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09/27/2007 10:01 PM

Post your character sheets here, and I hope you all enjoy my first thread! :D

09/27/2007 10:04 PM

First name: Chase

Last name: Buru-Hinote (( means Blue flame, and he doesn't advertise his last name. ))

Age: 17

Nation: Fire

Skill: very skilled in flame balls, and most any close range technique. Still practicing flame whips, dragons breath (( Advanced technique )), hasent yet mastered his families blue flame technique, and hasnt dared to try ANY lighting techniques. Very skilled in many forms of martial arts.

Weapons: uses a fierce combo of martial arts, and bending.

Personality: as the typicall fire bender Chase is very pridefull. His pride is only rivaled by his determination and passion for his credences. Never failing to accomplish his goals, and always working to better himself. Chase, although raised to be the enemy, is an honorable man who tends to keep to himself.

Apperance: Chase is a a handsome guy, well built with a six pack and well defined muscles. He has short black hair, kind deep blue eyes, and a well chisled jaw. He stands at roughly 5"7'. On his back is a tatoo of a large dragon spitting blue flames that covers the whole of his back.

(( most all fire benders know the tatoo, and only the educated would recognize it as his family's mark. But those who do recognize it will also know the atrocities his family has comitted to those of other nations. ))

Chase wears black knee high shoes, black pants and a fire nation red sleeveless shirt.

Bio: Chase has difenatley had a rough childhood, as do most fire benders born into high status. His family has been known for raising some of the best fighters in the nation, his father is the most respected general in the fire nation army. And from birth his father raised him to be a fighter. As a child he was often ignored as his older brother stole most of the spotlight with his superior fighting skills. At age 13 Chase was accepted into the fire nation army, he was stationed under his fathers troop. When he was ccepted his father bid him worthy of wearing the family crest, as was family tradition a large dragon with blue flames was tatooed on his back. This forever branded him as his fathers son. Although Chase had finally been accepted into the family, his father still never showed his any approvement or love. His father treated him as a dispencable frontline soldier.

Today Chase is 17 years of age, and his brother is 19. His brother commands his own naval fleet, and is currently responsable for conquering the south pole. Chase is still stationed under his father, their fleet is currently the largest in the nations army and are preparing to strike the north pole. Although chase is the best fighter on the ship (( besides his father )) he is only an officer.

09/28/2007 7:00 PM

NOTE: I tend to follow Japanese tradition, and put last name first. So Ten'i is her first name.

Name: Kinsei Ten'i (Pronunciation: Kin-say Ten-eye: Translation: Natural Balance)
Age: 15
Origin: Water Nation: South Pole
Hair: True "Blue" Black
Eyes: Ice Blue
Height: 5'3"
Build: Willowy

Appearance: Ten'i is of slight build with delicate features. most wouldn't even think twice that she could be a threat. Fine boned with long dark hair and eyes the color of iceburgs in the spring, she is quite pretty...

History: Ten'i was born among a family in the water nation with very little power among the benders. though her power became quickly apparent when at four months she displayed a shocking control over her initial element when her mother tried to give her a bath.

Quickly schooled among the most prominant of her village and most of her nation, Ten'i at age ten had surpassed all of her teachers. Teachers who quickly realized just who this precocious child was destined to be. Now at twelve, she is to set out to learn the other arts of bending... and claim her destiny as the Avatar.

Personality: While she knows she is to be the avatar, Ten'i has reservations of the fact. And is quite reluctant to leave home. However she can be quite stubborn, and is used to getting her own way.

Skills: Water whip, Spray and Icicle lance

Weapons: Sling and a quarter-staff she uses to help her direct her power.

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09/29/2007 11:33 AM

Name: Ru Gang Kun

Age: 17

Origin: Earth Kingdom (Ba Sing Se)

Earth Bending Skill: Adept (can lift modest-sized boulders and cause pretty big waves of earth with a wave of his hands, he has also developed a technique of covering his body with a thick layer of rock, thus protecting him from harm. It makes movement very difficult though.)

Hair: Black, tied back in a [i]queue[/i] with a red band.

Eyes: Jade green

Build: Slim, yet somewhat defined.

Appearance: His face was clean shaven and smooth, his jaw somewhat square in shape and bearing a high forehead. His skin was somewhat tanned and his eyes were almond shaped and somewhat bright, they had a habit of looking as though he was analysing athe object in their gaze (that can make some people feel somewhat uneasy). Gang often dressed in long, elegant green robes with a brown sash tied about the waist. Upon his vest the image of bear's paw, his family's symbol, was embroided upon the breast and the characters that formed the family name sewn into the hems of his robe. Gang carried himself somewhat regally, although he occasionally trips and stumbles when he tried too hard. His build is slight, since he places more reliance on his Earth Bending skill than fighting with his fists or conventional weapons. He is in reasonable shape though, about as healthy as any other Earth Kingdom subject.

Personality: Somewhat snobbish, yet likeable if you're willing to put up with him for a while. He seems to hold himself in higher regard to all the others, even up to the point that he thinks himself better than the Avatar, yet is easily humbled if beaten in a duel and will remain as such for quite a while. Besides from this, he often sticks up for those he likes and has a vast knowledge of the Four Nations and natural sciences. This again gives him God syndrome, yet it is much less than his confidence in Earth Bending, of which he is quite skilled.

History: Gang Kun was born into a wealthy merchant family, his father owning quite a sizeable trading enterprise within the walls of Ba Sing Se, dealing mainly in silks, tea and other commodities. Living quite well, Gang Kun was given the good life, especially since he was the first born son after a series of daughters. All the family possessed Earth Bending skills to some degree, yet in Gang Kun it was really nurtured, his son spending just as much money in tutoring his son in Earth Bending as he did on other subjects, such as history or philosophy. His life continued in this way, being completely doted on by his parents, Gang Kun eventually began to seek ways of immortalising himself in the minds and hearts of the Earth Kingdom, yet didn't want to do so by scholarly means. Upon hearing word that the Avatar may have resurfaced after the last passed away, Gang brushed up his lessons, gained money of his father (who supported the idea all the way) and began to travel the land, improving his own skill whilst he waited for the Avatar to eventually come to him seeking guidance.
Undoubtedly he would, after all, Gang was the greatest Earth Bender there was (or so he liked to think, anyway). He's currently in a small Earth Kingdom village, where he is currently studying the local rock formations.

Weapons: Not much, but the parchment he carries can cause a nasty papercut.

09/29/2007 11:49 AM

okay, I know That in the interest forum I said that avatar wasnt really popular, which I guess was just my opinion, but I am slightly to moderately interested in this. Be warned, I know nothing about avatar having seen only one episode. So if you have a spot that I can get information Id appreciate it

09/29/2007 12:05 PM

Name: Xing Shuo Tian

Age: 35

Origin: Earth Kingdom (Ba Sing Se)

Earth Bending Skill: Adept. Trained by the Earth Nation's army.

Hair: dark Brown, cut short, wears a beard.

Eyes: Brown

Build: Solid, almost stocky.

Appearance: Not an exceptionally tall man, Shuo's solid and muscular build is imposing nonetheless. He keeps his hair and beard clipped short. He wears simple clothing underneath his military issue armor. His skin is swarthy, and he has small burn scars on many parts of his body, thanks to years of combat against the fire nation.

Personality: He does not talk a lot. He is patient, deliberate and very slow to anger. When he does get angry, though, it is a thing to be feared.

History: He joined the army at 17, where his rudimentary skills as a bender were forced to improve. Rapidly.

After surviving sixteen years of war against the fire nation, he resigned his commission and left the army. Most of those who had entered with him were no longer alive, and he did not feel like tempting fate any longer. He grew bored doing nothing and living off of military pension, and so he sought a job. He gained employment at a merchant household, where his military experience gained him decent wages and a respected position. He occasionally feels guilty about leaving the front lines, but when he recalls that only himself and one other from his trainee class still survive he has little trouble justifying his decision to leave.

He was recently approached by his old friend from his class and asked to take on a rather special assignment. The avatar had re-emerged, and he was to accompany her and her teachers, who were apparently all very young.

Seeing a way to serve against the Fire Nation while still staying off the front lines, he immediately accepted.

Weapons: Twin swords (like Chinese butterfly swords)


Anyway, hope that is acceptable. If I need to be young I can do that to, but this is what came to mind first.

09/29/2007 12:18 PM

Im also going to go with the last name first version so Maken is the first name

Name: Echimisu Maken

Age: 16

Nation: Deserter of the fire nation, now seeks to protect the Avatar

Skill: Extremely practiced in martial arts, he is formidable in the Fire nation's martial art which is derived from Northern Shaolin. He fire bending skills are also decent.

Weapons: A large katana at his side.

Personality: When He was of the fire nation he boasted the same pride and confidence as a soldier should, Yet he gradually grew to question the fire nation and during an attack on the earth nation he faked his own death in order to seek out the avatar.

Appearance: Maken Wears the armor of the fire nation, now however the armor has lost its gleam and is no longer as polished and showy. His hair is cropped back into a ponytail which falls down to his waist and his bangs hang down infront of his eyes. a scar runs vertically down from the top of his left eye to the bottom. The begginnings of a mustache forming on his lip. Maken's boots are of the combat variety and his leggings are again the typical kind worn by the fire nation's military.

Bio: Born into a Military family Maken was taught from the day he was born how to fight. Being the oldest child in his family he carried the pride of his family on his shoulders, When he was accepted into the military his family threw him a big party to celebrate. During the first few months of his military career however he began to question whether the fire nation's imperialism was justified. The next day during an attack on the earth nation he faked his own death and escaped to search for the avatar who he believed could show him the answers he needed. He has recently appeared at the north pole to find and protect the avatar.

09/29/2007 2:52 PM

Name: Autumn
Age: 14
Nation: Air Nomads
Skill: Adept, thirty levels of airbending
Weapons: Plain brown fan
Personality: Pensive, Pious, Meticulous and yet awkwardly clumsy. She doesn't like to rush into things, as doing so invariably end up in her falling over. Things have to be right and in their place without imbalance, which makes able to organize chi around her to be more focused giving her a more stable patten when bending. She likes to spend more time meditating than doing things spending most of her time at the monastery.
Appearance: Autumn has long wavy brown hair the bottom layer set into twelve braids each reaching her shoulder blades with a zodiac animal on the end of each. She wears a cream and red Hanfu (See picture) most of the time but there are variations. She's pretty and not particularly tall (again see picture other than the hair it looks like the idea I had)


Bio: She's part of the small group of Air Nomads living in the remains of the Western temple. She is the fourth generation of the group living there and is one of only seven children. Her life hasn't changed much for most of her life with the group living in seclusion hidden away from the horrors of the world, she hopes to join the two masters that keep the temple before her next birthday. She has no brothers or sisters and thus is very close to her mother and father who incourage her ambition.

09/29/2007 2:58 PM

It's really taxing me to start of like this....

Also what use are horses (why are there horses) at the north pole?

(Not trying to seem mean)

09/29/2007 3:53 PM

point well made Luna. I think I need to make several changes to my initial post. So if everyone would hold off on posting ic I would greatly appreciate it.

Also shigetomo... I done want to sound rude or mean in any form or way but, as this is my first time being a GM I wanted to keep the numbers limited... I'm really very sry, but if you look in the interest/query forum you can see where I cut it off after Ben. Perhaps if someone drops out or somthing.

Oh and Ben the character sheet is just fine, i like it. :)

09/29/2007 5:53 PM

in light of seeing everyone elses' character age, I upped Ten'i to fifteen, instead of twelve. Also I have a preliminary character sketch of her and will post it asap.

09/29/2007 8:06 PM

I would post one myself aswell but I don't want you all to feel bad because I'm such a better artist than you. :P

(( Just kidding, all I can draw are stick figures ;) ))

Ok, I just edited the first post. So you can now put yours up now. I left it open for you to journy to the North Pole and be captured in whatever way you want. Weather it be fighting or submissive it doesnt matter to me. And dont worry you wont be encarcerated for very long. Its just the beginning i got planned out slightly. The rest is just gunna hafta flow as it comes :) . But if we are to get stuck anywhere I can always use the mighty powers of the GM to move us along. I hope this works better for you all, and hopefully this puts you in a better position Luna.

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09/30/2007 1:31 AM

Danky, will post in a while.

09/30/2007 9:31 AM

is it any better than before? I thought it was. :/

09/30/2007 5:02 PM

any chance you may change if the antagonist doesn't know the avatar is a girl?

10/01/2007 6:26 PM

I altered my post accordingly, are there any other problems? or are we good enough to start?

10/06/2007 11:49 PM

Kalia would you like to post before I post my next?

10/07/2007 2:55 AM

Kalia may be MIA she hasn't posted on the star trek thread either.

10/09/2007 10:12 PM

So what would everyone like to do? wait a little longer? or should someone else be the Avatar? Because Ne_drac wanted in and he is first in line to join if someone should drop out. So I guess i would like to hear everyones opinions to see what you all wannna do. should we wait? or should we drop her and bring in somoene else? OR should we just make somoeone else the Avatar and bring her in later in the story should she return.

10/10/2007 9:16 AM

Well If you want to wait for her then just say she got lost/missing (Thats what I did the Star Trek thread) So the Fire forces attack thinking she's there but find nothing, we still get the fight and you get to come up with a more complex storyline.

10/10/2007 9:58 AM

That sounds like a good idea, but we shouldn't hold out too long. It'd be unfair on those who'd like to join the RP.

10/10/2007 10:24 AM

ok then, I will start thinking up somthing today and post somthing tonight or tomorow.

10/10/2007 12:51 PM

or should we drop her and bring in somoene else? OR should we just make somoeone else the Avatar and bring her in later in the story should she return.

Might want to send her a message before doing anything like that...it says she was online today.

10/10/2007 4:06 PM

so sorry. I've only had time to just go over any issues online lately, and my homepage is automatically set for here, so even if it says I was online doesn't mean I spent any actual time on the site. I injured my back at work last week and things have been a little nutty with Samhain coming up. I will post something for her tomorrow... :) Sorry about that I'll do my best not to let it happen again.

10/10/2007 4:08 PM

after re-reading it, I actually like the idea that she's gone missing.... Could make it easier on me on introducing her.. if you guys want to go along that line tonite or tomorrow go ahead, and I can add something tomorrow.

10/10/2007 5:42 PM

it is alright Kalia, I'm glad you are ok. And if you would like to be missing then I can change things up a bit. You can post whenever you feel ready and I will start thinking up possible ideas for the beginning.

10/25/2007 2:57 PM

Ok due to the recent events with my sister I will be ending my role in this thread. You can either try to keep it alive or wait for me to remake it (( Because I plan to rethink everything and make it much better )) whenever my life is in order again.

If you have any questions as to what im refering to then please check the RP check in/out fourum. any other questions can be sent to me via RPGC mail.

I am terribly sorry for this. Have a nice day.

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