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10/15/2007 6:43 AM

The gunslingers ride west from the great city marking the entrance from an older world. This is the new world, where deals are done in lead.

Corruption fills the air, people cower and stow themselves away from the beasts that unsettle them. Blood-sucking fiends take their swords to the innocents, quenching their thirst for the essence of existence, the force which flows in all. A power known as the Hex.

But yet, the gunslingers ride from a place they once called home, and head for these creatures. Shooters a-loaded aim to destroy Corruptions a-hungry.

The Hex; without it, nothing would matter, as nothing would live and breathe. The population despises its use, hating that so much hangs in the balance when it is employed. Everything could end with the lighting of a cigarette.

Still, the gunslingers remain steady on their course. They come from Eastwood City, across midland Vespuck, and head for the Tejanian border. At this frontier is where the way of the gun is in dire need; cowards hide, and there are already enough dead heroes.

The gunslingers may only vaguely know of one another, but they have been entrusted with a difficult task, and they are bound by an ancient form of honour to prevail.

"They are coming to save us..... or to end us."


Corruptions are, essentially, variations on humanity. Creatures such as vampires, werewolves and the like. They came about through fluctuations in the Hex.

The Hex is like the Force from Star Wars. It flows through all living things, and makes them be able to exist. Many people shy away from the use of the Hex, because it is in limited supply. Too much and... well, you better be singing for your beliefs.

Corruptions, vampires especially, don't drink the blood of humans for the sake of blood, but because it is rich in the Hex. Therefore, humans are the easiest way to survive as a vampire. Although, there could be vegetarian or omnivorous Corruptions, as in, sucking the Hex from plants.

The majority of gunslingers embrace the Hex. People do need them, and that is why they are so hated.


Behold, my almighty character sheet!

Name: Tobias Rein

Age: 36

Appearance: Tobias is a man of average height and build. A weathered brown Stetson hat covers his light brown hair, which flows down almost past his ears. An unshaven beard covers that majority of his face. His eyes can pierce through any man's heart, and tear down even the best of liars.

Equipment: A seven-shot (yes, seven) revolver in its holster on his right, and a hunting knife sheathed horizontally on his back. This is so Tobias can draw the knife in either a forward or reverse grip.

Background: The Rein family had made its way across the Atlantic just in time for Tobias's father to be born in Eastwood City. He was to be called Mortimer. His mother during childbirth.

Mortimer grew up in a small village outside his birthplace. His father died succumbed to an illness when Mortimer was 16. This left the teenager with little to live for, and no reason to live. He was thinking of ending his life, when bandits raided his village. It was here that Mortimer learned the way of the gun.

A single gunslinger was able to defend the village against what seemingly was a horde.

Young Mortimer travelled across the plains of midland Vespuck; he wandered and searched for a gunslinger to train him, to teach him honour. And he did find one.

At the age of 21, Mortimer was a gunslinger. He fought for many months against bandits and Corruptions. He gradually became weary of the constant wandering life of a gunslinger, and decided to start a family.

8 years later, little Tobias entered the world.

A repeat of Mortimer's life happened to Tobias; his mother died while giving birth, and his father died when he was 16.

Tobias had known of his father's life story and decided he was to learn of the reasons behind this cyclic history. He used what little money he had to purchase a crude revolver with a crooked barrel. But it was enough to be taught with, by a gunslinger named Atticus Harker. Atticus was a literary type, with many publications held in high regard among gunslingers. He trained the young upstart in the ways of the gun.

Atticus handed on a spare revolver he kept with him to Tobias. Tobias even then knew he would have an advantage in battle; he had seven shots to fire.

And now we find Tobias, racing across Vespuck, sent on a mission by the Baron of Acher, with many other gunslingers whom Tobias doesn't recognise.

Some are already there and the others race on their steeds towards their destination; a frontier town under siege by Corruptions called Wyatt's Torch.

[b]Just to let y'all know, this is sort of an alternate version of the fictional world I created. But it's not some weird sort of double negative thing where this is actual history. Things have changed.[/b]

10/15/2007 10:19 AM

*Straight from Interest thread*

Name: Susan Dennyson

Age: 31

Gender: female

Appearance: tall, lithe, what her Pa would've called gangly, with long blonde hair lightened by the sun and choppy-cut bangs spilling across her hazel eyes. Usually wears light coloured buckskin trews, white man's shirt, a long sand coloured duster covering it all.

Equipment: a Winchester-type rifle in the saddle with accompanying ammunition, and 'Boy', a six year old half-mustang palomino gelding.

Back Story: She'd had little experience of the Hex: her daddy'd been a small-time rancher, too many mouths to feed, the usual story. Then one day some odd people came.. and those mouths weren't an issue anymore, looking after the ranch wasn't an issue anymore.
She'd survived, not unscathed by any means, packed her belongings and left.
After having spent some time doing what young not-quite-women left alone in the world often have to resort to doing she discovered, not unconnectedly, that she had a sharp eye to go with talented hands, and decided to take a different path through life.

After a couple of years using those sharp eyes and steady hands to guard herds, and a couple regulating, she came to the law- not quite settling down, but making a go of it; even letting one of the other deputies court her. Then one day some odd people came...

Afterwards, what was left of the town- just a handful- took to travelling, her included, looking to try to make things a little safer in this world by ridding it of as many cursed corruptions as they could find.

10/16/2007 8:53 AM

Name: Luna Tessa

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Appearance: Fiery red hair down her back, watery green eyes, 5'6 with a light build concealed under a black Victorian style dress. She's pretty, in her younger years she was cute but time has taken a slight toll on her as has becoming a young woman.

Equipment: A pentagram necklace , walking boots, eye glasses, flint lock rifle (sliver bullets), Aura reading and Psychokinesis (of course only on Hex things), no more than seven thin metallic stakes filled with blood, normally her own.

Back Story: Walked into town one day, taken in by the minsters brother as a maid. She didn't know of her past any more than that she had spent four years at the house. Then after a series of event she didn't understand she lost control. After two years she began to understand, whether it was a higher power or just a realization she undertook her own mission. After seeing what had happened to her home when she left and the trail the Hex had left she decided to hunt those beasts that were corrupted by it.

During the three years she hunted several such creatures, from some making a profit from the local people, others causing her to be chased by those that don't understand. She has in a way come to terms with herself but she's still running from what sent her into that town all those years ago. Her compardray is the last decade has been Corey, when they met she was just a girl and probably would have died if it wasn't for his help, but since then they have became a partnership hunting corruptions. She looks at him as a sort of father figure, but really is much more than that.

Her pyrokinesis declined over time now to the point where she can no long use it, new abilities surfaced from her constant contact with corruptions so of it was bound to rub off on her. Letting her read emotions, lies and maybe what a person thinking, she can force mild changes in the Hex inside living tissue, tho only by touch and only resulting in something like a burn most of the time tho sometimes she can do so from afar.

10/16/2007 9:03 AM


Now, where's everyone else?

10/16/2007 10:55 AM

Name: Corey Scoggin

Age: 29

Appearance: Short, dark brown hair, slightly weathered tan skin, blue eyes, no beard thanks to his mother's heritage. Wears a buckskin jacket over a shirt and pants of the same dark brown cloth. Pants go over the tops of his boots, which are typical and unadorned western riding boots. His hat is a dark brown stetson-style hat as well. Wears his gun belted on the right, because he is left-handed.

Equipment: 45. blued steel revolver and a tomahawk.

Back story: Corey's father was a hunter and trapper. His mother was a native who died in childbirth. Corey's father could use the hex, but didn't. He did not trust it, and his wife considered it sacred, so he just did things without it. His failure to heal Cory's mother with the hex as she bled to death increased his distrust almost to a hatred, and as a result Corey was completely unaware that his father was even able to use it.

Corey grew up hunting and trapping with his father, seeing other folks only when they went to the natives or to town to trade. His father had been educated before seeking a life of adventure on the frontier, and taught him enough math and reading to give him a chance to not be cheated by traders. He learned the language of his mother's tribe during his early childhood, when his father would leave him in the care of aunts and uncles during long hunting trips. He was not taught to use the Hex, though he eventually discovered his ability to do so, and he was reluctant to learn of its use because of his father's influence.

His father died, and after burying him next to his mother Corey left, consumed with the itch to travel. He ran into trouble in the town of Morrigan's Hill, nearly losing his life there first to a vampire and then to an angry mob who for some reason insisted that Luna, not the corruption, was evil and to blame. His troubles were to continue as he headed out after Atticus, and older hunter of corruptions that he felt could answer the questions learning of his ability to use the Hex had raised. He and the then 16 year old Luna were attacked by bandits on the road, and then he was drawn in by a near-magnetic pull to a confrontation with a very powerful corruption that went by the name of Bloodmire.

In the years since then he gave up the life of a hunter and trapper of wild game to hunt corruptions. The desire he felt to erase them from existence whenever he neared one did not lessen one bit during that time, though he became better at resisting the urge to rush in. Luna was his companion during that decade, at first because she seemed to need his protection and he could not in good conscience abandon her, and later because she became a genuine asset in hunting the corruptions he so loathed.

10/16/2007 12:22 PM

Name: Amos Leemaster

Age: 20

Appearance: scruffy, the beginnings of a beard on his chin. He wears a plain white button up shirt with brown suspenders. A large dark brown leather overcoat is over his shirt. His boots are also dark brown leather and have spurs on the heel. His hair is rusty red color and he has grey eyes.

Equipment: A single revolver on his right side.

Background: He was born in a small town. He grew up loving to ride horses and practice his shooting. At 16 he became an expert marksman and set out to travel around and see as much as he can. He has since wandered in and stayed at the local inn where he usually hangs around the bar area watching the dancing girls and drinking whiskey. He prefers to keep to himself and isnt to social unless you get on his good side. If you piss him off you better be looking for a bullet somewhere in you.

10/17/2007 7:04 PM

Name: Mica Foxwell

Age: 30

Appearance: Male, caucasian with short, brown hair and brown eyes. Hair is usually covered by his brown leather hat. He has a scar above his right eye and across his left cheek. He wears a large leather coat and some worn out cotton pants. He also wears a black cotton shirt under his coat and has a ammo belt that goes from his right shoulder and crosses to the left side of his waist. He also has a belt with a holster on the right side.

equipment: .45 revolver, handmade ammo for revolver, water bag, food satchel.

background: Mica had been trained since he was a little kid how to use a gun. His parents sent him to live with the towns great gunslinger. A few other parents sent their kids as well but Mica was one of the few that survived the harsh training that the Gunslinger had pushed them to complete. He was taught how to use the gun both offensively and defensely. After he completed his training and was given his own guns he learned his parents were killed when a few unknown creatures had attacked the town. Since then Mica has traveled long and hard searching for the creatures that killed his parents.

( sorry i might not post often for awhile. I'll try to start now though.)

10/27/2007 5:29 AM

Sorry I haven't been around. I ran into some unexpected internet trouble.

This looks like its finished though, doesn't it? I think I might stop trying to GM for a while.

10/28/2007 3:41 AM

This looks like its finished though, doesn't it? I think I might stop trying to GM for a while.

This is infuriating- I don't understand why this keeps happening! It was a really good idea, and people were interested- so where did they go?

10/28/2007 9:13 AM

This is infuriating- I don't understand why this keeps happening! It was a really good idea, and people were interested- so where did they go?

I don't know, but two RPs in a row with the same result is disheartening to say the least.

10/28/2007 9:44 AM

Since I was busy when this initially came out, I stayed out because I was to busy. However, now I can find more time for my RP's. So, if you are having trouble with members and your RP, I would be more than happy to join and help out.

10/29/2007 10:12 AM

Thanks for the offer DW but this RP is beyond saving I think.

I might try once more with another creation of mine in a little while. Let me emphasise the might: [i]might[/i] try once more.

10/29/2007 11:27 AM

Thanks for the offer DW but this RP is beyond saving I think.

Not really, with you, me, and Nanuk, it could be saved. Please! I really wanted to join this originally so don't let it die!

10/29/2007 3:24 PM

Don't give up on this RP yet! I'll join in too.

10/29/2007 5:44 PM

I'm still here.

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