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12/23/2007 9:14 PM

Here it is everyone, A World In Dreaming. I hope my first post kind of cleared up what the general style will be. You can start your character right off the bat inside of the dream or you can start the person off in the real world and then have them transition into the dream.

When you enter into the dream world if you could have everyone meet in the same spot for simpicity that would be good. For anybody uncertain of how to write once you enter the dreamworld, write as if you were inside one of your dreams. Things will become more solid the farther in we get but right now we are kind of in that just entering dream state where things are still pretty hazy and all of our characters won't even quite know that they are dreaming yet.

12/23/2007 9:18 PM

Name: Jane Cooper

Apperance: Jane comes from the upper crust of the middle class and as such, she likes to dress like so. She is found of crisp, well pressed suits fresh from the dry cleaners and a pir of well polished black high heels. On her more eccentric days she loves to toss a silky scarf around her neck and a pair of chic sunglasses. Her pale skin speaks to the days she spends sitting inside her office pressing out code onto a key board and organizing the next big protest at DC. Her blue eyes are calm and friendly but they can speak volumes when she is upset or down right angry. She likes to keep her light auburn hair down over her shoulders but she does do the occasional bun.

Bio: Jane is a major part of a computer programming company that is responsible for the development of better computer gaming software. In the spare time that she isn't clicking away at her computer she is usually heading her organization known as "The Voice Of The People" which aims to decrease the rate of hate crimes by putting more diversity promoting programs into schools.

Jane is cautious, as in her childhood her brother suffered with asthma in a time where the preventive measures we have now were only just being developed. This placed him in the hospital often and growing up in a less than relaxed home. As such she is protective of those she loves and can not stand to be around high tension situations without becoming stressed herself.

Worst Nightmare: Her worst nightmares include the stuff of horror movies. Deformed men and odd fleshy golem like creatures hacking each other and people into pieces in dark lit rooms with meat hooks. Although it only occured once, once was enough. Her other nightmares include anxiety provoking moments where she has forgotten to do something and is being punished for it.

Best Dreams: Her best dreams usually involve being with the people she loves, going off on some great adventure and defeating some great evil.

Misc: Jane despite her elevated income and like of expensive things is pretty down to earth. She can be ego centric at times but good hearted. She talks alot if she feels it is right and listens whole heartedly when she feels that is necessary as well. Jane can be very opinionated and takes pride in that fact too, and she can take some peoples opinions as a personal attack.

12/23/2007 9:25 PM

Name: Jeff James

Physical Apperance: Jeff is about 5' 10" and 290 lbs. He has shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes that sometimes change to green depending on what he is wearing. He usually wears an old green Army fatigue jacket over some band shirt and a German beret. He wears glasses also and almost always wears a pair of red Converse All-Stars.

Bio: Jeff was never very popular at school. He was constantly picked on after moving in the second grade. He didn't really even have any friends until middle school. His life basically sucked ass. Then in high school he finally found some people he fit in with, the nerds. Him and a bunch of the nerds became close friends. His experiences with bullies made him very protective of anyone he saw being bullied and he is also very protective of his friends because he remembers what it was like to not have any. When he got out of high school he went to college and became a writer and a librarian. He has had two books hit #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list in the past two years and has just started work on a series of short stories. He has a wife named Ellen and two children named Darren and Alice.

Worst Nightmare: Jeff doesn't really have nightmares. What normal people would classify as nightmares he enjoys and often uses as inspiration for his stories. He does sometimes have dreams of bad things happening to his family but that is only natural. He also has occasional dreams about a strange man killing all of his friends and family then coming for him. He always wakes up right before seeing the man's face.

Best Dream: Jeff's best dreams are the stuff of nightmares for most. Dreams of zombies, aliens, living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland or a world without guns or electricity. In these dreams he and his friends and family are always together fighting whatever menace is threatening them These dreams often become stories that he writes. In fact the series he is writing now, entitled "The Outbreak Journals" is about a group of family and close friends surviving in a world where the dead have risen and walk the earth.

Misc: Jeff is also a peace advocate and would be considered a hippie by many. He will only fight in order to protect his friends or family. He also thinks all kinds of large government are corrupt, greedy, and inherently evil and that small government is the only type that could ever succeed. He is a collector of weapons and books from all time periods and loves to read when not writing or spending time with his family.

12/24/2007 6:59 PM

Name: Gitana (Ana) Baker

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Physical Appearance:
Gitana as long black hair (dreds), slightly tan skin, and dark green eyes. Her hair is usually pulled back into a ponytail and wears a dark green headband. She has six piercing in ear hear, and has a piercing in her nose. She usually wears blue jeans with half of a flow skirt hanging off of her hips. The skirt is white with protection knots in black a green on it. She wears combat boots, cause she thinks they are cool. She normally wears a black hoodie, but underneath she is wearing a green tank top with a see-through long sleeve shirt.
She has tattoos. She's got a trifecta (The Charmed symbol without the circle) on her left arm, the tree of life on the right, a dragon the wraps from her left shoulder to her right side, She's got a pair of dice (snake eyes) on her right shoulder, a tribal Gypsy tattoo on her left side, and lastly she has a cross and pentacle (pagan not satanic) overshadowing one another on her lower back (not in the aim here spot. Higher then that)

Gitana (Ana) Baker is and always been some flavor of the lower middle class. She was named Gitana by her grandmother to remind her where her family came from. Her grandmother was a survivor of the holocaust. Her mother's family was gypsies until WWII. Her family is interesting like that. Her Mother was originally a pagan, while her father is, therefore her mother now is, a Catholic. She is the youngest out of six. She is also the only girl.
Growing up her Father tried shelter her, while her mother and grandmother secretly taught her the ways of her ancestors. Her brothers showed little to no interest in their own history. She loved it. Her and her father never got along very well at all. He used to abuse both her and her mother.
When she was 18 her father disowned her, cause she denounced his religion and embraced paganism. She now works, and has been for the last five years, at a little magic Shoppe. They sell candles, tarot cards, jewelry, incense, crystals, quarts, and most other little trinkets and books found in these kinds of shoppes. Her boss is a man who has, for many years followed paganism, and believes in it, and the existence of magic.
She learned how to read Tarot and scry. She also learned how to do tattoos. She does all of those on the side for extra money. She currently lives in a tiny little studio apartment. Her bed rolls up so during the day the main area is a living room.

Worst Nightmare: Her Father. She fears him in the fullest sense of the term. Remembering what he used to do to her and her mother. She hates him and will never forgive him.

Best Dream: Being free. Plain and simple.

Misc: She is very protective of those who have become her family. Her coven. She, like captain Mal of Firefly says, "I protect Me and Mine." Just a quick add on, She's got a little bag on her hip nicknamed her magical bag of tricks.

In the bag: Girl products, a knife, tiny pad of paper, pencil, crystals, and a set of Tarot cards.

12/27/2007 5:58 PM

Welcome back from the holidays everybody! Hope every one had a restful couple days off. I'll get a post in by later tonight and we'll get this train rolling again.

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