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11/01/2001 2:30 PM

Deep in the forest of Silvanost a teenage (now 16) mage of the Red Robes wonders suspiciously, holding a somewhat familiar staff that Krynn has long (almost) forgotten.

"Damn these elven magic traps! If I wasn't so weak from my metamorphasis spell then I would tear this place piece by piece! Insolant elven! Gah! I'll never find this magical device I heard rumors flying of. A device so powerful that the mages of Silvanost and the few remaining Irda helped to create. I can't believe the conclave didn't know about this... Par Silian probably knows about it.... but.... why alow it to fall into the wrong hands... like me for example!" The mage laughs in good spirits, not truly meaning any negativity in his shouts, remembering the adventures he had long ago as a mage of the Black Robes... good ol times, tainted with the confusion of life and youth.

"*sigh* I wish I could share this with my dearest cousin.... I'm certain she's doing fine, but oh what wonderful times we'd have. But now I must concentrate on getting out of this entanglement of magic.... damn magic webs... I bet my dragon scale that Paladine is laughing it up with Father..." The young mage pouts his head in discrace...
"I hate doing this but...."


The mage suddenly turns his head towards the trees, almost certain he heard a noice move from that direction... as if someone or something was watching him this whole time. He blushes in embarrassment.

~OOC: Yes, I have returned from my self-banishment from Krynn. It's been awhile, hasn't it. I know I'm a bit rusty, but I hope to get all the kinks worked out soon. Join up on this new adventure and let's get some action going, baby yeah!~

11/01/2001 9:44 PM

Glimmer (AKA Kalia_Majere) flew low over the forests of Silvanesti. She had felt the calling of her Cousin and had turned from her present course to investigate.

Aleximi!! Where are you? came her mental call, as her eyes sweep the forest, searching for some sign of him."If you don't fight for the precious things that you desire, people will take them away from you."

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

11/04/2001 5:36 PM

Sensing his cousin near, his heart pounds faster in glee.
He sends her a thought-spoken message.

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