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06/20/2000 1:48 PM

Caspan opened the door to Drey's General Store, a small supply store in the artistic city of Neverwinter. With a sigh at the sight of so much farm equipment he entered.

"Drey you old scoff...where are you at?....I need to resupply before heading back up north..."

The Archer looked around and finally spotted the balding dwarf haggling with several other customers over a large box of dry rations....

He waited patiently for the haggling to end, the customers going away a little shorter on gold than they expected.

"Aye Caspan...back from battling those clueless Banites already?...". The dwarven man stoon behind the counter on a step stool, many of the larger races thought they could outsmart a demi-human based soley on theie size, well Drey Greystone has shone them how wrong they were many...many times before....he was a serious business man that liked to take up the axe every once and a while.

"'Fraid so my friend...rations, torches and water are sparse in the cold north...and those Banites have taken the children of Mirabar almost to the Spine of the World itself...."

The Dwarf guffawed...

"Caspan Blackbow!...Now don't be gettin' yer self killed...I don't like to lose my best customers to adventuring..."

Caspan laughed..even though he considered himself a less than lawful man...especially with his affiliation with the Dragon Cult and the Treasurestone Crime Cartel, but the dwarf had a bad habit of growing on even the most evil of hearts...it was rumored that the old dwarven miner turned general store clerk had dealings even with undead monsters....it was unfounded though.

"Hey...why don't you close up for the rest of the week and come back up north with me...I could always use a front man to keep the Banites from overwhelming me...and your an expert with that Axe...I doubt they could even get near to you..."

The dwarf hummed a battle hymnal as the messed with some supplies under the table and bumped his head as Caspan made his request?

"Close up the General Store and go adventurin'?...I don't know Caspan...I have spent a lot of gold on this place...I reckon I would like to see that money back soon.."

Caspan bell laughed...

"I am sure the Banites aren't broke....you can have whatever we find...as long as I get the children back to Mirabar so I can get my payment."

Just then, several more people entered the general store...

((OOC:.....this is where other people come in...the city is Neverwinter and the setting is a large General store...musty, but well used and fairly popular among adventurers because Drey has been known to be a rumor mongerer and has a lot of information on possible adventuring jobs.))

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06/13/2000 10:14 PM

A large man, of middle age, with dark eastern looks walks through the door. Draped in fine silks of Sembian, or perhaps even Thayen creation, he clearly must have drawn some attention in town.

"Caspian Blackbow I trust? My name is Kern. I am a Holy man from the east, on a pilgrimage of a sort…as close as one such as myself can some to adventuring I suppose. I have wandered these lands in the west this winter, and heard of your expedition to the north. I have been long without company, and the idea of slaying Bainites sounds as good a task as any for one such as myself ."

He laughs to himself, as he speaks of slaying the followers of Bane, and it is not the kind of laugh you feel comfortable around. It sounds like the laugh of a seriously disturbed person… Yet you remind yourself just as quick, that it is just more likely the tone of a foreign man on the road too long…

"I offer your expedition my services as a healer, a cleric, and a sage. Not a bad deal, I think, from one not concerned with receiving payment. No?"

He with an outstretched hand, his face a confident smile, he awaits your response...


06/17/2000 10:55 PM

((OOC:King, is this dead? I thought it held promise...))


06/20/2000 1:48 PM

Dead huh...

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