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08/16/2007 8:20 AM

The galaxy is runs like a feudal system with an emperor and elder council at its head and regional houses following the emperor. These houses often fight with each other but from both financial and military sides are forced to follow the emperor and his/her word is final. You would play the part of the captain and crew of a ship of one of the Houses or as a freelancer. This will run with a basic setting of a dune like universe any although I came up with it to be from scratch the universe I came up with is so much like it that anything from there can more or less carry through but the plot of dune has nothing to do with this RP.

A capsule was found by one a science ship of the houses in which was an organism, it took control of the ship and absorbed the crew, and the ship disappeared. It was sighted again a weeks later followed by a small mining ship, the two have been waiting for sometime on a major trade line. Orders have come from the emperor to destroy the ships to each of the houses and each have sent a few ships to join an fleet poised to strike.

The Galaxy is crisscrossed by gate roots that move matter at vast speeds, as there is no hyper drive system that the houses are allowed to use. There are three races Humans/Sols, Cretons are shorter that humans with vibrant coloured hair and patterned skin but looks similar. Elder are taller than humans they posses emphatic abilities with elongated ears and slender bodies, they act on logical actions.

There are beam weapons eg lasers and shields and that all that comes to mind for now.

A sheet would be thus one for ship and one for captain

Each ship type is slower than the last, but has more armour and more slots, * mean a ship must be this level to use this slot or type of weapon

Type: (Frigate, Cruiser*, Destroyer**, Battleship***)
Affiliation: (Make up a house name, or freelance group name)
Frigates 4 slots
Cruiser 6 slots
Destroyer 8 slots
Battleship 10 slots
Slots: (Gattling gun/ Ram/ EMP cannons/ Grapples/ Light missiles/ Light lasers/ Mines/ Extra armor)
Slots*: (Missiles/ Range Missiles/ Lasers/ Light Ion canons/ Long range sensors/ Small Hanger bay(4 fighters)/ Extra shields)
Slots** (Ion canons/ Heavy lasers/ Hanger bay(8 fighters/ 4 bombers)/ Light plasma canons/ Extra engines/ Combat marines/ Magnetic canons)
Slots***: (Heavy Ion canons/ Plasma canons/ Turbo lasers/ Heavy missiles/ Large hanger bay(16 fighters/ 8 bombers/1 Frigate)/ plasma canons/ Heavy magnetic canons)

You can double pick weapons but not ship upgrades.


Any questions or anything to add

Name: Meltors Paladin
Type: Destroyer
Affiliation: Meltor House
Destroyer 8 slots
Extra shields/ Extra engines/ Range Missiles/ Light plasma canons/ Ion canons/ Hanger bay(8 fighters/ 4 bombers)/ Magnetic canons/ Heavy lasers
Description: The bridge of the ship is raised to the back of the main body and the neck in the middle is where the main canons are located, the hanger bay is the back of the ship with eight fighters and a magnetic catapult. Too the sides are the engines that branch out and down from the bridge section.

This is not my picture and is taken from http://www.ultimatemark.com/gundam/

(http://photobucket.com" target="_blank">Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket)<br />
<br />
History: The ship is fresh out of the Meltors shipyard and is on it maiden voyage with a basic skeleton crew, it was one of three warships in the available area and there are few ships in the Meltor fleet. The ship falls into line with the Nargono battleship and Felow a Cruiser.<br />
<br />
Captain<br />
Name: Alexa Hawke<br />
Gender: Female<br />
Age: 26<br />
Affiliation: House Meltor<br />
Weapons: Lasitor pistol, 36cal Gering pistol, Kinetic shield generator, Ceremonial foil<br />
Description: 6 History: She is the daughter of Renimal Meltor who is cousin to the leader of House Meltor and is indirectly and distantly related to the current emperor. She is technically minded and schooled in the arts of war, she is not bothered like many of House Meltor by other races making her more diplomatic but often looked down upon buy her House. Meltors Paladin will be her first command but she has served under her father before on the Ummaria.

This is just the entry story so we can interact at the beginning from there anything people want can happen. The Dune part is mostly the political and economic part of the universe. But treat it as you like but most ships would are aimed at midd level technology as far as future space goes, a cross between firefly and star wars/ star trek would put it best.

08/16/2007 10:00 AM

I think I'll keep up with this thread as it goes, and, if it is okay with you LunaMaria, I may join later on if I feel that I can RP in this setting. That cool?..

08/16/2007 11:45 AM

name: infinity's guard
type: destroyer
affiliation: house of the infinity seal
slots: Ion canon/ Heavy laser/ Hanger bay(8 fighters/ 4 bombers)/ 2 Light plasma canons/ Combat marines/Extra armor
description: The bridge is at the center of the ship but slight protrudes the top of it. The two plasma cannons are built into the sides of the ship and the heavy laser is built into the nose of the ship. the ion cannon is behind the bridge. the hanger bay is in the bottom, center of the ship. the marines are position all around the ship to fight against any boarding partys, and the extra armor make the ship hard to blast open.

history: this ship is a new prototype ship from the infinity seal house. it is made for penetrating armor and downing sheilds. it is great for offensive engagments since it can withstand a beating and down both shields and hulls fairly quickly.

captian: raikoh mitshi
gender: male
race: human
age: 30
affiliation: house of the infinity seal
weapons: .45 pistol, battle rifle ( in a case ), vibro knife
Description: 6"0, brown hair/ eyes. has a scar on his left ear. wears an infinity officers clothing and has a necklace with a cross on it.
History: Raikoh is one of the infinity seal's greatest officer in space combat. although he never did well in the school for officers, his ability to react to situations quickly and his well honed ability to use two to four ships to destroy fleets of 5 to seven have made him well known and respected in the infinity seal house.

08/16/2007 12:48 PM

yeah thats fine for now I like to think people can join at any point as long they ask and don't mind catching up.

raikoh are you not interested in FF any more cuss it would me nice if you joined back up

08/16/2007 2:23 PM

Name: Bombard
Type: Destroyer
Affiliation: Space Pirates
Destroyer 8 slots
Slots: Three Magnetic Cannons, Two Ion Cannons, Combat Marines, Hanger bay (8 fighters/ 4 bombers), Extra Engines,
Description: With movable engines for combat and flight and boarding corridor this is the style of ship the pirates tend to use for pillaging while its counterparts are bigger, stronger but slower are used for destroying
History: used to be used to terrorize the space now doing the very opposite now used for hunting down pirates that have bounties on them.

Name: Grensen Rederick
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Affiliation: Bounty Hunters
Weapons: Large laser rifle that can be used as a machine gun or a sniper rifle
Description: 6"7 wear black armor with the pirate insignia on the shoulder spiked black hair and brown eyes
History: just a simple bounty hunter chasing after every bounty worth getting until his partner and ship got taken by pirates he escaped onto a nearby planets and found a pirates ship made it his own by any means necessary he now tries to hunt down pirate bounties and searches for his ship

08/16/2007 3:02 PM

For reasons of peace no ships are as large or powerful as the emperors ships and none are new ships are allowed to be bigger or better. But other wise every ones posts are good so far.

08/17/2007 11:26 AM

raikoh are you not interested in FF any more cuss it would me nice if you joined back up

I'll join back up. let me just go back and read whats happend so far.

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