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10/07/2007 11:09 PM

Benn-Salian has returned with a bag full of tricks. Some of them new.

Feel free to join as a minor god and create your own race. I recommend that you review Playing God (the world of Pseudo) and Playing God II (the world of Ohm) to see what works well and what doesn't in this type of RP. Both can be found in the Archive, say thank ya.

No styles are rejected out of hand as they all combine to enrich the world of All-World. Feel free to try what seems promising to you. Several story arcs are preferable here.

Please keep in mind that the goal of the thread is not for any god to win but to make the history of the world to be unique and entertaining. I only say this to ward over zealous aggressors - but then again we had fun with those as well.

So, in the words of the famous boxing referee, Mills Lane: "Let's get it on!"

10/08/2007 8:01 AM

Elder God of Light: Lunitari

Area of Choice: Eastlund

My race is the Angelyns. The stand tall and willowy at an average height of 5 foot 8, with soft features and hair colors ranging from blonde, white, silver and light brown. Eyes are striking blue or light green. Slightly pointed ears can be seen on all, but are more apparent on the males. Personality and moods are pretty balanced and calm, and they are often seen as peace-keepers. The Angelyns are peaceful, yet determined, love nature, and prefer to compromise, rather then fight.

10/08/2007 10:35 AM

I, Lunalesca Dancer of the Night Sky, upon the lush and fertile shores of Southlund cast a stone made of metal, like a seed from the firmament. From this I crafted two of the fragments, one into Mal'ach and one into Shedim. The two rocks attracted each other and so did the Mal'she I formed, from the third I created a rock that is attracted Northlund, never losing its bearing.

Mal'she two symbiotic races, Mal'ach are fair skined, blond haired, blue eyed humanoids. They are defensive, emotional yet communal and trusting, they are physically weak but have a talent for thought and contemplation.

Shedim have ruddier skin with brunette hair and brown eyes. They are passionate, brave and suspicious, they are nearly the complete opposite of the Mal'dim. They are strong making them very good farmers, soldier and laborers, this doesn't demean them however as they are valued for their different skills.

It is imposable for two Shedim or two Mal'ach to breed, it is however possible for a Shedim and Mal'ach to breed. The offspring will either be Mal'ach or Shedim not a mix, once in a thousand one is born with dark skin and light hair or vice versa these children are revered.

They live as two halfs, opposites what one likes there other invariably dislikes there are only two constants, their need for each other and worship of myself.

10/08/2007 12:06 PM

I think I should decribe my race as it is a previous race from Playing God 2. However there is varients I would like to add seeing the survivors, though not mentioned in the story yet, are all Dark Crystians. I will elaborate on this later in this post.

[Greylen's words used to create the Crystians]

I create the Crystians from the winds and the trees. Beings that wish for peace and balance. They bare a soft skin that varry between pure white to duller pinks. They stand decently tall with hieghts varrying from 6-7 feet and they bare long red hair with sea green or baby blue eyes They are fast and dexterous but lack strength and endurance. Creative in nature they work with the buildings of anything they preceive able to assist them for their lack of physical strength but not hinder their speed. I create them wise minds and diplomactic. They maintain a unified balance within their communities and are naturally passive in most situations to the world around them unless action is required to maintain balance.

[Explaination of Dark Crystians]

Crystians had roles in society that they were born into, they looked simular to one another. Dark Crystians, unlike the name, are not evil, but different from other crystians.

Dark Crystians are curious and unlike the rest of the Crystians prefer to explore and learn new things. They aren't xenophobic, but maintain the diplomatic prowess and intelegence of the rest of the race. They are jacks of all trades not conformed to just one job and are generally born to take a position of leadership. Dark Crystians also have white and blonde hair to add to their races natural red color, and like the rest of their race are lean humanoid creatures.

Unofficially the Empress Silva was molded as a dark crystian.

[Greylen Judeth Profile]

Greylen was once a werewolf and a cleric to a god he has long forgotten. He was not a true god, however he became one over his time in Ohm. He is human in looks in almost all aspects. He looks 32 or so, however his hair is white showing his true age and hanging down to his ears, generally loosely and sometimes unkept. He has a toned figure not muscular and a sharp jawline baring caring, relaxed cold blue eyes.

His old beleif led him to take on the role of keeping worldly balance. He is the Elder God, The Gardener, in this role play.

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10/08/2007 8:03 PM

Minor god: Solana of the Ruin
Area in All-World: [South-Eastlund]

Species: Zakivaal


The Zakivaal are a minor race of Black Chromatic Dragons who take on a roughly humanoid form. In their humanoid form, most of the Zakivaal stand around six feet tall, with dark red, or black skin, and long claws.

Zakivaal are unable to use magic, these dragons have to feed on it instead; able to extract it from living creatures as well as being able to feed from magic beinf directed at them.

The Zakivaal Can turn into a thirty-Five foot long red/black with white/silver stripes or speckled scales. Dragons in this form are slow, but physsicly powerful. In this form they can also use powerful semi-directed electric blasts or emerce their body in electricity as a sort of sheild. Their eyes range from purple to white.

They lack a sense of taste but have excellent hearing and eyesigjht. These Dragons enjoy war; becuase of this they were forcibly expelled from their home plane of exsistance.

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10/09/2007 1:22 PM

Deity: Ava
Alignment: Chaotic neutral (with emphasis on the chaotic)

My people are the Naibiri, dwellers of the marshland and swamp. They are humanoid and bipedal, usually standing about 7-8 feet when fully grown, with strong amphibious attributes. Their skin is thin and shiny, covered in a thin sheen of oil that helps prevent them from drying out while on land. (and also is a strong hallucinogen) They have a limited chameleon ability as well.

They all have phosphorescent markings that they are born with that glow with a greenish-blue light in the dark; the size and brightness of these markings are indicative of their age and health. Each set of markings is completely unique, like a human fingerprint or leopards' spots. Eyes have slit pupils and closely resemble those of a toad, with varying shades of yellow, red, violet, and blue being the most common, often mottled with different shades of the color.
Their heads have quills instead of hair, similar to those of a porcupine. These quills are widely varied in their color and often dyed.

They have large webbed hands and feet, with very long thin fingers and toes. Naibiri tend to be extremely graceful in the water while rather awkward on land. Permanent settlements of any kind are extremely rare and they are great travelers, constantly on the move, sticking close to water constantly.

The variety of personality and alignment in the race is in keeping with their intensely chaotic nature, and they have very little respect for laws, figure of authority, or the many other trappings of order. They only respect those of great age, whether of their own race or another, partially due to their relatively short lifespan. (70-80 years)


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10/14/2007 11:21 AM

Im interested but i dont quite understand the character sheet, is there a formal one or do we just put what we want?

10/18/2007 4:43 PM

Starting tonight until Sunday October 28th, I will not be online much. Jim is going on vacation so my friend Lisa is coming to stay wit me. Lisa arrives in two days, on this Friday. Then on next Tuesday until next Thursday we are still planning to go back to Belleville for a couple days. Then, back here until next Sunday, the 28th. So, all in total, Lisa will be here for about 10 days - Friday 19th until Sunday the 28th. So, I may not be online until the 28th - but I MAY have videos and Voice Posts to show off. *grin*

12/14/2007 8:09 AM

I just want people to know that Benn-Salian and I are working on our next posts. Due to sickness going around however, we are slow to the release.


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