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03/06/2002 11:48 AM

Exodus walked amoung the occupants of Palanthas. He studied them intently, looking...searching.

He paused for a moment and turned towards the black pillar of obsidian. The Tower of High Sorcery of Planathas. It interested him greatly. "I can spare a little time to indulge in some research." On that he headed towards the shonikan Grove.

Upon reaching the famed and feared forest he stopped. Something was creepiung over him, it was attempting to get inside him....fear. He shrugged it away. Resuming is stroll he entered the Grove. The fear grew stronger as did Exodus' resistance.

"This place is indeed interesting. Powerful magic pulses through it. Evil magic....humph...it is of little concern." Continuing to pace through the grove hands reached out of the darkness and attempted to grab Exodus. He raised a hand and they vanished with a pitiful scream. Coming to the doors of the Black Tower he heard a bell faintly ringing. "No doubt to make aware of my presence...we can't have that now...not yet anyway."

Touching his forefinger to his head he began to float off the ground continuing to rise faster and faster. He was above the tower. Looking North, he decided to look elsewhere for what he was searching for.

Placing each middle finger on his ither temple, a purple-blue aura surrounded him. In a moment he vanished leaving only whisps of smoke.


OOC: A little backgrond on Exodus.

He is an External. A member of a race of cosmic beings of unimaginable power. Created by the High Gods eons ago and kept secret from the lesser gods. However he is an exile. Removed from his home plane of existence for meddling in mortal affairs. He was stripped of his immortality, leaving him vulnerable, and was cast onto the mortal plane, the greatest punishment that can be done unto an External. Although drained of a great deal of his power he is still powerful in comparison to mortal levels of power.

He uses psionic energy. Manipulates it to his will and can create destructive forces or helpful ones, which ever suits his purpose. Exodus has a price on his head. Bounty hunters from his realm are sent to dispose of him, incase he tells any mortals of their existence.

He has been searching for anyone strong enough to aid him in his time of peril. Altough there is no way for him to return to his realm there is a way of stopping them from coing here. And so this is his quest....

To find the Heart of the Externals, a jem of universal power, so strong the Gods bound it somewhere unknown so no mortal may get his hands on it. The advantage of being an external..Exodus knew where it was and intended to use it to raise a barrier between the plane of the Externals and Krynn. For another motive cause Exodus to do so..he learned of a plot the Externals were hatching, one which would place Krynn in peril and most importantly, Exodus himself.'From earth to sky, from leaves to roots,
from fire to ice, and soul's own fruits.
From light to dark, from wind to water,
I claim this spirit and creator's daughter...'

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