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09/14/2007 6:08 PM

Race:Vampire or Human
Powers:From Vampire the masquerade bloodlines

09/14/2007 10:32 PM

Here is my character shig, ill try to get up a post....

Name: Scott Anderson

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Appearance: Wears a battered black Fedora style hat upon his short black hair. He has emerald green eyes. Weighing about 215 lbs and standing at 6'2, Scott is not the man that usually is looked on as friendly, with all truth, he isn't. Doesn't take to other people well but does what he needs to, too get the job done. He usually wears a dark black suit with a deep red tie. He has a small automatic pistol hidden within himself, with extra cartridges. Usually, he scavanges his weapons from others, or takes them from his own "personal armory".

Powers: N/A

Bio: Scott is a rare case indeed, after discovering about the vampires in his twenties, his life would never be the same. He worked for the CIA and was tracking down a series of mysterious murders when he caught the trail. The vampires, sensing that he was getting close to discovering the truth, sent assasins after him. He managed to fight them off, killing two vampires. He eventually met one of the head vampires in person. After threatening to reveal the whole society to the human world, the vampires gave in to his demands. Anderson's demands were differen't though, in stead of money which is what was expected, Scott wanted a position in the Vampiric army. They accepted and Scott became one of the only humans in history, to be an assasin for the vampires. Scott, apparantly, watched horror movies all of his life and is facinated by the paranormal. After numerous successes for the vampires, Scott has become a revered assasin, despite being a non-vampire.

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09/15/2007 1:10 AM

Also, you need to include a description of your thread's storyline or even initial setup in the OOC post. If you want anyone to join, that is.

Just copy over what you had in the interest forum, Shig.

This belongs in the White Wolf: World of Darkness forum.

I think it's just the actual powers that are inspired by White Wolf's Vampires- don't think it's the setting or even has the clans.

09/15/2007 5:05 AM

Name: Natsumi Stark

Age: 28

Gender: female

Appearance: Nat is neither especially tall nor short at 5'6, and is lightly but athletically built. Her black hair is worn long, with bluntly cut bangs hanging to just above her dark brown cat-like eyes. Tends to wear dark colours and dress quite functionally when on task- typically t shits and combat style pants with trainers or flat boots. Carries two concealed hunting knives as well as a small handgun with silencer. If going in 'fully loaded' will sometimes carry a (insert make) sniper rifle.
Much prefers hand-to-hand combat over gunfighting.

Standard: Strength, Regeneration, Speed
Specific: Protean, Auspex

Natsumi was well travelled even before reaching adolescence, travelling the world with her industrialist father, often visiting her mother's home country of Japan, as well as spending large amounts of time in Europe. She grew up privileged, and essentially surrounded by opulence, and would have considered herself quite worldly- before being introduced to a side of it that had previously been hidden. At the age of 21, while studying in New York, she was embraced, and made suddenly aware of just how little of the world she actually knew.
Although frightened and more than a little resentful at first she has since thrown herself into her new life- out of a sense of self preservation more than anything else. The skills she has developed over the last few years eventually got her noticed, and she has only relatively recently joined the Nightstalkers.
She tends to be quite moody, running variously hot and cold, and can slip into arrogance- a trait she held even before being turned, little helped by her acquired abilities. She can be very charming when she needs to, but doesn't always feel obliged to try.

(sorry- I'm so on an Iron Man kick right now that I'm not able to refrain from referencing- she'll have no actual Marvel connections though, it just made me happy )

I'm not entirely happy with that, but wanted to get something up (I was going to have Auspex and Obfuscate as powers but snoozing let Evil get in ahead of me, lol, so didn't want that to happen again), so let me know i anything needs to be changed.

09/15/2007 9:10 AM

both of these character sheets are great...youre both accepted

09/15/2007 9:50 AM

Name: Victor Nightsbane (AKA: V)

Age: looks 24

Gender: Male

Appearance: Victor stands at 5'10" and is well built. He has pitch black hair that is short and spiked. His eyes are usually covered by a pair of sporty looking custom made Oakly sunglasses, but when they arent on his eyes are bright blue when in his normal state and turn black when in a frenzy. Victor wears a black muscle shirt, baggy blue jeans, black Timberland boots with steel toes, and a long black Duster jacket that extends down to just past his knees. He sometimes carries around a black duffel bag over his shoulder with various weapons. But he always carries his standard 2 Silver baller pistols held in a chest strap, And a large knife in his boot that extends to the size of a standard Katana. His hoodie has built in pockets on the inside housing several clips should he need them. On his right forearm he has cut the crest of the Nightstalkers leaving the design scarred upon him.

1X small sword hidden within his jacket ( infused with silver iodine for sturdiness and effective use against Vampires )
2X Silver Baller Pistols with two large silencers, compensator's, and magnum ammo.
2X Desert Eagle pistols with compensators and laser sights mounted below the barrels.
And whatever toys he may bring along in his duffel bag, if he so chooses to do so.
He carries extra ammo for his pistols in his jacket, and not only has regular magnum ammo, but also carries some silver bullets in the off chance he is forced to kill a Vampire.

Powers: Standard: Strength, Regeneration, Speed + Obfuscate and Auspex

Bio: Victor is a pure-blooded vampire who has just recently been recruited into the Nightstalkers. Victor had been involved in the fight against humans for years, but it wasnt until his wife was killed in a human raid that he began rising in the ranks. Victor began to show great sklll in combat, He never lost his calm, didnt waste much ammo, new how to operate quietly, and never hesistated to follow through with an order. After his wifes death he began gaining notice and was quickly recruited into the Nightstalkers. He now serves under Tyler Babey. Victor is a quiet man, who is obsessed with cars, bikes, guns, and the death of any humans who get between him and his objectives.

(( I altered my appearance and my bio, I think that my bio is MUCH better now. ))

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09/15/2007 10:19 AM


09/19/2007 1:11 PM

just a note I'm planning on altering my appearance tonight. I wanna do it before we get too far into the story. I guess I'm just stupid I didnt know it was gunna be open warfare I thought we were gunna have to still fly below the radar in public places. I'm just gunna change his hair and his hoodie. I'm thinking one of those western full body jackets you can hide a shotgun it ;)

09/19/2007 1:34 PM

Yeah, ah, I'm not such a big fan of open warfare so I won't be jumping in for a while.

09/19/2007 1:57 PM

it doesn't seem to bother me, but I had my guy dressed more for blending than combat. But since its all soo open I will make him look like more of a fighter. :)

09/20/2007 1:27 PM

its just going to be a small skirmish at te begginning, as for the rest of the thread im open to suggestions

09/22/2007 3:02 PM

* watches the paint peel *

09/23/2007 2:41 PM

sorry I havent posted in a while, Ive been busy with school, Ill get one up as soon as possible

09/23/2007 2:51 PM

its ok, I was just bored and wanted to post somthing somewhere.

09/27/2007 6:40 PM

WAIT FOR ME!!!!! I will post tommorow, I am to busy right now. Just letting you know that I know what I want to do.

09/28/2007 8:54 AM

* Stops moving and holds his breath *

10/06/2007 9:08 AM

* looks about curiously * Where did every one go?

10/06/2007 9:39 AM

Shig has a tendency to disapear at random times, im still hear and I was the last to post so...

10/06/2007 8:13 PM

I didn't want to post because I wasn't sure if you were going to add to it since you left yourself in the combat zone just in another building.

10/06/2007 8:21 PM

Hmm, should we wait for Shig to post? (What I intially was waiting for) Or should I do another post? (Not what I want to do.... :))

10/06/2007 8:43 PM

well I have never RPed with shige, so I don't know him. But if you two are good buddies and you know what he wants to do, perhaps he wouldnt mind if you were to bunny him a little.

10/06/2007 10:06 PM

Well, its a large plot point thats comming up and I can't bunny or I will screw up the story line.

10/06/2007 11:36 PM

ahhh ok I understand. Well then I guess we are gunna have to wait for him.

10/07/2007 3:14 AM

I'm almost definitely out of this, unless something major grabs my attention- I specifically said in the interest thread that I'd only play if Shige would try to guarantee that he wouldn't go MIA without warning again.

Quite pissed off.

If something sudden comes up, fair enough, but you don't return with no explanation, not bothering to post in your own thread while still asking to join another one. Bad form.

10/07/2007 5:25 PM

sorry guys, Ive been extremely busy with school. This is not how I wanted this thread to end up. Im still up for keeping it going but if no one else wants too Ill understand

10/07/2007 6:46 PM

I'm still in, but only if you honestly think you can keep up with this thread.

10/08/2007 3:42 PM

Im still in, just try to tell your players that your gonna be busy next time.

10/18/2007 12:27 PM

Ok.......................... Now, I think its safe to assume that this is dead.

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