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04/17/2002 4:34 PM

WE used to do this all the time in a on line game i used to play.
Directions- you make your charecter however that may be and enter the pub. Whatever you do from there is up to you. Example- Vortex walked in the pub and he puched Palin in the face. And rember the rules no vulgaraty!

04/17/2002 11:55 PM

Thistledown Kendergnome walked in, his pouches bulging. Taking a few gold coins from his pouch (his, not somebody elses!), he droped them in another pouch and withdrew a large flask. Twisting the top off the flask, a few drops splayed from it and landed on the table, quickly burning small holes in it. Thistle sat down and took a swig from the flask.The sword, it thirsts to drink of man.
The sword, at last must win.
Today is gone, and yesterday,
Must echo in the wind.

04/18/2002 8:33 PM

Linearos walks over to Palin and sprays seawater all over Palin. Seeing his magic not disappear, he walks away, shaking his head."Draco dormiens nunquam tittilandus"-"Never tickle a sleeping dragon"

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04/21/2002 4:17 AM

Joe walks in, deducts Linearos five points for illegal Deathgate reference, and walks out.

That which is Joe's is given unto Joe. That which is not of Joe's shalt be given unto Joe. All that is, all that will be, shall be given unto Joe. For his is the hand that guides the world, and his is the heart that rules it.

-- Prophecies of Joe, Special Ego-Buffer Vision, Verse IV

04/28/2002 8:01 PM

Balanstar walks into the pub and looks from side to side. He loosens his sword and strides forward toward the bar. One of the barmaides comes in front of him, "Nice to see you again Balan. How were your autum travels"?
"To long of a tale, lets just say that I doubt I will ever give a magic crystal to a gnome as long as I live".


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