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07/24/2007 2:13 PM

((OOC:)After the first Halo ring has been destroyed, there has been a Covanant Space Station near the ruins of Halo. The MasterChief has been preparing for his next battle (Halo 2), so all of Master Chiefs Spartans and some Marines will attack the Covanant Space Station...

No god-modding or power playing: If you know what god-modding is, well then good for you. But for those of you out there that may be new at role playing or just have never heard this term before, God modding is simaler to power playing. It is where you make your character all powerful and such. An example of power playing: "Bob runs up to Bob two and shoots him in the head. Bob-two can not do anything about this, because bob had killed him already." Of course, this may be a bad example of role playing in general, it you get the point.

One liner rules: I am not a very advanced role player myself. You can post 'one liners' as long as they are at least 15 words long. You may, and are encouraged, to write more than one liner, although, being new to this kind of role playing, I can only write two sentences at best.

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