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11/15/2007 1:56 PM

The Academy of Fear.

Background info:

We live in the country of Caneir, a developed country. It is governed on the system of a monarchy. The current king is a young king, King Roland II, recently taking over after the unprecedented death of his father; King Roland I. Caneir stretches across the entire continent, only reaching its current stature through years of war and struggle. From the ice planes to the north, to the hot arid desert in the south, the rolling planes in the east, and the rough mountains in the west, Caneir is a vast country. Neighbors to this powerhouse consist of Kawl, located in the deserts where the nomadic people roam the sea of sands. The other is a small country located on the plains, and parts of the tundra. Vernorn, as it is called, has been battered and beaten throughout many wars. It used to live in harmony with Caneir, but lost a great deal of its size through many wars. Thanks to the kindness of Roland I, they live in a time of peace.

Caneir's capital is the walled city of Flaier, located on the a conjunction of two rivers, ideal for trade. Vernorn's capital is the underrated but still massive town, Tren. Vernorn is governed in a republic like system; there is a senate that makes laws which are passed by popular vote. The people vote for everything from elections to petty laws, making the law system very slow.

One of the places that Caneir boasts about frequently is its academy. Originally, the Academy was built to produce great military leaders, however, over time it has expanded into other areas. The Academy strives to train students to be masters of their profession, whether it be the Military, or normal household activities. Typically, only the richer class can afford to send their children to the academy. However, there are contests that are held annually where the winners can advance into the academy.

The Academy information: The Academy instructs in the fields of the art of warfare of course, but also offers a wide variety of other paths. They are as followed. Each path has other divisions within it, allowing for greater selection for students. Students are always encouraged to branch out in their classes and become individualistic. Paths are typically three years long, the first being the basic year. In the first year, students learn the basics of their Path. Students also may change their path if they decide that the one they have chosen does not suit them. The second year is where they can choose certain a division within that path to become more specialized. The third year is where they learn the hardest techniques of their Division, after this year, Students are sent to work in their field. The Academy is a large castle that sits in the middle of the plains, on a cliff that overlooks the sea.

The Academy sits on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The rest of the land owned by the Academy is rolling plains and a few forested areas. The castle itself is surrounded by walls on all sides. Inside these walls is the courtyard, training areas, obstacle courses, and all the other things that an Academy would need.

The castle is divided into 5 parts, 4 towers, and the main building. The main building, the center bottom floor, is where the main dining area and great hall is located. There is also a courtyard and a great library where all types of great literature reside.

The 4 towers each are for the 4 different paths. For example, the battle tower is filled with training rooms, dorms, libraries, instructor offices, and other things. Each tower mimes that of the battle tower.

There is also a dungeon which I may elaborate on later.... Regarding the dungeon, it is always locked and kept under 24 hour guard.

Battlepath- The path of a warrior

Knight division: Here, students are trained to be Knights. Knights are skilled in tactics and typically become the Generals of the Kings' army. Knights are trained for endurance and wear armor in battle, making them difficult to take down.

Ranger division: Here, students are trained to be Rangers. Rangers are stealthy agile beings that specialize in light armor and weaponry, along with ranged weapons. They are sent to be the spies for the king after completing their training.

Magicpath- The path of the mystics

Before I introduce this path let me give some info on the magic system for this RP. Magic is present in all beings, but for some, it comes much easier than others. That is why, in this path, there are a greater number of students who drop out in the first year. To cast a spell, you must only think and imagine the spell being cast. Spells are learned by reading the ancient texts called Tomes. Anyway, this is a difficult and mentally grueling path and is not recommended to students; unless of course, they show signs of being future magicians&.

Healer Division: Magicians who become healers in the Kings' army, and just general doctors. Skilled in magic that promotes human health. Usually wear robes and other such attire.

Elements Division: Magicians who master the elements, I.E. Fire, water, ice, wind ect. Become offensive magicians in the kings' army. Usually wear robes and other such attire.

Diplomaticpath: The path of a diplomat

Scribe division: People here learn to become Scribes for the King. Scribes record events, make legal documents, and overall, do all of the writing and recording in the empire.

Ambassador division: Students here learn to become the Ambassadors and Diplomats for the King. They travel to other countries, negotiate treaties, and do anything like that.

Craftpath: The path of the craftsmen

Cooks Division: The division for all of those with a knack for cooking. Become cooks throughout the empire, also can be bakers, butchers, and others.

Blacksmith division: Students here learn to be blacksmiths throughout the Kings' land. They make the weapons for the army, and anything else made of metal.

These are the Paths and divisions, now for more info&

Setting: Players are all students at the Academy. A time of peace has reigned over the Kings' empire for a long time. It was feared that that peace would diminish after the death of Roland I. However, Roland II took up the reigns of the empire and saved it from discontent. But, a time of fear will come again. Deep within the high walls of the Academy, the Battlemaster, head of the Battlepath and on one of the top generals in the Kings' army, has been assassinated. King Roland II, not wanting the empire to fear what may come, has isolated the issue to the Academy only, not letting anyone leave. Sir Henry, the Battlemasters name, was in his study when the murder happened. Apparently, he had his back turned to the window and that's when the assassin got him. The strange part is that Henry was a great warrior, and would've heard his window being broken as it was. Attached to the dagger in his back, was a single piece of parchment.
On that piece of paper, it read This is just the beginning&

Caste System:

Upper- Wealthy landowners, friends of the royal family, ect. ect.

Middle - Merchants, basic enlistees or drafted soldiers, craftsmen

Lower - Peasants, poor, serfs ect.

Character sheet:
Physical description:
Division(if a year 2 or 3):
Year with the academy:

If there are any questions, please ask. I think that I copied all of the info from the interest query...

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11/15/2007 1:57 PM

Name: Richard Trenton

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Weapons/items/trinkets: A medium sized bow that fits in his quiver. His quiver can also hold 15 good arrows. On his belt he has a small knife and a steel saber.

Physical description: Richard isn't that very large a man, standing about 5'9 and weighing around 170 lbs. Richard has black hair that isn't very short or long, that sometimes trickles down into his eyes and forehead; his eyes a dull, icy blue. Richard wears a dark black cloak that covers his entire body, and has a hood to cover his face. Under this cloak, Richard wears a light black tunic and leggings. His boots are made of soft black leather. He wears all black so that he can blend in well with the shadows, and move silently.

Personality: Richard is short person and constantly comes of as rude. Coupled with a quick wit and a sarcastic manner, Richard is seen as a distasteful and rude person. However, deep down, he is really a nice guy.

Bio: Richard was born to a wealthy, upper class family. His mother was a very respected noble and his father was a hero of the most recent war with Vernorn. Richard's father was the general who with his army alone, conquered more land and forced Vernorn to make a peace treaty. Growing up, Richard was taught by his mother manners and how a noble should act. His father taught him basic military tactics, and to always be humble. When Richard was born, and all throughout his young years, it was always noted that he was smaller than other kids his age. A great deal of people thought that Richard would follow his father's footsteps and enter the Knight's path. Size was always an issue though, being small, it was thought that he would be rejected, despite being a hero's son.

Richard's father always assured him that there would always be a place for him in the world. When Richard entered the Warrior path, it was no surprise to most people, but when he choose the Ranger division in his second, everyone was shocked. Unknown to everyone, Richard was being badgered by other students about the choice he would have to make. Richard also knew that he would be to small for a the knight division.

Richard's first half of his second year was terrible, bad marks, always in fights, not paying attention in class, and all of the other stuff. Richard went home to his parent's estate for a week on vacation, despite the fact that he was dreading it. He was to ashamed to face his father, thinking that he had disgraced his name. When he arrived home at the capital to find that his father was on his deathbed with a fatal disease. In his final moments, Richard's father told him that he didn't care about glory or what his son did, just that he would be happy.

Soon afterward, Richard's father passed into the void. The Academy granted him an extra week of mourning. The funeral in the capital was magnificent, the King himself was there to speak. In the following week he was granted, Richard's spent the whole time locked in his room, thinking. He thought about what to do, and soon afterward, he told the entire story to his mother. His mother gave him advice and a promise, to follow your heart.

When his week was up, Richard returned to the Academy with his mind set. He would continue on in the Ranger path. He finished up his second year with excellent marks, never got into any more fights, and always spent his free times studying or training. He started his third year with a bang, starting at the top of his class. Because of his independent studies, the instructors don't have really much more lessons for him so they use him as a student instructor. He still spends a lot of his time with the head ranger in private meetings, and they have become friends. The wild and unruly nature of Rangers contrasted greatly with his upbringing, but eventually, the eccentric nature took him over.

He quickly found out that he has a knack for everything Rangers do, and that he likes it better than the philosophy of the knights.

Path: Warrior

Division (if a year 2 or 3): Ranger

Year with the academy: 3rd

11/15/2007 2:38 PM

Name: Darwin Dranov

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Weapons/items/trinkets: crossbow, dagger, 25 bolts

Physical description: Darwin is medium height with a light build. He has long black hair that he keeps tied back in a ponytail under the hood of his cloak. He wears boiled leather armor under his dark green cloak which is designed to blend in in urban or rural enviorment. He wears a small pendant around his neck which his mother gave him when she died. It is black and in the shape of an eye with a small red ruby as the pupil. She said it had been in the family for generations since back when they were one of the noble houses. She told him that as long as he had that pendant then she could watch over him.

Personality: Darwin is almost always in a good mood and makes friends fairly easily. He doesn't like people who look down on others though and often his friends are the unpopular students. He is always telling jokes and smiling.

Bio: Darwin was born to parents who worked as farmers and indentured servants for one of the noble families. He spent most of his life working on the farm but he always wanted to go to the Academy so in his free time he trained with a crossbow and a dagger. finally when a tournament came through he took the day off and went to compete. His victory made his parents extremely proud and he began packing his stuff. Two weeks before he was to leave his father was seriously wounded on his way back from the market when a band of brigands attacked him. He died a few days later but before he did he told Darwin to make him proud at the Academy and to never give up. Darwin swore that he would do his best and would stay in the Academy for the full haul. In his second year his mother died during the winter when she got caught outside in a blizzard and caught pneumonia. She gave Darwin her pendant on her deathbed. Her death strengthened Darwins resolve to be the best he could be so he could pay off his parent's debts and bring his family back up to noble stature.

Path: Diplomat

Division(if a year 2 or 3): Scribe

Year with the academy: 3rd

11/15/2007 3:23 PM

Name: Morgan Bronwyn Maddox

Age: 20

Gender: Female

A long chain reaching to below her chest with a piece of clear Quartz at the bottom, a little metal charm found in her hair resting on her shoulder. In the shape of a star. As for weapons, she carries a dagger on her waste under her sash.

Physical description:
She stands at a 5'10" and weights somewhere around 150 lbs. She has long hair, which is always up in a bun, aside from a single lock that lands at her hip with the charmed star at the end. It is a reddish brown color. Her eyes are a brilliant bright green. She wears round spectacles with silver frames. Her robes are black with a silvered silk sash around her waste. The bottom of her robes has slits on either side to reveal the silvered silk pants underneath. A long silver vest reaches her ankles accent the black of the cloak that she wears over the rest of the outfit. The cloak comes off in the spring and summertime. Her shoes are simple black things to match the black parts of the robes.

She is very proper and old fashioned. She looks down on those lower then her in status. She is respectful to all the teachers and administrators, but not very caring to her fellow students unless they earn it. Do to her nickname, we can tell this has rarely happened.

First Born to the oldest son of the House of Maddox, she from day one was burdened with a lot. Within the next eight years she was followed by the arrival of three younger sisters. When she was ten her mother entered into labor a fifth time. She gave birth to a boy, who died soon after birth. Her mother then died less then a month later. When this happened Morgan's fate was sealed. She would have to carry the House when her father passes away.
From that day on, her grandmother, the Dowager Duchess Bronwyn Maddox, took Morgan under her wing. She was trained to be a proper lady and leader. She was taught to never lower hear head. This meant even to no man except the king. She was also taught the way of the old world where the Upper Class looked down upon the other classes.
When starting at the academy she spent all of her extra time studying and practicing. This left her no time for friends. She has perfect marks, and must keep it that way. The Frigid Bitch is the nickname she had been given by the other students. Especially by those lower then her. She may seem to hate the lower classes, but she envies their freedom.

The Maddox House has been in a state of power since the birth of the nation. They were one of the original royal houses back in ole' days. One of the major powers that made the nation what it is today. Currently the main house and Yates children are second Cousins with the king. The Current house is controlled by, officially, Gavyn Maddox. This would be Morgan's father. Behind the senses however Morgan's father is a drunk. Wasting his time living in the bottle ever since her mother and baby brother died. Morgan's grandmother unofficially controls the house. The Dowager Duchess is one of the oldest members of court.
She was in power when Roland I was new to the thrown. Gavyn is the oldest of 12 children. 8 of who survived to adulthood. His six sisters have all had children of their own. Only girls have survived to adulthood thus far. Gavyn's only surviving brother Elian decided to become a follower of the cloth. There are cousins in the family, but they are too far in relation or too low in status.
Do to there being no male heirs in the immediate family the rains of succession fall to Morgan when her father dies. For this reason Morgan must constantly keep up the appearances of the proper heir. She dreads the day her grandmother arranges a marriage for her.
Her sisters are all preset to marry into other houses. Her younger sister Arwen is a first year student this year. She, unlike her sister, is in the Diplomatic path. She is looking forward to starting in the Ambassador's division.
The extended members of the family are said to encompass nearly half of the court. Morgan has cousins who are in the kings Gentlemen in waiting, former and current ladies in waiting, judges, scribes, ambassadors, and any other positions in the court that you can imagine. The family is also divided into the branch houses as well. They usually become servants and protectors of the main house. Members of the branch family are usually the children of the lower members of the previous generation.
Morgan, once done with school will end up becoming an adviser. She dreads her fate and hates that her life ad already been chosen for her. She only continues to put up with it so this fate does not fall upon her younger sisters.

Path: Mystics

Division (if a year 2 or 3): Elements

Year with the academy: 3rd

11/15/2007 4:41 PM

Name: Josef Stryken

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Weapons/items/trinkets: He carries a medium-sized composite bow that he just finished building, along with a quiver that holds 20 arrows. He usually carries a bag that holds the tools of his trade. He also wears a dagger, although he uses it more for arrow construction than fighting.

Physical description: Shorter than average, he has a small but well-toned frame. He has shoulder-length blond hair that he keeps pulled back into a ponytail, light grey eyes, and tanned skin. He normally wears earth-toned clothes and soft boots.

Personality: While friendly when approached, he tends to be serious and keep to himself, prefering to spend his time in the woods or working in his room.

Bio: Anyone who first meets Josef would probably think he was a Ranger. Born the oldest child in a large lower-middle class family, his father taught him how to use a bow at a young age to help put more food on the table. He wasn't that good at first, so he sought advice on how to improve. This led to him talking to the bowyer/fletchers of his village, who showed him that archery skills, while needed, weren't worth much without good equipment to use those skills with.

Youthful energy and curiousity kept him asking questions, and he began making his own equipment as he got older. Josef spent countless hours wandering through the woods, either hunting or practicing, but always with an eye open for supplies. His archery skills became better with practice, but it was his ability to construct bows and arrows that sky-rocketed. He won his way into the Academy after an archery contest, although he didn't win the tournament. Eliminated in an earlier round, Josef loaned his bow to a friend after the other's snapped. One of the judges examined the bow and saw potential in his skills. He is grateful for the education he's getting, and is always trying to improve himself.

He has a younger sister at the Academy, Sierra, who is a first-year student studying the Mysticpath. More happy-go-lucky than her older brother, he wishes she'd take her lessons more earnestly.

Path: Craftpath

Division(if a year 2 or 3): Bowyer/Fletcher

Year with the academy: 3rd

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11/15/2007 6:25 PM

Sorry, won't be able to start this tonight, lol. I have been too busy, but I promise that tomorrow it will start.

11/15/2007 8:00 PM

Name: Tristan Alistair

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Weapons/items/trinkets: An antique, but well made sword

Physical description: He is 6'4" and weighs about 215 lbs. His black hair is cut short and his eyes are a crisp blue. His clothes are well-made but not extravagant, and are generally dark in color. Dark doesn't stain as obviously, you see.

Personality: He is a very earnest and driven individual, and very sensitive about his familial background.

Bio: Tristran is the eldest son of an insignificant but once powerful house. An attempted coup'de'tat a century ago compounded by decades of poor political alliances had reduced the family to nearly being paupers. In desperation, his father had married a woman of the merchant class whose family had grown fat off of Caneir's wars.

Her dowry brought the House out of its dire financial straits. With the her help and the help of her family, Tristan's father had revamped his small estate, and for the first time since before the coup attempt it actually produced a small profit. Extraneous expenses were eliminated, unnecessary staff either let go or reassigned to one of the various ventures run by his wife's family. And, using the connections of his new father-in-law he established himself in the world of commerce. For he knew with money comes power, and he was determined to reverse the course towards oblivion that his House had taken.

The next step was to get his heir an education at the academy. He had been unable to attend due to his own father's attempts to live as the families they had once counted as peers did, and so he had experienced first hand what trying to serve in the military or even the diplomats core was without that all-important diploma.

Tristan has been regaled with stories of his families past glories warned with stories of his more immediate predecessors mistakes all through his life. He has sworn to do everything in his power to restore his family to greatness, and to further that goal he plans to become a knight and serve in the King's army.

Path: Battlepath
Division(if a year 2 or 3):
Year with the academy:1st

11/15/2007 8:22 PM

Name: Broderick Cecil Yates

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Weapons/items/trinkets: He has a stained Willow Wood wand with clear quartz at the end. He is always seen with at least one book.

Physical description:
Pale and tired-looking, with somewhat greasy reddish-brown hair of shoulder length, and blue-green eyes. He stands around 5'6" and is fairly skinny, looking to weigh no more than 130 pounds at most. He has no facial hair whatsoever, which is unusual for someone his age, and his skin color seems slightly off, though he seldom shows any signs of illness aside from looking like he's missed too much sleep. He wears brown robes, along with a brown hooded cloak. Around his waist is a tan sash with pockets on it that he made himself.

He's very bookish and studious, but he's also somewhat uncomfortable around people. He's polite and quiet most of the time, but can get very angry about specific things. That said, he's a caring and fairly kind person.

The Yates family is one of the branch families in the House of Maddox. They are the Dowager Duchess' Late husband's brother's descendants.
Broderick was born the last of four children. His oldest sister (Reese currently 28 ) raised him, do to his parents dieing during a disease outbreak. The oldest of his siblings, male (Griffin currently 30), has already graduated from the academy, as an elemental, roughly eleven years ago. The sister that raised him graduated roughly nine years ago as a healer. His last sibling graduated just about two years ago. She (Rianna currently 22) was a blacksmith, and nearly at the top of her class.
During his childhood, starting at age nine, he was raised at the main house where his sister was put in charge of the Dowager Duchess (His great-Aunt)'s health. He grew up along side his sister and four cousins who also where being raised in the Dowager Duchess's household. Their names are Morgan (Currently 20), Arwen (Currently 18 ), Gwyneth (Currently 15), and Mai (Currently 13).
Throughout this time, he was learning healing magic from Reese for most of his childhood. He did learn a little bit of the elemental magic before Griffin buggered off.

Path: Mystic

Division (if a year 2 or 3): Healer

Year with the academy: 2nd

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11/15/2007 8:22 PM

Name: Brenden Sloan

Age: 20

Gender: Male

A Composite Long Bow and a Shot Bow, Light studded leather armor, he also has his quiver and short sword (father's). Also there is a dagger in his boot. He wears a locket given to him by his mother.

Physical description:
He stands at 6'0" weighting around 200 lbs. His red hair comes down to his shoulder blades. It is usually tied back. His eyes are a dark brown almost black.

He is a friend to those who are a friend to him. Do not betray him or get on his bad side. He doesn't take kindly to the Mystics. He refers to them as nothing more then over sized pixies. For the most part he is a good person.

He is the younger of two children. His was his brother's junior by seven years. His brother, Brayan won his way into the academy. Sadly just before the end of his final year a mystic killed him. This has had a lasting effect of Brenden ever since.
His father is a simple blacksmith married to the daughter of businessman. His parents didn't, unlike most parents, expect more of Brenden after Brayan died. At the age of 18 he, like his brother, won his way into the academy.

Path: Warrior

Division (if a year 2 or 3): Ranger

Year with the academy: 3rd

11/16/2007 3:15 PM

Alright, time to start this thing!*

*within the hour :)

I'm omitting the other division, no one is playing as that and there doesn't seem to be a need for it.

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11/16/2007 5:51 PM

Name: Judith Elizabeth Percy
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Items: Amulet with the family crest,

Physical Description: Slightly taller than average height, slender brunette. Physically attractive, shapely, but nothing to make her stand out in a crowd. Her clothing is very fine, and obviously reflects her family's position. She also has, however, an alternate set of clothing which is plainer, to allow her to converse with people without her family's stereotype painted on her.

Personality: Introspective - not prone to large outbursts. Still, she has a strong sense of Independency, fueled by her childhood.

Bio: The youngest in a prominent family, Elizabeth (or Judy/Judith, as her family calls her) was very often overlooked. Overshadowed by her more charismatic and flamboyant older brothers and sisters, she was left alone for most of the time. When she was able to garner some attention, she was either patronized or placated, owing to her place as 'the baby'.

The Percy family is a wealthy family, very large, and known for its long history of diplomats, ambassadors, and aristocrats. They have been lawmakers and politicians since the birth of the nation, and pride themselves as being a family who has helped shape the nation to become what it has today. They are proud, sometimes pompous - but they are loyal patriots.

Elizabeth is the youngest of 10 children. The next youngest of her siblings is three years older than she is, making her the only child in the Academy. Each of her siblings are prominent members in their field - 2 in Lawmaking, 1 in Financial Advising, 1 in Internal Affairs, 3 in Foreign Relations, 1 in Judicial Affairs, and her eldest sibling serves in the King's Court. As such, expectations are high as she enters the Academy.

Despite all of this (or, perhaps, because of) she finds that her enthusiasm towards the Path her family has chosen for her, Diplomaticpath, is lacking. She is grateful that even though she is enlisted in the Diplomaticpath, she must take the beginning courses required of all 1st year students at the Academy, allowing her to explore other potentials.

Of particular interest to her, is the Mysticpath. She has found the concepts discussed in these classes intriguing, and has spent many hours after class hours hypothesizing about them.

Path: Diplomaticpath

Year with the Academy: First

11/17/2007 12:44 PM

Name: Garrett Adam

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Weapons/items/trinkets: A heavy chain tied around his wrist to remind him of his former life, and a hammer with which he has formed an emotional attachment to.

Physical description: Abnormally tall, with a heavy build. His left leg was crushed while he was young, and was replaced with a metal one by his blacksmith uncle. Medium length unruly hair sits on top of his head, greyed by the stress he was put under several years ago.

Personality: Garrett is a curious person. He is a perfectionist, not being satisfied with a task until every detail is in its right place. He generally finds people difficult to deal with, therefore comes off as arrogant and obnoxious.

Bio: Garrett's mother died at childbirth, with his father taking his life shortly after, finding life unbearable without his love. This poignant beginning made Garrett's uncle, Solomon take him in.

Garrett lived a seemingly normal life for the most part, but secretly he despised his uncle. Solomon was a blacksmith, but he was also a swindler. When a townsperson came to him with something which needed his expertise, he would often accept, only later pawning off anything which was given to him.
He would then go on to deny that the work was given to him, often stating that evidence was necessary. And, of course, no evidence could be given.

Garrett adored working with metal, but flat out hated his uncle for taking money out of these innocents in confidence.

And then, on the eve of his fifteenth birthday he stole a horse from Solomon's workshop which was to be given new shoes (but probably would be sold). He drove the horse to its brink, and then threw it over the edge. The horse collapsed landing on Garrett's leg, crushing it.

Solomon decided to take Garrett in so as not to arouse suspicion within the townsfolk. He replaced his leg with an iron one. But just as the blacksmith was finished, Garrett jammed the metallic rod through his skull.

He repeated his escape, only this time managed to make it to a small village where he naively told his tale to the guards. The lawmen of course locked him up, deeming him too dangerous for society.

He was to be hanged.

Unfortunately for the constabulary, no body could be recovered and the citizens rebelled against them, saying evidence was to be shown beforehand. This allowed Garrett to once again escape. This was when he stowed away to the Academy, in hope that he may be able start a new life at a new dawn of a new day.

Path: Craftpath

Division: Blacksmith

Year with the academy: 2nd year

11/17/2007 12:49 PM

Name: Sean Broderick
Age: 18
Gender: male
Weapons/items/trinkets: a standard, two handed, broadsword
Physical description: A toned upper body, his chest and arm muscles are about the size of a modern day basketball player. He stands at around 5'11", and 130 pounds. He has long red hair and grey-blue eyes.
Personality: friendly during normal circumstances, but when angered makes for a perfect soldier.
Bio: Born Into a noble family, his father was killed in the wars. He grew up always wanting to follow his father and become a soldier, when he turned 18 he entered the academy so that he could receive a proper military training. Before he entered the academy he would fight the local boys with wooden swords, and he sometimes won and sometimes lost. That was at the beginning, the older he got the more often he seemed to win, but he did still lose at times.
Path: warrior
Division(if a year 2 or 3):
Year with the academy: 1

11/20/2007 12:53 PM

Sorry Shig but I honestly didn't see your character until now. I am sorry to say this, but I am going to have to say no to Sean.

I can tell that you tried to make it not really overpowered and I appreciate that. However, what really gets me is the lack of depth. The Bio doesn't really go that deep into his life. It just seems to me like its something you whipped up 5 minutes before posting.

To everyone else: Feel free from now on to bunny the masters. Just as long as you don't make them do anything [I]TO[/I] crazy.....

Also, I wanted everyone else's permission before I advanced the storyline a bit. If anyone else has anything left to finish up I won't. But basically, I was gonna advance the timeline a bit and I was wondering if anyone had any objections to that?

12/08/2007 8:48 AM

I don't have a problem. I was actually worried the thread was gonna die D:

12/08/2007 12:23 PM

I have no objections either. I thought trhe thread was going to die too.

12/10/2007 11:05 PM



12/11/2007 12:20 AM

It's [i]not[/i] dead yet?!! *postpones plans for funeral, cancels the obituary notice*

12/12/2007 2:06 PM

I guess we're waiting for DW to get back so he can

advance the storyline a bit

and he said something about being gone for awhile.

12/16/2007 1:07 PM

Oh okay. That would explain it.

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