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01/06/2002 7:44 PM

A Vast Darkness stretched as far as Immortal Eyes could see, an Impenetrable Black where Souls doth rest within their Eternal Sleep.

Twas the Age of Oblivion, where the Emptiness ruled within a forsaken Void.

Twas to this place of Endless Nothingness that the Lady Airecúiel came with Her Sword of Eternal Flame. She looked upon the wasted Vastness with Eyes of Watery Blue and shed the First Tear.

It twas as a beacon of Light in suffocating Dark, and it hovered for but a second before settling on a Newborn Horizon. There it twinkled and shone as a distant Hope and the Lady Airecúiel smiled upon the fledgling Light and bid it to grow.

But, alas, it had not the potential and though it remained and shone, a Light in the Dark, it could not grow.

The Lady Airecúiel saw this and became sad. She sailed down to the First Light, Her long cloak of flawless White trailing behind caressing the Vastness. She took the First Light in Her earth-toned hands and coaxed it but it could not grow.

The Lady of Light frowned but the Darkness took no heed of Her sadness. It closed in about Her, dismal and suffocating…

She clung to the Light of Her Sword of Eternal Flame, fear lit in her clear, blue Eyes, wherein was suddenly mirrored a thousand winking motes of golden light.

The Goddess smiled then, a radiant smile that drove away the Endless Dark forever. She waved her gold and scarlet Sword and created a million more tiny motes.

And thus, the stars were born. And from them Stardust fell, creating heavenly bodies over which they were to rule.

Lady Airecúiel watched as a Universe was born from Nothing and with Her breath She blessed the heavenly bodies with Sweet Air and called to the Sleeping Souls. They came as She bid and She gifted them with New Life so that within the Light they might prosper and Grow.
"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and
I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
Bilbo Baggins

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

01/06/2002 8:04 PM

((OOC: Greetings!! Welcome to the thread that is not a thread!!

Yes, you heard me. This is not a thread. Rather it is, of all things that should come out of my insane ramblings, the birth of a world.

Have I got your attention yet?

It occurs to me that places like this (the forum) are about the inspirations we recieve from reading the fantasy books like DL and that we, more often than not, enjoy asking questions like 'What race would you be?', 'Would you be a mage or warrior?'. Basically, 'If you were the writer, what would you write?' Roleplaying is one way to answer these questions but that, in my opinion, is very scaled down. Which is fine but...

This thread is where these answers shall come together from all those who enjoy writing and where these answers shall be more than a futile attempt to drive away boredom.

I propose we create a world.

Based on previously threads over which I attempted to weild a lot of control, [cough]Temporal Distortions[/cough], this shall not be an easy or organized task. But I am willing to attempt it, if you are.

As you have already read, this starts on a planet in the middle of nowhere, where the Lady of Light has given a place for the Sleeping Souls to live. This planet has no name, no defined people, no...anything.

It is up to you to create the races you want, whether as ordinary as the elves or as weird as your imagination can come up with, and shape them as far as you like. The nice this about this is races can continue after their creators have left, through influence of others. I ask that each new race have only two reps that meet with the goddess (and later gods, lesser gods/goddesses, demons, angels...whatever you see fit to create), usually one female and one male. These two reps are in direct communication with the heavens and each other and shall choose things about the world, fight over them ect. (More than two people can obviously be involved in the history of any given race.)

Eventually perhaps someone who draws, can create a map and distrubute it as people claim lands. If possible, and if people are interested, I would like to carry this far enough so that it is as complicated a world as Krynn or even Middle-earth and then we can actually use this world in threads/crossovers, whatever.

Ah, yes, one more thing. I shall be creating a Great Book which I will continually update to include a list of all races, gods, magical items, ect.

Well, what are you waiting for?? Let your imagination run wild and put your writing abilities to the test!!))"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and
I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
Bilbo Baggins

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

01/06/2002 8:06 PM

The Great Book of an Unnamed World

Herein lies the Knowledge of the Ages to be looked upon in times of confusion and chaos...

The Gods and Goddesses of The Unnamed World

The Lady Airecúiel

Other names: The Lady of Light
Appearance before mortals: Representing the elements, the
Lady of Light has Earth-toned skin, Water-blue eyes, Breath of Sweet
Air and the Sword of Eternal Flame. She wears a glowing robe of white
Achievements: Creator of the Unnamed World.



Other names: The Darkness
Appearance before mortals: Unknown.
Achievements: Creator of the Nage and Drow



Other names: Draco (called by mortals)
Appearance before mortals: Unknown.
Achievements: Creator of the Dra'th Sin



Other names: God of Magical Creatures.
Appearance before mortals: Unknown.
Achievements: Creator of the Tárathonion




Other names: Unknown
Appearance before mortals: Unknown.
Achievements: Creator of the Sauriëns

The People of the Unnamed World


Name: Sauriëns.
Physical: Their skin is of green scales.
Location: A hidden Island.
Average Personality: Peaceful.
Allies/Enemies: None.
Important Members: Shik'tath (male leader),
Shi'kest (female leader)
Unique Attributes: Excellent workers and builders,
the Sauriëns have not yet been given a reason to become



Name: The Wolfnari Nations
Physical: Wolf-like in appearance, these beings can
walk on either two or four limbs and are covered in fur of varying
colors. Females are between -7 feet and 200-300 pounds,
males between 6-9 feet and 300-500 pounds. Their eyes color
depends on allegiance.
(Red-evil, Green-neutral, yellow-undecided, and blue-good)
Location: Eastern coastal woodlands of Krinkalah
(great forest)
Average Personality: Unknown
Allies/Enemies: Unknown
Important Members: Zamir Kasaan (Moon Prince),
first of the royalty of the Wolfnari Nations. Jalenaan kinar
(Wood King) and Kistas quesun (Queen of the Night)
Unique Attributes: Resistant to most magic, the
Wolfnari are extremely strong and agile. They have the ability to
learn magic but most prefer strength and cunning. They have
incredible healing abilities and are nearly impossible to kill. (Weak
against silver and fire)


Name: The Kee'li
Physical: The Kee'li have skin of the purest snow,
tinged slightly from the blue blood that flows through their veins.
Both male and female have natural blue marking that appear at
random, though in a symmetrical patterns, a few months after birth.
The females have further ornamentation around their eyes, in
feather-brushed patterns of all Colors. This is not only decorative,
but indicates Rank and psychic ability. Their eyes have diamond pupils
of all colors, though all have a silver band and black sphere over which
the pupil lies. Hair color varies but is rarely a color that is not vibrant
such as brown. They are tall and lithe creatures, naturally graceful.
Location: They live on a hidden ring of islands to the north.
Average Personality: Unknown
Allies/Enemies: Tárathonion (allies)
Important Members: Kee'li, first of the royal family.
Unique Attributes: The Kee'li are natural shape-shifters
and shapers of most kinds of matter. Some people have more ability
to do this then others, some so limited in the ability that they have
trouble changing their hair color. The females of this race also have
an instinctive empathy, though it is uncontrollable more often than
not. They have, to a small degree, telepathy, though communicating
through mental words is impossible 99% of the time.


Name: The Naga
Physical: With the upper body of a Man and the
tail of a snake.
Location: Underground.
Average Personality: Unknown.
Allies/Enemies: The Drow (enemy)
Important Members: Unknown.
Unique Attributes: Born with an instinctive knowledge
of weapons and inherent poison, the Naga have the ability to thrive
in harsh conditions.



Name: The Drow
Physical: Dark skinned elves with white hair and
lavender eyes.
Location: Underworld.
Average Personality: Power hungry, the Drow form
houses and have no qualms in betrayal and honorless acts to get
into positions
of power.
Allies/Enemies: The Naga (enemy)
Important Members: The Matron mothers and
priests (female) hold the most power.
Sarithyn De'Drissinthian, the current Matron Mother.
Unique Attributes: Natural fighters, the Drow use Adamantine to make incredible weapons. They can see easily in
the dark and have the power to levitate. (Weakness: Sunlight)



Name: Dra'th Sin
Physical: Human/dragon creatures that stand upon
two legs and have crystalline wings. They have pointed ears and
eyes that see in both night vision and thermal.
Location: Serpania.
Average Personality:Honorable, the youngest hold the
most power as with age comes lost mental capacity. They are wise
as elves but unstable as humans.
Allies/Enemies: Unknown.
Important Members:D'jin Drago, the first King and a
fire element.
Unique Attributes: Both psychic and telekinetic
power vary with different elements. They have natural
camouflage and incredible strength. Some of the most powerful
can control time through magic.


Physical: These people are made of photons of
light which they can shape into vitually any form they like,
though they remain light. When talking to others they often
mirrored humanoid shape with a halo of motes around their
smooth feature-less bodies.
They can also change their spectrum to most any color.
Location: Unknown.
Average Personality: Open-minded.
Allies/Enemies: Kee'li (allies).
Important Members: Unknown.
Unique Attributes: Because of their insubstantial
forms and living in a world of solid matter, the Tárathonion have
been forced to adapt. They have developed a natural affinity to
magic, especially telekinesis for they can't really move things by
touching them. They also are born with the ability to enter into
someone's mind and take over their body, though it is law that this is
not to be done unless the other has volunteered.



Name:Sylves, or Sylf (singular)
Physical: Tall, slender and strong, all Sylves have
wings, vibrate for the Shezari, somber for the Luzinari. The
Shezari typically have silver (female) or platinum (male) hair and
blue eyes.
The Luzinari have blue/black (female) or dark brown (male) hair
while their eyes are amber or gold.
Location: Unknown.
Average Personality: Unknown.
Allies/Enemies: Unknown.
Important Members: Linari SeekerStar: Youngest
to ascend the Shezari throne. Kalin SeekerSun: Older brother of
Linari, Protector of the Shezari.
Unique Attributes: Unknown.



Name: Shak' Dar.
Physical: Physically weak, these people are as
varied as humans, though their blood is of magic rather than any
physical fluid.
Location: Unknown.
Average Personality: They have an incredible love for
magic and few do not take to this field.
Allies/Enemies: Unknown.
Important Members: First Mistress, most powerful
Sorceress. First Wizard Zarus Zul' Zorander, head of the Warrior
Unique Attributes: Incredibly magical, their entire
society is based on a hierarchy of magic. There are 3 types of
mages (Healers, Warriors, Prophets) and 3 levels of power (First
Order-immense power; Second Order-less powerful; Third Order;
most common, includes Sorceresses)



Name: Vitaar'un (weetar-oon) or Celibren'
Physical: As pure people, the Vitaar’un have skin
that changes with climate and eye that are red to deep purple
with diamond pupils. As a power hungry people, they become the
Letar, a ruined people who are doomed to become the slaves of necromancers and yearn for flesh.
Location: They are few and far between, scattered throughout the world.
Average Personality: The Vitaar’un are extremely
peaceful and open-minded. The Letar are evil and broken.
Allies/Enemies: The Vitaar’un are allies to all.
The Letar are allies to no one.
Important Members: Animar, chosen spokesman.
Unique Attributes: The Vitaar’un never die and are
powerful in magic. However once they begin to crave power,
they become Letar and another is born into a different race.
This newborn eventually becomes Vitaar’un and the cycle continues.

"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and
I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
Bilbo Baggins

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

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01/06/2002 8:27 PM

((ooc: Starlight! this looks awesome!!! I just wish I could write worthy to it...))))********Dutchess Of Dork******


01/07/2002 3:16 AM

{ooc: I'm beginning to think Starlite is actually Margeret Weiss in disguise}

Somewhere in the vast and endless void, was something. A being, not really doing anything. Just being.

Out from what might resemble that corner of an eye, he saw a burst of stars. The being noted the lights around him. Finding them bothersome and disturbing, he tried to move away from them.

As he moved along he noted a dark spot. Coming closer to it. he saw it was a ball. A round globe with nothing on it. He had heard of these from passers by. Worlds they had called them, a place where inferior beings thrived.

He never bothered for travel, but the stars seemed endless. Perhaps this world might be usefull, and interesting.

Taking a closer look he could see simple life. Small animals with small intelect. Doing nothing but live. One animal drew his attention, a small green creature. With a touch he altered some of them. Gave them the ability to learn.

They would grow, and change. Eventually they would walk on two legs. Yet retain their, green and leathery skin. He would wait and watch them grow. And when the time was right, he would lead them.

This would be an interesting thing to do. Keeping them happy. This would be really interesting.

{ooc: enter the lizardmen. playing God is just fun. btw, tell me if this is okay Starlite}Why is it we always forget to keep the good things close to our heart, but let the bad things cloud our mind.

01/07/2002 12:02 PM

OOC: :D I like!! Give me the rest of the day...I'll work on something while I am at work!! I have a vauge Idea...so just give me a few!!The power to save the world...rests within a Child's Heart


01/07/2002 1:00 PM

OOC: Ok...........there have been some threads which I have really liked.....Escape from wayreth, Caramon the conqueror, Quest of the nightstalker, Just for kicks, The original annoyed, Seduction, and some others..........but this has got to be the best idea i've seen in my short time here. *wonders how he can give starlite a compliment when he hasnt had the chance to kick kiri's butt yet :D >:) *
N E Ways though I had planned to slow down some on the threads (Really Really busy.) I gotta do this one (as well as finish up 1 or 2 others.)
Good Job Starlite!The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

01/07/2002 1:56 PM

Jalen stood amoungst the soft sand pacing anxiously along the shoreline. The soft rustle of the crashing waves and the cool refreshing breeze could do nothing to calm him as he gazed at the brilliant starlit sky. He started to turn around and begin his pacing anew when he heard a small weak cry. He let out a grunt of releif as he dropped to all fours and returned to the cave from whence he heard the expected cry.

He gazed at his lifemate who lay soaked in sweat, a look of joy and weariness could barely show the hardship she had endured through the night. The irradescent light from the small fire gave warmth to the spacious cave and shed light on the small furry bundle that lay next to his life mate still struggling to open its newborn eyes. He gently licked it clean of the remaining debrie and and did likewise to Kista his mate and the only one of his kind.....until now.

Kista gave a questioning glance to Jalen as he stood looking in admiration at his son. "What shall we name him?" Jalen thought for a second and then with a look of triumph he spoke. "We shall name him Zamir kasaan. He will be prince of our people and all will one day pay homage to him. It is fitting we name him thus (see foot note) for one day our people will be great."

Jalen stopped in mid sentence as his son stood on his wobbly legs and opened his misty green eyes to behold the world for the first time. A profound feeling of proudness came over them as their son let out a yelp and stood on his legs as he scracthed his jet black fur and looked around curiously at everything.

Gently, Kista nudged him outside to feel the air and get familiar with his surroundings. Jalen followed behind as they made their way out of the cave. Zamir looked out on the horizan and ran circles around his mother in pure excitment, instantly jumping back as his feet touch the edge of the water for the first time, looking puzzeled and afraid, hiding behind his mother for protection. Jalen only smiled as he instructed his son "there is much you will learn my little prince. Much. You are the begining of what will become a great nation, we, the wolfnari have come to the fore. I know not who to thank for our existance but now is a time to rejoice. For soon........it will be the time of the Wolfnari."

For the first time little Zamir cast his eyes upon somthing that seemed closer than the stars. It held him enthralled as he looked at the magnificent silver white light that eminated from it. By somthing that was born within him he let out his first howl, low and sqeaky as his instinct compelled him. He was followed by his two proud parents as their strong howls sang through the crisp night air. On this night the Wolfnari nation had begun....................

OOC: how was that?

*Zamir Kasaan is wolfnari for the Moon Prince.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

01/07/2002 3:09 PM


{ooc: I'm beginning to think Starlite is actually Margeret Weiss in disguise}

*does a Jim Carry impression* There on to me!! *runs out of the room* hehe. :):):)

Ontarys, as you are never going to kick Kiri's ass, you are free to pay me all the compliments you want!! :)>:):P

On a more serious note, thanks guys. I really hope this'll work. And lizard men are perfect as well as the introduction of a new deity and the Wolfnari sound interesting. I'm going to start the bios today, correct me if I get something wrong and email me if you want something to be added...Oh and Jade, get your ass in here, stop feeling sorry for yourself and write! :)))

Mourning swept through soft dreams that lasted for Eternity, echoing through Ages, but always silent, always hopeless. And so the Sleeping Souls wandered, aware yet caught in the endless cycle of meaningless reverie...

From the Colorless Void a Light shone, and then a million more, and through Light there was Color and a strangely peaceful awakening...

A light mist ghosted across her fair face and she smiled within the last stages of sleep, rolling over on something soft and fluffy. A warmth caressed her cheek, as rays of comfort and her smile grew. Eyes fluttered with an open breeze and she sat up within a field of soft, green grass.

All around her, others were stirring. A strange people but she knew them...knew them by sight, by sound...she knew the grass upon which she lay, the fields that stretched all around, the air she breathed...

With a radiant smile she stood, and cast her glance around. As far as she could see, she was on an island laden with silver-tinged trees. The island was round and almost flat, with exception for a gently rolling hill here and there. Encircling the small island was a ring of sparkling, almost purple/blue water and yet another stretch of ringed land and then another as far as she could tsee...

Beyond that, in the far distance, sat a semi-circle of soft mountains tipped with white off which sunlight reflected down to the Rings, creating a vibrant shade of green and silver, and basking the land in incredible warmth.

She took this all in with an extreme sense of satisfaction.

She was home.

Around her the others also drank in this land with wide eyes and radiant smiles.

"What are we doing here?" One dared to ask, his voice low and musical, reflecting awe.

She turned to him, tearing her gaze from the cerulean sky and to the voice. He stood, in raw beauty, with snow-white skin tinged slightly with blue and piercing eyes framed by untamed hair the color of vivid jade. She looked deeper, noting that his deep blue, triangle-shaped pupils slid across a silver band that spanned his eyes offset by a black sphere that sat behind the sliver of silver.

She gave a splendid laugh, as the ringing of silver bells, and grasped her own hair in one slender hand. It ran down her white shoulders, a ray of cerulean blue, seemingly made of bits of sky.

A small cry came from within the crowd of white-skinned people as one in the middle of the group leaned to the ground and touched the soft grass. It trembled and waved where the One touched, and seemed to melt, being overcome, or perhaps becoming, liquid silver. It rose up and up till it again took shape and there stood a tree with scarlet leaves of the finest color and shape. Water formed a nurturing pool about the Tree and the people stared, enthralled by its beauty.

She laughed once again and turned back to the One who had been the first to speak. “We are the Kee’li and we are…home.”

((OOC: hehe. That was fun. Ack. I just realized how much like Atlantis that sounds…on well, it came from my imagination, truly it did!! :)))
"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and
I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
Bilbo Baggins

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

01/07/2002 3:33 PM

A swirling mass of darkness hovered close by the newborn planet. The darkness decided that this world could use a bit of his influence...

He first created the naga. Though each of the half-snake/half-man creatures varied greatly in appearance,most had the upper torso of a man, and the tail of a snake. The naga were blessed with the ability to survive in the worst of enviorments, wether it be extreme cold, or sweltering heat. They also had the inherent ability to fight with weapons, as well as use their deadly poison, sometimes in concert with their weapons. They formed undeground cities, from which they plotted attacks on the other races. They all were instructed to worship him, and no other.

He then created the drow. The savage, dark-skinned elves were his pride and glory. He gave them great skill with weapons, as well as instructions on where to find adamantine, the very strong metal that carried a curse: if it were to be touched by sunlight, it would crumble to dust. Thus, they also formed underground cities, sometimes having wars with the naga, sometimes causing havoc on the surface world.

Having done the work, the darkness stayed by to watch his children grow..."No, I don't think I could even stand to touch anyone lately. This is the first time I've been out all week - I'd still be in, but I cut my hand on a Speghettios can."
-Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

01/07/2002 4:58 PM

OOC: ........................................... I don't know what say!
Starlite this thread is uh........... Hold on I"ll think of something.

K. This thread defy's most of evolutions natural laws and kicks the rules right in the a$$.
Its like giving candy to a spoiled kid and ya know what?
Right now I'm damn proud to be one of those spoiled brats, rules what rules! and evolution? What can I say I'M IMPATIENT!!. My hat and all other respect giving things(couldn't think of a word.) are off to you. 3 cheers for this one!.

Well I tryed to make it short and sweet and I think I got it. All thats left to say now is.


Atop a mountain platuea on a small continent of small planet stands a lone figure. His eye's closed as the last of two suns, sinks below the horizon. He knows this will be the last sunset on this planet for that single being is know as Draco. Or this is what the inhabitants have deemed him, his name is beyond their understanding. He came here only to witness this moment, not for evil or pleasure of death. But to see brilliant light as the suns connect and expand to consume everything. He helped these people as much as he was honor bound to do. His duty is to keep history and bring understanding. Knowledge practicly flows through his green blood. A blood of a demi-god that bless's worlds with life, gifted with the life span close to that of a demi-god. He couldn't bless this world for it was to be no longer. As he whatched a flock of blue silykk's fly gracefully through the always sweet air there came the light. Brilliant colours danced upon his pupils filling him with it's power. When he his body was full he looked past the suns and found off in distant a planet that seemed to spring out of nothing with only a faint light. As he looked clower he felt the presence of the lady. Instantly he left the planet his entire being turned to light and split through time towards this new world. Moments passed and he was there. Hovering in the sky observing everything at once, he whatched as small wolf creatures hunted their prey in packs with great skill and timing. He took note of the beauty and purity of the Kee'li. Then his eyes saw the land and seas, he search and when he found the perfect place was there. hundreds of miles below the surface. In the very crust of the world he made a massive cavern. Perfectly aligned with both the sea and the burning hot core of the planet. He spoke and his words moved the very being of the cavern, the stone change to crystal of the most beautiful green. Once complete he drew a small pin from a sacred jewl around his neck. Without hesitation he peirced his rist. Waving his hand through air the blood flowed in droplets, and fell upon the crystal ground softly yet seemed to shake the entire chamber. The blood began to mutiply till their was a small batch of eggs, each egg containing the start of a single proud race. Powerful and wise they will be great warriors, and great destroyers. They will bring knowledge to the surface and shall befriend many. They will defend this world and live to honor the almighty one. These eggs are what will be know by many as Drag eggs, A race that stands upon two feet and flys with small crystal wings. They are the Dra'th Sin, sons and daughters of Draco. In each of their minds he spoke a permenent message.

"May our spirits guide us to an eternal joy. Though some gods may oppose us. Let us stand strong together, honor as our sheild hope as our sword. love each other and go share the word of knowledge."

A single tear of crimson flame spilt from Draco's eye as looked upon his children. Then raising his gaze once again towards the sky he dissapered.

OOC: Few.... Feel free to throw the usual elemental difference thing in cause lady element arived first so the rules say first come first serve. I'll make more details later. Please don't tamper with skills and powers wise yet. Thank you and have a good day.
Oh yeah starlitte you R so a geniuse.

"Power comes with Discipline. Love comes with faith. It is up to you for which you'll wait."

01/07/2002 6:31 PM

((OOC: Thanks, everyone, I'm glad you like it. :) I'm going to mull over the developement of the Kee'li for a while and perhaps create another race and then have the Lady of Light call to each race and have a heavenly meeting. :) There we can decide on a name for the world and anything else you guys want. I know that all races aren't going to get along but I want them all to meet, creates conflict later on when people choose to forget. :P

Anyways, in the meantime, feel free to develope, interact, or do whatever you feel like doing. This is Year 1 of the Age of Beginings and you guys can create a timeline, calender or anything if you want. Unforunatly (and with very bad timing on my part) I have finals on Wed. and Thurs. and then minor surgery on Thurs...icky. So the meeting will have to wait but that's okay cuz people have yet to join.

I may be on tomorrow and through finals...and I may not. I'll definatly be back on Friday though. hehe.

Oh yeah and everyone make sure you check out what I did with the Great Book...it took me forever to get all the underlines and bolds right. :) I also welcome any suggestions on the Book or anything else!! ))"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and
I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
Bilbo Baggins

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

01/07/2002 10:25 PM

OOC: wait for me all!!

Species name:Sylves, or Sylf (singular)

Two Great nations of the Sylf, The Shezari, and the Luzinari

Shezari-(she-zarr-ee) Alignment~Lawful Good--Neutral

Luzinari-(Loo-zin-are-ee) Alignment~Chaotic Neutral--Evil

General Appearance of both

Tall, usual heighth is 5'8" and taller
Slender, but most are stronger than most humans
Matriarichal races, Only females can use magic, its not that the males aren't Allowed they just dont have the ability to use it.

Both Genders, and races have wings (Like a Faery, sprite, or even a Dragonfly) These wings come in a Miryad of colors. Bright, vibrant colors for the Shezari, and darker, somber colors for the Luzinari.

The wings on the females, are slender and long, with a narrow membrane that stretches between the two pairs of wings...this membrane only stretches about 1-1 1/2 feet on the female. making them more maneuverable, but less powerful fliers...they cannot fly for long distances.

The wings on the males are more broad, and a little shorter. The membrane that connects the two pairs on the male is wider, nearly 3-4 1/2 feet, making them the more powerful fliers, able to sustain flight more easily and longer.



Hair: Females-Silver

Eyes: any color in the Blue range

Skin tone: dusky tones


Hair: Females-Blue/black
Males-Dark brown

Eyes: any color in the Gold/amber range

Skin tone: any pale tone


my two characters are from the Shezari Clans, a friend is looking into creating a character from the Luzinari clans

Name: Linari SeekerStar
Age: 128
Gender: female
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Sapphire Blue
Height: 5' 9 1/2"
Weight: 120

Linari is quiet and sometimes shy, her mother died a few months ago, and she is the youngest to accend the Sezari throne. She is unsure and unprepared for her destined life as the Matriarch. She must undergo a Pilgramage to prove herself and her magic to her people, she must find a magical guardian to protect her people, and to become her symbol of her rule.

She carries a staff of Rainbow crystal, and is armed with 2 silver daggers as last defense.


Kalin SeekerSun

Gender: Male
Hair: Platinum
Eyes: Medium sky blue
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180

Kalin can be boisterous, and often underestimates Linari, his younger sister. Known as the "Protector" to the Shezari people. Uses a Longbow, and a long sword. Kalin acompaies Linari on her pilgramage as her protector.

There...thats that...now I will post something on the two tomorrow...Starlite, I will scann my schematics on the wings and looks of the Sylves...basically a cross between air Sylphs, and Elves. The power to save the world...rests within a Child's Heart


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The being marveled at his act, yet was slightly dissatisfied. He saw other beings allready creatures allready being created. Thinking of what to do, he came to an idea.

With a thought he created an island full of growth. The island very secluded from everything, would serve as an excellent growing place. And he moved all of his beings there.

Next his people, that's what he would call them, needed more alteration. So he sped up their evolution. What would normally take ages was done in a few minutes. Yet their learning speed did not go with it. But the being didn't mind, and gifted them with the ability to learn.

His people now walked erect, and had lost their tail. Their skin was green and scaly like their ancestors. Their head was still like their ancestors, like the sauriens. The being had heard that word once from a passerby, and it would fit his race. Sauriëns.

Then a thought occured to him. Food, mortals beings needed food. The original beings were meet eaters, and they had retained their mouths. So he took creatures from all over the world and placed them on the island, to serve as food.

his beings were now primitively exploring their surroundings. Still living by their instinct. So the being needed emisaries. Two of them, a male and a female of the species. Instilling them with some of his powers, they would be the eternal leaders. They would be his link to his people.


In a small cave on an island secluded on the planet. There was a male Sauriën lookng with interest at the cave wall. He noticed that there were white spots on the wall. He studied them with curiosity, not really knowing what to expect. He picked up a small rock and threw it against the wall. To his surprise another white spot appeared.

Then suddenly without realizing it, he picked up a sharp rock and started carving on the wall. A female Sauriën walked into the cave and saw him drawing. And in the same uncontrollable urge she joined in carving with him.

The two Sauriëns kept on carving, drawing all sorts of things and figures.

And so it had begun, the sauriën would evolve to become intellegent beings. And worshipping their creator, whom they would name Sauron (:P).
And leading them would be Shik'tath (male) and Shi'kest (female). They would also give birth to magic wielding Sauriëns. The others Sauriëns would become excellent workers and builder. Allthough strong without any enemies, and with powerfull leaders. They would not become fighters for a long time. Living in peace and tranquility for a long time.

{ooc: simply put, the island won't be found in this age. technically they are also the first beings. Of course no other race will know that. As time progresses I will update you on their current civil state.

And yes they were inspired by Warhammer Lizardmen. Except without the subraces, just Sauriëns. Also the ones bearing the Slann, can't remember their name precisely. But they won't resemble the Lizardmen to much.

I also changed their skin to green scaly instead of green leathery. Scale are more neat.}Why is it we always forget to keep the good things close to our heart, but let the bad things cloud our mind.

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Ontarys, as you are never going to kick Kiri's ass, you are free to pay me all the compliments you want!! :)>:):P

OOC: Lol! one day.................................one day. :D She cant hide forever >:) lol! N E ways I thought i might give a little description. (this is just too fun).

Wolfnari-They look like really big were wolves. kinda like in the old "howling" movies.

Special abilities-Resistant to most magic except the most powerful spells. Extreme strength and agility. They have the capacity to learn magic but mostly rely on overpowering strength and cunning.
A strong aura of fear surrounds them (even the good ones). Extreme healing, can only be killed by being decapitated or burned to the bone (ashes must be scattered).

Location- Eastern coasal woodlands of Krinkalah (means the great forest) a large forest roughly the size of a small country. Off the shores of the "The lake of the Moon". Lots of bad critters and abound, food is poisonous to all not native to the land, anyone finding themselves within the forest lose there sense of purpose. forest is always surrounded by a thcik mist, it always seems like night once inside.

Weaknesses- Most susceptable to silver and fire.

Height- females between 6-7 feet, males between 6-9 feet.

weight-females between 200-300 pounds, males 300-500 pounds

eyes-vary in color.....red, green, yellow, blue, or a mix. eye color "ususally" gives an indication of their alignment. red-evil, green-neutral, yellow-depends on situation :D blue-"usually good.

Fur comes in many shades, black, brown, gray, white, etc...... Usually depends on their environment.

Life span is anywhere from 200-400yrs.

They have the ability to learn magic, though most rely on their great physical strength and agility. Very intelligent, but extremly quick tempers. As all wolf species, they live in packs (a nation will come of this........but thats for a future thread :D :) ) Loyal and deadly. Even the good ones have an inclination towards evil. However since this is the start of their existence, i'll start them out as neutral and then their persona's will come out individually.

for now there are only three....for this thread.

Jalen- full name-- Jalenaan kinar (means wood king)
height-9 feet
weight-520 pounds.
fur-blackish gray

Jalen is the first of the wolfnari. He cares little for the outside world, and his only purpose is to insure his line will last forever, as well as his people. Not overtly evil, he will still kill any that oppose him with no remorse, though violence is usually not his first option. A great leader and military genious.

Kista-full namee--kistas quesun (queen of the night)
height-7 feet
weight-357 pounds
age- (i know better than to tell a womans age :D ) especially after she's more than 150yrs old........opps did i say that? :D

Kista is very ambitous and wants her people to dominate as she feels they should. she is inately strong in magic, but still has to learn how to use it. for this thread she is neutral........(maybe :D ) but later she will be a real b i t you know the rest. also a great leader, she will try her best to have her people be recognized as a dominate force in the world.

Zamir-full name--Zamir Kassan (moon prince)
height-4 feet
weight-102 pounds
fur-jet black

Zamir is the first child born to Jalen and Kista. Mostly peace loving, he will grow to become the prince of all wolfnari. His parents will be known as the "Founders". Care free and adventurous, he doesnt feel the need to rule over everyone (still, he doesnt like the idea of his people in contact with erita (means anyone not wolfnari). He is just a child for this thread though depending on how time runs in this thread he may grow up quickly.

OOC: this is gonna be good........im even gonna create a language. Hope thats enough info.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

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OOC: okay here we go...I am gonna start this as if the race of the Sylves have been around for quite a while now. okay??

BIC: Kalin SeekerSun frowned as he watched his little sister struggle with the steps of her coronation ritual. He watched as her irridescant wings spread wide, as she stepped frorward lightly across the water of the sacred pool. ((OOC: Okay..has N E 1 played FF 10 yet?? if you have then you know the dance I mean...I am basically immitating Yuna's dance of sending. Linari is also wearing the basic costume that Yuna wears as well.))

Linari SeekerStar closed her sapphire blue eyes as she brought up the rainbow staff around her head, stepped forward again, and spunn. Her wings moved with each movement, keeping her balance easily on the water. She continued gracefully, not stopping till she was standing in the center of the pool.

The moment she stopped, she brought the staff down to touch the water. the moment the crystal touched the water, a glowing orb soared out of the water, and hovered in the air before her. The glow brightened, and then expanded to create the form of a woman, the former Matriarch....Linari's mother...Suzaku.

the Matriarch's spirit bowed to Linari as Suzaku's guardian spirit of their people suddenly appeared beside her. The Phoenix blazed with the light of the sun, its voice was like a lulabye....and it's eyes brought tears to Linari's eyes.

Linari moved slowly in the motions of Prayer...her hands clasped together as she finished. Suzaku bowed and faded from sight, the Phoenix Let out a joyous cry as it shot up into the sky, leaving the Shezari to find a new Guardian...one that suited their new Matriarch.

Linari walked back to the shores of the pool. her face a mask of happiness...she had passed the first test...but there was more to come. The Villiage Protector, Her brother, walked up to her calmly, and dropped the Medallion of the Matriarch around her neck. She stood and looked at her brother. The Villiage Elder...Kimari. The man was old, and though he did not have the skills for magic, he was wise in the ways of the world around them.

"Lady Linari...your journey has just begun....You must now search for a Guardian Spirit to guide you and us in your rule. travel far and wide....but do not take longer than two moons! The Luzinari will soon learn that Valefor has left the Villiages...and that we have no protection....The Council of magic says that our defenses will hold for Two moons only....no longer. Choose your guardian wisely Lady....for your journey will not be easy."

Linary nodded and moved again in the motions of respect and prayer. she turned and folded her long gossamar wings, they lay gengly against her back, as long as she was tall. Her Silver hair flowed with the wind as she turned towards the thrall of people.

"I am Linari! Guardian of the stars! Matriarch of the Shezari people! I choose my Protector during my journey...that I would choose any one else would be a blasphme against my mother...I choose Kalin SeekerSun!"

Kalin looked at Linari in surprise...he never expected that Linari would choose him! He unshethed his sword and raised it towards his sister in a salute, and knelt down before her. His wings spread wide, Their gossamar lenghts where tinged a deep blue. "Linari is right...To Not accept her under my protection would shame Suzaku's memory! I accept, and will Gude Linari throught her journey!"

Linari smiled and raised the rainbow staff in triumph. "we leave at Dawn!" she cried as the people exploded in cheers and clapping.The power to save the world...rests within a Child's Heart


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OOC: K heres some more detail's about the Dra'th Sin.

Appearance: Human/dragon in general appearance. Their wings resemble demons in that their small ( only about a foot above head to knees.)They have a thin crystal layer embedded in their wings that emit's light when flying.
Their height differs between 6-8 feet and is based mainly upon their elemntal alignment.
Their hair is like humans and their ears are slightly pointed like elves.
Eyes have two outer rings of iris's, (night vision, thermal.)
They are beautiful like the Kee'li yet are rarely vane.
They have markings that represent their element and knowledge of different skills.
Five digit hands like humans but imbedded in the hand they use the most is a Crystal dagger that extends and retracts at will (close combat weapon)

Attributes and powers: Their words carry both communicational meaning and magical. Yet their minds are their strongest atribute. Pyscic inheritence and telekentic powers vary between different elements.
A special ability is that their skin is made up of percentage of crystals. These crystals have the ability to mimic light. There for they can naturally camouflage.
Their strength is very great the weakest can lift about a 1/4 ton.
Also Time altering and control is almost god like when learned. ( I say when learned because it is very difficult for a race that lives to record and be apart of history to defy time.)
Their system of government is bound by honor and justice and they practice a strange law. Their young are their leaders, a young Dra'th Sin is an incredible problem solver. Because they have inhereted knowledge and experience they can see solutions better. Yet as they get older they seem to lose touch with this gift.
As people who generaly cherish life they have been givin an ability as healers to capture a beings soul when it leaves the body, and once the body's damage is repaired replace the held soul. (only healers water based and wind can do this, also they must be there when the person dies.)
Location: Serpania. Cavern with access to both sea and lava
Average personality: Knowledgible and understanding. They love and hate like humans yet think and plan like elves.
Social standing: The are secluded from the world yet record everything. They are master's in the art of stealth and rarely chose to consort with other races.
Gender traits: Males are the stronger magic users and rarely touch the ground. Females are stronger physically and prefer the ground to flying. Both male and female serve in military but males usually are commanders. T
Technology: Crystaline based weapons and shelters. They build great structures and are renowned for their craftmen ship.
Ruling figure: King and queen manage the entire race. Although there are clans they all follow the kings and queens orders.

ooc: I'll get the further details later.
"Power comes with Discipline. Love comes with faith. It is up to you for which you'll wait."

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Elf, Drow
Appearance: They resemble normal elves in the fact that they are thin and graceful in build, and that they almost never break the 5' 10" mark, but that's where the resemblances end. Their skin is jet black, their hair a shock of pure white, and their eyes are a deep lavender. The male warriors are almost always found with adamantine armor and weapons. The priests (who are always female) dress in black, hoodless robes and always carry either a small cerimonial dagger, or a scourge made of constantly flailing tentacles, which can paralyze a victim on touch.

Location: The Underworld

Society: Power is the main focus of the drow. They seek to rule the planet, but lack the strength to do it, just yet. The drow race is female dominated. Females hold the highest positions, while most males are simply used for brute force. Drow families form houses, or a large group of drow with the same family name. Each house is ruled by a Mother, the head priest of the family. These houses constantly clash against each other to get into the Council of Ten. The Council of Ten is the top 10 houses in a city. To advance, each house must destroy another house. The top house in the city holds the top priest in the city, or the Matron Mother. The Matron Mother holds almost god-like power over the other drow. She decides the fate of all the other drow.

Powers and Abilities: The drow are a highly magical race. They have the ability to levitate at will, form spheres of utter darkness (10' radius), have uncanny heat vision, and can form a border of harmless magical flame on opponents, making them easier to target. All of these abilities are unusable on the surface world.

Current Matron Mother: Sarithyn De'Drissinthian

OOC: Wow, that was draining...I'll do the naga tomorrow..."No, I don't think I could even stand to touch anyone lately. This is the first time I've been out all week - I'd still be in, but I cut my hand on a Speghettios can."
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OOC: You can really tell which people think males rule and which think females rule. Battle of the sex's. Anyways.


Name: D'jin Drago.
Gender: male
Height: 7' 1"
Eyes: Red inner iris, white white outer.
Element: Fire
Age: 400 years. (youngest of the first born)
Hair: Blood red.
Weight: 190.

D'jin is the Dra'th sins first king, being fire based in element he is a determined and powerful young man. He is the first to unite all the clans under the banner of Draco. He wears the tear of eternal flame around his neck ( gift from Draco).

OOC: Thats one for today.
"Power comes with Discipline. Love comes with faith. It is up to you for which you'll wait."

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((OOC: I like the idea of making up a language. Hehe. S’atryn=star, Luvos=light, Vintae=white, Nosiano=city, Tynos=islands, jols=feet. Kee’li means “the beauty of change”.))

Kee’li sat within the main chamber of the Spire of S’atryn Luvos, staring out at the Vintae Nosiano. The soft sunlight of morning reflected off the many trees of the Tynos, casting a halo of silvery green onto the many tall buildings of the fair city. The woman smiled as she cast her thoughts out among the bustling marketplace that stood before the Spire and noted that her people, the Kee’li, were satisfied, if not downright delighted, by the shape of their new city.

Kee’li sat back and sighed softly. She had just a few minutes before the F’Areen, the Sentators of the People, came forward with their petitions. Running the Vintae Nosiano wasn’t easy, and she still wasn’t sure why the Areen, the people, had chosen her to do so. She gazed down through the Spire and describe it silently to herself, as a way of focusing.

A tall tower made of the purest of white stone rose from out of the middle isle, ending in a crystaline point though which the sunlight shone in the day and starlight at night. At all times a ray of soft light traveled over 1000 jols, illuminating the sparkling water and Treaq’oonee, the Tree of Red Starlight, whose scarlet leaves…

Kee’li blinked as an unnatural breeze whispered through the air. She glanced towards the stairs that ascended around the Spire to the main chamber. Someone was here, though she didn’t see any of the F’Areen…

The air before her shimmered and solidified till she could see the definate outline of a person if that person were made of soft white light…Kee’li gasped and took a step back.

“Dochen reea amo,” it said softly, its voice heard not in her head nor through her ears, but through her white skin as a tingling that she couldn’t quite indentify. “Osh piele mith co cantoes…”

Don’t fear me. I come with a message.

Kee’li stood, stunned at the being of light who spoke in her tongue. She knew there were others on this strange world, the Danio, the rangers, had told her so. But such beings…

She walked closer slowly and reached out one trembling hand. She had the distinct impression that the being was smiling as it too reached out a blurred hand and they touched…a warm, electric feeling flowed through her finger tips. Kee’li smiled through her awe. “Aqoo bino ala?” Who are you?

“Osh bina te cantoesan oft Tárathon, Nonas oft Airecúiel ab te estes oft te Tárathonion.”

“I am the messenger of Tárathon, Son of Airecúiel and first of the Tárathonion. I bid you welcome. My people have been watching those of this world and have found that, of all, we would most like to greet yours. I also come with a message from Lady Airecúiel, the Most High, that you are called to a meeting of the Gods.”

Kee’li bowed low. “Osh kanjo bin donolo.” I would be honored. “Shall we be leaving now?”

The being wavered and the light around it tingled with colors. It took Kee’li a moment to figure out that he was laughing. “We have time…there are many others to be contacted. Then we shall make for the Aireduche, the Garden of Heaven’s Light.”

Kee’li beckoned the being forward and they walked together--or rather Kee’li walked, the being seemed to float—out onto the balcony of the Spire. Below in the city life flowed through the day.

Kee’li beckoned to the minds of the Areen and they halted in their doings and all turned as one to the Spire.

“Behold!” Kee’li shouted to the Areen who watched their Jin’lonos, their Empress. “This is te estes oft te Tárathonion! He has contacted us with a warm greeting and a message from the Most High!” The Areen cheered. Kee’li turned back to her new companion. “May our two people enjoy a long and lasting friendship.” The Tárathonion bowed and smiled. “As we have time, perhaps a cultural exchange is in order…while we wait for the Bulchury.”


Even as Kee’li smiled, tributes and gifts of hand crafted splendor were brought into the main chamber and presented to te estes oft te Tárathonion.

((OOC: It’s really too back that we can’t make a master post and have everyone be able to edit it. I am loath to record all the info that you guys have already posted on in the Great Book…but I wanted it all in one place…hm. Any ideas people?

Anyways, every race will be visited by one of the Tárathonion with summons to the Aireduche. You may write out a meeting, with a good or bad response to the beings, and pick someone to represent your people or just show up. I will be writing a thread about the Garden soon, but if you want to describe it yourself we can say that it looks different to all. I will be playing Airecúiel and Tárathon and I’d appreciate it if everyone would play their respective deities as well as their reps. If you don’t wanna, I s’pose you can decline…but I’d rather people didn’t. I will be adding a better descrip of the Tárathonion in the Great Book if you need more info. I’m also going to start a language post (Keeping close to the English grammar rules…I hate grammar) and you guys can either start your own and edit it or email stuff to me and I’ll make a master one. Or you don’t have to have your own language at all.))
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Shi'kest sat in her chair drinking some Druth. A green liguid substance harvested from the Druth trees, which grow around the island. It is usually used for special occasions. But now there was nothing to celebrate. Nothing had happened in a long while. The revolt of her first born son had been stopped, and he had been banished with his following. The city was thriving, and the people had everything they needed.

She opened her thought to her great leader, but there was nothing. Had he abandoned them? No he would never do that. He would never abandon his people.

Then a bright white light appeared before her. She shrieked at the site. But calmed down as a figure appeared. Talking to her in a strange way. She couldn't understand, then she felt her leader. He is a friend he said, he comes with a message.

He translated everything. She learned that they were not alone, and that they would be invited to a meeting. This was an emmisary of the world's creator. But if her leader said he was to be trusted, then she would trust him. Reaching out a scaly clawed hand, she slowly took hold of the being's hand. It was soft and felt warm.

At that moment Shik'tath came running in. Seeing the being he prepared to lunge at it. But Shi'kest stopped him with a motion. Then he too heard the leader's voice.

The being left again, on to greet other races.

"We must prepare for that meeting." she stated.

"But who do we send. We can not go ourselves. We must see to our people." he said.

"We will hold a series of tests. Our representative must be strong, and intelligent. Yet not one of our children. The other races must not see what we are capable of." she said thoughtfully.

And so it became. They would hold a series of tests testing cunning, strength, endurance and wisdom. From the came the young Sauriën Sook'teth, he would represent them in the meeting. He would be tought and trained to become prepared.
The tests evolved into a recurring event. And the winners would be trained to elite warriors. But that wouldn't happen for some time. Not until they met with other races.Why is it we always forget to keep the good things close to our heart, but let the bad things cloud our mind.

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They are a race of Wizards and Sorceresses. Although human in appearance, their blood is replaced with mystical energy from which they draw their magic. Like humans each individual has a different appearance and they are generally slim to medium in build. Physically they are weak, but use the most powerful magicks.

The men are Wizards and females are Sorceresses. Wizards are stronger in their magic, however tend to specalise in one of three specific fields:

Healers- These Wizards can heal virtually any illness of the body, mind or soul.

Warriors- Use their power to protect their race and deal death to their enemies.

Prophets- Receive visions of the future, sometimes visions which will not occur for thousands of years. These prophets are extremely rare however and can be very dangerous if they are let free to interact with those who are not disciplined in the art. A prophecy may be spoken which could speak of death and chaos, and be heard by untrained ears. Prophets usually stay within the vaults of the city, where the write down the prophecies recieved to be interpreted.

A Wizards power is vast, however there are varying levels of power. These are three orders which the levels are put into:

Wizards of The First Order- These wizards are the most powerful and live unchallenged. The forces they are able to channel are beyond measure, one reason why few Wizards ever reach this level of power is that they die in the attempet to use such magic.

Wizards of The Second Order- Slightly more common, but less powerful. Still Wizards to reckon with though.

Wizards of The Third Order- The most common of wizard and level of power. Sorceresses are usually this level of power as well.

Sorceresses- As previously stated, they reach the power of a Third Wizard. However there are those who can achieve greater power. These Sorceresses are even more rare, but one who reaches the power of a Second Wizard is the First Mistress who is proven by right of contest to be the most powerful Sorceress. Upon reaching this status, The First Mistress inherits the Seeing Stone. A blue Gem with a slit of Gold running down the centre giving the impression of an eye. This is then placed on the First Mistress' head with the stone upon her forhead. Through the stone she can foretell the near future, only when a great danger threatens her race.


My Character: First Wizard Zarus Zul' Zorander.

A Wizard of The First Order and head of the Warrior Wizards. He is tall, with long jet black hair, with only a few streaks of silver. Pale blue penetrating eyes with flecks of purple. A slight build and wears a long silver robe of shimering silver. A solid silver band encircles his throat.

'From earth to sky, from leaves to roots,
from fire to ice, and soul's own fruits.
From light to dark, from wind to water,
I claim this spirit and creator's daughter...'

01/14/2002 1:28 PM

((OOC: Damn! As soon as I got everyone together, I was going to announce the organization of a heiracy of magic, as all Tárathonion are inherantly magical...oh well, I guess I can still do that.

Now where is everyone? You all said this was a good idea...did you all *gasp* lie???? :)))"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and
I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
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Evil turns on itself.
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01/15/2002 12:23 AM

((OOC: I'm still here. As for magic. In my race the children of the chosen ones are the only ones that can use a form of magic. The two chosen ones get their energy from the creator, and the children get a little bit of it. And so it weakens as it goes on. But I still have to work out the details, but it's more priest like magic that mage like magic.))Why is it we always forget to keep the good things close to our heart, but let the bad things cloud our mind.

01/15/2002 8:09 AM

OCC: I'm really sorry about that Starlite. If it causes any problems just tell me, and i will change anything that needs to be. I don't know if it helps but this race ( which i am calling the Shak' Dar ) is alligned with the Lady Airecuiel. I will need to have a meeting with her, yeah?

Again if there is any problem just give us a shout.'From earth to sky, from leaves to roots,
from fire to ice, and soul's own fruits.
From light to dark, from wind to water,
I claim this spirit and creator's daughter...'

01/15/2002 9:22 AM

OOC: sory starlite..........been REALLY busy. I havnt abandoned this thread though....give me a lil time and i'll get back to it...........wont have much time to be online til i get my laptop. assume the wolfnari are in hiding in their homeland........to come out at a later time.

To all you people out there................START WRITING IN THIS THREAD :DThe magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

01/15/2002 10:51 AM

Looking out over the city, Zarus could see all the hussling and co-motion form atop the Silver Tower. This was the Tower of The Warrior Wizards, and the First Wizard's Enclave was on the top floor. Along the breadth of the Wizard's City, Zarus could see the other two Towers of Gold and Bronze. Home of the Healers and the prophets.

He could not be bothered walking the spiral staircase, and so lept out into the morning air and summoned a strong wind to slow his decent until he landed smoothly upon the ground. Gasps of surprise echoed throughout the crowd like a swift wind. Zarus knew only a few of them and only by face not reputation. Walking by them swiftly, He made his way for the Council Dome, where he was to meet with the Other Heads and the First Mistress of the Sorceresses. Zarus scoffed at the thought of being in the same room as the woman, "The new First Mistress. Ha!"

Upon reaching the Great Doors, two Guards stopped him and asked what his buisness was. Zarus cast each a withering glance, and when they noticed the silver collar, they both dropped to their knees. "We apologise First Wizard....We did not recognise you....had we, we would not have stopped you....it's just that it is our job as Gaurdians." Looking at each with those strange eyes Zarus walked past not saying a word.

With several quick strides, Zarus came to another door. Placing is hand upon a gold plate and releasing his magic into it, the doors silently opened. Already standing there were two Wizards. One was the First Wizard of the Healers and the Second, the First Wizard of The Prophets.

"Greetings. And were is this new First Mistress, i do appreciate being kept waiting."

The other Wizards looked at him, "It is you who are an hour late Zarus, and the First Mistress is even later than you, a feat we thought impossible til now!" The sarcasim wasn't missed.

Just then the doors glided open and one of the Guards announced."The winner of the 'Contest of Right' and First Mistress of the Sorceresses."

Light beamed in and surrounded the Figure standing motionless in the doorway.

"Greetings gentlemen." 'From earth to sky, from leaves to roots,
from fire to ice, and soul's own fruits.
From light to dark, from wind to water,
I claim this spirit and creator's daughter...'

01/16/2002 11:31 AM

Name: First Mistress Lyanna Amell.
Location: The Wizard's City
Description: See Avatar

Looking upon the men in front of her, Lyanna strode toward them with practiced grace.

"Greetings Gentlemen, i hope that i have not kept you waiting too long?" Lyanna cocked her head to the side in waiting for an answer.

"Not at all First Mistress. We decided to come early so that we would not keep you waiting." Zarus loathed to be polite to the woman and she had obviously not missed his sarcastic tone.

"Well as long as we are on good terms, i introduce my self formally to you ... I am First Mistress Lyanna Amell, winner of the 'Contest of Right' and holder of the Seeing Stone. And now gentlemen i bid you good-day."
On that note, she twirled around, her velvet green robes swirled and she glided off towards the doors, her golden hem dusting the floor as she walked.

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In the depths of Serpentia the great crystal city of the Dra'th Sin, a gathering of the Sin's founders sat. About a great round table made of silver intwined with gold they spoke of the daily troubles and discoverys. At the head of the table seated in a chair of solid ruby of the deepest crimson sat D'jin.

King and ruler of the people of Draco, His decisions had brought about the Alliance of the lady. A new code and rules that now manage every Dra'th Sin young and old. This allaince had united his people before they could begin any kin-wars, since then a small city had been created. Four great crystal towers now stood tall around the city, the constant mix of fire light and filtered sea light caused the green crystal walls of the masive cavern to give of many different colours. If one was to look towards the Sea entrance you would see a miriad of blues and yellows, towards the Feiry core a mixture of purples and reds. Two towers stood on each side and seemed to only enhance this natural beauty, the towers of water and earth guarded the sea entrance while fire and wind watched the planets core.

In the middle of the city they built the castle known now as Drocan T'sith ( Eye of Draco) which was the first building ever raised. It was built by the 8 founding SIns, with help from the Tear of Eternal Flame and magic of all of the first borns. A building that uses all of the elements colours ( even the sub elements. lightning,life,death etc...) to form a work of such beauty that words never have labeled its apperance.

" My lord. The Great library is only a week from completion and we are ready to begin the great record. I suggest an assembly of all your people to decide what the terms of record keeping specifically are to them. If we could just...."

There was a disturbance in the collective of the Dra'th Sin ( when Dra'th's are together they know what each other do and has done.) a power that seemed to appear from nothing. This glitch presented itself as a unknown entity approaching a middle aged female Sin of light, It had spoken of a gathering of race's and a meeting of the creators. This being one of historys turning points a Dra'th some where in the city had already begun recording the event. D'jin looked to his wife with a satisfied glance, He saw this coming and had already told the Preist's to contact Draco. Although they haden't had a reply yet they knew their creator would attend this council.

" My love you guessed two days off. You owe me a massage dear, not to mention your son will be pleased to know he was right." Her voice like all Dra'th Sins was harmonic in base, yet hers was softer then other females and reminded D'jin of a Flutes softest note.

He looked towards his mate with a slight grin upon his handsome face, Her hair shimmered softly as the wind dance through it. Golden braids tumbled from her head and fell upon her shoulders and back. Her face was evenly proportioned and completly semetrical giving her a angel like appearance. She was the first born of the wind Sin and had caught D'jins eye the very day his shell cracked and he saw his brethren.

" Yes. Well if I was the first time Sin I'd be able to foretell the future too. But I'm not so, I must make due with my inlightened gifts as have been given them." His voice was humourus and commanding at the same time.

" Soldra? Have you completed the preperations." This time D'jins gaze moved to the other end of the table and fell upon a female whose wings were the purest blue.

ooc: that'll do for today. "Power comes with Discipline. Love comes with faith. It is up to you for which you'll wait."

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((OOC: Okay, I was going to wait for everyone to get the message and then get to the meeting...

(You can write yourselves there if you want, you'll be in an empty garden surrounded by white fog, all other details depend on whose looking. The gods don't have to go to the garden, they can just pop in and say their piece when they want to. In case anyone was wondering, Tárathon is the God of Magical Beings, specifically the Tárathonion but also dragons, griffons etc.)

...then have the Tárathonion talk about magic, but I don't want to wait. So I'll talk to Kee'li about magic and make a small announcment later after Airecúiel, Tárathon, and the other gods talk. (if they want to). And you guys will just know from reading this.

I realize that some of you have already planned magic, so here's how I'm going to do it. I'm setting up a School of Magic where all with potential are welcome. (I figure some races even without magic will have exceptions). It will have rankings and types and that will be like the "accepted" magic system throughout the world. But individual races have their own thing going, of course, though I hope you guys can relate your magic to mine. Any problems with that? :)))

Kee’li blinked the sleep from her beautiful eyes and sat up with a contented yawn. She was here, in the Aireduche, just as Tanjokin had promised. Smiling, she sat up and looked around. Waterfalls and exotic birds filled her vision, ferns and rays of pure light adding color to dark corners.

The shapeshifter gazed longingly after the birds in open flight, she wished to join them and soar through heaven on soft featured wings…

“I wouldn’t if I were you…” Tanjokin said with a small laugh. His voice tingled on her bare arms and vibrated through her snow white skin. “Loki tae te Aireduche,” he whispered, his vague outline wavering with anticipation. Welcome to the Garden of Heaven’s Light.

“Tanke ala,” she thanked him and stood. “Aqere bine Olirana?”

“The others have not arrived yet. It seems it will be some time, but that is fine as I wished to approach you first with something important to my people…something we would like to share.”


He smiled. “So curious…as you may or may not know, Tárathon is the God of Magical Beings. We Tárathonion were the first of his creations and magical beings ourselves. Everywhere we live, we establish a Drachenmaji, a School of Magic, where we teach all those who show even a little potential. Your race shows amazing potential, as does many of the other races here.” He frowned thoughtfully. “In fact, many already have their own considerable magic, but we intend to extend our invitation for the Drachenmaji anyway, if only in the hope that one or two will come from every race and share knowledge. We have much to offer and much to learn.”

Kee’li also frowned thoughtfully. She was no longer the carefree shapeshifter in a magical garden—she was the leader of her Areen. “The Kee’li do have potential…I have seen it, but it lacks solid control and understanding. I trust that is something you can remedy.” He nodded. “Tell me more, and I shall spread the message to my people. I am quite sure you will find many interested in magic.”

Tanjokin nodded again and launched into an explanation. “At the most basic level, our mages can be broken down into three broad categories.

The Luvisans are representative of the Sun with its life-giving light. They are entirely good, working towards the betterment of the world as they see it, working for the destruction of evil through peaceful means. They wear a pendent proclaiming their Order and dull colors depending on their type of magic, which will be explained below.

The S’atyrsans are representative of the Stars that shine providing beauty and warmth but balanced by distance. They believe that perfection in life comes not through the destruction of evil but through its harmony with good. They wear a pendent and bright colored capes made of magic, color depending on type of magic.

The Ku’chsans are representative of the Moon, whose light only shines through the continued work of the Sun. They believe that life and power is to be seized by any means possible by the individual, that life is a free for all. They all wear a silvery-black and some opt not to wear pendants because of a love of secrecy.

The types of magic are as follows:

Life (Mind/Healing)
Death (Necromancy)

All who learn at the Drachenmaji will enter an Order depending on which type of magic they wish to use or specialize in.

The Upper Orders

Drachemaji—Order of the Dragon—This is the highest Order and is incredibly rare. This Order controls all types of magic as a dragon does, with the possible exception of Death (which is only used by the Ku’chsans).

Viroaemaji—Order of the Phoenix—Second highest Order, also rare but not nearly as impossible. These mages fly with the Phoenix using Life, Air, and Fire.

Kinkimaji—Order of the Pegasus—Third and last of the Upper Orders. The most common but still hard to achieve. Uses Water, Earth, and Death (if Ku’chsan).

The Lower Orders

These Orders can be combined towards the goal of one of the Upper Orders. Also if one is a Viroaemaji and wishes to pursue the Drachemaji, they first must study under one of the Lower Orders like Aoranthamaji.

Aoranthamaji--Order of the Unicorn—Earth magic.

Bormomaji--Order of the Fox—Fire magic.

Openanamaji--Order of the Dolphin—Water magic.

Nokolimaji--Order of the Griffon—Air magic.

Toiromaji--Order of the Tiger—Life magic.

Serpinmaji--Order of the Snake—Death magic.”

Kee’li stared, then smiled. She started to ask questions and they talked, waiting in the Garden of Heaven’s Light.

((OOC: hehe. Too complicated? :P))"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and
I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
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Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

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((ooc: Guess I'll have priest mages after all. Don't wory the powers they get from their god will not be as strong))

Slowly Sook'Tath walked through the portal created. Carrying with him a writing kit, some gifts, and a crude blade. This was what he brought with him. He did not wield any magic or other powers. Only the children did that.

When he was through the portal, he found himself in a garden. A garden that resembled his island. But there was a thick fog surrounding him. Somehow he knew he just had to walk on.

Finally he came to a form of clearing, there he could vaguely make out other figures, through the fog. He raised hi head to smell, but all he could smell was the fog. In the center he could see a beautifull white light.

He decided to wait for something to happen.

Why is it we always forget to keep the good things close to our heart, but let the bad things cloud our mind.

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Aoranthamaji--Order of the Unicorn—Earth magic.

Bormomaji--Order of the Fox—Fire magic.

Openanamaji--Order of the Dolphin—Water magic.

Nokolimaji--Order of the Griffon—Air magic.

Toiromaji--Order of the Tiger—Life magic.

Serpinmaji--Order of the Snake—Death magic.”

Kee’li stared, then smiled. She started to ask questions and they talked, waiting in the Garden of Heaven’s Light.

OOC: weird names..............but I think its a great idea, just love the whole making up a new system thing :) Im gonna try and keep up as best I can, still really busy *sighs* cant wait til i get my laptop

It had been a long journey but they were finally almost at the garden. The importance of getting to the garden was not lost on them as they waited paitienly for their young child to keep pace. "You are growing strong youn Zamir, do not worry, we are almost there." Off in the horizan they could easily see the garden. It wouldnt be long now.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

01/21/2002 4:51 AM

OOC: Starlite, the orders of magic you set up will fit in perfectly so no problems there.

IC: Raising his hand, Zarus slammed the door shut with a fist of air, before the Mistress could reach it.

"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, TURNING UP LATE AND THEN DEPARTING BEFORE YOU HAVE BEEN DISMISSED........" Zarus was cut off suddenly by a blinding white light, which had filled the room. When they were then able to see again, their attention was no longer fixed upon arguing with each other, but the shining figure in the centre of the room.

"Cease fighting with each other and focus your energies on peace. Make allies, discover new lands and nations." The figure spoke without moving their lips.

"Who are you?" Zarus said meekly, he could feel the power off this beings and it was overwhelming.

Turing thier gaze upon him the being spoke " My name is of no importance. Your race is devoted to the Lady of the Light are they not.?"

"Well... yes.. but what does that have to do with you being here?"

"I am her messenger, it would be advisable to heed her bidding." Upon those words the being vanished.

"What was that about?" The First Healer asked still shocked from the encounter.

"I know not........ but i believe that we should do what the Lady asks of us and i doubt that this will be the last time we will see of her messengers." after a long pause the uncomfortable silence was lifted. " Ready my war mount and supplies. I leave tomorrow."

"LEAVE... ! Leave for where?" All three were not prepared for the statement.

"I do not know, but i do not which our race to lose favour with the Lady. I will travel as she states, and meet new nations." There was an unusual look of sincere concern upon their faces

"Worry not i think i am strong enough to travel alone."

"That may be so, however you must take someone else with you... and i think i have the perfect women for the task."

"That is a thoughtful offer, however, i do not think i need...." realising what the prophet said."Women? What women?"

"Why the First Mistress of course. First Mistress, your first offical order is to accompany First Wizard Zarus on his mission for the Lady."

Fuming she turned and came within but a few inched of the Prophets face."WHAT? I have important matters to attend to attend to here. I cannot afford to waste time gallivanting around other lands!!"

"Please calm down First Mistress, it will be good practice for you and give you a chance to represent the Sorceresses should you by chance meet other races."

Smiling, Zarus turned to her "Please First Mistress. I am not that bad a travelling companion" This annoyed her beyond endurance, her face was scarlet. Suddenly however her composure changed and she relaxed.

"Very well First Wizard, i shall accompany you on behalf of the Sorceresses. And again if you wil excuse me, i must attend to certain matters since iam to be leaving on the morrow. At dawn?" With anod Zarus confirmed the time.

All four bowed and departed to make preparations. Zarus spoke softly to himself as he watched the Mistress leave "She is planning something, but what i cannot tell."'From earth to sky, from leaves to roots,
from fire to ice, and soul's own fruits.
From light to dark, from wind to water,
I claim this spirit and creator's daughter...'

01/21/2002 12:45 PM

The next day at dawn as agreed. Lyanna and Zarus met to be begin their journey. Zarus' mount, a great war horse, was standing, waiting, held in check by a stable boy.

"Your mounts First Wizard...and yours Mistress."

"Do you know where exactly we are going on this...quest?" Lyanna asked.

"No. I don't, is there a problem with that." Seeing her expressionless face, he guessed the answer. "We shall head south east following the wind.

"Very well...your the leader First Wizard."

"And you would do well to remember that Lyanna."

"So we are on first name basis are we? Well then Zarus, shall we be off" On that note their mounts galloped off heading south east. Towards what Zarus did not know.'From earth to sky, from leaves to roots,
from fire to ice, and soul's own fruits.
From light to dark, from wind to water,
I claim this spirit and creator's daughter...'

01/22/2002 1:07 PM

OOC: Excellent selection of magic, it will work perfectly with my peoples. With the exception of the Dra'th Sin can attain time magic. As for learning from them, the Sin will deliver six crystals of knowledge to the greatest of the Drachenmagi shcools. After the Gathering of course.

Soldras silver and blue eyes focused upon he lords noble face.
" My king all is ready, the portal will open tommorrow at sunrise. Ista is ready and fully aware of his dutys. He is an excellent candidate for this meeting slow-tempered, impressively strong for a male and he always gathers all the information before making a decision." Her voice washed over the vast space of the room like a tidal wave carrying her smooth tone to everyones ears.

" Well in that case, I deem this meeting ajourned." As he spoke this sentence the golden lines engraved upon the tables surface seemed to sparkle with the colours of the elements. The magic ended and the light faded back to shimmering gold, symbolizing all had been recorded.

All waited for D'jin to stand before they themselves stood, when he did the others bowed in respect and shook hands in the traditional manner.

" I wish you all a good evening and shall see you at sun rise." D'jin spoke in a freindly voice now and smiled broadly.
"Power comes with Discipline. Love comes with faith. It is up to you for which you'll wait."

01/23/2002 1:56 PM

Morning came as it had many times before, bringing cool refreshing light to Sepentia's crystal buildings. Many people already moved about the massive underground cavern, opening there shops or visiting the towers to learn the elemental art. Most know the importance of this day while others are seeing it as just another mark in the book.
Deep within Dracon T'sith's crystal and stone walls a small colection of the wisest Dra'th Sin gathered. Their eyes all turned towards a portal and lone figure stepping through it, His huge bulk incompassed every spare inch of the portals opening.

Ista looked back after he entered the rift, he saw everything fly away as if he moved and they stayed where they were. When he turned to see forwards he was suprised to find he was standing in a beautiful garden, filled with plants of such beauty Ista's earth based spirit shed a tear of pride.
Above he saw endless night frozen compared to the warmth of the garden, this Ista realized meant the very essence of this place created its own light. He memorized everything that appeared solid and put it away in his mind, satisfied with this he jumped lightly into the air his wings glowed a brilliant gold. He hovered only a foot above the ground but was his natural hieght.

After gliding for about ten minutes he caught sight of other beings. He switched his iris's to infared and inspected their forms, once again he memorized the information. Returning to normal sight Ista tensed his wings and sailed up inot the air. He flew within ear shot of the gathered and waited."Power comes with Discipline. Love comes with faith. It is up to you for which you'll wait."

01/23/2002 2:15 PM

((OOC: Okay, I haven't done a headcount, but I think most of us are in the Garden. I'm just going to wait a little longer for Kalia (cuz it's not her fault she couldn't come online) and then go ahead with the meeting. I can't wait! I just spent the whole school day thinking of a description for the Drachenmaji. I have to write out the description soon before I forget and then I'm going to draw it!!

Ah, good times. :)))"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and
I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
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Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

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((OOC: Heya all! I've been busy awhile...I had some matters to clear up with some other Dragonlance fan branches...anyway, here's umm, my 'race.'
NOTE:BTW, this race is slightly like a cross between the Irda and Wizards in middle earth.

Name:Vitaar'un (weetar-oon)
other name: 'the Celibren' (Sel-lee-brin)
Magic: Born with magic, they specialize having elements to take life and form, as well as being able to summon other beasts and becoming their masters. (When the summoned being dies, it is given back life and is taken place it came from)

Description: Slender, and slight girth with the males. Eyes have diamond pupils and are a deep red to a dark purple. Skin changes from the climate they live on. Most are thought as a cross between a Sylf and another race, but that is not true. They have been born as an original race, yet they are two. When a Vitaar'un seeks to rule or challenge a god, they are changed horribly. They are stripped of all magic, and their skin turns to the color of rotting wood. Their eyes become sunken in, and their whole body becomes wrinkled. They long for flesh and become slaves to necromancers and do as they are bidden. The change to the Letar. The Letar cannot kill themselves, but they are thrown into oblivion at the end of ten years.

Unique attributes: They do not die, but when one turns into a Letar, another one is born into the world, into a different race, but as they mature, they become the same as the other Vitaar'un.

Location: They are but a small race scattered around the world, helping it survive and thrive, but they can only do so much without turning into Letar.

Enemies/Allies: None, they spread their arms towards all.

Important members: They are all of the same rank, but some are more powerful than others, yes.

NOTE2: I would wish that the rule for the Vitaar'un turning into the Letar would be passed in the Garden, where all the Vitaar'un are located right now.

My own character:

Rank: Selected spokesperson, for he is most powerful of all the Vitaar'un
Looks: The pupils have a line of purple around them but the rest of the iris is red.
He looks very young, and his hair is black and he wears a dark blue robe. He holds a mithril staff with a mounted crystal cunningly carved by magic to look like a metellic bluish-silverish dragon.
First impressions: he is usually stoic and grave, but it trying to become more friendlier, and tries to learn.

Animar stood in the garden, calmly standing in front of the two Vitaar'un there. He looked sadly at his trusted friend, Silvanus.
"I fear that the gods will do something to keep us from rising, my friend."
Silvanus didn't reply, but kept looking warily around the garden, as if expecting something to lash out at them at any moment.
Animar touched his friend's shoulder.
"Do not trouble yourself, Silvanus. The only ones here that can destroy us are powerful Wizards of the first rank and the gods."
Silvanus looked at him and finally said, "I don't trust anyone if it is not one of us, Animar. And do not fear. If the Gods dare challenge us, I shall take up the challenge and destroy all of them. If I can kill one, I can kill all."
Animar sighed and shook his head, looking away.
"Your words and arrogance will someday become your end, Silvanus."

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Just movin this up...And don't abandon us!"Draco dormiens nunquam tittilandus"-"Never tickle a sleeping dragon"

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Hot hot hot hot staying alive staying alive!!!! Just keeping alive until somehting happens?...........................

Cricket!..............................................Cricket.............................................Cricket..................................99 bottles of beer on the wall.
99 bottles of beer.
You take one down and pass it around.
98 bottles of beer on the wall.

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ooc: Starlite I would like to say " The great book looks great!! You did updates and it's really comin along. You are one hell of a women, Damn the guy :) who wins your heart, I hate it when the best are taken :)99 bottles of beer on the wall.
99 bottles of beer.
You take one down and pass it around.
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A wavering being appeared before the assembled representatives, arms spread wide. They all had the feeling that he was smiling, though his face was smooth and featureless. He spoke a strange language, one that none had ever heard before, but such that they all understood.

"Welcome, please make yourselves comfortable. You have been called here under the most joyous of circumstances and on behalf of the Lady Airecúiel and her son, Lord Tárathon, I call this meeting to order.

I am Tanjokin, first of the Tárathonion, children of Lord Tárathon. We are beings of Light and Magic and open our arms to all. I have been authorized to start and offer you knowledge and answers before the Lady and Lord arrive.

Our first Order of Business is to choose a name for this Unnamed World. It is the wish of the Lady that, though individual peoples may call it what they wish, we come to an agreement on one Name. I will take all suggestions and then we shall vote.

I also have an offering from the Tárathonion, concerning those of you who value the arcane art of Magic. But first, does anyone have anything to say before I start?"

The Light Being glanced around the room and then pointed to Kee'li, who was standing up slowly.

A small hush flowed through the room as those who had not, saw her for the first time. Blushing blue, she spoke quietly.

"I am Kee'li, first of a race so named. I lead my Areen and add my Loki (welcome) to all in hopes that Peace will be preserve in this land yet untouched by corrupt thoughts of violence. It is the suggestion of my people that this world be called Taekote."

((OOC: Ack! That was terrible. Oh well, I'm sick today, can't be helped. Anyways, this gives people a chance to bring up stuff--if you have something to bring up. If you don't, no prob. I'd like it if people would nominated names though...or else I win by default. Hehe. :) We'll be voting through email so we don't take up room here...

The language Tanjokin speaks is Common, a language that most should know. You can develope your own languages as you wish or shun Common as your people might...

And now some personal responses...

The great book looks great!! You did updates and it's really comin along.

Thanks! I'm glad someone looked at it. Hehe. Took me a while. I have more stuff to update and I need some more info for some...but did I miss anyone entirely?

I hate it when the best are taken :)

Who said I was taken? Did I say that? Cuz I assure you I'm not. Nope, single as they come...:):P:)))
"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and
I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
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Evil turns on itself.
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Animar fell to his knee and bowed his head down, his face unusually grave. Silvanus kept standing, indignant, but he soon felt a force pushing him down, bypassing his own magical aura. He cast a scowling glance at Animar, who made paid no attention to him, and was staring at the god in awe.
This was not the first time Animar had been in the presence of a god, but he was still filled with the power he felt merely in the presence of him.

The Vitaar'un were not made by any god. They were, in fact a mistake, a serendipity, and not so. They worshipped all gods, not having an alliance to just one god. The gods sometimes disliked this, but thought it for the better. When wars broke out between races, the Vitaar'un would be the messangers and negotiators, trying to quell the war.

"We do not care about the name of the world," he said, "We only care about the world itself. If there is a possibility that the world will end, we will fight with out lives, and indeed, our souls. I speak for all the Vitaar'un in this world."
He rose, and Silvanus after him, scowling.

((BTW, once we get a campaign on, I will not use Animar as a character. He's too strong, and I like characters to gain strength as I play.))
"Draco dormiens nunquam tittilandus"-"Never tickle a sleeping dragon"

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Ista being a man of honor and good manners knew when to show respect. This being would have it, and so Ista softly landed upon the ground amongst the others and bent a knee, bowing with humble pride. His massive size dwarfed the delicate form of Kee'li yet he looked towards her first.
When she had taken his shape to memory her eyes finally met his gaze. She looked at green and light brown eyes awkward to her, their two different coloured iris's giving him a inlightened appearance.
Smiling at her with curtious measure Ista once again looked upon the being of light.

" I'm Ista Hemda of the Dra'th Sin, Keepers of history and people of might. I propose we name this world Asinia which means "United" in my peoples tongue." His voice rose and commanded all ears to listen, like a grand eruption of lava.

Istas face remained expressionless waiting for the others opionions.

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99 bottles of beer on the wall.
99 bottles of beer.
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98 bottles of beer on the wall.

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((OOC: *bows to Fury* I am here because it suits me, as a place with so much talent.

But you are right, I should not be alone here. I wonder how we can remedy that...:):P:)

I think there's been a misunderstanding. Tanjokin is not a god. No gods have presented themselves yet. Tanj is a rep for his race and a chosen spokesman. I'm waiting for more names and a better mood (lovely bit of depression today...lousy state laws...) before I have Tanj describe the Drachenmaji...then the gods will get here. Hehe.))

Tanjokin smiled and bowed low to Kee'li, Animar and Ista. At least it seemed as if he bowed, his shimmering form flowing through the air in a downward spiral.

"My sincerest greetings to the esteemed representatives: Kee'li of the Kee'li, Animar of the Vitaar'un, and Ista of the Drath'Sin." His white eyes flicked over the other representative of the Vitaar'un and, noting his scowl, frowned slightly, Tanj's displeasure circling the room in waves.

But then his gracious smile returned. "It would seem that we have two choices for the name of this Unamed World, Taekote and Asinia...by the way, Kee'li, what does Taekote mean in your tongue?"

Kee'li stood slowly and brushed her cerulean hair out of shy eyes. "It means 'From ashes doth a fire spring, a world's dawn comes on freedom's wings'."

As she sat back down, Kee'li again met the gaze of Ista, and in studying his strange eyes she gave a childlike smile and her face lit up till her snowy complexion seemed to glow. She continued to study and smile at him till her eyes caught hold of his wings.

To fly...Kee'li closed her eyes and her skin at once started to flow silver, it shimmered and shook till she had no more form then Tanjokin. Then it reshaped, slowly and carefully...

Ista blinked. It was like looking in a living mirror. The young woman had become himself and now floated slightly off the ground with newborn wings.

Kee'li attempted to fly higher and caught an updraft. It was delightful, flying, and all those in the room could tell as the Mirror Ista allowed an undignified giggle to escape.

Aware that all eyes were upon her, Kee'li reluctantly sank back to the ground of the Aireduche and back to her seat where she once again became liquid silver and then her own familiar form. She smiled shyly at the assembled.

"Well then," Tanjokin said, also smiling. "Are there any other names or business?"
"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and
I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
Bilbo Baggins

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

02/05/2002 5:01 PM

OOC: ;) Great is the talent here indeed, for you have blessed us with your ideas to be. Freedom of thought and love for all, I know I'd come running if you were to call. :)
Sorry I get poetic around maidens so fair. Damnit I gotta stop that or she'll think I'm crazy! uhhhhhh.... Did I type that out loud? :)
Well then Star how R U gonna solve your lonelyness?
*Being a gentlemen Furanthas returns the ladys Bow*

Ista could only stare in wonder at the mirrored image of himself, clearly seeing her enjoyment of flying he wonders what other forms she can take.
After Kee'li landed and returned to her seat he studied her in every detail, storing the knowledge as before.
Hesitantly his gaze returned to the being of light, speaking calmly he says.
" We the Dra'th Sin have built a Great library to store this worlds history, We are a people of knowledge. Our god Draco shall be arriving shortly but we are sentinet beings capable of planning, So I propose we create a world map.
A means of knowing the basic land structures and territorial claims, this may cause strife but it must be done. Also alliances........" At this Ista looked around at all the gathered races.

" Alliances may be created today but, I only hope we all can see truth through lie.
My people are self sufficiant but our code of living is based upon recording and being apart of history. So you can know my kind will always be out there, protecting or other wise.
My people will be apart of this world for all it's time, Unity is a gift we offer to few. Some may be racist towards my kind as my kind may be racist to yours, but amonst every race open minded individuals shall plant the seeds of understanding.
From these seeds our greatest times shall sprout." His eyes fell upon Kee'li once again, this time seemig to search her very soul yet he continued to speek to all.

" So chose your allys wisely and may peace be upon your family's." At this Ista Bowed low before all, a gesture the Dra'th Sin rarely use.
99 bottles of beer on the wall.
99 bottles of beer.
You take one down and pass it around.
98 bottles of beer on the wall.

02/06/2002 8:57 PM

While Ista was talking Animar raised a palm, from which energy gathered into an orb of radiant white light, and cast it high above them.
He noted Tanjokin's questioning glance, and said, "It is merely so that the other Vitaar'un still on the world may see what is transpiring here."
Tanjokin nodded and looked away.
Silvanus tapped Animar on the shoulder and snarled, "Why did you say that? Why did you not add your own vote to the name of the world? A great honor if it is chosen, my friend."
Animar shook his head and said, "It is not our place."
He watched Ista finish his speech and rose his voice, "I agree with you, Ista of the Dra'th. But need I remind you that though these ties may certainly breed new understanding, understanding comes with misunderstanding, for wars will break between races who do not ally. I do not go against your proposition, but I must also warn you against it."
"We, the Vitaar'un are friends to all, for we are merely trying help this world thrive."
"Draco dormiens nunquam tittilandus"-"Never tickle a sleeping dragon"

"Something new is always something to learn from"-Me

"The mods are watching. You cannot see them, but they are watching"-Uziel

"My favorite book is always the one I'm writing."-Margaret Weis

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02/14/2002 3:33 PM

((OOC: Solve my loneliness? Why, I do not know...perhaps you have some suggestions? :)))

Tanjokin gazed at Ista and then conceded with a nod. "The Tárathonion agree that a world map would be beneficial and we shall contribute to its making. As for the rest of you..."

Kee'li stood immediatly and with a toss of her cerulean hair, said, "The Kee'li also support the idea of a world map!" She smiled and sat back down.

"As for you recording of history..." Tan started, then stopped. A slight breeze moved through the Garden, soothing and soft...

It is a great thing they do, Tanjokin, Chosen of Tárathon.

The Light Being bowed reverantly in the direction of the Voice and watched in awe as it coalesed into a woman beyond beauty. Her blue eyes flowed as the purest of Water, the skin soft Earth tones...Her breath was of the sweetest Air and Her sword of Flame...

A hush moved over the gathered as they beheld the Lady Airecúiel, creator of Light from Darkness. She smiled and they felt as those blessed.

Ista, come forward. Her voice moved as a whisper in their minds and hearts. I present you with the Great Book of this Unnamed World, to keep in your library... she said softly.

Before the stunned Dra'th Sin, a tattered leather volumn appeared. It looked as old as the ages of existance rather than of this young world. Golden binding flowed into script that each could read in their own tongue, a magical aura surrouded and bound them each to it as time binds those beings of mortality to the history they create...

Take it... the goddess whispers into Ista's heart. To those others assembled, You have all been brought to my Garden to discuss the wonderous world you now inhabit...some of you are strangly quiet...I suggest you speak up! Such as this may never happen again...

Receding into the shadows, the goddess sat, content to watch and wait for her people. They were strong and brave...they would speak up...

Tanjokin swallowed. Despite the grace of his goddess, the awe she inspired still made him nervous...such is being mortal, he thought.

"Ahem...are there any others who wish to make their presence known before I launch into my speech?" His yellow eyes twinkled as stars and Kee'li gave a small laugh of pure joy. "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and
I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
Bilbo Baggins

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

02/18/2002 1:48 PM

OOC: You need to find someone who's romantic, funny, good looking:), and rich. But the rich part really shouldn't matter. Wow those traits sound like everything I have.

* Furanthas kneels before Star and smiles warmly up at her, taking her hand in his he looks into her eyes. " Starlitte would you be my Valentine."*
I know Valentines day is long gone but hey why not ;)


Ista was filled with such reverence he could only smile and take the book in his hands. Its weight seemed heavy and light at the same time, the texture of the binding was soft yet felt of stone. He dared not open the book and so placed it at his side returning his gaze to the goddess.
He wanted to thank her for this gift beyond measure but he couldn't find the right thing to say. Words started to form in his mind only to be replaced by other words, deciding it best just to be silent Ista sat still and waited.

As Ista sat waiting for the other races to speak he felt a familiar feeling, like the one he felt when he first born. A peace and safety that he had never known washed over him like a cool shower.

" Hello again my son. I'm here as you and your brothers and sisters have asked of me." This voice touched Istas mind and brought him to look around in anticipation.

Time seemed to slow as a ripple of reality formed infront of the gathered, the ripple grew until it was a whirlwind.
Light and colour mixed inside the spining distortion of reality condensing into a form. A form like that of the Dra'th Sin only without the same wings, it grew in size until the shape stood as tall as Ista.
Draco Creator of the Dra'th Sin, Demi god to the One god, now stood before this collection of beings.
His skin was the colour of life blood, deep crimson and tiny scales covered him from head to toe.
His head was covered by a Metal helmet of lightning blue, its smooth surface glistened as he looked about with eyes the colour of stars.
He had no wings for he needed none, being a demi-god he could fly with only a thought. Draco turned towards the Lady Airecuiel and bowed in respect, the lady returned the curtousy with a incline of her head.

" I'm Draco. I'm sorry I'm late. Some genuise on Centauri 6 decided to blow the world up. Anyways we have much to discuss and I have gifts for some, warnings for others." Dracos voice was thick in dragon and deep like a giants, commanding and yet full of life.

OOC: I don't know if Dracos intro was good or not so don't laugh at me ;)
Tis better to have loved and lost.
Then to have never loved at all.

02/18/2002 4:25 PM

Zamir stood puzzled by all that was going on. Still young and curious, he had no idea of the importance of the meeting. He yelped and played with any small critter that passed his way totally oblivious to everyone else. The firm grip of his mother finally quieting him as he gazed at the other strange beings speaking and carrying on.

His parents listen intently, but there minds were made up......."We do not need to associate with these people but we will remain out of respect to the summons. Let them babble about alliances and relationships, we will only ask to be left alone and in turn we shall leave them alone."

Zamir's mother only nodded in agreement.........however she had other plans. She would make the most of this meeting........she would find out the true mettle of the others soon enough. She stepped forward proudly and spoke for all to hear. "The wolfnari have no fear of any warning........what threat could there be to use?!" As she glared at draco with distain.

OOC: nothin personal..........its just she's a real bia!@ later on and she's just gettin started. lol.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

02/18/2002 5:01 PM

((OOC: *Star catches her breath, and gazes back into his warm gaze "I would be honored..."*))

Lady Airecúiel bowed to Draco, smiling at his quip. Those from the Wolfnari Nations stood then, and spoke coldly of their own power.

Do not slight those things that have no yet been spoken... the Lady admonished of Kistas calmly. Awed by the power in her voice, the Wolfnari reluctantly sat down again, swallowing any retort. Welcome, Draco. We await your words.
"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and
I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
Bilbo Baggins

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

02/19/2002 12:54 PM

OOC: Standing with a new found joy in his heart Furanthas smiles brightly to his valentine. Placing his hand behind his back for a moment he winks at star and brings it back into veiw. A perfect white rose now sat in his hand its white petals shimmering slightly. He holds it out in offering to Star.


Draco was impressed by this Wolfnari's pride but only for a moment. He could see her soul, and he knew of the treachery she would bring to this knew world.

Bowing in respect to the Lady Airecuiel, Dracos star filled eyes surveyed the crowd. Seeming to look at all at once.

" Have you decided a name for this wondrous place you now live?" His voice softer than before. Tis better to have loved and lost.
Then to have never loved at all.

02/20/2002 6:48 PM

Draco was impressed by this Wolfnari's pride but only for a moment. He could see her soul, and he knew of the treachery she would bring to this knew world.

OOC: I liked that.....pretty good observation. *awards furanthas observation points*

Kistas sat, her anger brewing but she knew it was foolish to challenge her. Her pride and haugtiness had gotten the better of her and she now had to face the stern gaze of her mate at he looked disapprovingly. He did not like attention nor did he like for his kind to look foolish. All the same he would sit and watch, mindful of the different races, he wanted to know what agnda they would be on, who would be future foes......who would be less of a nusiance.

He could smell the excitement and anticipation in the air, sense the apprehension of the company of beings. He would keep his cool and hopefully kistas had also learned her lesson. "It is more important to know your surroundings than to distance yourself" .

Aknowledging draco with a short nod he also replied "Yes what will you name this land that we all share?"The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

04/06/2002 8:58 PM

Bringing this back to the top so that people have it to refer to for "legacy of Life"Oh, Moons of Mercy, Moons of Light
Guide me in the Darkest Night
Keep me safe from Evil spirit,
send your blessed light to sear it.

Watch the shadows, Watch the lights;
Never shoot till they're in sight.
Hold your rage down, calm your fears
The end comes soon enough for tears

04/15/2002 9:49 PM

((OOC: Okay, I'm adding this because I'm bored...It's a new race alright?))

Name: Lillims, Angelics, Seraphics
location: Celestial plane
Description: Lillims- Differs with race (See bottom) with metallic blue streaks lining the front. No pupils, irises dark with silver or gold flecks, and feathery wings that disappear at will.
Angelics- Metallic blue hair, Irises are crystaline, and feathery wings that never disappear.

((OOC: I'll finish later...writer's block...:p))"Draco dormiens nunquam tittilandus"-"Never tickle a sleeping dragon"

"Something new is always something to learn from"-Me

"The mods are watching. You cannot see them, but they are watching"-Uziel

"My favorite book is always the one I'm writing."-Margaret Weis

04/28/2002 4:22 PM

((OOC: Hey everybody! I'm going ahead with some Taekote stuff even if you aren't (yes, I chose the name) and I just thought I should let everyone know...so if you have suggestions about the physical/spiritual etc "quirks" about the world, feel free to email me and I'll include them. I may be getting in touch with as many of you as possibly because I *might* be getting Taekote a home and I'll need permission to use your stuff....hehhehe.))Computer games don't affect kids…if Pacman had affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in darkened rooms munching on magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.

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