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12/17/2001 7:32 PM

There was a thread called this started by 'J'mes' ;) but it's old, so I'm starting a new one.

OK, I only have one character, although I have the idea for another if I need it.

Name: Taylor Magetaunter
Formerly Taylor Merryweather

Race: Kender (Although he doesn't handle as much as the typical kender, for a reason, which I have let to explain (note that I do have an explanation, but it's going to be part of my next short story))

Occupation: Magic Collector

History: See the short story The Beginning of Innocence (http://www.dragonlance.com/fan/writing/display.cfm?id=369" target="_blank) for some of it. To sum it up, parents killed by evil mage while visiting their friend, a white robe. Taylor taunts mage, white robe take black robe out (although he does escape). Taylor raised by the white robe.

Background: Taylor's first adventure (on RPGC at least. Got to leave room for more short stories...) was when he and his friend Insano the gnome angered two mages, Galan and Uziel. They fought (well, survived) an epic battle with mainly Galan, managing to surive mostly unscaved, with some help from Uziel.

Shortly there after, Taylor got in a fight with a half-elf (aka 'giant kender'). It turned into a barroom brawl, in which Tantric and Insano participated in, and Galan observed. After the 'giant kender' lost consiousness, Galan magically grabbed Taylor by the neck and slammed him back and forth against the walls, until Taylor died. Galan then left.

Insano cursed Galan, ran out, and came back with a cleric of Miskcal (sp). After Taylor was raised from the dead, the cleric was introduced as Gaia.

Then Insano, Taylor, Gaia, and Mr. Offhand (owner of the inn Galan basically destroyed) left on a gold dragon on the way to Mt. Nevermind. We got off part of the way there, and walked. Gaia then had a dream about someone needing our help, and so we ended up joining a group of adventures going to take out some new, evil gods.

After a big fight in Flotsam, Taylor gets turned into a cat for a brief while, and then rejoins the rest of the group. The group is currently trying to take out the last of the new gods, under orders (demands) of the 'evil' Tantric.

Theads appeared in (In timeline order): Tay, Insano, BRING IT!!!, Tay, BRING IT!!!, Journey to Mt. Nevermind, Annoying, Still Annoyed, Yet Another Annoyed, Magic Store (re-visited), Kendermore *rpg*, and The Calling....(stillbirth thread). Also a MIA thread on another board in which Taylor swamped some stories.

Combat: For distances, Taylor uses his two folding crossbows. He had a hoopak, although he lost that in Flotsam (acually, I just never bother to include Taylor using it since then).

His greatest strength, though, is his magic item collection. His favorite (and almost trademark) item is his Ring of Negative Elemenatal Mastery, which grants him a very small amount of control (more like good will from) undead, some protection from them, and the ability to summon Negative Energy Elementals.

His other items include:

Staff of Random Plane Shifting: Not originally from Kyrnn. Given to Taylor by a female mage (she called herself a 'wild mage') from this item's place of origin. Taylor has been unable to use it, but it represents his friendship with the mage. (A cookie to whoever can guess who that mage is :D)

Braclet of Invisibility, Rings of Regeneration, Amulet of Undead Protection: Self-explanitory items.

Vest of Holding Pockets: Vest with variation of bags of holding in them. He keep the Staff of Random Plane Shifting in an inside pocket of this vest (kinda Mary Poppins like).

Feline's Bracelet: When Taylor and Mirror were going to find one of the New Gods in the Tower of Wyreth, Mirror turned Taylor into a cat with a soft silver coat, and mirrored eyes. Taylor then got out a bracelet, which got pressed into service as a collar. It allowed Taylor and Mirror to share familar-like bond, and for Taylor to communicate his thoughts to others.
After being exposed to some of Mirror's spells, and being pulled into the New Magic God's maze, it now allows Taylor the ability to change into that silver cat whenever he wants to, by donning the bracelet. While the bracelet is on, he can change back and forth whenever he wants, although he usually only has it on when he wants to change into a cat.
(I'm trying to use this more, since I like it)

Taylor also has an item that allows him to teleport, and to send items from one place to another, but what he uses for this is unknown.

Taylor also has the unique gift or two. If one of his pouchs or items is 'handled' by a fellow kender, or stolen by someone else, it automatically returns to Taylor.

Taylor is always prepared for trouble, including the fact he has beads from a Necklace of Missles as buttons on his vest, as well as other places.

Long isn't it? :D

If you want to use a similar format, great. If not, that's great too.

Oh, and Happy Yule.Taylor Magetaunter
Kender Magic Collector
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Kender Proverb:
"Every Path is the Right Path, Except When It's The Left Fork"

12/18/2001 1:53 PM

(Note: I'm just transfering my descriptions because I believe the other thread might disappear at any moment. :))

Finally!! I swear this damn thread was hiding from me... Okay pay attention people cuz this is going to be looong...

Name: Ku Y'leh Starlite (Koo E'leh)
Race: Half-elf

Physical: Ku Y'leh is the daughter of an elven mother and human father. She has shoulder length obsidian hair and liquid silver eyes. She is tall and graceful, as are all elves, but she has the strength of humans, even if it doesn't show. Her eyes are filled with a layered intelligence and see all, as she has suffered and lost her innocence.

Brief History: Ku Y'leh is the last of the ancient and secret Order of Centuri. This Order was dedicated to the balance and welcomed all races. It taught magic and the use of weapons as an artform, donning blue robes or armor. The Order gets its magic from the Phoenix Star and from inside themselves. They are highly adaptable and attuned to magic, often learning new spells simply by being near someone who specializes in that type of spell. The Order was destroyed in a moment of weakness and political intrique. (For more info, see the Phoenix Star)

Other: Ku's greatest companion and best friend is a white tiger named L'Nakia. She summons the magical beast from a forgotten plane through the use of her nondescript ring. She can also communicate telepathically with L'Nakia and sometimes other people.

Name: Melethka (Mel leth ka...easy enough )
Race: Elven

Physical: Melethka possesses the grace of all elves, though she has a rather forceful personality which shows in her expression and movements. Her hair is a deep auburn and her eyes, a bright blue.

Brief History: Melethka was born in Qualinesti, though she is not actually a Qualinesti elf. She is the Master of Shadows (Melethka means shadow), the last of her kind. Though she dons red robes and is dedicated to balance, she has a responcibility as Master to keep the knowledge gained by her people. The Order of Shadows is an ancient sect that was intense in its study of magic. They amassed so much knowledge that the gods themselves stepped in and asked that they disolve the Order before the power that comes with knowledge fell into the wrong hands. The Order decided to assign one family to keep the memory and knowledge they had collected alive. Melethka is the last of this family.

Other: Though extremely well-versed in magic and with the ability to command Shadow Warriors, Melethka prefers her twin scimitars in battle.


Name: Kiri-Koli (Kir ee Ko lee)
Race: Human

Physical: Kiri-Koli has jet black hair and piercing green eyes. She is tall and lithe, her expression can been beautiful or severe.

Brief History: Kiri-Koli is an orphan. She was found after her parents died by an elf named Majie, who brought the child to the Valley of Vanished Moons. Kiri grew up in the shelter of the protective magic stone that hid the valley. She learned magic from Majie, whom she calls Shlafie, mispronouncing it because it always made Majie mad. However, Kiri thinks of Majie as the mother she never had. The Valley of Vanished Moons is a strange place. No one quite knows how it got its name but all who are drawn into it feed off a magic that comes not from any current God or Goddess. They don the silver robes. The Dark Queen, jealous of the peace in the Valley, gave a dark mage the means to destroy the protective stone. Kiri watched Majie die before escaping with her griffon friend T'Pania. Kiri was seperated from T'Pania during the ensueing battle. She is trying to make a living in the outside world and is suspcious and bitter towards almost everyone.


Name: Dianolanta (Di anne o lan te)
Race: Irda

Physical: Dianolanta has molten silver eyes and long golden hair. Her skin has a blue tinge to it.

Brief History: Dianolanta is a survivor of the destruction of the Isle of the Irda.

Other: She went deaf from hearing the screams of her dying people, though she has minor telepathic abilities.


Name: Akhsunamun (Ak soon a moon)
Race: Unknown

Physical: Akhsunamun is extremely tall and extremely graceful. She is the picture of seductive beauty. Every movement is carefully calculated. It is said that the Dark Queen herself is jealous of Akhsunamun's beauty. Her eyes are green and glow with unholy light. Her pupils are those of a cat, her features almost feline. Her hair is flame red, matching her blood red wings. Her expression is often filled with the joy of evil, conniving, though if she wants to she can be perfectly innocent.

Brief History: Akhsunamun's history is shrouded in mystery. It is said even the Gods don't know where this demoness came from. She was just always there. Her strengths are in magic and manipulation and she often considers herself to be a rival to the Dark Queen. However, she has no desire to rule as a Goddess and maintains that that is the only reason she has not overthrown Takhisis.


Name: Starynanthalenos (Star in an thal en os)
Common name: Drache Starfall
Race: Flame dragon

Physical: Drache is a large blue dragon whose scales look as if they have been licked by blue flames. In her most common guise (that of a half-elf), her hair is blue flame. She has violet eyes.

Brief History: Drache Starfall is the twin of Drache Blueflame. Her (and his) egg was found by a good mage who, when he found them to be blue dragons, tried to destroy the eggs with the Flames of Avvanom. This failed, though it took away the twins ability to use lightning, it gave them a strong sense of magic. After the eggs hatched, her twin devored the kind mage, an act that scarred Starfall for life and destroyed her natural instinct towards evil. She fled her brother, though they maintain an involuntary telepathic link. She lives as a half-elf, symbolizing how she is torn between two worlds.


Name: Starynlanosentas (Star in lan os ent as)
Common name: Drache Blueflame

Physical: Drache Blueflame is slightly bigger than his sister but with identical flame blue scales and violet eyes.

Brief History: He is the twin of Drache Starfall. See above. He is as evil as any blue dragon, maybe more so. He dispises his sister and all she stands for. He refuses to even think her name. She returns this feeling, though in less intensity, and they refer to each other as their Other Half.


Name: Stacey Ali
Race: Human

Physical: Tall, thin, sometimes graceful...chocolate brown eyes, shoulder length black hair.

Other: This char isn't really a char because it is, basically, me. Everything she thinks, feels, does, is something I base on what I would do in that situation.


Name: Anya Ali
Race: Human

Physical: Short black hair, olive eyes. Tall, thin ect.

Other: Anya is Stacey's younger sister. They are very close, sharing the same interests, type of friends, ect. It hits Anya very hard when Stacey disappears for they are closer than even she knows.

Well that's it Finally. In fact, I doubt you even got this far as this is probably my longest post ever...Helllloooooo????? Annnyyonne actually read this far? WAKE UP!
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12/18/2001 10:30 PM

OOC :) hehe ok here we go.

Kalia Majere/Glimmer

Human form
apparent age:23
Hair: Silver-white Slightly opalescent
Height: around 5'8"

Very slender.

Dragon form
Crystal Dragon
True Age 300
Length: 175 feet from nose to tail
Wingspan: 300 feet from tip to tip. Wings are Feathered, not normal membranus wings as the other dragons. the feathers are white, with an opalecant sheen to them.
Scales: true clear crystal. any kind of light will refract, and reflect.

Has a crown of 10 horns, two at top, moving down to the last pair near her jaw. Her breath weapon is a cone of White flame...a magical flame, which will freeze the victom on contact, while simutaniously boiling the blood.

Glimmer's true name Is Crystalamira, she is the last, and unknown Daughter of paladine...her egg was carefully watched all these years, before hatching after the cataclysm. She was always told that she would one day save krynn...and as a juvenile she rebelled, and nearly became a doorway for the Dark Queen. after this incident, the dragon Matriarch, the Gold Auricana changed Glimmer to a human baby, erasing all her memories of being a dragon, and sent her back to Ansalon under the Care of the Dragon Ayslynn, a crossbreed dragon once controlled by the Dark Queen.

Ayslynn gave her to the Care of the Majere family. who raised her as their own..As her human apperance so strikingly resembled Raistlin, no one questioned it. At a young age, Kalia showed many promises as a Mage...She took and passed her test under her uncle Palin's tutelige. When she was 22 she learned the truth of her past, and was freed by the Dragon Matriarch's spell.



Black Crystal dragon...Glimmers opposite in all ways...the last surviving of the Son's of Takisis. not much on him, but he is a little older than Glimmer, and hasn't had her contact with humans.

Length: 200 feet from nose to tail
Wingspan: 390 feet from tip to tip. wings are also featherd.
Has a crown of horns similar to Glimmer's but he has 12 not 10
Scales, are black crystal, and shimmer in the light, like oil in water.
Breathweapon: Black flame, will suck the life force out of anything it touches.


Jury Misato StarGazer

Race: Human
Age: 16
Hair: deep chestnut with auburn highlights.
eyes: Deep green with amber flecks.
Height: 5'5"
weight: 124 lbs

Very lithe and quick. Jury is a theif that grew up as an orphan on the streets of Sanction. She is actually a lost child from the Order of Centauri,
Ku Y'leh is her Cousin, and only family. Jury's only companion is Miki, a white shouldered Magpie. His true form is a White Phoenix, her family's guardian.


Ayeka Drache

Half-Vampire--For more info please read "Quest of the NightStalker"

Hair: Long Golden blond.
Eyes: Violet/blue...often refered as Twilight eyes. will hold a gold or silver cast when her vampiric power is used.
Height: 5'9"
weight 145

Ayeka is the daughter of the once most powerful Adrian Drache...His treahery against his own blood proved to be his downfall. Ayeka is a strong fighter...and A proven bounty hunter...she mostly goes for those who are wanted Deador alive...her source of life. She refuses to harm the innocent...Kiri is her closest friend, and confidant. She is Married to Alucardt Crane, and her brother Touga Drache (I am not gonna put him in as he was only a temp character...not one I had intentions of using frequently) has taken over the ruling of their family's land and peoples.

Kaylia (crap...can't remember what I put down for her name)

Hair:Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Golden amber

Is the decendent of Kalia...or Glimmer...whatever. anyway her Dragon Heritage is all but lost...she still holds that spark...but as in the "new Thread" It may take a stron gust to fan that spark to a flame.


Kista Starblade (near Retirement!!)

Silvanesti elf

Silver blonde hair, Lavender eyes. Pretty much a normal fighter...she has a grasp on Earth magic. She has her one faithful friend, Mirror, and her constant compnion, the Wolf Warrl.


KyniaStarr and Kyel

Kynia is not a native to Ansalon, but a native to a land from across the eastern sea. her people are the Kirioyal. Half Irdra and half native elf. Their people emphasize on magic of the mind. Healing and such... Kynia is the sole survivor of the royal house.. She has dark hair and deep blue eyes. The Kirioyal people are being terrorized and enslaved by the Black Crystal Dragon Navare. Their salvation is as hand now (see Danger ahead blessings from above) Kynia holds the tear of paladine, and can now free her people... As of now, her hair has changed to a ashen silver, and her eyes have turned to a bright topaz...Kyel's sacrifice in the near-end of Danger Ahead changed Her appearance. even though the Guardian of the temple returned Kyel to her...her appearance would forever be changed.

Kyel is Kynia's companion. in the true sense of the word. He is a pure white stallion (picture the horse from "Lady Hawke" and make him white instead of black) so white he nearly seems silver. He has eyes that are nearly human like, and they are a brilliant topaz blue. Kyel is the spirit of a long departed Irdra, determined to watch over his decendent.

Kynia's power is all mental, much like telekinesis. she has such powers as Telekinesis, Telebathy, Limited ESP, and mental healing. She can heal someone of anything short of a mortal wound...but most healing takes her strenght away...and she must rest extensively afterward. she can draw extra strength from Kyel if needed.


Angelie is a fallen angel of compassion and healing, dedicated to Mishakal. After the Gods where forced from Krynn, Angelie lost all but the very minimal of her powers. Her hair is a beautiful mix of molten silver and gold, her eyes are a deep china blue. her wingspan reaches 12 from tip to tip, and are functional. Angelie's partner, the dark angel of merciful Death, Seraphim is also a fallen angel of Mishakal. when together, they can pool their power and manage stronger spell

Ok....:p I think that's it...I hope....let me know if I have forgoten anyone?

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12/19/2001 1:44 AM

I'll just do it again.


Physical: Crimson is tall at 1.90 meters (we use metric system). Has short red hair and blue eyes. He's quite thin, and looks to be about twentie (I'm actually eighteen).

Skills: Martial Arts expert. And varying powers.

History: Crimson received a package one day containing a belt buckle with strange engravings on it. Finding it looking cool, he put it on and zap. He was in a different world, wearing different clothes. In this world he helped some people complete a quest. When was done he was zapped to another world. And this went on and on. As he traveled he discovered certain powers which began to grow. These powers include flying, aura sensing, and several other powers. Also he is immortal to the extand of not aging, yet he is not sure if he can die.
During his travels he encountered a girl, the love of his life. Who somehow was brought with him from world to world. She too gained certain powers, yet different from his. But in a great battle with a strong evil, she was mortally wounded. The one he helped in his world returned the favor by doing what he could. He encased her entire essence in a sword, a ruby sword. This sword resembles a katana blade. Some of her powers still work allthough she is in that sword.
Crimson seeks only to return her to human body. He has been far too long from Earth to realy go back. But he also knows he will on day return, but not when.



Physical: She is a Half elf, Her mother was Kaganesti and her father human. She is tall, also standing at 1.90 meter and slender build. She has golden hair with a shade of red in it, the hair reaches to her bum and is almost always in a braid.

Skills: She fights with a short bow and short sword. She also he great woodland skills.

History: Her father had met het mother by chance. And they fell in love. The elves didn't like it of course and banned her mother. They lived secluded from the rest of the world. But when her father died of old age, her mother couldn't take the loss and died of sadness. From the on Solara was on her own. At only 50 years at that point she wasn't old but she held on. She traveled around trying to find a place to live. But as she aged she grew taller and taller. Humans and Elves alike feared and distrusted her. So she is bound to travel.



Physical: Short about 1,70 meter. Small frame. Has shot dark hair and brown eyes. He is only sixteen years old.

Skills: He's a good acrobat, pickpocket and cat burglar. His only weapon is an magical arm blade which he stole from a mage (obvious). He is the only one that can tak it of. It's about 3 feet long at maximum length, it curved and thins out. Sort of like a big claw (think Guyver-Zoönoid mutation). It can vary in length.

History: Not much to tell here really. He ran away from home when he was thirteen. And survived by stealing. He love challenges, and jumps at them when he has the chance. There is usually a bounty on him, but not always.



He's a silver dragon, only a 100 feet long. He's not very old, generally always in a good mood. He doesn't have great magic skills and can't polymorph to a human form. He's always looking for new friends, considering the frase "A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet." a good one (dunno where it's from think it was Kender, not sure though). Not much else about him though.


Shazram and Khallar

Shazram is a black robed mage. He of average hight and build. He looks to be in his late twenties.
Khallar is a fighter. Taller and slightly older looking than Shazram. He is of course more muscular and fights with a long sword. He has vowed to fight in Paladines name.

Shazram was a black robed mage that wanted more power. He was also one who didn't care much for the rules and disliked the towermaster. So he decided the towermasters familiar would taste good and ate it. He was kicked out of the tower for this, well they said he was too dangerous even by black robe standards. But he still wanted power, and he had read about a gem that might give him more power.

Khallar was raised as a fighter. And also raised on stories of Paladine and Huma. He wanted to become a Solamnic knight but they didn't except him because his father had been a thief once. He too read about the gem and thought it would make him stronger so he could fight in Paladine's name.

They both arrived at the location of the gem at the same time. And battled for it. Shazram wasn't very strong then, so they were evened up. Their fight was interupted by a strange glowing woman. She cursed their greed, and linked their life force. Meaning that if one was killed so was the other. It also caused extended life. They have been traveling together ever since trying to find a way to break the curse.

The general idea is their argueing. They constantly bicker amongst each other. But when they go to battle they work together. The arguements are generally meant as comical relief.


There that's all of them. Long huh. These are the characters I will use in the various threads. And I'm open to sugestions.Why is it we always forget to keep the good things close to our heart, but let the bad things cloud our mind.

12/19/2001 2:53 PM

My new character.

Name: Mortis

History: Formerly an exutioner, Mortis is a very grim individual. He quit his job after "business" got slow, and set out to find a purpose in his life instead of ending other's.

Appearance: Standing almost 7 feet tall, Mortis is an imposing figure. Not only that, but he has almost inhuman strength. Wearing a black mask, and wielding a blood flecked great axe which seems to not have been cleaned since his past occupation, Mortis seems to be a bit too attached to his work.Stupid people do stupid things, smart people outsmart each other.
-System of a Down

12/21/2001 9:14 PM

Well, I guess I could add a few words on my characters. For more info on them, look under "Forum History." Note that the history does not include social gatherings such as "Just for Kicks," "Dueling Thread," and "The Last Rites." (and the Ansalon Ball, although I don't think I attended.) These are attended by pretty much everyone, so I don't count them. Anyways, here we go.


Thistledown Kendergnome
AKA: Thistle

Race: Kender
Age: 20
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Height: 4’
Weight: 100 lb.
Origin: Mt. Nevermind, Sancrist

Occupation: Inventor

Physical: Thistle looks like your average kender, except that he has many small gnomish inventions hung about his person. He carries his special Hoopak Mark II with him almost all the time.

Skills: Thistledown has the same skills of all kender, including the built in fear resistance and pickpocketing skills. Due to his gnomish background, he is also a skilled inventor, and is in fact better at it than many gnomes. However, he lacks the patience to become a truly great inventor.

Forum History: “A New Beginning”, “Mertonius’s Madness (part one),” and “Sweet Home Chicago.” Guess I need to use him more.

Background: His parents dying at birth while they were visiting Mt. Nevermind, he was adopted by gnomes there, and was raised as a gnome. At 18, after accidentally acquiring some of the parts to the new VeryBigMachinethatgoesBoomwhenmissingpieces just before it was turned on, he decided to go on wanderlust and see the world.

Other: The Hoopak Mark II is a formidable weapon, which can also be transformed into a catapult and sword. It has some other hidden features as well. Thistle also often carries a telescoping pole, and a double ended grappling hook. He also has a famed gnomish pouch of flasks.


Javert Roguesbane

Race: Human
Age: 48
Hair: formerly black, now mostly gray
Eyes: blue
Height: 6’
Weight: 180 lb.
Origin: Solomnia

Occupation: Marshall

Physical: Javert is a strong warrior. He is quick and agile, despite his age. He wears a brown trenchcoat over thick leather armor. He keeps many weapons and traps concealed inside his coat, and a specially crafted sword used to bring in live bounties at his side.

Skills: Javert is an exceptionally skilled swordsman. He is also adept at tracking and finding people. He can bring in any bounty.

Forum History: “Temporal Distortion,” “Sweet Home Chicago,” “Dragon Gate Cycle,” “Murder at the High Clerists Tower,” and “Treasure for the Soul.”

Background: When he was very young, Javert’s parents were betrayed and murdered, and his sister stolen away. On that day he became a swordsman, and quickly became a bounty hunter. He has been tracking the man who betrayed him all these years, and is now preparing for a trip to Taladas to finish his life long quest.

Other: His name is pronounced Jaw-Vert, not Sha-ver like in the play. He’s kind of like a cross between the character in Les Mis, Himura Kenshin, and Spike from Cowboy Bebop.


True name: Gregory Emmett Brown

Race: Human
Age: 30
Hair: brown with bleached top
Eyes: bluish green
Height: 5’ 10.5”
Weight: 183 lb.
Origin: West Coast US, Earth

Occupation: Electrician

Physical: Timesplit is almost always wearing a blue Northface jacket and the REI pants that turn into shorts. Under his jacket, he normally wears a T-shirt, but will add a special lightweight armor for combat. Currently he has a medium length beard as well. His staff is about 6 foot long, is made of metal and has strange runes carved on it.

Skills: While knowledgeable in combat magic, Timesplit’s true specialty is altering time and space. He is adept at creating stasis fields and warp zones. When used in combat, his temprastaff can send objects it hits into a void, or disrupt other aspects of the target. The staff includes many other attacks as well; the greatest of which has only been used once, when he lent it to another for a higher cause.

Forum History: “New Thread,” “Magic Shop revisited,” “As dust before the Storm,” “Heart of Darkness”, and whatever the one was at about the same time as heart of darkness and had a portal thing in it was.

Background: Timesplit was born in modern day California. At 15 he became interested in magic and was picked up by the fledgling magic community growing on Earth. As the Earth only has one moon, it is not required to pick a color of magic to follow, and he has not. He makes frequent journeys to Krynn, where he is respected as a master in the magic of time and space. He carries devices from many time periods, including some that were given to him by his friend Thistledown. After taking the test at 25, he was given the temprastaff, which he is almost always found with.

Other: Timesplit’s jacket has a very large amount of pockets in it, which can hold any number of artifacts from across time and space. He’s based on me sort of (although I’m not into electronics). His jacket is actually my jacket, which does indeed have huge pockets. I often manage to get a two-liter bottle in and still zip it up, so he can put pretty much anything in his.


Dragon: Brown Sarumth
Fire-Lizard: Blue Endy

Race: Human
Age: 22
Hair: brown
Eyes: Brownish-green
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 180 lb.
Origin: Fort Hold, Pern

Occupation: Dragonrider, member of the Pernese Exploratory Core.

Physical: J’mes (formerly James) is of average build, has short hair, and is found most often wearing the brownish red flying leathers of a Dragonrider.
His dragon, Sarumth, is a normal Pernese brown dragon. Like all Pernese dragons, he does not have scales but a tough leathery hide. His eyes are multifaceted, and change colors to reflect his mood. He is very large, having grown from one of the clutches of the great gold dragon, Ramoth.
Endy, the blue fire-lizard, is also normal for his kind. He is about two feet long total, with an almost equal wingspan. He is basically a miniature pernese dragon, for in fact the dragons were genetically engineered from the fire-lizards.

Skills: J’mes is an adept dragonrider. He has been flying for well over 10 years. He and Sarumth make an excellent team in aerial combat, dodging thread expertly. On the ground, J’mes knows the basic first aid many dragonriders are trained with. Dragonriders rarely face combat on the ground, thus, J’mes has only basic knife training for fighting. As a member of the exploratory core, he has also been trained in exploration and surveying.
Sarumth has similar capabilities to other pernese dragons. He can go between to almost instantly travel from one location to another, taking his rider and cargo with him. (Hyperspace, sort of) He has a permanent (non-magical) mind link with his rider, and also with all other Pernese dragons. When he wishes to, he can also contact some other beings if they have latent telepathic powers.
Endy’s abilities are similar to Sarumth’s, but much more limited. His telepathy is not capable of thought with people besides J’mes, and can only give vague images. The images are more helpful when relayed through a dragon first. His teleporting ability is only limited to himself and whatever he can carry.

Forum History: First appeared in the “Annoyed” thread and has continued in its sequels. Next appeared in “Highlord Emperor” and “Caramon the Conqueror”. Also appeared in “The Dragon Plague,” and “Out of Ashes.”

Background: James was born in Fort Hold during the ninth pass. At almost 9, he was selected to become a dragonrider. At Benden Weyr, he impressed Sarumth and was renamed J’mes. Some years later, J’mes had to opportunity to impress a blue fire lizard as well, and named him Endy. At the end of the pass, while thread vanquished for all time, many riders including J’mes had very little to do, so the Pernese exploratory core was founded to search out their lost homeworld of Earth. Pern had been founded more than 2000 years before as an agrarian colony by the space fleets of Earth, but was almost immediately forgotten. (So, J’mes is actually not only from another planet, but about 2500 to 3000 years in the future.)
During their search of the ancient computers they had found in archives on Pern, the core came across a chart, which did not match any of the other star charts they had found. It was apparently taken from an atlas of sorts, written by an author named Fonstad. Taking a large supply of air tanks, he and Sarumth volunteered to journey to a location that matched the starchart. They arrived on Krynn and met the inhabitants there, and reside there to compile a report on the planet.

Other: Well, making Pern, Earth and Krynn all link up isn’t easy, but I guess this will work.


That's all for now.Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

12/23/2001 12:39 AM

You know, Endy and Sarumth remind me of R2-D2 and C-3PO. You best understand R2 and Endy when heard through Sarumth and C-3PO.Taylor Magetaunter
Kender Magic Collector
Brass Dragon for the Dragon Nest (http://thedragonsden.hypermart.net/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl " target="_blank)
Tharchion for Redwizards.com
Kender Proverb:
"Every Path is the Right Path, Except When It's The Left Fork"

12/23/2001 10:35 PM

hehe...new characters...when and where I will use them...I have no clue at this point.

Liana(Lee-ah-nah), and Leiliea(Lay-Lee-Ah)

Elven twins...

If their eye's where shut, and their hair was covered, they would be completely Identical!! Keep this in mind.

Approximate Age 95

Hair-Bright Golden Blonde-very long, usually wears it in a long braid
Eyes-Warm Amber/Brown

Is the more outgoing, is the fighter, the warrior, she wears Golden scale armor, of Elven make. weilds an elegant, but very usable sword.


Hair-Bright Platinum/silver-very long, will usually wear it loose
Eyes-Clear, Icy Blue

Is the Quiet type, only speaks when she has something worthwhile to say...very observant. She is the Mage, White robe, but teters on the edge of Red.

Hehe!! I just came up with them...they are opposite of each other...Day and night! I hope I get the chance to use them soon."The world is not enough, but it is such a perfect place to start"

"No one ever died from wanting too much"

"theres no point in living if you can't feel alive"

"If we can't have it all...then nobody will"

-James Bond-The world is not enough-

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01/22/2002 11:26 PM

Okay...new one...lets see if I can use her at all

Name Celestina StarKat
Age unknown...looks around 26
Height Around 5'8"
Weight aprox. 167

Race: Filine (Human-like with Feline features Such as wiskers, cat-like ears, tail, and even a light fuzzy furr covering the skin.) but looks otherwise human. Hair and all...Eyes are slitted like a cat's and such. Claws are non-retractable, but are kept razor sharp

Skin/fur tone: Deep tawny gold.
Hair: Pale Yellow-gold
Eyes: Emerald Green

Wakes up on the shores of the blood sea...with no memory of who she is, or where she came from, save for a silver pendant with the name "Celestina StarKat" engraved on it...not truely knowing if this is her name or not, She adopts it...going by Celes for short. ((ronounced -- Ce{as in Ce- in Cell} -Less))

She wanders Ansalon for answers of her identity...she is a theif and a bounty hunter...working on anything that will help her get closer to the truth.

Let me know what you people think okay???Freedom comes costly:
Advice comes cheap:
To pay silver for Blood,
The true price is far too steep.
Look for the key that makes the sword keen;
The chains that bind a man,
Aren't always those seen.

-Tara K Harper Shadow Leader

01/23/2002 5:42 AM

All righty then! I don't usually post in these because I have the bad habit of coming up with new characters for every single thread I join :p I won't bother you, then, with every single character I've ever played but rather with the active ones;

Mista Kwon

"Dark Journey"

Human Female

She was raised in a small village somewhere out there and has an unusual talent for the bo (aka long, wooden staff. Not as in 'bow and arrows'. Think big stick.), I say unusual because, if you saw this girl under normal circumstances you would think waitressing to be too hard for her; she's as clumsy as an ox! However, all this seems to fade whenever she is actually fighting.

She is currently searching for a Magic goblet of Paladine's that is rumored to Heal all Hurts and Bestow Great Knowledge. Sometime in the near future she will explain why ;)


Elara / Mezzikurra
Human Girl, teens / Mercury dragon

"Yet Another Annoyed"

Elara was sent by Mishakal to aid in the battle against the last New God. She's a young dragon, inexperienced, and sometimes proud. Alot like how I used to be.


young Solamic Knight
owns the silver dragon Arrowstar

Broad shouldered, dark hair, tanned complexion, very handsome :D

"Deep Sea"

Bronson is part of a flank of dragon-mounted knights that were sent to save a ship at sea that was being overtaken by Minotaurs. He was the sole survivor.


How Now Brown Cow?

"Deep Sea"

Rel was on the Minotaur's ship as a medic, and was taken away during the battle, soon becoming friends with Bronson and Selena. (Selena sooner than Bronson). She is rather kind-hearted for a Minotaur, and wouldn't have lasted long with her people if it hadn't been for the maternal nature of one of the older cows, Syk, who was killed in the battle.



"The Hunt", "Castlevania on Krynn"

Nemma is rather proud and stubborn. She's lithe like a panther and quick like a viper. She knows a few spells but does not associate herself with any orders (i.e. white, red, black, silver, etc . . .).

Anyway, now I must go get ready for my stupid 8:30 class . . .:p If anyone has any questions, fire away!"Faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens." -- Gimli, The Fellowship Of The Ring

"Those who support authority against rebellion must not themselves rebel." -- Silmarillion

03/15/2002 9:42 PM


Maiuna Soa (May-Une-Ah So-Ah)

Race Human
Height 5' 7"
Weight 156 Lbs
Eyes Tourquise Blue
Hair Blue-Black
SkinTone "Cream in Coffee"

Occupation-Chosen Life path Bounty Hunter/Sword for Hire/Assasin

Basic armor lightweight tooled leather...Imprinted to resemble dragon scales. Soft spun, wool tunics and trousers...High, tough riding boots. A motled, woolen cloak of Greens and browns.

Basic weapons Throwing knives, Daggers, and Longbow. Has a sword of alien make...Lightweight metal...nearly indistructable...razor edge that never needs to be sharpened...refuses to disclose the origins of the sword.

Other Points of Interest Carries various scrolls and magical items...not a true mage...just a dabbler...She wasn't strong enough to take the test at the tower..but is good enough to be considered dangerous.

She is a Master Herbalist...knows several Natural poisons...and their antidotes. She has a companion...A pitch Black Pegasus named Koale. Maiuna rescued Koale from a griffon when he was a colt...He is extreemly loyal, and will even help her catch her bounty when needed.Oh, Moons of Mercy, Moons of Light
Guide me in the Darkest Night
Keep me safe from Evil spirit,
send your blessed light to sear it.

Watch the shadows, Watch the lights;
Never shoot till they're in sight.
Hold your rage down, calm your fears
The end comes soon enough for tears

03/17/2002 5:15 PM

Alrighty I might as well, but characters in dead threads and ones that I barely use will not be in this. okie?

Age: By the time he gets out of my book and to Krynn, about 500 give or take a good 50 years.
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 85 lbs. (D&D version I rolled lowest weight and tallest possible!)
Eyes: Solid black
Hair: Jetblack.
Skin tone: Pale as the abyss, (well that's hell isn't it?)
Class: Ranger/Assassin, Drow Ranger in D&D...
Race: Half-demon
History: As a child he was pretty normal. Shot by a demon poisoned arrow to change him into one, but he kinda fell off of the tower and died first, so he's a Bastard Half-breed. Mostly he just tries to piss off his boss (The Lord of Souls) by skipping out once a week, and not coming back for 50 years.

Paedon Wells
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 158 lbs.
Eyes: Light blue
Hair: Platinum Blonde.
Skin tone: (He's supposedly welsh so he's white, very very pale)
Class: Clerical-Fighter-Mage (Dreamknight is how I say it. (That's in my book so please, don't use it much)
Race: Human
History: This ancient history teacher is actually one hell of a light warror, he likes Golf, tennis, swimming, and reading, he's actually a Sagitarius like me, he is single ladies! hehe. He's mostly just a nice guy who was trained to fight in a magic/combat academy, and became a teacher there.


Age: human looking age 90, he's an elf and I forgot the conversion rate.
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130lbs.
Eyes: Greyish blue
Hair: White from being old.
Skin tone: If you could see behind the beard!, no he's lightly tanned.
Class: Fighter-mage, though he can't do the fighter part anymore, he's feeble.
Race: Elf
History: He's the owner of the school Paedon went into, He was once a powerful warrior, but the donuts got the resty of his muscle to hell. He is a funny, sarcastic, and philosophical old man, that isn't like Fizban!

Age: 72
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Greying
Skin tone: Lightly tanned.
Class: Sorcerer
History: He was the one who ruined Kiri's youth, bad man. Actually I only invented him because the hunt had no enemy and Starlite and Tolk asked me to be the villan, but I needed my daily Diablo 2 spoof, so I used 'Horaxon' the MWahahahaing apprentice.

Age: 27
Gender: Male *Thwack*
Height: 6'3"
Eyes: Reddish brown
Hair: umm, never thought about it, I guess light red, not orange though
Skin tone: Nicely tanned, he likes the beach.
Class: Fireball engenier (Magus)
Race: Human
History: This pile o' fire was the apprentice of Zimen, now he has a crush on Nemma and is trying to win her over. He's not as evil, but he could be worse.

"I used a level 3 fire spell set to volcanic to cook the turkey, it took 10 second, it was only alive for the first 3" Black Mage, 8-bit theatre.

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03/19/2002 7:14 PM

Arighty then, i havn't posted in a bit so you probably won't know my char. But i will put in the two that i use in most of my posts. now that i am back.

Name: Simon the shadowed
Age: 21
race: Kagonesti elf
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 6 ft 2 in
weight: 195 p
eyes: Completly white
Hair: Black as midnight
Skin: Deeply tanned like all kagonesti with tattoos on his face and arms in tradional fashion.
Build: very well built.
Weapon of choice: Black staff with silver skelital hand gripping a completly oynx ball.

History: Both of his parents were killed , battling another tribe. he was very young at the time and does not remember it. when found his Pure white eyes scared the other tribe and they sent him to the tower of high scorcery as a freak of nature. He was quickly taken under by his uncle. Dalamar the dark. ( His mother was not Kagonesti.) After working for his uncle for a time it was discovered that he was very well endowed with magical abilities. ( Later on in life it was said that he had close to the power the great Raistlin had.) After this discovery his uncle quickly tutored him and Simon took his test. It is said that very few people have passed with that little trouble. Simon chose the black robes after his test. there were less barriers with this order. Soon after the test the war started. Simon Didn't fight for the dark queen though. He tried to stay out of it as much as possible. But when possible he did fight for good. Thus his name. The knights of takaris were told to watch for one who wore the robes of the black order but fought for those of the white. They soon started to call him the shadowed one and it progressed into, Simon the shadowed. Now that the war is over Simon and his friend nightshade look for quests and adventures together.


Race: Dragon
Color: Black
Eyes: Red

History: Not much is known of Nightshade. He is a black dragon that is associated with Simon the shadowed. He was awakened with the other dragons at the beging of the war. He was one of the few that refused to fight for the queen though. Early on he just roamed the land trying to not be killed by knights. He was then discovered by Simon and the dragon took company with him. Now that the war is over they look for adventures together.

well there you go. i hope these help you all I've walked into the fires of Hate, stared into the eyes of Pain, fought off
the minions of Sorrow and slew the demons of Fear, anyone else wanna try their luck with this Dark Child?

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03/20/2002 10:33 AM

OOC: I intend to put down only the characters that i think i will use the most, instead of just making up ones for evey thread i join.

Kayito of the Dark Eye

age: 28
height: 5'10
race: human
hair: black
build: Slender but well toned
skin: pale with a violet tinge
class: He is a mage of the Dark Eye. His power lies in using aspects of the dark and twisting them to his desire.
weapon: An emerald coloured metal staff with a jem of utter darknes encased in a semi-oval (imagine the shape of a large egg split in two and one half having a jem in the middle of it)

History: His father sits on the Council of Elders. His order is considered renegade by the conclave of wizards. When he was a child, his father forced him to become a mage of the dark, his mother wished him to join the mages of mountain, as was she, his father had the last say. During the year, Kayito proved incredibly adept at controlling his power, most assuringly he would take his fathers place as an Elder once he had died. His sister was aware of this adn became jealous, and although she was a mage of the fire, she plotted and killed her father. The council believed that Kayito had done it and as such he was banished from his homeland without the chance to redeem himself. Since then he has been wandering the land of Krynn, trying to stay away from any tower mages who might know him for what he is and alert the council.

List of spells

Diamond Shard - A desired number of razor sharp shards of black diamond appear and fly in the direction of Kayito's will.

Shadow - Gathering the dark around him, he has the ability to become a shadow and move silently, giving him the advantage of a surprise attack.

Black lightning - Bolts of black lighting streak from his staff and deal massive damage to whatever they hit.

Dark Magic Attack - This spell takes a while to form and can tire Kayiot, he builds energy in his hand and releases it when complete. Waves of chaotic dark energy are fired over a wide field and completely desimate anything in its path. This spell only works at night.

Utter darkness - A veil of shadow falls over a given area, blinding everyone in its vacinity, except Kayito.

Rendering Winds - Numerous winds are released from Kayito as sharp as blades, slicing his enemies.

(i will add to this as i create more spells)

An advantage he has over conclave mages his that he does not have to spend hours of study, reciting the arcane language and he does not tire as easily. He can also repeat the same spell more than once. A disadvantage is that his spells are obviously limited and are weaker during daylight.

He is very agile as this is an essencial part of his spellcasting, an example would be: when casting Diamond Shard, he usually has to be in the air and casting the spell down on someone. On the ground he can really only summon a few shards. During the day when his magic may not be as powerful, he has to survive by other means.


age: 154
height: 6ft
race: half elven, half air elemental.
hair: Blue
eyes: blue, but turn white when invoking his power.
build: The typical elvish build.
weapon: The sword of Gales.

history: A result of a mages twisted experiment, Du'Kuli is a hybrid between an air elemental and an elf. When returning to his people they rejected him and in a fit of anger he killed scores of them, as such he was named Dark Elf. He searched for Paladines forgiveness.

Abilities: He can call on aspects of the weather, lightning, wind, rain and create devastating effects. As all elfs he is swift and agile, made more acute by his airy nature.


age: 52
height: 5'7
eyes: amber
hair: golden blonde, steaked with silver.
class: mage of the Golden Robes.
weapon: Staff (looks like Sauarman's out of the LOtR movie)

history: As a young child he was taken from his parents and taught the magic of the golden mages. The golden mages revere the golden dragons of Paladine and he has a pendant of one around his neck. These mages are known by a few tower mages, mainly the head of the orders. A golden mages power comes from his staff and if seperated he is capable of only minor magicks. With his staff, Galafern wields great power. He is the protector of an enchanted forest where unicorns and other mythical beasts roam free. He rarely strays far from the forest and only when in dire need.


age: 34
height: 6'4
race:human barbarian
eyes: blue
hair: dark brown
skin: well tanned
build: slight but muscular

history: He travels with his companion Cloudtree and protects her with his life. He is an expert swordsman, but is also a powerful Shaman. He and Cloudtree carry a heavy burden on their backs.

(I will need to think of more with this character)

'From earth to sky, from leaves to roots,
from fire to ice, and soul's own fruits.
From light to dark, from wind to water,
I claim this spirit and creator's daughter...'

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