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07/26/2007 11:08 PM

ok well, this was posted on the idea forum, and i have six so far, so still wanting more, always open. If you are unavailable at any time, i would greatly appreciate if u told the rest in this forum. the people that already have a profile, please post it so others can see... thanks hope u enjoy!!

The Dark Gods Reunion
After the Dark God Lluand ripped open the demon portal and unleashed the darkest powers upon the world of Deorfia, after the four nations united under one leader to conquer Lluand and his minions, after gods and goddesses ascended to Deorfia as humans and fought alongside the armies of Deorfia, after the events of the destruction of Mysty, the four nations were in total hatred of each other, wars broke out between tribes, and rebellions were formed, dark deals and crime spread like a plague throughout the land. Even if Lluand was dead, the world's hatred was reviving him slowly and eventually. Armadeggon struck the world; the nations fell like a leaf in mid-autumn. Until the eight gods of powers rose to the nations aid again, and overthrew Lluand. Still, the world was wrecked, cities may have been rebuilt but still a lot of blood had been spilt in these events.

The Rise of Dragonkind
Fourteen years of peace, until the sinister Jericho Cult created a dark race of dragons to overthrow the dying brood of the dragon mothers. The Dark dragons killed Vivia, the Emerald Dragon of Truth, and the armies of Terra Natura marched upon the dark brood of Dragonkind and sent their strength to smite the dark broods and crush them, however, the Duke of Pyris had other plans, he took the hearts of each dark dragon, placed them on a large stone tablet and scorched them all, sending a pulsating energy of shadows into the duke. After this he overthrew the Fire Lord and almost sent Pyris to oblivion, this is where the Moltenith were born, a rebellious tribe of Pyris civilians rebelling against the new Fire Lord, and sending armies to destroy the forces, after the Duke died, his son Kyrrith rose to the throne and sent the Moltenith to their doom, when the remaining dark brood of dragons went to their aid and destroyed the armies of Pyris and kept Scorchvale Isle safe from the intruders of Kyrrith.

Now& The Scraps of Deorfia left to flourish&
After much war and hate, the world has been left in rubbish scraps, nations have been tormented by monsters, dragons, rebellions and pirates. Natural Disasters are frequent and crime is caused constantly. The Civil War of Terra Natura and Terra Desera has caused forests to fall, the evil Earth King is plotting against his nation with the Fire Lord and slowly giving Terra Natura and Terra Desera to Pyris. The Tribes of Frocetide fight and forget that the Tidehuntress' soul, which is locked in a dark chamber, is being threatened by the wars they perform. Assassination is frequent and cults are being formed and rendering children from normal childhood, but one rebellion plans to seal the plans of Kyrrith and destroy the darkness of the Earth King, one rebellion, set high in the only peaceful nation of Aeiress, Organization Dark Render is the name they take.

Sure... I couldn't do it last night because it was very late and i was being nagged to get off the comp and yeah, here it is!

The World of Deorfia used to have a large variety of species and races, but since Lluand's Armadeggon most have been extinct...
- Humans: The main race of Deorfia, they reside in all corners of the world. Young and respectful, the humans follow the rules of their kings, queens or lords; they are very inventive and are great craftsmen. Men would be in charge of laboring, mining, smithing, smelting, crafting and building... however women would be in charge of cooking, cleaning, sowing and first aid. The humans have a short history in Deorfia but fit in well in Deorfia.

- Dwarves: Slaves for the Earth King ever since the war, they were once a proud and drunken race, cheerful and boastful they were always in the mood for a good Ol' mug o' booze. Now, scarce in women they craft weapons for the Terra Desera Army and serve as hired workers for the many nobles in the Earth Kingdom. Also, they make great, strenuous guards.

- Dragonkind: The wondrous dragons of the world, they have the choice of either taking the form of an ordinary large dragon with the powers to breathe fire and take great flight, or their humanoid form, where they can talk and walk, fight and have minor flight. They reside in Pyris and sometimes can be seen high in the mountains of Aeriess.

-The Vrakis: A race of dark reptilian creatures, they work on reviving the dark god Lluand once again, they are inventors and engineers and sometimes warmongers. This race is only for those who desire to be evil. Also the Vrakis are fast and agile and desire the death of all humans and dwarves.

- Nymphs: The rare and unique race of Geomancers, they are protected by the warriors of Terra Natura. They are joyful and playful and protect the forest. During Lluand's reign, the Armies of Terra Desera and the Nymphs clashed in war, now sworn to be killed on sight if seen by the Terra Deserains they hide among the tree's and vines of Terra Natura.

Terra Desera explorers have captured different specimens of races, such as Yeti's, Gnomes and Demon Remnants. Gnomes are also a rare race, and are all captured, if you want to play one, you'll have to plan a devious escape, or maybe, you'll be freed!

Character Sheet - These must be posted in the idea forum!

CHARACTER NAME: (Just first and surname will do)

APPEARANCE: (clothing, armor, eyes, hair, any additional features such as facial description, or body build)

PERSONALITY: (just a brief summary of your characters personality, is he happy? Is he childish, immature, sad, hotheaded, is he leader? A good friend? There are many options)

HISTORY: (your characters history, this should reveal why your character is what he is today, if he has children or a wife, if he was born into a rich family, or a poor family all that)

WEAPONS/TRINKETS/MAGIC OR MISC ITEMS: (realistic weapons please, not an old weak man with a giant 4ft longsword, also include any misc or magical items your character has or maybe a family heirloom something like that)

AGE: (pretty straight forward&. I hope&)

PETS OR COMPANIONS: (if your char has a pet or familiar or companion, describe its features, its name, age, any magic it MIGHT have)

OCCUPATION: (what occupation does your character have? Is he a warrior, a pyromancer, Aeromancer, geomancer, hydromancer? A blacksmith, laborer, miner, or an agent for Organization Dark Render)

POWER LIMITS: (1-2 power limits your character has, this only counts if your character is a magic user, or is destined for magic)

POWER: (only counts if your not a aero/geo/pyro/hydromancer, just what you power is if you're a worker whose destined to use magic!)



ORIGIN: (origin will be done after the capitals and all will be revealed)

Continents and Islands:
Pyris - The barren continent, its forests are scorched and its waters scarce. The skies seem to be clouded in smoke and ash, but the people of the Fire God seem to live happy in their continent. Not far off the coast is the Island of Scorch Vale, a dark and devious island, with very fearful creatures, such as the Moltenith, a rebellion of Pyris, who worship a demon traitor. Currency is Ignito

The Three Islands of Frocetide: - Currency is Azucean
Freezland - The cold and icy island of the Frocetide Islands, it is a perilous land with high mountains leading to the frozen skies, glaciers, freezing temperatures, the cold and sinister blizzards and the Freezland Tribes fighting for their island. Freezland is also known for its great bear meat, which is distributed throughout Frocetide.

Oceanis - A tropical and warm destination, with nice sandy beaches and low tides, it's the perfect holiday resort. It's palm tree's stretch out for miles as the many resorts and villages shine throughout the island. However Oceanis can never be always kind and good to the people, the island is near the Quakeheart Deep, where the many erosions and earthquakes split the earth apart and create the many tidal waves the can stretch to large lengths.

Mysty - The pirate infested island, it once belonged to the Frocetide Republic, until the pirates raided its cities and took over, now the capital for pirates, its misty peaks and forests make it dangerous, and sharks inhabit the surrounding beaches and bloodthirsty pirates, sometimes, snowflakes fall. People in Oceanis and Freezland think that the Three Water Goddess' are trying to cleanse Mysty from it's evil.

Terra Natura - The mighty waterfalls, the tall tree's, the lush crops and the indigenous animals. This is all only half of Terra Naturisan, where the people build tree houses and have bridges leading from tree to tree, where totems are made for the animals to be worshipped. Currency is Leafivs.

Aireiss - The mountainous regions, full of temples and forests, bright blue skies and massive hills, another beautiful and small continent, where the many civilians live in peace with each others and monks worship their God. It has a large population that overflows the island, sometimes according to the God, Eru; the land will live in peace and harmony with no war or any kind of plague or corruption. Currency is Eai.

Terra Desera - On the other side of Terra Natura is an ugly barren of industrial cities, drugs, crime and punishment, people now rumor, that Earth King Darik is a Fire Lord slowly destroying the lush continent. Currency is Sandil.

-Flamedgar - The capital of Pyris, it has medium sized buildings that reflect anger and rage. Flamedgar consists of four districts:
Traders Tier: The area of trading, the merchants come here to sell magic items, trinkets and jewelry. Also includes a blacksmith and many taverns.
Flame Gods Corridor - The large corridor consists of hospitals, monk houses, sacrificial tables, and messenger services.
Chamber of Molten - The large room full of diplomats, Lieutenants, captains, royals, dukes, lords and the Fire Lord Kyrrith.
Pyrowicker Academy District - The area of training, here many pyromancers and warriors come here to train or be trained in the many rooms full of obstacles.

Frocetide Capitol - The beautiful fortress made of ice, with high staircases, and floors of snow, it is split in two districts.
Merchant Quarry - The heart of the capital, it contains, hospitals, training academies, inns, taverns, merchants and dueling arena's.
The Tidehuntress' Hall - The great icy gardens where worshipping and meditating are performed, it has the great chambers of the Tide Queen, the homes for all royals, monk houses and the great Chamber of the Tidehuntress' Soul.

Terra Town - The industrial capital of both Terra Natura and Terra Desera, is has many factories and machines that help Terra Desera, now that all Terra Naturains have been banned from the capital, the capital has been expanding, with a total of six districts:
The Farmers Quarter - The heart of Terra Town, all farmers and farming merchants come here to sell, give tips or trade things to different people, also people can be given apprenticeship to the many teachers in the Farmers Quarter.
Mechanical Zone - The giant factory owned by a Dwarven businessman it has many machines that release pollution into the world, it includes the manufacturing of stone and wooden furniture, steam tanks which are catapults powered by gas and other appliances.
The Underground Tunnels - The giant tunnels full of braziers and the throne of the Earth King.
Serpents Pass - Here lies the hospitals and monk houses and the entrance to the capital. Also, here is where the yearly Dark Destroyer Parade is held.
Query of Bargains - The merchant district of Terra Town, here lies the inns and taverns, blacksmiths and shops and the famous 'Woodcutters Owlbend Wand Shop'.
Traitors Quarry - The dark and hidden halls where dark dealings and crime are committed, this is also where the Earth King and the Fire Lord meet for their deceiving plans against the four nations.

Wind Sanctuary - The peaceful capital of Aeiress it rests high inside the large mountain in Aeiress. Outside the mountain only lies the gates and the huge staircase leading to the gates. It includes three districts:
- Eru's Sanctuary - Here all monks and Aeromancers come to train, meditate and pray. Eru's Sanctuary contains marvelous fountains and buildings that reach to extraordinary lengths.
- The Query of Eru's Traders - Here& the merchants and tradesman sell their wonderful items for a sack of Eai or two.
- The Arcane Square - Here resides the hospital, training grounds, throne room and taverns.

Cities of Pyris:
Pyra Camp - The dark and ruined encampment in the center of Volcanio Canyon, here resides the greatest circus in all of Pyris!

Rampart Village - The crime village as people say, it resides in between the Canyon of Flames and Fiery Ramparts.

Summerblossom Fishing Town - The quiet and friendly fishing village just a few leagues from Flamedgar.

Suplefire - The newly rebuilt village, it has a long history of war. First here the Dark God Lluand ripped open the demon portal, then he was once again revived in Suplefire, also Suplefire is the dragon hunting spot.

Desert Vale - The Large capital for the Moltenith, here the Moltenith plan their invasion of Pyris, here also reside the dark brood of dragons.

Hydrith Encampment - The newly built encampment set by the Frocetide Republic in order to strike the dark armies of Kyrrith from the west, while the Moltenith strike from the east.

Ol' Kam's Hut - The famous inn located in Lava Pass, known for its Blossom Soup.

Cities of the Frocetide Republic:
Icetooth Encampment - Freezland - Here reside the Icetooth tribe, another tribe involved with the Freezland War Efforts.

Glaciercane Encampment - Freezland - Here reside the Glaciercane clan, the only ally of the Icetooth tribe, also involved in the Freezland War Efforts.

Frozenfur City - Freezland - Here reside the Frozenfur tribe, the main enemy of Icetooth and Glaciercane clans here is the large fishing city.

Fro - Freezland - The large gambling city owned by the Frocetide Republicans, here is the home of Frozia, the Dragon of Justice.

Giggles Resort - Oceanis - The large holiday resort along the coast of Oceanis, it is known for its soothing musicians and wonderful masseuses.
Jariko - Oceanis - The large city of 'love' in Oceanis, literally, cupids must live here! It's all red and pink! Here is the perfect resort for a romantic couple in need of a holiday.

Wes Tanner Resort - Wes Tanner, the greatest known business man in Aeiress and Frocetide has created a wonderful resort in a lovely oasis, here resides a pool, bamboo huts and sauna!

Pirith - Mysty - The once former city of Mysty, it now serves as a guardian to the pirates of the area.

Cities of Terra Natura:
Silverleafaria - The only town in Terra Natura that spreads for miles throughout the Nymphs Forests. Buildings are large tree houses with bridges and ramps everywhere!

Cities of Terra Desera:
Industria - The large tinker town full of dwarves is used as a main weapon making area, here gifted craftsman can be spotted from a mile!

Vrakis Underground System - The Vrakis capitol, here all the Vrakis plan their evil schemes to invade the world& It includes swamp huts and large amounts of filthy water.

Jaelikon - The large crime town of Terra Desera, here all the drugs are grown in massive amounts of land, and thefts are frequent. Due to the lack of the Earth King, no proper guards have been put in Jaelikon to keep balance.

Cities of Aeiress:
Aerintide - The huge city among the Lake of Orchids, here the beautiful women entertain the men, and the men just sit back and relax.

Dark Render HQ - The large necropolis-like building, here Organization Dark Render, train, communicate, plan and interrogate.

Darkwind Haven - The Village among hills, here is the farming village, full of proud farmers and shepherds boast about their crops and animals!

Lightning Crescent Village - The village tainted by the Sorceress Kilmora, here some of the wildest of storms occur, also has the lowest population in Aeriess.

Powers: Power is basically magic, throughout Deorfia magic has only four aspects, earth, water, fire and air. A power is not given to you when you are an adult, teenager, child or elderly person, you are born with it... Power is usually hidden for quiet a long time as you grow, but eventually it will unleash itself in its own secret way, henceforth it can get out of control and kill innocent people, thats why people with magic need proper training to use their power for the good of their own nation. In Deorfia, if you claim you can use magic... Anyways the four aspects of magic in Deorfia are only of elemental standards, they have special limits to their powers, some limits may even kill you if your not to careful, thats why many magic-users are afraid of themselves because of their limits, some power limits may include a spell, a rune, a tablet or a potion to be performed. A power limit is an ultimate ability that can usually knock out or kill the user, if one was to perform this they would need great physical strength to withstand the amount of energy drained while using it. If its still not telling you what it is, ask what u dont understand please.

07/27/2007 5:51 AM

I thought it was dead........OH WELL, IM GLAD ITS ALIVE! Can elaborate more on the plot, its been a long time.

USER NAME: Darthwedge

CHARACTER NAME: Herolis, has no last name.

APPEARANCE: Is a Red Scaled Dragon. All of his scales are blood red in hue. Everything on his body is Blood Red exept for his snow white teeth and claws. Is a very large dragon with well defined muscle and little fat.

PERSONALITY: Is carefree and always looks on the bright side of things. Has a somewhat cynical and sarcastic sense of humor.

HISTORY: Was a part of the original brood of dragon members. Grew up in a warlike background that would make any normal person a sour and unfreindly person. He was constantly pushed onward by his belief of fate and destiny. (Im really lost for thought here, Is it ok if the history part is empty and I can fill it in throughout the story?)

WEAPONS/TRINKETS/MAGIC OR MISC ITEMS: Only weapons are his natural ones.

AGE: 300 (tell me if this is wrong or unrealistic)


OCCUPATION: Doesn't really have a occupation, merely wanders around looking for his destiny.

POWER LIMITS: Holy Judgement- An electrical storm happens, electrocuting every enemy with holy power. Requires extreme mental and physical vitality to use.

POWER: Power to manipulate the Air.

RACE: Large Dragon


ORIGIN: Aeiress

07/27/2007 10:41 PM

I'm just happy to see this isnt dead yet. I was randomly searching the forums when I saw your name and thought " holy crap its been up and j never even knew it!! LOL ". I'm going to make somealterations to my character sheet. But can someone copy paste it in here for me? I use my iPhone for this because I dont have internet at home, and the one thing thus phone can't do is copy/paste/highlight... Oh and it doesnt make me sandwiches either... That is another bummer...

07/28/2007 7:28 AM

Username: evilmouse

Name: Binthor

Race: full blooded dragon ( black)

Gender: male

Personality: binthor is is a quiet man ( or dragon ethier way ), he also tends to be rather shy and closed off.

Age: roughly 120

Occupation: none

Appearance: Binthor is a long and slender black dragon with shiny jet black scales. He has long slender fingers with apposable thumbs. His claws are long, razor sharp, and fearsomly shaped. Obviously meant for shredding flesh and other hard surfaces. He has four razor sharp horn protruding from the tip of his tail. His head has two average sized horns. His teeth are large, long, and great in numbers. They are shaped perfectly for latching onto and ripping flesh.

Weapons: when he is in human form he poses no weapons, but in his true form he posses razor sharp teeth and claws. He also has a very hot and powerfull flame and four long horns attached tonhis powerfull tail.

Power: the only thing that could be considere a power is his above average speed and super hot flame. Although it is super hot it only reaches a short distance ( 25 ft ), and he can't maintainnitnfor long periods of time( about 3 - 5 seconds ).

Origin: Binthor lives in a hidden cave buried deep in the Desert Vale. He live by feeding on moltineth scouting parties.

Here you go mouse.

07/28/2007 10:04 AM

thanks DW i am working on getting internet here so that i can use a real keyboard lol

07/28/2007 11:47 PM

so glad ur all here... well *counts* one...two... well at least two r here, ill have to send a email or something to the others, by the way darknesseternal or whatever the name is wont be on for like a few days

07/29/2007 7:28 AM

Caneth We starteth the story?

08/02/2007 5:55 PM

Is it alright if i join? I was thinking about making a Vrakis character.

08/06/2007 2:58 AM

yeah sure Iorlas, just remember there evil, creepy, sinister, and well... just destructive. And yes WE CAN START! *cuts the ribbon*

08/11/2007 6:27 PM

Its been so long, can you start it because I don't remember what I was going to do.

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