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08/30/2007 10:24 PM

The Russians are winning the cold war. The US army has been pushed back to the mid west while the east suffers under communist rule. However there are some who fight back. These are the freedom fighters. They are allover the country. in little towns and large metropolises. However we follow those who fight back in New York city. We shall watch to see weither they'll make history. Or become it.

heres the char sheet.

Previous occupation:
Freedom fighter name:
Job: medic, scout, commander, sniper, explosive's expert, etc
weapons: anything but grenade launchers and automatic shotguns
items: medkits, locker keys, rag, etc

heres my char.

name: Chris Doughty
Gender: male
Previous occupation: student
Freedom fighter name: ghost
Job: scout/ sniper
weapons: AI AW Covert sniper rifle, .357 magnum revolver, molotov cocktails.
Items: two medkits, binoculars, spray paint, rope.
bio: Chris was bjust another student until the occupation. Then his mother couldn't get any money from her old job because of the russians. Chris then took his dad's old revolver and hunting rifle and joined the resistance to fight off the russians. at first they didn't accept him because of his age. so he went out to prove himself to them. While a major of the russian army gave a speech on tv Chris sat in a abandoned building nearby and shot him in the head. Once he proved himself to the resistance they used him as a sniper and a scout. they called him ghost because he went in and out and was never seen. Chris got his main weapon of choice during battle and took it from a russian sniper he killed. He took his dad's rifle and gave it back to his poor mother. Chris uses a graffiti system to mark the spots where the freedom fighters will atack and where the exits to the underground are. Once a member sees a sign of his work they know they're at the right spot.

join up and post when you want. i've already started.

08/30/2007 11:27 PM

I made my first post. For new people joining here's my character.

Name: Aaron Montgomery
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Previous Occupation: Software Designer
Freedom Fighter Name: Hack
Job: Intelligence gathering and misinformation
Weapons: Colt Python revolver, AK-47, kukri
Items: laptop, iPod, keys to Volkswagon Bus, pocket calculator
Bio: Aaron worked at a software design company before the invasion. He was what many would call a nerd but he was fine with that. The Russians invaded while he was at work. He hid under his desk when they busted in and somehow avoided detection. He sneaked back to his house and got the .357 Colt Python his dad gave him on his eighteenth birthday. He then grabbed his laptop and went into the basement where he imeadiately logged onto the internet and began searching for info about what was going on. He stumbled upon the Russian's communications and began altering them, sending squads in the completely wrong direction. He joined the Freedom Fighters when they rescued him from some Russians one day when he went to get some supplies. He earned hi nickname hack from his ability to splice his way into the Russians' networks and alter their plans or learn the location of weapons shipments or other useful intel.

09/04/2007 10:19 PM

Hey raikoh. Since the year is 2012 I was wondering if you could list som of the new tech they have. Like do they have Battlemechs/Walkers yet and stuff like that.

09/09/2007 10:22 AM

ok sure. there are no mechs or anyhting like that yet and most weponry is like todays. however they do have new, stronger armor for some of the elite soldiers that withstand more bullets than most. tanks are as they are today and they also use modern helicopters to. there will be no nukes that the enemy has since they control the world they don't see the need for such devices. they still use mortars and some air to ground missles. the freedom fighters only have access to guns, a few civilian vehicles, but no tanks nor aircraft. is that enough? oh and i plan for the post office to have a few computer servers for intel that we'll hack when we attack. put information on their locations so i don't have total control over stuff like that.

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