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06/21/2000 7:37 PM

You see a solamnic knight clad in bright shining armour named Gunthar Goblinbane. He seems to be in deep thought about something. He stands before a fork in the road in the middle of the forest. He looks down the right path that seems well traveled enough, but it is long and will take time. He looks down the left path that is hard to traverse and goes straight to his destination: the lair of the goblin warlord Pork, Gork's brother, the ringleader of all planned goblin activity. He sighs, hoping he will be able to stop Pork before anything else happens.

"I've GOT to stop him, no matter the cost." he mutters as he starts off down the left path. he hears some noise and jumps around, ready to strike at what was behind him, but it was only.....

(Plz do not just post one post and then never come back, if you come obligate yourself to come at least once every few days. it really screws things up if you enter your char and then do noting with them, but other than that, i hope to enjoy some goblin slaying!!)"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/06/2000 3:07 PM

.....it was only Elts and her companion Tarakona!

"Hello Gunthar!! I'm ready for some gobbie slayin!!"

*Clapping him uncharacteristically on the back, she introduces Tarakona and the Solamnic again, much to their probable dismay!!*

06/06/2000 3:16 PM

A large bundle falls through the underbrush. As Elts and Gunthar investigate they recognize the body of a mage. A goblin arrow has been lodged in his back, and there is another in his leg.

Deakath Ashmagic looks up with near dead eyes and whispers a spell. Slowly the life begins to ebb back into his body. "Pork", he says.

"The treacherous goblin attacked my party - a minotaur and a kender - back about a mile. They were kidnapped. Please, " he pleads, "Please help me rescue them."

06/06/2000 7:31 PM

The soft shudder of a falling leaf is all that graces Uziel's presence as he steps into the clearing. As usual, he is cloaked in dark robes, concealing the myriad of daggers and the twin blades generally found on his person.

"Eltanin, Gunthar, my old friends. We had some fun and found some nice treasure on our last campaign against Gork. Didn't think you could take off without me did you? I'm always ready to take on goblins, especially if there's some gold lying around."

"Hi Tarakona, how are you?" (Uziel receives a grunt in reply, he thinks it's a good grunt) "And it's a pleasure to meet you Deaketh." Uziel bows to the mage.

"I'd like to avenge your friends against Pork and his cronies. But it's Gunthar's call, he's the boss." Whispers to Deaketh. "Don't worry he's a nice guy and REALLY hates goblins, we may as well start to go back to where they attacked you. Oh BTW, did they look like WEALTHY goblins, just curious, that kind of goblin is always the best."

Uziel's Krynnish Lore (http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/uziel)

06/07/2000 8:27 AM

*nods at each of his companions*

"Deak, if you say that your companions were kidnapped, it would be logical that they were taken to the citadel of these goblins, no? So..."

*he bends down and takes the arrows out of the mage. he then puts his hands on him and the wounds heal over*

"If they bothered to take your friends hostage, then would it be safe to assume that they would also take US hostage? Then we could meet up with your friends and take the castle by storm from the INSIDE instead of the outside."

*looks around for compliance to his plan*"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/07/2000 4:34 PM

Another mage clad in the red robes of neutrality stumbles through the bushes onto the path. A patch covers his right eye. "Damn brambles!" he mumbles as he picks thorns from his robes. He looks up and sees the small band of people. "Oh, excuse me! My name is Garth. What might you be doing here?"

Garth One-Eye

06/07/2000 4:42 PM

Deak looks at Garth, Tarkona, Uziel, Elatin, and Sir Gunthar. "Sir Gunthar, I believe you're on to something. You see, my two friends, Baz the minotaur and Queerli the kender, are quite observant. If I know them well, and I believe I do, they've already scouted the fortress and discovered an escape route."

Deak stops for a moment, knowing the ways of goblins. This is to say, if thet haven't bern killed yet by the goblins. "Anyway, it's entirely possible they're only lying low for the sign of escape."

06/07/2000 5:28 PM

"Ah, so your friends have been kidnapped by goblins, eh? Never liked them myself. Smelly little creatures aren't they? Well, anyway I would be happy to lend my services to you."

Garth One-Eye

06/08/2000 7:45 AM

*looks at the newcomer*

"Aid would be appreciated, that is if you don't mind being captured by goblins first."

*he goes through his plan. they are to go down the right path, where there will undoubtedly be an ambush waiting. they will fight and kill a few of the pesky goblins then surrender. they are to have any important weapons and or spell components safely hidden for the jailbreak. once they are in the cell they will meet up with Baz and Queerli (if they haven't been burned already) and figure out the best route out of the jail and into the main citadel. there they will hold off the horde of goblins while Gunthar takes out the goblin boss, Pork*

"Any questions?""The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/09/2000 4:41 PM

*Elts nods in her silent way and Tarakona just remains emotionless, as always*

"Sounds like a plan," she states, and Tarakona sizes up the newcomers, eyeing Urziel, an old friend.

"Ah, Urziel, good to see you again!"

06/09/2000 5:54 PM

I don't much like the idea of being captured by goblins... but I'll go along if it means being able to teach the little buggers a thing or two.

Garth One-Eye

06/10/2000 6:32 PM

"Enough talking, let's go"

Uziel quickly takes off down the right path, looking for any sign of goblins. After several minutes, he notices the gleam of blades in the trees.

"Goblin scum", he mutters.

Pretending not to notice them, Uziel wanders into the heart of the ambush, as the ambush is sprung, he deftly somersaults backwards onto a tree limb.
The goblins curse the agile warrior as he perches there, waiting for his friends to catch up.

Seeing his friends approach, he throws a few daggers into the crowd of fiends below, and then launches into their midst, twin blades dealing death to many of the foul goblins.

As most of the goblins engage the rest of the party, Uziel faces off just three goblins. He ducks the swing of one, who overbalances and lops off his comrade's head. The third goblin hangs back waiting for a chance to gut Uziel. Uziel quickly runs through the unbalanced goblin, as the third beast strikes. Uziel ducks low, pretends to slip as he grabs the goblin's blade, he then whacks it over his own head, knocking himself unconscious. The goblin snorts and flexes, thinking that he has bested the mighty warrior. His bravado soon ends when a stray arrow catches him in the throat. Uziel's unconscious form lies crumpled in the path, as the others fight on.

Uziel's Krynnish Lore (http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/uziel)

06/11/2000 10:03 AM

Deak hangs back from the battle. He sees Uziel fall, then Elts, and Gunthar. Garth drops, and soon the only remaining companion is Deak. As the squads of goblins advance on him he says, "I surrender".

As the goblins march him away he peers over his companions. Seeing most of them blink or shrug to show liveliness he marches on.

06/11/2000 1:25 PM

*Looking around through slitted eyes, Elts watches the goblins around her and listens to their conversations - interesting. Also memorizing their path deeper into the woods, she looks to the others and makes sure they are all right*

06/11/2000 7:16 PM

*Gunthar lazily nods to each companion to acknowledge his survival and thiers, but not enough to allow the goblins to notice he was concious. he watches as the goblin citadel suddenly appears before them, completely camoflaged by the thick jungle growth. they enter through a small side gate and are taken to the southern wall where they go down about five sets of stairs. they are then thrown into a large cage and forgotten, being taken as unconcious. the group slowly rises in the cell as they notice some movement in the far corner. Gunthar removes his ingeniously hidden weapon and asks the others to come out of the shadows. one is a kender, the other a large minotaur warrior. Gunthar puts his blade in its sheath as he moves forward to embrace his friends*

"Queerli, Baz. Good friends, it is nice to see you alive!""The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/11/2000 10:35 PM

Uziel rises from the floor of the cage and smiles at Queerli and Baz. He quickly checks his robes
and finds that most of his daggers and both his twin blades are still intact in various hiding places in his clothing. He then rises and examines the lock on the cage.

"Stupid goblins, this is such a primitive lock. We'll be out of here in no time. I'll play with the lock, if you want guys want to plan where we go from here."

Uziel produces a thin silver lockpick, after several minutes and deft turns of his wrist, he hears a little click, and the cage door swings open. No guards are posted since they assumed the party was unconscious.

"So guys, what's the plan?"

Uziel's Krynnish Lore (http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/uziel)

06/13/2000 4:04 PM

OOC: I'm gonna RP as Baz, Queerli, and Deak, so bear with me please.

Baz stares up. "I never thought I'd see the day when Sir Gunthar and Deak get taken alive." Deak tells the kender and minotaur of his adventure.

"Alright, let's get everything under control now. What do we have in the way of weapons. You can be damned sure we'll need to fight our way out." Baz takes control of the situation, briefing everyone on the situation.

Baz stares down at Queerli. "What'd you salvage from the goblins?"

Queerli motions for Baz and Sir Gunthar to move a large wodden bed. As they do a large chest stands out on thew floor. Opening it Queerli examines the components. "I got most of Baz's weaponry back, I got Sir Gunthar's sword, Deak's staff, my hoopak, three goblin swords, about nine daggers, a bow, and a quiver of arrows."

Baz passes out the weapons, lwaving everyone fairly well armed, himself with more than enough. "Okay", Baz says. "We go out the back door. Folloow me, and stay in the shadows."

Everyone files out of the room. Baz takes out the unsuspecting guard with a large fist on his skull. "Here's the hard part", Queerli whispers, pointing to a flight of stairs. "They lead to the training hall. It's always guarded with at least six, and the barracks aren't that far away. One shout will bring the whole place down on us. So be careful!?"

06/13/2000 7:04 PM

*Gunthar smiles as he can taste revenge on his lips*

"No problem bout that." he says as he starts up the stairs. He motions for the others to stay back as he creeps up the stairs one at a time, not making a single sound. He comes upon the doorway and puts his head against it and mutters a few silent words. He hears a goblin shout something and the patter of feet. He motions for them to follow him up the stairs. "I made a little disturbance, the west wall kinda almost fell down. That will keep them busy for a while." He waits a few minutes for the initial chaos to be brought to semi-order and all the goblins to clear the area. He opens the door and finds no one around and he motions for the group to proceed towards the main citadel in the east."The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/13/2000 7:37 PM

*Starting silently up the stairs, she nods to Baz and his companions in greeting*

"Excellent disturbance, Gunthar", she compliments, and follows him up the stairs

06/13/2000 8:30 PM

Garth takes up the rear. He hears the soft patter of feet coming up the stairs.
'Probably checking out the wall' he thinks. 'Still we can't have anyone raising the alarm' this thought was complimented with five darts of light bursting out of his fingers. Soon the party hears the brief cry of goblins and a thump of bodies falling on the floor.

Garth One-Eye

06/14/2000 7:53 AM

*Gunthar hurries the group onward to the east wall*

"It is only a matter of time before they realize we're here. We need to move on as quickly as possible now."

*he opens the massive doors to the main citadel and peeks in*

"Good, all the guards went to investigate. Such stupid creatures."

*he nearly ran down the hallway to the next set of large doors. he put his head against the doors to listen*

"Sounds like theres at least twenty goblins back there. Nothing much to worry about. I'm just worried about that scraping sound...""The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/14/2000 11:11 PM

"What the hell is that noise?"

"Well let's find out!"

With that Uziel charges the door and savages two goblins near it. Both are dead before they hit the floor. He charges into another pair of goblins, whilst the party attack the rest of the little fiends.

Uziel quickly finishes off the two goblins and notices that his friends are leading the rest in a merry dance. He looks around to find the source of the sound, and pales noticeably when he finds it source.

"By the seven hells of Arioch, is that...could it be...oh shit! Gunthar look at that!"

Uziel's Krynnish Lore (http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/uziel)

06/15/2000 6:40 AM

*Gunthar lobs the heads off of a couple of goblins and heads up next to Uziel and follows his gaze. he nearly drops his sword at the sight of the huge beast*

"By Paladine..." he mutters.

*he stares into large reptilian eyes that stare back at him. he smells the sulfrous breath of the great green dragon*

"Do you like my pet, Gunthar Goblinbane?" a growling voice booms from behind the dragon.

"Pork! You will not escape my vengance!" Gunthar yells, the sound of the putrid voice reinstating his courage.

"Oh, I bet I will. You will have to kill of this dragon first, singlehandedly of course." Pork replied.

*a gust of wind blows Uziel back and he smashes against Baz who then flies backward, blocking the path. Then the door shuts and seals magically under the dragon's spell of sealing*

"I will finally be rid of you!" Pork laughed.

*the dragon crept forward, never straying his eye from Gunthar. It spread its great wings, barely able to spread them fully in the chamber*

"I will not be defeated." Gunthar said aloud to more reassure himself than to intimidate the dragon.

*he charged the dragon, not a very smart thing to do. the dragon lashed out and nearly bit him, but Gunthar was able to roll out of the way but lost his balance doing so. the dragon craned its neck to stare at Gunthar lying on the ground. it took in a huge breath, readying its acid breath. it exhaled deeply and acid went flying at Gunthar. he was barely able to use the wind to avert the deadly stream of acid. the acid hit the wall near him and ate right through the wall, but some splashed and landed on him, burning his face some and his sword arm a little*

*Gunthar roared in pain, a roar that everyone could hear outside, but they had a different problem on their hands. the goblins that had been checking out the wall were now returning and saw them standing (or lying) outside of the main citadel and began an all-out attack on them*

*the dragon stood on its hind feet to show off its full size to the puny knight, to intimidate him. Gunthar took this chance and summoned all his strength and quickly got up and sped towards the dragon. the dragon didn't expect this sudden manuver and was caught off guard. gunthar cut a huge gash in the dragon's left hind leg. the dragon bellowed in pain and leapt to the other side of the room and used its wings to create a gust of wind to knock Gunthar off guard. the wind burst threw Gunthar into the wall, but he kept his balance and grip on his sword as if they were life itself. he turned around to see the dragon charging him, head first. Gunthar waited to the last minute to jump out of the way. he swung Swathstinger where he would have been and caught the dragon in the eye, blinding that eye. the dragon took a step back and hollared in pain once again, this time nearly shaking the entire castle down*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/18/2000 6:28 AM

Baz rallies the companions outside the door. The approaching goblins can be heard just around the corner.

"Uziel, with me. Garth, Deak, to the back. Ev eryone else fall in behind. Deak, see if you can get that door open."

Baz draws his sword and awaits the goblins. After some moments a dirty face peaks around the corner. With a clean slic the goblin's head falls to the floor. Soon more of the goblins round the corner and come face to face with the companions.

Meanwhile Deak and Garth have concentrated their magic into breaking the magic of the dragon's seal. "Move aside", shrieks Queerli. Queerli pulls a lockpicking device from an inside pocket of his tunic and sets to work.

"Honestly, Queerli, the lock is magical, you cannot break it.

"Oh yeah", Queerli replies as the giant double doors swing open.

TK lies pinned to the ground by the dragons tail. Acid has burnt through most of the walls of the room.

With the rest of the companions fighting the goblins Deak, Garth, and Queerli enter the room.

06/19/2000 10:24 AM

*looks over at Deak, Garth, and Queerli and sighs in relief*

"Now maybe we can fight on closer terms."

*he grabs the dragon's tail as hard as he can and the dragon swings its tail in hopes to crush the knight between it and a wall. Gunthar lets go in mid air and flies over and lands easily in front of the three that came in*

"If you two," motions to the mages, "distract it with fireball spells on either side of it, and then you," motions to Queerli, "climb its back to its head to blind its other eye. I can then get close enough to cleave its heart out.""Two minus one leaves none."

06/19/2000 1:06 PM

Deak looks up at TK. "That might work, but..."

"Really, me? Climb up a dragon?" Queerli is gone before Deak can finish his sentance.

"Damn the kender! Quickly, Garth, spread. Aim for the wings." Deak yells direcitions and moves into position.

Deak gathers a ball of clay in his hand and prepares the pyroblast spell. Pork, the goblin lord, moves to attack the mage.

Baz and Uziel and the rest of the companions come through the door. Seeing Pork behind Deak Baz looses his crossbow.

He fires one arrow, hitting Pork in the shoulder at the same time that Pork brought down the knife. Pork's knife cuts the back of Deak's neck, and throws his pyroblast far off aim.

The spell works though, as it ricochets into the ceiling, knocking loose a large block of cement which falls on the dragon's head.

The large green falls to the ground, but prepares one last acid blast.

06/19/2000 1:39 PM

*Gunthar looks straight at the dragon as it is about to loose its acid breath. he notices Queerli still happily skipping towards it. Gunthar growls in frustration as he knows the kender is too far to save, but maybe he can save the rest of them. as the acid is launched, Gunthar brings his hands up. the ground before them springs up and the acid hits the ground barrier. it splatters everywhere, landing on top of people and dragon alike. Gunthar then turns to look at Pork who is running away like the coward he is*

"Not so fast there Pork."

*Gunthar quickly outruns the fat Pork and grabs him by his collar. he jerks him up and shakes him so he drops his dagger. he then throws him in the pile of acid eating away at the artificial wall he made*

"That should teach you to mess with powers beyond your control."

*Pork is quickly dissolved into a gelentalous glob of fat and the dragon is dying quickly and has no strength left to fight*

"Well, it looks like we've won."

*Gunthar waves his hand at the wall leading into the compound and millions of screams of pain are heard for an instant of extreme heat. people clammer at the door to see burt bodies of goblins lying about, burt beyond recognition. nothing lives in the citadel except the party and the dragon*

"Now, where's Queerli?""Two minus one leaves none."

06/19/2000 6:01 PM

Garth frowns as he realizes that he has missed out on the fun and decides that it wouldn't be a bad idea to make sure the dragon was unable to attack. He points a single finger at the dragon and mutters arcane words. The room erupts in a shower of light as a golden stream shoots out of Garth's finger and spreads to engulf the dragon's entire body. Green scales rain down as the dragon's ruptured innards blacken and collapse into piles of ash. Soon all that is left of the great dragon is a blackened skeleton. Smiling proudly Garth bows to the companions.

Garth One-Eye

06/20/2000 4:01 AM

"Nice work Garth!".

"Dragon weenies for everyone, woohoo!".

Uziel then prods the skeleton with a stick and laughs madly. (Well I did get a severe bump on the head back there) He recomposes himself and looks around.

Uziel's Krynnish Lore (http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/uziel)

06/21/2000 4:25 AM

Baz and Deak charge into the mess searching for Queerli. When nothing is found they return to the group.

"BOO!" A loud voice behind them calls. Queerli skips into the doorway.

"What happened, where'd you go?" Deak asks.

"When the dragon fell I saw a door in the back wall. So I went in. It was the back entrance to the armoury. All of our weapons are in their. Sorry I missed all the action in here though.

"So, where to now?"

06/21/2000 7:39 AM

"Well, what I came here for is done, but there are a few that wish for monetary compensation. If that is your desire, go to the tresury. It is directly beneath here"

*Gunthar looks down and waves his hand. a large gaping hole appears in the floor and light comes shining out, reflected off of millinos pieces of gold. there is more than enough for ten dragons' hoardes. . .*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/21/2000 7:37 PM

"Well....gee...only since you insist"

With that Uziel leaps into the gaping maw and lands upon a giant mountain of gold. He quickly finds the largest and most flawless gems and pockets them. He also finds two jewelled daggers that gleam with the hint of magic. Smiling to himself, Uziel also enfolds these in the shadowy confines of his cloak and deftly leaps out of the hole again.

"Well I'm about done. Bye folks, it's been 'rewarding'."

Uziel's Krynnish Lore (http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/uziel)

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