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11/29/2001 11:44 AM

OOC: Ok, here goes! This is kinda still an idea in progress, and I have no idea if it will work! I wanna base it on "One flew over the cuckoo's nest. Basically, it's going to be set in the only mental institution on Krynn. I know, this probably isn't gonna work, but I'll give it a go anyway.

They're out there.
Ergothians in white suits with clubs at their sides, watching our every move, just waiting for one of us to slip up. They like it when that happens. They like trying to beat the living sanity into us, realising that half of us don't need it beating into us because we never lost it. That little sane thing that works our brain, stops us from acting crazy, it's just taken a holiday, moved off to Solace for a mid season break. We need a little bit of help is all. We don't need wooden clubs beaten time and time again around our heads. And we don't need the "special treatment" they keep giving us. they tell us it helps to calm us down, but it only turnes us into vegetables.
I stand there, tall and proud, Tempest of the Tek'ku'ru tribe. Tempest of the Tek'ku'ru tribe who is now, to the outside world at least, deaf, dumb, and stark raving mad. It's easier to act this way, easier to pretend I'm insane rather than try to explain...............
Now, instead of a spear in my hand, I hold a hard bristled broom. Instead of hunting for my tribe, I sweep the same spot of floor over and over again. I watch, i listen and I say nothing. It's easier that way.....................
I keep my head down as I sense Nurse Farmer walk briskly down the stone corridoor, moving towards the entrance gate. Her heavy footfalls tells me she is not at all happy, and when I see what is going on, I see why.
Two of the Ergothians in white suits are walking forward, through the entrance gate, with a new "crazy person" in between their great hulking bodies. I sense something different about this person, something...............just something! My eyes glint as I watch this person walk forward, a small frame between the two ergothians in white suits. I think more as they walk further towards me, listening to the converstation.
"Now, sir, I hear that you were rather.......unco-operative during your admision search." Nurse Farmer was saying, "Now, you do realise that there are rules and regulations that must be followed in this institution. I trust that you will make sure the rules are followed. These patients are all unstable, some of them severely disturbed, and any untoward actions could result in a riot. It won't improve your own condition any either, should you continue to be disruptive. Sir, believe me when I say that everyone must follow the rules."
"Y'know ma'am," he say, "y'know that is the exact thing someone always tells me about the rules, just when they figure I'm about to do the exact opposite..........."

OOC: There ya go! Now, I'm really not too sure if this one will work! Just fit in your characters as other "inmates" etc, and I need someone to play the new arrival! The character of Nurse Farmer can be used by anyone if they feel they need to use her. Have fun!!!!! :) :) :) :)Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
Venkman: Ah c'mon guys, there's always room for Jello!!!!!!
:P :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :P

11/29/2001 8:55 PM

((ooc: this looks pretty cool! wonder where it will lead :) I gotta think of a nice "misunderstood" character - i'll come back!)))********Dutchess Of Dork******
1. Steal Underpants
2. ...................
3. Proffit!
Underpants Gnomes!!!

11/30/2001 1:13 AM

{ooc: i'll join, never saw the movie or read the book though. dunno if you wan't this to be the newcomer, but he should prove interesting. oh and tell me how he should act for the greater part}

The nurse farmer ordered him to go with the Ergothians, but he didn't make a movement. "Drag him if you have to," she said to the Ergothians. Then turning towards the man, "I told you, you shouldn't resist."
The two Ergothians grab the man by the arms and drag him along.

"No no," he exclaimed he was being dragged through the hallways. "You cannot do this to me, you horrible aliens."
One the Ergothians carrying him grabs his club and hits him over the head. He goes unconsious. They drag him to a room and tie him in a bed.

"Strange man," one of the Ergothians stated, "believes he comes from the stars."
"Yeah and I'm actually Paladine." the other Ergothian laughed.
"Keep dreaming..." the other responded as they walked of.

The man still unconscious just lay there. He looked just like a normal man, he was wearing the same standard clothes anybody here wore. He wasn't very tall, had dark hair and had a small frame. From the looks of it he was in his early forties.Why is it we always forget to keep the good things close to our heart,
but let the bad things cloud our mind.

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11/30/2001 9:20 AM

((OOC: We're in so many other posts together I figured it might not be the same without me! Just kidding I actually have a character who minght go well in this place... two of them infact))
An Ergothian carried in two men unconscious as it seemed. One no older than 15, brown hair eyes closed and a small frame, probably a genius who just went nuts. The other a man in his mid 20's Silver hair, an elf by first look, he was waking. "huh? whh- what happened? Deagol?" The man uttered.
"I'm alright Z I have a bad headache though." Deagol said.
"We fell in that rift, and we ended up here? where by the northern plains of Alyria are we?" the one called Z said.
"Zemes, I think we're lost in some other realm... you shouldn't have told that guy about what we're doing, he locked us in here." Deagol said.
"Sorry, I thought we might be somewhere on our planet, my mistake! Honestly, how can we win a war if we are thousands of miles away on another planet! These people probably don't even know what a proton reactor looks like! Sure weapon technology got lost in the dimmensional merger but at least we had airship and spaceships! And proper medical technology-" The man named Zemes was bashed over the head again as they were strapped in to beds next to each other

(OOC: Ok now how to pronounce my guys name. Zemes is not Zeems it's like the gem with a Z and es in spanish. He's a guy in a book I'm writing, He has a really interesting background, but I'll get into that later, How do we plan to escape from this place?))
"A magic-user?" the old man peered around. "Where?"
Tas whispered something, poking the old man.
"Really? Me?" He said. "You don't say! How remarkable. now you know, come to think of it, I do seem to remember a spell... Fireball. How did it go?"

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