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06/22/2000 6:17 PM

(A large ogre standing in the middle of a tavern is seen. He is wearing full plate armor and has a scar from his temple to his chin.)

Hullo all. ME name is Gummog. Gummog da gruhate ogre. I am in surch of da gruhate white dragun. It wus said dat dis dragun holds lots of gruhate treasure. Who will come wit Gummog?

06/06/2000 11:13 PM

A young mage sits in a shadowy corner of the tavern. She stares at the ogre, half in disbeleif and half in bewildered astonishment. "You have got to be kidding!" She murmured to herself. She teased her aquintance, a dwarf sitting close by; "Hey, Gumdrop over there needs some help. I think you'd be perfect for the job!"

06/07/2000 2:49 AM

A human, barbaric by the looks, sits at a wooden table
drinking his ale. A large, long sword is strapped onto his
back, and he adjusts it once and a while, for it's not
one of the most comfortable things to have on your back
when sitting on a bench.

Mild intrests winks in his eyes when he hears the ogre's
question. ~Ah yes, I suppose this could be useful. Money's
not plentiful these days.~ he thinks. Not minding that it's an ogre
who asks company, he says aloud: "Longsteel my name be,"
The blade on his back inclines the name to be fitting. "and I might be
intrested of your proposal. Now, what's in it for all who take
part in this quest?"

06/21/2000 11:41 AM

I will join. It will cost you nothing. I will be happy to bring my use of the bow and dagger into this journy/.

06/22/2000 3:35 PM

Queerli, War Kender, comes up to the ogre. "I met an ogre before..." The kender hoes on for quite a while telling the tale of the ogre that hijacked a caravan he was riding and led the caravan into a dragon's lair before Queerli and his two friends saved the caravan and the dragon ate the ogre, but that's a different story.

"SO, I will go with you Gummog. Where is this dragon's lair?"

06/22/2000 4:48 PM

By this point, the young mage was biting her lip, trying to suppress a giggle. A short pang of guilt passsed through her as she empathized with the the ogre and noted his courage to speak. She sipped at her wine to keep from laughing. Unfortunately, the sight of the unlikely band of ogre, war-kender, barbarian, and adventurer was too much for her to handle. She was mid-sip when she started to giggle again. In the midst of a coughing fit, she grabbed a napkin as the wine very ungracefully came out her nose. By this time all eyes were on her. Fighting to wipe the smile off her face, she asked Gummog, "Just how to you propose to stand a chance against a white dragon? Surely, even with your great strength, you will be no match."

06/22/2000 6:17 PM

A golden skinned mage, slight of build leaning heavily on his staff turns in disgust from a large brawny warrior who is occupied with a barmaid. He looks to the ogre a slight smile parting his lips. In a raspy voice he says "Caramon, it seems we have a test for my new powers." The Brawny man looks up at him, says, "So soon after the test Raist? are you-"
"I am quite sure Caramon!" the mage hisses. He looks to the ogre hourglass shaped pupils narrowing in the light. "How much treasure..."

(P.S. Don't worry guys, this is the rookie Raistlin not the practical demi-god.)

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