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12/13/2001 12:29 PM

This takes place after the chaos war and before WOS.

A crew and some passengers are forced into the maelstrom by an unexpected storm. Most survive the trip under and are saved by the sea elves and placed in the magically perserved istar (same as in chronicles when the companions were there). There is relative peace on krynn with no threat of evil (thats what WOS is for lol!) Paladine feels its time for istar to be rebuilt for reasons to be explained later(Its one of the last things he does before the gods have to leave krynn). They (the crew and passengers) dont know that they play are large part in what is to happen, and the role they play in the future of krynn.

OOC: In this thread I will kinda give a link to what I "Think" gave the One god the oppurtinty to come back....just some thoughts.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

12/13/2001 12:45 PM

Antilus anxiously paced back and forth along the deck as he watched the storm in the distance. "We wont be able to out run it, we'll just have to ride it out." His shipmate nodded in agreement as he too saw that they would just have to wait the storm out and hope for the best.

"Inform the crew to ready the ship and batten down the sails so that they arent ripped apart by the winds. Send the land lubbers below so they wont be in our way."

A strong gale was already noticably blowing and increasing at an alarming rate even as he shouted commands above the howling winds. Worried passengers were hurridly wisked below deck as the crew began to prepare the ship for a turmultuous encounter with nature.

Waves began to swell and and chop, pummeling the ship as the blood sea began to awaken. Swollen red waves frosted at the tip rolled as if in anger as lightning cackeld in the overcast sky. Rain came slanting in turrents further hampering the attempts of the crew as the tried to keep the ship in working order.

Antilus stood on deck unafraid, unwavering as he worked alongside his crew. They work with diligence and it was obvious they had been through many storms. A shout of alarm could be heard as he turned his head to see what was the cause. "SIR!!!!!!!!!! we're headed for the maelstrom!!!"

Antilus could do nothing as he looked overboard only to see that around them the waves still rolled and chopped, but they were riding smoothly now.......eerily smooth as the see appeared as smooth glass whirling ever swifter. He could only stare as they moved closer and closer to there doom.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

12/14/2001 5:57 AM

"He's starting to wake up, we should make this as easy on him and his freinds as posible." Antilus could vaugely here people speaking somewhere near him. The pounding in his head caused him to wince as he opened his eyes and realized he was dead and they hadnt drowned.
His surroundings seemed fuzzy as he struggled to gain focus on the two people speaking next to him.

"Lay still, you are injured and need your rest; there will be time for questions later." He could not help but notice the elven accent of the womans voice as she spoke, or the human voice of the man who was nearby.

"You are far below the blood sea, you and most of your crew were rescued by the sea elves and brought here. You are the first to awaken and it is well that you were first. It will ease the rest of them when you are able to explain what has transpired."

He looked around at his surroundings and began to notice the antiquity of of everything around. "Why.......this place must be ages and ages old! Where are we and how do we get out?!" The pain in his head began to throb and his vision began to become hazy as it seemed the whole room were spinning. The man whom Antilus noticed was a red robed mage steadied him and sat him down in a nearby chair of untold age.

With a look of concern the mage began to speak but all Antilus could remember him saying was........... You are at the bottom of the red sea..........in the ruined city of..........ISTARThe magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

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12/14/2001 8:48 AM

"This cant be true! Istar was destroyed long ago, how can we be at the bottom of the sea?!! What sorcery is this!!!!!"
Confused and increasingly getting angry he tried desperatly to peace things together. He didnt want to beleive they were under the sea, he didnt want to beleive there was no way out, all he wanted was for things to be as they were before.

The mage stood undaunted by the tyrade as he calmly began to reason with him. "Yes, you are under the sea and yes there is no way out, do not forsake our kindness with ingraditude. You and your crew could have received a much worse fate. There is much to learn and beleive it or not you will become accustomed to life down here, maybe even find it pleasant."

Slowly the realization of his fate came to antilus, he rememberd looking overboard as the ship swirled in an unerring circle, closer and closer to the center. He saw the crew and passengers come aboard and look transfixidly and the whirlpool as they moved ever faster in a hypnotic circular motion. He could see the look of fear and resignaton on their faces, he could almost feel the despair with which they all had as they sped toward there deaths. He again could recall the crashing sound of wood splitting as the ship began to take on water and the futile efforts of a few who tried to pump it overboard. He saw again frantic passengers falling overboard, lost to the sea, he could hear the shouts of panic and fear as the ship began to fall apart. He remembered holding a frightend child as she cried for her mother and then a loud crack as he looked over head to see part of a sail crashing down on him and then blackness.

He had awaken to find himself at the bottom of the sea, saved by sea elves and this strange red robed mage. His crew still asleep had obiviously been under a magic sleep spell, for he had been awake now for some time and couldnt see why noone else had yet awakened.

"Forgive me if I seemed disrespectful, it is only that this is all so........so strange. There must be a way back to land, you must understand."

The mage only shook his head as he replied "As you well know, elves are distrustful of humans. You only survived because they value the life of all living things. I dont think they will risk returning you to land, it endangers them, the risk of being captured or spotted by humans is too great. Be content that you are alive." The elven woman by his side nodded in agreement as he spoke. "Do not take lightly your second chance at life, use it wisely."

The soft snoring had begun to cease and some of his crew members where starting to stir. "Soon they will awaken and i will have to explain all this." He turned to the mage and elen woman for advice on what to say, only to see that they werent there. "Just like a mage to leave when he's most needed."The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

12/17/2001 10:01 AM

Dilmor was the first of the crw to awaken, he had been a set to become a cleric of paladine until he decided one day to become a seafarer. "We didnt die! How could this be?" Looking at his captain in suprise and shock he took no notice of his surroundings.

Antilus gave him a somber glance and replied "Yes........yes we did not die. But our fate seems to be just as bad." The smile on dilmore's face faded as he saw the distraught look on his usuallyu optimistic captain. "W what do you mean sir? We made it.......we should be glad not somber."

"Take a look around you Dilmor, does this look like anywhere you've ever been? ANYWHERE? Dont you think it out that we where in the middleof the sea..........we were sucked in by the maelstrom, and now we are here. Do you find that odd at all?"

Dilmor could only stare as his face began to pale as he looked at the antiquty of his surroundings. The broken steps, ancient furniture, rich tapestry that seemed to be priceless. He heard the steady drip of water falling in a small pool next to where he was standing. "Where are we?"

"We are at the bottom of the sea...........we are in the lost city of istar."
Antilus went on to relate what he was told earlier to Dilmor and the rest of the crew as they began to awaken. He couldnt help but notice the look of dejection and dispair as he related to them what had happened. ilmor seemed the most shocked, this caused antilus to worry because dilmor was not one to let any situation bother him. Dilmor sat seemingly incoherent in the same spot he had awakend as Antilus approached him.
"I know it will be hard..........but we can make the best of things here. We've been through tough times before."

Dilmor only nodded as the silence greatly exaggerated the slow dripping sound. drip..........drip..........drip.......drip........drip.
Finally he spoke as he began to gather his composure "There is somthing I havnt told you sir that I think you might want to know." He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, he felt the eyes of everyone on him as he collected his thoughts. "Before the end of the chaos war I was givin a dream by..........by....p p p paladine. In it it was givin that istar would once again come to the land as a beacon of hope. Hope in a time when the gods would be gone. I i i didnt know we'd be the ones to f f find it. How all this is to happen I dont know. But it is important that istar be rebuilt, we all see what the knights of neraka are doing, there must be hope. Im sorry...........sorry I didnt mention it earlier, i just didnt beleive it."

There wasnt much Antilus could say as he drew i everything that was being said. How in the abyss is the city supposed to be rebuilt AND brought back to land? magic is quickly fading............its impossible.
The ever present drip could not be ignored as once again everyone was silent. For long moments Antilus and his crew sat doumbfounded at their situation.

"SO!!! I see you have spoken to your crew. Well i'd suggest you all take a look around. Get used to things, be careful to never go off the path which is lighted, these are there for your safety, you have been warned."

The red robed mage motioned to Antilus as he turned to leave the room. "Come.......there is much to discuss"

When finally alone he stopped and lifted a torch which opened a secret door to his chambers. "Be seated. I must tell you of what is happening but I didnt want to do so in front of all. You see..............the magic which keeps istar intact under the sea............is failing........................
The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

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