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10/26/2001 9:10 PM

A murder mystery of a different sort. Everyone arrives at the High Clerist Tower invited by its lord for a special feast, each a part of an unknown plot...

(The layout is simple. Like in any murder mystery, the victim starts out alive in the start of the story and gets killed somewhere before it reaches midway. Like in many mysteries, the plot may be very convulated. It is the job of the characters to find out amongst themselves who realli killed the victim.)

You enter the storyline like this. You should narrate how you arrived at the tower, give your occpuation, your relations to the said lord, your likes and dislikes about him and other physical attributes about yourself.

I'll be playing the part of the lord. His name is Sir Feldon Chanceguard, Knight of the Rose. He is fifty-five years old and lives at Palanthas. He has brown eyes and red hair, physically fit and has a well conditioned body. It was said that during his younger days, it was reputed that he once had an affair. No one knew much about it. He is generally affable and seems to like the mages unlike his other brethren...

You owe me big time my friend, big time.

10/27/2001 8:04 AM

on that morning there was a guest arrive dwarfen fellow he looked a lot like flint fireforge he arrived by foot from solace i shold say the forest where tasslehoff burrfoot scared tanis and flint he is all so a life long friend to tas burrfoot and to sir feldon.

10/27/2001 10:45 AM

(OOC: You need to work on the punctuation a little there.)

Javert Roguesbane (Your police investigator is here) approached the tower. He didn't normally attend these state functions, but Sir Feldon was an old friend of his, and had invited him personally. Javert couldn't, in all honor, refuse, so here he was. Arriving at what was sure to be a dull state dinner, just like that Ansalon ball last year. (HeHe, just kidding ;) ) "Well, I better get inside," he said to himself, and entered the castle.Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

10/27/2001 12:24 PM

((OOC: Interesting...who to be...hm...is it okay if I add an element of real life to this storyline? Modern investigation techniques...could be fun. :) Let me know if this is a bad idea and I'll switch characters.))

Stacey Ali paused outside the High Clerist Tower to admire its stonework and height. It really was an interesting building...though the young human couldn't help but compare it to the Sear's Tower. She decided, as always, that she prefered a tall glass structure to most Krynnish works.

Stacey stood for a long moment, nervous about going in and enjoying the strong wind that whipped through her obsidian hair. She was barely 18 years old, having been on Krynn for just over a year. In that short time she had traveled far and wide looking for a way home, though lately she wasn't so sure she wanted to find it.

Her dreams at home had consisted of everything she had here. Mystery, excitement, swords, heros...and especially magic. But now that she was here, she longed for home. A sigh issued forth.

"You simply can't win," she muttered in English. Her brown eyes flashed with frustration and her always severe features turned perfectly fearsome. It was always like that. She had a beautiful smile but people who did not know her always thought she looked pissed off. Another frustration.

Curiousity took over, though, a second later. She really had no idea why Lord Chanceguard had invited her here. She had only met him once and was struck by how strict and honorable he was. She supposed all knights were that way, but she simply didn't understand it. The other confusing thing was, she had been told that knights hate magic users and yet here she was...though she hated robes, her long red cape covered in "runes", which were actually English words, declared her a mage.

Shrugging, as she was curious enough to accept any invitation, Stacey entered the large Tower. Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/27/2001 7:16 PM

You all arrive at the tower. Several dignitaries from various important families from Solamnia were there and as a number of representatives from the free people of Abyssinia and the Elven Nations. However, Lord Chanceguard has yet to make an appearance. You were all escorted into the main dining room. (four levels north from the main courtyard and eight doors east.) You await his arrival.

You can:

Look around the dining room.
Make for a side pasage.
Or talk to one of the dignitaries (A librarian from Palanthas representing Astinus, An elven general from Sylvanost, A daughter of a senator from Qualinesti, A chieftain of the Plainsmen, another Lord Knight of the Crown and a man in black.) Choose a representative to act as a partner for your character. He or She may help/hinder in your alibi. You also have to roleplay for them though.
You owe me big time my friend, big time.

10/27/2001 7:34 PM

Javert walked around the room for a few moments, scanning the faces as he normally did. He then approaches the plainsman. "So, what brings you to Palanthas?" He begins, and the two enter into conversation.Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

10/27/2001 10:57 PM

Stacey glanced around the Tower, suddenly nervous. Lord Chanceguard had yet to show up and such inconsistances with what was planned always made her nervous. Thoughts started running through her head. Was this the wrong party? The wrong day? The wrong anything? She went over everything in her head. It was okay but the human's back tensed anyway. However, as she was used to this feeling, adn the nervousness didn't show but for her persistance in rubbing her slender hands together and playing with her long nails.

The minutes passed and Stacey started to get angry. There was nothing she hated more than waiting, especially when there were so many strange pairs of eyes watching her. Finally, she couldn't stand it anymore and decided to force herself to give up her observing role and actually start talking to someone. Funny as that may sound, it was a rather difficult thing for the nervous human to do. Starting converstations were never easy for her.

She scanned the room and decided to play her strengths. Over to the right were two seperate elven dignitaries and much as Stacey would have enjoyed debating the nature of their isolation with them, she knew they would not share her enthusiam. Likewise, the Lord Knight would not be happy with her view on honor. She decided to talk to the representative from Palathnas, believing him to be more openminded then the rest of the assembled people.

"Good day to you, sir," she said, walking up and bowing with a slight flourish. The young librarian flushed and looked nervously at Stacey. She, in turn, hid a smile. He must not get out much and she was looking rather pretty, even with her blood red cape. Why couldn't she get this kind of reaction back home? she wondered with another smile.

The young man stammered a greeting and muttered something about his name being Atem.

Stacey suddenly felt an urge to talk about something from home.

"Tell me Atem...can you imagine a world without magic, where gods are silent and people are on their own..." Sputtering at first, the young librarian soon became engrossed in a heated debate over the possibility of evolution, as so explained to him by the strange, but intelligent, human mage.Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/31/2001 10:11 PM

(OOC: Your a little off on your map. The kitchens are on the 4th floor. Here is the correct way to the dinning room, which is on the third floor.

I assume that people are entering from the Palanthas side. Enter the courtyard in the read of the tower, work your way 90 degress clockwise so that you are on the side with the knights spur, and turn right, towards the center of the tower. Go until there is a door on your left. That room will contain stairs going up to level two. Go out onto the perimiter hallway and go clockwise to the large stairway to level three. Turn left at the top of those stairs and follow the short hallway to the main dining room.

Sorry if this messes things up, but I did a cad project of the High Clerist Tower once and like to use it whenever I can.)

Javert continued talking to the Plainsmen for a while, then left to talk to Stacey. "Hello again Stacey. I see that Jadelyn and the other mages have taken you under their wings. Have they had any luck finding out how you got here?" (Interesting before and after between this and sweet home chicago, isn't it?)Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

11/01/2001 11:26 AM

Mirror entered the room, silver robes fluttering around her ankles as she gracefully made her way towards Sir Feldon Chanceguard. She knew him of old, had aided him many times and she owed him a favour. It seemed he was calling it in.
"I won't even ask why you have asked me here, because i know the answer to that even before the words form on your lips. But know this....I do not come here willingly, and the quicker this little "game" of yours is over the better!" With that she turned around and examined the occupents of the room.
She noticed a man standing in the corner of the room, dressed entirely in black. She walked over towards him, her reflective almond shaped eyes taking in his lean and well muscled physique. He seemed very familiar to her.
"Excuse me, sir, do I know you?" she asked him.
The man in black smiled. "If I say the word's 'The Rabid Kender', 'to much elven wine' and 'all night long', will you remember me then?"
Mirror flushed a bright shade of crimson and looked down at the floor. Now she remembered. "I do seem to recolcect something, although the details seem a bit hazy to me," she lied, her natural flirtaiousness returning as the reddness of her cheeks departed, "I might need a little reminding......" she said, a seductive lilt to her voice.
The two continued their converstaion.Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
Venkman: Ah c'mon guys, there's always room for Jello!!!!!!
:P :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :P

11/01/2001 6:22 PM

((OOC: heeheehee. The problem with this, though, is that I don't know what's going to happen in Sweet Home Chicago so I really don't know how to answer you...I'll be vague. :)))

Stacey looked up and smiled. She was glad to see Javert again, as she sincerely liked him. Her smile widened when she saw Atem throwing Javert a dark look.

"Thank you, Atem, for that wonderful discussion." she bowed to him and he, though with obvious reluctance, took the hint. Stacey turned to Javert.

"Strange man...smart though. Yes, Jadelyn was instrumental in my quest for magic." she twirled, showing off her red cape. "I don't much care for robes though...as to how I got here...still a mystery. I have been all over Krynn and have several theories...but I must admit, my magic takes up much time and in truth, I fear that finding out how I got here will lead to a way home and I rue the day I have to make that decision..." she shook her head, determined to stay in a good mood. "How about you? Been keeping busy?" she glanced around. "Any idea why we're here?"Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/03/2001 8:07 AM

then the dwarfen man came in sat down at a table and became looking in his pack then took out a large knife it was golden with a weird red dragon on it.He then began looking around the room eyeing everyone then began to polish it. stacy was bewilderd by the knife she thought about tradeing with him. she walked over.do you know why were here? she asked. the dwarf said with a deep voise said "my name is baron oldrod. im the brother of the dwarf know as flint fireforge."also i dont know why we are here.

11/03/2001 2:17 PM

((OOC: Seriously, Zell, work on puncuation. It's too hard to read. And try not to move other people's chars around. Anyone know where Mikhal went?))

Stacey glanced to her right, where a strange looking dwarf was polishing an equally strange dagger. Asking Javert to excuse her for a moment, she walked up to the dwarf and asked politly if he knew why they were here. The dwarf introduced himself and said no, he did not know.

"A pleasure to meet you, Baron Oldrod. I am Stacey Ali," she said, eyeing the dagger. "That's a rather interesting weapon...you wouldn't be interested in a trade, would you?" Reaching into her ever present red pouch, the human pulled out a strange looking metal object, obviously of dwarven make and yet, not of this world. "This is a Chinese Star, a weapon from my homeland." Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/07/2001 3:19 PM

Baron looked at the funny looking star and said "this is no ordinary daggar i got this from tas burrfoot it was tasslehoff's gift from fizban before he died he was asked to keep it safe". so i was given it so tas wouldn't trade it to anyone. "this is the daggar of dragonstone". it has a dragon known as quickstrike inside he once served lord soth. "but im sure you wont let it fall in to the hands of evil so alright its a trade".
"its over we are defeated"!

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