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02/09/2002 6:49 PM

Akhorishaan crouched at the edge of her lair, staring out at the city of Palanthas, which spread below her, glimmering in the sunlight. She sighed, and scrambled to her feet. She was young still- a dragoness of perhaps seventy-five feet in length, gleaming black in color. As she turned in the light, the dark foresty sheen on her scales flashed and winked softly. Her dull yellow-orange eyes were possessed of an unearthly intelligence and wisdom, a trait somewhat unusual for a supposedly black dragon. But she was not what she seemed- she was a feathered dragon. Her wings, rather than having the batlike membranes of average Krynnish dragons, resembled those of some giant condor's. The only one of her kind, created by Takhisis not long before she had vanished from this world, she was once thought to be the start of a new generation of evil dragons. Akhorishaan had long before given up her life of evil, vowing to avenge those that had been killed beneath her claws. She did not think of herself as a black dragon- her scales were not the dusty midnight hue of her cousins, they were a combination of black and shining silver. Thusly she called herself a hematite dragon. Now she wished more than ever to go to the people of Palanthas, and offer her friendship and alliance. "Don't be a fool, Akhori," she berated herself, baring her teeth in a savage snarl. "You know quite well you are their enemy." She prepared to launch herself into the air, plummeting several feet before her wings carried her aloft. She wheeled in the updrafts, soaring at two hundred feet above the city. She could see people pointing up at her, some running before her shadow. She sighed. "When will this madness stop?" she mused, banking to avoid the pinnacle of a tower. Already she could see armored Solamnics gathering in the streets, and decided that perhaps she should go. After all, lingering might mean her death...

02/09/2002 10:48 PM

OOC: sorry to bust your bubble hon...and I was considering using Navare or Glimmer in this too :( But I have two dragons with feathered wings...one is the Clear Crystal Dragon Crystalamira (Or Glimmer to most) She is the true Daughter of Paladine. And the other is Navare...The Black Crystal Dragon (scales are made of smokey crystal) He is the son of Takisis. Navare had seduced Glimmer, and their clutch contains three eggs, one black, one crystal clear, and two silver/grey, eachif the Clear and black eggs produce a Set of Twin dragons. hmmm I could use the grey ones... I haven't tried to develop them much. Sorry to be a pain, I'd like to join in, and one of these will do nicely. I could even play both for Glimmer and Navare. What cost your pride?
"It is free, cause I can get more"
What cost your skills?
"They are low for I am a healer"
What cost your body?
"High for I am untouched."
What cost your soul?
"There is no cost, for it is not for sale."

Tara K. Harper--Wolfwalker

02/10/2002 1:29 AM

OOC:I'll join, i think i will be a mage, this is set in the fifth age right? If so, how far along is the new magic? Is the Academy of High Sorcerey up and running?'From earth to sky, from leaves to roots,
from fire to ice, and soul's own fruits.
From light to dark, from wind to water,
I claim this spirit and creator's daughter...'

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