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08/08/2007 2:21 AM

From the interest thread:

"Our world is crumbling."

Imagine a twisted version of a 1930s-era New York styled city - that art deco style, and crime on every corner.

It started out as an experiment: a paradise, an escape from the war. It was a city of beauty, from thoughtfully styled buildings, to lush, green park areas. It seemed so perfect and idealistic; a utopia. But as we now know, such a place cannot exist.

People on the outside saw the wonders of this city, which they dubbed Butterfly, due to its seemingly symmetrical layout. These outsiders wanted some of the truly astonishing lifestyle that the city's inhabitants had. Everyone was equal on the inside; racial, financial, or marital status didn't matter.

Outsiders flocked in their thousands to Butterfly, but the city was unprepared for their arrival. Resources were spread too thin, causing the economy to collapse, and the government handed the baton to chaos by taking as much money as they could, and fleeing.

Included in this flock of outsiders were criminals, many from old Mafia crime families. Some hoped for reform, others spotting an opening for business. These thugs smuggled firearms and drugs into Butterfly, causing the city to become riddled with health problems.

Now the city is in a state of horrendous disrepair. The building themselves slump to the ground, sagging under their own weight. People fight each other for those precious few resources left in the city.

Leaving the city is not an option. All exits are being held by the few remaining military men not occupied by the war. There is no way out.

There are few sane people left in Butterfly. The majority of people wandering the streets are mildly demented.

Some past residents of an apartment building have banded together in hopes of increasing their chances of survival in this hellish place. Those few have managed to retain at least a small portion of their sanity, enough to keep them living thus far. This troupe contains an assortment of every walk of life. All ages are represented; unborn children, to senior citizens.

On the streets of Butterfly, a war is being waged. All of the scarce resources in the city are being fought over: food, clean water, and most importantly, ammunition.

[b]Note: This is not in our world, but a fictional alternate universe, but there are no fantasy creatures. Therefore do not make references to any real world countries. You can make them up though. [/b]


Character sheet:


[b]Alias (if applicable):[/b]




[b]Background:[/b] (use this to explain how and why your character is in the city of Butterfly)

You can add to it if you need to.


[b]Name:[/b] Aldous Markov

[b]Alias (if applicable):[/b] N/A

[b]Age:[/b] 43

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Appearance:[/b] Aldous is a thin man, and his body has been affected badly by a lifelong addiction to tobacco. Only a small amount of hair remains on his head and even that has become grey over the years.

Aldous usually wears a heavily weathered, light brown long coat. A darker shade of brown is the colour of choice for the gloves that he almost always wears. These are to cover up the bad nicotine staining on his hands, as well as to preserve his hands for his work (see below).

[b]Background:[/b] Aldous Markov was born in the west of Gagarin nearly 44 years ago. He comes from a very musical family, which led him to where he is today. Aldous is a composer, most notably for his works on the piano. Due to his fame in the classical circuit he was asked to come to Butterfly.

He moved to the United States of Vespuck in his early twenties, in hopes to pursue a much more profitable career in music. There was also another reason for his journey to the land of hopes and dreams; a reason kept secret from the outside of his mind. He never spoke her name, but she still remains close to his heart.

As the one year anniversary of Butterfly approached, Aldous was hired for a 90 day period to write a composition to be premiered at the celebration. With only thirty days to go, the composer became trapped in the ruined city.

(Gagarin = Russia
United States of Vespuck = USA
Feel free to add your own)

Spot the references, win an IC prize!

08/08/2007 6:31 AM

Name: Falscht Mabrensault



Appearance: Falscht could be readily described with the word bizarre. Aging, soot-stained flesh hangs on to his old bones. Long grey scraggly hair surrounds the growing bald spot upon his cranium which is accompanied by some scattered aging spots. His eyes are sullen and sunken, their eyelids seemed strained to open and close about his heavily veined yellow eyes. His face is usually hidden by a welding mask, the face beneath it sports a long chin and large nose which seem to be drowning in a sea of wrinkles and scars. His tattered brown longcoat is soiled with grime and ash, his torn and beaten trousers share the same treatment. A long rusty blade, obviously homemade, rests at his belt. A series of rusted chains and metal wire is bound about his alarmingly strong arms. His longcoat when open reveals his torso to be adorned with the severed top from an old mining jumpsuit.

Background: Falscht was raised halfway across the world in a small over-industrialized country called Breshckilnt. He somehow gained passage to Butterfly at the age of 27 and has remained there ever since. After his arrival in Butterfly he moved into the basement of an abandoned apartment building where he began digging a series of tunnels beneath his home, he has wandered these tunnels slowly loosing the little sanity he had when he had arrived. He slowly lost himself in the dark recesses of his lair until only madness remained. Sightings of him bagging and dragging inhabitants of Butterfly into his tunnels have been reported but anyone who has ever investigated has failed to return from the horrid place.

08/08/2007 7:34 AM

AH, so Critch has decided to play an madman. Fair enough, accepted.

08/08/2007 11:05 AM

Spot the references, win an IC prize!

Gagarin = Russia

Yuri! My favourite commonaut!

born in the 30s, too, which links with the timeline, I suppose.

United States of Vespuck = USA

Hmm... all I can think of is Vespuck from Vespucci, as in Amerigo.

I [i]should[/i] be able to get a character up for this, just want to have a good think.

08/08/2007 11:18 AM

Cosmonaut, of course.

Don't type while watching tv...

Quick question-
I need to work out the age of my character:

If Aldous (Huxley?) was trapped thirty days before the anniversary celebration then Butterfly obviously wasn't 'open' all that long, but how long has it been blocked off?

08/08/2007 12:31 PM

I need to work out the age of my character:

If Aldous (Huxley?) was trapped thirty days before the anniversary celebration then Butterfly obviously wasn't 'open' all that long, but how long has it been blocked off?

The military have been blocking off Butterfly for about 3 years, one month, three weeks and five days. Crazy people count the days continuously.


Vespucci, as in Amerigo


Damn, you got some. Now try to spot the really obscure references!

08/08/2007 3:59 PM

[b]Name:[/b] Dorothy Rawlins

[b]Alias (if applicable):[/b] n/a

[b]Age:[/b] 26

[b]Gender:[/b] female

[b]Appearance:[/b] when she first left her home Dorothy had long, brown hair that she had a tendency to wear in twin braids, and a fondness for gingham dresses. Currently her hair is cut in a sharp bob to just under her chin, framing her round face and large blue eyes severely. She is of middling height and looks, as most inhabitants of Butterfly, underfed. Over a white button-sleeved blouse she wears a dark, pleated pinafore-style dress to just below her knees, and a pair of flat, sturdy shoes. The clothes have seen better days but are well kept and mended.

[b]Background:[/b] Dorothy grew up in the Vespuckian heartland 'Sunflower state' of Cansez. She grew up on a small farm just outside the small town of Galesville, dreaming of big cities, bright lights and dance halls. When she was 17 she left home, taking her few belongings and the small amount of savings she had been hoarding since she was a young girl.
With high hopes she settled in the large city of Appleburg on the East Coast, where she took a job as a cocktail server in a bar. As happens all too often she fell for a smooth-talking young buck, whose car was more impressive than his morals. After a few whirlwind months he left her with considerably more than he had found her- a swollen belly and nine months to muse on the foolish dreams of foolish girls.
She left her job, getting work instead in a diner that allowed her more flexible hours, and doing cleaning for the landlady of their apartment building, who was happy to mind a quiet, dark-haired baby in return for a little help. Glinda was a shy child who complained little, and when she was 7 years old Dorothy left her in the care of the landlady to move to Butterfly, where she hoped to build a better life for herself and her daughter. She got a job as a secretary for a small but friendly company, who not only gave their employees housing allowance but sponsored training and further education programmes. Just when she was ready to send for the girl Butterfly was blocked off from the rest of the world.

oh, and-


gained passage to Butterfly at the age of 27

you might need to edit that Critch, considering Butterfly is only 4 years old, lol

08/09/2007 1:01 AM

We're off to see the wizard, and Nanuk, that's a fine character.

you might need to edit that Critch, considering Butterfly is only 4 years old, lol

Thanks for that, I was just about to tell him. I need to wear my glasses more often.

08/09/2007 9:02 AM

We're off to see the wizard, and Nanuk, that's a fine character.

thankee sai.

figured I had to get in some references of my own ;)

Thanks for that, I was just about to tell him.

I''ve done so many corrections over the summer that I'm too quick with my red pen, lol.

08/09/2007 11:31 AM

Nanuk, you billy bumbler.

08/09/2007 11:49 AM

Hee hee.

Mind your words, cully, or I'll make you remember the face of your father, and remember it but good :P


08/11/2007 10:59 AM

So we're waiting on nfrat33, UB and Deliria. If we can get at least one more, then we'll start. If your one of those three and have decidied not to take part, PM me.

08/12/2007 4:11 AM

do you want us to post yet or wait until the others turn up?

08/12/2007 10:36 AM

Just give it a couple of days. If nobody else shows up, we'll start without them. They'll have to catch up.

08/12/2007 1:07 PM

Groovy- just didn't want you to be worried that we weren't posting, lol.

08/14/2007 11:38 AM

Well, it's been a couple of days and I have received no contact from any other participants. I'm going to have to assume (gasp! the dreaded word!) that they're still working on their characters or something.

Critch and nanuk, you may begin posting.

08/17/2007 1:59 PM

Ok...never fear...I'm here. (Insert superhero music here!)

[b]Name:[/b] Starla Tucson

[b]Alias (if applicable):[/b] n/a

[b]Age:[/b] 22

[b]Gender:[/b] female

[b]Appearance:[/b] Starla has red hair that cascades to the middle of her back. She's very thin, almost bony and has often been mistaken for anorexic. She has a serious health issue that forces her to take medicine for a speeding metabolism, but has not taken her perscription since she moved into Butterfly. Starla wears contacts and carries a pair of small, black, thinly framed glasses that she keeps in her purse. She has freckles, almost too many, that make her look much younger than she truly is.

[b]Background:[/b] Starla came from an abusive home of rather obese relatives. She was constantly made fun of because she was the tallest and skinniest in the family. When she was 18, she managed to escape to Butterfly with a gay guy friend of hers. Both of them dreamed of being popular, but Starla's friend abandned her after they arrived. Starla got a job as a librarian, not well paying, but it gave her the option of disappearing from the real world if things were bad. She is shy, withdrawn, and dresses rather obscurely.

08/19/2007 2:39 AM

I've been offline for a few days due to some computer issues. Things are fine now though. Deliria, you may begin posting.

08/19/2007 3:52 AM

that's weird.

Neither if those last two OOC posts showed up as being new for me.

Will try to get a post up soon- I've been very uninspired and too irritable to post.

08/23/2007 12:05 PM

Damn. This is dead, isn't it?

08/26/2007 1:01 AM

I'm surprised, there seemed to be a lot of interest initially...

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