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11/11/2001 2:27 AM

The short haired kender sat quietly in the captian's cabin of the Cursing Dwarf coming to the hard decision he really did not want to make. It had had been far to long since he had set foot on land for more than anything to just pick up some supplies for his ship. It was now time for him to return home from his wanderlust at sea, and search for his friends. Though were would his search begin was the only question on his mind. He looked at his maps carefully picking a city to set port at, or was he just looking to find more supplies? The kender laughed at himself as the thoughts raced through his mind. He place was at sea that was most clear though he longed to see the faces of his old friends, and share the wild tales of being a pirate at sea. Though the kender never would admit to such an accusation, and never would his crew let anyone say such a thing. Agian the kender looked at his maps quickly plotting the course to a nearby city. Smiling to himself as he plopped back down into his chair feeling ready to return to land.

There came a knock at his door that was as solid as thunder on stormy sea's. The kender already knew who it was as he continued to rest in his chair. The dwarf didn't really care for answer, but only knocked to warn the little dirt ball he was coming in.

"Ye find a port or city for us to get our supplies," the dwarf said with a huff since he never really found his sea legs yet.

"I found us a port Dogar," the kender smiled.

Dogar walked over to the map glancing at the city they would sailing to. "Well, Captain I'll tell the men where we'll be headin to pick up supplies. We should be there by morning Sir since the wind is good."

"Will, you stop with the Captain this Captain that stuff!" the kender said with grin knowing that it was him that dragged the dwarf kicking and screamin on to the ship. Then to make it worse the kender decided to name the ship after him.

"If ye was a flee I'd scratch ye out of me beard and be done with ye soon enough! If I had me liken to the case ye dirt ball!" Dogar managed to yell out as the ship tilted making him loose balance. The dwarf rolled into a cabinet making a bottle of spirits drop into his lap. "Tiver, I would soon be sittin on me bar stool drinkin if it wasn't for ye draggin me on to this ship."

Tiver chuckled beneath his hand as he watched the dwarf down the bottle. "Well, worry no more old friend I'm retiring my sea legs, and returning back to land to find my old friends."

Dogar's face was but priceless as it changed for a red to a blue shade in a manner of seconds. The dwarf leaped up to his feet wasting no time jumping over to table to choke the life out of the kender. Though Tiver was ready for this sliding out of his chair and underneath the table. Then again Dogar had done this before as he slide on the maps turning around to see Tiver poke his head on the other side. With a massive force the dwarf set Tiver rolling across the floor and into the cabin door. Tiver sat up against the wall as his eyes focused to see the dwarf towering above him.

"Ye be thinkin of leavin me out to sea with your little boat are ye? Well, I be seein none of that ye lil' dirt ball." The dwarf said raising his fist into the air.

"Now wait! I didn't say nothing like that. I said I"m retiring and if you want you can leave the ship and return to a drunken state if you want." Tiver said raising his hands in defense though it was quite clear it wouldn't help from the knot Tiver now felt rising. "I'm just retiring for sailing thats all."

"Bah, the day you retire from bein a Captain of the Cursing Dwarf is the day I shave my beard and call meself a gnome." The dwarf said snatching the kender up by the arm bringing him to his feet.

With a smile Tiver rubbed the back of his head as if to see if the knot would go down. "Well, your welcome to join me Dogar?"

The dwarf grimaced at the thought of traveling with the anymore with the kender at sea more of less on the land. "If ye be thinkin I'm lettin ye out of a few years of beatins ye be thinkin wrong!" The dwarf said as he opened the door to find most of the crew listening hard to hear what was going on. "Ye all be gettin outta me way or I'll be helpin find a way." The dwarf said as the crew parted quickly.

Tiver only heard the crash of the waves as he shut the door behind the dwarf. Tiver chuckled to himself imagining Dogar beardless with papers of inventions shewn about him. Tiver straited out the maps in front of him as he traced his fingers to the city they were traveling to.

"Well, first stop Palanthas after that who know's were." The kender crawled out of his chair and to his bed thankful for sleep to rid him of ache of the knot on his head.

OOC: Well, I know its been some time since I've posted and such but I figured it was time to come back and have some fun again. Well, I hope to see everyone here. Laters.

"If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

11/13/2001 10:47 AM

OOC: Well, bad idea on my part... well see everyone laters take care and peace out! I'm outta here.

HAVE FUN!"If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

11/13/2001 11:05 AM

(((ooc: I'd post, but i didn't know what kind of characters you wanted to join or where you wanted this to go... )))********Dutchess Of Dork******
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11/13/2001 3:26 PM

OOC: You can start anywhere in the story like on the ship or Palanthas at a bar. Join any places you seem fit and throw in your own story. This doesn't have to be about Tiver finding all his old friends. It could turn around and be a trail or quest your character wants to take on. Remember my kender may act different from regular kenders, but when it comes down to it he's still a kender.

Maybe on the other hand a character such as yours needs a boat to some place. I have a ship and I'm always ready for adventure. The person who posts the story doesn't have to have it centered on him. If that was true most rpgs would be really boring.

So if you have something you want to throw in go ahead and do it. Here I'll try to bring more speed into this real quick.

The Ship yard master spoke loudly to the people gathered around him. "There are only a few ships pulling in tomorrow that may want to carry you in the storm that is coming. The Sea Siren, The Cursing Dwarf, and The Whirl Pool though I doubt any of these ships may want to sail into this storm." The yard master turns to a few sea drunk men who wanted to sail out as quickly. "If yer braver than I you may want to talk to the Captain of the Cursing Dwarf for his ship is the most sea worthy, and holds the best crew a board her. Though I wouldn't be crazy enough to sail with a crazy kender for the life of me."

The yard master turned around, "That is all you wrenchs! Now be off with ye till tomorrow when the ships will be pulling into port!" With that the yard master stepped down from the crates he stood upon. Turning quickly to the direction of the Squalling Birb tavern for a drink.

The storm looked as thick as night as it could be seen on the horizen stealing the very light from the sky. A ship could be seen out on the black sea the storm chasing it into the port. Though it was unknown to where the other two ships were, but from the talk of the fisher men it seems that ships themselves were being swallowed whole by the sea under the coming storm. Though these were only taken as folk lore by many who had spent their life sailing, but in truth many sailors was taking this as a bad omen for their eyes told the fear that held their heart tightly.

OOC: OKay maybe that will help a bit. Well laters see everyone next post."If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

11/14/2001 10:41 AM

Joe walks out of the crowd un-noticed, pondering. He needed a ship, and he needed the best. If he had to travel with a kender, so be it.
The jack-of-all-trades (as he preffered to be called now. 'con-man', 'rouge', and 'thief' were such ugly names.) jumped into the deck of the ship. "Where is the captain of this vessal?" he shouted to the crew.Twice and twice shall he be named, and once shall he come, and thrice shall he eat, and twice shall he run to the bathroom- Verse I, The Prophecies of the Coming of Joe.

11/14/2001 1:45 PM

Tolkanin rode into port on her trusty antelope Kabuu. There was a nasty storm coming on, which greatly interested Tolk, and as luck would have it there was a ship headed in that direction . . .The Cursing Dwarf! Tolk hurried to board and buy a ticket (the last family she had stayed with was so nice, having given her a nice, full money pouch!), and prodded Kabuu onto the deck. The antelope did not much like the prospect of sailing, anad consistantly headed for the exit, but Tolk was there each time to reign him in.

"Wait here, I'll go tell the captain! I heard he's a kender!!" Tolk said excitedly. Kabuu watched as the kender disappeared beneath, and then the antelope made his hasty getaway. "Faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens." -- Gimli, The Fellowship Of The Ring

"Those who support authority against rebellion must not themselves rebel." -- Silmarillion

11/14/2001 6:24 PM

Dogar stormed over to the arriving passengers his barrel like arms trying to grab the kender that slipped by. "Ye be askin permission to board the ship before leaping your bag of bone bodies on te her!" He yelled to the kender ducking past him to find the Captain.

"Now, I be Dogar Barrelbreaker the first mate of this here vessa... ship, and ye might be?" He said looking at the tall man that boarded the ship looking for the captain. "Will, some one find that darn kender that slipped by me before he finds him a bit o' trouble."

"Now what business ye be having..." the dwarf was saying as he heard Tiver's voice behind him.

"Greetings Sir, I am Tiver Neehigh captain of the Cursing Dwarf what can I help you with?" Tiver said his troubled by the storm coming in. "Dogar go see if you can help the men find the kender, and don't go throwing him over into the water." Tiver said with a smile as he extended his hand to the stranger.

The dwarf stormed off searching for the captain though for some reason he knew the little dirt ball would be in his chambers.

OOC: Sorry Joe but I don't know what you look like this time, but I'm talking to you. "If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

11/15/2001 8:46 AM

(((OOc: hmm - i'm gonna try to think of a new character and new story for her... be back in a bit))))********Dutchess Of Dork******
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11/15/2001 9:28 AM

Tolkanin ran through the ship giggling. She finally found her way to the Captain's Cabin and burst inside laughing.

"Hello, Cap'n!" She said, saluting. "Might I buy voyage on your vessal??""Faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens." -- Gimli, The Fellowship Of The Ring

"Those who support authority against rebellion must not themselves rebel." -- Silmarillion

11/15/2001 11:56 AM

OOC: I'll join.....hmmm who to play. well Tiver and Kalia are good friends....or I can use Jury that would give joe a little competition....Kynia is out cause Kyel doesn't care for boats, so is Ayeka...I need more of a background with her and I don't think I can talk Starlight into joining right now...Ayeka never goes anywhere without Kiri...Kista is kinda retired...so I think it will be...JURY!

BIC: A human girl of 16 ran up to the boat. "Wait!!" she cried waving her hands. Jury stopped at the top of the ramp, hands on her knees panting. "How much for passage???" she asked, taking a quick glance behind her.

Jury has long reddish brown hair, kept tied back in a long french braid. Her deep jade eyes had amber flecks in them. on either side of her hips, was a beautiful pair of 12 inch daggers. the hilts where ornately carved Ivory wings. on the belt where several small bags, each tied with a differeint color leather strip. She pulled the hood of her cloak up over her head as a few guards walked by.

"I have money if thats what you want to know..." she said defensively.shoiri-"you must hate me for what I've done..."

Jury- "yes I hate you...but only because I no longer have the ability to tell you how I feel"

(Revolutionary Girl Utena #7-Unfulfilled Jury)

11/15/2001 1:49 PM

(OOC: A shipful of rogues. Javert would have a field day. Well, already have a few kender, so another couldn't hurt. Enter Thistledown)

(OOC: When I get back from class)

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11/16/2001 10:17 AM

Tiver looked at the persons gathered before him seeking a vessal to take them to where they wanted to go. With a smile Tiver told the crew that they have a nights shore leave, but to be back before dawn comes. With that said the crew quickly made there way to the taverns for a night of drinking and more.

Tiver looked back to the group. "Come with to my cabin so that we may have a discussion over prices and such. I really don't care where your wanting to go because I'll take you there if you ask. Now as far as prices you work hard on the deck I won't charge you more than a gold a piece."

Tiver watched as Dogar was dragging another kender from his cabin by his topknot. A small chuckle came from Tiver's lips though it stopped quickly when he ran his fingers through his short hair.

"Dogar there's no needing for that now so put him down, and if anyone else comes aboard send them to my cabin. I have a feeling that a good part of the crew may not return before the dawn. Also Dogar don't leave the ship to get drunk because I will drag you back on kicking and screaming." Tiver said as he walked into his cabin taking a seat behind a desk far larger then he was. With a wave of his arm he motioned for everyone to come in and for Dogar to let go of the kender.

The room was made for a very tall human though new wood work could be seen through out the cabin. Though mostly of the new work was only to help the captain kender get around easier in his chambers. Tiver lite a few lanterns as he pulled out his maps laying them on his desk.

"Now I take it everyone here is needing to sail some where who which one of you has a map to your destination?" Tiver said with a smile as dogar slamed the door behind those who entered.

Dogar walked to ramp down to the dock where he leaned against the rail of the ship. " All I be needin is another lil' dirt ball riden this ship." Dogar reached down into boot looking for the flask he kept out of view from Tiver, but was unable to find it. Dogar almost walked back into the cabin to beat the new little dirt ball, but that would risk Tiver knowing about the flask. With that thought in mind a huff the dwarf said on the deck watching the storm slowly roll in over head calm with no rain or wind. Dogar only comfort was the smell of the mead and ale that drifted from the taverns across from the docks. "Now, I wonder if there be any more be comin on this ship looking to sail out?" He said with a smile though he was still clearly mad about his flask."If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

11/16/2001 11:11 AM

Jury smiled..She always liked kender. She grabbed the gold and silver necklace around her neck. the chain was of interlocking gold and silver links, about 30 inches long. the pendant was about 2 inches in diameter. the pendant itself was silver backed, with a smaller disk of gold in the front.

"Excuse me captain...but I must ask...you've been around the world...I have been trying to find someone who can translate this for me...so far..I haven't been able to find any one...."

Jury knelt down infront of Tiver, Holing out the pendant for him to inspect."I prefer to be called a Treasure hunter....Its not my fault that people don't guard their valubles as well as they should..."

--Jury Misato, Treasure hunter extroidinare--or theif to most ;)

11/16/2001 11:48 AM

Tiver looked up at the pendant as he pulled a eye patch from his pouch putting it over his right eye. "Hmmm?... that is very interesting. It seems it was carved by elven hands though the these symbols are something I have never seen before. By my taling in may be a mixture of ancient draconic and ancient elven." Tiver let the pendant slide from his hand as he tossed the eye patch on the table. Tiver smiled knowing that the only reason he wore the eye patch was because he couldn't hold his right eye shut long enough to get a good look at something. Though everyone on the ship believed it to be magical.

"I'm sorry there... your name is?" He said with a smile as his hand rubbed his eye. "I have been around the world so many times that I am no wiser than the next man you will..." Tiver stopped himself thinking somethig didn't sound right. "I am no wiser than the next person you will find, but I may be able to help you. I have a friend that may know a friend that may know a dragon that could maybe help with the translation, but thats only if we can find them." Tiver shrugged as he hopped up into his chair motioning for the others to have a seat in the chairs place infront of the desk. I say though it seems everyone here whats to be sailing off to some where I take it?" "If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

11/16/2001 12:31 PM

Dogar watched a potential passenger walk up and down the docks, she seemed to be trying to decide which boat to go for. She was a fairly slender girl - looked to be around 25. Wearing black leather armor, and carrying two full sized swords (one on each hip) she was obviously some kind of mercenarry fighter. She was slowly approaching the boat.
Namessa walked up to the boat, eying the dwarf who watched her aproach. "Oy, sir. You this boats' captain?" Dogar replied "No ma'am, he's down in his cabin meeting the other passengers, you can go on down." Namessa boarded the ship, and headed for the captain's quarters. She had heard this ship was captained by a kender, but she had to see for herself. Besides, a kender would be the only captain fearless (or daft) enough to sail in this weather. "Namessa Morlinas sir, and you are?"********Dutchess Of Dork******
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11/16/2001 1:12 PM

Joe sighs. There went his plans for a quiet, private sail. Not that there was much chance of that with a kender captain, but now there was much less. No matter, speed was important, the rest a luxury.
"Tiver..." he says, steepling his fingers and leaning towards the captain. He had researched this ship before chosing it, and had learned a bit about this kender and his ship. "Tiver...I must get to Sancrist before Yuletide. I must! Your ship is the best one to get me there." he smiles crookedly. "As for payment..."
Joe reaches into his tight fitting jacket and takes out a heavy looking purse. He throws it on the desk. "The finest steel, captain. Two more if you get me to my destination on time. Three if you get me there more than a week before Yule." He looks at the kender silently. He had expected the dwarf to be here to tell the kender exactly how much money lay on his desk right now, but no matter.
The jack-of-all-trades looks into Tiver's eyes. "I must get there on time. There will be certain people rather...disapointed if I don't. And neither I nor anyone near me will enjoy thier displeasure."

OOC: Hey, now that I think of it, i've never actually described Joe sans costumes. Tall, short dark hair, always wearing black clothes without a weapon in sight. Blue eyes. When not in disguise or activly pursuing another identity, walks like a stalking cat.Twice and twice shall he be named, and once shall he come, and thrice shall he eat, and twice shall he run to the bathroom- Verse I, The Prophecies of the Coming of Joe.

11/17/2001 8:08 AM

A kender with strange parefenaila attached to him romed the docks. If it wasn't for his face and hair many would have thought him a gnome. Which wasn't far from the facts, as he had been raised by them.

Thistledown Kendergnome approaced the boat quickly. "Hello, sir," he called to Drogan, "Is there still room on board? Sorry I'm late but I was delayed."

Drogan growled at him.

"Um, I have some gnumash if you'd like it!" Thistle said, pulling a flask out of his pouch and giving it to Drogan. Drogan opened it and sipped it. Then gagged. Before his eyes (hallusination) a huge monster from the abyss had just destroyed Palanthas and was trying to board the ship. Screaming he ran to the captain's quarters, with the kender trailing after.

"I always forget how badly these humans react to gnomish alcohol."Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

11/18/2001 7:41 PM

((ooc: Hope I"m not out of line here....new to this rather....I noticed a ship full of rogues could I join in as a Knight on the side of good? not saying rogues are evil :) , If i'm too late then just say go away! I always seem to come into these things late :( hehe)

11/18/2001 9:55 PM

(OOC: Go for it. Climb on up and have some fun.)Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

11/19/2001 6:41 AM

(ooc:COOL i'll give it a whirl! eh are we bound by any ages here? Before War of Chaos?)

As he rode into town upon his steed he noticed the stares of those peasants close to him. Probably haven't seen a champion of the light in some years he thought to himself and proudly rode past them on his way to the docks.

Palanthas, most people were awed by just the name of the fabled city. Alric on the other hand was disgusted by this city, who after all the help the Knights had given it, was still ruled by politics and petty nobles squabbling over what was right for the city. As he looked at the Lord Knights palace as he rode by he smiled. This was no longer his problem, he was getting out of this political nest for quite some time.

When he got to the docks he reluctantly took MorningGlory, his steed, over to the stable master. He hated leaving her for extended periods of time as they had developed a very special bond over the years. But Alric knew the chances of him finding a ship going where he needed to go and having a storage place for animals was Very Unlikely, so he payed the Stable master enough to keep MorningGlory in rather nice housing for several weeks, with instructions to then ship her home if he had not returned for her by then...

He asked around and everyone he spoke to mentioned a ship by the name of the ''Pissing Dwarf'' so he went in search of it. He finally came upon a rather unkept craft by his standards with a scribbling on the side of it somewhat resembling the words Pisin Darf...as this was the closest thing he could find to the description he walked up the plank and onto the deck. As he saw no one in sight and only heard a slight commotion at the aft of the ship he decided the best way to get attention from the crew was to ask for the captain.

"WHO'S IN CHARGE HERE?" He bellowed out and waited for his reply...

11/19/2001 10:38 AM

OOC: First off sorry I wasn't able to post over the weekend it happens since my room mate needs to be on it all of every day of the weekend. Anyways, the ships name is the Cursing Dwarf and is in tip top condition, but is does need a few repairs. Dogar is a Dwarf, thats why he is a recovering, recovering alcholic. If there is any thing else I missed my bad I should have describe it better. Again, thanks for joining everyone and many more are welcome.

IC: Dogar smiled to Namessa. "They' re be speakin in the capt's quaters about price and such if ye be wantin a ride to where ye be goin to." Dwarf said as he looked to the other kender that looked more like a gnome confused by this the dwarf took a gulp of the gnome's flask and got a terrible surprise.

Tiver looked at the bag of steel with wide eyes seeing its worth to his men for it was his crew he always put before him. "I'll take your bag of steel, and consider it a payment for everyone needin a ride on my ship. I'll I ask in return for this that you help out on the ships work through the storm. That will be enough payment, but for you Sir I'll be taking the other bags when I get you to your destination earlier then on time to where you need to be. Now for the rest of everyone here your quaters will be down below or where ever you can find a goodnights sleep. Until then we set sail before dawn just as the tide is pulling back out, and with the storm we should be able to catch a hard wind at our backs. Now Sir where is it I need to be takin you, and your name is...." Tiver looked up just as his door busted open Dogar alomost running over Tolk in his mad rush.

"Man your weapons men there bein a monster destroying the city," the dwarf yelled seeing the Knight walk up be hide Namessa and Thistledown. The dwarf was in a dead run back to the captain cabin to warn Tiver no looking to where he was going. The dwarf ran strait through the door as he stummbled forward as the alcholol hit him. His body went foward as his head leaned back as his balance became nothing. Soon a loud boom followed as the dwarf landed on his helm dead asleep.

"By all the gods!" Tiver yelled as he jumped back under his desk. After hearing the loud boom Tiver walked over glaning around to see if everyone was all right then looked at the drunkin dwarf. Tiver leaned down to smell his breath then stood back up. "Someone help with him please? Carry him over to rails while I go find my crew. I think we might be sailing earlier." Tiver kicked the dwarf in the side as the bag of steel jiggled on his belt. Tiver's thoughts were where in the abyss was he going to find a stear master and a wizard crazy enough to take on this job. "Oh, Sir want ever your name is for the third time, could you please map out the destination so when I get back we can leave?"

Tiver walked out the door telling what was left of his crew here to get the dwarf dunker ready to wake up Dogar. Tiver walked past the Knight, Thistledown, and Namessa glancing back Tiver looked at the nights strong arms. "Welcome Sir Knight, your now a Steer master my crew will explain it to you and your ride is free unless you bring your steed and then it will cost double your cost to ride. Any question? Good didn't think so, and to the both of you your ride is free also but don't be given my first mate any more alcholol." Tiver said looking at Thistledown still holding the flask. Tiver smiled to the knight and bowed slightly in to a turn his mind roaming to where he was going to find a wizard. "If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

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11/19/2001 11:55 AM

((ooc: hehe sorry about that...no one said anything about the ship(i got name wrong...oops :D) so I did...So its a grand ship :D Tiver is a Kender right?))

Alric stood dumbfoundedly as the kender approached him and started spouting out commands at him, telling him to chart a course and to ask the crew his duties as Steer master. Him? a steer master? Who did this kender think he was!

Look, little one, I am Alric, son of Lord Duncan of Steel Keep. Now where is your master, the captain of this vessel? Surely it wasn't that raving dwarf that just dissapeared? My steed to answer your question, is already stabled, and my destination is for me to know. What I wish to know is, what is the Destination of this Ship?

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11/19/2001 2:06 PM

The half-elf ranger broke into a run when she saw the mast of the ship. Finally, a way out of Palanthas! No ships had come into the port for days - apparently there was a bad storm brewing, and no captains would dare take their ships out. Kylana was weary of the city - the close confines of the buildings and the hot press of unwashed bodies made her sick to her stomach. It would be good to get back to the forests she so loved.

Kylana slowed as she approached the ship. There was a crowd of motley-looking people on the deck - obviously, everyone else was trying to get out of the city as well. She rummaged around in her pouch for a few coins and hoped she would have enough for passage. She wouldn't stand another minute in the city, and at that point would go anywhere the ship deigned to take her.

She climbed up the gangplank and pushed through the crowd of shouting people, hoping to catch sight of the captain. A kender scampered by - Kylana clamped onehand over her pouch, the other snagged the kender by the shoulder.

"Excuse me, Little One, but who is the captain of this vessel? And where is it bound?"

11/19/2001 2:12 PM

Tiver stopped as he ran a hand through his short brown hair as he turned around to face the quite stunned knight. Tiver really didn't have the time for this because he needed to find a wizard. Tiver wanting to hit the knight over the head and drag him on to the ship, but he decided to play it safe and not haul off on a knight.

"Please excuse me Sir knight, but when on my ship you will address me as Captain Tiver or Captain Neehigh since I will refer to you as Sir Alric of Steel Keep, know do we have a prblem with that? I hope not... you see I am in need of a wizard so we can set sail tonight. I really don't where we are heading, but its being mapped out as we speak." Tiver was holding everything back so he wouldn't blow up. "Now Sir Alric, if you wish to be sailing out tonight and not a week later hop aboard and follow my orders. If not I'm sure a Inn would be more than happy to help you with your stay here. Now speak with my crew they'll help you with what they can, and now I must be off to find a wizard." Tiver turned walking to the Squalling Bird Tavern to find his crew and hopefully a wizard.

OOC: If anyone needed to ask Tiver something before he to do this go ahead I think I kinda of jumped ahead too quick, but I am sure it won't hurt anything. "If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

11/19/2001 2:42 PM

A figure peeled itself from the throngs of citizenry of Palanthas. A thick black cloak, that was speckled in dried mud around the edges fully covered the man's person. The wool hood was pulled low over his head as passerbys attempted to see beneath the shadowy cover. Though constantly he peered over his back to make sure he wasn't being tailed was the only betrayal of his deep worry of being followed. Eying the ship he strode with purpose towards the gangplank.

"At last...almost to safety," Logrick Testran murmered under his breath. To most he would be called a rogue, but to his self he was merely a man of many skills who occasionally made off with other's 'lost goods.' And speaking of owners of those 'lost goods', he had one of them in pursuit of him right now, having lost his tail within the masses of the streets.

Logrick's crisp chocolate eyes narrowed as his slender and strong hands clasped over his ivory handled long-sword and dirk that was hidden beneath the suffocating folds of his cloak, as he came up behind a woman dressed as a ranger and a kender playing captain. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw one of the knight protectors of the city who had been after him, and turned abruptly, brushing roughly past the ranger.

"Hey, what's the big idea..." came a heated and passioned response from the striking half-elf ranger. His eyes washed over her quickly, sizing her up in seconds. A wide smile splashed across his mouth, and he turned away once more thumbing a sack of steel at the slack mouthed kender.

"My passage...sir," Logrick sneered and continued on his way on board. "Oh and good day to you, lady." The sneer seemed only to sharpen, with his resonating baritone, as he made the word lady more of a curse. Pushing through the deckhands, he vanished to those who milled about the deck.

11/19/2001 3:07 PM

"Hey, watch where you're going, you rude cutpurse!" Kylana said, retrieving her jeweled-hilt dagger from the thief's probing fingers. "And keep those hands to yourself or I'll cut them off."

Kylana glared at him as he disappeared into the crowd, turquoise eyes flashing in anger. Another ill-mannered thief fleeing the long arm of the law, she thought brusquely. She fingered the elegantly carved shortbow she wore over her back. Well, he won't get far, she thought as she smiled mischieviously.

She brushed an errant strand of golden hair behind an elegantly canted ear as she surveyed the crowd on deck. They all seemed to be milling about aimlessly, slackjawed at the kender captain's quick departure. She decided to retire to the bow of the ship, away from prying eyes, where she could rest in solitude.

Kylana settled herself on the deck, in front of a small clump of barrels, and stretched out her legs in front of her, tracing lines across her form-fitting doeskin leggings with her finger. She glanced down in distaste at her worn leather boots. Three months in Palanthas, and she had found no nobles looking for mercenary work. She could hardly afford to eat nowadays, and it was getting too dangerous to adventure outside the city alone. Bandits, like the man who had boarded earlier, were rampant on the roads, and would not hesitate to waylay a lonely woman - even if she did have a sword swinging by her side.

A cool sea breeze ruffled through her hair, and she closed her eyes to enjoy the solitude of the evening. The crowd behind her was becoming rowdy, demanding of a rough-looking dwarf information on the whereabouts of the captain and where the ship was bound. Kylana ignored their loud protests and turned her thoughts inward. It wasn't long before she heard footsteps behind her.

11/19/2001 3:41 PM

Logrick passed through the wheezing and creaking ship as it floated in the harbor aimlessly. A quick appraisal of the ship told him it was sea-worthy at least, and might not spring too many leaks on a trip to wherever it was off to. He hadn't time to find out exactly where nor cared just as long as it took him far from this disgustingly over policed city. Passing different travellers he ignored the stares, especially from the uppity Knight and made his way past deckhands. He was so wrapped up in his dark musings he didn't notice the same annoying half-elf ranger lounging at the surprisingly empty bow.

"Cutpurse, I'll show her a cutpurse..." his liquid eyes flashed and ignited in glee as he stole up upon the ranger. He noticed without wanting to, the well muscled and supple legs that the leggings she wore did too poorly to hide their outlines. Shaking his head loose, knowing he had sworn off women long ago, he came within mere inches of her and stared down at her from behind.

"You going to stand over me gawking, like a half-crazed goblin, or are you going to sit down," came the light almost musical voice as he stole up behind her so close to...unburdening her possessions.

As smooth as if he was intending to sit down with long missed friends over a creamy ale, he spun about her and sat down on a tightly bound barrel that was against the bow facing her. Logrick crossed his legs and eyed the ranger from beneath the folds of his dark hood. Well we have another do-good-praise-all, ranger waiting to ruin the fun, he thought darkly. It'll give me something to do.

"Ah, so sharp of tongue and light of mind, lady," the rogue speared the words in one breath. "How ever did they deal with the likes of you on the road." Logrick laughed heartily at his own words as he slowly slide the cloak from over his head.

His black hair, tightly bound at the nap of his neck by a crimson red thong, burned bright in the light. Sweeping eyebrows of black lined and framed his sharp features. A strong square jaw was further accented by the light stubble from a day of non-attention. He stretched languidly showing the tight way his tunic had with framing his barrelled chest. "Ah we can't leave you back here all along princess, you might trip over your elven ears."

"I don't know why or even where you come from sir," the half-elf stated flatly. "But I don't trust the company of bandits, and if you cross me you will certainly also cross blades with me." Her eyes danced at mention of battle, as her fingers clasped and unclasped near her jeweled dagger. Logrick could tell she would be more of a match than the typical mousey gal who walked the streets of Palanthas. But shouldn't take too long to douse her flame, he leered to his self.

"Then how about a bit of information, half-elf," his mouth twisted out the words. "I saw you speaking to the stub over there, did you find out the course of this ship or were you just looking to pay your way wherever it was for...oh you'd need this if that was the case." At this, he raised his eyebrows and feined a yawn, pulling one of her pouches from his inner cloak and threw it down in the direction of her worn boots. With a flash of steel, her dagger pierced the cloth pouch bringing it to rest in her hand where is soon vanished under her deep green cloak.

Oh yes...indeed a very interesting layover.

11/19/2001 4:41 PM

Kylana didn’t even look up as her dagger flashed out, snagging the cloth pouch. Her
long, supple fingers wrapped around the pouch protectively as she secreted it inside her
cloak. The thief hadn’t surprised her. He made as much noise trying to sneak around her
as an army of dwarves walking through an autumn forest.

“I’ll thank you to rifle other people’s belongings, stranger,” she said coldly. “I may be a
woman, but you’d be wise to steer clear of me. I don’t like company and I certainly don’t
like half-assed thieves like yourself. How I pay for my voyage is my own business.”

Kylana fell silent for long moments afterwards as she took her time securing her pouch to
her belt. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the dark-skinned thief, his eyes
silently laughing at her, a smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth. She would slap that
smirk off his face someday, she swore to herself.

“As for information, cutpurse,” she said, sneering out the word as if it were an obscenity,
“I know about as much - or as little, I should say - as you do. The kender ran off before I
could ask him where we were heading. Apparently there is a storm brewing that the other
ship captains are afraid of. Trust a kender to take a boat out in a storm.”

“So another always-do-good elven ranger,” the thief said as he lean back lanquidly, his
face turned to catch the fading afternoon sun. “What’s your story?”

“Why do you care?” Kylana asked. “I don’t even know you.”

“Logrick,” he said, offering his hand in introduction. “And you are?”

She ignored the hand he offered. “Kylana.”

Logrick lowered his hand, instead reaching into his hand and twirling a gold coin between
his deft fingers in a flashing display. Kylana reached out, quick as lightening, and
snatched it away, handing it back to him discreetly.

“Be careful with that, stranger,” she said with a small smile. “The kender might see it
and be tempted to come over and make his introduction. Not to mention that your
neighbourhood friendly Knight might take an interest.” She leaned back against the
barrels, studying a pattern in the fluffy white clouds. “Half-elven, by the way. I’m not
your ordinary, Paladine-worshipping-do-good ranger. I work as a mercenary, helping
nobles clean their lands of goblins and ogres. Not what you expect from a ranger, but its
honest work and pays well. And I only take jobs that don’t interfere with my personal
sense of honor.”

“Sounds riveting,” Logrick said, yawning boringly. “Where do you come from?”

Kylana looked away, studying a flying seagull. “That’s not your business.”

She noticed the other passengers beginning to settle down on the deck, playing cards or
talking amicably.
“Maybe we should ask them to join us,” Logrick said. “They look like they could be an
interesting lot.”

“In a few moments,” Kylana said. “Meanwhile, tell me about yourself.”

11/19/2001 6:00 PM

((ooc: heh you must be a damn good thief cuz i'm lost who you stole the gold from...I'm assuming it wasnt me?...but ok lol))

Alric, stunned after the Kenders statement, walked on board in search of the crew he had been told to find. Seeing no one in sight he went and stood the passed out dwarf up and shook him out of his daze.

"Hey wake up dwarf come on..." seeing the dwarfs eyes open up he let go of him watching the dwarf fall to the floor once again. He lifted him off his feet again and put him against the wall. "Look here, that little fellow with the notion that he's captain told me to find the crew to see what my duties as steer master is. But apparently he forgot the small fact there is no crew. Do you get what I'm saying ? And where in this blasted world are we headed for?"

While Alric was trying to get information out of the dwarf he noticed the two rather sneaky figures near the bow of the ship...Normally he would go to see if the Shifty little man was bothering the woman, but of late Alric had grown accustomed to Women Rogues also. Her half elven features alone put distrust in him while her stance made Alric believe this one could care for himself. He shifted his attention back to the dwarf, and only then noticed the other passengers aboard the ship...if this dwarf didnt prove useful in his answer perhaps they would...

He shook the dwarf one more time..."WELL? Do you have some answers for me???"

11/19/2001 6:04 PM

Tiver made his way to the Squalling Bird Tavern only to find his crew unhappy to the thoughts of leaving in the storm. Though Tiver made light to show them payment the crew was ready and already returning to the ship. Tiver also put word out they were looking for a wizard to brave the storm with them and help them in the travels in the storm. With that done Tiver made haste to return to the the ship to see how the traveling party was doing now. Tiver had found out that a many of rogues were wanting to leave tonight from Palanthas for some reason, and needing a ship. Tiver only smiled to himself as he thought about a bunch of rogues on a unknown pirate ship.

Tiver returned from the ship to find that the crew had awoke the drunk dwarf as he cursed pulling his he on of the water knocking one of the crew men out with his fist. Tiver only laugh as he ordered to the crew to make ready to sail. Dogar cursed the whole time about what had happened as he introduced the new steer master to the old one. A nine foot minotaur named Kartok who had broken one of his arms in a battle.

Tiver watched everyone closely as he returned to the captain's quarters to see if the destination was plotted. "So where are we heading so quickly?" Tiver said looking at everyone still there expecting the sneaky black clothed rogue and the ranger to join them in the cabin."If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

11/19/2001 6:19 PM

((OOC: Holy hell...That's a lot to read and my attention span isn't going to cover that right about now...Corona mentioned that you guys could use a mage...have you set sail yet? Can I come aboard? If so, someone please give me a quick summary of what's going on. If not, just ignore this...))

A shadowed figure walked through the heavy mists that shrouded the docks, looking from ship to ship. She was heavily cloaked, covered head to toe, though even the thick cloth could not hide her slender curves. She felt eyes and began to walk faster.

"Must find ship..." she muttered. The eyes continued to follow, though none approached--probably because her cloak was the darkest of blacks.

"Oh!" she stopped short, nearly running over a kender. "Sorry..." she twisted out of the way and brushed past him. Her cloak swept aside, revealing a long blue cape, a glittering silver sword with a sapphire in the hilt and a spell pouch...Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/20/2001 12:20 AM

(OOC: As thistledown has many gnomish item, I would not recomend stealing from him. Gnomish things have a way of blowing up if not handled properly)

"How can I help out?" The kender asked cheerfully. "I'm sure that I have something here which could help you!"Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

11/20/2001 8:08 AM

Joe had leaned back in his chair, resting. Seems the ship was getting crowded. No matter...this kender was th e best captain in Palanthalas, however odd it may seem, and he was worth crowding. He ignores the newcomers.
"My name, Tiver, is of no consequence. As I said, I must arrive at Sancrist. Do me a favor, and do not wait for any more passengers. Or monsters destroying the city. Or anything else. I will wait here until we sail."
This said, Joe closes his eyes and appears to fall asleep.Twice and twice shall he be named, and once shall he come, and thrice shall he eat, and twice shall he run to the bathroom- Verse I, The Prophecies of the Coming of Joe.

11/20/2001 9:13 AM

Kylana leaned back and closed her eyes, rubbing her temples. Logrick's story of his past was going nowhere, taking leaps and turns, spinning back on itself, and riddled with holes. She should have thought before she asked a rogue such a question.

"Never mind," she groaned. "If you can't tell me a straight story than don't tell me one at all." She looked around the deck and noticed that the other passengers were crowding into the cabin. "Let's go see what they're up to."

Kylana pushed herself to her feet, fluid and catlike. She arranged her pouches, her dagger, her bow, and a previously-unseen short sword around her and looked down at Logrick. "Are you coming?"

Logrick would not be outdone. He pushed himself into a handstand on the dangerously rocking barrel and flipped off, landing silently on his feet. Kylana rolled her eyes and entered the cabin, instantly wishing she hadn't.

The cabin was completely filled to capacity. The passengers were standing shoulder to shoulder, pressed up against the walls and against the table where a map lay, held down to the table with the point of a dagger on one corner and a shard of rose-coloured quartz on the other. The kender stood behind the table, smiling and looking all-important.

Kylana began to feel light-headed with the heat of so many people in one small room. Her head began to swim, and she hoped to the gods that the captain would figure out where they were going before she lost consciousness.

11/20/2001 10:42 AM

Jury stood silent on the starboard side of the deck. She was looking for the countless time at the medallion in her hands. she wondered if she would ever find out what it was. She knew that everyone was inside the cabin, conversing with the captain...She wasn't there, cause she didn't really care where they where going...she would go anywhere just to find someone who could understand the writing on this medallion.

Jury allowed the medallion to fall back to her chest. as she silently looked up to the sky. With a squawk, Miki glided into view. The magpie was about the size of a small crow. And while he was all black, his wings where white shouldered, and he had a pair of jesses tied around his feet with tiny silver bells. Jury reached up and smiled as Miki landed on her hand.

"there you are...I was starting to wonder if you'd ever find me." she whispered as she gently scratched his breast feathers.True magic is withing all of us...Magic of life, love, and mind. The question is...do you have the courage to find it?

Blessed Be

11/20/2001 10:49 AM

Logrick followed the impetuous ranger to the cabin. The amount of bodies and head alone were enough to make him wish he were dockside once more. Well...not enough, as he was sure he could almost feel the long arm of the law on his back.

Much to his surprise he had been taken aback, by the leggy ranger. Logrick almost felt bad for spinning the yarn of his past so it looped again and again. But not enough, for anyone could be a sneak, even those blasted knights, he thought wearily. Why couldn't they all just paste theirselves to their god-awful Measures and Codes.

Kylana strode confidently into the cabin and took her place in the back scanning the congregated people within the shoebox like room. Logrick could see the cramped corners and sheer heat was getting to her. Making her cheeks flush a bright red. So much so that occasionally she brushed her gloved hand against her forehead to staunch the flow of sweat that beaded her head. Logrick laughed lightly, and pulled the thick wool hood back over, once again efficently blocking his features to onlookers.

Logrick caught sight of the knight and several kenderfolk milling about directly in front of Kylana, and went into action. He pressed past the knight stiffly, as he moved kender left and right, all the while being sure to none of the little bits tried to slip a hand where it didn't belong. Logrick's fluid movements, opened a space for the flustered half-elf to breath. Of course his purpose and measured steps past the knight towards the front of the cabin, were not just for aiding the half-elf, but to get some more information on some of the ones gathered.

Quickly and with ease he searched the knight, giving him only to be a typical spoiled rich buck, who wanted to strap on his da's sword. He further sunk deeper into the crowd, passing kenders, rogues, and all sorts of unsavories, till reaching the corner of the table where the kender 'captain' was placed.

Obviously off balance from the sudden appearance of the dark clothed figure, the kender paused and then looked back out to the crowd to gain some control of the mass.

Logrick eased back against the cabin wall near the desk, flapping back his cloak to reveal his finely tooled ivory sword and dirk grips. The sword's grip was that of a striking white dragon, with a blood red eye. While the dirk's was of a shrieking falcon about to light on it's prey. His well oiled gloved hands rested on each grip and crossing at the forearms as he waited for the kender to speak his peace.

Logrick glanced back once more to see the flashing eyes of the half-elf turn emerald green, as he had so easily slipped away from her goodly control. He snorted at this and winked at her from beneath his hood, and leaned back to wait for one of the famous long-winded kender stories. All the while letting his mind pass over vixen rangers, uptight knights, and annoying kender...

11/20/2001 12:00 PM

Alric, seeing his long lost friend Ku on the docks slowly making her way towards the ship, rushed down to greet her. When he got within a few feet of her he felt a slight force holding him at bay...realizing this to be some sort of magic he stopped and introduced himself as her friend.

"Ku, don't you recognize me? It't Me Alric!" Seeing somewhat of dawning upon her eyes and feeling the magic barrier drop he stepped forward to assist her to the ship. She looked somewhat battered up and felt her lean more and more on him as they got closer to the ship. He took her into the cabin where he was followed by the two rogues he had seen at the bow of the ship. He let the theif push past him for the sole reason of gaurding Ku, though he doubted she needed protection. He felt the thief rustle his cape near him and knew he was probably searching the knights possession and putting up a rating of him...he smirked and let the theif continue as if he didnt notice. He sat back and let the kender talk....

11/20/2001 1:54 PM

((OOC: And where do I know you from? :)))

Ku Y'leh leaned heavily on Alric arm, needing his support as waves of emotion flowed over her mind. Seeing him again in so long...and he was taking her to a ship! They entered a cabin, and the half-elf noted how her friend watched two of the other passengers carefully. She gazed at them for a moment with liquid silver scrutiny before turning to more pressing matters.

"Alric...they've taken L'Nakia." she said in carefully controlled tones. It was past time for crying, though her expression continued to be weary. She hadn't been seperated from her white tiger friend since she had been handed the magical ring by Kalia years ago.

Alric stared for a moment. "Who?" he demanded suddenly.

Ku bowed her head. "I...don't know. Pirates. Theives. Someone...Alric I have to get him back! ...That's why I looking for a ship...I have to talk to the captain..." She ran her slender fingers through her obsidian hair, frustrated. "I thought maybe...if they were on the sea...which I think they are...Oh, I don't know!"

"Who's the captain of this ship?" Alric told the distraught mage and together they set off to find him. Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/20/2001 9:39 PM

Tiver looked at the map that the nameless stranger drawn up for him plotting the course on the map on his desk quickly hearing the groans of the people the surrounded him. A week before Yuletide... its not impossible certainly not with his crew, but the rumors of this storm is what really troubled Tiver. Tiver looked at the black cloaked beside his desk giving nothing more than a slight smirk. Tiver was no longer the kind of kender most people thought him to be, but that was a story left untold in the past. Right now time was money and Tiver would have those other two bags of steel for his crew if it costed more than he was willing to give.

Dogar shouted out orders left and right as he looked for the new steer master. Opening up the captain's door Dogar peeked in motioning for Alric to follow him if they were going to get any where before the storm unleashed its hellish fury.

Tiver looked at the map once more as he cleared his voice to quiet the others in the cabin. "Now, my ship is heading to Sancrist if anyone has a problem with that then seek rooms at a Inn here in Palanthas. If after that you need to head some where else then well talk about it on the way to Sancrist. Alright, since that is understood I'll be needing everyone's help on the ship to make it out of the storms way. Make yourselves useful at any costs I wouldn't ask anything of you if I couldn't do it myself. Doing this will cost you no fee for the ride to where you want to be. I don't tell stories I give orders and I expect those orders to be followed. Also, Sir Alric please join my first mate Dogar at the helm you'll be steering this ship out. If anyone can offer themselves up for a job do so now, or fear that you may find yourself doing something you do not wish to do. If anyone has any magical ability stay here in the cabin after i'm through I wish to speak with them. Other than that you are dismissed as for now. Dogar, my first mate, will find a sea worthy job for you if you can't find one yourself."

Tiver spoke this loudly as he sat back in his chair hearing the groans and muffled protests beneath the breath of a few that were about him. With a smile Tiver nodded to ever one waiting to be talked to by whoever stayed inside.

Tiver looked at the few that approached him as some of the others left to the deck to find a job on the ship other than scrubbing it. With a jolly smile satisfied about returning to the sea Tiver stood up in his chair. "Yes, how can I help you," looking to those that approached the desk. "If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

11/21/2001 2:41 PM

Ku Y'leh moved towards towards the kender, shedding her black cloak. It fell away revealing a rune-covered blue robes. A silver sword adorned with a single sapphire hung at her slender waist. It was rather ordinary till one looked closer and noticed that the gem seemed to be writhing with life.

Ku paused, sizing up the kender with her liqiud silver eyes. Finally, she gave a slight smile, brushing her hair behind one subtle pointed ear. "Greetings. I am Ku Y'leh Starlite. You asked to talk to any mages aboard..." Before he could speak, she held up a hand. "Please, first I would like to ask you a question. Who is prominant in the ring of pirates and do you know of any group that would be interested in magical items...particularly a golden ring that summons a magical animal..."

Her voice faltered slightly and she seemed embarassed. Drawing up to her full height, which was considerable next to the kender, she started again. "I am sorry to trouble you with such things but it is a very important personal matter."Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/21/2001 9:38 PM

Jury listened in, her Jade eyes wide. She had heard of a few rings of Pirates...what Thief wouldn't? She looked at the girl curiously, as she fingered the medallion around her neck nervously.

a magical animal huh?....Miki? what do you know of this? the magpie lifted its wings, and looked back at her, sending her images of him searching the area. silently Jury nodded, as Miki took once agian to the air, in search of a Pirate group leaving the area.

Jury continued to listen...she wondered if maybe this mage could tell her what this medallion was.True magic is withing all of us...Magic of life, love, and mind. The question is...do you have the courage to find it?

Blessed Be

11/21/2001 10:38 PM

Logrick was quite taken aback by the business-like way the kender had took hold of the meeting and focused the attention on him. Certainly not a typical kender, but nothing he couldn't handle in his own way. Stories or orders, neither mattered to Logrick as he focused on the only important thing the kender had mentioned. Their destination...


It had been almost two years since he had passed through there, and usually made sure his stays were always brief and to the point. He could jump ship now, to only find his self in the arms of a few guards and their wonderful engagement bracelets. Or go on to Sancrist, where he had a few 'debts' owed. His eyes clouded, mists flowing over his piercing brown eyes at his dark thoughts. But his discomfort passed as quickly as it had came, for only a slight shifting of his feet and a twitch at the arrogant smile he wore faltered for a short time. And only the keenest of attention upon him could see these uncharacteristic actions.

Logrick unfolded his arms, and strode past the kender, as the 'captain' quickly sat expectantly with a wide smile on his face, knowing all would run to him for a choice job on the ship during it's upcoming rough travel. Logrick moved past the line and the grinning kender, letting him see the contemptous sneer he had for him. He could almost see the merry gleam in the eye of the kender, for he was probably thinking up the worst and most demeaning job he could think of for Logrick.

"There are many ways to avoid the press of the powers-that-be," muttered Logrick softly. "No matter the size." He padded softly towards the back of the room through the few milling about trying to line up for tasks. Logrick saw Kylana move towards the back of the line, as if trying to make up her mind on something. Her curving soft lips set in a firm line, and she strode up into place on line to be assigned who knows what. Probably the position for Princess-Stiff-Goody-Ranger, for the ship ride, Logrick thought and chuckled merrily at that.

Logrick shook his head once more. No he had no intention of being oxen for the lording over, by the pint-sized kender. He walked outside the cabin, letting the chill air kiss the heated breath from his parted lips. Measured grace and feral accuracy marked his stance as he stroked his shadowed chin in deep thought. With one last look on the procedings inside, he pulled his thick black cloak tighter and moved toward the more remote parts of the ship.

Sometimes the fates were kind or wicked to man. Logrick felt he always had them breathing hotly down his neck, but he made his own destiny in this life and wasn't about to change, even if a unexepected turn back to Sancrist. Besides, he thought with a grin, there was always a place for a experienced man to hideaway...from prying rangers, staunch knights, clinging kenders, and even one's own past. Even if it was to let thoughts of black weigh and chew on his soul till he thought nevermore.

11/22/2001 5:49 AM

An examination through lidded eyes of the black clothed man teaches much. Especially about the talented rouge in the background... Reminded him of himself, before he decided working for 'the man' occasionally was much more productive than a life on the run.
A bit more information on the captain, too. Obviously a talented leader...yet no information source he had gotten his hands on said what exactly had happened to the kender to make him so different... Twice and twice shall he be named, and once shall he come, and thrice shall he eat, and twice shall he run to the bathroom- Verse I, The Prophecies of the Coming of Joe.

11/22/2001 7:47 PM

Kylana sat back in the crow's nest of the ship, settling herself into a comfortable position, and scanned the horizon with her keen elven eyes. Captain Tiver had assigned her to a job best suited to her - using her elven eyesight to keep the ship out of trouble. She enjoyed this work - it was solitary, and she could enjoy the crashing sound and the roll of the waves, the sunshine, and the wind blowing in her long hair. Plus she didn't have to deal with that annoying (and she wouldn't admit slightly dashing) thief Logrick.

Tiver had said they were traveling to Sancrist. Home of gnomes and the Council of Whitestone. It would defintely be interesting, and even thought it wasn't her first choice of a destination, Kylana had told herself that anywhere was better than being stuck in the hot streets of Palanthas.

Something on the horizon caught Kylana's eye. The storm clouds had been growing denser and darker by the hour, but this is not what had troubled her. In a far off bank of clouds, something rolled and roiled with the rough wind. Whatever it was seemed to be at home in the clouds. She figured that she should hail the deck.

"Hail, Captain!" she called. "There's something in the clouds ahead!"

Kylana turned her gaze back to the black sky ahead. The ship was getting closer to the storm, and now her keen eyes could make out what flew in the clouds. Her heart froze and her blood turned to ice when she beheld the creature.

11/22/2001 10:13 PM

Thistledown was very happy with himself. He was returning home after many years. He couldn't wait to give his report on his travels to the gnomes of Mt. Nevermind. Being a kender, and one with gnomish tendencys at that, he was kept away from much of the important work of the ship, and began to wander the deck making sketches of ways he figured things could be improved, which he would tell the gnomes when he got there.

"Those clouds are getting pretty dark," He said. "They should figure out a better way to predict those things. Something to see better in them would be good too, so you didn't hit rocks. ... What's that, something in the clouds? Let me see!"Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

11/24/2001 10:38 AM

((OOC: Heheh. I think I have an idea for the medallion, which also takes care of the birdie. hehehe. Tiver!! Where are ya??? Gotta tell me about my ring!!! :)))

Ku Y'leh sighed as Tiver looked over some papers. He seemed distracted and had yet to answer any of her questions. Twisting her hands together nervously, the half-elf glanced out the door. A young human of about 16 sat looking at a strange medallion. Ku Y'leh did a double-take. That brown hair complete with red highlites...those deep jade eyes...

Ku closed her eyes and looked back. She had been very young when her birthplace had been destroyed. Her family, those who lived, had scattered and Ku had traveled to Solace with her father...but she had had the chance to go back in time and see all her aunts and uncles...

The mage frowned and studied the girl again. If she didn't know better and if the girl wasn't so young...a face swam into view, an older woman with those same eyes, talking to her father, smiling...

Ku Y'leh shook her head. It couldn't be. Her aunt had had one child but he had died in destruction and the age wasn't right...

The medallion shifted, catching the light even as the mage caught her breath. A black magpie choose that moment to fly onto the scene and Ku nearly fell over. She got up slowly to move towards the girl...but she left, disapearing from sight.

The kender captain choose that moment to start paying attention to the half-elf and Ku could do no more than to reach into one of her many pockets and touch cold metal.Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/24/2001 12:27 PM

Jury sat perfecty balanced on the prow of the ship. Miki sat on her shoulder, dozing. the lull of the water calmed her. She stared intently on the silver and gold disk. She was frustrated that its meaning illuded her. she pushed her hair away from her eyes, and frowned.

She looked up at the storm that was rolling in. She could feel the power in the air, silently, she allowed her mind to drift, and roll with that power. It was a trick she had taught herself when she was young. She felt as if she where a bird, flying amung the clouds, weaving in with the lightning, wind, and rain. As this bird, she gathered the stray power left behind from the electricity.

Abruptly, she heard someone shout, her mind slammed back to her body, and she lost her delicate balance on the Prow...with a Scream, she fell over the edge and Grabed the edge of the Prow. She glanced down at the water and gave another scream.True magic is withing all of us...Magic of life, love, and mind. The question is...do you have the courage to find it?

Blessed Be

11/24/2001 5:29 PM

Tiver finally looked up from his maps at Ku. "Well, I'm heard of a ship called the Wailing Harpy that hangs around the coast of Sancrist that may have what your looking for. Though the captain of that ship is as cold blooded as winter waters. It will be hard getting your thing back from her if she has it." Tiver was silenced when he heard the hailing that something was flying their way. Tiver dropped from his seat as he openned a chest next to his bed quickly. Only then did he hear another scream that brought a mass of haunting memories flooding into his mind. Tiver grabbed both the long sword that had the head of a roaring dragon for the handle and a hilt adorned with every color of dragon. The basterd sword looked as though it was made purely out of platinum and silver. The hilt was formed to look like a silver dragon flying into battle it's mouth open to make it look like the blade was its destructive breath. Tiver grabbed both of these swords, the long sword resting on his shoulder and the basterd sword being dragged behind him.

Dogar ran over to the prow of the ship sliding down on to his belly catching Jury by the wrist that grabbed the prow. Dogar looked down to see what made Jury screamed with the same horror as her. "By all the gods..." Dogar murmered to himself as he quickly pulled Jury up through the railing.

Tiver ran to the mast of the ship slamming the basterd sword in the deck as he knelt beside it speaking beneath his breath as the sword emitted as bright glowing white from itself that calmed down into a circle like rune pattern around the mast and grew further out. Tiver then strapped his long sword on his back, and turned a ring on his finger. Tiver's moments were like lighting as he climbed his was up to the crow's nest. "Alright what is it you see then?" Tiver said as he looked into the sky with a troubled sigh. "Well, I'll be..." "If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

11/24/2001 6:35 PM

Ku Y'leh stared at the kender. "The Wailing Harpy..." she murmured, silently making the decision to find this ship as soon as possible.

A scream sounded from outside and the half-elf ran alongside the kender, her long legs easily overpowering him. Still she hung behind. He was the captain, after all. The mage followed him onto the deck and paled instantly at what she saw. The girl was hanging over the side screaming. Someone ran forward and pulled her back. Ku breathed again and vowed that she would keep this girl safe. A certain kinship passed between them and as the girl lay on the deck she looked up...jade eyes met silver...

Ku shook her head. Now was not the time for this. The wind kicked up, and a flash of black caught the mage's attention. The girl's black bird was flying out of control, struggling against the gale. Ku jumped forward, and waved her hands. A white chord issued forth and slithered through the air, attaching itself to the helpless bird's leg. Pulling it down, Ku held the bird close and gasped...

Another scream sounded, followed by shouting and the mage lost her train of thought. The bird forgotten, but tied safely to the ship, Ku took her place under the crow's nest to wait for her captain's orders. She looked around frantically for Alric but he was nowhere to be found. A dark figure loomed just off the ship...


((OOC: As I don't know what's the dark figure thingie is I can't go any further than that. :) And Kalia!! I've been on as much as I can but I seem to have missed you...I have to talk to you about Jury!!))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

There is nothing there in darkness that is not also there in light.

11/24/2001 8:47 PM

Jury sighed in relief as she got her feet under her agian. She looked up into the silver eyes of a young Half-elf. She Blinked, and frowned...she knew this girl...

Jury shook her head to clear it...That was impossible...she had never seen this girl before. Jury looked around and spotted Miki who was safely teathered to the ship. Miki lifted his white shoulders and seemed to shrug.

She turned and looked at Ku once more before turning again to face whatever was coming from the storm. Her power was at max now...the storm and her own adrenaline had boosted it..she was ready...Silently she drew her angel-wing Daggers and held them point down in each hand.True magic is withing all of us...Magic of life, love, and mind. The question is...do you have the courage to find it?

Blessed Be

11/25/2001 11:36 AM

The dark form burst forth from the thick black clouds that roiled and bubbled across the sky as if intent on swallowing it whole. Stark white leathery wings pushed the medium-sized beast as it dived low on an intercept course for the large wooden ship while it bucked up and down through the full white capped waves. A sharp frosted beak could be seen, snapping open and closed hungrily as it streaked forward towards the ship.

As the beast closed in tufts of white feathers could be seen around it's clawed lion's feet and at it's neck. Just from sight alone it looked as if some nightmare had merged the proud griffon to a chilling white dragon. But if it was like a white dragon, it certainly didn't have the same intelligence, for the gleaming red eyes narrowed and locked on the crow's nest of the ship and moved towards it, giving a horrible shriek that pierced even the rumbling thunder in the distance.

A grithka, Logrick thought sullenly. A beast that was wretchedly created by his past employer who resided deep in the Mountains of Nevermind, unbekownst to the gnomes there. Black arts created these creatures to do his bidding, in his quest for power and perfection. But for the life of him, Logrick couldn't understand why this beast formed from a white dragon and a griffon would be out this far and in the sight of the common people. Perhaps Lorithraza wished to seetle the old score...or has turned to plunder and pillage to further her work, he sneered mercilessly. Slowly the clouds broke, and unleased knife-like rain drops that rushed slantwise to drench all on the boat in it's utter fury.

Logrick had heard the screams and the utterances of the rest of the crew as he pushed back the trapdoor to below decks, and walked out on the stern. Within seconds he was soaked through and through, but it mattered little to him, for his eyes locked on the creature that slashed through the rain down, down to it's prey. He heard the pull of a bow string, as he looked up to the crow's nest. Kylana had notched a black tipped swan feathered arrow and was aiming for the beast's heart. Little did she know it's tuft of white hair protected the heart from such a target.

He could see the others preparing to attack as they slowly shook off the stunning nature of the beast in the sky. Kylana planted her feet firmly, and released the bolt of wood at the beast, but at almost striking it, the grithka wove to the side using the slashing rain and wind to help it avoid the strike, barrelling down to make a bloody mess of the people congregated in the nest and about it. He knew what he had to do. Even if she had been a total annoyance, those twin sapphire eyes still burned into his mind's eye. His blue steel blades were in his hands as he let their magical fire attact the eye of the slavering beast. This is gonna be close...

Zethtaneraxllis saw the morsels of flesh that dared stand up to her, even firing arrows at her. This enraged the grithka to a mounting fury, she dove and intented to make the half-elf's death long and drawn out for her pleasure...then she saw something she hadn't in a long time... The white fire from the Blades of Katashra, the same ones wielded once by Logrick one of the foremost servants of her lordess. One the had fallen out of favor and vanished years ago...a pleasureable diversion that would have to die first... Her wide wings swung sideways and then narrowed close to her full body as she aimed her beak at Logrick's still beating heart...soon to be silenced...

11/25/2001 12:16 PM

((OOC: Nice, Logan!! hehe.))

Ku Y'leh watched in awe as the strange beast flew into view and roared at their tiny ship. It was a perversion of nature, seeminly half white dragon and half griffon. A saddness washed over the half-elf, overlapping her fear. She shivered as torants of rain penetrated her skin, memories of another stormy day...

The mage shook her head violently. She thought about the past way too often and at exactly the wrong moments. It tended to make her less than useful...

She glanced up. A woman in the crow's nest was shooting arrows at the obviously magical beast. Down on the deck, a man drew twin blades of white fire, drawing the beast's attention. It dove and Ku ran forward, drawing her own blade. Silver twinged in the dark sky and the blue sapphire flashed. An eerie glow surounded the magical Blade of Balance and the half-elf aimed it at the man with the white fire swords. It surounded him like a warm blanket, adding an incorperal look to his figure. Ku stepped back, hoping she hadn't attracted too much attention and hoping...

The shield created by the Blade of Balance would only be as strong as the man's intentions of good were to counteract the beast's intentions of evil.Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

There is nothing there in darkness that is not also there in light.

While a good writer can make dreams in reality, a great writer can make reality into dreams... --me

11/25/2001 5:55 PM

(OOC: Battle!)

Thistledown pulled up his hoopak mark ii, and appeared to snap it in half. Some pieces fell from inside the top half, and formed themselves into a tripod like base. The head bent back and the hoopak quickly became a small but powerfull catapult. He shoved the other halve into the deck *sorry captain* he thought, then prepared to launch his catapult.

Picking some special stones from his pouch, he loaded them into the catapult. He took aim and fired at the creature. The stones flew thru the air quickly, and exploded on contact. The creature turned to face the annoyance.

*Need to find something bigger to throw,* Thistle thought as he reached into another pouch. When he pulled it out, it contained numerous tiny vials of gnumash. "Perfect!" he shouted and prepared to fire them at the dragon thing.Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

11/25/2001 6:07 PM

Jury stared in awe at the creature and tried to calm herself to focus the power she had gathered from earlier. Miki squawked and tried to free himself from Ku's magical Teather.

Jury closed her eyes, focused her hearing to the sound of her own heart. She focused the power of the storm, to a single bolt of lightning...that struck one of the creature's wings. Jury stumbled at the sudden loss of power and looked up to check what damage she had managed to do.True magic is withing all of us...Magic of life, love, and mind. The question is...do you have the courage to find it?

Blessed Be

11/26/2001 10:07 AM

The Dragon Slayer Tiver held nearly leaped out of his hands in the crows nest when the sword felt the blood of a dragon. The sword decided to take over as Tiver grabbed the railing and leaped out of the crows nest to the grithka's back. Tiver rolled away from the lighting blast quickly although Tiver got quite a shock he was able to jab the sword into the beasts back to keep him from rolling off.

The sword hissed with pleasure as it released its poison like magic into the beast making the flesh around the wound seem to rot away allowing it to bleed even with healing. The howled in pain looking back to the kender that only smiled wickly back to the creature as he held on to the longsword that was causing it so much pain. Logrick saw this as a great distraction in the web he was spinning for the death of this creature. If he was going to strike now would be a time to do so since the beast's beck was clearly not ready to bite into him.

Tiver gathered up his knee's trying to work with the others on board to keep the beast distracted though he only winced oping the mage would have seen him jump on to the beast's back. Tiver held on tightly to the sword since the sword itself did not what to let go yet of the beast. With a twist Tiver drove the sword deeper into it's back making howl in pain as Tiver faintly heard the quick rush of air being sucked into the grithka's lungs.

"If any has a good idea now would be the time to use it... oh great." Tiver said as he looked up to see the beast's beak almost from a smile as Tiver saw his own doom.

OOC: This is fun!"If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

11/26/2001 1:14 PM

"Almost got it, and there!" Thistle shouted as he launched a volley of gnumash flasks towards the creature. One of them fell into the beast's cavernous mouth, which it swallowed without thinking.

"GET DOWN!!!" he shouted to the man on the thing. "It's gonna blow!"

The creature stopped its mouth from approaching Tiver, and bellowed in agony as it quickly lost altitude.

"What did you give it?" somebody asked.

"Gnumash. It causes the blood of a dragon to pop." (Lethal case of the bends). The kender explained. "It's not dead yet though. That wasn't nearly enough to hurt it much."

The creature righted itself on the deck and prepared to attack Tiver, who had fallen next to the creature.Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

11/26/2001 2:12 PM

((OOC: Cool!! hehehe))

The massive beast leaned over, it's eyes hurt and hungry. That sword had caused quite an injury and revenge was a dish best served cold...

Tiver scrambled on the deck, trying to find some shelter. But rain soaked the wood, making it near impossible to get a grip. The kender turned to face his doom in the form of a gigantic beak...

Ku Y'leh paniced. She never panics!! But lately...without L'Nakia...

The half-elf ran forward, calling magic to mind without thought. Abruptly, huge teathers appeared from thin air, wrapping themselves around the half-dragon's huge wings. Jerked back, the creature strained to get at Tiver.

"Someone finish it off!!" Ku yelled, fear creeping into her voice.Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

There is nothing there in darkness that is not also there in light.

While a good writer can make dreams into reality, a great writer can make reality into dreams... --me

11/26/2001 8:59 PM

Tiver tired to scramble as quickly as he could while tthe beast was held back. In his mind he made a promise that he would help this mage find her friend no matter what. Though, Tiver's were short coming as the beast reared slamming his hand down on Tiver sending him through the deck of the ship and into the haul. Tiver only thoughts now were of a black peaceful slumber, but that was the beginning of haunting dream as he screamed when hit as was heard no more.

The Dragon Slayer was reaching the end of its magic trying to drain the life from the beast when he felt a sudden burst of death in owner, but that was all since he felt that his owner stilled held on to his life. It was all Tiver had that one day he would return to that castle and kill the being that slayed his friends. The magic in the sword faded, it taking all the life it could from the being, causing the beast no more pain though the wound was serious, and would mostly likely never heal.

Dogar howled in rage as the dwarf drawed two hand axes and hurled them at the beast though them did nothing but only scratch the monster. Dogar ran to the holy sword that protected the mast from damage trying to grab it only to be blasted back about five feet. Dogar shook the blow off and decided never to do that again. His lungs feeled with air as he yelled out. "Will, some one kill the bloody beast before it takes us and the ship down into the very depths of the sea! Quickly please me lil' dirt ball of a captain is dieing!""If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

11/26/2001 9:24 PM

OOC: hehe...my turn...one dead monster coming up!!

BIC: Jury stared in awe at the creature. Miki Screeched. Jury looked at her companion and her jaw dropped. the Magpie was surrounded by a bright white glow. The white of his shoulders was spreading, turing all of his feathers a brilliant white. Miki himself had changed also...Growing larger, the shape of his wings changed, his beak became more sharp and hooked. With a somwhat musical screech, Miki showed his true form.

The White Phoenix broke Ku's teather and dived for the creature, who shied from the brilliant light. Miki fanned his wings, and the creature caught with the brilliant white flames. It screamed in Agony...the Flames consuming its body....but did not touch the deck of the ship.

Within moments...there was nothing left but ash. Miki landed on the rail of the ship...directly infront of Jury...who stood there stunned into silence."On a hot summer's night, would you offer your throat to the wolf With the red roses?"

-"You took the words right out of my mouth"-meatloaf

11/27/2001 5:19 AM

OOC: Sorry, my post didn't have anything to do with the monster dying, I wrote it last night before its dying was posted and couldn't get online to post it till this morning. So, here we go....

BIC: For a brief, frightening moment, all Kylana could see were stars bursting around her head. Her chest burned with the breath she had lost when the beast’s wings had sent her flying out of the crow’s next and to the deck. By all rights, I should be dead, she thought, as she felt the painful, hard knot on the back of her head where she had hit the deck.

As her sight slowly cleared, Kylana could see Logrick drawing the creature’s attention with a pair of blades of white fire. He was surrounded by a mantle of sapphire that wavered and blurred in her sight.

Kylana pushed herself to a sitting position, suddenly putting a hand to her head. That bump had done more damage than she’d previously thought. She was dizzy and her vision was fading in and out at inopportune moments. Yet she managed to pull herself to her feet and assess the situation.

Somehow, one of the adventurers had found a way to draw the beast to the deck. She picked her bow up off the deck and nocked another arrow. The grithka was slithering its way towards Logrick.

“Logrick....” the beast said, its words coming out like the long hiss of a dragon. “Ssssso niccccce to ssssee you again. You have ssssssomething our missssstressssss wantssssss.”

“Your mistress,” Logrick shouted, brandishing his sword. “I gave up that life, and her, years ago.”

Logrick glanced over at Kylana, an unvocalised signal to loose her arrow.

“Not sssso fasssssst, half-elf,” the grithka hissed, turning back to Logrick. “Releasssse your arrow, and everyone diesssssss. Ssssso, thisssssss is your new diversion, Logrick? Puny - I would have expected you to keep company with a thief like yourssssself. Now, give up the artifact.”

“I don’t have it,” Logrick said, edging closer to Kylana.

“LIAR!” the beast roared angrily. A flash of green light shot from her claws and pierced the half-elf ranger’s body. She fell to the deck with a scream.

“NO!” Logrick cried. “What have you done to her!”

The grithka sneered, her sharp white teeth glowing eerily. “Oh, jusssst a little geasssssss sssssspell. If anyone harmssssss me, the sssssame harm will befall her.”

Kylana struggled to her feet, nocked her arrow, and let fly.

“Kylana, no!” Logrick shouted, lunging for her. It was too late.

The arrow flew true towards the beast’s eye and struck home. The wound wouldn’t kill the beast, but it would blind her, making her easier for the other adventurers to finish off.

Kylana screamed in agony and covered her eyes. “Help me!” she cried in terror, tears streaming down her face. “I can’t see!”

The grithka’s claws shot out and wrapped around Kylana’s body, lifting her into the air.

“I’ll just take thissssssssss assss collateral,” the beast said, pushing off the deck with her powerful hind legs, Kylana clutched in her claws like a child’s doll. “If you wissssh to sssssee your precioussss half-elf alive again, you will return the artifact to our missstressssss in one week.” The grithka circled the ship, fixing the passengers with an icy glare from her one good eye. “Your half-elf will die firsssssst. If you do not return
the artifact, the ressssst of you will die assss well.”

Zethtaneraxllis circled once more and flew away towards Sancrist. Even after the beast had disappeared from sight, the passengers could still hear Kylana’s screams of pure terror.

OOC: Anyway, this doesn't have to happen, I just posted it because it took me a long time to write and I didn't want to rewrite it! Read it and then you all can decide what you'd rather happen - for the beast do die right away or die later.

11/27/2001 5:59 AM

Joe smiles lightly to himself at the sounds of battle from outside stopping so suddenly, and closes his eyes once more. Twice and twice shall he be named, and once shall he come, and thrice shall he eat, and twice shall he run to the bathroom- Verse I, The Prophecies of the Coming of Joe.

11/27/2001 10:12 AM

OOC: I have to agree with Kalia and Joe on this one and rule one beast dead. Only since that was a key element for Kalia's character. Also having your character captured like that might take you completely out of the story for some time. Not a good idea, and it gets boring when you have just two characters interacting the most one just disappears. It leaves a dead zone for the interaction with other characters. So, I rule on this one a dead monster sorry to those who disagree, but remember this still leaves open roads of intrigue. Joe still must make it to Sancrist before Yuletide, Kalia just opened a new realm for her character, the grithka was a pet most likely of a powerful figure, Starlite is now looking for a ship called the wailing harpy, and there is a strange bond forming between Logrick and Kylana... who knows what will happen with all this. All I know is a got a downed capt. and a injuried first mate. Who knows? I'll post later."If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

11/27/2001 10:35 AM

OOC: Hmm the beast dies now. But lol don’t worry I’ll fix it. *grins and winks And really enjoyed your post.

The grithka’s wings, the color of deathly white bone, hurled itself and its half-elven burden from the deck of the shaking ship. Clutching to the clawed feet Kylana desperately tried to loose herself, even if half blind from the spell that was cast upon her, she wasn’t going to let some smelly half-dragon take her anywhere. Then as the beast slashed it’s way up through the low hanging storm clouds it could hear a yelling voice from the bobbing ship in the white-capped waters.

“I have the artifact right here you white-backed, flying frog come and get it if you dare!” a voice punched through the blasting rainfall. The half-elf couldn’t make it out, but for the grithka it rung and bellowed in her ears. Her thin lips curled back as her rows of razor teeth gleamed as raindrops rolled down them. As sudden as her take off she whirled back down swooping down, tucking her wings back, and not caring for what happened to the half-elven package she carried. It didn’t matter that now she could see more humanoids skittering about the deck of the ship, she had but one focus.

The dusky-skinned rogue.

She could see his lips curl in his own fashion of a sneer as he wove and danced his blades before her waiting for the coming battle. The grithka had always respected this one, as the hadn’t any other human, for the reason of his courage and intense intelligence that they wouldn’t give a human credit for. So she focused on him only, ignoring the other little beasts flapping about and yammering on the sea-soaked wooden deck of the vessel. A mistake she wouldn’t live to beat herself over making…

Logrick watched the rest of the ship’s party quickly dispatch the beast, and at the last death throe, right before the strike of the fiery bird, the grithka’s eyes rolled back in her head and then rolled to the side and focused on him for a brief instant…in victory. Opening her mouth in glee, the grithka threw the bruised and blinded ranger over the side of the ship.

“Let the sea claim your elven wretch, Logrick…” the beast snorted one last time and was bashed into ash by the streaking bird. Logrick roared in fury and ran past the burning embers left of the grithka’s body, and plunged his ivory-handled longsword into the middle of the mess easily. For the blade lit blinding white and buried deep into the deck to the hilt. Slowly the ash from the beast seemed almost to be soaked up by the hungry blade. But all this wasn’t his concern.

Logrick pulled back his cloak and dove over the side of the boat, feeling the icy capped water wash over him. His eyes darted back and forth quickly in search of her body and after a short frantic search saw and retrieved her, pulling her back to the ship. Logrick lashed her comatose body across his back, and climbed up the side of the boat easily, fury being his engine to move up the long haul of the ship. Getting to the top, he unfastened the binds he had on her, and held her tenderly as he walked past the rest of the ship’s party to go below to find aid for his ravaged burden.

Logrick ordered out some gruff-looking sailors out the cabin held for the resident healer (obviously these sailors where hiding from the ire of the grithka in fear) and placed Kylana softly upon a downed sleeping cot. He had spotted some cloths and pulled from his boot some ointments, balms, and herbs he used to mix up healing agents. Applying some to a damp cloth he placed it over Kylana’s eyes, to let them heal. After long intense work, he pulled back and stared down at her prone form.

“You risked your life to save me,” he began hesitantly. “Not many would bother, maybe you did it for one of your righteous causes, but I thank you. I will not feel whole till you have regained your sight and strength.” Logrick squeezed her sweaty hand firmly, knowing she couldn’t hear him in her deep slumber. He turned on his heel collecting his medicines and nodded to the healer to watch over the half-elf, and not to tell her who it was who saved her, or who had healed her (threatening the pudgey man’s life with countless torture if he did.) Satisfied, Logrick walked back to the deck to retrieve his effects, and to prepare some sort of story to explain away the grithka’s appearance…

11/27/2001 11:39 AM

OOC: That's cool Tiver, I just think its good to have different options. The bottom line is, its YOUR story, so you do whatever you please *smiles*


Kylana moaned and thrashed in her cot. Her nightmares were filled with death, destruction, and the frightening face of the grithka.

She awoke with a start and tried to sit up in bed, but sunk back to her pillow in pain. Her head felt as if it was about to fall off her neck. She nearly panicked when she discovered she couldn't see.

Kylana calmed herself and remembered the battle with the grithka. The beast had cast some sort of spell on her, something it called a geas spell. That would explain why Kylana had lost her eyesight when she had shot an arrow into the eye of the grithka. Her last remembrance was of the grithka being burned to ashes by one of the companions.

If that was the case, then why wasn't she dead?

Kylana shook off the morbid thought. She was in no mood to debate the grithka's demise.

She felt the bandages covering her eyes. Someone had taken obvious care to make sure she was healed. Kylana pulled up the corner of the bandage to test her eyesight.

All she could see was blackness.

Kylana sighed and leaned back on her cot. By her reckoning, it had been many hours since the grithka's attack on the boat. Up on deck, she could hear the passengers arguing.

Might as well see what's going on, she thought, pulling the bandages off her eyes and standing up with some difficulty.

It took Kylana what seemed like hours to reach the upper deck of the boat. The world of the blind was dark and confusing. She made several wrong turns and had to backtrack, her hand always on the wall and her steps faltering. Finally she reached the ladder that lead to the upper deck and climbed carefully.

As she climbed out of the hatch, she tripped over the trap door and fell to her knees. Everyone became silent, and she could tell they had all turned to look at her. She blushed in shame. There was no way of knowing whether they stared at her in pity or revulsion. She reached her hands out in front of her, feeling the smooth wood of the deck. Kylana felt someone put their arm around her gently and help her to her feet.

"Kylana, you shouldn't be out here," said the voice. She recognized it as Logrick, and she leaned into his strong embrace, relieved. She turned milky white eyes toward the sound of his voice. She was almost certain he was smirking, as he always did.

Tears began to roll down her cheeks, falling from eyes that would be blind forever. She cried in shame, knowing that for the rest of her life people would look at her in pity. She would be reduced to sitting in the street with a tin cup asking for alms from passing strangers. She cried because everyone would look on her in pity and would never see the strong woman she once was.

"Please," she begged of Logrick, her voice quiet. "Please, find a way to heal me."

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11/27/2001 12:33 PM

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A few hours had pasted since the attack, though Ku Y'leh could not recall them. She had passed out after the beast had been vanquished, overcome by exhaustian, loneliness...and a feeling that everything was now out of her control. They had taken the injured captain and first mate down below and not let anyone see them, though the mage was sure she could have helped. After that...a blur on her mind.

She was now sitting in a small cabin with several of the companions. The one with the white flaming sword paced restlessly, while the strange girl sat, her eyes wide, with the White Phoenix.

"Miki," the half-elf whispered, for she now recognized the Guardian of the her aunt's family...and that medallion...

Ku shook her head. The room was spinning and she didn't trust her own thoughts. Suddenly a hushed silence fell. The injured half-elf stood by the doorway, her sightless eyes staring straight ahead at nothing. The warrior stood to join her, to tell her that she should go back to her room. Ku shook her head again. It was too late. She had removed the bandage and thus damaged her eyes further. They would never heal...

A glint of white caught the mage's eyes and gave a strangled cry. The Phoenix! Standing, Ku moved to take the blind girl's arm. Both she and the warrior protested, but the half-elf insisted. She took the woman over to where the Phoenix sat.

Her eyes met those of the Phoenix's charge, with that same intense feeling as during the battle. "Tell him to heal her," Ku said gently. She looked startled. "If you tell him to, he will..."Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

There is nothing there in darkness that is not also there in light.

While a good writer can make dreams into reality, a great writer can make reality into dreams... --me

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Tiver laid on the floor in the haul with the healer, and Dogar with the rest of the crew guarding the door on the outside. The healer used a few spices to wake the kender with a startling scream as he sat up slamming the dwarf in the head his fist. Dogar only shrugged it off seeing the kender was more terrified of his dream then of them. The dwarf motioned for the healer to leave now, and not let anyone else come down. Dogar looked around making sure no one else was around to hear him speak.

"Well, Prince Tiver ye be gettin yerself killed if that sword of your's has any thoughts making you take on ever dragon ye see. Though, I don't think many will be thinkin of trying to take on a crazy kender neither." Dogar spoke as he took off the kender's bloody shirt seeing that the monster was able to get a talon on him leaving a nasty cut. Though, it was the kender's half burnt body that sent Dogar back on his heels. "What in the bloody abyss did this to you?" Dogar said as the holy sword above deck appeared in Tiver hand healing his wounds alomst completely. Tiver only sat up taking his bloody shirt and putting it back on.

"Its nothing Dogar, only something that happened along time ago that shall never be spoken of again." Tiver said with an ice cold gaze that seemed to pierce through Dogar.

"Yes, Captain it is something that never will be spoken of again." The dwarf stood up walking to the door. His feelings seemed to be hurt, and the kender felt sorry for coming off so harsh.

"Listen Dogar, I'm sorry its just something I don't want anyone to know about. Now give me a report on what has happened since I took my nap, please?"

Dogar sniffled blaming on how cold it was and how he hated the sea. Tiver listened as they walked back on deck hearing about the blinded ranger and the phoenix coming to their aid. Tiver shook his head in disbelief, but the old kender knew better than that and wanted to see this all. Dogar also whispered about the guy named Logrick ane about what he did to help the ranger.

"Well, now your eyes have left you ranger let's see what we can do to help them come back." Tiver said holding the holy basterd sword over his shoulder standing proud though his blood cloths said that he had lost a fight with a pit of wild boars. Tiver smiled to everyone else and then nodded slightly to Logrick's way only to continue bowing down to pick something up. Tiver nodded to the mage's way for if not for her he would be dead, and then to Thistledown for his help another good gnome now completely denying that he could be a kender with that hoopak. Tiver also smiled to everyone else for their help, but his eye's fell on to the phoenix. "I'll be a clean shaven dwarf, I guess legends are true. Now ranger what can we do to help you with your eyes since you did save our lives?" "If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

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One second Logrick was listening to the rest of the ship party as they dragged on about hurt kenders, injured dwarves, flying birds, and the like which just utterly bored him to a death-like slumber. He had head someone stumble out of the trapdoor, and ignored it since he knew no one on ship could pose him with a serious threat. In theory.

Without obvious control of his body, Logrick had collected Kylana as she pitched forward and past him, he collected her, pulling her close and feeling her hard wrought muscles in her seemingly delicate elven frame. For just in that moment he felt warmth and security, something he hadn't felt for ages. Her arms wrapped his waist as if he was a mighty vallenwood that held back the fierce tempest winds that threatened to sweep away all life. He mumbled words to her, he couldn't even recall what exactly what they were. Falling... for only if a moment. Then it was broken, dusting away lightly like the ash of the fallen grithka.

The half-elf mage spoke and directed them near the fiery bird, and told them to ask the bird if he would heal Kylana's blindness...from a bird! Enought to snap any fool from his reverie, Logrick collected his self in his backbone of staunch pride. Fortunate he was for his thick black hood to be in such a position to hide his inner conflict that waged war across his expressive face. He knew his course.

"Stand firm Ranger, a pitying sight you are not, for sightless you are, you are not without your other senses," Logrick stated stiffly with his characteristic sneer. "I certainly won't pity you, if you feel a bird can save you, may the gods give you sight." He pulled away from her, letting her arms fall to her sides swinging.

Logrick could feel the mage's eyes light on him in disappointment, he almost thought he saw the bird brain give him an askance look. The rest of them, the knight, kender, rogues, sailors, and whatever else had managed to drag into the cabin, look on him with disgust. He laughed, a sharp and biting noise that made the room wince bitterly.

As he walked out of the room, he saw Kylana's slender fingers ball into fists as she pulled herself upright. And with a proud arch to her back she turned to the mage and the flaming bird. Logrick nodded, and breathed deeply as he was quickly lost in his dark thoughts of pain. Easier to let her hate me and be strong, he thought resolutely, than to rely on me of all people. His sneer melted away and he started to go back to her side.

No! No...this was right wasn't it? He gathered his cloak about him to keep back the bone-deep cold feel that was about him and he started off to go back to his hiding spot in the ship.

"At least no on asked about the grithka, and why it was so intent on me," he chuckled darkly. "Small victories..." Little did he know, that he had lost his carefully chilled heart that day to a pointed eared flame. So much for victories.

11/27/2001 10:26 PM

Jury started at Ku's voice. She looked up at her and frowned. Her words seemed in another language for a moment as her mind fought to catch up with the rest of the world. She looked at her, then turned her gaze to Miki, who had snuggled down in her lap. she marvled at the fact that the flames to her, felt cool...she smiled softly and gently stroked the feathers of his back.

"I don't understand..." she mumbled looking at Ku in confusion. She looked at Kylana and frowned. she looked down at miki who was now getting up, and gripped her thigh with his claws gently. "Can you help her??" she asked in awe.

The mental image that was projected back to her was an unmistakable affirmative.

Miki layed his head in her hands...Thick pearly tears falling from his gentle eyes. She stared at them in awe...as her hand filled with them...she cupped them like she would a drink of water. She looked at him in confusion.

Miki sent back another image...of Kylana using those tears as a rinse for her injured eyes. He took to the air to perch behind her chair. Jury stood, and asked Kylana to cup her hands. Jury allowed the pearly liquid to pour from her hands to Kylana's.

"Miki says to use them to rinse your eyes." she said uncertanly."On a hot summer's night, would you offer your throat to the wolf With the red roses?"

-"You took the words right out of my mouth"-meatloaf

11/28/2001 2:46 PM

((OOC: Logrick is human right?))

Ku Y'leh blinked as the human scoffed at the bird and basically told the blind half-elf that she was on her own. The mage frowned, she had thought he was a decent person for a moment, and gave him a dirty look but he had already turned and was heading out of the room.

"I don't know what in the Abyss is your problem..." she muttered, hoping the words would carry to his ears. She turned back to the young girl, who was staring at Miki in awe. She cupped her hands and shimmering tears left the eyes of the Phoenix and carressed her hands. Ku felt a moment of triumph, wishing that the ignorant human had stayed to witness this moment.

The girl told the half-elf to rinse her eyes with the pearly liquid and Ku Y'leh nodded in agreement, though she said nothing. The room hushed, all waiting with their breath held as the blind half-elf raised her hands...Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

There is nothing there in darkness that is not also there in light.

While a good writer can make dreams into reality, a great writer can make reality into dreams... --me

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Kylana would have stared at Jury questioningly, if she had been able to see her. Jury had poured something into her hands. At first, Kylana thought that it was just water, and nearly cried in shame. They are silently laughing at me, she thought sadly. Already, the pity has begun.
Kylana shifted the liquid in her hands, and this told her that it was no ordinary water. The liquid was warm and viscous, almost like a soothing oil. Hesitantly, she lifted the liquid to her eyes, rubbed it into the milky orbs that would see no more.....

As suddenly as the blindness had struck, it was gone. Kylana winced and shut her eyes to the bright light that struck her eyes, even though the sky was dark and cloudy. When she was finally able to open them, she could see her companions. Jury was looking at her expectantly, wondering if Miki’s cure had worked. Ku was looking at her with pity, hoping against hope that Kylana’s sight would be restored. Tiver and Dogar’s eyes were wide, watching in awe as the milky film over her eyes disappeared.

Kylana bowed her head for a short moment to gain control of her emotions, swallowing her tears of joy. When she looked up again, she had a wide smile of triumph on her face.

“I thank you,” she said to Jury and Ku, “for healing me.” She turned to Jury, where Miki was perched on her shoulder. “Tell your phoenix that I owe him a debt of honor. If you ever need my assistance, my sword and my life is at your disposal.”

Kylana looked around for Logrick, but he had disappeared again. Acting on a hunch, she decided to check his usual hiding place. She found him sitting on the barrels at the bow of the ship, his head in his hands, his cloak wrapped tightly around him. She pushed herself to her feet and strode toward him.

His head raised slightly as he listened to her footsteps on the deck. She came up behind him, putting a hand on his shoulder, then sitting on a barrel in front of him.

“I...I wanted to thank you,” she said hesitantly, “for saving me.”

“It was nothing,” Logrick said. “You saved my life first. I owed you a debt.”

They sat in silence for what seemed like ages. The sun was trying to break through the approaching storm clouds, sending a few shafts of incredibly bright sunlight down to kiss the rough whitecaps of the ocean. Kylana looked out over the sea, at the glittering whitcaps that were caressed by the sun, and the low hanging, black storm clouds that were getting steadily closer. She had always taken her keen elven eyesight for granted
until she had been blinded. Now, it seemed like the most blessed gift in the world. The wind picked up, gently blowing her hair behind her in streams of gold. She closed her eyes for a moment, face turned to the sun, letting its warm rays revitalize her. When she finally opened her eyes, she noticed Logrick staring at her with a strange look in his eyes. She couldn’t tell if the look on his face was disgust or outright admiration.
When her eyes met his, he looked away quickly, his eyes peering out at the sea.

“Its beautiful, isn’t it?” Kylana said, looking back out at the ocean. “The smell of the sea, the sunlight, the playful wind.”

Logrick grunted in reply, continued to watch the ocean.

Kylana turned back to him, placing a delicate, long-fingered hand over his. “Why won’t you talk to me?”

“There’s nothing to talk about,” he sneered.

“You know what that thing was, don’t you?” she asked. “That horrible white beast that attacked us. You know who sent it, too.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Logrick said, pulling his hand away from his. “Just something that haunts my past.”

“It does matter, Logrick,” Kylana said. “That thing almost killed us! If you know who sent it, we might be able to stop them from doing it again! Damn it, why can’t you trust me?”

“It doesn’t matter who sent it! My past is my own business!” Logrick said angrily, standing up to leave. “And I don’t give a damn what happens to you or the rest of these people on this boat!”

Kylana grasped his hand as he turned away. “But you do,” she said softly. “Otherwise, you wouldn’t have risked your life to save me.” She stood up and turned him to face her. Her hand reached up to caress the back of his warm, strong neck. Before he could stop her, Kylana pulled his face down to hers and kissed him hard and passionately. Reluctantly, she pulled away, and, hesitating long enough to give him one last heartfelt
glance, turned and walked back toward the cabin, leaving Logrick in stunned silence.

11/29/2001 6:23 AM

OOC: Lol Yes Logrick is human, just a messed up one. ;-)


Logrick's lips were awashed in the tight bite of flames after the kiss. He hadn't expected it...not in the slightest. He glared at the cabin door wishing it had been sealed away forever, rather than let out the ranger vixen as she wove a web over his dark heart. Of course the gods cursed him, and didn't allow it to happen, so he was stuck, stuck with a kiss and a half-elf. His heart was throbbing, pounding and trying to tell him to take her, and tell her he could love, maybe even her. His mind was in shambles. Blast her, and he cursed his self time and time again.

The dark rogue gripped the side of the bow till his hands shook with fury at his self for letting her walk away for one, and the other for even allowing his heart to feel this way. His eyes unfocused as his eyes searched the fluffy white caps lap and kiss the bow of the ship. Pillowy and soft, he thought slowly and then sighed. Suddenly a wave of horror crashed down on Logrick making him reel at the bow of the ship. He hadn't felt that...since...since...her...

She's here...

Logrick ran full tilt to the opened trapdoor, and creaked it open, letting his flowing cloak splay out behind him as he descended into the darkness to find another hideaway he had from prying eyes...and her. He thought of Kylana and the warm press of her body, and banished it. I don't have time...none of us do...

Click-Klack Click-Klack. Again click-klack click-klack came the echoing sound off the solid well worn deck. The first time her heard the sound, it made Sea Hand Luc Tesstan search the skies for another white beast craving blood from the heavens. His eyes panned the sky long, giving pause to his clean up of the bloodied deck. The haunting sound came and went with the quiet patter of soft raindrops pinging off the deck.

"Of all the times to draw swabbin' duty..." Tesstan grumbled and went back to scrubbing, wanting to hurry and get down to a game of dice and ales. So busy he was he hadn't noticed a dark figure walk up to him and pause right before his blood-caked mop. Startled, the sea hand looked up and took in the apparition before him.

A heavily robed and cloaked figure stood before him. The sharp clicking noise had come from the person's boots, an odd make, expensive for they were delicately hand-tooled buck-skinned heeled boots. The boots a woman of high fashion and society would wear. To further his thought, Tesstan saw a flicker of movement and the black hood of the cloak fell back to reveal the face of a spectre of beauty.

So haunting it was, this woman couldn't be human, for her features were carved almost from the most loving porcelin. There was a rose red tint to her cheeks, as it set off the most furiously green eyes he had ever seen. Upsweeping eyebrows trailed off and over the woman's forehead, as a blanket of the thickest walnut brown hair in full curls framed her face, covering her ears and ending just below her shoulders. Her robes were the blackest of opal, only to be given a disturbing tint for they were outlined in bright amber runes that glowed softly as even the salty rain drops didn't touch one inch of fabric. Then Tesstan saw her full crimson coloured lips move as if talking.

"You will give a message to one of your company, man," a huskily oddly accented voice came from the woman's throat.

"T-their are m-many men, aboard milady," Tesstan stammered, not sure to attack this woman or run. He chose to sit still as a mouse, maybe she'd leave him alone... Even as he thought this, he saw her close her eyes and sway softly where she stood.

"Mmm, no you are here Goa...I shant pull you from your cubby hole, for now," the dark figure said to the winds for all Tesstan could tell. "Soon, you near my sphere of control and I shall have what you stolen, the artifact and my heart you broke." Her eyes opened again, those murky green orbs locked wish his own blood-shot ones. "You will give a message to Logrick and any of the people of his foul company, that Talana is watching and welcomes him." Before Tesstan could reply, Talana raised her supple long fingers and pointed at him, chanting words of the spidery language of magic and then she vanished.

But pain, such sharp and horrible pain coursed through Tesstan's body. He could feel his fingers break through the thick oak mop handle he had gripped in fear to this point. His face elongated as did his fingers and the rest of his body... He could feel sprouts of hair..no fur slice up out of his body. The last thing he remembered was his mission to give a message from wonderful Talana, to maim as main as possible...and how much he hated swabbin' duty...

11/30/2001 2:20 PM

Kylana lay on her bunk in her cabin, staring at the ceiling, tracing the patterns in the wood with her eyes. She tried to sleep, but sleep would not come. She traced the whorls in the wood of the wall with her fingers. Anything, anything to keep her mind off him.

She was angry, angry with her mind for giving into her heart. Anger soon dissolved into loneliness. What did she see in him? He was sneaky, cunning, underhanded - everything she hated in mankind. Her elven mind despised him - but her human heart longed for him.

Kylana knew well the war in her blood. She would never be truly accepted in either elven or human society. People would always see her as a half-breed, a bastard, an affront to nature. Most half elves were children of violence, the product of rape by a human man of an elven maiden. Such was not the case of Kylana. Her mother was Silvanesti by birth, a dark elf - ‘cast from the light’, as the saying went, for falling in love with a human knight. When most dark elves turned to evil after being cast out of elven society, her mother had kept her faith in Paladine and the god of the Solamnic Knights, Kiri-Jolith. Her father had been taking herself, only ten summers old at the time, and her mother to visit Palanthas, when they were beset by bandit warriors in the forest. Her father had been killed outright, his armor and sword stripped from his body. Her mother had been taken alive, shipped off to Paladine-knows-where to become a slave or a mercenary’s whore. Kylana had been away from camp, gathering fresh berries and water for their supper, and the thieves had not noticed such a small girl hiding in the bushes.

Abandoned in the forest, she had wandered around for days and gotten thoroughly lost. This deep in the forest, no traveler dared pass - so she remained undiscovered, living off the woodslore and survival techniques her father had taught her. She did not attempt to seek help in a town. They would have only shipped her off to an orphanage to become a
scullery maid or a seamstress. However, Kylana had had bigger aspirations. She had watched her father eagerly during his sword practice and wanted to become a warrior.
When she finally emerged from the forest at the age of forty-eight (about sixteen in human years), she was a changed woman, in tune with the forest and its wildlife.

As much as she looked like her father, Kylana had inherited her mother’s stern countenance and weak heart for love.

Ah, yes, love. Love was a difficult subject for half elves. Because of their mixed heritage, they were doomed in love - aging to slow for humans, watching their human spouses grow old and die while they remained young, and aging too fast for elves, growing old and haggard while their elven spouses stayed young and healthy. She had been in love once, with a half-elf ranger she had met on her travels. She had traveled with him to Qualinesti and back when he accompanied his friend, a dwarven metalsmith, on his trading expeditions. They were to be married in the spring in Solace, when the vallenwoods were green and budding and birds sang in the trees.

Tanthalas, she thought with longing, her heart aching with loneliness, if only you were here now.

He had left her, left her heartbroken and alone, taking off with a human warrior woman. Their parting had been hard, and he had left her with a golden ring of clinging ivy leaves, the exact copy of one that he had worn since she had met him.

“This is a promise ring,” he had said as he had slipped the ring on her finger, wiping tears from her eyes. “I promise to always cherish the love that we shared, and I ask that you do
the same.”

Kylana looked down at the ivy ring that she wore, even to this day. She missed him terribly.

Why do I feel so much for this human, she thought, when he’s everything I despise? Perhaps it is just my lonely heart telling me its time for me to open myself to love again. She had given him the sign, and now all she had to do was wait.

Kylana gazed out the porthole window, looking longingly at the stars that were just winking into sight in the dusky sky. Her father had taught her one thing, and it hadn’t failed her to this day: always reach for the moon - if you fall short, you might just land on a star.

11/30/2001 2:51 PM

((OOC: hehe, looks like Kylana and Ku have something in common...))

Ku Y'leh stared into space, lost as always in memories. It had been a long time since she had seen another half-elf and with all the dramatic events going on around her, she hadn't had time to consider what that meant...until now.

She saw the longing in those slightly elven eyes for the human and the conflict that such had brought. Ku, herself, had never fallen in love with either an elf or human...she had refused to do so as the conflict was just too great and too painful...

She sighed and leaned against the wooden wall. "So what did I do?" she muttered. "Fell in love with a dragon. A dragon!! That was smart..."

An image of Fury crossed her mind, with his glowing green eyes and infectious smile...she missed him dearly though she regonized that it was not to be...but the wound was there, reminding of the good and bad...a piece of her soul forever missing...

Shaking her head helplessly, the mage turned away from such thoughts. She didn't know if she would ever see Fury again but she refused to let such futile thoughts compromise her mood.

She decided to think about her father. No memories of him were bad, not even his death. He had been the light of her life, always understanding...

...a picture of her mother intruded on the half-elf's mind. Her mother had been beautiful once...flashing silver eyes filled with laughter and wisdom, moving with a willow's grace...at least that's how she moved in Ku's mind. The mage had only seen her beautiful mother in an artist's drawing and by her father's descriptions...as by the time Ku was old enough to remember, her mother had left her father and gone to live in Qualinesti, bitter and alone.

Ku Y'leh hadn't understood her mother's actions, her cold demenor and dissaproving glares, any more then her father till long after his death...when she had learned the truth (which the rest of us will learn, if I ever finish Phoenix Star!! :P) ...

Being a half-elf didn't bother her as far as being shunned and part of neither world...Fury had helped her realize that she was who she was and race didn't...couldn't...change that. But being elven meant she was her mother's daughter and, though indirectly, a cause of much destruction...

Now thoroughly depressed, Ku layed her hands in her lap and unconsciously went to twist a ring around her finger. But the golden ring was gone...

Blinking back tears, Ku dug in her robes frantically and pulled out a silver medallion. Small runes encircled an off-center sapphire around which curled a small tiger...

Across the room, Jury looked up from Miki, startled by soft crying and a flash of silver...
Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

There is nothing there in darkness that is not also there in light.

While a good writer can make dreams into reality, a great writer can make reality into dreams... --me

11/30/2001 7:11 PM

Logrick's knee smashed into solid wood.

"Yeouchh," he swore, so strongly that if the ship had ears it would dip them below the seas to muffle it's innocence. Logrick tried as best he could to curl back in the tight little ball he was in, in his carved out little hiding space below deck. Not too far from several exits to topside, the rogue turned and twisted in his sleep only to wake in a sheen of slathering sweat. He turned and twisted the crimson braclet that was bound around his left bicep, a habit he had when he thought deeply, a habit that began when he came across it in the employ of that dark mage he worked for. Thoughts bore down on him, not the dark ones of past wrongs and pillagings, but of a woman.

"Blasted half-elf," the dusky-skinned rogue swore again at the thought. "Blast her to the Abyss." But no matter what he did he couldn't banish her to the darker planes of existance. His eyes narrowed as he stared at the roughly hewned ceiling to his little hole. He tucked his hands behind his head and propped his self up. "Kylana." He tested the sound of her name upon his lips several times almost in a chant.

"I know this will be the biggest mistake of my life..." Logrick began slowly. "I mean me and a half-elf ranger. How much more goodie can you get out of that. No I won't do it." He swore once more for good measure, and swung his solid agile legs over and out of the hole sliding down and crouched on the slowly shifting deck.

"Well looks like my legs made up my mind," Logrick grinned. "Off to see the ranger, yes she'll probably bit my head off, but maybe I can get another look at her crooked grin she had when she let down her guard as he had observed her..." He shook his head again. "Clear up man, clear up, you're a cad." He began to stride down to her quarters, he made a quick right and then left and found her door suddenly in front of him.

Logrick turned to the door next to her's and glared at it, hearing a thick dwarven snore bellow out, almost knocking the door down in it's rumbling sounds. I could just slip in and out, Logrick sneered wickedly as he thought, and no one would be the wiser with that horrible sound ended. I'd be thanked. He shook his head and went back to his mission... The rogue straighted out his clothes, rubbed his finger over his teeth quickly, and raised his hand to knock the door, but only landed one clear knock when he had heard a disturbance top-side. Something eerie and familiar at the same time.

The shadowy rogue raced to the trapdoor, peeling it back as he flowed out of the hole in the ship to land efficently on his well-balanced toes. His bubbling brown eyes searched the quiet and still deck, as the light of the silver moon did little to light the way this night. He padded softly across the deck, to find the same area he was, when he was near Kylana's room but only topside. Then he heard that chilling sound, that raced up his spine in a cascade. The sound of bone being crunched, with slapping and slathering noises. His eyebrows narrowed.

Logrick inched across the deck and came around to the front portion of the deck, just past the main mast since it had blocked his view. His eyes wasn't prepared to see this sight again.

A hulking form was hunched over a prone form on the ground stretched out in such a fashion not normal ofr a living being. He saw again the figure dip down and and feed from the corpse, breaking and crunching noises constantly gnawing on Logrick's senses. The sweet smell of fresh blood assailed his nostrils as he stepped back, letting a slight sharp breath escape his parted mouth.

The head of the figure snapped up into the wan light of Solinari in that instant. The pale light revealed the blood crusted muzzle of a wolf-like beast. Half-man, half-wolf as it's searching red eyes went over the deck making sure it was alone, alone to feed. The clawed hands tore at the carcass, as more blood splattered against it's matted fur. Logrick grimaced.

Talana, he thought with a sinking heart. You've decided to make a personal appearance. Of course you wouldn't stay around for the show, not good for the show woman, right? Logrick didn't care about the crew of the voyage, but knew if he let this beast run rampant, it would eventually get to him on it's on terms. And might go through a certain sapphire-eyed ranger. His lips curled at this thought, not sure what to think of it, and filed it away. I'm up to your game Talana, and I shall win it in the end.

Logrick walked around the mast this time coming into the light, in full view of the beast. Steel flashed and rung through the night. The Blades of Balance whipped in a deadly spin in the dusky-skinned rogue's expert hands. The longsword flared in his left hand, as the dirk warmed and shined brilliant as it rested in his right hand. Once more the blades would be drawn this dark voyage, and once more to fight in a way Logrick wasn't used to. For justice. And maybe for love, one couldn't be sure.

"Come flea-ridden creature, once more I fight," Logrick began quietly and built up in confidence. "Once more...shall we dance?" He rushed forward throwing back hooded cloak to keep the element of surprise. The battle was joined...

12/01/2001 7:35 AM

Kylana leaned over her porcelain wash basin and splashed her face with cool, clean water. It was just past midnight, and she had felt well enough to rise from bed to bathe and perhaps take a turn on night watch. The crew of the ship was taking no more chances after the attack of the grithka, and a few men from the ships crew took turns this night at
watching the night sky and the sea for any unusual occurances. The half elf finished washing her face and lifed the heavy basin, pouring the water over the rest of her body. She could feel the layers of salt and grime from the sea melt off her bare, tanned skin as the water slid over her slender, femininely muscular body. She took a moment to scrub the encrusted salt out of her hair, then lowered the heavy basin to the small table that was nailed to the floor. She dried herself and dressed in comfortable, yet
non-restrictive clothing - pale beige, doeskin leggings, a matching bustier top lined and outlined with silky white wolf fur and fastened up the front with a leather lace, a square of the same white wolf pelt, folded into a triangle and tied about her hip, and laced doeskin boots cuffed with the white wolf fur. She remembered fondly that she had slain the fierce wolf herself, with only her small dagger, on a cold winter’s day in the forests
near Qualinesti. Tanthalas had been so proud of her, she thought wistfully, again twisting the gold ivy ring on her finger. Would he ever come back?

She sat on her bunk and dried her hair with a scrap of cloth, running a deer antler comb through it to work out the knots. Tanthalas, she thought, where are you now? Away with that impetuous, raven-haired swordswoman, no doubt. That relationship wouldn’t last long, Kylana thought tersely to herself. She heaved a lonely sigh. Would their paths ever cross again?

Logrick....no! She inwardly cursed herself for thinking of him again. He had refused her. She angrily threw the comb into the corner of the small cabin. Well, she wouldn’t be giving him any signs again. Let him come to her, for all she cared.

Kylana stood up and buckled on her swordbelt, then looped her quiver of arrows over her shoulder. Picking up her oakwood bow, she made her way to the upper deck of the ship. Opening the hatch, she climbed out into the dim starlight. Solinari was just setting, Lunitari beginning its rise. Kylana headed for a watch place on the stern end of the ship, up on the ship’s castle, where the steermaster Knight did his job without complaint. The steadfast knight had guided the ship expertly for the entire day, without anyone to relieve him. He looked as if he could use some company.

She almost didn’t hear the faint noise coming from behind the mast, toward the bow of the ship. Kylana halted in midstep and listened. She heard what sounded like a sharp-toothed beast ripping apart a deer. The sound of steel being drawn from a scabbard followed. The sounds of battle.

Kylana unslung her bow and crept behind a pile of large wooden crates. From her vantage point, she could see Logrick faced off with a creature straight out of a nightmare - a twisted looking werewolf-like creature, blood dripping from its muzzle and claws, spattered on its flea-ridden, matted pelt. It launched itself at Logrick, leaping nearly seven feet in the air, pouncing like a cat for its prey. Logrick raised his blades, and the
battle was joined. Both Logrick and the creature traded blows for ten minutes, neither gaining the advantage. The creature attacked with a series of feints and quick claw swipes that had Logrick dancing away from the razor-sharp talons. After about fifteen minutes, Logrick visibly began to tire. He’d had very little rest since his daring rescue of Kylana earlier that day, and his stamina was down.

Kylana looked for an opening to kill the creature with a well-aimed arrow, but Logrick kept getting in the way. “Get the hell out of the way, you insane idiot,” she whispered to herself as she sighted down her arrow. Finally, she found her opening - the creature had turned its back to her, leaving it open to attack. She loosed her arrow and struck the creature right through the center of its neck, the arrow erupting out its throat in a shower of black blood. Instead of dropping dead, like any normal creature, the wolf-man dissipated into glittering light, and the sound of a woman’s deep, throaty laugh could be heard wafting away on the breeze.

Logrick caught his breath and pulled himself to his feet, only to find himself being pricked in the throat by a very sharp shortsword. Kylana glared at him, malice in her eyes.

“You evil son of a bitch,” she swore, pressing the tip against Logrick’s throat, drawing a small, ruby drop of blood. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t kill you myself, you traitor.”

“Kylana, I don’t know what you’re talking-” he started

“Shut up!” she shouted angrily. “You’ve brought death upon us all! First that dragon creature, and now a werewolf? What the hell kind of black magic are you involved in? More of those past skeletons in your closet, I suppose?” She narrowed her eyes balefully. “I thought I could trust you. You had better tell me what you’re involved in, or your life will end, right here, right now.”

12/01/2001 9:46 AM

The dark rogue's brown eyes turned to deepest maple, as he felt the pricking of the hard blade at his tender throat. He attempted to stand, but felt the ranger's sword push deeper only slightly to force him back in a position of open death. Just studying the tight look she gave him and the ease she held the shortsword told him he'd have to play this safe. He gazed at her with such contempt and veiled hatred he figured it would budge the half-elf, he was wrong. Kylana's gloved hand came down and blew him across the chin, as he only turned his head taking the blow.

"Answer me, give me answers or die with your creation you dog!" Kylana practically spat out at him as she steadied her position above him. "Speak now or die at my head, as I should have done when we first met, theif."

"How is it you come about it I was the one who created this beast?" Logrick gritted his teeth as he held back sharp retorts. "You judge a man by how he looks, funny how you can do so without regret when I'm sure you have been labeled many a time as halfbreed, not human or not elven." His eyes locked on her two crystal eyes, dancing with such hatred they had paled to the most powdery of blues. Ah I struck a chord, Logrick thought in satisfaction. Movement out the corner of his eyes, paused him from speaking further, and driving his words through the half-elf like poisoned tipped daggers.

The werewolf had reverted into the from of a man, probably a sea hand or regular sailor, from what Logrick could tell. The swan-feathered arrow the ranger had so delicately blasted through the man's neck, was crusted over with pitch black blood, as it still throbbed out of his soon lifeless body. Suddenly the man, pressed his pale hands against the slick deck, and pushed his self up, as he looked around as if in a daze. His eyes went over the ship, the pool of blood, the ranger, and then rested on Logrick as the man or thing began to speak in a voice that was so haunting it sounded as if left to echo in a hallow tree.

"Logrick Galestran," the man spoke as blood poured from the sides of his mouth. "You are to be aware you are hunted, and that Lady Talana is in search of you, and willing to forgive past wrongs, if you were only to serve her once more. This is the message I bear, along with the warning of blood in which I failed, in being slain at your hand. May you be wise, or those companions you travel with-," he waved his hands at the ship "and all in this vessal will be destroyed once you leave Sancrist." The man-beast stopped talking, closing it's eyes in quiet death, the blood caked over the mouth making it impossible to speak anymore.

Kylana turned back to Logrick turning her back on the dead beast. Her eyes burrowing deep into his soul, seeing if she could carve out all he knew in a flash of a moment. She grabbed a bunch of his blood spattered tunic, and pushed on the shortsword a little more for more impact on her words. "You will tell me--" But she was cut off, for the supposedly dead beast rushed forward in one last burst of hatred for the living.

The half-elf was exposed and she knew it, the bloodied cadaver's hand raced up to send such a blow to the ranger she'd never see light again. But Logrick was quicker, slapping at her wrist with a quick and deft move, he disarmed the offbalanced ranger, taking the sharp bladed shortsword in his hand, twisting and swinging with all the force he could muster in his weakened state. He couldn't have wished for a better blow.

The cadaver's hands began to come down, as the shortsword bit through flesh and solid bone, with a krrraaak! The sword cut through the remains of the arrow in the neck, as the head exploded in bone fragments and blood sending the head flying off the neck and terrific speeds over the side of the ship. This didn't stop the downward killing strike the beast had aimed at Kylana, and in the same motion Logrick sweeped around, pulling Kylana down with him to rest under him, as the forward momentum of what was left of the man, spilled over the guardrail plunging it into the bottom of the lapping seas.

The two sat still for a brief moment, letting the events settle over them. With a firm set in his jaw, and a twinkle in his clear eyes, Logrick collected Kylana's gently in his arms, kissing her deep with intended passion. Her lips were stiff and then reluctantly melted into his own, as they shared this moment, after dashing out the way of Abyss's deathy grip. What am I doing, was all Logrick's brain could say to him. He broke the kiss that had buried them out of the ticking hands of time. Logrick let the half-elf fall down to the deck and bump off her bottom smartly as he looked down at her.

"I have no need to tell you a thing of my past, as you don't to me," he began as he dusted his self off. "I don't like pushy women. But I do like their heated kisses. Though you wish me ill, and have just hatred for me, I shall make it my business not to disturb you again this voyage and will leave you to your companions." He smirked at this as he looked over the ship, letting his eyes rest on the knight and the kender captain and dwarf mate, as the spilled up from below to see what was going on. Logrick turned his back on Kylana and began to walk quickly to hide away deep in the bowels of the ship, but paused.

"Oh," he spoke softly. "Now I regret trying to come to your room this night to apologize to you, to see such hatred in your eyes... No I regret ever meeting you, things were much...simpler." Logrick sighed deeply, collected his weapons and cloak. He pulled out of his cloak a stemmed white tulip that had pink tips, so pink it looked like a star had kissed the moon in passing. He eyed it, and then looked at Kylana, and dropped it to the deck. He turned once more and vanished into the ship, with the stares of the gawking commoners at his back.

12/01/2001 1:53 PM

Tears welled in Kylana’s eyes, tears of anger and tears of sadness. She hadn’t meant to let her temper take over - she had only wanted to know what she was getting herself into by giving herself to this strange and dark man. She deeply regretted her actions.

She turned and glanced behind her, to the crowd that was gathering behind her. They were staring at her again, in pity and in awe. Kylana blinked back her tears. She wasn’t going to let herself cry in front of them, not going to let her walls she had built around her heart tumble to the ground. She rose to her feet, and as an aferthought, picked up the
tulip. She flung it heartbrokenly over the side of the ship and watched it sink into the cold, dark seas.

Kylana started back toward her cabin and stopped. She knew where Logrick’s hiding place was. She would go and talk to him, convince him to.....to love her. On her way past, she met Ku’s eyes, and the other half elf smiled slightly at her. Despite her depressed mood, she returned the smile warmly - Ku knew how she felt, what she was going through. She could see it in Ku’s eyes. Ku had loved and lost, too. She could tell
Ku was thinking the same thing, and for a moment it seemed as if they shared a telepathic link.

Don’t walk away from him, she could almost hear Ku think. It will be the biggest mistake you will ever make. Follow your heart.

This said, Kylana continued down into the bowels of the ship, looking for the remote hideaway that Logrick used for his cabin. Ahead, with her elven infravision, she could see a dark, warm shape curled between the ribs of the ship. At her footsteps, the figure started, looking up from where it sat, its head cradled in its hands.

“I’m sorry,” Kylana started. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, up there on the deck.”

“Just go away,” Logrick said. “Don’t make this any more difficult than it already is.”

“I am NOT going to go away,” Kylana said, tears again welling in her eyes. “I just wanted to know what i was getting into by....by loving you.”

Logrick looked up quickly. He hadn’t expected her to apologise, much less admit that she loved him. He looked over her. Tears glimmered on her cheeks, glistening in the soft lamplight. Never had she looked so vulnerable, so defenseless.....so utterly beautiful.

Kylana slowly approached him, shaking like a leaf in the wind. She wanted so much for him to love her. Sitting down in front of him, she took his hand and nestled her soft, blushed cheek against his calloused palm. “Could you ever love me back?”

12/01/2001 11:14 PM

When he had heard the soft steps, he knew it was her. It was beyond him how she knew every nook and cranny he had tried to hide in on this voyage, but it seemed she had a sixth sense for him. Was it the gods playing games with his mind and heart? He growled and turned over in the hole.

But then she spoke, he grumped a reply and she said...said she loved him. Love me? Never had one said they loved him before, no one aside from the dark elf...he sighed, and she only had her agenda's tied into such words when spoken to him. Not only did the half-elf tell him she loved him, but she apologized, something he wasn't used to from her, since she was so proud and upright. Usually the things he said to her before he left wouldn't matter a bit, carefree words with his carefree and black heart. Why did they still hold hilted daggers that dragged through his heart, cutting till she walked down after him.

Kylana's beauty was beyond his ability to comprehend at that sheer moment. She lay her soft crimson cheek against his hand, he could feel the cool salty tears rush down his fingers as the spell she wove over his heart climaxed with the words, "Could you ever love me back?" Logrick's mind froze up, he could still feel her pressed against his hand, his first impulse was to pull away and send her off, after her actions on deck, and how much he stood to lose if he let another woman in his heart. Too late.

Logrick mumbled something quite unintelligable, making Kylana lift her head to look at him. The thick curtain of honey golden hair fell away from her face, to reveal again the beauty that was almost chiseled out of the finest marble by a obsessed dwarf. Her eyes of the deepest sea blue, watered and shone at him as if expecting the worse, the reply that would drive the sword of despair deep into her beating heart. Again Logrick spoke.

"I could love you back..." he began shakily, for he was on new ground. Love. "I don't know how it happened or even why it occured. We are so different the joining of us would split a chasm into the earth deep to it's core in revulsion. But no, I find I could love you back, for I am in love with you." Logrick sighed gently, and pulled her close, wrapping his toned arm around her waist to pull her against him. He could feel her obviously female body, so vibrant and taunt.

"Shhh don't speak Kylana," Logrick spoke so soft, for only she could hear in her canted ear. "I know you'd have a better fit with another, perhaps with that knight, or even some other one like you some elven lord or half-elf. I...just let me have this night, this night to love and be loved." He couldn't figure out how fast he could love this woman, as he felt he knew her all his life. So wrapped up in his thoughts as he felt her cat like body pressed against him, he didn't notice her fall asleep in his arms, curled up so softly.

Logrick stayed with her till the fierce sun peeked over the deep horizon. He kissed her, he lost count of the times, as she slept in his arms, keeping her nightmares and wrongs away. But he knew he wasn't worthy of her. He stood, and collected her in his arms as a babe, and took her to her room, leaving her as if she was in a bitter dream with a vile man as she surely thought of him. He pulled out the twin of the tulip he left, only this one had red tips, those of passion and fire. Laying across her bosom, he kissed her forehead. And walked out the room.

"I love you Kylana," Logrick said with such huskiness he thought his voice would fail. He gripped the door tightly, loathed to leave her. But reason one out and he vanished down the darkened hallway, to face the morn. A new fire burned in his heart, his love for the noble ranger... "I could love you forever." The dark cloak curled about him as he made his way deckside into the new day.

12/01/2001 11:51 PM

Jury stood, and walked over to Ku. Miki followed and landed lightly on Jury's shoulder.

"Excuse me...How did you know about Miki!? How did you know?" she mumbled, her jade eyes filling with tears of confusion. She glanced at Miki...then down at the medalion around her neck. She now noticed for the first time that the silver part of the gold disk swivled on a tiny almost unnoticable hinge. She thumbed the silver disk aside, and underneathe was two words in another language... and the etching of a phoenix.

"Do you know what this means???" she cried, her voice rising, near hysterics."On a hot summer's night, would you offer your throat to the wolf With the red roses?"

-"You took the words right out of my mouth"-meatloaf

12/02/2001 8:06 AM

Joe leans back in his chair, reciting a dirt limerick. Still time until Yule...still time.
"There once was a man from Solmania..."Twice and twice shall he be named, and once shall he come, and thrice shall he eat, and twice shall he run to the bathroom- Verse I, The Prophecies of the Coming of Joe.

12/03/2001 10:52 PM

Tiver ran his hand through his hair looking a bit dumb founded by what all transpired here on the deck so quickly. Tiver raised his hand as to ask a question though let it fall slowly to his side seeing everyone there with him had the same look on their face.

"Alright get to work mates their bein repairs to be makin?" The dwarf bellowed out as the crew went to work swiftly. Dogar only smiled as he went to talk to the steer master Alric, and share a dwarf's point of view.

Tiver only smiled to himself seeing the coming arguement that would soon follow between the dwarf and Sir Alric. Tiver looked over to see the man in black still calmly watching the sea pass away as the storm seem to drift into the main land. The kender's curiousity got the better on him this time, and what would it hurt to find out a bit more information on the man that payed so highly for the trip to Sancrist.

Tiver walked up to the man quietly listening to the dirt limerick the spoke to himself though completely aware of the kender some what stealthy approach.

"I know your name, you must be Jerade, or something of the sorts?" The kender asked with a smile as the limerick slowly faded away into the nightly breeze. Tiver only wanted to give the man a name to make it easier to talk to him. By all the gods Tiver thought one day he may need the help of this man if he ever found himself on land again. Tiver only tried to strike up a conversation even if that, and to make the man less nervous of his things Tiver keep his hands where the man could see. "Have you ever heard of the Lost City of Khalkist Mountains, and the magic that it holds?" With this said Tiver withdrew a small globe from his pouch that fit into the palm of his hand. It's color rushed around inside the globe just as wilded as the stormy seas they sailed upon. "Many riches are to be found their if one brave enough to go, but many never return back alive after seeing it's horrors. This is something I was able to grab after the Lich that killed my friends thought me dead. Let this leave no illusion to me being a true kender my friend."

Tiver leaned back against the railing slipping the globe back into his pouch with a smile as he tossed a pipe to the Jerade and a match stick. TIver already had his pipe in his mouth puffing away with smoke rings filling the air. "So, ever heard of the place?" The kender smile a bit as he blew out smoke ring his hand going into his jacket pocket as rested against the railing.

OOC: I'm just trying to keep everyone involved a bit before I spend things up a few days. Just a little bit more interaction with characters thats all. "If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

12/03/2001 10:52 PM

Tiver ran his hand through his hair looking a bit dumb founded by what all transpired here on the deck so quickly. Tiver raised his hand as to ask a question though let it fall slowly to his side seeing everyone there with him had the same look on their face.

"Alright get to work mates their bein repairs to be makin?" The dwarf bellowed out as the crew went to work swiftly. Dogar only smiled as he went to talk to the steer master Alric, and share a dwarf's point of view.

Tiver only smiled to himself seeing the coming arguement that would soon follow between the dwarf and Sir Alric. Tiver looked over to see the man in black still calmly watching the sea pass away as the storm seem to drift into the main land. The kender's curiousity got the better on him this time, and what would it hurt to find out a bit more information on the man that payed so highly for the trip to Sancrist.

Tiver walked up to the man quietly listening to the dirt limerick the spoke to himself though completely aware of the kender some what stealthy approach.

"I know your name, you must be Jerade, or something of the sorts?" The kender asked with a smile as the limerick slowly faded away into the nightly breeze. Tiver only wanted to give the man a name to make it easier to talk to him. By all the gods Tiver thought one day he may need the help of this man if he ever found himself on land again. Tiver only tried to strike up a conversation even if that, and to make the man less nervous of his things Tiver keep his hands where the man could see. "Have you ever heard of the Lost City of Khalkist Mountains, and the magic that it holds?" With this said Tiver withdrew a small globe from his pouch that fit into the palm of his hand. It's color rushed around inside the globe just as wilded as the stormy seas they sailed upon. "Many riches are to be found their if one brave enough to go, but many never return back alive after seeing it's horrors. This is something I was able to grab after the Lich that killed my friends thought me dead. Let this leave no illusion to me being a true kender my friend."

Tiver leaned back against the railing slipping the globe back into his pouch with a smile as he tossed a pipe to the Jerade and a match stick. TIver already had his pipe in his mouth puffing away with smoke rings filling the air. "So, ever heard of the place?" The kender smile a bit as he blew out smoke ring his hand going into his jacket pocket as rested against the railing.

OOC: I'm just trying to keep everyone involved a bit before I speed things up a few days. Just a little bit more interaction with characters thats all. "If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

12/04/2001 6:22 AM

Joe turns around, facing the kender. A glint in his eyes when the word 'Lich' is mentioned is all the emotion he shows at Tiver's tale.
"My name is... Joe, Captain. As for what you might know about me...it would be best for you to forget them as soon as I am off this ship. Think of me..." Joe smiles then, a small smile of fond remembrance. "Think of me as a juggler."
"I admire you for telling me your tale, though. I have never heard of the place...or its magic." Joe says nonchalantly, lighting the pipe and putting it in his mouth. "Good stuff." he comments. "Haven tabaco?"Twice and twice shall he be named, and once shall he come, and thrice shall he eat, and twice shall he run to the bathroom- Verse I, The Prophecies of the Coming of Joe.

12/04/2001 9:58 AM

Ku Y'leh smiled at the young girl, trying to reassure and calm her with a look. She took the medallion carefully, noting how jade eyes followed the symbol, pained to let it go.

The half-elf moved the silver piece aside and caught her breath. Her silver eyes took in the beautiful etching of the phoenix...a perfect likeness of Miki and unmistakable carved by the same person who had done the medallions of the Starlite family.

Her fingers ran over the words next, reading a language she hadn't seen for some time. She blinked back tears and when she had control over her emotions, looked at the human hard. "What did you say your name was?"

The human squirmed, her hands itching to grab the medallion. "Jury."

"Jury what?"

"Just Jury." The human said defensively. Ku smiled and looked back at the medallion. Jury exploded. "If you can't read it, give it back!"

The half-elf eyed her with a penetrating silver gaze. "According to this, you are Jury Stargazer, daughter of Lorena Stargazer, and Daughter of the Order of Centuri...and this..." She ran her fingers over a small inscription near the bottom of the medallion. "...is the family seal." She blinked and reached for her own medallion. It, too, opened, revealing a similar phoenix, this one made of tiny sapphires. Running along the bottom was the same inscription.

"'Reach for the stars...'"

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

There is nothing there in darkness that is not also there in light.

While a good writer can make dreams into reality, a great writer can make reality into dreams... --me

12/04/2001 10:08 AM

Jury sat down hard with shock. Stargazer....that was her last name...the name she had been searching for sixteen years. "reach for the stars..." she murmered softly, her gaze locked onto Ku's medallion as she cradled hers gently in her numb hands.

"What do you know of my family?" she asked weakly, her mind spinning numbly with a million questions. Miki trilled a soft note and rested his head in her lap. Jury started, then smiled softly, and gently smoothed his feathers. Tears of confusion and relief flowed freely."The world is not enough, but it is such a perfect place to start"

"No one ever died from wanting too much"

"theres no point in living if you can't feel alive"

"If we can't have it all...then nobody will"

-James Bond-The world is not enough-

12/04/2001 5:50 PM

Tiver just smiled as he took another puff from the pipe. "Yeah, traders caught a ride with me, and me with some their goods. Best job being a pirate in the open seas you take what you what, and wait to see if some one is brave enough to come after you. Five years, I spent on this ship as a slave until I earned the crew's trust, and then I took her over and renamed the ship." Tiver tossed Jerade a tabacco bag with some in it. "Me thanks for feeding my crew this Yuletide. Well, Jo... Jerade its safe to say that your name belongs to the sea breeze, and is soon forgotten. We're even for this part of the journy." Tiver nodded as he walked past Jerade slowly. "Your welcome to more, thats if you can trust a crazy kender thats a ship captain. Goodnight Jerade the ship is in your hands. Time for me to get some shut eye." Tiver walked past Jerade patting him on the shoulder his nimble hands trading pipes with Jerade in the process. Tiver wasn't going to go to bed without his favorite pipe.

Nimble though was Jerade his hand patting the kender on the back to push him away though his hands grabbed the green like orb from his pouch.

Tiver only smiled as he walked to his cabin settling in for the night. "I never knew what that thing was in the first place..." Tiver mumbled to himself as he fell asleep.

OOC: Joe sorry I used your character to much since its something I don't like to do, but I thought I would set the story on this green glowing orb. No, its not a dragon orb sorry. If I went to far Joe ignore the stealing of the green orb thing."If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

12/05/2001 10:40 AM

Kylana awoke to the sun shining through the porthole in her cabin. As she moved, something dropped off her chest to the wooden floor - a white tulip with red tips. She remembered the previous night - she had finally admitted to Logrick that she loved him, and he had returned the gesture. She remembered him taking her in his arms, falling asleep with her forehead tucked under his chin, his arms wrapped protectively around her.
She could still feel the warmth of his taught, muscular body as it pressed against hers, keeping her safe and warm. On the edge of a dream, she could remember him gently pressing his lips to her forehead throughout the night, and again early that morning. Her heart filled with a warmth she hadn’t felt in years.

Love. She hadn’t known love since...since Tanis. Kylana had finally found someone who could make her feel whole again. She felt like a new person. Logrick filled the depthless void that her parents’ death, and Tanis, had left behind.

Kylana rolled over, her arm reaching out for the man that was no longer there. She was somewhat disappointed that Logrick had not stayed with her until morning. She would have liked to have awakened to see his face, smiling above her like the warm sun.

Pushing herself to her feet, Kylana left her cabin and made her way to the deck. Logrick was standing by the rail, near the bow of the ship, watching the sun rise. The deck hands were already beginning their morning chores of swabbing the deck, checking the mainstays, and repairing fishing nets and sails. A disgusted sailor was still scrubbing up the black blood of the wolf creature. The other passengers were also just beginning to rise. Kylana spotted Jury, standing by the mast, stroking Miki’s feathers and apparently telepathically conferring with him. Ku was nearby, lost in thought.

Smiling to herself, Kylana walked over to Logrick and slipped her hand into his, laying her head on his strong shoulder. His arm slipped around her waist and pulled her closer, and his head dipped as he kissed her once - long, lingering, and passionate. She loathed to pull her lips from his, but the passengers were staring, and even the crew was taking an uncanny interest. Kylana was savoring their time together, enjoying Logrick’s company, when she heard a shout from the crow’s nest.

“Land ho!”

12/05/2001 12:35 PM

Thistledown smiled as he looked out on the island, with the peak of Mt. Nevermind soaring above the rest. "Home." He sighed.Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

12/05/2001 1:14 PM

((OOC: As everyone has moved onto the next day and a quest (If I may presume), I'm going to skip the history lesson on Jury's past. Kalia, if you want to establish anything later, just say I forgot to cover that. :P Btw, whoever has an idea for the storyline, please add someone who stole my ring. Thanks. :)))

Ku Y'leh stood facing the calm sea. Morning had just dawned, the sun rising and calming her mind. She had just spent the last few hours talking with Jury about what she knew of the family and the Order. The girl had been briming with questions, most of which the half-elf couldn't answer, and a lot of which she simply didn't have the energy to talk about. So she had finally gotten Jury to calm down and go to her cabin for some sleep.

Ku had fully intended to do the same, but she had too much energy. She roamed the ship, greeting everyone she came across. So many unfamiliar faces, and not the right mood for cheerful greetings...

Now the sun was rising, bringing forth a burst of colors and light. It occured to the half-elf that she hadn't seen Alric since she had first come on board.

She found him still at the wheel, steering the ship ever forward. She smiled.

"Hey...Nice view, huh?" she sighed softly and glanced at her friend. He smile and opened his mouth to reply.

"Land ho!!"

The mage frowned, glancing up and then ahead. "Mt. Nevermind? Alric, do you know why we're here?"

((OOC: Hehe. Am I supposed to know why we're here? :P))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

There is nothing there in darkness that is not also there in light.

While a good writer can make dreams into reality, a great writer can make reality into dreams... --me

12/05/2001 1:21 PM

OOC: I don't even think the captain knows why we're here. It has something to do with Joe needing to get there before Yule.

12/06/2001 6:37 AM

OOC: Who knows why? Who knows who knows? Who knows.
Joe looks up in suprise. Sancrist? Already? This ship was much faster then he thought! He had spent the night in contemplation, but he had expected more time...
No matter. What was done was done. And it was time to do what must be done. Joe, almost letting a sigh escape his perputual neutrel expression, walks out of the cabin and onto the deck for the first time since he had boarded. He looks out to Mt. Nevermind...his thoughts centered on one thing...one very important thing.
It was green. And it was still sealed tightly in a pouch deep inside his jacket. Or so he thought...
Twice and twice shall he be named, and once shall he come, and thrice shall he eat, and twice shall he run to the bathroom- Verse I, The Prophecies of the Coming of Joe.

12/06/2001 10:58 AM

OOC: *blinks a bit* hmmm? *scratches my head* that was a fast trip.

Tiver was awoke to hear that they had found land, but to his surprise it was Sancrist that they had found. Tiver knew that they would have been close to the coast of North Ergoth, but to be already at Sancrist that was just a bit unbelievable. Tiver walked out of his cabin his pipe in had as made his way to the mast of the ship. "Bring the wizard of the ship. I want to know if there was magic involved in our speedy travels?" Tiver said to Dogar who was just as dumb founded as any other crew on board.

Tiver walked over to Jerade with a smile his elbow tapping him on his leg. "So, my friend how much does my crew earn for this speedy voyage?" Tiver whispered up to Jerade so no one esle could here the talk of money exchange. Tiver looked over to see another ship approaching quickly up to his, and flying the pirate colors of the ship named the Madien Song.

"Hey! Derek hoast my colors, and run a white scarf with it boy. I need some questions answered." Tiver told the young man new on the ship to hurry with this task. The shipped came slowly pulling up next to the Cursing Dwarf.

Tiver knew the captian right away as had to admit that he was always quite taken with the beauty. Captian Krystal Whitehair, a strong woman with long white hair that not many ever got to see its full length. She stood on the railing of her ship in a leather vest and black pants that were baggy closer to the legs. Her sash a lavender color that held two rapiers on her left side. "Ahoy ye Captain Black Skin permission to come aboard?"

Tiver cringed a bit hearing the pirate name he was given just shortly after he freed himself from being a slave. "Permission granted as long as ye be ridding yourself of the acursed name you still use for me." Tiver said a bit of edge on his tongue tha could cut the finest silks.

Lightly she hopped for her ship his making her way over to him with a light smile, and playful smie on her face. A closer could tell that she was half elven as she leaned down and kissed Tiver on the cheek. "Now, now I could be using a more formal name Tiver if you liked. Since I now have proof of who you really are luv."

Tiver only smirked at the words though his eyes seemed as deadly as poisoned daggered. Tiver shook it off, and started with the questions. "What brings you up here so far from Southern Ergoth anyway you never shall the far up, and where is that mage." Tiver said looking around.

"If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

12/06/2001 1:33 PM

Logrick stood upon the swaying deck of the Cursing Dwarf. The waters lapped and bounced against the hard wood keel as he scanned the horizon of the isle of Sancrist. The lofty and gentle mountains still shared the sky with the sun and clouds as he had remembered form so long ago. All in all, the place wasn’t the worst he had visited, but had for reasons become the most dreaded he held in all his travels. Still again and again he cursed his self for having the fortune to land on a ship bound for Sancrist, even after all this time he had been able to avoid it. The he felt a pressure against his side, and turning to it he felt his chin press against fiercely golden locks of hair, that the shining sea of gold was only broken by the delicately canted curve of the hereditary pointed ears of a half-elf.

Kylana was absolutely breathtaking this morning, after their shared kiss in front of all to see, he found it easy to slip back to thinking of the past events of the night before he had with her. Her cheeks flushed the deepest of crimson that seemed to have been hand-painted on to her rosy complexion. Blue eyes that made the sky feel shame of it’s own color and duck it’s head, were sparkling in the morning light. He sighed deeply, no he was glad he had stumbled upon this ship, no matter the consequences. To think he, he was in love, and only knowing this woman for two weeks…two weeks. How are we at Sancrist so fast, Logrick thought letting the ill whispers that spoke to him through his mind unsettle him. He shifted uncomfortably feeling things close in over his head like the deepest mire of quick sand. But he felt the soft but firm press of Kylana’s body against his, that crooked wide mouth smile she had used on him that helped his plunge into the land of love.

“What’s wrong Logrick?” Kylana asked softly muzzling against his long neck. She wrapped her arms around his slim waist and clasped her hands pulling him close.

“Nothing,” Logrick replied hastily and thought better of it. “Well, I was thinking that maybe it was wrong of the fates to mix us together.” Seeing her face turn up carefully to regard him, he added more quickly. “I mean, a woman like you doesn’t walk this earth and not be noticed, I feel your heart probably throbs for another. As in mine, it has been dark for countless years, the only love it has felt was a dark and twisted love a few years back.” He trailed off not knowing where to go with his thoughts and try to keep his self in control.

Quietly, Kylana stood on the tips of her booted toes and kissed him on the corner of his mouth. “The past has faded, to open to the present, and a possible future. Perhaps things have moved fast, but I am here and with you through your troubles.” She smiled again with those lips making him have to move in to sink into them, kissing her softly. The passionate kiss was broken off, when he felt the ship press against another solid object, another ship.

Logrick’s expert eyes watched as the ‘captain’ of the other ship came aboard. Only dark colors flew on their mast, giving way to pirates. Suspiciously, Logrick kept Kylana close to him and kissed her forehead and he looked at the white haired, dark clothed woman board ship. He could see also some of the crew on the pirate ship, sharpening blades and giving one another and our ship darting glances. He lost his train of thought when Kylana slipped her slender hand into his and rubbed it. How can one, who uses a bow and blade, have such soft hands, he wondered. He felt something else along her fingers that made him stiffen as he let his rough hands caress hers, and realized two things, one about Kylana and the white-haired captain.

There was more, quite more than meets the eyed to them both. And both up to something…

Logrick drew his hand away from the ring that had caught his attention nonchalantly and whispered to Kylana that he needed to go see what was going on with the two captains. Patting her generous rump smartly, he slinked off like a cat going to fill out his curious tendencies. Yes he will learn this captain’s secret, and yes…he will most certainly know the man Kylana loved and deal with him. He brushed past the mage as she walked on to deck, and all she could see was the whipping of the black cloak as it trailed out behind him.

((OCC: I was wondering if my posts are too horrid? I’ve kinda new at all this and wondering for a bit of input. Thanks for all your help, and keep the story going it’s got promise!)))

12/06/2001 7:56 PM

((OOC: Mage? Oh yeah, me. hehe. :) Your post is fine, Logan, little long...but that's probably cuz I'm used to my posts being the longest. :P You mentioned a ring...Geez, now I'm gunna go nuts everytime people mention rings. hahaha. Another half-elf. Messed up.))

Ku Y'lel left Alric at the wheel and followed one of the deckhands towards the front of the ship. She walked slow, not at all in the mood to meet a pirate. Her long blue cape trailed in the slight, salty breeze. She wondered, briefly, what the captain wanted with her.

"Hey--!" Logrick brushed past her at a furious pace and the half-elf nearly tripped over his long black cape. She frowned and wondered if Kylana knew what she was getting into. It was easy to see that the half-elven ranger was smitten with the strange human...a dangerous thing, to Ku's mind. She decided to investigate. Stepping up her pace and using her long legs with typical elven grace, the mage pulled up even with Logrick and walked with him. They came upon the two captains and Ku took a stand next to the human, just close enough to be annoying, but far enough to not be a threat.

Then ignoring him, the mage studied the other captain. She stood seductively, inviting but not revealing, the stance of one who has much to hide and no problem with letting the world know such and wonder. Ku frowned at the obvious relationship between Tiver and this woman...

The female captain shifted her gaze, taking a second to glance at the two newcomers. Her eyes met those of silver and a shiver ran down Ku's spine. This woman was half-elven...a thought that seemed to amuse her as much as it was important to Ku Y'leh.

The mage shuddered again and broke the gaze. Logrick shifted, stepping to the left, and Ku unconsciously followed him while turning to Tiver. "You wanted to see me, Captain?"Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

There is nothing there in darkness that is not also there in light.

While a good writer can make dreams into reality, a great writer can make reality into dreams... --me

12/07/2001 8:54 AM

Tiver smiled at the arrival of the mage as it released some of the tension between him and Krystal. "Krystal, did you see anything last night that might of been alarming?"

Krystal thought for a moment as she brushed back her hair her eyes playful glancing about. "Well, there was a mist dropped by the storm that passed by a day ago, but that only seemed normal."

Tiver frowned as he looked torward Ku a bit of a worried look on his face with the sudden monsters finding their way on to the ship. "Ku, if you can try to find out if their has been any magic work around here or against please. I'll be in my cabin speaking with the Lady Krystal." Tiver spoke Krystal's name almost in a hissing manner that almost made Krystal a bit more tempted to annoy the kender more, but she held it back for now.

Krystal followed Tiver to the Captain's cabin, but not before glancing back to her that if any dared to attack this ship the their dead bodies would be served to the rest of the crew for dinner. Krystal walked into the cabin quickly making her way to the bed where she flopped down into squirming a bit to the soft silken sheets.

"You know Tiver I always did like your bed better than mine." She said with a wink as she patted the side next to her.

Tiver only smirked as he locked the door behind him letting the magical illusion fall that hide his true form. Tiver was a elf with short snow color hair and steel gray eyes that stood taller than most eyes could ever hope to achieve. "You know, your just as bad as that temptress of a sister, but the sad thing is that I love you and you love me."

Krystal pouted a bit from not seeing her love for so long, but it never tired her to try and him infront of his crew. It was Krystal that saw Tiver's anger when the hook sold the elf into slavery after the battle with the Lich that almost ended his life. Now, something told her that this would be more of business than a pleasurable meeting as she had hoped. "When are you going to drop the kender act, and change everything for us Prince Tiver!" Krystal was in motion before Tiver could block the slap that landed hard on the side of his face. The tears Krystal had backed up for what seemed a year were starting to show now.

Tiver rubbed the side of his cheek knowing that he had that coming for along time now. " I have one more thing to do and then we'll return to the mainland and starrt over there, but I need to know where your sister is because she has something of mine that want back." Tiver said this calmly as his hand reached up wiping the tears from her face. Tiver mind wondered though if anyone outside had heard what was going on though.

"What do you want with that harpy?" She said with no love in her voice for the sister that beat her on a common basis.

"All I want is an item, and then were done. I made enough money for my crew to live off of for awhile, and I'll find someone to take over my ship. Just tell me where she is right now."

Krystal turned walking to the door her face was red from crying. "She's on the other side of Sancrist hiding out at a small island. If your going to fight her you'll more people she'll just kill you like all the rest. I'll meet you there in a fourth night from now we'll take your item back and leave her to rott on the island she loves so much." With that said the opened the door slamming it behind her.

Tiver wanted so much to run after her and tell everything was going to be fine, but that would only be a lie. Tiver walked over to a chest kicking it open as grabbing a scroll that sat next to one last more before there was none left. Placing it on the desk, he reached over grabbing a black cloak that hung from his bed covering himself tightly as he walked to the far corner of the cabin hiding in the shadows.

Krystal spoke to know one as walked as fast as she could to her ship leaping over to the other side. She almost fell in her anger that made a crew man of her's chuckle beneath his breath. Before that crew man could act she knocked him down to the floor kicking him repeatedly. "Now, if any of you think that right now is a good time laugh I dare you to try it." She said as she stormed into her cabin slamming the door behind her. The first mate started to shout orders knowing that her captian didn't what to be close to Tiver at all right now, or at least far enough that her dagger or arrow couldn't reach him. "If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

12/07/2001 10:05 PM

Kylana watched Logrick disappear from the deck with puzzlement. His fingers had brushed the golden ivy ring, and she had felt him stiffen. What did he suspect? Did he know who had given her the ring? No, she told herself, he couldn’t know that. So why was he acting so strange?

Climbing the rigging of the mainmast, Kylana relieved the sailor in the crow’s nest of his duties and took his place. The storm that had been brewing for weeks had just barely missed them, leaving behind only a pea-soup fog the night before. She wondered, could that fog have been the reason for their speedy travel....

Something on the horizon caught her attention. A speck of pale emerald glittered on the horizon, undulating through the clear skies on large, leathery wings. As it flew closer, its reptilian features sharpened in her view. The beast was two hundred feet long, with sharp pearly talons and a sharp, dark green crest running from the crown of its head down its
spine to the tip of its tail. Two sharp, pearly, spiralled horns crowned its head just behind brows that hung above yellow eyes with slitted, reptilian pupils.

After all these years, Kylana thought, can it really be.....

There was a commotion on the deck below, and she knew that the rest of the crew had sighted the immense green dragon. The adventurers pulled weapons from sheathes and made ready to battle the formidable beast.

“Put up your weapons!” Kylana called as she scrambled down the rigging to the deck. “This creature means us no harm. He is a servant of Paladine!”

Her companions looked at her, appalled. She ignored their pointed stares and smiled up at the dragon that loomed over their boat. Ku cast a magic missile at the dragon, which it smartly ducked. The dragon landed next to their ship and floated like a duck in a pond, despite the rough waves that buffeted him.

“Paladine’s bollocks, Kylana,” the dragon swore. “I was hoping for a happy reunion, not to be attacked on sight!”

“Meadow!” Kylana exclaimed, throwing her arms around the long, sinuous neck that extended over the ship. “It’s been years since I’ve last seen you!”

“My, you’ve grown,” Meadow said with a reptilian smile. “I haven’t seen you since you took up with that half-Qualinesti man...what was his name?”

“How fare things back home?” Kylana asked, carefully avoiding the question.

At this, the dragon frowned sadly. “That is precicely what I have seeked you out for. I have with me someone who can better tell the tale.”

It was then that Kylana noticed that her dragon companion bore a rider on his back, clutched precariously to his neck spines. Meadow extended his neck to the deck of the ship, and his passenger carefully made his way to the deck. The adventurers gasped at this newcomer.

The man that stepped off the dragon’s back was not a man at all - or at least he was only half-man. Where his torso should have ended and his legs should have began, tan human skin yielded to the muscular body of a large, bay warhorse. He wore his long, dark chestnut hair loose, with a few outlandishly-colored bird feathers tucked behind his ear. His eyes were striking - light violet eyes stood out against his tan skin.

“Artex!” Kylana exclaimed. The horse-man opened his arms and embraced the half-elf ranger warmly. “What are you doing so far from Darken Wood?”

“We have searched long and far for thee, Kylana,” said the centaur. “Humans are invading Darken Wood, and the Forestmaster calls for thy aid, and the aid of those that thou might bring with thee.”

“Humans?” Kylana asked in alarm. “An army?”

“Nay, my sparrow,” Artex said sadly, “but invaders they are. They are a group of explorers who are expanding the territory between Solace and Haven. They mean to cut down the trees of our home to build a trading post where they can store their goods before shipping them out to the Plainsfolk. My people have appealed to the Forestmaster for permission to defend our home, but she says that Chislev has instructed her not to take up arms against these invaders. Nary a fortnight ago, the humans attacked us in the night and took many of my people as slaves. Our scouts report that my people that have been captured are being used as slaves to help the humans build their outpost. The Forestmaster does not believe that we should sit around and do nothing against them. However, because of her oath to Chislev, neither she nor our people can fight against
them. She beseeches thee to return home and bring with you a band of adventurers to stand against these men.”

Kylana’s heart had climbed into her throat, then swiftly dropped into her stomach. Her home, invaded by humans....

“I’m sorry, Artex, but I have already pledged myself to these people,” she said, indicating the adventurers. “We sail to Sancrist on a grand adventure.”

“That is sad to hear, sparrow,” Artex sighed. “There still may be time to complete your quest and save Darken Wood. The Forestmaster has called down the aid of Chislev, beseeching the goddess to cast a protective ward over the forest. Chislev relented and gave the Forestmaster the power to ward the forest, but she can only hold the ward for another fortnight or so. If we help thee on thy quest, will you and your companions help us on ours?”

Kylana turned to her companions, her heart in her eyes. She would do anything to protect her home....

“Will you please help us save our home?” she asked.

12/07/2001 11:09 PM

Logrick walked back on deck, after having spied on the 'kender' captain and the white haired pirate woman. He wasn't sure exactly what had went on it in that room, but it made him suspect even more there was more to this captain than hoopaks and misplaced fingers. His dark eyes only caught the shade of darkness more so, when he went into deep thought, trying to puzzle together all that had went down, below. So intent he hadn't at first noticed the commotion.

The mage was casting spells (always trust a mage to be itchy with the trigger), crew were bolting to and fro about the slick ship deck as they seemed about ready to repel invaders. Logrick quickly looked about, figuring the white-haired captain had decided to reap some bounty that was bound to be in the belly of the ship. I'm in a foul mood, he thought snidely, a fight would be greatly appreciated. Out sung his longsword and dirk as he gazed about, to only open his mouth in slack jawed awe as he saw the green dragon nestled against the Cursing Dwarf's hull. Not only that, but he say Kylana near to the beast, as she of all things…hugged the beast! Logrick dashed forward to protect her, when he saw…him descend off the back of the lofty beast.

Logrick knew of the elven custom of their giving of rings to others, usually someone special to their heart, in a way not given to others. He had expected the 'other' man to show, but not this soon! His arched eyebrows fell over his narrowed eyes as he watched the violet eyed centaur clack down and speak to Kylana. He heard all what the group had to say, more than he needed to know. Watching the two embrace, Logrick sneered and let his heart's deep harden and turn to the cold ball it should be. Then he felt a hand come down and clasp his shoulder.

"I've been wanting to talk to you, thief," came a deep voice, the owner of the hand. Logrick turned and stared at the upstart Knight. One corner of his mouth turned up in a twitching smile as he restrained his self. Then the knight continued. "I wondered if your intentions have been honorable with the young ranger. She may be blind to your evil but I am not, and I will smite you the second you waver." The eyes met his, but Logrick didn't' back down, but only let his eyes flip against the knight's own stare turning them aside.

"Oh, noble knight, you intend to ravage the goods of the ranger yourself," Logrick spat to the side as he once more took the knight in his vision. "You're welcome to her, if you can pry her from the centaur over there." He jerked a thumb over his shoulder, as he kept his eyes averted from seeing Kylana, as she still had the fresh morning beauty upon her face. The knight blushed with such a deep red, that he knew he hit a sore spot and waited for the attack of the knight. Eagerly.

At that moment, all could hear the half-elf ranger's hopeful question of help after their current adventure with her problems back home. So deep it hit Logrick, it panged his very soul to feel such dark thoughts. Then, he heard the Knight bellow his agreement with helping those in distress. This was when he banished the pangs and the guilt. Yes, I go fight, probably die in the process and she can run merrily off with a set of hooves. He sneered. Or even a set of polished spurs.

Logrick shrugged off the knight's hand easy, sending him in a stagger. The dark rogue snorted in contempt at the knight and brushed past him without another thought. Just as he passed the trapdoor, he saw the kender captain come topside. Logrick gave him a look of feigned, 'I know your story.' He happily saw the kender's eyes narrow and say something to his dwarven consort, only to stomp off to where the happy trio stood.

He could feel those eyes on him, those two drops of warm blue sea water pierce his soul through his black thick cloak. Logrick stumbled slightly, and brushed his fingers against his lips in rememberance of kisses. No, once we land, I shall be on my way to never look upon this lot, ever again. Angrily he collected his cloak about him and stormed off to a spot he couldn't be found! Only the click-klack of his fine hand-tooled leather boots could pierce the response of the companion's decision to aide the ranger.

"Fare thee well…my love."

12/08/2001 12:01 AM

Jury looked back at Ku, then looked at miki square in the eyes. "We will be happy to help...my quest was to find who I am...and that has been established...thanks to Ku...maybe we could find a lead to whomever stole her ring.""The world is not enough, but it is such a perfect place to start"

"No one ever died from wanting too much"

"theres no point in living if you can't feel alive"

"If we can't have it all...then nobody will"

-James Bond-The world is not enough-

12/08/2001 3:24 AM

Joe had pressed his promised payment to the captian with thanks for the speedy journey, and a little extra, even. He had also taken the liberty of asking the crew to lower a boat for him.
Now, standing on the shore, near Mt. Nevermind, and watching the ship in which he had traveled, he shrugs. Hopefully, they would never see him again, and he would never see them again. For now, he had something to deliver.
The cave was immense. It was also as dark as the Abyss, hidden from both eyes and magical means of detection. Today, there were two men there. Both wore black. One was named Joe...the other was named John. Of course they weren't theire real names. They didn't need to know thier real names. Maybe they didn't even remember their real names.
"So Joe...do you have it?" John asked, almost casually. His eyes were anything but. Joe, just as casual and his eyes just as not, nodded. "No one ever suspected...it is here." He took out the best secured pouch he had, protected by every means he had. He opened the pouch and upended it over the table before him.
And out of the pouch rolled a bit of lint. Joe's eyes bulged. Then the former-rouge remembered the ship...and the kender. The extremly talented kender.
He sighs. The kender he would have to kill now. Twice and twice shall he be named, and once shall he come, and thrice shall he eat, and twice shall he run to the bathroom- Verse I, The Prophecies of the Coming of Joe.

12/08/2001 11:50 AM

(OOC: Gulp. I hope you didn't mean me with that.)

"AHH, home at last." Thistledown gathers up his belongings from the ship, then heads over to say farewell to the captain.Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

12/11/2001 8:27 AM

Tiver was completely anger about what had transpired when the short hours the day they reached Sancrist. Tiver recalled who was gone from the ship. Jerade and Logrick had left the day before, and Thistledown was leaving today.

Tiver heard a knock on his cabin door as Thistledown entered with a cheerful smile.

"Well, Thistledown if you be needing a ride back well be some where around the coast. Just come and find me, and your trip will be free again. I do have a favor to ask of you." Tiver walked over to his chest opening pulling out several scroll cases. "These inventions belong to a gnome friend of mine named Brom. Please return them to their rightful place Thistledown." A tear could be seen brimming the eye of Tiver as he handed the scrolls over to Thistledown. "Remember your welcome to come back and join us on the adventure." "If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

12/11/2001 11:33 AM

"Of course, captain," Thistledown said. "and don't worry, I'll be back. I've just got to give my reports in and check up on some things. And I'll deliver these inventions right away."

Thistledown then left the ship and headed for Mt. Nevermind.Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

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