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07/14/2000 11:11 AM

Harek Crownscape pondered The Solamnic etchings on his sword, just as he had every night since the
untimely death of his father. The Holy Knight of Paladine was always evaluating everything around himself, and he did not spare any of this when deciding just who would go on the journey for the next day, be they magic-wielders or lowly thief scum, their aid would be needed if he was to recover the fabled sceptre of Kiri-Jolith supposedly located in the ruins of Shalost. He would only accept four more warriors, but he was sure they would meet powerful people in the long journey From Solanthas to Shalost (hint,hint). Coincidentally, there were only four more people left to evaluate. Just then, the first one came in

06/13/2000 7:44 AM

*he was a stout dwarf male, clad in chain mail armor, with a large axe strapped across his back. Ordering himself a glass of ale, he sat down to examine his newly acquired prize:a glowing green emerald.*

He is known around these parts to be the blacksmith Danthius Jewlbright. A light-spirited man with deadly skill in battle.

06/13/2000 9:39 AM

*then a knight clad in the solamnic knight of the rose armour comes up. he is a very large man, obviously a very skilled warrior. he walks up and shakes hands with his fellow knight*

"Greetings, I am known as Gunthar Goblinbane throughout the lands. I have the skill of a hundred knights and the blessings of a druid to aide me in combat. None have done battle with me and survived, lest I chose mercy.""The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/13/2000 4:48 PM

Harek pondered these two individuals with great interest. The dwarf had obvious skills with craftsmanship and the axe, while the knight was, well a knight, enough said. He shot a glance of amusement at the two warriors, as he knew now that he would need only these two for the task at hand. "I have a change of plans, we will disembark for the journey at hand tonight, and it will only be us." Seeing the glances of approval from the two stalwart warriors, he then left the tavern with then trailing behind. In but a few hours on the road, horses laden with provisions for the journey, they were singing an ancient dwarven trailsong, when out of nowhere, came nine black-robed bandits the size of Goblins, only different in shape. "Kobolds" yelled Harek while unsheathing his sword. He managed two clean swipes at the nearest one that was headed with a dagger for his neck... a kobold head rolled on the dirt path.....

06/13/2000 6:51 PM

"Perhaps they can offer a good warm-up compared to the usual boring riding." Gunthar said as he unsheated his sword and urged his mount forward. He deftly swung his sword three times, each time cutting a kobold directly in two straight through the torso. The bodies landed heavily on the path. Gunthar turned his mount around to charge again, but the remaining kobolds ran around behind his two companions to keep him from killing them too. He laughs loudly as he watches them battle his companions. He stays still knowing full well that they wouldn't be a match for any one of them."The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/13/2000 9:07 PM

Harek quickly looked for another kobold to dance with, and his gaze was locked on the site of Gunthar hacking through kobold torsos as if they were air. Harek's approving glance did not last long, as he saw the rest of the kobolds run towards him and the dwarf. "Damn kobold put a notch in my sword!... You'll pay dearly for that"
And with that said, Harek muttered a prayer to the god Kiri-Jolith to grant him the power of a holy aura. Harek began to glow white as Solinari, and a small shockwave of holy energy seemed to pulsate around the five remaining kobolds. In a matter of seconds, each and every kobold was nothing but fertilizer. Harek heard a deft laugh from the dwarf, and a bemused word from the knight, "overkill". After the confrontation, they managed to make it to a grassy clearing to set up camp. "We will not have much sleep, so get what you can out of it, goodnight".

06/14/2000 7:52 AM

Day broke, and Danthius was seemingly the first to rise.....yet he could not be sure whether or not his companions were actually sleeping, or putting on airs to suprise their enemies. But it mattered not. He heard the sound of a snapping twig in the nearby area of woods. Rather than bother waking his friends, he decided to investigate. It was merely a few yards away. With axe in hand, he stepped into the forest. It was difficult to see in the early morn light, the mist had not yet lifted, all Danthius could make out were 10 pairs of beady eyes staring back at him, and he decided it was time to awaken his friends.....

06/14/2000 7:57 AM

*Gunthar arose quickly from his sleep as soon as danthius arose him*

"What is it?" he questioned but soon realized the stupidity of that question as he saw the eyes moving towards the group. He looked round the camp, he saw Harek rise and prepare for the battle. he also noticed that whatever they were, they had them surrounded. "No way out but to fight." he said as he hefted his large enchanted bastard sword Swathstinger in a ready position."The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/14/2000 10:29 AM

A muffled, angry (and effiminate) growl is heard from among the rushes.
"Gerrofame-errrRR!" a young woman's voice.
The beady eyes move slightly as three of their kind shove two human forms behind them.
"Knights, we have prisoners. A small ransom for these young ladies- twenty silver each.
The money now, and they will be safe."
A choking, frustrated warbling noise is heard, and then a curse word that should not be repeated.
"Gunthar, don't- they- pwehsh! Auggh geddoffa me!!" More rustling and growls.

06/14/2000 7:11 PM

*Gunthar looks at the bandits then to his money pouch. he takes it off and throws it to the ground halfway between him and the bandits*

"Now release the hostages." he rumbles, tightening his grip on his sword. "There is more than enough money in there."

*the bandits throw the hostages to them and walk forward to take the money. Gunthar aides the women in the middle of the trio and watches as the leader picks up his money pouch and begins to open it*

"Get ready for a real fight, guys." he mutters amongst the group.

*the leader of the bandits look in the pouch and throws it down in disgust. small pieces of worthless copper fly out of it as he screams in rage. the bandits charge the group. Gunthar spins and lobs off the heads of four bandits in one clean swing, but there's more comming....*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/14/2000 9:15 PM

Harek immediately looked at Gunthar when he said the words "Get ready for a real fight, guys" and knew what had transpired. After seeing Gunthar lob 4 bandit heads off with one swing, Harek sheathed his sword casually, then went immediately to Danthius who was standing guard over the two young ladies. Upon first inspection, the ladies looked like city girls, unaccustomed to the rigors of the trail, let along hostages. Then again, as he looked at the one with hair like wildfire, he noticed a burning ember of resiliance in her eye..... obviously the one who was trying to warn Gunthar of the thieves' attempted "trap". As soon as he had finished his
assumptions of the two women, he had no time to talk, as he saw what was coming out of the bushes.
Danthius was the first to yell a warning to Gunthar, a warning that may very well have saved his life....

06/15/2000 6:56 AM

*Gunthar got ready for another swing when he heard Danthius' warning. he looked on as dire wolves jumped out of the bushes. he was able to see some bemused smiles on the faces of the bandits. he readjusted his stance to face the oncommming wolves. without saying a word he chopped one in two, straight down the back as it leaped at him, the two parts flying past him on either side and hit a bandit that reeled back in disgust. he pulled his sword up in time to cut the face of another dire wolf as it was about to bite his leg*

"Enjoying the show?" he asked his companions.

*he thrust his sword deep into the skull of yet another dire wolf. he looked around and sized up the situation. they were completely surrounded by bandits and more dire wolves were comming out of the bushes. Gunthar grunted at the sight, thinking he would easily take them, but he would have to be careful not to hurt his friends*

"Move in in a tight circle." he said.

*they close in tight and Gunthar waves his free hand. fire erupts for half a second all around them and nearly incinerates all the bandits and wolves. the few that survived are running around trying to stop the pain of the burns*

"Two minus one leaves none."

06/15/2000 7:42 AM

Men and wolves lay burnt to a crisp on the ground all around. Danthius found one of the still living, and attempted to interregate him, yet all he could get from the charred remains of a former bandit were cries of pain.

"I don't think we'll be getting much information from these fellows. It'll probably will be a good idea to move out."

After thoroughly searching the bodies, finding little intact, or usable. Danthius pulled a hunk of wood from one of his pouches and began to intricatly carve it, awaiting his companions decision of where to head.

06/15/2000 9:22 AM

Jessamine methodically breaks the necks of most of the remaining bandits, breaking the back of one with a sharp axe kick. then she bends over one and retrieves her weapons- a sword, many daggers that disappear into her leather outfit, and a longbow. She stands up and shakes the hand of each of the men there, handing the money to TK as she does. "Thanks...they snuck up on us while we were sleeping. never even heard them. what is this neways?" she nods to the group.

06/15/2000 10:06 AM

"This... is a group on a journey to find the sceptre of Kiri-Jolith, believed to be located in Shalost. I need to find this, because as of lately, the knighthood has been lacking its former belief in righteousness and courage throughout the land. New recruits into the knighthood have not been respecting their superiors' intuition, such as mine and Gunthar's, and have been taking it upon themselves that being a knight is about having the fairest damsel, and the most polished sword. Hence, we journey to find the sceptre that will, I hope, bring together the knighthood once again. You may join us if you please, after seeing that axe kick, im sure your skills will be quite useful m'lady. I fear there is something awry in the lands as of late anyway, and it would help to cleanse the roads of bandits such as these, although I think something else is transpiring here.... perhaps there is an amassing of evil forces, and they are the advance scouts... I've seen stranger things in these times. Pack up men, and ladies of course, we will try to make it for Caergoth by nightfall. There we can leave the next day by boat, and be in Sanction the next week... provided there is no trouble.

06/15/2000 10:31 AM

*nods as he accepts Harek's leadership*

"Shall we be off?"

*he grabs his pack and quickly rolls it up and is ready for travel*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/15/2000 10:39 AM

Yes we shall.... what song should we sing this time? ahhh, i have it, the song of huma. Ok, if no one else wants to sing, i'll lead then. As Harek sang, not long after did Gunthar, then
Danthius, and finally Jessamine join in. Not long after noon, they companions were half-way to Caergoth already, when they decided to stop for a luncheon. Jessamine had been bragging about her Rabbit Stew so much, that Danthius became so perturbed, he challenged her to a duel of food. Whichever food pleased the two knights the most, would be the winner. The two knights heartily agreed, not willing to give up the promise of food.......

06/15/2000 2:28 PM

_Sighs shudders and shakes her head_ the Real Jessamine doesn't even like Rabbit Stew, but naturally is a good cook. :)
"Danthius, i'll wager the only thing you can make is jizz and spooge... but alright. " jessamine turns out an awesome chikin-lime thing with seasoned, dark juicy rice and pulls the perfect Beam out...and the poppy rolls were great.
If you got her smashed enough, you'd discover how delicious her kisses were, something even Danthius probably cannot boast about. :)

06/15/2000 4:01 PM

Harek laughs at the joke intended upon Danthius, and notices the dwarven male blushing as red as a tomato. After the hearty meal, and the lost bet by Danthius, the four companions set out for the rest of the journey to Caergoth, and made quite good time. They were in Caergoth by nightfall, and were staying at an inn called "The Sultry Pig"
when they decided to go for a walk. They talked of their homes, and what their friends might be doing right now, until they came upon a half-ogre and some hard-looking mercenaries pushing around the patron of a bar. Gunthar was the first to speak, "Fear not just sir, I will save thee". Harek and Danthius looked at each other, and seemed to say with unspoken words "not again!".
They merely backed off, and let Gunthar handle this one.

06/15/2000 6:19 PM

*Gunthar walked up and caught the bar patron as she was being thrown between some of the mercenaries*

"Art thou ok?" he asks as he assists her to a nearby table, away from the protaganists. "Art thou hurt?"

*the patron said she was fine and went back behind the bar. Gunthar turned around just in time to get a fist right in the face. he fell back a few steps and put a hand to his face. he took his hand off and looked at it...*

"You will pay for that, vile scum!" he roared.

*he reared back and punched the mercenary so hard he flew twenty feet across the room, but mysteriously missed all furniture and only created a few splinters in the far wall*

"You should learn to respect your elders."

*the rest of the mercenaries and the half-ogre then surround Gunthar in a semi-circle*

"Oh, not you too?"

*they charge the knight who takes a well-timed step back at the last moment. all of the mercenaries hit each other and fall down, most unconcious. the half-ogre beamed at him and stepped over the bodies of his 'comrades'. he swings with all of his might at Gunthar who just catches its fist and holds it there*

"Seriously, you didn't think you could out power me? I have beaten a storm giant in a wrestling match." he flicks his wrist and the half-ogre flips and falls on the 'bed' of mercenaries.

*Gunthar walks over to the patron who had been abused and asked her once more if she was ok. she replied affirmatively and thanked him for saving her and said that he and his group could have free drinks for the night if they so wished. Gunthar looked back at the rest of the group, waiting for anyone to reply, he was almost sure they would stay for at least a little, Danthius not being able to resist the call of Dwarf Spirits*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/15/2000 11:41 PM

Jessamine says that she thinks it would be fine, as they don't exactly have an endless supply in their packs,
but as they go in and are seated, she touches TK on the arm and says quietly, "Do you sense something wrong here?...something...in the air." she looks up to the ceiling as if she can see into the rooms above
and She chews her lip anxiously.

06/16/2000 7:35 AM

*Gunthar stops and feels the air in the bar*

"Hmmm.... you could be right, but I can't put my finger on what it is..."

*he graciously accepts a mug of ale and starts drinking*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/16/2000 7:40 AM

Jessamine shakes her head and looks up again.
"I dont' think we should stay here tonight." she takes a goblet of wine and sips it absently.

06/16/2000 8:03 AM

Aye, something definately amiss here.....I'd rather swim the depths of the newsea than stay in this wretched place." grunts a seemingly disturbed Danthius. In any event I beleive that we should keep an eye on the transpirings which the knights sense will occur....

*he grabs his mug of fine ale, and sits againt a corner, watching and waiting, axe on his lap...

06/16/2000 11:06 AM

"he's a strange one, isn't he?" Jessamine remarks to Gunthar (what kind of name is that anyways :-) )
her hand strays to the daggers at her hip, and she looks at Gunthar's lap to see if he has his out too.

06/16/2000 11:47 AM

"aye, indeed me lass. Odder than a ogre in the tower of the stars. Reminds me of a rattlebrained hill dwarf i used to know by the name of Bistleton Stonebrand, i remember a time when...(he reveals the story of his friend until something catches his eye: a door, open just a crack, but a small pair of eyes can be seen, when he turns his gaze onto this oddity, the door closes quickly....Jessamine and Gunthar do not see the door closing, but Harek aparently catches the movement, and all get the feeling that something is up...

06/16/2000 7:04 PM

She looks around, troubled, and tells Gunthar and the rest to not drink any more... she puts a hand to the side of her face, already becoming pale, and her other to the side of her neck...

"Let's get out of here...someone will have to help me walk," she says weakly as she stands up, her daggers back in.

06/16/2000 7:13 PM

Outside, in the pouring, thundering rain,
Jessamine leans heavily on Gunthar's side,
her voice seems to come far away as she sings,
almost incoherently,
"My tears they are not cold, i wonder why....
got out of bed at all.......
the morning rain clouds up my window, and i can't see at all
rain comes pouring down, put your picture on my wall....it reminds me, that it's not so bad...not so bad..."
a crack of thunder sounds, and she doesn't notice.
Pain has built up inside her
and she can no longer stand up by herself...

"Please, tell them that...i love them all, and tell Tanin, i am sorry.

and tell leana nightbreeze i just...just couldn't, and tell her thank you, for her help. it doesn't matter anymore....does it....?"

she breathes as the world swims before her in hazy waves of water.

She drops her head onto Gunthar's shoulder, breathing her last breath.

Her poisoned body is limp and her hair runs in dark golden rivulets, soaked by the storm, but her body is warm still.

<3 ya,

06/16/2000 10:34 PM

Harek looks dizzily at his surroundings, somehow, he had been in a tavern one minute, and in the open rain the next. The sound of Jessamine
greeted his ears, but she sounded different than before.... no time to ponder the situation, as he started retching profusely on the city street. He heard a faint word from Danthius, "poison", and he lost all seeing.

06/19/2000 10:46 AM

*Gunthar looks at Jessamine on his shoulder and thinks that she is asleep. he then looks at Danthius and Harek and notices them swooning. he hears the word 'poison' and then looks in shock at Jessamine. he stares at her, does not notice any movement whatsoever. he watches as Harek and Danthius fall over from the poison as he starts to feel the first effects of it. he lets Jessamine's dead body fall from his now limpening body, unable to bear the weight any more*

"What is happening?" he asks himself.

*he says a brief prayer as he falls to the ground and lands with a large splash of mud*


*he awakens in a cave of ice, but it is not cold at all inside the cave. in fact, it is nice and very warm. Gunthar at first wonders why the ice doesn't melt but then comes to the realization that his prayer was answered. his friend Saai had saved them. he looked around his friend's cave and saw Danthius and Harek lying still on a bed like the one he was on. he looked around for Jessamine but did not see her. he got up to investigate the familiar territory, seeing as how it had been at least five years since he had been here. he walks to the back room where he sees his friend Saai leaning over a female's body. he inspects the body more closely and notices that it is Jessamine. he walks up and kneels beside Saai and concentrates with him. they both stay kneeling there for hours and hours on end. not sure how long they have been there, Danthius and Harek walk in*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/20/2000 4:37 PM

"Blessed be to Paladine, is Jessamine okay?"
Gunthar looks up momentarily, before giving a disgruntled sigh. Obviously, he did not know....
Harek, being Very practiced in the arts of the clergy, kneeled down and focused his mind power into the picture of Jessamine, alive and dead. Even with three such as these men were, it was hard to tell if Jes would survive or not. Danthius, knowing what the men were doing, prayed to Reorx for her as well, while sitting down to start whittling on a piece of wood. Three hours later, at least that's what Danthius said, He had just finished his carving of Jessamine, when a faint blue aura began to resonate around Harek, Gunthar, and Saai. Harek immediately repeated a Solamnic chant over and over, "Ist Ofladst Mikal Oth Paladine". As he did so, Gunthar joined in on the second repeat, and on the third time, Saai joined in as well. Colour was returning to the face of Jess, but it was not enough yet to be happy......

06/20/2000 6:40 PM

*Gunthar watched in awe as Jessamine's spirit returned to her body. Saai opened his eyes and looked at the woman*

"Leave us alone." Saai said.

*Gunthar and Harek stood up and walked out, followed by a slightly confused Danthius. they rounded a corner and sat down in a large room with intracate carvings of dragons around the walls*

"This is the trial chamber where Saai tested to become arch-druid. He had to face the spirit of a black dragon. The walls depict the epic struggle between the two. The dragon couldn't harm Saai with its magic and Saai couldn't harm the dragon with his staff. They battled for nearly a year before Saai finally collapsed and the dragon pushed its advantage. Saai quickly faded into the ice of the cavern and entombed the spirit of the dragon here, in this very room. If you are quiet, you can hear the dragon still screaming in rage."

*as Gunthar finished his tale, Saai walked in, leaning heavily upon his staff*

She is fine, let her rest. She should take it easy for quite a while, she will not be able to continue with your quest. However, I may be of assistance in teleporting you to your destination. Or would you rather walk from the frozen south all the way to your destination?"Two minus one leaves none."

06/22/2000 3:25 PM

Harek said "yes" to the idea of teleportation, even before his companions had time to speak, as he knew off the bat what they would say to this. Before Saai prepared the teleportation spell, he gave a week's worth of provisions to the warriors, muttering something about "you never know...". After about fifteen minutes, the spell was prepared, and the companions stepped into the circle simultaneously as Saai uttered the spidery words of the Druidic Magi. Blue light surrounded the trio, and soon Saai disappeared from view with a faint "Dear God! He's thwarting the spell!...".ZZZZZAP. They had appeared in some sort os small valley, with scalable hills on both sides. What was strange to Harek though, was that there was a stream running through the valley. That's odd, Harek said to himself, I thought the river in Shalost had dried up long ago..Danthius, being the first one to reach the top, let out a surprised gasp, and immediately went down on his knees so that only his eyes appeared above the top of the hill. Gunthar and Harek both looked at Danthius, then at each other, and ran up to the Dwarf. What they saw was unbelievable... The city of Shalost was new again, only in the middle of some sort of attack by massive figures. Elven archers were virtually spilling arrows upon the massive figures, felling the great giants. Gunthar said "they're ogres, but they look different, they're as big as they were in the age of Might, but that's impossible!"...

06/26/2000 2:01 PM

"Impossible, impossible." Gunthar muttered over and over. "Or is it? Did something go awry and we got teleported back in time? Could it be?" Gunthar looked at the humongous ogres and shook his head. "What is going on. . . .""Two minus one leaves none."

06/26/2000 2:36 PM

"I don't know, but we don't have time to speculate!! Five Ogres at twelve o'clock, and they're comin' fast.... Danthius readied his Battle Axe, Gunthar put a spell enchantment on his sword, and Harek muttered a holy spell on his shield. !THWACK! Three arrows streamed just over the warriors' heads, and landed square in the face of the nearest Ogre, shattering him forever. Not knowing whether the warriors were friends or foe, the elven rangers decided they would work on killing the Ugly ones first...

06/26/2000 2:48 PM

*Gunthar saw his chance to strike as the four remaining ogres looked amongst themselves in confusion. Gunthar darted past the right flank of them and cut the ogre's leg off and it fell over crying out in pain. he then turned quickly to stand on what was once their rear. They were now surrounded by the knight on one side and another knight and a dwarf on the other side. They stood their ground and each one turned to face a different person, one towards Danthius, one towards Harek and one towards Gunthar*

"This does not bode well, what is happening?!""Two minus one leaves none."

06/26/2000 5:54 PM

Seeing the Ogre make its charge at him, Harek side-stepped just a tad so that his shield was in perfect alignment with the enemy. Harek uttered the ancient Solamnic words just as the Ogre raised its massive club, and searing blue flame launched out in a stream towards the ogre. The smell of burning flesh was all that was left of the brute.

06/27/2000 9:36 AM

*Gunthar raised his sword in a parry and cursed the fact that he had left his shield at home. the moment the ogre's club hit his sword, it was sliced in two. the front part continued with its momentum and slammed into his side, nearly knocking him down*

"You'll pay for that."

*Gunthar took two steps forward and grabbed the ogre by the belt he spun around and threw it into the last ogre remaining. those two fell forward and impaled themselves upon Danthius's blade*

"That should take care of 'em."

*just as he said that an arrow whizzed past his head. he looked behind him to see that the arrow was now lodged neatly in the middle of an ogre's ugly head. he then looked back towards the group where there were three elves all with cocked bows ready to fire at them*

"Huh?" was all that Gunthar could mutter."Two minus one leaves none."

06/29/2000 10:30 PM

Harek stuck his sword in the ground, and made a gesture of peace in the Silvanesti language, he hoped it was up to par.... The elves muttered amongst themselves, looked at their city being attacked, and disappeared into the forest, most likely to find out if there were more Ogre reinforcements coming. "Well then, now that THAT's taken care of, what say we smash some Ogre heads?" Gunthar said with a smirk of delight. Danthius and Harek nodded. It seemed upon first inspection that the ogres were the ones losing the battle, as there were mounds of ogre flesh everywhere, but they were quickly overwhelming the elven guards. "I wonder how these ogres even got in to a place so well protected such as silvanesti is" said Harek. He resolved to find out immediately after the battle, but for now, the warriors rushed to help out the elven guards on preventing the ogres from reaching the tower of the stars...

06/30/2000 10:36 AM

*delighted at the prospect of a fight that might actually be up to par with him, Gunthar rushes down the hill towards the ogres. he gestures at the ground beneath them and then stops abruptly*

"Before Saai?" he muttered. He shook his head, "My swordmanship should be enough for these brutes."

*continues his charge and cuts down three ogres in one swing of his bastard sword. he looks around and notices a large group of ogres pressing in on a few elves. he runs in the midst of the group and starts 'dancing'. ogres start falling like apples. Gunthar nods to the elves the ogres were pressing as he runs off to take care of another bunch*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/30/2000 9:54 PM

Harek and Danthius, seeing that the almost bestial warrior had everything under control, they decided to head for the tower of stars to see just what was happening. "Gorblok ishtk cribum ark dragnos" promptly after the ogrish words, a gout of flame engulfed
an elf who was sitting in a tree picking off some ogres. *damnit!! They have Ogre-Shamen!! I didnt think they were a superior ogre clan... obviously im wrong* "Gunthar! watch out, they have a few Ogre-Shamen!" The grunt of acknowledgement could barely be heard above the clang of metal on metal.
This time, Harek thought, they would cut a path through the ogres that were in their way. *Danthius, I'm going to put an enchantment on your Axe,"Tublush Var Kempst Ocht Patyur" It will turn into an Axe blade of Ice, turn it on and off with the word "Stistel". Sure enough, a cold that could not be set out by any fire started to emit from the axe. "Now you're talkin'" said Danthius with a burst of excitement, "Even though i Hate magic, ill make an exception since you're a holy knight....." Danthius immediately rushed into a broup of ogres, and promptly hacked away, cleaving body parts, and leaving but frozen flesh in his wake

07/04/2000 7:40 PM

*Gunthar slices through an ogre and neatly leaps to the side to avoid being crushed under the dead weight. he feels a prick on his back as he is sent flying from an ogre hitting him with its club on his back. he stands up slowly and purposefully*

"Now, I'm angry."

*he sheates his sword and walks over to the giant brute and catches the club as its swung at his face. he yanks it out of the ogre's hands and swings it with all of his might. the club hits the ogre in the mid section which promptly explodes into a shower of gore and blood*

"No one hits ME!!"

*he throws the club at another ogre rushing him and knocks it clear out of the horizon. Gunthar then looks behind him to see an ogre shamen standing behind him grinning. the ogre mutters a few words and Gunthar is enveloped in flame. the fire dies down and the ogre stands there beaming at what should be a pile of burnt flesh and melted metal, but Gunthar is standing there, completely unscathed. he takes a few sturdy steps towards the shamen and grabs its belt. the ogre grabs his arms to try to wrench free, but is unsucessful at pulling free of Gunthar's superior grip*

"Don't you EVER do that again."

*Gunthar then throws the shamen into a couple of ogres standing there looking dumbfoundedly at him*"Two minus one leaves none."

07/06/2000 2:03 PM

Laughing at Gunthar's "antics", Harek makes his way to the tower, stopping occasionally to help out an elf or two. After ten minutes, Harek came upon what seemed to be the main fight in the city. Ogres were literally spilling themselves over the lines of the elven elite guards. Apparently, this was the final barrier that the ogres had to go through, before reaching what Harek thought to be their destination, the Tower of Stars. Harek looked at the closest line of Ogres, battering away at something Harek could not see, and prepared a battle prayer. Uglug turned around at the battle cry, in the prospect of something to crush, what he did not expect was a flaming white sword cutting through his torso like butter.....

07/06/2000 7:14 PM

*Gunthar came crashing through the trees and stopped cold dead as he saw the huge ranks of ogres assaulting the Tower of Stars*

"Not MORE!!"

*he sighed as he walked up and started fighting alongside Harek*

"I have mostly cleaned up the forces outside the forest, the few elves out there will be able to catch up and mop them up better than I can. I can't see in the forest as well as they can, so I'll leave that area up to them as well. But, as for this place, it looks like you boys could use some help."

*he thrust his bastard sword into the skull of an ogre to emphasise the word 'help'*

"I just wish I could use my druidic skills Saai taught me, but it is apparently before he came to power.""Two minus one leaves none."

07/08/2000 10:17 PM

*interesting deduction.... THWACK, so you rely on Saai's powers for your powers?* More and more ogres were turning around in amazement at the fact that the two knights were massacring their great ranks...

07/09/2000 3:04 PM

"I am a competent fighter without his powers, as you can plainly see." chops another ogre in two. "But I do so enjoy playing with them. And it is much faster to wipe them out using his powers. And I can get so impatient at times."

*Gunthar sighed as the fight seemed to be lasting forever, more and more ogres piling across the lines of their fallen comrades, thinking that the knights would be exhausted after fighting so long*"Two minus one leaves none."

07/13/2000 12:36 PM

*yes, sometimes they ARE persistent little, or should i say big, buggers.* "Sist Och Huovel
Kiri-Jolith, Kharas mit holenden" As Harek uttered the ancient Solamnic words, Harek and Gunthar began to glow. One, two, three images seemed to just appear out of the bodies of the warriors, the images were exactly the same as the ones they were mimicking, and whatever Harek or Gunthar did, they would do the same. *Holy Split, at least thats what I've nicknamed it, the images can damage the living realm, but the living realm cannot damage them, pretty useful in such situations, although it only lasts for about five minutes.* As Harek and Gunthar chopped, so did these images hack relentlessly in the exact same manner. Although the images' swings were uncoordinated with the ogres they were fighting, they killed them nonetheless, as the ogres could not hit them. After five minutes, and many a chopping, the images disappeared, and seemingly so did much of the ogre ranks that once filled their lines. It was now a small battle in the favor of the elves and the knights, with but a few shamen and fighters left......

07/13/2000 1:19 PM

*Gunthar looked at the mass of bodies before him*

"Well, at least there shouldn't be much of a shortage of food for scavengers around here."

*he then looked at the remaining ogres and grinned a grin*

"You're next."

*he jumped over the wall of bodies that lay before him and charged the pack. the fighters closed close ranks in front of the shamans who started their creepy chanting. Gunthar's blade cut easily through the bodies of the front ogres and the second row fell to the sides. Gunthar smiled as they backed away from him but then realized they were just getting out of the way for the shamans. the shamans simultaniously let loose a barrage of fireballs on Gunthar. he was engulfed in a fiery sphere that scorched everything around him, but he was left intact. the ogre fighters took advantage of the fire's temporary blinding effect on the knight and closed in for the kill. all of their massive clubs fell on the knight at the same time, but he stood firm in the massive onslaught*

"You should not have tried that."

*Gunthar growled and his eyes looked as if they had an internal fire. he sheated his sword and stood up, staring at the ogres. a magical fire enveloped him and all the ogres close to him fell back in pain from the heat. he began bashing heads and ripping limbs off with blazing speed. after just thirty seconds all traces of ogres that were there were gone. Gunthar's magical fire then died down and he fell to his knees in exhaustion*

"Well. . .apparently I DON'T need Saai's guidance to call upon the power of the planet. . .""Two minus one leaves none."

07/13/2000 10:19 PM

Harek's mouth was drooping more than he had ever imagined it could.... "yeah, obviously your powers ARE still with you.... You took a horde of fireballs and a horde of clubs, and you survived?!?!!?!? I'm glad you came along..." *Well, now that that's over, shall we find out just WHAT is happening?* Gunthar grunts *Ill take that as yes, come along then* The two knights passed through the piles of ogre bodies, not paying any heed, and walked toward the now gasping for breath Elven guards. "Greetings! Just what went on here?" The elves muttered a few words in their language together, Harek caught the words "what and Speaker". The elves motioned for the knights to follow them, and the group made their way toward the tower of the Stars....

07/14/2000 11:11 AM

*Gunthar follows alongside Harek to the Tower of the Stars. the elves they pass in the streets wonder at the knights' presance and converse amongst themselves about betrayal and other things. they approach the Tower of the Stars and are asked to wait at the entrance while they go inside to meet with the speaker first*

"Well, I do hope they are open minded of humans saving them.""Two minus one leaves none."

08/08/2000 4:51 PM

Then a kender walks quietly behind the elven guards. He smiles at the group, and motions for them to be quiet. "Ooops." he says. The elven guards look at each other and run off yelling "Run!The kender said Ooops!" The kender, laughing hysterically now, runs to the back of the group and hides behind them as more guards come out.

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