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03/28/2002 7:14 PM

Celabis looked up into the dark night from his village counting the craters on Solinari's moon. The grass underneath him felt damp and cool, and he could feel himself drifting off into sleep.
His sillver hair glowed as bright as the moon he was staring at, and his auburn eyes began to darken as his eyelids began to feel heavy with the soothing melody of crickets lulled him into a feeling of security.
Celabis' eyes snapped open as an unfamiliar sound reached his slightly pointed ears. A large shadow blotched Solinari's silver light and covered Celabis' town in complete darkness.
"A dragon!" was the first thing that came to Celabis'
As his eyes became accustomed to the darkness, he realized it was no dragon at all. Not even close. It was a flying citadel.
As Celabis watched in horror, a giant lance started to protude from the bottom of the bottom of the castle. It stabbed the ground in the middle of the village. Celabis could hear people screaming.
Light began to gather at the top of the lance, small particles gathering into a ring of light. Finally, it stopped. The ring began to slowly make its way down the lance, gathering speed and closing in on itself as it got closer to the ground.
It finally hit the ground, and nothing happened. Celabis breathed a sigh of relief, until, the ground began to crack open, and blue energy seeped out of the ground and back into the citadel. It took off, and soon was no where out of sight.
Celabis ran into his house, relieved. He stopped running as he looked into his home, and all the others.
There was not a soul to be seen.

* * *

Five years later, in a loud, rustic tavern near Palanthas, a lone man walked into the room and sat down. His hood was cast over his eyes, so no one could see his face.
A large man picked up his greatsword and walked over toward the hooded man.
"Well, well, if it ain't Celabis the 'Avenger.'"
Celabis didn't turn around, but said, "What of it?"
"There's a price on yer head, whether or not yer alive. They say you kill people because you are 'revenging' the ones you lost. I think you're just cursed."
Celabis turned around this time, and took off his hood. His silver hair became a metallic orange in the tavern firelight. He smirked and said,
"Perhaps I am, but not like a large bastard like you will be able to do anything about it."
Swearing an oath, the large man raised his sword and brought it down to where Celabis had been a second before. The man looked around, confused, then let out an uttered cry that was quickly muffled by death.
A hand protruded from the man's neck. Celabis, his eyes blazing, snarled, "I hate those people that meddle in others' affairs."
People around him were screaming as he took the hand out. There was no mark of blood on Celabis' hand, though the man's neck was mutilated. Picking up a glass of wine, he drank it, and walked out of the tavern, with many people trailing him.

(OOC: I just wrote this to get it out of my system, so you people can join or not.)"Draco dormiens nunquam tittilandus"-"Never tickle a sleeping dragon"

"Something new is always something to learn from"-Me

"The mods are watching. You cannot see them, but they are watching"-Uziel

"My favorite book is always the one I'm writing."-Margaret Weis

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03/28/2002 8:35 PM

((OOC: Fist Of the North Star!!! Seriously your post is like that comic, I'd love to make a Nantouseken Master (Fist of the Southern Cross) And use him, basically waving hands in odd ways and people having even lined cuts over them. I can use the Ray story line, looking for long lost kidnapped sister and killing all who are evil and in his way, or both...

What to name him, Kai. Hm, mid 30's with greying black hair, and about 6'2", maybe 165 lbs. all muscle though. Well tell me if you agree or not!))"With the slightest twitch of my magey hands, I could explode you completely dead. And it would be messy so there! " Black mage, 8-bit Theatre.

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