Demon - Sitting out this round recovering from severe headache

The lich - Slowly the ground below you seperates, leaving you on an island of land all your own. The canyon seems to be a small one. Easy to run and jump across. ((OOC warning. Looks can be decieving)) The canyon covered in the portal that is collapsing upon you.

The Warlock - Casting Wall of force around the exterior of the canyon. Preventing jumpovers.

((Sorry man, but this could go on forever if we let it.))"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/27/2000 1:21 PM

~Argentile himself watches. The Slayer of Kings resting at his side. Confident his minions have him under control. He departs through his own gate to Baator and is gone from this place. A voice lingers.~

"I told you little man. But you did not listen. Now you will see Asmodeus."

~Then there is nothing but silence.~

"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

06/27/2000 2:25 PM

((OOC: then I'll finish it [read: I'll finish your
minions, lol]))

He watches you depart.

'When I see Asmodeus,' Jordie growled 'It will be on
the day of his death..'

Looking all around him, Jordie sighed. The canyon, the dome of
force (OOC: made this a dome, to make it more interesting))

'I can't fly out of the dome,' Jordie spoke to shadow.

'We can just shadow walk or teleport out,' shadow

'Nah, that would be to easy, let's make this more

Pointing his finger towards the Death Knight, he quickly
chanted a spell. An invisible, intangible beam shot toward
him as he jumped over the canyon, avoiding the portal
by a hairsbread. The beam hit him as he came against
the dome, empowering him with the knight's resistance
for magic and making him able too push through the
wall as if it hadn't been there in the first place.
((OOC: wall of force is magic, so mr will get you past it.
Someone with 99% mr will just walk through it.))

Coming out in a roll on the other side of the wall,
with a thought his sword reappeared in his hand.
He jumped for the warlock, who was still concentrating
on his spell. Shadow fired a bolt of diruptive energy
at the warlock, taking down the few protective barriers
he had set up for himself.

'You should think about protecting yourself instead
of your master,' Jordie said as his scimitar cut
a two-inch deep gash across his throat and his falchion
dived into his lung.

The warlock slipped off his blades, denial in his eyes
as the lich fired several spells at Jordie. Which were
blocked by the magic resistance Jordie had 'borrowed'
from the death knight. Jordie turned on the Lich just
as he heard him start a familiar incantation.

'Lower resistance,' Jordie stated 'Clever....for a dead
guy.' Then to shadow 'Shadow, show him how we deal with dead
things, which feed off the negative energy plane.'

'Gladly,' shadow said as he fired small black spheres
at the Undead spellmaster 'Here, play with this.'

The lich managed to get off the lower resistance spell,
but it wouldn't matter as the spheres hit him. The lich
fell to its knees, its connection to the Negative material
plane was superboosted, making the Lich's movements uncoordinated
and greatly exagerated, stopping it from casting spells.

'How does that feel?' Jordie asked, stalking the Lich.
He sheathed his blades and walked next to the undead,
who was still futily trying to keep itself together.
Jordie pulled his fist back, which started to crackle with lightning.
He landed a great haymaker on the Lich's skull, with
the force of thunder behind it. The skull crumbled to dust,
the bones fell into a pile.

The small fiend was getting up now, shaking his
head to get rid of the head-ache.

'You should have stayed down,' Jordie told it 'Ah well,
I guess you tanar'ri aren't that high on the intellectual
(OOC: I know this is a baatezu, I'm just insulting him))

~Tanar'ri?~ the fiend growled. It threw itself
at Jordie, trying to spike him on its horns again.
This time Jordie was prepared and with a flash a
shield of pure electricity enveloped him. The fiend
hit it and witnessed its power. It felt as if the fiend
was hit by a continual lightning bolt, and in a way
it was. Jordie released the fiend from the current
after it stopped its incessant screaming and dropped
down to the ground.

'Too bad the leader teleported away,' shadow said
'Its head would have been a nice ornament for your wall.'

Jordie chuckled and teleported away from the battlefield,
quite content.

((OOC: so there! I ended it. Happy now? LOL.))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/27/2000 5:49 PM

((OOC: ~snicker~ Good fight))"Logic is for the creatively impaired"
-M. Scruggs

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