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12/01/2001 8:58 AM

the story is based on a villige named peace falls a place where war and evil did not exists a lovely elf named rose and her lover kronk a barbarian. who are betrayed by toad an ogre who kidnaps kronk so rose goes to find and rescue him before toad does something terrible to him."i'm not the light but the darkness in which surrounds it." - me

12/01/2001 7:28 PM

((OOC My character Cindertanin will aid you, but don't ask him why, lets just say he has his own reasons for everything (nice guy with the badass look) anywat Zell set the stage, and my actor will start his lines. Nice quote too))"A magic-user?" the old man peered around. "Where?"
Tas whispered something, poking the old man.
"Really? Me?" He said. "You don't say! How remarkable. now you know, come to think of it, I do seem to remember a spell... Fireball. How did it go?"

12/03/2001 4:27 PM

the next morning kronk gets up to find a randsom not reading "if you want to see your precious rose again bring 10 million mesta (money in this story)to the tower of darkness before the night of chaos or i will eat your precios rose and i will be watching your every move so be careful." *cries out* "Toad you will be destroyed i vow to have vengence for this."

then he goes to his friend blade the towns weapon shopkeeper. who says good bye and with his shield and sword he sets out on his journey. little does he know the friends (and enemies) he will make the one most difficult of choises only YOU can save him."i'm not the light but the darkness in which surrounds it." - me

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