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07/24/2007 3:03 PM

It is the year twenty zero eight. The United States has grown strong in National Security. The arrest rate has gone up and the crime rate has gone down. The new President's security act as proven to be affective. New blocks are going up and many more are planned to be built. The country seems to be much safer and happy. As the war continues in Iraq, everything at home excels.

The largest prison unit in the whole system is Rykers Prison, on Stanton Island, New York. It holds the most dangerous and violent criminals and is home to the worlds best psycho analysis unit. It is said that the security is greater then the White House's. The NYPD has made numerous check up's to make sure it is secure.

One day, a SWAT team was sent for inspection; they never came back. Gunshots and screams were heard throughout the night. The police arrived on the Island, but for some reason were unable to enter the facility. An investigation was conducted and is still in effect. On October 30th, the night before Halloween; a group of detectives were able to find an entrance into the facility. However, they refused to go in.

You however, will be allowed in. For what reason, who knows. It is up to you, to find out the mystery of Rykers and escape the dangers. Get ready to take the biggest thrill ride of your life; and you thought hell was bad.


You will create a character and have a reason for entering the Prison. You will embark on a crazy search for the reason of the mysterious riot.

Character Sheet:





Reason for entering Rykers-




07/24/2007 4:18 PM

You've been here long enough to know to post in the Interest Query thread, nfrat. C'mon.

07/24/2007 9:22 PM

Shhh MAx lol, don't let people know =D and I hope I get to join an RP with you soon, I miss MArvel =(

07/24/2007 9:27 PM

Oh and if you want to be a prisoner, forget the reason for entering the facility add the reason you were put in the prison. AND YOUR PRISONER MUST BE SCARY AND FUCKED UP

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